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Don Jr. met with a second set of foreign agents who offered help to the Trump campaign, Donald Trump orders an investigation into the investigation of himself, and new voter registration among young people and Democrats is on the rise. Then Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts joins Favs and Tommy to talk about the fight to end gun violence. 

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The present exports are pod, save America Zip recruiter, whose scripted one so, let's acquiring. Let's talk, hiring John Crooked is growing. Ass, we recently higher. Juliet are new operations system through zipper critter. We ve talked about this now couple times a couple times, so we brought her into We didn't know that events person, who's gonna Red Juliet's lines. Could we didn't nurses ringing in years? You weren't you a Senate. What and when you use zipper what my experience of how you think geriatrician era job was pretty extraordinary. Today I am, I went online and it was like hard to do and then I said, oh zip recruiter. Here we go I'll take chance on something called Zapruder and the next thing I know I'm living in LOS Angeles fallen my dreams working couple of great US, nothing with joy. It sounds like a couple of greek eyes. I like Tom, I really like that John Febrile. Fellow but I'll, tell ya. You know the
somebody who were so nice so easy to work with? Not to me definitely doesn't make me get that coke. Sometimes the job of work They prefer makes find qualified candidates easy there, powerful, matching technology. Skin stands Erasmus to find the right person for your job. If your hiring just go to this website, zip recruiter, dotcom such crooked tries it recruited for. Free and we get credit for sending the zipper critter D come such crooked zippered, our com, Slash c r, o o k e g when you get the rest of lines, aggregate. Well, what a pod save America I'm John Fervour, I'm John Mother, I'm Tommy thither! We are here in New York City.
If not when these. They really nice have very nice. Have for the New York City, where, according to Spring Dyson early, which means that, with plenty of news that breaks the edges, stop on the upset. It'll, be utterly that's exciting today the pie we're gonna be talking about. The latest in the Trump investigation, but the crimes and the cover up gonna, get both those things in their we'll talk. About the political landscape heading into the mid terms, particularly democratic forces, republican enthusiasm specially among young voters, and then we will be talking about this Shooting in Santa FE taxes with the founder of moms demand, action for gun sense, Shannon Watts will finally get shot on the pod very exciting, she's great love it you're here gas from Philadelphia, where you were last night, an awesome lover or leave it in Philadelphia last. Ass night that'll be out soon. We also there's a great show out. This this weekend we had Paul sheer. We had said who gyro men
and we had Amanda seals. Who is really funny sorrow is a labour activists and she's was talking about how tipping works and wait affect workers in a way that organizing workers across the country, especially places like Michigan and elsewhere they are doing. It was fascinating, a guy De La from hers really grabs out so check it out. I hear you didn't: have the guts to tell them that Philly sports fans are Boston, sports answer that the rings why I thought straight shooter responded on Unbosomed Eliza gave you that line and who will happen. Eliza does either you up and you just didn't knockdown because just spent five minutes attacking them?
for various other sports related issues like picking up poop off the ground in eating it after the eagles. The second was hated tee. My football won the Superbowl. The only time will ever be rude whereby the country- these are all things I did and I felt some bridge onus on the crowd. I was reading the room. Ok, can I had already hasty immigrants because he was a great way. You're kick out the show having two thousand Philadelphia, maniacs yelling away, look out for nine votes one more public service announcement here, Piazza PS, a cat, Borneo. Voter registration deadline is today. If you it voted already in your hearing as pod. Before the end of the day, I guess please fucking registered vote if you're in California, are important, be registered voter. Ok, I should want to start with the reports of Newport you'll crimes involving Donald Trump, that the New York Times broke over the weekend. Like ancient history now, but it was just Saturday, I believe
we all remember when russian officials close to Putin offered dirt on Hillary Clinton to Don Junior Don Junior, doesn't remember it has at least under oath he eagerly set at a meeting with them that was held with and Paul Manafort and from tower on July. Twenty, sixteen, the topic of which he His father then lied to the country about will now we know, a month later a month after that meeting Junior, had another meeting and from tower with another group of foreign agents who also offered its interfere in our election in order to help Trump when this time the meeting was set up by war, mercenary Eric Prints, than emissary to the princes of Saudi Arabia in the United Arab Emirates, as well as an enrich, as well as in Israeli who, basically cell social media, manipulation for living and offered to do so for the Trump campaign. The new Yorker his peace as the Dun Junior approved. Of all of this, though, he denies that in a statement
and the emissary that to help set up the meeting. George Nator is now cooperating with smaller in the Trump investigation and Mahler is looking to the whole meeting guys would you think of this story. One quick note gives this very soon. This story and set of issues, but it's so funny the Trump tweeted that it was a long and boring started his Rita, where they, like that's funny the term itself, but he identity our anxiety, I'll be out of the ground. Don't even honestly unseen, save yourself the time you will fall asleep, my summaries more, I'm more even tell you it's boring or do anything about don't even bother like, I think, Dan made this point last week about women. Campaign was sent bushes briefing, but the only answer to get This kind of offer come in to you is to refer to the FBI. That's the only appropriate response, because it illegal to accept foreign money and support to win an election. It's also just crazy. Take this meeting in August before another,
It speaks their desperation. It speaks of that fact. Serious, and they really wanted help in whatever form was being offered. Dont Junior is obviously a moron, but he's like a valuable Trump family surrogate. So he should have been out stumping or or whatever, but You know. Instead use he accepting a meeting where massive amounts of money are being floated to manipulation Two million dollars got paid to this israeli firm for we don't know what we do don't know what my favorite The revealing real quote. You need to know from the whole piece and because, as Donald Trump said, it was too long for him to read. Is this People are familiar with the meeting said that Trump campaign officials did not appear bothered by the idea of cooperation that has no share kidding no share it. Some it's a very shitty remake oceans. Eleven knows what's gonna like going from like they dislike,
Now Don juniors hit the road he's mean with the. U s: he's he's mean with the Russians. He's together, ragtag team deal american democracy and No! I dont junior year, your cluentius, but you know what I got it also It also a bad. It's like a bad, Unbelievable villain, Eric Prince, is, literally leads. A private army he's a mercenary who, whose black water his company led to such unbelievable problems in Iraq that its unconscionable that is presented what they do just for people who don't know that their there, like a private military contracting for so that they meet others. Private military contractors provide a lot of security in war zones. That's not that abnormal, but I mean his guys like me got up. An intersection did a whole bunch of really bad things in Iraq that led to enormous challenges for the United States government that the deal with
like how did he get involved with the trunk crew? What who, how did he's fucking people find each other seas, his sisters, Betsy device? So he is, I assume, but that's like he was their first confusing the campaign. I dont it all started with a cocktail party hosted by Mark PAN Banks for Europe in the hill you fucking Asshole were who's paying ever Tommy these middle eastern countries, but Saudi Arabia? in the: U S e want to help Donald Trump. What was their motivation? I think it's a few there's price. Pieces of it one. They all hated the IRAN deal and Hillary Clinton obviously was part of a team and negotiate Randy owed. Stick to it. They despise it and they despise any effort to serve normalize relations between the Eu S in the west with IRAN and to bring them into the community. But it's also broader that they have a deeply confrontational
dance towards IRAN towards the Muslim Brotherhood hey did Obama for you, no standing with the protesters during the era. Spring. They view that as a direct threat to their power, because all these places are like one spark away from igniting, and so you know, my speculation is that they decided to go all in for the guy who loves, authored authoritarian dictators cause. He basically is. Why can we not to mention the hypocrisy of these minutely, these people, who were autocratic rulers of middle eastern countries, meeting with the campaign whose primary policy proposal was a muslim, bad. I mean it's just I'm a fucking believable. Another reason this meeting as being important is that we also find out that during the transition, Eric Prince then sense up sets up that meeting in the Seychelles with
George Nadir in russian oligarchy to try to set up a back channel communication between the Trump people and Putin. Right, I mean the rich like. So those of it, of course, there's a Russia connection to also George Nator, who was in this meeting, went to Russia twice during the twenty six campaign to campaign to meet with russian government officials to which mothers also looking, and I think all of us are three us have sort of slowly gotten brought into the conspiracy and been too believes the craziest theories. Like you, I reread the store yesterday on the on the plane and like they're, just so many pieces of this. What you are saying is nadir, was representing these arab leaders and then he also visited Moscow twice during the campaign and he arranged the Seychelles meeting, but they didn't, they didn't push these people out. Who came to them with this crazy suggestion they brought them in and they met with a more and more and jeered cushioned, restarted meeting with him and Eric Prince during the transition, and they got,
the close, and then it looks like prince lied about it under oath when he was before the House Intelligence Committee, I mean that must not yet looks like it to anyone who just reads the transcript rare. So a lot of people are not being straightforward about basic facts like did not from camping a lot of guys zine. A lot of people are not being straight for basic guidelines aimed at some point. We get my registering, and I think that you know you see people, shop and multiple places- and it's hard to know are these: are these into these meetings connected to each their or they only connected by virtue of the fact that you had multiple people kind of just running individual scams and then try to bring them to Donald Trump. There you see he's transcripts are reports of conversations between, like Michael CALL and and and NATO and others, and it's always like. I can't bring this to the boss, and you know it it's bait, some.
Juniors the same way. You feel that that these are people all out out their operating to try to bring him good news to try to bring, in things look. What I did look, what I made is not a reorganization, it is like a crime organization, and- and so you see, people pop up in other places, not sure of the strings connects horizontally of their only connect vertically in the map strings. I making I mean I haven't made, but it's like these string connect to the worst case scenarios. This is not just like Don Junior making a couple: extra million NATO, Was trying to get the Saudis to pay to build in dollars to send a private army. To Yemen I mean these are like billionaires intervening in major foreign policy challenge and its and it's a group of unscrupulous, neophytes being taken advantage of by countries and an entities and people who have lost stemming motivations and interested. They view Trump as someone who can be as someone who could be a vehicle for them, which is what turn to be true, and here we see the way that that Trump has been
obsequious to the Saudis during that during his his time in office. The only reason it doesn't get more play is because he so obsequious with the Russians. So jeez what a coincidence a bunch of authoritarian all around the world saw one of their own, possibly about to become president I'd states and decided that they wanted to help him out carried out. I'm really. I want it with other theory to that You're here on the right, but you hear it among, like the Pandit set in Washington once in awhile, which is the Trump people, were too stupid in disorganized to collude disagree. I think this is bullshit. I agree, of course, that they are very stupid, but you don't need to be superbly, to be taken advantage of by all these corrupt goons, all around the world that are offering you argument that the Trump organization you said, a regulation that would do anything to make money and to win, and what I mean yes, there too stupid there too stupid. Not get caught, which they're getting caught right now.
Playing by the rules, requires being smart and diligent and sophisticated not playing by the rules, all to do is either not know or not care about the rules and when you're this desperate that they, the entire world, including Donald Trump and his family, and everyone in the campaign thought the he was going to lose overwhelmingly this point, so they were desperate and that's makes after they bring these guys. In and they accept these crazy hare brained ideas and then they think wealth. Lose. There's no scrutiny anyway. So it's no big deal editor relationship and there's money in it for agriculture, and yet exam weren't, they weren't thinking that they were going to the. Why have they were thinking that they are going to lose? The Donald Trump would be head of movement now and then he'd make a lot of money out of it and when you think about that- and you realize that they they didn't expect to win, it starts making sense why they were so flagrant in committing all these potential crimes and they don't all need to fit gather into one master plan. These are I or Tunis things pop up meetings, connections,
beget connections, and they they they take me to take another meeting they go here. They go there they're, trying Nestor, trying that all of these things up to multiple kinds of crimes in an improper acts and and and and decisions, but they don't have to be to be a document. Where was like step, one gets. The sound is on board step to go to the sick. She held, they don't need. You didn't, doesn't need to be a master plan for it all to add up to a bunch of different crimes. David client is in petty journalists on Twitter he's, summed it up well, when asked about the story he set foot. This is why focusing only on russian interference misses the real story, which is that the Trump campaign would take money and support anywhere the real problem is globalized. Corruption and at the centre of the global has corruption is the Trump organism guys hacked elections. Saudi princes pride
militia forces like boring, snooze alert might get out of here so that if the other other crimes last week, the special councils team issued subpoenas to two different people close to Roger stone who had advanced knowledge of hacked emails in the face of all this rug, down, went on NBC, meet the press on Sunday and told Chuck Todd. He is prepared to be indicted, Robert Mahler- that's good for him, but he added he thinks it's not inconceivable. That Mahler and his team would conjure up some extraneous crimes pertaining to his business So, basically, this is the new. Now it started Roger Stone, but I guarantee this is going to spread to Donald Trump and the rest of the trunk grew by the end of this whole thing is that it used to be like collusion. Isn't it isn't your crime, the new one will be. It's not a crime unless it's collusion, that's their heading dynamic money,
wandering obstruction of justice. Perjury wire fraud fraud, all these things they may guilty of hate, it was inclusion, so doesn't count as a crime, extraneous crimes extraneous grabs itself when it will read what it's also like. This is none of your business. These aren't these aren't crimes related to the ceiling of democracy. Who cares? These are my crimes that I can. I think I arrived as these are my crimes I did in my own time I was. I was on that with my day this thing day off crimes, this into the into the alternative fact: Korean Conway Lexicon of just perfect extreme his crimes, none these guys cared Wayne investigations into the Clinton's led pet down past around expected. When the investigation began that generally, how investigations go, I get that they feel under siege. They feel frustrated that this isn't immediately spelling out some evidence of collusion but I'm sorry you're, a scummy businessman, Roger Stone. This is not anyone's, follow,
years. None of these people had businesses built for the scrutiny of the of a special plea computer, like Robert Mahler, you know you Michael Cohen, that was in New York breeding insurance scams and like trying to make money off taxi medallions at all. The son he's got like the most sophisticated in alligators like up his up his business cut and that he's like I'm, not ready for this cuz. I read you a quote tweet that might become just the problem today is, if you don't watch the news on television, cable and or read the newspaper you're uninformed. If you do watch the news on television such cable and or read the newspapers, your misinformed, so I really think about trenchant analysis from my colonies, he's not wrong. Lots of America is broadly by indoor GINO. Every man looks better innocent truth. John Energy of the worlds
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by demand, which, as everyone knows, is how you issue a presidential directive. He thinks he learned use russian relating in George Orwell's paper. I'm here I demand and will do so officially. Tomorrow that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI, Slash D, o J infiltrated or surveillance trump campaign for political purposes, and if any such demands are requests were made by people within the Obama administration. What is he talking about? Why does he the FBI idea J infiltrators, her veil, the Trump campaign. What he's referring to
Our news reports that an FBI Slash CIA source, former Reagan, official turned academic was tasks by the FBI. To go, have coffee, essentially with Trump campaign staffers like Papadopoulos, up less deceive: you get them to talk about evidence of collusion with the Russians. That is. That would be part. I assume of account or intelligence investigations which would not be designed to target trump in any way. It would be designed to protect trump in the event that people who are working for him had been co opted by russian people, foreign intelligence agencies. So you know so that that's the two series of stories he's talking up what he's doing is is crossing a bright red line where he is telling the d a j which is supposed to be independent, and these are established. Norms have been in place since Watergate to investigate some one, and we have been so we're bunch of boiled. Frogs Donald Trump crosses
and every day, but this is a huge huge red line and the fact that it kind of just gets washed into the mix of stories is really frightening. I mean we just have to start to say this again and just go through the facts calmly here, because they have the Republicans in the House and Donald Trump and Fox NEWS had been trying to tell us now for a full year that the mullah that that that this investigation into Donald Trump was started for political purposes by a bomb on Clinton. Whenever this started this counter intelligence investigation started because George pop adopt less afore policy adviser on the Trump campaign got drunk in London and told an australian ambassador thee. He had heard from a Russian that the russian government had hacked and stolen democratic emails, which we know is true and then pop up less light about this later to federal investigators, which is why now he's a cooperative witness
Mother and his plead guilty yeah. All that is how that is to say in theirs a bunch of other strands of intelligence that led the CIA, the FBI, now by everyone- agrees that Russia interfered with the election to help them Trump, the CIA, the FBI, Oliver elegance agencies, Republicans in the Senate Democrats and spend it every it agrees with this except the house, Republicans the Fox NEWS Apparatus and Donald Trump. Everyone also lets. Isn't it of simple set of facts related to the way. Both the democratic and republican campaigns were be investigated during the twenty sixteen election on the republic inside. They were carefully deal diligently secretly trying to find out whether the trunk pain had been infiltrated in some way by by foreign agents by by foreign government, and they kept it a secret and they protected the trunk campaign from any public rebuke or any public speculate.
About it. In fact it got. It was so secretive that then, your time, managed to report something that, totally untrue that there was no connection that they didn't view them as being a connection to Russia or collusion. At the same time, the FBI was publicly declaring They were actively investigating the Clinton campaign and Hillary Clinton the end they. And had the they out least a bunch of information about an ongoing investigation. Talk about opening the investigation sang her. And by publicly talking about the fat but she was under. Investigation of the campaign was under investigation days before the election. So all of this boils down to a claim by Republicans that the FBI was by against Donald Trump, as the best be I protected. Donald Trump and basically Tanya Harding,
Clinton in the days before the election. If anyone in any one in the FBI or Obama's Department of Justice or anyone wanted to sabotage don't trumps campaign, it would have, it would have required a single call to a single reporter, revealing that they were surveillance, that they were looking at the time campaign that they thought that there was russian interference, that there was gonna, be a fine, a warrant on Carter, paid any the things that we now not one calling as people who Jim Combeferre, Louise Merrick police work at about one fucking call could have ended the Trump campaign and hopefully, could become present. So they were true sabotage, the Trump campaign they fucking did a badge. Yeah, terrible terrible on war servitors. Ever you look at this and use a guy's where's, the sabotage are right. We really could use some sabotage about Bout October. Twenty sixteen puts it
it was so frustrated about it again, it was like he he's keys, cooking up sort of like misinterpreting new information, to pretend like there's something the various in the story and like he has no choice but to demand action, but this is This is the Saturday night massacre in in in plain sight and its happening on, twitter again and there is this right wing media ecosystem that just goes along with anything Donald Trump says and we have not figured out more broadly, like the press corps generally Washington in general. How to deal with kind of abuse of power. In plain sight, again like this was like leaked out because he called over to tee o j it'll be a blockbuster scandal. It happens on twitter and, like we just kind of role with it, while as parliamentary so angry about this is what we just went through this a couple months ago, with the release the memo bullshit
and I was looking in the list of all the theories that definiteness and the Fox people and Trumpet try to dream up about why this with some sabotage the Trump campaign and FF it- was that Obama Wiretap Trump Trump claimed that ended up being refuted by trumps own Justice Department, that that wasn't it then it was the newness unmasked controversy. Remember Susan Rice Unmasked, a bunch of people, though, about the Republicans in the House and the Senate, so that their zero evidence of wrong doing in the unmasked scandal and it was the release. The memo thing that the five worn on Carter page was wrong that completely legal and proper. The up every one else decided that their passports and Republicans and now now we're dealing with this again that some informant you know screwed up the whole fucking thing and that's gonna, be proven wrong to how many more times do we have to do like anymore. Tentative. Do this before the press realises that every time
something comes out of Devon Newness, his mouth. It's a lie. It's hard to figure out just how much to freak out when Donald Trump does take this. Ultimately, it's a really big deal. Obviously he has no replies are apparently It depends on what happens today, neighbour, according ass, we don't know but got go. Nowhere does it depends on what happened today. It depends on what happens at just parent depends on what Ravenstein does, but part of it is. That as we ve been through this so many times, and you have Donald Trump, which is a cut who s? Who twitter does a combination of should have mumbling id spilling of his thoughts, plus strategically placed attacks to try to kind of muddy the waters plus threats like this, which ultimately either sort of fizzle out or get watered down or get you know, get put through the the kind of house like cut him down, but still let him do his terror old norm, violation stuff, but just a little bit less wouldn't get through it. We just you it party
Is that we ve seen Donald say these crazy things so many times, and it just hurt the system advice, let the norms and then the kind of the church of the mother stuff continues. It all keeps moving. It's like it's a kind of just coming up the works, but things keep dry forward like the moment vacation keeps driving forward, so I didn't get it trumps terrible tweet alone, calling for the basically violating the rules of justice. Farming are terrible, but it will so far the system has kind of held in terms of protecting mothers ability to do his job, though I mean the daily collar, which originally reported the story about this in format is basically outed. The informant already there's been serious damage done, because a confidential inform it to the FBI has now been.
And out it I mean what are that? What are the consequences of that time, and this is a convincing when I meet from my own experience, I know that the government can can cry Wolf too often about classified information in disclosures that said like usually when it's the name of a source like that is really serious compromising of sources and methods, and so, if you do have to wonder what might put, it rests, raymie the case that this is a massive deal. Is we don't like this guy? as a former Reagan, staffer ease and academic? So what? But the ties has the CIA into the apartment? Defence are well known. There matter public record. You work there in the eighties but we don't know like if he's been helpful in other cases in foreign intelligence agencies can serve reverse engineer meetings. He had to figure out who was talking to him when, unlike scrub bunch of stuff, that's I mean it is weird that some media outlets or publishing its name,
some are holding back, even though it's already been published like it seems like sky is not some double agent sitting in Moscow Ray it's all yeah sides be confused by the conversation I was to impart, because it was clear that cause he was someone who met with page and papa. Doubtless an Clovis, I guess they were able to figure out what they think they Carter page knew now have told anybody any times or tells you that it was kind of out there. All that being said, Devon, Nunez his job is to provide oversight and protect these kinds of people, sources, methods, oversight of the agencies, while he more than anyone else, should take every step possible, not these names get. This was the fact that he did that is unconscionable. You have no idea messages sent to other people who might be helping us providing information, etc. If I were a source- and I thought I could be out tomorrow down- hated me there's no way I would help at the russian investigation or anything else. Devon
is Job- is not to keep me press informed of what non inside the affair. It is his job to review the oversight and write like his relationship to this is so fucked up and so screwed up it. They just we just sort of we're, not used to it, but like he, the We had also by the way, didn't accuse himself. Never that it's unbelievable. No, even your keys himself, the activity reviewed what happened, but they couldn't review any classified information, so that connects to figure out if he did anything wrongs, and I we back unbelievable soil system. We got here you talk about like the level of how bad this could get. So Trump has this tree on Sunday night, where he basically orders a criminal investigation. You your orders, the deal Jane F B. I guess to launch a criminal investigation into themselves in their own conduct to try to stop us. So the Justices Bremen responded just hours later, it asked this inspector general to expand his ongoing review of the applications to monitor a former Trump campaign adviser to include
determining whether there was any impropriety or political motivation and how the F b I conducted its counter intelligence investigation of persons suspected of but with the russian agents who interfere in the twenty sixteen presidential election. So it seems like so far that is stopping short of launching a full scale. Criminal investigation, their basically saying the inspector generals already looking at some other stuff don't worry I'll look at this too. It seems like Rosen here is trying to placate trump without actually doing. If I mean this so far, is clearly like a political offer. Amp a mean, the other thing they could do is say. No, then they off to quit. Then God help us when Rudy Giuliani becomes the attorney general. Like what whatever happens here, but on which special special prosecutor, conduits rice, we're we're already we met, were already drastically moving. The window ass, her what's appropriate and the president can do in terms of interfering with the adjustment. Job is already one now rod knows he's not gonna find shit.
We didn't try to Obama, didn't try to like split a source inside the Trump campaign raises ludicrous on its face. So I think I think been witness read this today, but just try to imagine for a second. If, during the Benghazi Investigation, Barack Obama decided to order and investigation of the people doing leaving US investigation, I would again really about bill. Clinton had tried order: investigation into the people doing investigation into white watered Monica Lewinsky, like surely talks about a further, then George Bush. If George Bush or an investigation into the people, were investigating the Valerie Plain Scooter lobby affair, like just it's crazy there were just like a tweet laughing at we're like well it's not too bad yet because they don't take em superciliously. They just said that the inspector generals gonna look at it and you know what will see what happens, but the president says is, or investigation into investigation of himself. Yes, it's very, very bad, there's not egg, as it is
that is a gross abuse of power. Yes, there's an, but it's all internalize. The fact that this is our Donald Trump behaves. This is what he does so at this point like I'm out of I'm out of shock juicy for once does this, what I want to know is what happens in response. If you know there's this debate like in hindsight, will what Rosen sign was doing. Addio J, look, cowardly, feckless, empathetic or will it have looked sophisticated because he was managing a very difficult clients, yoga you, but the calculus in Rosen signs mind could be. We must finish this investigation before I get fired and Mahler gets fired and if and if that requires us to once in awhile, Placate Donald trumps, authoritarian impulses without seriously impeding the investigation, which would happen if he fired resinous ahead. Or then so? Be it it's and its? And it's it's worrying right because we don't know of it. We don't know frozen stones. Heart is totally in the right place and we don't know
and if it is, if what he's doing is the right strategy, because in a lot of ways, ultimately, if it is true that he's trying to display a trump give him a little to get through this, it is a huge huge bet on the power of the truth, any who seems like they have information that we don't have any see John Brennan treating these incredibly from Sesar across one Cicero, you know he's crossing the Delaware on Twitter, every data and and and and anyone who seems to have gotten close to whatever page new Anyone who knows the truth and he wasn't of compromised by tromp- you get the sense that they ve things that have shocked them and that they believe will shock the country and and so This feeling, like, oh, these guys, are betting on the truth, and I that their right, but when I saw what rodents I did that he was going to sort feed this into the inspector general report. It felt like, if that's ok to me like that, is the best that he can do to try to move this forward, because all the wording in the roadside thing is like I'm gonna look for improper whatever and it's like, while its clearly not improper
This may be the right thing for him to do not Miller, who is it a Deirdre spokesman for a long time? It made the point that no other president in history would have attempted this or gotten away with it in the system is already failing in real time, as has happened, and then you go to your point. Brennan Mean Trump sent out like seven hundred and fifty characters worth of attacks on on John Brennan directly today on Twitter. So you are the people who know some They are getting targeted, but I just a quick thing like we ve been talking for a while. Now, like things we're not talking about the attempt, to give talks with North Korea going hours crumbling. They pulled out of the IRAN deal in pale, gave a big speech today. That is like proposing a neuron backing IRAN into a corner in a way that is really frightening. Fucking a bowler just hit a city of one point. Two million people is like there's all these major issues the president's used to be forced to
focus on and deal with, that we just don't like executive time is just box and friends and doing it is other pretend no abuses of power that we're not even talking about the war, Impose report. Last week the President Trump has tried to fuck with Jeff basis by meeting multiple times the postmaster general to push to double the rate. The postal service charges Amazon to ship package's. What the fuck is that is literally trying to use his government to punish a political enemy who owns a newspaper whose critical of yeah he's really on his going he's going full Nixon. His where he is it he's the most corrupt. It's it's. You he's all the scandals at once. You know he's all the scandals at once makes it, which is part of the reason it's become so hard to keep up with everything and also just a Tommy's point. For the most part we have had a period of like relative tranquilly. And where we haven't had to look to the president to lead through through a war
through have massive upheavals. What we have seen is when there has been some kind of cool there's some kind of natural disaster. We hope the government can function, but the It is not really there if you don't. We don't have presented, we dont leader, we don't have a president, and now we have a. We have a government with a very large government filled with a lot of civil servants who are doing the best they can to keep things running into respond to emergencies. We have a bunch of political goons that he's hired, who half of them of all quit and major keep recycling, make it the revolving door between Fox and the White House, and then we have some guy who just start screaming on Twitter all the time. But as we have the major crisis response that he was handed was Porter, Rico he's just failed, raise not tried and he should attack them in us. Yet us right, Europe that we have had crises is just that he's not fix. I m that people are suffering very dollar tweets with your fucking acting is like a road police force out there, just stopping people now, if the, if they see them speaking spanish and ask them if they belong in the country, forgets right, he is ignored, he's ignored the crises he was handled, he was handled effects and because we're
focused on everything else. It just doesn't matter so good, segmented, Midterms, Dan Balls. Road in Sundays, washing post, that some Republicans are looking at the latest data and seeing marginally better climate for Republicans after thus conversation which the second pull my hair out nets, marginally better climate republicans that most will give the Republicans credit for republican pollster. Neil new has respected Republican, respected republican pollster. He noted that in previous wave elections, the percentage of people who felt the country was headed in the right direction was under thirty right now. It's nearly forty percent forty percent country feels were on the right track, which is actually higher than spend some time. So the president's approval numbers have come up somewhat. Unemployment down generic belts, getting closer are
is warning signs that a blue wave might not be inevitable, not the we ever thought it was, but will why do we think this is happening through? They just want one of my thoughts about this is, as we just said, the news is so confusing and its also become so similar. It's always the same. Don't be else about something, maybe there's crimes. Mothers investigating that. I wonder if its causing some people to turn out at least now, and then maybe they'll be more engaged as the closer we get to them in terms yeah. I think, there's I think, there's that I think that the news has been really disconnected from health care from jobs, policy from tax policy, the debate has been really abstract and related to crimes, and collusion and corruption without a lot of tangible with ally. To serve grab onto understandably look we just spent half an hour talking about it. It's complicated there's a lot of moving parts that a lot of confusing pieces to this it's hard.
No. What matters in went. Doesn't it's hard to know how it really affects people. What's a crime was not a crime, so I think that we're just in this period of time or people kind of going back to their corners little bit mean that the glass half full piece of me wants to say again. I think damned bosses incredibly spartan. I think the data is interesting, but I'd rather look at than their special actions. We ve already seen happen in draw inferences from those in those make me feel very good, meaning the realities. Trumps approval rating is largely fixed Democrats loathe him Republicans mostly like him. Although moves around a bit weird leave the independence seemed kind of fixed in that that does make me nervous like what the hell do. These people need see beware liking him and I think, like the bottom fell out for Bush at some point, like his approval drop below thirty and in in it. That was like July, two thousand eight, that Iraq was going terribly like things or on in Burundi probably bad
I do worry about what you are saying earlier is like people tuning out, there's so much bad news, everyone hates each other. They hate Washington, the partisanship, the rancor and there's like enough well, and I think what you meant
independence independence tend to be the voters who pay at least attention to politics on the news all the time, which is one reason for that. I mean you talked about the special actions. One reason for good news that has to do with that is pollsters, often look at the strong, whether people strongly disapprove or strongly approve of the present United States. Trumps strong disapproval has fluctuated between forty one and forty. Six percent currently stands at forty two percent. His strong approval people who strongly approve the president has only fluctuated between twenty one and twenty seven percent and stands at twenty four. So when you ask people when you try to measure enthusiasm and engagement, gay people were actually gonna turn out and vote. Democrats are having a much bigger advantage in those balls, and if you look at a generic ballot among people who are definitely gonna vote, then you get dealt Democrats in the double digit.
So this is all this means is that we talk a lot on this by cast about what's the right message. What are we talking about? It should be more tax, cut, more health care, less Mahler investigation, but it's really gonna come down to organizing on the ground, registering people in getting people to the polls and making sure they should have a minutes. It is a joke. Ever it's all gonna come down to turn out ass, a river all those creatures in politics, but it really is true like at this point over the next five six seven months, it's gonna be all about making sure that we get our people who are committed to the poles, because if the universe of people who usually turns out in a mid term, elections shows up and twenty a teen than the Democrats will probably gain some seats in the house, but maybe not take it back and we may lose seats in the Senate. That's just the reality. We have to expand the universe of people who turn out in a mid term elections. That is our only way, and none of that none of that changes whether Trump is resting.
His low of thirty seven percent or his high of forty three percent exactly and dot, just. It is also just worth remembering that the fact that there's you know a quarter of those ass strongly support. Donald Trump does tell you that America is in a crisis of of of extraordinary proportion that there is still that still full court of appeal. Walking around the world. Looking What's going on and say, I'm in tells you that we have huge huge problem but again, glass, half full honour. His His approval is sitting around forty two forty three percent and twenty one twenty two per. Are strongly approve. That means that there's a segment both were only somewhat approving of Donald Trump and there, like I don't allow, is there an end, those people we should either Europe they can be reached out to
or maybe they won't, but maybe they won't get warm and maybe they won't leave the top of the ballot. They're gonna watch Fox news, and you just stay in that. In the end, the other good piece of news is the near times recipes on Sunday about how New voter registrations among young people has picked up considerably in critical states. During the past few months, young registrants represented a higher portion of new voters in the states of Florida, North Carolina in Pennsylvania and the type of registrations, leaned democratic and all those case, including in the county where Martyrs Domin Douglas Highschool is. I mean those kids have translated emotion and powerful speeches in pubs events into real action and we should all emulate what they're doing yeah and that's it. That's the thing to keep in mind, because this is a long game and as these new cycles freak us out every couple days,
We should realise that on the ground there are people like the parkland students. People like Shannon Watts, we're gonna talk too soon be no moms demand and people and indivisible and swing. Let who were working. On the ground to register new voters, young voters, people who are going to vote democratic, actually changes in November, and we basically just have to hold on until then. And with that we will be talking to Shannon Watts writer It is not Erika is brought by movement. Watches You guys have heard me talk about movement, and you know that to college drop outs are there on watch company? I do you know who wears a cool movement watching this office who looked at ways I really pretty rose called one now let's go let's go are a good example. This company has grown like crazy, Arza, there's, both and now with almost too million watches sold in a hundred sixty plus countries leading to rest
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Is he a way to pay people back? When I open other payment, apps anymore, you gonna go in your phone, you gonna do it the other applicant Adele of the catch up, and you gonna see why millions and millions in trillions of people are changing over to the catch you putting the God pod Visa last one with all the other Abdel be. God is a hard safe in the code POD save Pierre de essay v. You get fired five dark goes to Mama man, action and you're in a cut off date. You, dont use the cash or sick of these other gonna write the matter. Let s get rid of these people. Friends, family parents mullahs mattered over them all they're gone yet only gash up community yeah catch up the elements on the blood today we are lucky to have the founder of moms demand, action for gun sense, Shannon Watch chain and welcome the POD save America. Thank you so much for having me, I m. Officially, a friend of the partner you ve, always been a friend of the planned, I'm just glad that we finally get you off yet so hours.
Start by talking about the the school shooting shooting the took place and in Santa Fe Texas. Last week, twenty second shooting happened in the United States this year? and according to an analysis by the Washington Post, twenty eighteen in a deadlier year for schoolchildren in this country, then it's been for service members but you tweet it over the weekend that even after the sand officiating it's important for people not to cave in to cynicism or hopelessness or the idea that nothing's happening to stop convict and even though nothing's happening in Congress right now, what some of the things that are happening to stop gun violence out there, and where does the conversation need to go from here? There's so that happening on the ground. I think of working on gun safety, similarly to marriage, equality, so If you remember, marriage equality activists went directly to Congress, asked de change laws and what they got in return was the defensive marriage act kind of said. Okay. This is what we wanted and they pay
to state houses into board rooms and these the changing state laws and corporate policies. As a result, they created that momentum on the ground that eventually pointed Congress in the Supreme Court in the right direction and I think of guns safety very. That way we ve been working on the ground now for for five years to change state laws to stop bad laws. First of all, on the energies. Insidious in our state, legislatures, trying to force guns, indicated schools or guns on college campuses to expand, stand your ground to pass something called permanently carry which is basically to conceal With no permanent, no training and in thirty states no background check, it actually pass that in and dates since he started showing up to date, houses. We have about a ninety percent track record of killing these bad belts, but we ve also past really good bell. So in tense. With closed the background check loophole that allows conceals, with
background check on private guns, hills we ve, bills in twenty six states that disarm domestic abusers, and we ve passed right flag laws and and beyond bump stocks, and we had significant success, even distance parkland, and then there's all the corporate work which again got a lot of charge after parkland, but starting Back in two thousand thirteen we were able to get Starbucks to change their policies around guns in their stores. We replicated added dozens of major restaurants and retailers, so all of this is happening on the ground, but because- not this cathartic moment in Congress, doesn't get as much attention to turn that that's a great listen what's with been accomplished in that that's important, you understand. I think another thing folks are look four is a sense of what are the most impact for policies that we should be pushing for what? What is your wish list when you are lobbying a member of Congress or a governor state. What is that
asked way? What are the best policies to protect kids in really anybody else? That is that a sick of this epidemic of gunpowder there are several things from research shows us that background checks are one of the most significant ways to pay gun violence? So when we look at the third now I tweet states that have passed this law. We see gun by almost cut in half across the board whether it's too to calm asides or shootings of police. Gun homicides. Even suicides are significantly decreased just by passing a lot requires background checks on private gun sales the other law that that saves, significant amount of lives and also is popular now with republican state houses and governors is to pass a law that that disarmament, abusers alive, p, I realise that, yes, federal law prohibits convicted domestic abusers of having guns, but definition of what an abusers does not include stalkers, it does not include dating partners in it.
Who doesn't have the teeth in it that allows law enforcement. Remove the guns and abuser already has so we go in two states- and we said than those laws. We broaden the definition of what an abusers and we also petite in the law that allows locally, to come, remove the guns of a domestic abuser and, as I said, we ve done that twenty six states, red and blue states alike, so after the shooting Santa Fe Lieutenant governor of Texas and Patrick, The problem is with guns, it's the security of school buildings rightly said there should have been fewer doors in the buildings which is bizarre the new head of the Inner Re Oliver North, who himself spent some time in jail for selling weapons to RON Human on tv. This weekend said the same thing about culture even and blamed Ritalin for the effects its having on young boys who take it. What is what you found- is the most effective strategy and dealing with the an hour. Is it picking
part every one of these arguments that they try to make it making the mine is trying to ignore them injures organised on the ground. What what's your strategy there? Well, it's a little bit of both, so I think it is incredibly important to shine a spotlight on energy lobby us than lawmakers beholden to them? I like, in a to putting a flashlight under the refrigerator and watching the cockroaches run out. We ve been ignoring the energies agenda fur for decades, and it's gotten us to where we are. We, have to make that agenda so toxic to law makers in companies that they don't want to be seen publicly a supporting it and I think we are starting to get to that point, especially because of all the bizarre things, and re leaders are doing in doubling down on this culture war that their fomenting, but when the ground. What I can do so fascinating and other energy is always talking about how it has million members. We don't believe that in media has shown that probably not true the reality. The inner could have no members and still be significantly important politically, because they have a three.
Fifty million dollar annual budget from gun manufacturers. I can assure you that we show up in the dozens or hundreds in state House it across the country. It is us verses and remembers. It's us versus a singular and are a lobbyist, so It's really important people get up the sidelines and show up because, when lawmakers Thea sitting in in state houses and gun bill hearings, it scares the hell out of them and the more of us. There are the more scared they are that there will be consequences should over in a bomb, as former secretary of Education retreated a suggestion that a kid should boycott school until Congress acts to change our gun laws, and I think the reflexive response to that suggestion was that that's ridiculous or unworkable, but you don't have struck by near view with the Santa Fe High school student in page curry, who said she expected to be shot at school it. This is becomes
oh pervasive, that she said I always felt they would happen here. Why is it crazier to boycott school than it is to force kids go to schools where they are not safe? and do not feel say yeah, I it. The whole situation is incredibly bizarre. You know I refuse to two not send my kid to school. I refuse to allow lawmakers to not do their jobs getting the sidelines and showing up in demanding action and change is the most important way. That people can he ain't gun laws and change policies where they live. Getting The sidelines in showing up in demanding action is the way to do this and look schools, are letting out. My son is out of school state legislatures or wedding l, but people still get involved and, and one way to do that is to text the word act to six four for three three: you will immediately be plugged into amongst men action chapter where you live, and the sex important thing to remember is that on June, second,
it's where Orange Day and we have more than three hundred and fifty events across the country. Its gun, violence, awareness, day June for The events around you and second and We would just ask that people start looking into events where they are again shows of support on a regular basis on this issue are incredibly important, because Congress is watching your state legislatures watching so lonesome and action is a group you started on Facebook or in the wake of the sandy hook, shooting what have you learned about organizing and politics and see you put yourself out there to do this. You know, I was a corporate communications executive for about fifteen years, I had never been an activist. I'd never been involved in organizing it. It has been profoundly life, changing for me to work together with Us Army of bad ass women, and men too, who are dedicating their lives other than reading their families and and and the jobs they have their figuring out,
carve an extra work week, a volunteer hours to save the lives of strangers. I'm a full time volunteer for months, dominican too, and I do believe that is how you create change in America, not just by being think tank or tweeting or posting a facebook by actually showing up. In demanding change and refusing to be intimidated. You know we show up and have rallies or events or worse advocacy days at the state House and were often surrounded by men who are open carrying air fifteen's. To try to silence or intimidate us, and I think it's just the opposite. I think it's empowered so many women in this country who realise its on us to protect our children, and it's on us to fight back, when lawmakers aren't doing what they were elected to do and what one last question: what are your plans? What's management action plans? For The mid terms, obviously, is huge election coming
November plenty of opportunities, not just in Congress, but on the local level to replace some of these politicians with politicians who are in favour of common sense, gun country. What are you guys, thinking about that We're going to be very active. We already are giving something called a gun, sense distinction. I'm I'm not obviously not on twitter, but candidates. Both Republicans and Democrats like or are bragging about having amongst men, action gun, sense distinction because we are in toward the elections. Yet once we do, we will start making endorsements but the power and having a grassroots army is that we are able to turn out en masse and and canvas and knock under worse and educate people in turn out. The boat men also register people to vote, and we can do all of those things because we have hundreds of thousands of active volunteers, so we will be incredibly active in the mid term. Elections will hold people accountable. In November of last year. You saw how successful we were in New Jersey and in Virginia and the other
it's really exciting to me, is that last November thirteen moms demand action, volunteers and gun violence. Survivors ran for office, nine one dozens more running this coming November and State like Iowa in Montana, in Arizona listen bath, our spokeswoman who's running for Congress in Georgia and over Four hundred volunteers have said they plan to run for office in the future. So that's incredibly exciting to me. It's kind of the moms to point. No, that's awesome, but is a much needed dose of hope, and I would like us chant thank you so much for joining us. We really appreciate it and the income again and in good luck with all the work you do it. Thank you so much thanks, JANET body. Thank you, Shannon Watts for mom some inaction for joining us today, and we have our big radio City show Wednesday night. That's crazy! That pod will come out Thursday morning there's early afternoon, so you'll be her nature. That is going be excited. You know! Look I know.
Get anybody to excited at radio city, but, let's just say we got three pair of tights and we can do some kicking we're going to do some. Damn thing: fantastic, the love app have the three of us Alyssum astronomical, be with us Brittany. It will be whether racism on special gas, exciting funding. Here.
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