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Trump jeopardizes the NATO alliance on his “historically successful” foreign trip, Kushner conducts secret diplomacy with a Russian banker, and the Democrats hone their message after Montana. Then, Senator Elizabeth Warren joins Jon, Jon, and Tommy in studio to discuss the fights Democrats should wage on behalf of working Americans.

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favorite Dunkin' donuts order was on twitter. She responded immediately. The Boston Globe wrote a story that they really wanted: the Boston Globe being the good high levels paper that they are, they have a Boston guy. They have Elizabeth Warren, they have Dunkin donut should put in the story in anything else. I what I want you guys to know that there's a box of Dunkin donuts in the studio- and I want to take one and John said those doughnuts- are for eating there for click, two things for the social media here and they were delivered to my house this morning by post mates, post mates, it's the best way to deliver enter code cricket. If it's your first time, okay, so a seamless integration, of course, that are worn, arrives. Everyone pod, save the people, was on hiatus last week to raise back this week. Brittany and SAM are going to go deep into the past weeks. News, including the economics of mass incarceration, emoluments education, budgets and the troubling work to preserve some of these confederate monuments, draw
peace with many to Gupta former head of the civil rights Division of Doj. It's a great episode. It is out today so go download. Okay, let's talk about the in the words of the White House on President Lou it's a new word. Let's talk about in the words of the White House, the historically successful foreign trip. Did you try to say unprecedented? I like this, and I couldn't do it so I historically successful foreign trip. The drum just came back from so halfway through this trip. Last week, when he was finished with the Middle eastern portion, some people in the press we're calling it a
s course chrysalis of CNN said it was worthy of praise. Politicos praising the staff for putting it together. Nbc said he was on message. What do you think now? What now they were? Looking back on the strip? Premature, I I I don't want to be the guy that spends the next four years, complaining about how Obama was treated versus how Trump was treated but like we were, we spent years being attacked for abandoning allies, like Obama removed a bust of Winston Churchill from the oval office, and we spent four years hearing about how the special relationship was destroyed. He walks yoyos in Europe. He arm wrestles with macrone. He like Assaults the Montenegro, whatever he is and shove them out of the way. The leader of the end of the trip, the end of the trip, Ongala Merkel, is so upset
she gives a speech saying Europe must really take our fate into our own hands. I mean that is the story of the entire trip. Is that our stalwart allies, the people who are a part of NATO, have been with us for decades keeping the globe peaceful are worried that the the United States is walking away from those bedrock glances, and it's like with this is why we can't judge trips on optics in, like weather, Jared's frequent flyer miles were pain, code was entered properly like these are big ticket security items and he doesn't. Like he's a leader, the free world. He acts like he's their loan officer, complaining about paying NATO dues, as if that's the end goal of the alliance and not like global security. Yeah also say that Trump is an message. He didn't talk to them. Fake news on message by literally standing there and wearing a suit like is that
being on messaging message by like not having the international data plan on his phone, so he couldn't tweet. That was. That was not meant a lot of people in this point but like if an message means consistency, then he was not on message. 'cause. He went to Saudi Arabia, he told him he wouldn't lecture them, and then he went to Europe and he lectured them all over didn't didn't want sure the dictators did want to lecture, cratic allies in Europe. No, I mean it's interesting because there's the smaller stuff, the smaller gaps that Obama still would have gotten ship for, if you can't afford it but like- and we didn't talk about like the orb- cares about the or bright
I'd say like we just got back to the Middle EAST, while he was in Israel which made the physical him bass that are like a slap himself, yeah right wing Republican right away. He did like treat his note that Israel's Holocaust Memorial Museum, like it was a year book about sailings Butch Letter Defense Summer, Yad Vashem, despicable amazing, being here at like all of this stuff, is small. It's gas still, it would've been a whole, but that what you just mentioned, Tommy what he did at NATO, what he did with our european allies is by any standard of the form at any. U S, president of either Party's foreign trip of the last. However many years she usually problematic that right, the The existence of NATO is essentially revolves around the provision of the code. Article five, which says if one member of NATO was attacked, will come to their collective defense. He refused to publicly reaffirmed his commitment to article five, which freaked out everybody that has to deal with. Increasingly
You know what the word I'm looking for: Ella Cosell a coast, Russia Ledger in thank you believe you're in is what I'm looking for. Okay restive in additionally, he he wouldn't come recommit to the the Paris climate Accord, the G seven, which is a huge break with the rest of the G seven. So where's the progress. What's the successful it is interesting. You said the the one people the person who was not sorry. It was interesting that the one country that was celebrating the foreign trip and Trump's foreign trip was Russia and russian TV. Trump tornado into a house of cards, so the the fact that I'm background or behind the scenes, Trump advisors like no, no, no reaffirm article five. First of all that misses the It is the point because this is one of those places where posture is the most important thing right. This isn't we we, you know we we are says signatories to NATO. Right we are supposed to uphold,
out. The president's not saying it out loud is a very big deal in and of itself, even if his advisors behind the scenes are like he's. An idiot, don't worry about it, don't worry about it. Like Vladimir Putin is looking for these signals and the crazy part about this is Donald Trump. Is in Europe, he's being asked to push back against Russia at time in his administration is being accused in the press day after day of being too sympathetic of having colluded of, these very strange meetings over and over again that they lied about on their security clearance forms his son in law is being, written right now by the stories to expose a kind of crazy relationship that suggests that they are beholden to Russia and he still wouldn't Chris yeah if you still wouldn't criticize Russia. That is that it's it's like it's right in front of our face,
yeah, your point about posture is really important because, like there's, no principle that is going to enforce NATO, if we, if we choose not to come to the collective defense, it's all about your commitment. It's all about your willingness to be there in the toughest time imaginable and- and his signal does say, the flattery Putin that what you didn't cry me is fine go after Ukraine. Take all of Ukraine. Take a look there's, no use yeah yeah. Look at some of those small eastern european countries capitals. Your learned in high school, what what we think about Micron there is he has. He has the sort of white knuckled hand shake with Donald Trump, and he comments on it later and is basically says it was an accident. He says quote Donald Trump. The president of Turkey or the President of Russia are of a mind, of power relations which doesn't bother me. I don't believe in diplomacy of the public invective, but in bilateral dialogue, and so first of all, the fact that the President of France is lumping in the USA President with everyone and Putin is very
unsettling and another another say he doesn't believe: unfair, doesn't even diplomacy by public abuse as well. So it's not it's interesting, Donald Trump and then across it up at a press conference with Putin and called out our tea and sputnik as propaganda outlets right next to it. So tell you what sizing, Putin and Mccrone recorded a video message to american scientist engineers, an entrepreneur saying if the United States is not going to care about climate change come to France, we care about it. The kind of message the USA used to send to say we're a beacon of the beacon of the future Beacon of the of smart policies and an economic opportunity. The thing that the thing that so galling rightist is Trump introduces this childish used. Car salesman notion of masculinity to the world stage. You push people out of the way you give him a tight handshake. You pull them in you at them on the shoulder, because, again, Donald Trump Pick, this shit up from eighty self help books. He saw on the shelf and the thing that you know it's
thing where, when someone steals your parking space and they're going nuts. The only way you can get back from them is you have to go a little crazy, too, and so Donald Trump, introduces Jack, Donaghy, loaded, loaded observation right. There don't drive with Jonathan, not right now, but I think that you either have to either have to concede, or you have to for yourself to their level to care enough about a parking space to fight over it, and so Donald Trump introduces not nonsense, masculinity into fucking handshakes and workarounds, like alright, that's the game you want to play. I will squeeze your hand until it hurts and I won't let go of it and what sucks is like were on his side. Yet we need also sucks that it worked. I mean this is what we're talking about right now and not not any bit of substance from these meetings. Well, let's move on to Paris because love it. I know it.
On this, so excuse reported in the middle the trip that Trump has privately told multiple people, including EPA administrator Scott Pruett, that he plans to leave the Paris agreement. Sometimes this week. Of course he tweeted during the trip or someone to do for him because of course again, the international data plans off form that he was going to announce this week, whether or not he leaves Paris, so he still wants to make it a bit of a reality. Tv show type game, but it seems like you at all. All signs are pointing towards him, leaving Paris, which is quite a surprise, because we were told that Jim Baca and Global is Gerry in the New York. We're going to prevent this from happening with their very an influence on all the all the all the ceos on the console and Gary and Jerry they were in the White House. They were participating in this mess because they are going to have a good outcome, they're going to influence a good outcome, so shocking this
work. Verse of so first we don't know yet we don't. I mean I could be a a guy, I'm leading these words by the end of the week. Well, we don't know. A week ago it looked more promising. Now Trump is seems to have spun the other way, or at least that somebody inside the ministrations flooding is Axios. You know who knows what you can take at face value right. These people are liars and people take what they say at face value. I it's been my position for the whole time. The full time. This whole notion that Globalist, Gary and Ivanka and Jared were moderating influences. Everything came down to Paris, everything in that includes by the way the economic Council Elon, musk and others who said they're staying in because they want to see if they can make a difference. If he pulls out of Paris, it means that it is hopeless because there's been unanimity on the part of Democrats on the part of a lot of business leaders that have been trying to influence administration. If you, You well x, but notably they were saying
Mcconnell and about twenty Senate Republicans sent a letter last week to him telling him to pull out of Paris yeah I mean I can see every no. No, no, there are smart. Republicans were saying you should stay in in the night, but I think, like the more fundamental point, is all these stories about staff shakeups MIKE did key. Is communications director getting canned today, apparently because Trump couldn't get over the fact that he said there was no trump doctor on foreign policy. In that leaked apparent, that's with Dylan Byers reported. Thank you. I think staff can influence Trump in so far as you can be the last person to tell me from nation that, like in Boston one way or the other, I don't think he's an individual. That's like really susceptible to logic or reason or to good policy discussions, he's the guy who's going to do what he's going to do he's set in his ways and you're either a part of this monstrosity or not? Well, it's interesting too, is it's not just all this staff has been trying to moderate his stance and they've failed in the Kushner story. That will talk about soon. Nick Glenn, thrush and Maggie Haberman wrote over the weekend
There was a paragraph and then that's that Mr Kushner appears to be modifying his center stances. Instead of urging the president to keep the US in the Paris climate accord, as he sought two months ago, he has come to believe the standards in the agreement need to be changed. So it's not just that they are failing to moderate trump. That is, he is change their views. What was it? What so? We don't again like this is all who knows what's going on behind the scenes they are. They are a group of people. Desperately negotiating even amongst themselves, you try to influence a dotty old, racists who is in decline and unable to concentrate. I mean I we are in a serious crisis in one of the parts of this crisis is that Donald Trump is not persuaded bowl, he doesn't have the men qt, to focus on these tions long enough to come to a logical conclusion? So I am I I again like it's a it's. A binary, if they stay in Paris and they say as part of staying in Paris, we are going to continue to go this we're going to make adjustments we're going to push for changes. If that was a way to get this thing,
finish line. I am fine with that, but it's one hundred percent, if they could keep him in there did a good job. If not will never listen to them again. That's it. I've done. We have clarity on that. Thank you Tommy, thank you, but I just hate this conversation, but like Jerrod, is he good? Is he bad? We just sort of skip over the fact that his his policy depth is one hundred and twenty days old yeah give her take. This is a thirty six year old dilettante who, like luck, bought his way into school, who lucked his way into a real estate gin and a good marriage so far and has to deal with the horrible step dad that you work for not that that Father in law, who is now his boss, I mean he's not a real advisors, not someone who brings any kind of gravitas or knowledge or experience to the job. He's a kid. It's nepotism and you know that that's what you know, Steve Bannon gets in there and goes like this. I know jarred has your best. Interests are, but in a less of this guy directly in any right, the penny loafer prince line instantly.
So Glenn and Maggie's story about about Jared course stems from the news that broke on Friday night, that, in during the transition Jared had unreported meetings with Ambassador Kinsley ACT, the russian ambassador and the head of a rush. Bank who I know and love to leave it his name we can pronounce. I know I know I know I so long, no, no, that the bank's name is quite long, but that there's his the guys middle name is improper hands on both of them sounds like It sounds like Gorka, but it's not so a month is f as F. Eighty six oops by accident then reported them later. There were reporting of this meeting earlier, but now we know he was reportedly trying to set up a secret channel of communication directly to the to the Kremlin using russian diplomatic facilities. The first excuse from allies of Jared that
a wound up in the New York Times after the Washington Post reported. The story was that this was all about Syria that they wanted a direct channel to Flynn from Flint to Russian General, so they could fix the problems in Syria. Tommy. Does that make sense? It doesn't make any sense. I mean, like General Flynn, could pick up the phone and call someone discretely and that's a backchannel. You don't have to go to a russian diplomatic facility and do this Kgn run around the intelligence community. In this department. Everybody else like the back channels become this inflated thing like when Tom Donilon would fly to China to have meetings with our senior leadership. That was a useful back channel because it could be private. Have a confidential conversation comes back reports directly from the president. You don't need to do all this cloak and dagger bull shop. Well, the thing the thing people keep camp, the read the reason this conflating two. Thing. Is it's only a back channel from America? It looks like a regular channel from the point of view? It's not like he's going directly to Putin's house he's going to a Russian
facility to use their regular ordinary communication system. So it's a backchannel to keep things from America. It's not it's not on the russian side. It's just that. It's just the normal thing, specifically from american Intelligence and State Department from the Defense Department and then when one thing like it's worth pointing out about the it touches community in DOD and street in ST is like there are a lot of people who you know, we would feel like Chris had sort of a cold war mindset, even during the Obama years, like there's people, work, deeply distrustful of Russia sounds like they had a point and then maybe were right all along, but like those are the people who maybe you're, making an run around and that is incredibly valuable to Putin in the Kremlin, because they don't want to deal with all those people and their skepticism their cynicism if they can cut a deal trump. It's like
You know some relief on sanctions for fill in the blank it doesn't have to be. The quid pro quo doesn't have to have happened. It could happen in the future. They could be setting up a way to get something in the future, and that is just as dangerous, if not worse, so you mentioned the fact that the word backchannel have been conflated in this whole debate. All I see a lot of people on the right now and on Fox and other places saying you know, Obama had a back with IRAN, and everyone said it was brilliant and smart and the way to do diplomacy. So so people know what's the difference between having a back channel and what Jerry did well starts with the that Barack Obama was President United States conducted secret negotiations with IRAN? That's a big generators
Jerry during a transition. That's a big caveat. I mean this curve, I'm interviewing on pod save the world a guy named bill burns today, who is the deputy secretary of State who, along with Jake Sullivan, was part of the team that led the secret talks between the United States and IRAN that led to the IRAN deal. That's an example of really useful private diplomacy, and that's something that's happened for decades. It's like trusted, confidant of one president trusted trusted. I of another president, and they can work things out and not go through the formal bureaucracy or of Secretary of State come over with the press corps and have a big to do. That's formal and has talking points might cut through the bullshit. What they did is in the way you love described unbelievably cagey that you would think you would go to literally russian soil their their diplomatic facility in United States is russian soil use there. What I assume they think is secret encrypted communications gear
To communicate back ironically, in this case it seems, like we've, penetrated those systems, since it's all in the newspaper now, I'm not saying that so many knowledge, but you know you kind of got screwed twice your jerd yeah, but I mean what, when what he's talking about is just it's it's unprecedented and it's so naive to think that that's what was needed in the sense yeah I mean it's like a back channel. By definition, is you know we have interests of the country you have entered the country, there's a lot of complicated discussions that make it hard for us to get something done. Let's meet in a room. Let's have a conversation. Let's get rid of all that the trap meant to deceive. We can have this that's not what this is nothing to do with that. Well, I was also interesting that ok, if this was really about flynn- and it was about syria- and diplomacy, then why did- It also meet with a russian banker with ties to Putin and the russian spy who's. Never done, diplomacy was never done. Diplomacy it in this is we're like the conspiracy is just it's all. Sitting out in front of us is nothing if not in subtle of this ticket here, like real estate k
who needs a lot of money meets with Putin Back banker. You know a lot of this seems like some blatant self dealing like some Putin crony who was plucked out of this I service is an established at a bank. I mean it's all a little too convenient and we're well apparently and seen and reported this morning that during twenty sixteen? U S Intel heard russian officials discussing leverage of a financial nature over Trump. What is and we've all suspected all along, but it is it. Is it crazy that, like all the stuff that we think is the sort of the ultimate conspiracy and like this, it couldn't be that I know that's like Louis, Mensch territory right, but like it's seeming that, like a lot of this stuff, is coming, do you know if you have it set? You don't want to, but it's so awful. You don't want to believe that you have to sort of like look at what's happened and you have to say like what is an explanation for this: it does involve leverage over Donald Trump, and I don't need it
a dossier about peeing in a fucking bed. It doesn't have to be that it could be something else that we could be something you nothing. That would be honestly. That would be better honestly better for it to be a sexual picadillo, then for it to be financial leverage over many members of the administration, because at this point we're looking at Donald Trump has no, scruples. He has no values, not approaching this from a sense of dignity or shame as experience those emotions, and yet here he is refusing to this day, a bad word about Russia, giving Russia an open door to do all kinds of things in Europe and and again like this- is what Putin right Putin wants outsized influence on the world stage. The russian me is smaller than ITALY's. It's smaller than S Korea's it's smaller than India's it's smaller than Brazil's. It is an incredibly crucial and important country that borders like borders like
very hot spot around the world. Eight time zones it does, it does deserve an outsized bit of influence compared to its GDP, but Donald Trump talking about some crazy. Deal he's going to make in the future as justification. For his light hand with bladder removed make any sense? None of it makes sense without reference to me that none of it- this is the the the laziest sort of policy proposal and and and for policies like Wall, create a better personal relationship with this ex leader, and then we can align an interest. I think, with respect to Russia very Petrous State, that's dealing with a a cratering economy, it declining oil prices and what Putin does is uses fear of another in views the world and zero some terms. So if you can cut down the United States or create chaos or make us look diminished in any way that's a that's a win for him. Can't build Russia up. Gonna tear the United States down there, you go there, you go. This is positive. Mereka stick around was more great show coming your way. Parts of America is brought to you by helix night after night,
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The most secure information that our country collects, what your post reported he gets his own intelligence briefing Jerd as before trunk. It says. Yeah I relied on is that with with what's what's certainly clear, C Lighters office, eighty six right, he lied. He did later amend the SF. Eighty six report, those meetings, but originally he did not include. Yes, it did that the peace in the post about how Trump gets this pdb was interesting with the chilling part to me was imagining Jared sitting on that couch. As like his that's, you know it's one thing to get intelligence estimates, one thing to have top secret clearance or or access to you know. Code word level, compartments or special access programs like to sit in on that Pdb every day and get the most up to date. Intelligence picture constantly you need someone that you trust completely, and I don't think he
given us any reason to trust him completely in the same way General Flynn is not, and so should they strip his clearance. Like yes, of course, of course, he absolutely he's a little dylan. He shouldn't be in the guardian PD in the first place, another six year old, Realestate punk, suspended and then take a okay, I'm not saying you can't get it back yeah if, if all the stern tone to have been innocent, which is hilarious well, but what we doing here, let's also remember right the risk question over the weekend since the story broke on Friday, the White House has not refuted the story right. Make no comment from the White House or from Jared's. Lawyers are saying that it's false, which is a first for them actually. Did you see that Fox NEWS ran a story, with Ouch name, one source, no name on here, just to embarrass the slap her name on it could have been stenographer for a long time. It was written by the website itself. It's the emergent consciousness of Fox nation to like all the stuff with him in the last week, a bunch of people or your between, like you know, Fox NEWS has some great
journalist who worked there but Hannity available. You know what at this point, we can count. The real journalists who work at Fox NEWS one hand and people like Minimum Shep Smith. I guess Chris Wallace, maybe a few others, You guys are the cover for an evil organization, an if you don't leave your freaking part of it. It's just it's just so clear that you're part of something evil that back on the security clearance question like it's, not something I thought a lot about until I saw that book or things, but it's just a question of risk like if there's any chance that he could have been misleading or any chance. You could be blackmail, but there's any chance that we suspect he could be coughing up secrets. I don't think he's a spy. I don't think it's a double agent, I think he's in over his but, like I don't get why the goal posts I've moved so far in terms of uh,
knowing these things, just continue that we were not doing the basic things that protect our country and it's not as if we haven't been through this before every Russia has spent decades trying to develop people to help influence and gather information on the United States of America, and even if Jerry Kushner doesn't realize it. He could have been completely compromised. He doesn't have to know that he's doing it that way, John Brennan line was like the pee alot of people who are on the path towards treasonous behavior No until it's too late, it's quite align. It John also. Let's remember that Paul Ryan called for Hillary Clinton not to have a security clearance after James Comi said he would not be prosecuting her for any kind of I mean the boundless hypocrisy. I can't just thought I would just dance Paul Ryan over the conversation just to get it up again, like love, it can jump over the desk. Now it's become such it's routine to see these people fail to do their jobs like this is not.
It was not inevitable that Paul Ryan would capitulate his role as much it just. It was not automatic that we'd be in this situation, where these end stories about the compromise. Is white house. In these. These idiots and is the fairies doings that would have absolutely consequences on on the hill, there's just no rule. That said they had to do it this way and look we pick on Paul Ryan all the time as we should, but Bob Corker right, the head of the Foreign Intelligence Committee in the Senate. One of the supposedly I'm not gonna call moderate, but let's call him a mainstream adult a mainstream, conserver public and hopefully an adult yeah. First of all, it's at the statement. After the foreign trip saying smashing success. I called President Trump and told them what a great wonderful job did putting this whole thing to have a worker Bob Corker went to the capitol steps and release doves and then on the Jerry thing he said. Look he's seems like a great guy very out. Let's let doctors here about I'm sure, there's a great explanation for this book and let
grams. First thing I don't know if I buy this right, John Mccain said he was troubled by it. Yes, John Mccain and troubled and, of course, usually would have- Lindsey Graham, is he says the wrong thing? Then Mccain says the thank you in that. We can doesn't do anything and then Lindsey Graham's catches up with John Mccain's position a week later. So I guess we'll wait for with the grip on that. It's like a mock trial, team. Okay, because I read you guys a quote from Bob Corker sure those around the world who are looking to the United States for support against intimidation, oppression or outright masters have learned a tough lesson the past few years. This US president, despite his bold pronouncements and moral posturing, cannot be counted on presidents empty promises, unreliability are at their most acute in Eastern Europe. That was an op ed about Barack Obama. That is not about well. That was not about Donald Trump and, like he's a Republican, but he's also one of people who is sir seen by the elites in Washington as an adult who someone a had policy wonk, who will do the right thing, he's been bipartisan in a number of ways and when these people start
putting out funding statements about a foreign trip that was obviously not positive. It was obviously a failure. I think, to anyone actually looked closely or listen to what Angla Merkel said for him to do this. Fahning bulshit, like he's hope fix, releasing their N Korea. Propaganda statements is really troubling and it's like an institution falling down on its face, and I just you know you see you see various versions of the capitulation. You see obviously there's the marker Rubio's. I think who have convinced themselves that they don't say anything publicly but they're, working on the intelligence committee by the Bible scenes we have Bob Corker, who I do believe, is a smart and sophisticated farm policy. Person who has sort of a sense of the world and what he hopes to achieve an and yet he too now leaves that somehow it's in the interest of either himself, where his policy goals to kind of do this kind of fahning on Donald Trump, maybe to garner. Once I don't know, but we should
and we should also mention that Bob Corker is up for reelection in twenty eighteen in the area and if you, if you take, if you listed the Senate, Republicans were vulnerable, of course, be Dean, Heller than Jeff Flake and then Corcoran crews to be the next to, but they're not vulnerable. But those are the next on the list. The things are people taking different different tax to what it means to be up for re. I don't understand why, being up for reelection election, even in Tennessee, with LEN, to this kind of fawning praise, it doesn't actually flow from where his popularity is, that I'm sure Trump's popularity in Tennessee like, through the roof, you know I mean some of them are gonna. Make calculations that the best way to win reelection is to make sure you do not lose one base for you know and that that might be Corker's calculation there or maybe he's just lost. I don't know speaking of elections, let's talk about my really quickly so the
who bodyslam the reporter one won election gianforte he's going to the he's going to the house. Wonderful edition, Rob Quist lost met type. He read a piece in rolling stone that that was interesting. Called the Democrats need a new message and basically the consider the pieces. Why did Democrats keep losing to spectacularly awful candidates like gene for today and Trump now? Look, I sort of thought that Matt's diagnosis of the problem was a little off just because I don't think Montana necessarily fits with this thesis. I think one of the reasons we lost in Montana is candidates. Republican candidates have one in Montana that sent that congressional seat by like twenty points, just in twenty sixteen, it was a twenty point, victory trump at twenty point. Victory Trump has a super high approval rating in my tennis, so it's very hard.
No quiz cut it down to like a six seven point race great, but he does say some things that I think are interesting to think about. He talks about the deplorable comment from Hillary Clinton back in twenty sixteen, he said. The deplorable comment is an example of how the democratic Party has quote surrendered to a negativistic vision of a hopefully divided hopelessly divided country, and he said Republicans or worse, but just because quote Republicans win using cynical and divisive strategies doesn't mean it's the right or smart thing to do, and basically says that Democrats can just go into elections, trying to attack attack, attack and tear down republican opponent. Tell everyone how awful that Republican is that we need to start pushing through a positive. You know message we're guessing up yeah, I, I think sorry not until I was I was talking to to Matt Mckenna, who is bill, Clinton staffer for a long time friend, a hot he's, also from Montana he's worked for months and politicians. He did some work on this race. You know he. He would argue that their message was healthy.
On public lands and that that would have been the message for any candidate yeah. I would also point out that they had a a budget in in a race like six million dollars in last month when voting started. So I do think, there's the the it's. The drawing a broad brush from this race to any number of others is probably dangerous. There is appropriate caution here, like you know, You also mentioned the need to turn a comment about the unknown. Ohio cares about Russia. We read in that. We we don't wanna, go down the rabbit hole too far like politics is about helping people, it's about health care to economics, but also the one over correct the wrong way like we're, not tv executives, trying to water down our message and talk about the thing that will kill the most people. Like some. Just just matters and like, I think whether it matters to people right now or not, it matters figuring out. If the President knighted states lied to the country, matters figuring out, there collusion between his team in a foreign country matters and the fact that they're blocking that effort to to figure it out matters
and guess what else didn't matter to the american people and till it was repeated to them a million times the Benghazi attacks right that that is an issue Obama bowing like there's, right wing apparatuses the create issues out of nothing. I don't think we should do that. I do think we need to have a positive message. We have to talk about the things that really matter the like. I don't wanna, take our eye off the ball of some of the things we talked about earlier in the show, because those matter to me- and I think they should matter to everybody yeah it's it's. It's really tough because like on one hand, I see the post story Friday night about Jared and I'm like. Oh these people going down like this is this is the whole. This is a big deal. We got to talk with us, but there's a part of me. That's like dammit. You know on Monday, I'd rather be talking about what's happening with the health care bill in the Senate and how we can stop it from becoming law and talk about some other economic issue actually managed people. I would love to be talking about these issues and I don't want to just get people caught up and hoping that that Russia is an easy.
The way out for us right that, like we can just wait and hope and then suddenly this whole administration will go down on it's own malfeasance. You know yeah, but yet, like you said to me like some things that might not matter to the public still might matter right now for us to for us to focus on. I don't know it's it's a very tough yeah. So I think that there's there's two things here: there's a larger questions about democratic vision and then there's smaller questions about. Jackson in individual election. Look to the point he makes about. We should be a cynical as Republicans I actually don't think that's been our problem. I think our problems that we've been pretty naive in that we thought we thought you know we could appeal to people's better instincts. We could talk love, trumps, hate. We could talk about how vulgar and crass and racist Donald Trump is, and it turns out that that wasn't It's not enough in any election. Wasn't enough for Hillary Clinton become president. That doesn't mean that those she's aren't really really important, but I feel like part of what we're missing and I think the thing that that type is getting out here is
We need a larger vision that we can come back to over and over again there may be weeks we spent talking about Russia and that's important. Maybe we should talk about whether or not the president is corrupted and an agent from out of is under the thumb of a our government. I think that matters. I think we need to talk about that, but when we're they're saying that what are we going to do? And I think I think the bottom line we just do not have a coherent, compelling story about what we're going to do that's more than just stopping them. Well, I think the smartest thing he says in the piece is the largest group of potential swing. Voters there doesn't need to be talked out of voting Republican. It needs to be talked out of not voting at all right right and that's the sort of people that we're after here right is people who not not Republicans were not going to get any. I mean like if, if, if you saw G forte. I can body slimmer reporter and all the other horrible. Things that he did, that race endorse Trump care knobs and you like no no, I still want that guy. I don't know that we're going to reach you, but we at least have to try
reach some of the people who decided like they both seem like awful candidates, the Democratic Party. I don't like the Republican Party. I think politics is in for me: I'm staying home yeah, I mean, and that's a big group of people, this giant primary right between Bernie and between Hillary Anderson debate over fundamental questions about what the Democratic Party stands for. Even in that debate, a lot of it wasn't around a positive vision for the country should look like you know. Bernie has a I critique around Wall Street and power and influence about getting money out of politics about raising the minimum wage. Hillary Clinton had a kind of kind of a doctor, a lot of that tone, but kind of a more practical version, but even that is about stopping bad things. It's not it it. It is if we're still we're sort of trapped in a kind of language that never says here's what the future looks like. If we got everything we want yeah that that that is my great concerns. I I think Democrats betting on the strategy where were so
Lee rooting for Dawson to fail. Is I don't think gonna be successful for us, because if you don't need to be aware that spent ten twenty thirty years feeling like politics is always let you down Trump catastrophically, letting you down lead you to completely check out to walk away from the whole thing, to not necessarily be susceptible to believing our message. The next time around that we're actually going to put forward policies that really help you, because Trump warned talks about this in her book. I'm excited ask about it like Trump's populism is fake populism. It's anger in grievance in the guise of populism, in the guise of helping people and like the bullshit is stripped away- and you know the coal jobs are not coming back there. Finally, meeting all these things go ahead yeah now. The one thing I would say is that we have, even in our big policy debates that Democrats are currently having. I think that the big next step for us to take is we need to stop debating who's critique. Is right and we need to start talking purely about what we're going to do yet
I think I remember that Obama always used to say in the campaign- and this was after eight years of George Bush- is who sort of started speech by okay. The one thing we know is that George W Bush is never going to be president again and the question we have to ask ourselves is: what's next and then you just go right, like we're going to have to get to a point where, in twenty twenty or even and a lot of these candidates say we all know that we hate Donald Trump and he's an awful president and he's done some horrible things. The question is: what are we going to do now? right. It's almost like at some point down Trump, stops being the enemy and starts being the weapon we used to defeat bad ideas. Ok, we will talk more about this in a whole bunch, other issues when we come back with Senator Elizabeth Warren. This is pod. Save America stick around. There's this great stuff, coming lots of great stuff parts of America. Is brought you by lift when you drive for the right ride, sharing app
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are you? Can you offer donuts on here yeah? We got some Duncan just for the occasion that, like you guys are, you can right, don't need them in for have you for the then the whole like anything I can have like a sugar high. You don't like the question you want to avoid answering just take a bite of the down my internet not even a sponsor where we're hoping that they'll be a sponsor Pedia when measured recommended were just that New England to open some more franchises out in El A that's all. I want yeah. I think I can see every summer my life, huge ists painting houses yelling about the red Sox So all american story time it. So you recently said:
in an interview that Hillary Clinton in two thousand and sixteen didn't win a lot of working middle class voters, because Democrats didn't make the case, and you said that it wasn't just her. It was all of us. We all failed in a way. So if you are campaigning with the candidate today or in twenty eighteen, what would you say differently? What case would you make? That was a better case than what we did in twenty? Sixteen, it. You know it's like it's a good way to put it. I think I think the thing I do now can we do this just as go forward. You don't have to be forget it then yeah, I'm trying to look at that. Yeah 'cause. I think that's the real question an for me. It's like one of the biggest differences between us and them not one of the things we all agree on. It really is. So what are the big differences and man? The Republicans have made that so clear with health care,
only waka moly or you can make not a great deal will not only not a great bill. I mean it's like it's it's like Republican distilled in this. It's like the central essence, so they say hey here's. What we're going to do here is how we're going to fix healthcare not make four million people off their health care coverage in order to create tax. Brakes for a handful of millionaires and billionaires drive up costs for will clients families for working families for people over fifty, so that we can gift tax breaks joy, handful millionaires and billionaires, oh and just in case 'cause that wasn't enough to make it through the house the first time I know, let's make it so that you can charge people have conditions, a lot more knock them off insurance people with mental health issues substance abuse, so that we can give tax
extra handful millionaires and billionaires. Well to me, the Hell man, that's there. It is, let's run on that, one. Let's run on that one, because that one tells you what republic care about, and that is it's the second half of every one of those sentences, so that we can give tax breaks to handle millionaires and billionaires, and let's talk about what Democrats stand for, and that is how We get healthcare coverage for all of America, how we better outcomes at lower cost. That's our job and that's the difference between the two parties right, Well, what did we say about that? Because you know there's going to be some people who say yes, I hate that bill. I don't like trump care, I think it's garbage, but under Obama CARE, premiums were still rising too fast. I still couldn't afford it. My deductibles were too high. What are democrats going to do to fix the health care system? Should look two ways you can do it one is, you can say I'm going to be the technocrat here. For a second say: yeah, no kidding your health care bills are going up because right now I mean,
cross blue shield right just announced they got to charge the maximum amount 'cause. They think that that Trump and the Republicans are going to cut the legs out underneath a man change parts of Obama care that won't. Let them cover their costs, but I don't think we want to go. We eat. I think you just go high and say you're right. We want to do more, but here are our values. Here are our goals. We want one hundred percent coverage for everyone and we won, what is at the lowest possible cost there's a lot of ways to ring cost out of this system, and we are on board to do that. In fact, we got a bill right now, just one piece of it that we want to do as Democrats. I want to be able to import drugs from Canada.
You know there are places in Canada where and in the United States, on certain drugs, where we're paying ten times as much for the same drug. If we could import drugs from Canada same kind of safe drugs from Canada, man, you bring down costs for families, you bring down costs for insurance companies, that's a way that we continue to get better outcomes at lower cost. Bernie Sanders has put this bill together. We got a whole group of Senate Dems on it. You know there are things we can do to make it better, but you gotta have that. That's your value when you start with how am I going to create tax cuts? How am I going to knock people off health insurance? You don't end up in a good place. You end up a place that is truly a punch in the gut to working families, so one of the
Ms with us. Getting that message out is is money in politics, and you talk a lot in your book and throughout your career about you know the the danger of money in politics. I think you simply make a case that it's worse than we even now in in Jane Mayer, wrote a great book called dark money that says look at how corporate money funds, not just candidates, but these think tanks and and and rent a quote academic institutions. How do we start to solve that problem in the wake of citizens? United? Well, the first way you started you flip on the flashlight right it. This stuff happens behind stores this stuff happens, and everyone is polite about it right now. Somebody shows up to testify in front of Congress in everybody, says niblack that right you like him, you do I tell them, you know, and you might engage on substance, and nobody has. The fundamental question like who paid for you to be here, who paid for your research so called research is any of your research actually been
into academics, believe your researchers just just stuff you're churning out now. You know I tell the story in the book. All up I talk about are asking a question about. One of the experts who came in front of us who was talking about all The whole thing about whether or not whether or not your investment advisor ought to be able. Products that improve the economic, well being the investment advisor or whether or not they ought to have to put the customers interests first and this guy that purports this expert and he has these fabulous credentials from a fabulous thing tank and he purports to say, though his search is that if they are not allowed to take kickbacks that this could cost the American,
people are busily in don't, and there was just this funny little bottom, it a little half a footnote kind of thing on the way where that work had been done, and I start pulling this thread and it turns out that one of the actors in the industry that stood to lose a lot of money had paid for this study and had had pre reviewed the study and had some kind of input into it, and then they had used the name of the think tank to just you know. He had attached himself to that and it all look like. It was straight up research and I use it just isn't. Sample in the book of the insidious ways that that money floats through, but here's one of the points I actually making the book is it when I called him out on it. A lot of folks in Washington who thought I somehow was was one who was out of you know that it was the the
you know it's like you're, not supposed to talk about that. You know in polite company you're not supposed to talk about that sort of thing, and so that's why I say the place you start is man, you gotta call it out. That's the first place, not the last place, but it's the starting point, so. I read your book over over the over the holiday. Actually listen to it. The book is this fight is our fight. I listen to at one point five speed. How did I sounded great great? I think I talk at one Well now you seem like you're talking quite slow, but I think that's on main used to it. So I think that you know you tell this pretty conclusive story right about thirty years of deregulation, of tax tax policy being tilted towards the rich into corporations about influence of money in politics of influence of lobbying pay experts to on that on the process by which we make laws and- and that seems to be the
your diagnosis of the problem and, and one thing I I was I was actually surprised about, is it seems like a lot of a lot of the diagnoses. If we fix these things right, if we can get the money out of politics and we can put some more money into things like research and infrastructure. We can raise the minimum wage, we can the regulations against the banks more as opposed to what they've been lately and and and then we can have a strong middle class again, and what I, what I found interesting That is that you kind of here there's a second debate and one that's about automation, globalization, the consolidation of big companies and my question for you If we solve all your problems, we let's say we get the kind of Congress we want. We we push back against the banks, we raise the minimum wage and we put stronger regulation,
the cops on the beat. Don't. We then have to turn to these larger structural forces totally. We have to turn to, but here's the point I'm trying to make. If you don't have a government on your side, this problems, those problems will will kill us. I mean they really will both literally and figuratively. It's only if we have a government that works for us that you can make these other. You can harness these other forces and make them work in ways that work for working families. Look we've had innovation and change in this country for a long long time. What shifted and here's the long arc of the story I tell is that America was this boom bust economy from the 1700s right forward about every twenty years. The economy would would be okay
we get stronger and then we had more strong and then we got bigger and then it would all. But that's my radio though I go Ding Ding color worry that there was an explosion and then the economy would blow up and the problem was when the economy blew up. It took down not just the speculators, it took down the farmers and it took out the shopkeepers and it took ten employees. It took a lot of people who never had a chance to build much of anything up. So a lot of the world believed this just the natural.
Order of things it's like tide. You know tides, nothing, detergent, that stopping waves that come in at right type out there we go it's that they thought. That was how the world had to be an in nineteen, thirty or thirty. Three, when Franklin Roosevelt comes in, he has this incredibly, this bold vision, and that is, we can do better and he harnesses government.
Work for the people and the first thing he does. The first tool is the tool of regulation and he says no more boom and bust with these dang banks and they break up some of the biggest. They start. Enforcing, antitrust laws put glass Steagle in place to separate investment. Banking from your checking account savings account banking, but a cop on the beat on Wall Street. That's the SEC and it levels the playing field, and we don't have booms and busts, and the second thing he does is he says an we can build opportunity for people, so they do progressive taxation and they bring it back and and we invest in education and infrastructure and basic research in nineteen thirty five to about one thousand nine hundred and eighty, that's our basic vision and we built something amazing in this country. We built opportunity, it's it's the strongest middle class on earth. But the point is, it was opportunity opportunity for a kid. Like me, my
my dad ended up as a janitor. My mom worked a minimum wage job at I got a chance, a college that cost fifty dollars a semester. It was an America of expanding opportunity and let me just add on that, because it was not a perfect America. Black white wealth gap has been there since we first started measuring, but even there one thousand nine hundred and sixty five to nineteen eighty, the black white wealth gap shrinks by thirty percent. We are expanding opportunity for all of us and then it hit one thousand nine hundred and eighty Ronald Reagan. Deregulation, eventually get rid of glass Steagall! You tell the big banks, they can do pretty much whatever they want to do and we get rid of progress
taxations tax tax cuts. We have it's somewhat progressive, but you do tax cuts for those at the top, reduce the investments in education infrastructure in basic research. So and what happens if it works? It works. That is the ninety percent of America. Insult left behind without opportunity, without growth, and so one thousand nine hundred and eighty to twenty seventeen GDP keeps going up at the ninety percent of America. Get none of the new income growth. So now I your question. I know that was a long runway, but I'm think of me as you know, a Boeing, seven hundred and seven it's gonna take a long time. So we do we do details. We do death theory that far better than the news. Thank you so so back to your question
me yeah, there's a lot of stuff, that's hard right of how do we compete internationally? What happens in the tech world were you need fewer and fewer of certain kinds workers. Any answer from me for all of that is this is the importance of having a government on your site. It's that I talk about this a little bit in the book trade, for example. I believe that we shouldn't trade. You know, I don't believe that we all should you know. Squirrels and- and you know, craft around door knobs? Well, known protection is positioned. Oregon trail policies may be there to the ribbon itself with these doorknobs. Basically, it's that you've got to build right from the beginning. You gotta build in that we're going to do it in a way that doesn't work for the thinnest slice at the top, but that works for all
and sometimes it's gonna be about progressive taxation, some type, you know what I mean it's there are two different tools you can use same thing is true on tech. I did a whole long piece it's in the book. I only do a very short version of it, but I did a whole long speech on or no maybe six months ago, about about the changing work force and how we got to change the rules. What did you know that uber drivers under current federal law can't get together and negotiate collectively with uber, because technically each one of them or a legend Lee is a ten. Ninety nine separate yeah contractor into handed contractor, and that would be collusion. Well, does that's a government, it's not working for us right is so so I see yeah. There's innovation, of course, there's innovation we're going great. You know someday someone's going to be a bigger version of a Dunkin donut right and we're all going to love it and we're going to eat
communale and all kinds of things that are going to be innovative here, but the rules are set by our government, the Bay sick regulatory structure in the basic tax structure in where you pull it away, and you can make the investments in opportunity and if that's, what we're working on we'll fix will figure out how to solve these problems. We will one thing I you mentioned. You touch on a brief in the book about you, know United Airlines and American airlines that there's been this move toward consolidation get have. Seventy percent of our soybeans are grown by several small, several drunken one. There's been an argument of late several by one by one by one month, yeah one there's been an argument: I've seen late The Democrats are not making a big enough deal around trust, busting, wrong consolidation that that that shouldn't be one piece of the puzzle that actually central to the reason income inequality and a loss of middle class security,
What do you think about the argument that needs to be the thing we're talking about? Well, it certainly needs to be in the top things we are talking about. I am total the there on this one. Actually, about it in the book and tell the stories in the book that antitrust law is what gives small businesses a chance. It's what gives consumers a chance and here's the amazing thing the data now show, so it gives workers a chance that as we get More and more consolidation in industry, after industry, after industry, the power of workers, the power of consumers, the power of small businesses to innovate, to create to do something, new shrinks and shrinks and shrinks, and the humongous right just takes up all of the space and rolls over everybody else. It's why we we passed antitrust laws more than one hundred years ago.
But how much they're enforced it very much. There's been ebb and flow dad, and it's been a lot of Evan over the last thirty. Well so yeah You seem Democrats be willing to say I'm against this merger, but I feel like there's a timidity like. I don't see a lot of Democrats out there saying we need to break up the cable companies. We had a break up the airlines when to break up the the big agriculture businesses. Do you think that's the next that we need to start telling? I did. I think we need to talk about that. I like, as you rightly say in the book, I I give a lot of examples of this. We gotta, be more willing to say, wait a minute what what's happening in America. There are three drug store chains now in three: and in all of American they have nine nine percent of all drug stores in America think about that and here's the deal two of 'em are about to merge. So we're going to go from three hundred and ten to two hundred and Ann are the people who are supposed to be acting on
behalf of the rest of us, the regulators, the Department of Justice it supposed to look at that has just been incredibly softon. This uncertain that has been their merger approval policy. So we talk a lot on this podcast about sort of lingering divide in the democratic party. Two thousand and sixteen you didn't endorse a candidate in the primary. You then endorse and campaign with Hillary Clinton. When you did that you still get some flak on the left. Some supporters called you sell out all that kind of stuff. I don't think there's any member of the Senate or the Democratic Party, more aligned with Bernie's philosophy views style politik Are you worried at all about sort of purity tests and the party going forward or this divide, or how do you see that forward. So I see this is a moment of such energy and let's face it
energy is in progressive politics right now, and it's in progressive issues and progressive ideas actually is a is a great example. If that you know of of back before the election before we even got into the primaries. There were five of us in the democratic caucus who signed on to a bill to raise minimum wage to fifteen. Now, ok, we don't get past, you know, but the point is five out of one hundred or if you want to just, do it on the democratic side right five out of whatever we had at that point in one thousand five hundred and forty eight it all the time it's on track. Yes, I am that's not funny, that's not funny but nail. We just re, introduced the bill and worked in the thirties. You think about that Okay, 30s is not the majority, but man that's. This is pretty good Klein in a period of time. In the way I see that is that the
She we put those ideas out there all of America heard Hillary and Bernie debating minimum wage. That's what we. Talked about on our side, the clown car on the other side, they were doing their you know, tiny hands and sweaty stuff and all that and we were debating things like minimum wage right in the best way to approach it? And now thirty plus senators saying hey the snail enough, that I'll go home in my home state and say yeah, that's what I'm going to be for that's what I stand for and that's how you that's, how you make change? That's where the energy of our party is 'cause, I'm sorry one is one fall on the minimum wage question is one go separate from wages, is reliable work hours. You talk about a little bit. Yes, I I've seen a lot of people start to talk about this problem. Is there an answer for how you get the come it seems like it's more more subtle issue: right, predictable, work hours for people that are on of jobs right so.
I'm glad you raised this. You know one of the things I talked about in the book 'cause. I tried to draw the contrast between these two time periods when basically it's about building opportunity and working for working
families and then went government, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. It became something that worked for those at the top. I mean that those are the two shifts overtime, but I talk about my mom that my dad had a heart attack. Is out of work for a long period of time we had been a paycheck to paycheck, family and boy without the paycheck man who got rugged out there and we lose the family station wagon that we're about to lose our home when my mom, let's on her best dress and high heels, and her lipstick and she walks to the Sears and gets a minimum wage job, an that minimum wage job saved our home and saved our family. An it's! It's an opening scene for me in the book, because it's such a moment to realize that that story is about how hard my mom worked. But it was also about America that set the minimum wage at a place where a family of three could survive on
all time minimum wage job. So I talk about the importance of the difference between a seven and a quarter. You know and and being up if we were at fifteen, but also when my mom went to work, she got forty hours of Sears was busy and she got forty hours of Sears One busy at all, because that was the deal. It was a forty hour a week job week after week after week and Sears took the risk of the ebb and flow and I I also tell in the book- as you know, the story of Gina who works Walmart in in many ways, much better equipped to deal with the world than my mother was she has college diploma? She had several years of experience. She manage is a department it or an area at Walmart and yet fights every day, not just it's not just her paycheck, her hourly, it's getting the app
and how her manager, in her view, uses hours as a way to punish and reward and keep workers in line and how this is become just an economic issue in the sense of can you get enough hours to to be able to to make your house payment or your car payment or your apartment payment to put food on the table hi? How do you go back to school and get the? How do you go to a community college and upgrade your skills? How do you How do you take it? How do you deal with child care when you don't know one week to the next, whether working on Tuesdays and Thursdays, right, Mondays and wednesdays, and and this is been a real shift of risk from what used to be the company that was better able to absorb it and have more research horses to absorb it off to the workers and just say man you're out at the end of the string and and the
danger, will pull when the manager feels like pulling in you have to be there. So I have a bill that spending an I've got some cosponsors on it about scheduling that, just in a sense it like just ask for some of the most basic things that you can't fire somebody for asking for a different schedule. I mean just tells you where we are right now in America that that that's the kind of stuff you gotta look for or that you you are when someone asks for a schedule so that they can go back to school and it would have no impact on your business yep. You gotta make it a priority to give it to them. It tells you
how little workers have to bargain with in America right now, Anne. How much government has zoomed in on the side of the rich on the side of the powerful on the big tax breaks on the big mergers, let Walmart be gigantic and then again and then again and let it roll all the local businesses and that there's just been nobody to stand up for working people and at what kind of like that, sir. I think we, I think we have to make this last and felt, but so we don't have SAM's rings your yeah. That will help. So we try to finish this big foreign trip where he managed to piss off the entire
world to the blower Angla Merkel, one of our most stalwart ally says like we need to take fade into our own hands as a continent. We europe- I see stories like this. It makes me very nervous, but sometimes the repercussions of these actions get lossed in the admittedly very significant concerns about Russia and investigations in like how dumb is Jared, Kushner, exactly story the day you're one of the better it best messengers. The democratic party has on economic issues. So how do you wanna hear how you might prosecute a case against Trump on foreign policy or talk about what a democratic foreign policy message is about how we can make people safer than they are today yeah? So I think we still with leadership, and that means leadership of our country, but it also means America's leadership role in the world.
And why it is so important to have a president that values working with our allies because we live in a very, very dangerous world and we need to be able to trade intelligence. We need to be able to share in the in the defense. We need to be able to act in concert. Look How do we get the IRAN Nuclear Deal through, for example, and the answer was because President Obama and his entire team worked hard to get a lot of nations together to say we're going to tank economic sanctions in place. We're really gonna tighten down takes cooperation and it takes treating other nations with respect. And saying in a insane,
Why not a big fancy headlines way, but here's our goal? We don't want IRAN to have nuclear weapons that is deeply dangerous to the region, a dangerous to our ally, Israel, but dangerous to the tire world and by saying that, quietly and calmly, over and over nation by nation, we ultimately put in Place Hough Economic Sanctions and watch the iranian economy down come down and that's what brought IRAN to the able to be able to sit down and negotiate an now ran, has stepped off this path that it was on to develop a nuclear weapon. The measurement was down two months that people were talking about how long it would be for around would have a nuclear weapon, and that is no longer the case and we have inspections does it. You know
is of a great ally. No, you know there's still a lot that Imran does that's terrible and frankly, there are other sanctions in place for that. And need to be in. There needs to be real accountability, but I just want to look at that. One thing: every part: water ran- is doing right Now- will be a whole lot worse if they had nuclear weapons. And yet it was the work together. With allies and acquaintances I'm not even not even all the way to full out lies with other nations that got us in a position that that moved us on an international stage. One click safer and that's important. It's it's work that takes patience and it takes real leadership in the United States to Sean. We can play that role. We have played that role, but when Donald Trump seems to burn alliances for
no gain other than something to do with his own ego. Then he is destroying something of value to all of us and it will be felt in in our security in the security of the entire world. One more so, a lot of us believe that the first version of Trump CARE died in the house because of all this grassroots opposition at these town halls and then a second version passed and it passed because a lot of these so called moderate Republicans, they caved despite all of that grassroots pressure. So now as we're looking at the Senate version of this and Republicans try to write this in the Senate, what can we do to stop it right? Because We, sir, we're here we tell everyone, show up these town halls. Do If you can it's all about activism in in organizing and then you know, victory just sort of sneaks away at the end of it and it and it passed the house. So what we do
people to do, or what are you guys doing in the Senate to try to stop them from passing something? So this is the right question and it did is the last chapter in my book where I talked about this fight is our fight, because I truly do believe that we have got to be in this fight. So let me let me do history slight differently from the way you did, because I look at this a little differently. Yeah we're in the same place. We beat him back on first round, and we beat him back because we were everywhere and we listen. We did that one. It man we in We we did our march. We had our protest, we froze to death. But we were out or freezing for health care, new, sixty, seven la or their hardships everywhere, man, you guys, you know we develop characters in places like Massachusetts right. So yes, that's part one but part. Two. When you point out there were, there were Republicans who caved. I actually think
it was less about the moderates, caving an it was more about the right wing, saying it's now brutal enough that we can sign off right. It was. It was not ugly enough in version one The two made it even worse, but here's the deal you notice, they pass that thing and then ran for the hills. They didn't wait for Cbo score. They don't want any public debate. They want to know headlines that there's a message in that message in that is wow. There are a lot of people who don't like this now granted they still got, their focus on the far right who are going to support him and they were feeling pressure over there as well. But I don't- the way they handled it as saying they don't care about the pressure that we brought to bear. I think they care enormously
they're just open to get under the radar screen and that something else will explode and no one will pay attention to them and they've all got their eyeballs focused on. What's going to happen to them in twenty eighteen and we got it. We got to have our eyeballs focused on what happens to them in twenty eighteen. But right now in this sentence, you better believe that it matters. Those phone calls those emails, those tweets Those protests that showing up at office hours are taking here's. Where is my senator just first hand? I just want to say this. My some of my colleagues in the Senate have been completely freaked out by how much people in their home states have paid attention to this health care bill and yeah. It's going to be
all big fight. But that's that's our only chance. We we got all the Democrats were sticking together. We got forty eight of us on our side. We got a peel off some Republicans who get really never and the only way they're going to be really really nervous is if there are people who are engaged all the way You think we have a chance of getting like Heller and flake in some of these guys that are up in eighteen. I think I think we got a chance absolutely we got a chance, and you know it's an interesting thing. I'm not giving up on anybody on this. One I mean in terms of bringing pressure to bear among those who would be hurt, keep in mind it's rural hospitals that would just get smacked, and
senators there senator for the whole state and supposed to be there for their whole state, so I think there's a there's a lot of pressure to bear. You know cancer, then they ask if you're a republican or a democrat of strokes and heart attacks and babies born with holes in their hearts, on it having a parent in a nursing home and not being able to pay for it. They just it's, not a party affiliation. This is about what it means to be a human being, and this is where I think America has changed. Even over the last eight or nine years, yeah there's been a lot of fight about the affordable care act. In the other things we need to do better in it and I'm all for that. But the bottom line is healthcare- is a basic human right.
And I think here in america- we've come to see that- and I think this is a big part of what Democrats stand for today is health care? Is a basic human right or all working for what are the best ways to get everybody covered and to do it at the lowest possible cost and there's there's a lot. We can do there's a lot we should do, but the bottom line is that's where we're aiming. The Republicans think it's all still about tax breaks. Yeah yeah
for the rich and the powerful I'll keep fighting you bet, we will senator. Thank you so much for joining us. Your book is this fight. Is our fight. Everyone go grab it to great book and we appreciate you coming by thank in either don't know. Well, you take care all right.
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