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A final discussion about the state of the 2018 midterms, including our thoughts on why it’s close, the closing arguments, what races we’ll be watching on Tuesday, what’s making us nervous, and what’s making us hopeful. Then Democratic candidate Colin Allred talks about why he got into politics, and his race to flip the Texas 32nd on Tuesday.

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That is something we are coming to you today from our brand new studio, guys very nice. We ve we ve had a small studio and the new offices for quite a while, and then the new one is now belt and it is incredible yield here. Listening to this, you know what you can see. We have to look at the livestock shame. We finished at right before we get shut down like a turkish opposite later in the party here from call an already democratic candidate running for congressional seat in Texas that we hope to flip tomorrow. Two Mostar as election day or today. If you listen to this aunties, that's true to Erin Ryan sobbed for John Lovett this past week, completing your stint as a guest house, unloved or leave it three cheers for in Guy Branda Diner and at an awesome job hosting love it or leave it. Why was gone it machine it can run without me. That's the dream. We had some awesome results at I'm back on Thursday, within after election. Special win, loser draw check that out
Another programming note we will be live streaming, a vote in America, twenty eighteen elections special tomorrow night right here, headquarters. Pfeiffer Old, here too. The whole crew one of the greater LOS Angeles area who wants to come for emotional support, don't put that out there We will all be here. It will also be doing a wrap up pod. All four of us on Wednesday afternoon Wednesday night. What will it say who knows if you want to watch the live stream tomorrow night. It is Youtube dot, com, slash cricket, media, Jaeger, Jane UP trying to get those you. Subs for Eliza Wall to Wall Coverage, come and live for Brigade election H, Q. We have a countdown clock election night in America, without any other network. Anyway, tomorrow's election day
as you all know, we're out of the prediction business. We also try to stay away from too much horse. Rice coverage but I thought it had self that's, but that's all that's exactly at all the less. That's all that's left, so we're going to indulge a little bit of it today either will be useful to start by taking a little bit about the state of the race in order for people to understand where we are and how we go here, the final pulling averages give the Democrats a seven to eight point bleed and the generic ballot. Maybe nine, That would be one of the bigger mid term margins. Either parties ever had, for example, when the Republicans one by six point, eight percent in two thousand and ten they picked up sixty three seats in two thousand and six, a seven point: when gave a Democrats. Thirty one seats, and yet, despite that in this election, Republicans are heavily favorite to keep the Senate and maybe even gain. Seats there and while Democrats are heavily favoured to the house,
low end of the various projections. Have us picking up twenty something seats when we need twenty three, so it feels really close. Why is that he wants to take a step gerrymandering, yet there are divided country, that's good, and these house map shouldn't be so divided and difficult, but has been gerrymandered to hell or fighting uphill battle, It is the truth now I say that not as an excuse. We need to win twenty three or moral victories me nothing, but it's important when for assessing what this means for Trump ISM, because there is a concern that if we pick up the house and Republicans hang onto the senator pick up seats in the Senate, Obi like well mixed bag on Trump ISM. The reality is the national poles. The majority of the country does not pleased with the way he's running the country. They don't like a campaign that is entirely built on racism. They want people to talk about healthcare,
things actually care about, and so just in context, yeah and its, it is also more than just gerrymandering. It is something unique to this moment. One of things I was fascinating, John. I saw you treaty about this yesterday, I e the nay con upshot completed their many real time, Paul's, ah that that God TAT caught fish like you on the hook. Maybe Tom, and I were texting back and forth about the leads changing, maybe not but maybe we're reading them allowed in the car in real time. Data that is striking is just how many races are pulling at one or two points. The ethic If there is going to be a wave, it is going to be very, very wide and very very shallow, and it will either be high enough to pick up a huge number of seats or if it is just a little too shallow, we will come close in a ton of districts. We would have needed to win so on top of the built in advantage. Republicans have because of gerrymandering there's also,
the fact of the electoral right now I dont know if in in a week we won't know what it looks like till after it's done, but it's almost like these two things: one of meeting this sort of changing country of people that want to reject Trump in the majority plus this they trump, he's coming out of being energize and kind of meeting in the middle and creating whether all across the country. In this in this. In this specific, I have transitional period between trumps, older, wider base and the coalition we ve been waiting to show up is Barack. Obama left us here just to give you an idea of this has map here. You can easily count about sixteen seventeen pick ups for Democrats, but then, like yours, aim of it to get from seventeen to twenty three. You have a ton of races
in republican territory. There are almost no races being fought in democratic terms. Territory in most of these cases are like one to two point raises a lot of these places. Some places voted for Clinton that have Republicans, and then we talked about those districts, but those are probably the sum of the easiest ones to go. Most of this election is being fired. In republican districts that went for tromp now, some of them I run for about twenty twelve, but some of them haven't sent a democratic member to Congress for years for a decade like I'll, ask a legal ask, but like example. One of the races we ve been looking at is Abigail Span Burger in the Virginia seventh running against Dave, bread and cheese, its she's, a great candidate. It's been very competitive. Close, I was looking at addicts and Michael. I wonder, and I wonder what when's the last time a democratic went to Congress. It well not for very, time, but also Ralph north them.
He went on twenty nine point, victory in Virginia in just two thousand. Seventeen lost that district by four points yet Span Berger is still competitive that so just so, people have an idea of what an uphill this is, and if Democrats even of Democrats eke out a majority by two three twenty four twenty five seats? It is an enormous accomplishment because it means that they won seats in deep red republican territory. Yes, also good or minor, by the way that the north and poles were off by a few points, and because all of these races are so tight, the pulling error is feels almost more important. I hadn't too tomorrow, the normal here and I will say to the last time the Democrats had a wave election in the house was two thousand and six and the environment with different than right. It was George Bush's second term. His approve rating was around thirty seven percent. The Iraq war has been raging for a couple years.
Katrina had just happen. There is every day there were stories about republican corruption, so even that was a better environment. It is allowed its law. It is it also Peter Heavy Road, a piece about opponents of anything, and it was a good piece of work a unique election, it's the only time, tromp has been president during the termination and all these contradictory indicators. There's an economy that's doing well, there is a president who is unpopular, but not as unpopular someone like George W Bush. There is a lot of dissatisfaction with the direction of the kind
three. Yet the party in power is viewed as being better on the economy than the party trying to defeat them. So there's a lot of confusing signs out there. If, if, if you're just come into this race, without all the context of how polarizing and terrible Donald Trump as you'd be saying loud, it seems impossible for democratic right to to win this election. Look at all the that the basic political science one o once stuff. That's going up against them, not just gerrymandering but the concentration of Democrats in the cities that way the economy is going, and somebody else will also cover the Senate Map, which has even tougher. Why is the Senate Map so tricky? Fur democrats, I mean it's just a bad year generously, worst year, in a century, we are competing fascists in meant that were Porthos involved.
Montana we're talking about Missouri, we're talking about North Dakota or Toxic West Virginia we're talking about Texas. We are trying to keep seats in the purple E Red States like Arizona or the Purple Blue States like Nevada. So it's just a combination of the inherent disadvantages Democrats now have in the Senate, combined with the fact that these are just the thirty two that happen to be up, and they happen to be in parts of the country where we struggle. It is very important. I think that you know the predictions roller replacing the Senate, but every single Senate seat matters and it matters for the long game to which we have talked about, because in twenty twenty it looks like Colorado as a target for us with Korea gardener and main as a target, because Susan Collins, those states that I've been trending democratic over the last couple years, Iowa and North Carolina Joe
Ernst and Tom. Tell us, or both also may be competitive for us and then dug Jones is gonna be up again in Alabama. So if we end up with a fifty fifty tie in the Senate after tonight, for example in my friend my pants is the Thai breaker and Republicans keep it in twenty twenty, because we still got fifty. If we pick off Colorado or we pick off me We have a democratic president. Suddenly we have a majority in the Senate and can confirm Supreme Court justice it. So it's actually a huge deal. You know if we lose the Ceta by one by two or three? It's actually a big difference right. Yet in right in the next two years. It's it's a digital thing win or lose, but in the next four or six years we are trying to slowly claw our way back to majority so is Tony mentioned, because Dems are favored to win the house and Republicans are favored to win the Senate. We're starting to see headlines like this one from the Wall Street Journal a test of Trump midterm. Results in a mixed verdict.
This scenario be a mixed verdict on Trump, a Republican held Senate and a democratic house. No would not be mixed verdict. If you lose the house, it's a big deal, he d drop. You lose a house, the wily gerrymandered house map it's a rebuke of trump. If you lose. If we pick up any governor seats, Rebecca Trump, like Trump ISM, as is on about the declared it beyond the ballot. Just because the scent races are all bright red states does it mean that somehow he is
He is set up to win in the Senate. They have a huge structural advantage in the Senate. Places like Missouri and Texas. Other states already mentioned are tough races for Democrats period. It is it's part of the reason why horse raise coverage is so lacking, because the thing that doesn't get enough attention are structural differences. The map right, like me, right, Missouri, Montana, Westward Donald Trump one West Virginia by forty two points, the fact that no mention is hanging on as a Democrat is crazy. Isn't what frustrates me about this whole conversation? Not our companies, like the whole conversation about whether this is a rebuke of trumpets and we're not in twenty ten. When Obama we held onto the Senate, we lost the house. It was seen as a huge rebuke of a larger budget, Peter Monsieur lacking, and rightly so- and rightly so. But would the press covers voter suppression
in gerrymandering, which is essentially voter suppression in some ways, as if it's just sort of a built in feature of American D. Foresee and not a long term, effort to completely pervert the way our democracy works in that drives me a little bit crazy, like voter suppression, tactics in Georgia should be a much your story, then a fuckin caravan that is still a hundred miles away, and are we talking about four weeks? But that is not how these things are cover it the Senate has a different problem. Images less about gerrymandering than just not at all that Germans years are our stages, geographic problems too. In the fact that across the country that, in races that are going to be really close, their efforts to suppress the vote are enough to swing election right, and I am it is less, for you know influencing the horse whose coverage which they're going to do what they do, but for all of you listening right like I've. If we were on Wednesday and we when the house and we can shorten the Senate, no one should feel like. You know that
President earlier, what happened this blue wave, like you just you gotta know how hard these states are in the recent United States. Art is because we are seeing a real realignment between the two parties right now that is based on education. Among white people in so college educated whites are moving in droves towards Democrats, Non College, educated whites. We have never been doing worse from it with them. It is true as possible that in this election we may make up a lot of found among Non college. Whites in the MID West, the very place that last Hilary, the election we are seeing. Democrats do very well in specially governors raises in Ohio in women. Nonsense in Michigan catching Whittemore is on her way to a rapidly approach. Beware. Knockabout knock on wood and so you know we could make up a lot of ground in these midwestern sensitive, traditional and Pennsylvania that have traditionally gone to Democrats, but the sat motionless A map is not in this. I mean like, if you told us Your go, we be sitting here and
Brown would be on his way to victory and Tammy Baldwin and was content would be under way to victory. People say that's crazy trump, one. Those store that I would even know who was running in Texas right. He exaggerated Bob Casey in Pennsylvania, Tom Wulf, the governor there, like they're, all doing fantastic in these states and of us, but Missouri tough month Anna Indiana. I mean these are really tough states out North Dakota. Also, the narrative that the press, the political press, used to describe the outcome. The election doesn't really. Matter at all. If it there's a bunch of us, we already gavel in the house when I say by will look here's the thing: is there a bunch of stories on Tuesday or on Wednesday or Thursday by I wanna once again reiterate. We make up, may work wake up on Wednesday, having one fuckin, nothing could wishing we. We could go back in time and and appreciate lucky. We would have been down a narrative. What
eleven zero. Anyone going to Congress is its minority leader, MIKE Levin no Corigliano document about. But what I was going to say is the narratives doesn't matter it does it now it does it matters a lot. It matters a lot when Dave Brat beat era canter. The narrative coming out of that was that it was all about immigration that scuttled that the hopes for immigration reform for a long time and people that have dug deep into what actually happened in that races of Virginia congressional Race primary had figured out after the fact that it was really not about immigration, but like these things can set narrative and Lincoln, taking give Republicans the courage or not to say trumpet, miss bullshit or least Trump ISM won't work. For me, I think that's a good point. Winning the house means that we have power for the next two years and there is nothing that a DC press corps can say about what the verdict meant to change. The fact that we will have control of these committees that were
have the speakership that we will have power and a seat at the table. That's all that I'm saying- and I am not arguing about that, but I am saying that the narrative coming out his election, that really does matter and it in, I think This is why a pretext c mon we're wildly wrong, but everyone wanted not just to be trumpeted rebuke Trump ISM, because you had a twenty twelve election and the after report about be more inclusive and reaching athletes. He Latinos napkin gains, and that was fully rebuked by the trump. When we see the Republican Party go, full magua when crazy put their markets you buy comedy central the daily show, with Trevor Noah with the Middle Elections in full swing with America sanity hanging in the balance Trevor. No in the world's biggest news team. Try to make sense of all the issues that keep you up at night. Every election needs a hero. They let you know when they find one the Daily show, with Trevor no a week nets. At eleven ten central only on comedy central park,
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our profound, we worry the trumps obsession with all things. Immigration will exacerbate their losses. The story even Paul Ryan, calling up Donald Trump on Sunday begging him to talk up the account? me, instead of immigration, do we believe that Trump is the only republican whose wanted to focus on xenophobia, knew that call happened I get a giant, Paul Ryan, giving interviews on face donation decrying the fact that we can have a strategically valuable, inclusive, inspirational politics, while his super back run. Some of the most races fuckin adds this cycle all across the country. Tells you everything you need to know what is to me. Tommy the narrative that is going to be the most important thing to to focus on after this election is not what does it mean if Democrats the hazard dont, don't when the house right now, you of conservative pundits trying to say that this is an election about deregulation and lower taxes, and that's what they're campaigning on right. If Republicans win
they are going to say they won because of low taxes and they won because of deregulation if they lose the house. The into tools against AIDS, because Trump isn't doesnt work right beside. If we will enable do the exact opposite depending on the outcome and to me that is the most important thing we have to be very clear. If republicans don't do it We need to make it our story than an attempt to cover up for their unpopular policies. They tried to use immigration, but they can't deny that what happened in this campaign was about both that to me as our big task, to make it both about respecting and about their popular policies. I think that the challenge on the re, speeding peace is that you have so many media outlets. We talk about this before who won't call over racism. What it is like, for example, the domain register. You now not like some big mainstream news outlets referred to Steve King, an avowed white nationalist away.
Premises. As blunt talking, conservative politician is a firebrand year and then was the other thing they set about him here that he is a headline of off color comments and strong anti immigration views. I mean that is those whitewashing nut pine, not intended like a big guy who just went to Austria to meet with a up a party started by a former SS officer like a Nazi This is a bad bad, bad human being, but we won't quality fuels The annex extra your belt was in no nonsense by these are just like. These are the hobbyhorses that I have that I ve all. I have left to complain about what goes on here as an election it. It is important to recognise that it is not just trump who is gone, full scene of hope in their public and party. They have all gone along with him. It's not even like we always complain about Paul Ryan being silent about it. It's only they were signed.
About it while happened. They use this in their own campaigns. Look at Rhonda Santa's campaign that here and if we look at Brian Fuckin, can in Georgia, who is in the running for the worst villain of the cycle for short, which I have category. I realize I realise that at this point, brine camp has engaged in so much voter suppression that when you see story about him inverse Virginia like whatever it's like it's Tuesday, you know, but what he did over the weekend. Nuts, that was a new, fucking love so in twenty. Sixteen camp was one of the only secretary of state in the country to refuse help from the Department of Homeland Security to shore up their election systems because they said there are huge vulnerabilities and Georgia's elections has been that are vulnerable to cyber attacks and so a constituent in Georgia
an email to someone at the voter protection hotlines saying there are vulnerabilities and the Secretary of state website that could be exposed by hackers, and then Camp said that that person who wrote about the vulnerabilities was a Democrat trying to hack the system and said that the Democrats were under FBI investigation for trying to hack the fucking job election system? It is fucking funny in case you hear that and think that's ludicrous. That's laughably stupid. I mean Stacy Aber. You're doing around a Sunday as this weekend and was asked this question about this allegation from brain camp. I very serious journalists like Jake Tapir and that suck for her, then are closing message is, is coloured by this nonsense made allegation. Is I mean that election by the way- god I hope Stacy Abrams wins, but he has done everything possible to steal election when I say steel, not as an exaggeration, yes, its end, and you know again comes down to the language we use. Tom's coca wrote a great piece, gray, peace for you, read it
for some place called daily, which was, however, at last week- and it was- I just saw this weekend and bubbling, but basically about that. Because a lot of our political conversation is about how bad will Tomcat were not doing a good enough job of accepting and describing how bad things are right now- and this is a great example, you know we have already seen with the with the Voting Rights ACT being restricted by the conservative Supreme Court, an incredible amount of voters action of anti democratic practices were Brian Camp is doing, is stealing an election, and if he wins by a tiny majority, it will be an illegitimate election, but our politics so presumes that respectability of both parties in in it and not just in you not using the word lie not just in the kind of surface anyway way but deep. It is a deep whore philosophy of our political system that both parties are respectable and competing on level playing on a level playing field in a battle of ideas, and when that does not happen, which is what,
Georgia, Stacey Abrams loses by a tiny man by a tiny amount or if it goes to a AAA, run off, because you need to get fifty and she almost gets two hundred and fifty and she loses It will not be legitimate, but our politics doesn't have an ability to wow that information to inform our politics, the the only way. I will call him the winner and describe his strategy as having been effective Roy as you say, as you say, our politics, we really mean. Is our media? Well, yes, yes of course. Yes, that's what it is. Only the Democrats do. I look yes, of course, emigrants, Democrats. Now when we are all saying we know how to say it, we need to say, but I dont know that we know how to truly live in a system in which Georgia will have an illegitimate. Who does not belong there and does not deserve the power that has yet. I dont know how to say that it's true. I know why I dont know what you do beyond just just no chive Adam Branca, again terrible person, tween racist photos, the new black Panther Party yesterday just to play the racist greatest hits, but that race is someone yes get. Fifty four
or ass, a ghost will run off. So I know we all want to take a deep breath on Wednesday and like reassess our lives and costs of old friends and shit. But if that gets you run off, we I'll need to go all in making sure Stacy Abrams has the resources and let it really might you know now. I let him instead of asking the question like what does it mean for our politics if Trump strategy and the republican strategy, Ray, speeding, xenophobia, works or if it doesn't, we don't know rain, but whether works or not will remain true after Tuesday is that there is a sizeable part of the population, a republican base that got excited about it becomes whether it's enough to get them over the edge or not. There has clearly been movement consolidating republican Base over the last month, and that is partly a result of Donald Trump Race, baiting and on and being full xenophobe on immigration and him having the largest propaganda network in the world. On his side, Fox
is just turn. That should and all the other eye when I ran a daily by a general and all in all the other rowing outlets and perhaps an unwitting propaganda machine, Facebook, It has been spreading. All of these conspiracies to there'll be a bunch of wars for this. The spin out of this- and I know we serve debated the relevant to them. I want to know one thing, which is the new and Bc Maris Polar Florida Senate, the likely voter say they prefer a candidate who opposed Brett Cabinet to Kennedy who supported him that as the fifth state, where and Bc Polish shown this, including that of Arizona? So this another example of where I think that's been coming at this is very important, because you have the hue Hewetts of the world as you call them. The intellectuals embodies that sweep up after Tromp who say that damn it its efforts to make sure a woman making a credible allegation of sexual saw be heard with some how bad politics, and thus back, rags ass. The trumps zero sum view of the way You win, you lose your right you're wrong, and we need to make sure that people understand that now and you know it that had to be heard. That's the Trump view the world, but that has been the view.
World from the political media. The discipline for Syria, for as long as all we ve all been in politics, and it's like. If we as Democrats, when we're out there the biggest, Genius is ever known to man. Everything they did was right. They ran a perfect campaign and that's not gonna, be true. I do want anyone listening. You mean appeal to hear it. Rice promise I'm knocking on would ever to anyone that, as the words cigarettes when Axelrod always used to say this, it's like we are not as smart as people say, we are when we win and we're not as dumb as people say, we are more lose and that an that's gonna beat because that's all they can handle is winning or losing any ideas, and everything else gets blinded, and that goes to this question of the narrative. After because winning the house or losing the house, it's a yes or no proposition, but the actual interplay of Republicans, you no business politics around tax cuts and regulation and their racial politics run immigration. These things are
going to be with us went for a while and regardless of whether or not we can say after the fact that immigration worked for Trump or didn't work for Trump. What we know right now is immigration is working better for them than their actual agenda. Even if this isn't enough to get them the victories that they need, we know that they don't feel like they have a I form they can run on, and you know Paul Ryan. I'm gonna be obsessed with Paul Ryan, saying this to fuckin fascination forever, but him saying like how do we make inclusive inspirational politics more strategic? Thank you really good question. It's a really really good question. How do we get Republicans to decide that there's a different kind of politics, whether its anti healthcare deregulation protects cut for the rich, or using race baiting to try to win. Despite the popularity, the agenda, I don't know how you get them to moderate on policy. I don't know how you get them to de racial eyes. In order to win, but let them the willingness of electoral wipe out as the only the only thing that can get the reckoning that we need to get Paul Yogi answer to Paul Ryan question is to kick Paul Ryan out of poverty. Even that made up.
The answer to Paul Ryan question is to kick Paul Ryan. Even though it may not be enough. How many times did we all say, because our bicep Obama said it will break the fever if we beat them and in twenty twelve, especially he thought. If I win twenty twelve I when this reelection it will break the fever, the Republican Party, they will stop some of the shit there doing, because then it was Benghazi. And it only got worse, is always the Gaza. There will always be an air of an. I got an excellent that change. I'd, take just think we have to win and win and we need we to win, and we need to change some of the structural things that have made it impossible to win. Analyzes narrow anything very to hand was a decade long disaster right has the senses here and we are hopefully be able to fix that they could all
point to the fact that yeah yeah Barack Obama, one bad Mitt Romney, had flaws Barack Obama's a once in a generation talent. They could point to the fact that they were doing well in the house and send it to avoid that reckoning if they had lost in twenty. Sixteen. I believe that reckoning would have come. You know it, they just needed to be lay low and we have not, since Barack Obama, one in two thousand and twelve and really since Democrats, when the Congress in two thousand and six there has not been a decisive blow. Who republicanism in politics that twelve years ago, the only one was from Donald Trump to the established its right after the only designed areas like well, where there is a disaster, is still syndrome being like neurons, our tax cuts and are very popular zoning, as this is our position on healthcare, which is why we're fucking lying about this whole election guy to say one thing on a slightly dark place. I know I certainly am, but I want to say- and it are you having an anxious, but I'm in a very anxious place. I will never take anything for granted ever again by just want to say thank you to the positive Merkel listeners, because this the people who listen to this show
did not sit on their ass in just retreats. That would some trouble quick stats. You guys ray, one point three: four million dollars for twenty targeted Canada besides I've met me reason other seven and eighty five thousand for eleven targeted candidates. Back in the day you guys raised, like four hundred grand for the crooked eight districts, that is on top of two hundred and seven thousand p. Pledging to vote on votes of America, twenty thousand volunteer shifts were filled to rotate America needs half a million people use Devoted America voter Guide, so like you, Every time I went canvassing there were five pod save America shirts. There were people every campaign I met with. We want the Bellows office, half the people there had gotten staffed up America's on how like we're listeners, so you guys we're out enforce yeah. I know it's, it's been incredibly inspiring. I mean that brings us to Democrats. We should be self reflective before we know the verdict threaten yeah. Are the Democrats?
closing well, do we think they made any big mistakes? Long away My I hardly knew before we know the verdict, I'll, let you know, I would just say all the Judges- human intense ten, ten, ten, ten ten landing every triple Axel. I will say: Democrats have not figured out how to talk about him, in the long term. We are there some that have, I think, they'd Betelgeuse been we'll see if he wins or not, but I think like I hear him talk about and I feel like he sounds honest and candid and understands that you know we need to have a border in this country. We need that immigration laws and policies, but I think most Democrats have run scared and went republican sense that when the media sense is it it becomes a. Issue, which is why we are talking about the caravan still. I grew that I am. I am very proud of the party for honing in on health care and jump in it, and particularly for existing decisions, and especially what the media narrative was not, therefore, that the media narrative kept pushing and we
race, like that- and all you see on the news is immigration immigration. There is a real fear of like maybe we have the wrong strategy. Maybe we should. Talking about health care, maybe we gotta go talk about those. Maybe we gotta move this where that way they and enforced I campaigned all around the country to think of themselves. Okay, here's our plan, we're going to talk about healthcare, we're going to talk with things that matter and there's also a larger message to that some of the best candidates. I think I've hit Gillum Abrams Bateau. Some of these has numbers, which is, if you don't like this division in this fear, vote for us, because the only way to rebuke this kind of politics is to vote. For balance, and why which I also think, is really smart message. Besides just to healthcare yeah. So look I'm sure. There's democrats, there is made plenty mistakes long way. All over the place is, but I to be perfectly honest like if we we. If we cut short on Wednesday, I do not think it will, because the Democrats is a whole made. Some
huge mistake, we are tabling said, maybe not figure out. I talk about immigration, but I think you know the healthcare message with strong powerful. We know it matters to people, that's what voters are telling people imposed. That's what voters are telling people in person the people we ve got to say yes, so I was thinking that that is what what what happens if we wake up on Wednesday and we haven't when the house what what's the lesson there well, can you take away beyond just the fact that we have this appeal climb that I welcome it and going anywhere right and we need to do better and we should want to do as well as possible, even if we do in the house and to me what I see around health care is the model for how we need to widen out our approach to other policy areas as well that
that, on health care, what you have seen in the last two years is the Democratic Party shift to the left and not haphazard Lee, but toward a simple idea of universal coverage through access to something like Medicare right. That is the unit that is now a pretty well pretty well established consensus view. It runs from people who, proposed, like Chris Murphy, a bill to make sure everyone has access to someone like Medicare, all the way to Bernie Sanders and others who have been advocating for Medicare for all. I think that's really exciting and what I want to see after is that kind of approach to other as whether its taxes or redraw green jobs, energy, energy, simple, elegant, universal, because a pro Denmark, the agenda item you saying that includes you know: stop at redistricting and ending voter suppression, not just any voter suppression but automatic registration weekend voting and and
and the ability for everyone to vote, no matter what that shifting the burden of proof back onto the government and not onto people prove that they have the right to vote the unity on the policy of healthcare is what allowed for the unity on the politics of healthcare, the fat. We were able to keep Joe Mansion in Joe who voted for Cavanaugh right. We were able to keep this caucus together because we weren't just adhering to a a white paper around healthcare. We had established that, price for better on this issue, and that gave Democrats everywhere from the most liberal places to the most conservative paper place has the confidence to stand firm on the issue, and I think we need to look at that healthcare lesson and ply it across the and the party and everyone. The party was very unified around giving just about every kind. A lot of running room on this issue. There are lots of candy to say we're not for Medicare for for all weird defending pre additions conditions, and then they were for Medicare for all in blue states and in red states too.
When we know some of these people in California that are running in these Republican Orange County districts came out from it is there for all to right, but Whatever you decided, there was not of inviting in the Party about oh you're, not with us on this, that the people who believe in Medicare are pushing hard as they should as we have been. But if the people who are as we are running a race against Republicans, have been ok, saying: ok, you go defend, preexisting additions and your very tough race and Enzo ends a win lose or dry Take away from that. There's gonna be if things don't go as well as you wanting people, say Democrats need to run to the Senate. Democrats need to run to the middle, and what I see is Democrats need to do more around other issues, to give people the same level of confidence in this party that they have the fact that we are moved to the left. While the country has you now, behind Democrats on health care. What we might have the ability to win this election on healthcare is gonna. Tell you something really really important matter. What happens? Let's but was end with talking about what we are watching for on Tuesday night the races we are most exe,
I did about what are we going to lookin, for when it s where the emotions investment we do. Both. Emotions are invested in Texas, Georgia, Andrew Gallons, race and floor things. I'm I'm sorry for very, very closely lemon our amendment four and five. And therefore duchy. Naturally, sixty percent threshold- that's gonna, tell Suleiman five is a big deal. It's it's a super majority for tax increases that could inform level up the next person for us up whatever it's about on other candidates oh yeah Cinema means Guillaume Abrams and better to me- are that the top three little tell a story is bigger than just those candidates in those states. It's about politics in general. I yes, and when you look at those three candidates who are you know, a diverse three candidates, they also have a lot in common rights which they are a new generation of Democrats who were just they are talking big write. Another message is big: it feels like a message for the entire country, and that's because
Our three progressive Democrats running in very red state unabashedly, so you know- and I dont and when we don't know, if all the more betters a longshot, though, is closing, we love him. Stacy Abrams, it's a mean, but first black woman to be governor Georgia, Georgia. That is an extremely tight morality, so close thing, but that's it and give them. You know, show is slightly ahead. Right, like I think I'll be I've I probably most crushed if Gilan loses because he's probably the most likely to win Marie. That's why I'm the my baby, the most crusher, better and Abrams, have a tougher slogged better, especially, but those three candidate whether they win or lose, should point the way to Democrats for being out there. They should be the model for other Democrats running for office. I think right, it's funny to you, because you,
where's the margin doesn't matter as much as the outcome, but the margin will tell you that was effective or not their age or, to answer you, you know, there's gonna be whatever happens at the the the conversation is is based entirely around this, whether or not summon crossed a fifty fifty threshold. But what That is what we can learn the most from is what's effective. In a similar way by looking at me friends by looking at what was effective and what wasn't so you know it's all night. I have to say about that raises to watch early when the EAST Coast closes. Give us to give us, hence about whether the Democrats will have a good night race to the medical marijuana start norms Indiana Minnetaki Florida pretty early around and so and a note on those like India and is it say you're. So Indiana comes out of the Poles close their early Joe Donnelly's having a tough time. It is not
the world, I know I'd, have any Mcgrath in Kentucky to Kentucky. Is the other one, the clause area that phrase that is a very tough race to she's? What she's in the hunt it's very Close Baker go either way, other ones watch early, NEO Delgado and the New York nineteenth if he wins. That is a very good sign for democratic zig middle finger to Paul Ryan Right Jack Golden in Maine in the second district. He isn't tight, raise if he does well, that's a good sign Tom Island skate worked for the above all in a straight line in the New Jersey, seventh and Georgie, and then Span Burger in Virginia seventh, I would watch all of those races early and of Democrats do well and a bunch of those races. It is a very good sign when you can be doing limit. I wanna be a vampires coffin, ah sense deprivation tank like every once in a while for you to lift the lid and hand me little updates
my poor themselves, leisure to read about you? Wanted to spend the next, however many hours in a room without any news coverage. In someone just hand you an envelope. That's all I want ya I want I want. I want to be, and I would never have. I would urge both have a discipline I wanna be unlike old boy room of the old boy where they locked somebody in a room for thirty years. I just want to do for two days without the growth stuff, I think there's a movie about Latona didn't remember thirty years there is. Is it terrible, terrible people listening to this, who is who know that all boys like yeah, you don't want that, but I just want to pursue days without any of the things around. It does also some favorites that I'll be watching for Abbe thinking out and I were who we know Christy who Anne who is on Albania, Katy Porter people means has so good at the job Haiti Porter Katy Hill Gaiety Shorten in Iowa. You know get
how close race with Steve King, perhaps Pennsylvania after hands of India Gonna, be, I think, emotionally important, just because we gotta that we should remind ourselves that we know that when events of India Rape, yet after her hi. I learn Underwood in Illinois, Lucy Macbeth in Georgia. Baron far there's a lotta names that I will not list off, but that one of the best, I was getting actually species people face to face and realizing how impressive the slate of Democrats is. Democrats, you lose well wait, but now there are there or not, because every year, how better? If you are every democratic to possible disagrees. The national is a national emergency. When we go back to having regular about weakens, beat us. We can talk about that final question. What's making us enormous and what's making is hopeful, and these in this final day
I'll start with nervous, and why not a high note for everyone? Thank genetics. Everything I emotion. I am nervous that the caravan stuff has gone the level of coverage that its cotton, that we have learned. Nothing when he sixteen that that down from has found yet another you that he can harp on that he can get the press cover she wants around and that you that that we will look back on it as having a swamp the political coverage in a way that pushed out things like health care and tax cuts and all the rest. That makes me very, very nervous. I go back to serve structural realities how about you know when we, when that, when the results are coming in and twenty sixteen, there was a surge of trump voters and a lot of Ex urban, far flung suburban counties that we haven't seen before that no unexpected
I wonder when you look at all the poles now and it says that you know trumps consolidated the base and Republicans are almost as excited as Democrats to turn out. It's just This is not only an election where o Republicans might stay home. It's an election were, Republicans, are going to turn out and the only question is: does our turn out beat their turn out and also if this is a presidential year, we different midterms, traditionally Republicans have better turnout midterms for us to win this mid term again, we have to change the electorate by bringing in new voters who have now voted long time and an that's gonna heavily depend young people turning out Latinos turning out and suburban women who ve been crushing we're about the desire of some nature of politics were winning losing. Is everything coupled with the structural challenges we face going into this year with how hard it is to win the house or do all the things we want to do, plus the fact that a six point margin or seven point margin, is all the difference in the world and there's all these young people who are-
getting involved in politics at the first signs of these new voters were turning out, and I want those people to feel like their participation really dead matter, because it did and Joy ideas were youth. We have to keep fighting with the wake up on Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, in doing and mean that we were fully rebuked as a party or ideas were youth. We have to keep fighting with cup on Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, and do it again, we run a back and what with sports? What's making us hopeful grew candidates claiming their asses. I mean truly this later Canada is unbelievable. I was going to say the same thing I have never seen a field of candidates so inspiring. Then I haven't twenty eighteen, and that goes from the very top raises in the Senate to people running for state legislature that we ve met. Here I mean- and you know, kudos to run, Something until all the groups that have been helping yet recruit these can indivisible swing laughable. If those people did amazing work, I mean that
I've never seen as isolated case, I'm so proud to be a democratic because of the candidates were running into an, and that makes that that's. That makes me hopeful and the gee. We were all canvassing yesterday, love a year with Katy Hell. We were with hardly router, and it's just the passion and the energy and it like you. We met someone in what canvassing for hardly router was like oh yeah. I was just canvassing for Katy Porter and I decided that in the morning and then drive all the way to the other. We do this in the afternoon. She did to allay like ski in surf thing. Breton canvassing right it is, you know it's funny. It's like the interior as many energy is both with it. It is what makes me hopeful, it is on their toes and nervous recognised, as we have done more in mid term than we than we ever before I think there's a lot of people participating in a mid term and paying attention to a mid term and away they haven't before. And that's really exciting, and I do
see all that energy, and I see that our enthusiasm- and I thank god- I hope I hope you will. I hope it's enough. I hope it's enough because that that that the thing that makes me most nervous his waking up the next day and all these people feeling, but we did everything we could awkward and it wasn't enough- and I did- and I do think we did everything we could I think, every you know every person who has participated in this election. Many of them have never participate in election before have worked their asses off and they have believed you know. There was an ignoble like it's I were talking about this today. I just what's happen. Tomorrow is This has been a really achieve. Its a shit show ended up in a really really long two years and we need a fucking when we need it, and we talked about just how herculean task, as we talked about just how important it is not just because winning the house means we can stop what trumped does, but the power that
along with it, but more than that, it's a moral victory and psychological victory that I think a lot of people are do this feel like they need, and I know that going into Tuesday. You feel like you and it so hard to say this now before it happens, but but because it really is fifty fifty. We need to go into this with eyes open and knowing that we done everything we can. It truly may not be enough, but if it is, it will be because we all did our part and if it isn't, it will be because it turns out that things were even worse and even harder
and and further gone than we realise, and it just means will have to do that much more and that's all there is to it, and I also I'm hopeful, because I have sensed a slight shift in the mindset of democratic activists and organizers, and that is, it is not just about and in the media would say otherwise, but this is not just been about. We must stop Trump now. This is, and because of candidates like that or Rourke and Stacy Abrams and Andrew Guillaume, and a lot of these congressional can it's all over the country. Are these gubernatorial candidates who are talking about a vision for the country that is bigger than Donald Trump, a type of politics that is better than what DOM Trump has given us? People are voting for something they are knocking on doors inspired and out there, because they believe in something not because they just want to stop, and I think that that energy is more powerful than the negative energy just stop something bad from happening, and that makes me hopeful okay. Well, we will talk to you all
Tuesday evening here, Syria naming a throw my laptop and your fucking volcano and hide from the news I'll be refreshing, twitter every five seconds, from now on they, exert here that we're target which eleven am Monday and from now until the first results come in. I feel I'm back gonna a campaign. Even though campaigns, all you do, is you just texture you hearing anything here? They were What do you know? What do you know? Any memorizing numbers for me. Every one I've ever worked with in politics is now in a group that there really is nothing left to say. We also ask that we have spent two years trying to convince people to go to the olive garden instead of a restaurant where they poison. You don't pay their staff donors are racist and the old garden is imperfect. Our new issues we're consistent, but you know when you there ended there, the olive growing, no exit we come back. We will have our interview with taxes can
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Well, the sort of claim was framing Robert markets her and when you have you, Joe concessions. Nah. Pray. Rather, more can't wait for that. I d go out. I guess glands, where no IDA Anyway, he was admitted that you put in positive five dollars goes to you. Five dollars goes towards central kitchen, wonderful organization, that whose Andreasen working with the help people who ve been harmed by the hurricanes. Someone sent me a diver being replaced by Travis It was a Travis. No, oh, so M Ben has seen a mountain and thinks so Cooper Inspector good Gipsy on your toes download the catch up today. Positive is good, but it so we ve been sharing stories of candidates leading up to the mid term elections and today for a final candidate segment. We're gonna hear from someone who's coming upon. Ex after two careers. One is a civil rights attorney and the other is a linebacker in the NFL from the FAO.
We call on all repeat session race is attracting national headlines, because Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in this district of New York Times. Pole last month said he was just one point. Behind sessions. I've seen some incredible gee here on the ground: that state of Texas increasingly is turning blue colonel, is the democratic congressional nominee for Texas is thirty. Second district he's running against republican incumbent PETE Sessions. It is district that encompasses the northern and eastern parts of doubts and some of the suburbs that in northern Northeast doubtless like Richardson and Garland and widely and sexy I was born in here. In this district by a single mother who was public school teacher, my mom taught in Texas public schools for twenty seven years and we don't pay our teachers enough so are growing up. It wasn't always The Collins dad wasn't around, but he doesn't focus on that
tell my story is about the mom. Who was there and it's not so much about how the father who wasn't and then my mom worked extremely hard, sometimes to jobs, and we see the teachers across the country are having to make these choice. About working, multiple jobs, and you know when you're doing that have been raised, whether you rely on the community more and it's that community, not just his district but the whole state of Texas. The con wants to serve. I am a fourth generation Texan, and so I think I have a little bit of and understanding about it. The taxes that I know believe in something larger than ourselves believes that were better when we invest in each other only give each other chance. It's always been a diverse state with lots of different types of folks here. People who came from different backgrounds may became here on different ships, but I believe that were in the same boat now and that we need to be pulling in the same direction and that's the Texas that I know it s, a text that I love and that's the text that I want to represent
one of the reasons com of taxes is. The time he's been college and plain linebacker Beller University football. For me always been to an end, but also something that taught me, I think, really important values. I wanted to play to pay for my college in College a sailor and then, when I pursued my Mandeville career, my goal initially was to play long enough to pay for my law school for me, Bobo career was actually the surprise. My goal was to go to law school. I applied to law, school sternly a senior year, had paler and I expected to be going to one of them the year after I finish playing, and I started getting approached by agents who want to represent me and who risk convinced me that I was gonna have a chance at having and nfl career, and so
I decided to give it a shot and see what happened, knowing that I've gotten into cow deferred my admission and that that was- and I was gonna- do whenever my there was over calling came into the league- is an unwrapped at reagent, but got signed and played for five years. His career ended abruptly after you but a neck injury during a game against the cowboys. When I have injury- and I was lying on the tarpon dallas- I remember thinking you know- I'm just so ready to go to law school. Calling it a lot from his ears in the gridiron much more than just tuition money, one of them that I've always loved about football and football locker rooms that you would be surprised and who is best friends on the football team and who I get salon it's it's. It brings together people from all different backgrounds, people who, maybe come from the inner city, maybe from more rural areas, and when you throw us all together
I will we end up finding out it's how much we have in common instead of a how different we are calling brought that sensibility to law school. We plan to focus on civil rights at Berkeley Colin found his passion. What most appeal to me most was rights because I found it to be so the source of all about Oliver other rights- and I knew that there is a lot going on in Texas to make it harder for people to vote, and so that became my focus after the twenty tension. Thus, the Texas Legislature met and passed a series of even more restrictive laws, and we had in place previously beginning with a voter ideal on that placed the limits on the numbers and types of ideas that you could use to vote in person and Texas. That's one way that the people in charge make bad laws to help themselves staying power by setting unconscionable restrict report.
And we have a lot of people here who did not meet those requirements, and I worked with a lot of them on the ground here that's somebody who believes in our state who grew up and going to schools at or show me the verse that believes that we need to have more people engage in our democracy in that Taxes can do a lot better than being dead last or next to last and voter turnout. I knew I want to get involved in voting machines, We were in a vote for that. You were able to cast your balance you to make your voice heard. And I still think that is the main struggle that we face in this country. We need to expand. Our democracy will need to make it easier for people to get engaged, make it easier for them to be involved that will produce for us a more representative government. A government, I think, is more responsive and more accountable to the people which must be representing. After graduating, one of Collins, jobs was in voting rights litigation. He worked on cases against states that are illegally restricting the right to vote. I one of the biggest cases
I worked on one was. I was content I, where we have seen a lot of laws passed, that made it very difficult for folks to vote from my voter, I d law to restrictions on voter registration to limiting pulling place locations and ours in early voting locations. Are there really was a comprehensive effort under way in Wisconsin, to make it harder for folks to vote, and we saw in the last election that Wisconsin was extremely close, and I think that we have to understand the role that border suppression and that the laws that are in place play in restricting the turn out, restricting who turns out and in changing really the course of elections, and I dont think that that's in anyone's interest. I think that we as a country I should be. It- would have a contest of ideas that, if you get more votes in, you convince more people than your ideas went out that, but if you dont than usual to change them to match what the majority folks want- and
I and make sure that we have a representative democracy that actually does represent the people. I'm running here in my home town, where I was born and raised in where I believe my life was made possible by the people in this community. Investments that they made me, and I want to give back to that community in that nets. A different motivation. Maybe then, just wanting to go on to Washington to go up the works or two try and pass a certain ideology. I wonder what's best for nor Texans things that will throw open the matters, so to speak, and let the light shining and let you will understand- and no more about their democracy and have a greater faith in it. Another issue that very personal to Colin is affordable health care. In my grandmother moved in
out with my mom when I was young cuz. She had Alzheimer's and I saw a kind of the day to day struggles to go into having a nurse a family member and and having to rely on the healthcare system so directly on. My mother is a also a breast cancer survivor, and this is something that everywhere I go here in North Texas. People talk to me about it and it's the number one issue by far that people are concerned about their health care, the concern that has become a political football, because things like having a pre existing condition which you having breast cancer, is a pre existing condition really is not political Collins trying to unseat PETE sessions a long time republican income. There comes a point when every congressmen needs to head in Washington. Pits sessions is take, I'm not a queer partisan, alas. Former enough how player turns over lawyers running here in my
town to represent the people who, I believe so much in and who gave me a chance to live life, but I've let, unlike his opponent, Collins, not setting himself up to be accountable to special interests, and I don't take any court repack money. I believe I made. That commitment is, I want to make sure people know that no one has a hooks in me that I'm gonna be turning them into there's. No one else. Who's gonna be trying to tell me what I'm doing instead cons grassroots approach is bringing a personal touched his campaign. Why? I believe that the most effective tool in our democracy is still a neighbor talking to a neighbour and from the very beginning of this campaign we have invested in a grass roots movement that I think has allowed us to do something that is extremely special here nor taxes, and that, I think, is almost unprecedented. I here in our area we have had hundreds and hundreds of volunteers who had not gone well over. A hundred. Fifty thousand doors have made many
we're phone calls and that people who bring their kids and little red wagons to go block, walk people who strap their babies their baby and and go talk to their neighbours is inspiring to me. It's the where d Merci should work. I think it's the most effective tool we have an especially with voters who maybe Donald vote in the midterm or who have checked out because I feel like it doesn't matter or their vote doesn't count. I think it's really important here in Texas that we take our campaigns to them, that we go to those voters that we show up at their doors. I show up at their doors, I've done dozens and dozens of town Hall events that we call coffee with Colin, where I'll go to a coffee shop and speak for a little while and then take questions for as long have questions. I want to be as accessible as possible in this campaign and use that as a model for how I'll be in congress- and I think that's the best way to get more people engaged and that's the fundamental aspect of our democracy that we have gotten away from a bit, and I think that we have to work on restore
in the coming elections. That was calling all read the democratic nominee for Texas. Thirty second congressional district You can learn more about him and other exciting candidates and competitive races near you at vote. Save America Dotcom. You can even see a sample ballot so that you are ready to vote on election. Raised to call an aura. They solve you, everyone. Twenty four hours left. Do everything you can do that you haven't done yet phone calls, get people to the poles, get your friends to vote or lazy and might not vote every time. Someone asks you what's gonna happen. Go to swing can do some fuckin phone banking or something to tell you friends of social. Your lady friends
those lazy front, as are the ones who are like what its I thought. Only presidential elections are important, no wrong. Twenty eighteen mid term elections are everything you got. Do it friends, you know those lazy friends of yours sent on a couch with their edible gummy bears and video games by everyone.
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