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"The Mall sank into the earth."


Jon, Jon and Tommy talk about Trump's inaugural address, the women's marches across the US and Sean Spicer's wonderful weekend. Then they're joined by Seth Meyers from "Late Night with Seth Meyers".

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Welcome to prod save America. I'm John Fabbro, I'm John love it on time the door on the blood. Today we have an interview with Seth Meyers of the late show, who we take the on Thursday, and you know So at the time we didn't even know, if we'd still be here today, they're worried about Trump Administration Man egg on our face and it turned out fine. So far, so good became president changed. So we will have that interview later you get to everyone
for listening, please subscribe. Please review and rate us listen to our podcast with Barack Obama. It was his final interview he chose to do it with us watch shows were asking people to listen. Everybody's listening to show is a juggernaut. Follow us on Snapchat we're slowly trying to figure out how to use it as people in their 30s social media manager, Tommy Vietor knows their snapchats or Tommy. Filming me when I'm late in the car is great, so I think it's great content. How do we, this morning? Let's start there I'll say if I would never have imagined that the Monday after Trump's inauguration, I actually felt pretty good but to the women's March, I feel pretty good. I feel great Tom. I don't feel I don't think anyone should I mean I. I feel I feel good better than I thought I. I feel confident that he is going to continue to turn off people and drive down his own approval rating very scared
that someone, this thin skinned is already this petty and skinned on day. One, like I don't know Wanna jump right into the events of the week. We still want feelings, Tommy feelings. You know I. I think we should all be a little nervous that that he's over acting like a child- I guess I should say right like I feel better right better than I thought I did. I am still quite angry all the time. Oh angry terrified for sure. I just think that the seeds of the opposition are. Haven't planted yet, and it was in that March was was real. It could have got a number of different ways from not as big as it was it to you know in it. We'll talk about it later. I also came back from the march to find that it was raining in LAN. My house was leaking. Mine was too, in the room, my computer and first world problems. Ok start with the inaugural will go backwards. We did a live stream on the inaugural on Facebook live that was for medias. First last dream yeah
but in today's world is amazing in case you're, one of the few people who miss it literally thousands and thousands of people are watching this live. Thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people on the inaugural, let's start by separating out the writing from the substance, since we have two speech writers here, former speech writers on this podcast I think the writing was generally bad. It was forgettable, it was better than usual, but the usual is garbage, it to me the whole in August, which was like a polished up Trump rally, speech right little polish on it. Yeah yeah a little shine a but I mean like, is in terms of like memorable phrases, which are always hard inaugural anyway. I think you know I'm Eric and carnage is going to be one that people may be remembered. But beyond that I just want time putting American in front of a kind of I don't know of. Could have word, is like how hacks come up with title. For their screenplays so give me a break, and I felt that a lot
the rhetoric in the speech was like that it was like hacks, going to make something just sound like a little better. These are right. Yes, an like just like references to blood. I mean by the way, don't put blood in the speech, blood and soil, but in soil, look that up to someone's to google blood and soil people? George? Will a conservative columnist and commentator called it the most dreadful inaugural address in history right? So I think that there's a there's, a strain conservative electoral who ten used to not like Trump and you sort of get a critique these things on style points as well I'm just sort of wary in mindful that these fear tactics worked in his convention speech along the way in the campaign trail and I'm sort curious. You know what the average voter thought I mean. I do think that probably come away from this, some of that that day and weekend, thinking that the only you've heard out of it as bad as crowd size, and now things aren't going that well, so it's probably a wash
actually said. Yeah, I mean one thing on the substance now that we're going into the substance of the inaugural, it has been like bipartisan combination from speech, writers and observers on both sides. You know David from Michael Gerson, both that is horrible, like you said, George Well, James Fallows, wrote an interesting piece about it in the Atlantic gender. What you were saying about the scare tactics. Fellow said you know, from this inaugural address onward. The everything is terrible. Rhetoric is decreasingly useful for an incumbent president in his own party controls both houses of Congress. Ok, let's say everything is terrible. Now the voters are watching to see what you can do about it. Yet so that's the difference between in the campaign. We all miss this and we're like. Oh maybe it doesn't work it's too dark, but it did work. It is different. Your governing, because now he has to produce results, and it was a very little in the speech about They remember it very little new about the vision. There was very little to reach out to the other side or acknowledging that you know basically he's the most divisive president ever take office. There was no attempts to try to solve that they're, not girl at all the only thing he said as an attempt.
I don't know address the fact that he ran a racist misogynist campaign because he's a receipt and misogynist is he said this crazy line like there's no room in the heart of the patriot for prejudice, which is I don't, my alarm bells went off. That is some weird fascistic rhetoric, and you know what the thing is too. It's not like. I can't decide what's worse like is it worse that that the people who wrote this speech for him because I got high- I don't think from bird with a sharp in the marlatt, a lobby. Is it worse to the people who wrote this thing are so historically ignorant that they don't see the residents of of that kind of rhetoric or what's more likely that they do and they used it anyway, because whether or not they can hear how kind of resident of another time that kind of languages. They certainly know that about America first, which is just you know, doctor it was drawing cartoons about how that's like the 30s like this is the anyway. Well they've made me choice right. They are well aware that America first is seen. As
a time in our history, when people were pulling back and we're trying to stay out of world war. Two- and you know they made a choice. They don't care, and they want to take it back. Take back the phrase because I think it's useful to them somehow and we took back crooked media exactly it's just like what they were trying. It was nationalist, and it was like a screed against Washington, which I get, that those are affective. It's not it's not some brilliant like like this. Is like a stranger history, like it's pretty easy to throw together a super nationalists, greed yeah against Washington, I don't have it thanks a lot of it about a like, even a bunch of useless tax, the terms assembled around and can you know, actually walk backwards. What fool and discover and to be fair consultants in both parties that are hackers have been doing that kind of rhetoric for a long time. Right like saying like all the people behind me have been corrupt and have not helped you and help themselves like that right, yeah, that's a pretty easy thing to being in dark knight rises. Like I give the government back to you, the people, I didn't do the accent I didn't do it. I thought you were going to go there. I did this cadence lily pool. I can't
ok so we have generally forgettable inaugural address the neck, I generally general forgettable, isn't he, I think he's I think, he's taking over interior, not really sure um height weight, when did when did Young David Axelrod get here? I think they're still having. Trouble filling a lot of those spots, which is why they should be using ziprecruiter dot com I got it guys: okay, let's the March, the next day, which was larger and more successful than the inaugural yeah. Something that bothers looking media was covering live from three different cities across the United States were in San Francisco, LOS Angeles and Washington DC. We had a covered for you. We were
chatting I was, we got all the bubbles lover we had both relied loves, periscope paying that March, mostly because, while I was you know, sharing with people at home, what was going on in this historic day, people were recognizing me, I read it too. It is weird that that I'm running into a lot of friends with of the pot now who are you know, ask me I like love. It now sort of other books get out that maybe think about what that white people are asking. If you like, really he's got a lot, I love it. I've ever loved, but it's weird because it's it's an audio format, so I'm always a little confused by it, but I'm not about making this about her. So anyway, one more thing more than just as special thanks to whoever actually made a sign. That said, John Lovett, will you marry me and brought it to the march? I just want to be clear, spot on time, and I are looking at each other our eyes, or maybe there are laser beams from their eyes. Thinking that do I like love, it answers. So the cool thing about the March in San Francisco, for me, was how hopeful in joyful and excited people were right. There are a lot of,
funny signs and a lot of references to Pussyole, like you know, like build criticisms and not so veiled criticisms of Donald Trump, but mostly it was just a lot of people who were excited first time in a while to be together and to be you standing up
and I care Tommy some bad news. I don't know if you saw it, but franklins was sort of disappointed with some of the language in the sign. So I think it's back to the Fuckin' drawing board franklins took a picture of a bunch of people at a hotel lobby in Washington, complaining about it there's a mob. That was like taunting me and it's like it's like a five year old girl feeling like this goldfish fire, sipping hot cocoa deliverable reading the feminine mystique cities fallen into chaos. Run for your lives. Frank wants is on the road. Now he walked in there trying to get a few focus group of discipline. Suddenly he ran outta here, not just hang out and also wanted. Somebody did throw glitter at him in, but we do not support the throwing of glitter at franklins, but man did so did he like
One was arrested. It was like millions of people. Washington was filled. I was there what the streets of Washington were filled like all the way from the mall up to K, ST no one was arrested, it was so peaceful. It was so early. I also like these most care about the environment. Why are they leaving their signs on the ground? There were half a million people there. Couple signs are going to be on the ground guys. If you ever see what happens after patriots Game is a thing I didn't even know what I'm even sorry I raised it. I'm sorry this is not a thing, so I went to the one in LOS Angeles. I was going to meet up with people, but then, when I got there myself so there's too many phones, so myself service was dead. So I just but there by myself for a few hours, and it was great. I was happy that my phone wasn't working. I like talk to all I saw the signs. It was like the things I was also struck by the cross section of people that were there yeah, I mean yeah, it's just like men, women, young old, every radio brought their kids like I I there is adorable group, a little girls and one little boy with their parents. And the one kid was like. I want to go home right 'cause. They were four and the parents like
I just wanted you to experience this. I was like wow. There is a parent who are yeah my phone wasn't working, so I couldn't meet up with all my celebrity friends that were distributed throughout the mall, but that's life that happens, but but it was we're back into pre. Election insufferable know we're not here. This is post election humbled, but joyous warriors in the face of adversity, who recognize our own limitations yet aren't afraid to speak, are months and take too I mean not using any of this, I think is saying it's great. No, and there was obviously a pun of anti trump stuff there, but I was also struck by like no one was. It wasn't. Angry didn't feel like they started our march in people, everyone,
red start, singing the national anthem as they started, marching to city hall- and I was just like this- is cool and look, but we don't know exactly how many people are at these marches all across the country. It does seem like this was, in all likelihood, the largest protest in american history and three million five hundred and thirty eight says over three million by thirty. They were talking with Jody and I last night he was like we're not really sure, but these numbers yet- and I said I don't care I like them, but no, it seems like it was millions of people. So it's the largest protest in history. Trump has Actually done much yet this is based promise of who we think is going to be about who we think we are an already there's this much energy. Like that's a really exciting and the fact that Trump's, we did a kind of softap
to insult the protest, tells you all you need to know, because Trump doesn't pick fights with people, he thinks he may not win the fight with National Obama Twitter on the day of the purchase of like imagine. If Trump just said, like protests are part of our democracy, and I don't agree with you and then he did it the next time. He did it and that's not how it works. It's because the protest works is because he knows that he can't that's a fight. He night might not win, which is a great sign like 'cause. That's where he's smart he's smart about like what's getting media attention, an where the narrative is and all that kind of shit like he does get that and he got. The protests were too we're like a big deal. Yeah yeah also are not just coastal elites. Even though that's where we were, we were the bubbles twelfth twelve and in Omaha NE twelve thousand in Oklahoma City yeah, two hundred five thousand in Birmingham AL like this. In protest in Minnesota, there were people in in Artica, Alaska or pro walking around in Alaska. I mean it is the reflexive
never wants to do is to point at Madonna or share speech and say this is liberal. Coastal elites are celebrities leading the thing, but it just was not. The case here I mean I was the one celebrity at an la la and you know. Apparently there was like a a podium in DC where there is like a you know, Sir speeches, but because so many more People turned out. It's actually hard to differ the difference between five hundred thousand people at women's March in five hundred thousand people looking for where the women's March starts. But there was like all these people just kind of like kind of I can't see the screen whatever and then hanging around barely hear any of the speeches with people being like. Let us March two speeches are going too long. I don't think that's a good lesson for future events is fewer. Which is more action fewer.
Telephone speech, writers. Let me tell you, that's always not always better. No one has ever said in like the history of speech is like. I wish the speech were like longer and that there were more of them never know. Never in Trump speech was short, that's the one! That's the one positive rating I'll get I'll, give it short inaugural short and sweet, ok. So the question on the on the march, How do we keep the momentum up? What's what are the next steps right? Because you just have one march? Never everyone goes home and that's you know. That's not victory right. There yeah, I thought everyone they're, really great VOX Interview with two Bernie organizers that everyone should but tweet out the link, but they were saying that volunteers in the Brady campaign are working on something to test it women's March, it's called knock on every door and the is to get everyone who came to the March start doing door to door canvassing it's going going to go into houses that are not just on democratic list campaign less, but just houses, the community and saying, like you know, are you registered who'd. You vote for last time. Do not vote. What's it going to take for you to vote this time and just
We start like if you came up for the March starting to do the work of door to door. I like that idea, because a lot of one finger the last election of the things we screwed up, it's that we didn't and try to make an argument to some of the voters who we assumed would go for Trump, and that idea has this talking. Everybody in reaching out to every single person in canvassing, so I think it's, I think it's very cool idea. I also think if you if you went to the March or if you know a friend who did in your Richard vote. You should try to do that tomorrow or make sure your friends who you went with a register to vote 'cause. That's a very simple thing that you can get done today. That's not an issue down the road and I think, if you, they engage on a national level like there will be more events like this. Look at organizations like Emily's list or Obama for America or others, because they're going to be putting together ways to sort of get people together and stay involved, very cool thing that a bunch of people are treating this weekend is swing, left Org, so You go to the site, you enter your zip code and it will show you the nearest swing district near
nearest congressional district. That was a swing district last time an you can updates about like, that's running in that district, how many votes they lost by last time and you can actually go get involved like I, so I played with this little bit over the weekend. We don't know who's behind this idea, guys whoever made that site just put your damn name, something really doing it would have tariff. What are you afraid of come on enough? I was uh I like looking at this site. It's like a cool thing and then you're like Alright brother have tech people, but we're not party pooper names on the thing and then it'll be even better. Anyways caveat anyway yeah I find as we have it. We have a swing district right near US guys I now for twenty seven, who is that I really love but he won by sixteen thousand votes. That is the only time it is the only congressional county that the only congressional district in California that represent, part of Lake County that is still republican, so it's uh year, thousands guys, I'm not saying that. I wouldn't be drafted, but I anyway so
the other thing. I charming Canada who, crave the attention that only provide when you and I get annoyed that I love it, joke he really eggs. I decided I'm laughing, I'm like North Korea. I don't give an inch negotiated table size guys, but another thing I think he was think about is like being national movements like that are cool and amazing and come around every once in awhile but you should get it organized involved locally, like run for office. If you have five friends from your small town and you went someplace to go to a march, if the four of showed up to a state Senate race. You found someone you really liked and wanted to get behind. That is a gift from God for Anil of that size. So get involved show up figure out what do locally 'cause guess it was a state senator Barack Obama right and ten years later, guys, president, it worked out well for him. Turn out. Ok, this is pod, save America, part of America by seek everything about,
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We got very unhappy on Saturday with all the coverage, like that's a common occurrence for him. I'm just going to read this paragraph for the New York Times story about this, because it is just so bizarre. Mister true, we are increasingly angry on inauguration day after reading a series of twitter messages pointing out that the size of his inaugural crowd did not rival that of Mister Obama's. In two thousand and nine, you don't need to spend his Friday night in a whirlwind of celebration: information when he awoke on Saturday morning after his first night in the executive mentioned, the glow was gone several close to him said, and the new president was filled, the new with a sense of injury. It's a shame that you can't. You can't make your tie long enough to cover up your inaugural parade size I just want to put it
like to point out that, yes, there is no easier morning in the White House, then waking up the day after not gracian, everyone is giving you the benefit of the doubt. Oh yeah glow his there for months and like he lost his mind, it's unbelievable here today, what they're losing it. So where did he decide to get upset? first time but uh an event at the CIA in front of a wall dedicated to fallen CIA guy standing in front of stars dedicated to the dead lying about the well that showed up to his inaugural. It is bananas like every so he started talking to media. He said the media is trying to say that I have this fight with the Intel community. Not true true look at us, we cannot see he's like. Why is the media always pointing out that I compared them to Nazis? He said at the crowd
like a million and a half people, that's not true. He said it went all the way back to the Washington monument. Anyone who can look at a picture and knows that. That's not true who cares about the credit, Paul Ryan for letting this happen, Reince Priebus, nice job with the pledge buddy, you fucked us off, unbelievable, I'm not over it. You know what is right and I feel great. I lied earlier so He doesn't think that, but the other thing he also brought he brought camp supporters with them to the CIA, so we could get a in the crowd. I just I've been into to Langley. I've had been with President Obama when he addressed the workforce in front of that same wall and, first of all, he did it on weekend so most of the people who work there, probably weren't there didn't want to be there, but also you know to be like going to Arlington Cemetery and talk thing about your Nielsen ratings or your crowd numbers. I mean it's insulting, so who are lost, and just remember you know if you were in the agency and you died serving overseas, your family.
Not have known what you were doing an you were never celebrated an it's a uniquely fraught issue for them and in emotional one, and also, It's also an organization dedicated to sorting out fact from fiction and the guy they're, just lying in the most nakedly political way. At what's supposed to be and like, I think people over do this to have a political, the ICS but they're supposed to be made. Local organization that helps presidents make decisions based on the best information, so the different raise. This was install sing to the mission of the organization and the people inside it. If there's too many to count, but it's like this also, This also should have been a really easy win for him. He could have walked in there thanks for their service early and talked about how important their collab
mission is going forward and he would have gotten universal acclaim and said. Like look, I know I've. We started off on the wrong foot and I just like to say I'm behind you, you know like you could have your not nazis. It's also like in filling the seats filling the seats with supporter Easter, is crazy. He could have, I mean he could have also filled the states by going on Seatgeek, here we are. Oh, my goodness got. I got it. Okay, so so that happened then that wasn't enough. He sends Sean Spicer out to the White House, briefing Room and Sean Spicer's. First official trip to the White House Briefing room. There are visuals of the crowd shot on either side of Sean. He gets there and he just delivers this blistering statement attacking the press lot
Just tells all these easily verifiable lies. Lies, lies like sky is red coat type lies you know, and then does not images not take any questions and walks out of the briefing room, so yeah I hope that normal. So my first job at the White House was assistant, press secretary. Might what I did was I mean with a group of others. We prepared Robert Gibbs, who is White House press secretary everyday for the for the briefing and the first briefing you do the first time you walk into that room in those later on and you're at that podium is like a man cancel moment for the White House in for that person who's taking over that job. It's your first chance age of the press and usually begins with some sort of conversation. About the relationship and how you want to work with them, and you believe in the mission of like open free immigration in the first amendment, but instead he went out there on a Saturday night and just tour these people. I you
This whole for five minutes and then walked out, and I just want to be clear. The way this circle doesn't walk into the briefing room, bark at them, and walk out, your job is to take their questions. That is, that the primary primary partner job you already conduit between the press and the that is, that is first in your job description. It was stupid guys it was crazy. It was first about like, It was insulting and it's dangerous that the White House, press secretary is just going to give into a seat to the demands of his boss and just walk out to the briefing room and lie everyday. I mean that's a dane. Thing for all of us, but it's also not going to make him an effective press secretary, which is a great thing, because the that relationship being uh
Cannibal will make it much harder for this White House to achieve its goals. So I mean sorry Sean. You have great a fail. Buddy, you have a finite amount of credibility. We've seen this wet's press secretary is like people like Scott Mcclelland Wanna Bush is press. Secretaries was sent out to lie by Karl Rove and others about there old men in the leak of Valerie Plame's information. So once you once you are perceived as a liar once your credibility is gone, you are, you are ineffective at and it seems clear that that the audience for that was one person Donald. And no one had the political judgment or curry to tell him that was a terrible idea, and that is that is going be a massive problem, but that was, I think, that's true of of Trump's tweets. It's true of this briefing that there was no adult who had the kapi city to say to the President of the United States- hey you're, a little. Under the collar because you have a personality disorder. Maybe we
off on this? I'm not saying I'm not saying that's how you say it. You may be better better way to say it and it got I mean there there You saw them talking about this. I don't know if you want to get into Kellyanne Conway, and so you had Kellyanne Conway on Meet the press and rants previous priebus little to the joke, do Reince joke it ranks on on Fox news. Sunday, editor in VA were so angry. I mean they were like screaming back through the microphones at Chuck, Todd and Chris. Well, we had we had. We had we've had some like instant classics from this right: Sean Spicer, the translators now like an international medium, reject whatever we're, because he said you know it was the. It was the largest audience ever to witness an inaugural period, which is just like you know like flatly at your end and I'm sorry and on meet the press says talks like well, you know transpired. Yes, he
up with some alternative facts. Right it all turned out of fat calls. Fax, is like a joke. We were making about how can accomplish mission or you know the thing is like you look at Sean Spicer, let's get into it, you look at I think there might be like a kernel of you that knows that what you're doing is wrong Conway. It's just dead eyes. I mean that's just crazy, then the thing she said, the ones that meet the press, interview- people, I think, awesome. The thing she said that was the most ominous to me was she's We allowed you in the oval and and then she should there they're going off a reporter named Zeke Miller, who I've known for a long time was a very straight forward guide, a good reporter who, who wrote a pool report where he said that he thought the Martin Luther King, bust had been move from the oval office. Now he got that wrong. I guess view- is obstructed and quickly corrected and apologized and Sean Spicer retweeted. His apology, tweet correcting the poor, word, saying, apology accepted but remember like
it wasn't because then he just destroyed him in the briefing room made it harder, Cibubur, some cases crazy right and they went on Sunday. This Sunday shows and they decided to make this some sort of you know example of how the press is out to get them and they're they're lying about that they're lying about everything, here's an here's, the qualitative difference. Right is. Zeke Miller, says this in the poor port, immediately correct it immediately apologizes and then everyone who, like I had something about them. Okay, bus right- and I was like one of those it was always on a plane and somewhat when our friends talk to me was like they just said. It was a mistake and I like immediately delete the tweet because, like 'cause you're a jury, but we don't get real moment straight, shooting journalist now, but it's like most people. Have the shame or want to correct something. That's egregiously false. They have told now. Egregiously fault lies over the last two days and there No hint of an up
call GINO hint of a connection. They just don't care and also on the right. If you like, watch fox and other conservatives. Now they're like well is getting all upset about this lies, but, like you know, there was a bomber. Kerr lies in Benghazi, lies and no one is ever upset about that ARI Fleischer's tweet about that was the dumbest thing is so different that was like there are. There lies the come from policy differences where you can argue are like okay. That was more true than not right, but this is like this is like sky, isn't, blue type and and there's a pattern here, which is This is the same thing that they did when Buzzfeed posted that dossier and CNN did a very kind of responsible report on what they were hearing from the intelligence community. They like to conflate the tooth they like to conflate thing. They can argue with with the thing they can argue with, so they can make it one thing so right play send out Sean Spicer to be like you guys
there's no milk plus plus the mod, so many people that collapsed and fell into the center of the earth. It's like hold on a second body, Dick apologize, so there's like a legitimate kind of thing there, even though you're being children about it and it's not really a thing. But what you're saying with the inaugural is bananas and they do this over and over again. That is what they will do. So and it drives people. Sean Spicer came out and said we're turn Medicaid in to block grants which they want to do and then said we don't believe, that's a cut. We think. That's just shifting resources, we would all say that's not true, it is a cut, and maybe you know fact check is refined is correct, but that is a different kind of false. Then saying something that anyone who has a set of eyes can see is not true. Right now is a difference. It's a different thing. Fascinating little bit of criminology is Maggie. Habermann is a great New York Times reporter suggested Twitter last night that basically Spicer had been set up to fail and that Trump had never really wanted him to be press secretary, and he was a previous pick and that Kellyanne Conway is who Trump wanted and that
Maybe there was background, quotes in some of these stories saying that Trump thought Sean had gone too far and it doesn't knifing this guy on day one I mean it actually is blood sport, Sean where your friends right and listen we're here to help you and looking look at your first briefing today and you've lost your credibility, but you need to clean shave. Maybe Harry's razors speaking of bald faced liars. You also, you know, will be listening to this podcast after today's first briefing. This happened, so maybe maybe by people are listening to this podcast on space we have gone out there. Apologized pegged. Three, who knows what's going to happen? I don't know, but maybe like those maybe kind of a bouquet of flowers and chocolates for the press and media. Sorry, I liked him sponsored it will send this yeah. So I think the spices. Do you see someone on Wikipedia also change inspectors picture to Baghdad Box? One thing about this is even the
surrogates who are out over the weekend and I all the journalists involved. The key point is who cares about the crow say, there's a lot of reasons. Crowd do or don't show up like we shouldn't. We shouldn't be fighting about. This are going to war about this. There are far more important things, but what the problem? The problem is: they're, they're, hemorrhaging the credibility and sub it's so silly, and then you pick up the Wall Street Journal today and there's reports that FBI, is investigating contacts between the russian government in Trump's campaign, including communicate between his national security visor and that cow. Intelligence teams are doing this investigation, and so I want to very clear that we do not know that Flynn anything wrong, and no one is reporting that he did and I don't want to convict someone that public opinion for being investigated, but You know the jersey, so don't like. This is an of a time when reporters are come to you and they're going to say what is this Wall Street Journal Report and you need to have credibility. To say this is not. This is bullshit.
Right if you want to be able to wave them on with them off and no one is going to believe them when they try to wave them on stories. The lies about lies about crowd size are, I mean they're blatant, but they're, also small potatoes compared to the lies, they're going to tell about a whole bunch of other. It's just and it's it's gonna get is a very serious. It's very serious. For this reason, four years is a long time there will be. There will be a national security crisis to be a national security crisis will be all kind events were going to turn to the White House information. It cannot be trusted and that's just it cannot be trusted and listen like images like sliding into the weekend is back to Kellyanne Conway just said no trumps, not ever gonna release his tax returns. They totale just. Drop the canard about the audit. So we know who's going to try to get him now. Friend of the pod normalize, and that is pretty normal- you get those normalizing Richard painter who is norms counterpart in the Bush administration are suing because Trump is in violation of the millions claws and as part of that, they hope to get the tax returns and discovery norm. Look I know you're worried about standing. I want you to know you always
right here. I thought this argued that more broke that news on POD save America. I think you heard it here first, I think it looks Let's just say that it's right, it's true broke, then it's true, we broke it. First, don't don't don't pay attention to anything, that's contradict. We want to thank the millions of people listening to every single episode of this podcast. There's, never been bold as far back as the Washington monument listening to the first ever been a podcast with an audience like this before this is the greatest podcast of all time period. Period period, end of story sentence, also, dippin dots, dippin, dots suck. I agree with Sean Spicer end up and I don't know I love you. I love you too they're. Just not you ask me. The future were little inside baseball here, twice her tweets about dippin dots, all the time for seemingly no reason or did in twenty twelve and everyone started retweeting that you know get into it. Ok, when we come back taped interview with Seth Meyers that we did on Thursday he's a very very nice. We had a lot of fun, really fun yeah, it's great. That was the most fun we've had in awhile. Ok, I had a lot of fun, but I have a ton of fun in my life,
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the incoming White House, press secretary, Sean Spicer. He said Harry's razors with us on the pod. Today we have Seth Meyers Seth, welcome we're doing a little crossover. I hear you Spiderman and Batman are in a comic together exactly like that how you doing, Sir, how you feel we always like to ask every other feeling, I'm feeling pretty good. Ok, yeah we're talking what is it is actually it's the day before the inauguration. Yes, yes, interesting data checking on people's feelings yep. I wonder if we were right on Monday when this airs yeah Howie. Well today. Hopefully, everything will still be yeah in order. I guess we should talk about. How do we think will feel I don't know so. Many people were asked me the other day what to expect tomorrow and have died and I've given up on expectations, em voicing I'm in talking about them,
It's been easy to forget about this 'cause, like Barack Obama, was a security blanket who is there, but being in the White House yesterday and like seeing literal moving boxes going out of the oval office? Was that was a hard hard visual for me, plus they're, stealing, all those busts yeah, that's going to be like a big scandal. It yeah. I did it, how how long do they have their boxes? There I mean it like one. Regular people move now they have to face them because they can't physically check you all at once, like it says rolling depressing dip. Archer photo process and like he's there on the last day and wearing a little sad, yeah little sad, your interview that we did get our interview, yeah good, for during our interview, love. It asked Obama if he feels responsible for Trump running, because of
The correspondence center does eleven eleven, where we all work together, where we were real. That's funny funny night who had the last laugh where people say who I've as some people on Twitter said who's had the last laugh or like who's laughing now trump fans then his eyes. He now into that. I think we still us yeah, he doesn't allow me he doesn't laugh, so he won yes, but I don't, I think, laughing the wrong thing to put on him. Yeah. When you are preparing for that speech, which is a hard one yeah and you did great thanks. I now know you guys did great with the president how much how much did you think about like how much do you think about targeting trump? When do that sort of come up in your mind, that was going to be ok, so we worked on it for about three weeks, because we had three weeks on from Sna and they're about eight people that help me out with it. We had a lot of people writing a lot of jokes and I remember the president. Releasing his long form birth certificate was a huge bummer for us, because it took away a lot of
we got angry when we were told that we heard that there was like something going on. We might get wind of something that was like newsworthy. That's going to the briefing room, we were like it's going to burst. If it's going to be tonight of all nights going to be the bursar typic. Three days worth of speech, yeah and it was and then but Trump. Of a really the bubbling up in the days leading up to it. I feel like it was getting worse and worse because it hadn't occurred to us three weeks out how big a part trump would be, and then, as I got closer, I think it really occurred to us. This will be and what a gift yeah do you know what a replacement for the birth certificate thing is that he is, and I think it was also that he was going to be there right once that was announced, then it got really sign because you think it's there's a lot of fun people in the room, but is there an aren't really now and Washington yeah, it's a tough crowd. Also it was. It was unique that they could cut to trump because,
is usually that it's not like the golden globes, where they cut to the people who are making jokes from the c span. People have no idea where anybody is right. The cameras are wave far away. There's awful, I mean again, it was not Trump's fault but it was the least flattering shot of him watching himself get burned right. It was that I was sitting right behind him, yeah the table behind him, and I could see just him being so Pist the whole time C span and asked me for my script because they wanted to be able to cut to people, and I didn't give it to him for a couple of reasons. One I didn't want it to be The cut is also, I don't know if you guys feel this way. The minute you show it to anybody. I was just worried. A c span producer would flip through my script and not smile, and I would always all right and you just don't want to show anybody anything until it's done, but the fact that you had so many trump by the time I went C span, knew exactly where he was they had.
Right right. It is. It is a really interesting. I mean I'm not saying anything. Somebody thought what a crazy night, because a few people certainly conjecture. That was, it was one of the moments for him. I heard it whispered for awhile and then they did that frontline special amarosa, just Morosa was like that. She said that was it. That was the moment he decided he was going to take his revenge at some point. Yeah. It's also a serial liar, exactly great story. It's a great story. Yes, this is the third I think he's moved on from I you know ultimately, so many things to happen. I I feel like he, although I guess the book on him, would be that he has incredibly long memory for vengeance and not like a you know like if
even forget type. No, I feel he's a forget guy. I don't think it'll forgiveness lead writer that I you know, I hate them, but I can't remember right: did he ever say anything to you? Well, I saw him a couple nights later at an event in New York and in my head, which is sort of something that Lorne Michaels would say, which is don't make a joke about somebody that you wouldn't be able to go up and talk to them after like, and I did feel every joke was fair. I don't look back on that. I think any was like meaning or out of bounds, and I went over and said hey because I know him from when he does that. So now I went over and said thanks for being such a good sport, the other night, and he completely shut that down here me they said you were to Maine. The jokes are to mail boy, as he did say the president's very funny. So congrats guys now 'cause. That was, that was how we always phrased it. It post was that I had stepped over the
right, wonder what you did there. Why got him? I think it's that there's something being burned by the president. Is it on or in its own right. I know it's it's embarrassing some degree, but with the most powerful man in the world takes time out of his remarks to target you right there's some. There is a bit of like you have accomplished something to reach that point, whereas when I go after you it's like who is this guy, and then, though I saw him at a not see him again until the SNL 40th and we actually had a very nice interaction. This is before probably about like three or four months before he announced it was doesn't like it was not planned. We were just trying to get to our seats and crossing in a very narrow aisle man, it was a real bygones, be Bygones conversation at the time and you've been friends ever since we've been friends
He knows so, everything's a joke. I told him every night I tell him it's coming. I read the script by him. He thinks is very good to sort of frame. Somebody is the other side and then we actually reached out and talk to him about coming on the show, because again because of twenty eleven and that corresponds to him, we always thought he'd be a great guest. And then he you know, started running and we started talking about and that service and when I went to westray yeah like honesty, so this is we we were excited to talk to you about, which is how you decided to be political in a show that makes that hard, or at least where there's like a threshold question like Is this a show that can be political right? It was you know, as a couple things, the main I like, the main catalyst was just this decision that was based more in comfort than anything else to move the show back behind the desk not do
of conventional monologue, which was a thing I just set up as a challenge myself. I really thought I would have the best joke writers and I would eventually figure out how to do it and just never found comfort with it. Also. You know our shows on after the today Show and Jimmy doesn't monologue, and I think one of the biggest challenges we have every night is how to get people to stay tuned in and oftentimes. I think when you do something looks exactly the same thing Oh, I don't need to see the same kind of jokes about what happened in the news, so we got back behind the desk and that let us do it a little bit more update style and when you have updates and keys and graphics, you can tell jokes that I think are a little bit more explain you don't have to do monologue, saying hey you guys see this, do you know that out of it and so that became a little bit news here and then we just kind of lucked out that we had just done a few of these closer looks and they go
it was at that thing of the audience kind of telling you something is working, but we get good feedback and then and then this all sort of just happened right as Trump jumped into the race, and then this became a year where I feel like all the late night shows even the ones that are apolitical started talking. It takes a little bit more because we had a more political leaning. It just gave us so much content that we started creating this says where, as we could do this closer look three or four times a week and as far as the fact that nobody's ever done, before it was nice that nobody ever told us not to like NBC was really supportive. I think NBC also likes the idea of our show being different than tonight show, and I think they
felt a point of view. This is, I feel like this is an area now and I think it's a lot of things to Jon Stewart and Cole Bear Lake view. It's okay, to have a point of view and be talk, show host me what I feel like. I appreciate about your what you guys are doing like your interview. Kellyanne Conway is one of the frustrating so watching this campaign is the degree to which they just insult your intelligence, yeah and like blatant, lies to your face and have someone call it out and like You know to do it with satire. I think, is like one of the best ways to cut through that bullshit, which was nice. I will say I'm very grateful that she came, this is so hard to have this conversation, and it was funny because a couple weeks before I had back to back nights David Remnick had been on, and the next night Rachel Maddow had been on an. They were very similar conversations. They were just like the progressive lament right and I feel like when I was watching you talk to Kellyanne Conway. It was a little bit.
Oh, my god, she's doing that thing. She doesn't see him but she's doing it to me, and I could tell him that crazy she's doing that thing. I want to talk about it, but it was the great thing about it and I realized the advantage I had over. Somebody who would do talk to her and CNN is an audience. She never gets interviewed in front of an audience, and so there's a moment where I said pivot, in the whole audience laughed because they you literally applauded and so and then she couldn't keep and then say it wasn't picked. Two hundred people agreed with me right is on you know on All the shows you want to be like a tab or you are some of the M Securitas her. First of all, I don't know how anybody when you're, just two people are in different places. Look at a camp Hearing each other in your place, like no ones ever come to an agreement yeah there, and also just that the audience becomes a group of people that sort of collectively say well now
the Hon and it doesn't make you as the interviewer look alike. You just found a bone to pick with them. You're just kind of thing. It just would love to get point that out red. I couldn't remember another late night show host breaking news in the middle of us interview to a guest. I thought that was pretty interesting yeah it was, I mean it was so I wish you could explain how it was like the there was a fire like everybody's running around like showing you print outs and reading it and trying to understand the news story, because I knew I had a hard one. It was, it was yeah. What will be that? We and we still don't know, still don't know. I still don't know. If you know I don't. I think, of killing calmly fully believes that she gave the right answer that I you know that it's ice, it's a tricky one the crazy thing was. The Buzzfeed thing was: twenty minutes later, an r show had already started, thank God, yeah
and that was like that would've been too much to know what to do with right. That was glad we had a night the processor process faster processing. It doesn't work, they still cooking process. Where you know I actually now begin again. Like will do it. Eight will have will probably fade towards it. It's been for late night. Talk show hosts that that Buzzfeed document- you know that is comedy gold. I don't know if it's fair to continue bringing it up, because it's so do you think it's fair, the at the logo, for our podcast is holding an umbrella, defected Jim Clapper, the director of national intelligence, brief to the President knighted states that he the words golden shower, I think to me, like I can't get document either and like. I think we all should greet all intelligence leaks with. Another skepticism right, but like and say this guy works national security. That said like when it gets briefed at that level, like you just had, that has to be taken on board's news
I don't know you, and this thing is floating around for months before this, but I agree that it's news it I just now it seems, there's no verification, nothing, and yet we again in order to make the jokes we don't we before each jokes. I unverified right. You know we collect, it must be broke. The seal, that's the first time I've used at once. Again, I might be having heard that one yeah everybody welcome What do you think about the role of comma and I guess in the Trump era here, because there was campaign. There was a little sniping from, I would say Republicans and then, like DC types oh John Oliver did a segment Sunday night, but it didn't it didn't, kill Donald Trump's campaign like right. It was going to you, know, sort of mocking it. Well, I think there's a fair: It's fair to mock those who write headlines that use destroy right,
even John has done that. To his credit I mean none of us. I mean again We don't have a right one where we you know. If it comes off the printer, we say this is the one yeah yeah. We got a joke, we're just happy to be able to talk about. What's going on the news make jokes about it, we also try it again. We have the luxury of doing it every night, so we have some time. Time we try to make sure people know he did this. He did this. He did this, whether that matters to you or not, well, you know when people say why are you so obsessed with them? Well, first of all not obsessed with him, but he's the most unique president. We've ever had the most unconventional campaign we ever saw and so it's kind of it looks to be interesting in perpetuity. We'll see what happens if it ever gets boring. That's our bet yeah? So we don't, you know, you're not out trying to stop. I mean again, you guys must think about this. All the time now which again this of a bubble and,
very aware that the people that were probably people who watched my show more when it was the apolitical show that kind of lead out of the tonight show who have been turned off by it. I would hope that maybe an equal amount of people then found it, because was what they wanted, but I am aware that more often than not, I'm probably preaching to the choir than you know, having undecided voters comes at the audience, yeah yeah. So when it comes to someone like Trump who is not normal, any kind of is in this comedy world right. I think that there are shows that have taken it on, and the other shows is that you know what we're just comedy shows we're just gonna. Keep doing our thing. Do you think? That's! I have an obligation to ask tough questions. Save a dollar do you have an obligation to not treat him as as normal? I don't know. If it's an obligation, I mean again, I am not trying to deflect it will just trying to do the best
show every night an I find the best version of our show is sort of questioning what he does. It's the most it's the best version and again every talk show has to build itself around the skills of the host. I feel like that is just that. There are other things I can't do that other talk shows are really good at, but I do think one of the things I can do is at least try to deconstruct what he's doing everyday an with jokes. I mean it's kind of that simple there's a lot of it comes from what you did an update, just because that's sort of the style that I think the most helpful thing an update was just learning. How to look down at talk just tell joke, because it is very jarring to do. I think, as stiff as I was. Could I do feel like I was really stiff when I first doing doing monologues on this show. I was really stiff when I first do doing joke update for some reason. I finally got good at sitting behind a desk and then started a new job and was like
and have my skill set. You guys, remember me being wooden back in five well here I am again. What is it about standing up that made a difference? the thing is there? Is it it's a little bit more old school entertainer right it? I think that the you know the curtain and you know we switched it to a brick wall there, something that you feel like you want to, see a showman an I don't. Even I didn't even know where to put my hands like that right, you see where Conan like ends up like doing dances with strings. Am I doing with my hands out here yeah? Well, it was by Amy HEAT, I feel like he figured out and turn it into a strength of right kind of calling out how silly it is that you have to add again configure hand in a pocket or or any of those things, and I always felt like it had no loose this for me. I felt like I was like doing a
in a catalog shoot, you know that they were using like in pocket. Then look at watch point. Why do you think there's no conservative version of what you're doing or that I can think of? I don't know it's such a good question is. Shooting on Democrats is easy. In the end. We are terrible right, no m S, I mean an absolute mess. This would wed coming out of maybe the worst like beer that Democrats, I've ever had yeah, and I don't know I mean. Hi there I I well, I don't know what it is gas and it's partly because, like Hillary Clinton has so few flaws yeah. I think that was not a lot of openings right, the general of us that we're gonna Booker. We got a certain
I mean this is still possible and I could go for that and they were going to it. I mean I I'm trying to think of who in counts as a conservative comedian. I know there are comedians out there who hold conservative right perspectives, but it doesn't seem like anybody wants to go out and and do the work of trying to me because it's hard, I have might be hard. It might come off as mean spirited, and I don't know why I mean I'm sure by the way. Conservatives like trust me, you come off as very mean spirited, and so I don't know again, I'm trying, although I'm worried I've, never there's never been. Empathy is never been asked for more by the winners. History. All right, I mean it's Kerr and I feel like that was I jumped to so. There was a lack of empathy, but now with a few months and I'm, why is the way here's the ones who also get empathy that hasn't needing to see like you know, Trump spokesman, saying I have to tell you center night LIVE was very mean. Spirited. Are you kid?
You work for Donald Trump, he's the meanest guy we've ever elected yeah he's a famous jerk yeah he's world, this mean spirited and yet well? Is this idea that everybody we none of us understood the lives of the people who made this decision get it I'm I'm again, I'm I'd. Certainly I feel like this is an election it you have to have an intellectual curiosity as to why it happened and and try to think more about the people. You have a thought of before, but is this weird thing like it? Should there be some empathy for the people who writes a Boston are going to have. I mean I feel, like I've read every article there it's been written about why we lost this election. An I have a less good, sending now than the day it happened, and I think yes, we didn't do a good job reaching out to white working class. Voters in the message was terra, but I don't want to over learn this lesson and I think the extent but the right? Now it's like for any
is muslim in this country an or or someone news you know could be sent home to another country it's immigration debate. I mean those people deserve some, but I mean from the women's March, but it's Sure thing if you have to we, we get empathy and you have to be good sports. Yeah, it's more winter things or winter thing is crazy, never seen it before no apathetic, it's almost as if he attracts kind of devious and prepared, like they're all Boston sports fans with the
The given the chance, which I again you know, I still hopeful that how I don't know how it happens, but that you know we're both better off a year from now than we are today, like that's the hope, and yet this idea of give him a chance what I mean by the day after he was behaving terribly. There was no shift in though, and so I think there's this. This idea that no one who who one of the other option there there are calm, gave me a chance, but it's of no there's as active. We also want to become president like the stresses and challenges only increase right. It's like ready, come you get like more in the foxhole and you feel more defensive right, like it's not going to get better for him than applause of presidential candidates. Are the flaws that dog their presidencies only worse because you're, a human being in the craziest job human beings have ever created and it brings out all your worst instincts, because you're human being
Can you feel aggrieved? Listen start either was? It is a obviously present about us seem to have you know, I'm a very strong historic sense of what he was about to step into how much harder do you think it was than even he was prepared for, I think it's much better. I remember in those the only time I thought I saw him seem nervous was those first few months on the job because of the economic crisis in the reports he was getting and just like every day it was more bad news like auto industry is dying. Eight hundred thousand jobs month, losing like credits frozen up and that started the campaign member when we all like surreptitiously passion to that conference call in October when he would just come to the White House and like that was when Hank Paulson got down on his knees in front of polo scene with Ben hardest part for the bailout, for those problems went back and he was like we gotta win this thing guys, like things, are way worse than you yeah
Obama in this meeting with Bush and Paulson and Closing Mccain, and they were talking about the financial crisis, and I remember Bush had seemed a bit of drift 'cause. He was almost done and Paulson sort of had everything under control. So I guess in Mccain, wouldn't talk yeah, but Obama got on the call after that, and he was more scared. And and worried than he had ever been during the campaign because he was like I'm probably going to become president, and this is really serious. Yeah to me that and credible onion headline black man gets worse rather well, but the Good NEWS is there are always four year stretches in America. Without a crisis That happens all the time, so nothing on that front. I it's incredible. Also I mean how I are you people of already forgotten how crazy it was one of our to
office like I was, it was as bad as Trump is making it seem it's bad now. I would say that to give them like, can you imagine if Trump was taking office in two thousand nine right now, yeah, then I'd be really terrified like at the very least. We have some level of common prosperity. But your point about the sore winner thing. I mean like the thing that's important, such as like is, is like this for six months or a year in Washington. The sucking up from the nine Jake Tapper's of the world is discussed right right, like yeah who's, up who's got the best office using power and, like someone needs to not give a about access and just yeah go after these people every single night. Well, it's great to not. I mean again the with there's, not that much access other than Trump. I think Kellyanne Conway is, I am probably the best person you can have to be the voice.
Him. Also to our credit, you know she's done bill Maher, like she knows. The house manager, Geoff, Johns, she'll she'll, go out there and take hits and try and she's good yeah, and I think she lives you act. I I do want to stress is because I feel like people, maybe would be surprised. It could not be nice before come out in nice after and, I think loves the theater of doing one of these. That has an audience, and so hopefully you don't access one trapped there, but otherwise we're in a good situation which is, unlike you know, the people in news
She needed break that you know we could just talk. Will we will more often than not that the news is doing the work? And we take their clips to make jokes about okay, so yeah, but it must be so much of a scare time for them and it is for the people Tommy you do need, though I I've a chronicle of most of like all the crazy things that happened today like. I feel like that yeah. Why some of the stuff you do is helpful because you see Dave NEWS. He like yells about a million things tweets like it. It's a bunch of things happen that any one of them would've been talked about for days yeah. I just forget the next day. Well that it is, I mean I well. Hopefully, each day's thing serves as a document for people who missed, of the day and just want to hear. Because again I don't know if we're changing minds. But if you, if everything I'm telling you is depressing. Hopefully this is the most palatable way to get yeah right, which is right.
Already as opposed. If you watch you know see, then you have to watch. A panel of people are very fraught talking about. The outcome in this is never happened, is im president and that, where is by the time you get it it gets to us. We can't please be rolling our eyes at it right man that doesn't make it any less dangerous. What is actually happening, but hopefully it makes it a more palatable way to accept the danger into jumps with, like the half life of a bad story, these days is like the snap a finger like I remember where I was when I first saw the Reverend Wright video it was like when Kennedy was shot. And then you never stop talking about it. For like three months, the men talked about growth sing, women aren't ipin like it's just kind of like today, I think was earlier today, Trump spokesman did a press conference and was asking: will you ever release his returns? We can find out where he is, and he's like that's asked and answered just know, know, know, know, know, know it's asked and asked and asked, but never answer right and it's just there like you can just move on there. What they're doing is the kind of thing I feel like political operatives have talked about forever. Like what would happen
we just never dealt with it. Would it really go away and oh no, it does and then I guess the terrifying thing is well I mean I look. Anybody was in expectation that he's going change is crazy. I think at this point definitely, but will this change the way other people run for office, because it was so effective? That's scary, because that's
You get away with a lot and we end up. You know he is a unique guy and it's easy to because he has been some malicious in so many ways. It's easy to overlook a strength he's charismatic yeah, the six cents for the media op bites. What scares me is okay, you can jettison the racism out because it's not a winning strategy, long term right, America's changing yeah. What do you keep you keep the lying. You keep that constantly keeping people on to the next story. You don't need to be consistent. You don't need your policies to connect what you say on a day to day basis you put the racism side, they're, still a basket of horrible behaviors, that people can learn from yeah and just dismissing the press, like rain Billy, to sort of wholesale push them off to the side. Yeah yeah, just to go in life that thing you're saying about how that the half life like so the piece for you tonight, a closer look, it's a basically an inauguration preview and then a south until the guy
put on confirmation stuff at the end, and it definitely feels like a little bit. We thought, oh, maybe we should save confirmation stuff for Monday, but sales been doing this long enough and he was saying this was going to be a story. In my mind, is a lifetime like Betsy Devos has like five seconds that you can talk about how we look at a ribbon the first got cutting to close school closings the written back in the front of their police taping a school all the reach goes away really fast, yeah, so new to be irish, but the next thing I'm we we take. You know because we'll do we'll, probably averaging about three weeks. That means one day a week. We don't have a closer look, and it's amazing How you can't even get a day ahead? Could you go and that one at least we have two days to work on it because it just it all just like flush is out so quickly yeah, I mean our prep
Asian is, like John writes an outline for the US, and we rewrite the thing three times before Monday limitation. Usually it's outdated by the time. It's aired, yeah. We missed every big, sorry, but right now it's true who's, the who's, the most human politician you've you've interviewed, but you didn't think like this is someone just sort of spin talk? Well, I will say it was it especially this? So you know this year when you have they're, so many it can is on there hung inside and you just realize how many of them don't understand the purpose of coming on the show like mine right and they. You know people like you know like case taken and Martin O'Malley, who are lovely people, but just like locked into talking points. They would do anywhere and you could just feel them, and I will say case it came back a second time an was much better and even said that when he watched it he realized. Oh, this is not the show to do your meet the press. Talking points the audience didn't care, they had an assumption. Oh, we thought, if you were showing up for the one thousand two hundred and thirty show we showed another side of yourself, I mean Bernie is human, and that only I mean it's just the most human behavior
who he is yeah yeah, I'm with the eight. We basically had him when he announced. So he was this crazy long shot and then the second time we had him was a will. Is this a real thing? It was like after Michigan and then the last time we had. I'm was sort of right after it was right before the election. We had four times, I guess but like right before the action. I present high, but he's like I'm bad at math and I wanna be running for Prez. Okay, like I yeah that'll yeah, that's a very good, honest answer. I will say my favorite again, in the same way that I really enjoyed talking to Kellyanne, Conway TED Cruz was really a phone interview yeah because he's I know I know you was I mean he he's very he's he's like intellectually combative. In a way that is interesting and he's not. You know he he has. That debate. Background he's not tied to you can switch the topic subject on him and he's like very fast island can kind of go he's got
now I'm a fan tankers yeah you were on board early as amber leaves my boy he's the only guy who could stop him. He quit give up. He could have done it, he quit too soon. I don't think he had a. Yeah. He quit that very moment. He didn't have a chance, but I think there was a period of time when he could have done it, something unlikeable that comes off him I mean again. I think if, Justin, friendly smarmy to the rest of his party, right. You know like if he, but he played that card. If I'm going to be the outsider and then like that, dude came out like so far outside him like you need to have an inside somewhere. But it can be small, but you need somewhere where you can go where there are people who, like you yeah. It is funny what goes on our side, or it goes into like preparing politicians for shows like this sure, like they'll be meetings, It's like right come up with line. This is the worst thing Sykes right, don't we don't want to write them a lot
find your nominee shows. It definitely changed over the years, though I remember like when in the first year at the White House, when he would do when the present any one of these shows there was this the meaning and calling you know, writing a page of lines like me to use this. He does this and it never comes anything and then, by like you, know your fourth, it's it's like. I just got just gonna, be just talk yeah. I was much better and he's the best at it. Here's what I wanna leave back to correspond center. What is it gonna be like what is the correspondents dinner gonna be like next year? So I think Al Smith is going to be instructed what we saw during the campaign, which is he will have a pager for only written material by someone who has sold their soul and then he'll turn the page and I'll just be like. You know what I hate, all of you mean mean mean mean, and they have no punch line angry. I hate you. Thank you. Well, you know
we've learned that self deprecating jokes are always the best yeah and you always want to start with self deprecating so that you can get into the shots yeah another people later. I don't think he will be very self deprecating yeah and he got he said. He'll, take every job too far will be a joke that singes and then held just hammer because he wants to really itself like. I was like a metaphor. You were so close yeah, so just singeing we're gonna go. We might be other elves. The thick of the US with dinner is he doesn't. He has no expectation of how the job will go he's just like he's. It's it's it's almost as if he's hearing it the first time, as he is it and not not that good standup way of all they say it makes you think it's first and they're saying which Obama sometimes sometimes he's really reading it. For the first time in, like a speech, a little joke
but yeah I mean I don't know. I can't even imagine what it will be like for the comedian would say what comedian does that it gets. Yeah, where the cable guy good luck, my friend, listen to any the the whole the way that the he's interacting with the press corps if this trend continues and they push them out of the west, into the ob and they're saying no press is allowed in Trump's hotel this weekend and like this, access keeps being curtailed. Reporter should not be a party to this. Yeah you know and like I don't want to be, the after I got to go my turn, but like is not funny. Because people need to understand. The press axis is our access to information, and I think it's easy
like we should on the media from both sides. For so long, we've destroyed their approval rating, but it's like this is the this is getting dangerous. Yeah. The weird thing about any collective press decision is: is that even possible to ask me you know when people say? Oh, they should walk out of the the you know the press briefing. Well, not everyone will ever walk round red, be left with right, and so there's this interesting thing, but some people they just might have to eat at the She will be of the way the press corps and he can't outrun does one have at dinner. Right he has one to go to the White House correspondents and, although now because of two thousand eleven, I think the first year he's gonna want to go to be like Liz. I did it. The job is right. It's it's going to these dinner is getting the Olympics, like that's in his mind like right, and it's a show right against big show yeah I
it's funny. You know this is I mean the reporters talk about. You know behind the scenes, also something a lot of like press people who work at the porter said. You know we had fully privacy work for Hillary, on our show and and and one of things he said, as reported to have to start figuring out how to work together and stop seeing themselves competitors, and I wonder how much of a challenge the Trump press strategy has to pose before they'll really do that. He said this like even if ABC Cbs Nbc also join together. Like Fox and bright Brown rose bridleways. The answer to get weekly adversity leave yeah magazine if you're gonna get back page right, yeah yeah yeah hold it over all the way he He might not want to go just because he may be self fair enough to know that he's not going to be funny and be scared that you won't get laugh. I guess the real question I mean April is alive.
Away like well how yeah but yeah I I can't even that's going to be. Like here's, my I have another question. Otherwise, correspondence dinner. Do you guys know the answer this? I believe. Before President Obama started doing it that the president went second, No, are you sure, for some Isn't everybody wants the comedian to have gone first, like I think that everyone is like that makes more sense. Why are we doing it this way? But I remember I remember Wanda Sykes going after Bush and kind of watching Wanda Sykes, I was walking out the door at least the Bush administration. It was that way. I don't know if it ever twitch. Before that I mean it. It only only reason should switches how good Obama was at it. Yeah. I've Obama was impossible to follow its people. Its totaly home field advantage
the president right right, but he has not only I'm not just saying this fantastic material. He has a stand. Ups delivery. Even when he's talking about policy, he knows exactly how to deliver a joke. Yeah- and I just remember that was the part that the hub, when people say that how stress was imminent, the stressful part was sitting there, knowing you have Go up next, while he was just murdering just killing, you have to cross out any jokes. Did you have repeats? now, it turns, No I'd with the. I ended up, dropping jokes on the fly that were I sort of had a joke about every two thousand twelve republican candidate, and I did a couple of them and I can tell like he wasn't you I don't. Are you still the president? I want to get caught laughing at that he was happy laughing at Trump and I just really is because I found when he gets cold to something like the audience kind of does too because yeah they can see him watching. I really think you had that one of the great strategy you you do
did a fantastic job and I always point to as like that was the best job. A comedian did during Obama's two terms and also it would rock company I get one and, but I it was you had us real strategy, which was you were just relentless with jokes 'cause, it's a big spread out room, so you are fast with a lot of jokes and you were flip. Pages skipping things. You weren't sure. You know where you got anything to say, although a lot of the comedians to fill because they are they doing to. As well, because they do too many jobs yeah- and I don't know why in that room- they felt they they feel. Like you know, it's such a sensitive turf, rooms who they get sensitive to the weirdest things. There was uh I'll, tell you after we stopped rolling. But John Lennon They were sitting at a table and I skipped a joke and Malaney told Neil awesome
Happy skipped it. I've been so worried about it. Coming like this, I think and there's no dress rehearsal. So you don't every joke. You tell your learning an exponential, amount more than what you knew before you told it, and it was just like oh and then this came wanted like skipped it. He said it was like. I started beating again we do this every year, where there's jokes, that we love and then they go and it's nothing and then there's jokes that were like. Is this too cheesy? the audience yeah. That room is its first of all they're, never as inside areas. You expect them to be because it's a mix of Hollywood people and DC people who are really more sponsors of these magazines and newspapers, and then there are journalists who are you know, look the funniest people in the world, all cheerful various bunch not sensitive at all. The White House press corps much prickly, pears, those guys I remember the other thing was we were supposed to
You know, there's like a a photo room beforehand at with that, because the a a picture with a present a first lady and then they were supposed to be a photo with myself, the present in the press corps and he disappeared. And, of course a you guys have talked about this. But you know that was the next day was so some of mine, and I just went over like multiple forty saying them. They got one of Qaddafi's it's like that's the they just killed when the copies get, and I just reflect our no, the gas that was their guide or something or like maybe was one of Saddam's into lakes. There was something, and they were all so sure I mean usually like the next day. You know John, I working on the speech and Tommy's in national city, but we're just working on this joke speech and we're like. I wonder why the present was so busy in the two or three days leading up to the the the car's bonnet that we can get a time for this important events yeah, I had to go to the next day and I was like I got called in and I sort of sense
something important I didn't know. I wasn't read into this. There's no reason to be, and I got to the White House in like a headshot of Bin Laden with a bullet through his skull, was put down in front of me. So we got serious. But then, throughout the day I would go outside. That would just be like the cast of true blood like pitching up they couldn't get a tour that was the law makes sense. In a couple hours, we had to cut a Bin laden. Joke Obama asked us to come did you have we had one, but it was just. We were just sitting on C span for How- and it was nobody wants to see. And it's like a people have been looking for. Everybody says: oh sound in London, the Hindu Kush, but did you know, he's hosting a talk show on every day from two to three? shakes I've been saying conscious of, but it is that we always say that I think told the last in line joke that he would have. Chance to hear right right right, depending on, like you know, the WI fi?
they get him watching the come on. Man, that's going to be the worst thing. That's going to happen to me today he did sit around all day watching tv themselves. Yeah. We released all this video of him just to kind of denigrate the guy and make him look like this saddled man that he was complaining about cable news. Is, there trouble right, the I got up and finish. I n a was of us as much as like I'm pretty sure it was just the presents a good job, and is that, thanks to somebody, maybe that fast, but I remember somebody said the next day or two days later, whatever what do the for? What did you say the president afterwards and I buy was telling people I said check about a bed. I've been looking at some Google earth. There seems to be a it doesn't fit. It doesn't hang together if there's something about it, hot tutorial, yeah. Why Is why a dish? Why would a house like that have a dish? Why are these walls so hot believe what you will? I'm just saying you can hear intelligence
the other member that well, I walked off stage and Al Franken called me immediately, which was very nice. He had a couple times did you see Rick Perry today closer for closer, like it's like, genuinely hilarious and good natured on both their side. Both sides yeah right and the best part about it is Rick Perry, says the crazy thing and for its such a get Franken being from comedy just knows, all he has to do is just let it lay there. It's pretty awesome one of like one of my first, my first ever of jokes and politics as running jokes or Hillary and Al Franken was helping, and I made him laugh about Rick Lazio working at a deli in upstate New York, and it was like the greatest like, I think I'll Frank is a tough audience that felt awesome.
They used to call and yell jokes into an answering machine when it got turned right: Kerry, presidential joke Wichita jokes at the top of his speech and like on returning with this feature. At the time we sit in our office and we like listening to messages from Al Frankin being like here's, what you should say: here's a couple jobs John Kerry, didn't deliver them quite as good. Now we Amy Poehler and I were in DC, for I think when Tina Fey got the Mark TWAIN Award and we frank and had lunch at his office, and then he just gave us a tour, and I realized the whole reason to give us a tour was just tell us, the jokes that he'd come up with about different things that never worked with any of people that he was spending his time with yeah that looks that looks like Rudy Vallee, like ok, cool cool he's getting funnier as a centre. Now
yeah, as of late yeah yeah show he was very serious for that first term. I guess you're comedian running for office. You sort of have to be right in and then did. Even if I guess also when you like, win by four hundred votes, you don't know you've got to go right to it, like guns, blazing at least that's what a corn would have. You believe I went I do as in Minnesota once and had dinner with him, and it was really funny because so many people are coming up- and you know you say, is- is kind of a sits in the middle of the restaurant is going to you know talk to his constituents in the same thing about winning. The four hundred votes is like you have to thank everybody voted for you and you have this. Thank everybody who didn't vote like you. That's right. You have to have an incredible amount of gratitude for pretty much every single person, so you think you'll get Trump on Don't I really don't and I'm kind of relieved that it's not something we're chasing because then you have to because again, if we
you know there would be a back and forth and they would constantly you know they could just play us. Then you know we. You know we love to. I think it be helpful if If you you know, if you said how attending the inauguration was, I think that would meet you know that would be it doesn't. I wouldn't put it past them in terms of specific request here on the mall, with a mic like three doors down. That was wonderful. All the doors showed up. This like Killian, might come back, although I hope so I mean that I one of the goals outside of being a good interview, is doing in a way that she come back. You know that, as she is a fantastic resource and- and hopefully you know you want to just strip mine at the first time out. So there's nothing left right and I do you know there are so many people who, before you interview somebody like that says, I hope you're going to tell her and they tell you things like. Oh, no, I'm not. First of all I wasn't raised Yeah, I'm going to yell at my desk
again, like you know, just go back, it's very easy for me to book people who share, but political views, and- and that can be a really good at it conversation to get interview but moving forward. I think that the other is is makes very good tv as well, and so it's hopefully trying to find as many as possible. Good luck thanks! You see I'll. Just give you my resume and just after what do you want to do for the White House? I just want to get back in there. You know support my country get back in the game, yeah, it's nice being there. Yesterday they do good work. Yeah, it's going to be a little bit me a little different yeah. I mean I get it down. It will be back there for quite awhile. I know that getting a mental picture guys thanks for joining our product. Thank you guys. Thanks for listening to our show POD save America, don't forget to check out our website, get crooked media com, all kinds of good content.
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