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Trump issues a new immigration ban, and peddles a deranged conspiracy about Obama tapping his phones. Then, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) joins Jon, Jon, and Tommy to talk about his committee's investigation into the contacts between Trump officials and Russia.

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Welcome divisive America, John Ferrer, on John Love, it I'm Tommy. Later today we have the top Democratic, the House Intelligence Committee. California represent. Of Adam Shift also he represents us Hungary's meant he is the remnant of during tonight. That's why we should welcome and an attack on Jack may I got one street over. We would have been to lose constituents Adams. I honestly you can. This puts a lot of detail for a broadcast outgoing elsewhere that ok, few things positive the world on Wednesday. We got, we have former you ambassador battered Russia Michael make far. We talked a couple weeks back. We talk about the whole scope of: U S, relationship with Russia, Obama did the record history a little bit of the Trump stuff, but its broader look at the United States Russia in history there and he where the wiretap on he ordered contract. Credit also, don't forget to some
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new travel ban that we are about to talk about, look at that, I say wait out of it now into the top really good. At this I now I don't even plan our orgasm threaten you six this morning, trumps the new organs? I've got a few things: for we get into the big thing. Does which is the wires have by Morocco by getting wet year wet some. So this morning, with no cameras present trumped decided to and his new travel ban, no cameras, prayers, and also space he's not doing or not, Kimber briefing today there. So what a coward cowards do your job number one. The old man is revoked, so there see you in court. Tweet is no longer operative. The release for now the New travel ban takes effect on March, sixteenth, so trumps tweet about he's like we couldn't wait a week with the other ban, because all the bad news plan to come into the country, so it turned out that the punt The action to trumps speech.
You say was so good that reduce the terror threat so that they could delay the airway etc. Then it's done even greater still by his tweets about wiretaps that the EU does it go in effect for another to ease the raising of an up and a few other quick Tidbits on the new ban, Iraq is off the list. The literal home of ISIS, some of as a safe haven for ISIS no longer on the less apparently maddest lobbied. For that to be analysed, it will not affect green cardholders or anyone with a visa. No refugees for a in twenty days, will not accept any refugees from any country and men. Here's the here's where could get bad? The e o direct, the Department of Homeland Security to set new standards for how much info other countries have to give the United States when their citizens apply to come here. If they dont meet that standard, whatever the standard may be, they get placed on a permanent blacklist for all so that's it. So that's the real and about the fact that the story here that this is a story of yet so on. On the line
particularly together in bottom, whose deputy secretary of State, who is really one of the people out front, leading this effort to develop refugees, mean a dying to plug your show is over but continue and swallowed it she said: was There was not a database, they didn't search their right like gave. If you had told them hey here's another way, you can find more data more days every or they would have. They were incorporated that made a part of that meeting. Other countries does. Just meaning any data. You can find got it right, but where the problem here is your asking people coming from say, Syria to supply information about where they lived finances, whatever may be from a country that doesn't have any institutions left, because they ve been bombed out of existence, rights of its citizens, a de facto ban are able to get these data about. That's my condemning and by the way, that's also part of the reason is difficult for syrian refugees to already get legal status,
Now it states part of the problem is, is very hard to verify these people and they do an incredibly stringent job, inventing them yes, really worthy of evil cross oceans with literally nothing on their person, and there were asking a country that were essentially you're, not at war, with the bombing a collapse in country like hey. Can you give us this file like? No? We can't the Russians and ISIS Bonn that building right. Those files to exhibit the other development that took place between the bans was a report from Department of Homeland Security is intelligence on intelligence. That said, there is no national security reason to ban people from these. Seven countries. So make sense, so the breadth of its own department of Homeland Security doesn't have it find, have not been able to financial security reason and that problem
could matter when this case goes to cork has ACL you by the way, has said that they will still bring lawsuit against this executive order, because they still believe that it is unconstitutional by the way that its it is fast saying how how much this has been reduced straight like how hard there ass this fight, like first he was gonna, be held him in a corner in fighting the courts not have abandoned, not that now they ve been restricted to this executive order, which is again can be challenged in the courts there signing it behind closed doors, because an up Of it, they delayed it because they knew it was a bad story like this is a this went from, thingy campaigned on a promise. He was gonna, keep to a huge they don't want to do in that executive? That's right, the best point, all the law gold fallacies the John walk through with the top about you, know their arguments they ve made and why those have been walked back. Lead you to ask ok, Why are we doing this? Now? The homeland security
as I am not sure that will make a safe seeming, leads only to keep a campaign promise that didn't make sense at the time it was only done he's a pauper right, Brett because Steve been doesn't look muzzle mostly been and is not supposed to immigration from these play. He's opposed to all immigration period and in an end, Miller and Ban and have given away the store on this, which is it it's not national security, for that they do not want immigration from muslim countries because they do not believe that people can assimilationist country. They believe that the reasons are economic, its competition with our workers. It is all kinds of other reason. Besides national entities is still just in openings, album and parted by the way, the larger campaign there wagering to increased attention. And you're in return immigrants into escaped us off some of these deportations of two. I want to talk about that. There was a story that splintering yesterday Chicago Army, private, first class they'll per as was born in Mexico Group in Chicago he now faces partition hearing today because of it
on violent offence, he's one of thousands of green card veterans facing deportation under Trump this man served two tours in Afghanistan and was injured in explosion. He has a traumatic brain, brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder is one of thousands of veterans who have fought and fought for this country who are now facing deportation this. These are the bad dudes that at the Trump wants to get out of the country. It's irrational. It's appalling! It's immoral! It's unethical! The lack of empathy involved in any of these rulings is it hard to understand I just hope the public of any could turn against this in some way it just it was just makes it amazing so angry on back to last week to and that fucking joint sessions
beach. The moment he became a moment. He began a memo moment. He became president guys you as president for a few weeks before when he started these disputation processes when he started repealing regulations when he started doing any continues to be president in the days after living president, the hope, bucking topped by very who, from your conversation with the others, I was on, your presidential, is a word with you to describe President's it is relevant in the campaign. The ones you become, president, is just what you, by the way, by way it's it's barely relevant in the campaign. The word it's hard to really pinned down what anyone talking about under the military. It reminds me of something I saw a movie and it makes me feel good as of wishy washy pundit without perspective, read like yes, he also have it's like he guessed, he lied to all the news anchors and everyone else that you he talked to during that lunch. Before this joint session speech, when he said he might softened his stance on immigration and everyone, and bought it again like we buy every fucking possible pivot from Donald,
and once again it was brutally false, because the man lies all the time the buyer utilise all. But I don't you think, trumpets. Sorry line to those anchors to the point where he might send them. Some flowers, oh if he does if he doesn't them flowers, he should use pro. While others are created in linking ok, great love profile, we have always loved drove ours and we have always been at war with ease the heat. I wish this part was video. Solemn experience Lastly, this is no those people that are just hard to shop, for I do like a girl
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Anniversary every occasion, even when you watch your neighbors dog despite him not asking in a tired, ass, suddenly ass gets and Oliver your purchase twenty dollars more profile hours. But this deal briefly my last longer profile as our common Inter code cricket, a check out to get the special deal. The code is cricket, use. It were business here, people how causing just for fun guys. Let's talk about what happened on Saturday It is time to talk about what happened on Saturday. I want to pay. I want to get too motivation here, so, let's paying a little bit of a backstory which ok, actually and some others did not standing Washington Post or this morning about Casta and broadcasters? Are it says that in areas of our trumps anger so trump very upset and angry and furious, he can't make the registry disappear. He went ballistic when he found out that such refused himself. He glanced up illegally, pass any legislation and he Also, this very important has really started to hate. The unflattering comparisons to Obama
First, couple months, when Obama past quite a bit of legislation, Obama did stuff. Burma has been unable to give aid to the global economy from plant from collapse. Many any became Vienna. The correct was divided and there's amazing road at an advantage shouting and pointing through the window of the Oval office, the CNN captured in the pool capture. It am, I didn't see that yak rate Friday was no great, Dame Lionesse, Tustin so wakes up Saturday in a series of tree sent at six thirty eight I'm on Saturday morning the President of the United States, Donald Trump, accused his predecessor, Brok, Obama of wiretapping, his phones during the election. He called him a bad sick. Guy he compared to Watergate and Mccarthyism. He then took a Arnold Schwarzenegger for quitting the apprentice and decided to play eighteen holes of golf. Every people made this point, which is when recently uncover the Watergate inside your and my house How long should you be worried about that before you turn to apprentice ratings
it was like a war that spring it was basically what have been the minutes. That's right. So the question is: where did the outburst come from Father, wasn't very nice to him and he also has a deep kind of well of a hole in his heart. He can't Phil. That was the now the PD be the presents daily briefly everywhere he gets the most sensitive intelligent in the world at any time. Based on his require, he rang angry by saying that, sadly Tommy, that was not of not obligated. Was it a breaking news alert from Europe from any kind of journalistic institution? It was now the title in Euro Times without any an end. Was it any kind of investigate reporting that had just been on earth? It was not apparent someone on his staff handed him a bright Bart story from Friday, which summarised: a rent rant by right wing. Radio touch us Mark Levine, who said that the above illustration and the intelligence agencies have been out to get for truck trump for a long time and are planning a coup. That is where this came from. Finance should guess have so Obama's offers them.
How to statement denying that of Amr anyway, as official ever ordered surveillance on any you as it is in and said that it was the policy, the Obama administration in just about every administration, modern history to never interfere with any independent investigation conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Department of Justice Ben roads? I thought had a really great risks. So this, which he said what you said on Twitter, which has actually we have laws in place to prevent this specifically to stop people like you by hunt citizens enjoying about the same Ben roads to disguise himself cable guy, I'm tower he brought a moustache and a pair of overalls black crawled under he and die and carries you plot of the White House, betraying operation to them piglets, do a cartridge! Try my burner my burner vanity! This one works! So, let's, let's break this down, tell me how to surveillance. Actually work were left with. How would this This happened if this was that this was true. So some key points here, please we're talking about the wiretapping
allegedly of an american citizen, so right, one, the president can, or legally order, the wiretapping of an american citizen and other important factors, Trump bears no is the back of this claim, except for the bribery article which we know because staff was unable to confirm in after the fact right. We also the co me asked the o J declared statement false and Jim Clapper denied the suggest some facts to get those out of the way. That is a huge one, because we went through again. We went through a forty eight hour period, where there's all kinds like a conjecture, unlike what I did when I knew that the became the break article, but even Obama statement that didn't mean that there was no surveillance, because Obama just wouldn't know, because he's not supposed to do that right, but then we got asian last night, the James call me the of the FBI said that it's bullshit and I feel it is a bit like putting together like a complicated matter. If you like, you need all these different people to roll it out and be very emphatic like. Why did you not know about it? And would you know about it if it were true and they are so like it is rare to seen. Intelligence official on television being definitive clapper was like now,
I would know, and no we're not rather than the way here These stories were the worst stories to deal with the White us when I was gonna see spokesmen, because when you do with intelligence matters, as always shades of gray. That I was confusing exceptions are always try to get to the bottom, something you can really talk about, but you're right that statement that definitive from comin clap. This remark, but your little a little back on you before tell them. Surveillance act was past right after Watergate, when Nixon was illegally, Sir political opponents and others created before thousand surveillance court were judges, your applications from Deejay or the FBI to collect intelligence in front. Inside United States. So basically there too, awful ways to target you a citizens for surveillance and collect the contents of their from causing emails, weren't there's a criminal wiretap. We ve all seen the wire. That's where you gotta federal, with evidence and say this some committed serious crime and to monitor their comes the is a national security. Why tat, wiretap or Pfizer order, which requires a federal judge on the an intelligent surveillance court to believe that deeper,
it's an agent of a foreign power or seemingly there might be some there's, an effort to collective record relative to afford entity like a bank- and maybe that's is causing. This fusion here so was. Oh, no surveillance is proved by the Negative branch Obama is only approved by the judicial branch. Crept Obama can't say what survey that guy someone at. J goes to a judge. Radio Gazeta, it's only been like while Obama's justice, supplemented it about just his department, can go to a judge and ass and say we have substantial evidence to or surveillance, and then the judge would have to say us right. So if, if, if a judge did prove surveillance. Whether was a fine, a judge or an article or regular judge rate. That would mean that there are substantial evidence of Trump or one of trumps associates doing nothing doing something that yes now, where it gets confusing and where people are, I think, understandably, confuse or say what about General Flint? We all know
Conversation with the russian ambassador was was picked up. That was, according to news reports, first hand knowledge of this because the end I was monitoring the communication. Routinely of the russian ambassador in full. Conversations were picked up in the process of that surveillance and were deemed realm it has a was associate and there's a process for when American are captured in the routine spying on foreign nationals right, procedures called minimization where you are essentially predicting or disguising the names of known. U S. Citizens involved in those names are only brought out of its are relevant to the case for the intelligent itself, and once again I just want to that were not only more entertaining but just much more formidable. Irregular news, which is but it wont, let me know each other better. Earlier president, you could help myself but their work. I so
to come through, which is of a bullshit process. Any return to come through, like the origins of the bright Bart story in the mark, Levine ran that Glencore of the Washington Post did up full fact check on this whole thing just basically what it comes down to. Is that only there's only one article in one story they think it's he'd street each other right, even that ever problems, you may have the green assault. Let right that was the only one that reported that there is a physical possibly to Sir Veil, a computer server and possibly invalid or not even surreal d get records in rendering. If you re connections, we russian back in this- that you don't have that lame, has not been confirmed by a? U S: news Organization, any and no article, no no story, nothing says the robot, requested the order or that it resulted in the tapping of transfer unless it is completely false made up made up? It is a conspiracy theory. So I will say this on the way over like it is one thing: two weeks, you must expect us from Donald Trump love it you
You brought this up by then yesterday at all levels on twitter what they like this is no like yeah, guess Goddess Trump is not losing it he's not to range not going crazy, not falling apart he's exactly the same. He is just sir. He is he. Is the same person. He was. He is doing what he does he is taking in whatever that solves his ego and tweeting about an online. What has changed is his surroundings and he's the commander in Chief of United States, and he is undermine apparatus in the governments and conservative. US and conservatives in Congress who now feel they need to carry his yes. What what what is concerning to me is that, rather, then go to the is for national security. Visor The CIA, anyone he tells us community to try to understand what actually happened here to extremists. Trouble pig slashed chief striving to settle abandon whose written around the embassy doing- God knows what filling his head with
easy conspiracy theories about how the deep state is targeting the thing that then that actually here's man, a few people, pointed this out that were real trouble, is when you actually figures out that as president of the United States and has a lot of power and a lot of access and can find things out without tweeting about a first rate report like one of the things that drive me crazy about this whole conversation is, is that lie dick in reason is completely absent. Social. To ask you guys a couple of rhetorical question. Are you don't mind? Do you think, but would end his presidency by legally wiretapping, a total buffoon that everyone thought was gonna lose election in a landslide doesn't make sense. It always sense done Obama's. Now, as a result, I suggest that this is about his plan all along. It's like I'm good two wiretap, our political opposition, I'm going to get information. I will say nothing I will let him win and then I will write again economic out into the planet on paragraph adding well unique once dear ones once I'm safely was
We had run vacation with entered Branson. There are fifty feet up above a speedboat looking down at a beautiful vista or click send out of the total lack of bombers. Obama's Justice department investigated is political opponent, obey Justice Department, investigated Hillary Clinton. Why are you fucking? Yes, it is a good one, because, because I was so angry this we go so angry, because here too I am angry, I'm not it Donald Trump. You expect this is where I sat, and so what you say. Loony person he's an loony old man who has conspiracy theories, that's fine, but now, when he issued conspiracy very well when he hasn't. Unlike us, though his wife back some up the fucking entire, Publican Party, except for various members of Congress who there are some Republika Gunnar like I've, seen anybody evidence rebel, give them credit Albert. They cannot in the dark color they can in the dark.
But I didn't like that expression to the smaller than candles in one cannot real candles in the dark idyllic birth, again of the growth of the entire conservative media step judgment is backing him up now and it's not just lunatic. Like John Hannity, who were tweeting all of us all weekend what nobody! No, and when did he know it then roads have you got in a lawyer, Valerie Jarrett. Have you got in a lawyer, John Henry? You not talking back to me because a lawyer is coming up with your talking points like you are such a fucking moron. You have no idea what you're talking about. Did you get this? I might get the tank, whereas there is another question given all that's left so far. Do we think if Donald Trump himself, a summit wiretapping, illegal or not illegal, that it wouldn't have leaked out in the washing pussy seventeen sources on any kind everywhere they re there. There is actually one leak that I actually wanted to talk about, because it is about our friend rights previous and it was a leak about this after a meeting in the oval about leaks. Trying to get me
to deny leaks, which then leaked, because it is about people having a problem with the way things are being late, it were they background. It was a record in that story. It was a leak about a leak about a leak about it, part of what so frustrating about this is, after all, the the prince about Hillary Clinton and the need to investigate her and all the wrong doing. There is an underlying suggestion here that the FBI spots, criminal activity or collusion with a foreign government that they should not investigate, could somehow was can did the Donald Trump and we are in the midst of our aid. There is the other literally putting politics before law enforcement or national security while the eyes. So I right after the Obama statement came out there alone Forty, but who said, Obama deny that there is any wiretapping whatsoever. So I tweeted like I'd be careful report that, because all that would set is that Obama didn't ordered Nobody because that's not his job, you know, and all these since and every right, winger and foxy. There were now has been retweeting, my tweet and there like Obama's former
former Obama Administration official says that there could have been wiretapping like gotcha. Not gyro did not deny a dungeon, among others, our ally. First of all, I don't know shit. I've been gone since twenty thirty and when I was there, I wouldn't have known shitty there, also by the way, that's all keep in mind is all about the fact that there were insane and unnecessary context over and over again between between russian officials and the term. Campaign which they denied and lied about four months- and they have been them strangely pro rush administration, we ve had in Decades- and that is the heart of this, which has not changed when trot, make something up on Twitter Fucking Saturday, because it just goes Dennis either trim completely made it up and it's another conspiracy theory, and he lied to the american people or here has been surveillance and because there was surveillance. That means that there is sufficient evidence right now,
if there was surveillance. I just wanted to each one step back for a second and help. People understand how sensitive Pfizer surveillance or the Anything to do with american citizens is rightly that is the most from those Texted information that happens and government is shared. Where relevant, but like the fact that trumps instinct is too about this and then just to immediately tweet about it is such a departure. Any conversation about these issues we had in the last ten or your basic sanity is stunning to me, and I mostly work on this stuff and the pathetic despicable, clean up effort. By chance by Sir and his press minions over the weekend, Sean Buddy, you do not get it. Ass, because you're a team player, I know,
Cole Wallace sound the pot on Thursday that he's a nice guy, and we hear this all the time about Sean's by Sir he's such a nice guy he's just doing an act Sean. This is who you are now you're, the guy doing this. You are not the guy. Putting on a show, you will go down for your participation in this evil, fucking him initiation and you shouldn't pretend. Otherwise. It is very interesting to me that they are putting out Sarah Huckabee Sanders on shows their deputy president, which, if you are you put up, the deputy, pressing during the last six months administration to get that person some reps, so they cooler job when it's all done. Ok, I think that's what you're gonna go to your active player in pain like month too bright the? U turn around aren't either putting her out there because air
one who senior does not want to be on the record. They saw what happened Kelly and Conway. They saw what happened, and I am speaking to colleagues. One gets shattered, lack Kelly on his back this morning, shoes on Fox advantages like oh, what the president said that, because he has access to intelligence, that you don't go in fact advances in real interview. I mean I've, always while just be exerted by your mom and prevent she changed. So the waiters over again confirmed that it was news reports that led to the president tweeting that becoming communist when it was like just kidding. It was actually intelligence really, while she system will see the light of the latter. So the question is what happens next The White House is now calling for Congress to investigate the FBI. Eyes role in all this, which is also someone hilarious, because, basically, though, executive branches calling on Congress to investigate the executive branch right right. That's Donald, Trump, basically Donald Trump. Can find out all this information himself right, like
doesn't need Congress to investigate himself, but if they do investigate per annum You find that there was surveillance, perhaps, though, also uncovered the evidence that led to the surveillance, which would be some kind of contacts, were nefarious between Russians in the trunk and raising there's, not theirs the Congress could uncover from someone inside the executive branch that that whatever they tell Congress, they could also tell the President yeah. I don't know so ridiculous marketing, Erika training I've been in the way, trumps aids cheer him up is by taking him out to dinner. Talk about banning Muslims and refugees from the country great the dogma that report, because they know that in the end, the Washington Post story, it was I who he was He was so upset. He was in a rage and then use at my logger for dinner, and there like they, laid out the plans for the travel to get a later enables here tomorrow, without cuts or any woke up happy at the way he seemingly chains narrative to being about attacking Obama. For some of you never did, and then he was upset again because
targets on the Sunday, shows in defend him because he's making it up and he's crazy. They are particularly mad it little Marco, who Bunda ride down to Florida AIR Force, one they didn't get it back. I am so anxious. I love this, obviously because it's about our friend worker, Rubio, well, famous coward, and so marker Rubio, derive the tramp any like walked behind tromp with his sad tired face because his insides are showing outsides and and and then he's asked about this, and he just hems heart, and he has a talking point which I think is very proud of, which is, I will participate in a witch hunt, but also one participate in a cover up and that's why I'm not an answer any of your questions, and so he won't cover special prosecutor. He wants the intelligence community its work, but he wants to know that House's committee is not a law enforcement body, which is why they're not gonna do do blah blah blah. I'm not gonna. Saving on that can criticise trumped, but even that wasn't defending Trump enough for trump
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Barton Mark Levine, read to you know: even even places like the National Review yesterday was doing the hall. Oh Obama's Obama's Justice Department has been, you know, digging around and Trump, and they have it out to get him, even though they also investigated Hillary Clinton, but none. I know it's politically motivated and the deep they had some in their early gang and Alonso HEAT treatment. The lines going be Trump may not have been exactly right, but he did have a point. Did Obama administration hold overs around to get drunk and and by the way, like you don't even to get deep into the conservative media, you can check out the kind of the pundits Gonna make it really look. This is a hearts issued understand. We have. We spent just like half an hour trying to get and it is tough like I don't feel like I have like- I don't think I could go through recount. Will we just went through instead of saying a simple way like these are complex. It story and people are frustrated. They dont trust with her getting and so like. No one knows Can follow the news. It is impossible to keep up with what's happening and Trump has paid no cause for his previous less. Besides, migration. The claim at three million people,
people vote illegally, that tankers is dead, killed a keg eurobonds founder of ISIS like there been allowed in born in America. This is what's what scaring those key the ability really matters for a president right, you we will go to a country at some point. There is an unbelievable story about North Korea's nuclear in the New York Times over the weekend- terrifying stuff. That is one of the great challenges he faces as president. Apparently others will. Apparently, reportedly Obama told him This is one of the things he breathed a mountaineer. Ninety been at meeting the oval like that's where you bring up your top top priorities, he's not based on these things, maybe going so long and he has no credibility to go the United Nations and say This is what I know about their nuclear programme was that's what I know about their icy, be employing them our president, whose a proven liar. Now has no credibility in the eyes with anybody with anybody, so as we always have to do here, what can we do? What's one thing we can do so sessions, used himself from any
any role in this investigation between Russia and Russia, russian Interference and possible collusion with the Trump campaign, so that, It goes to the deputy attorney general right, currently the depth Acting attorney. General is about administration. Hold on hold over there is a confirmation hearing this week for trumps pick for deputy attorney general, some wrote the damn Rats have said that they will try to use every tool possible. I saw Louis richer Blumenthal at this conference. From Connecticut I reformatory general of cannot get the right, don't fuck, with that's right, yeah Gaviria, He said that we will use every two tools at its disposal to hold up this confirmation hearing until the Trump administration agrees to appoint a special prosecutor together this. There is also seen in Paul this morning. That said two thirds of Americans, including forty three percent of Republicans, believe that it should not become the dissolves investigation, but a special prosecutor. We can talk to represented
about this when we need homes on, but I these that's one to demand that, like we get a spam in it, like you said, love it all. This is confusing it's hard to sort through and it's hard to trust a lot of different people like different actors and missed. You can put into pain secure and you let them take care of us. So I seen him by conflicting reports about whether the current deputy can appoint. A special prosecutor right now from inside the justice weren't, because sessions has refused himself, and I wonder if that something. Have you seen that Jimmy thought about that of whether we should be pressuring the current deputy, who is Obama, a pointy, by all accounts, a kind of bipartisan straight you to respect numbers as well. But we could ask that whether we should be pressuring that person to appoint a special prosecutor now be given that whoever Next, it a lot easier to not appoint one than it is to fire one. I don't know how I do know that you're not a bit, I would use it ended they should. I would you say, I'm not talking about it. The decisions that name is special prosecutor is not something I think anyone take
we need a big deal does investigation to tend to creep into, not just that the crime is off at the cover up. I think it is high two you in any rational way that the administration, by by their botched response. This in the number of times have been proven to be lying or dishonest and misleading or showing the facts haven't, earned that right. And the other thing to. Is we also like is really important to mislead like this is not a distraction from healthcare is not a distraction from deregulation. This is really important, but they're right in that healthcare bill hang closed doors right now, and is actually something interesting, that's happening, which is Paul Ryan. Is really afraid. You're gonna run at a time specifically because that, if they don't get this bill out of the house fast enough, there members will go home for a two week recess and Gabriel April eighteen and get a cost it about resistance recess in April eighteen.
So the day of the special action in the Georgia Sixth, and that big tax rallies coming to rent in their huge rally untaxed. I think, Sir release your tax Donald Trump. We don't we Let's not forget, however, that that goes, I'm that goes like this memory that's another one by one, the kingdom, if prisoner about wanting to screw over Donald Trump, he could have released as tax returns, because prison Obama had the power to get anyone secretary which, by the way, we should not talk about because trouble. If I'd up right he's now it while it will have the Vienna by parts of when we come back, we will have type Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee represent about him chef. This is positive, Mary, stick around more great show coming away party Erica has brought you buy, helix your unique either. Like everyone else, talk like everyone else or sleep like everyone else, because you're a spokesman for Donald Trump, so wise, your mattress one size fits all a truly customize matters will cost you five to ten thousand bucks until now. Good here
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Today we are on your district, I dont hijacked his interview, but it's been windy and treated for my blog. You can get me the right people to get that removed. What am I gonna get right on that, the more we get off so lots of them apart from this weekend, but I want to start with the investigation into Russian into There is in potential contacts between russian officials, Trump campaign officials, so you said last week that FBI, director call fuse to answer questions from some members of your committee that were Jim that you believe or germane to the investigation? What's what's your point, to get those answers you know
How concerned to you about this? But I am very concerned about it. There are a couple kinds of briefings we get from the director. One is a quarterly counter, intelligent briefing. I any other the briefings that we're getting in connection with our investigation of russian Interference in our election and the possibility of russian collusion with the Trump campaign I and we haven't gotten the information that we need to do our job. So we had a number of members. Myself included, asked the director questions that were pertinent to our investigation. I am neither we didn't like the answers it just at the answer. Was I'm not an answer that question? Ultimately, that can't persist if we're gonna do our job, and I would hope that he will go back to the department. I come back to the committee. I come back to the gang of with a different answer. Our we'll have to inform the american people that we can't do this investigation as we should and will have to subpoena the director or anyone else that we need to get information from. But I hope that kind of step will be necessary will so unfair
Friday, night centre, Christians from Delaware mentioned that the FBI has transcripts, there would provide, hopefully its into whether or not russian officials were cooperating colluding with the term campaign at the highest levels. Do you believe those transcripts existing and how do you get them? We? I can't comment on any two specific about what transcripts or conversations or that that may or may not exist, but we won't have any russian officials were either between russian stock and other Russians. It's not something I can go into, but I can say that this is all I think very pertinent. To or investigation we ought to be doing is a thoroughly and follow the evidence wherever it leads, and certainly we would want to look at any intercepts if they exist and to the agreed a shed any light on these issues of continuity. If you look at the New Yorker too, there's a big story about a Trump hotel and as a budget that tie to a correct political family with ties. The Irish Sea, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to debate whether
might violation that foreign chiropractors act. So my question, is you re things like that? You then logically, that Russia, and it seems unlikely that Trump was cutting deals with Putin directly in far more likely that he was doing business with his associates or some corrupt oligarchy makest. My question is: can you gradual investigation encompass his release? empire and what they're doing overseas with russian oligarchs or businessmen and might be tied to Putin. I certainly think that the president's financial interests could be within the scope of our jurisdiction if it's one of the ways that the Russians were exerting influence over tromp, whereas associates and of course that was one the allegations in that dossier that that allegedly former British, a spy
hey compiled that suggested that the Russians have been working for years to essentially get their tentacles around Donald Trump. I interesting Lee in the president's tweets on the subject of degree. You can rely on anything like that. He doesn't talk about Russians, investment in him only his investment in Russia, but the real committee that ought to be looking at this is the one cheered by Jason Chafe. It's that his government reform- and it is quite clear from Mr David'S- he has a a new and quite different view of his desk responsibilities in this administration than he had with the last. It seems as though he's a blubbering towered Dona. That's not my characterisation. I know you can wheeled out get out. We, you can almost feel sympathy form one. He had appear this morning to defend Donald Trump. Sir spurious claims that President Obama has bugged. His phones are Trump tower. It was even difficult for him to guess, told from line with much restraint face, especially when you know the trap is watching. Yes, that is true, so
counterpart on the entire committee represented Devon. Nunez said that he's, seen no evidence of improper communications between Trump and Russia and he's been told by senior Intel folks. That quote: there's nothing there do. You agree with his characterisation, giving those appropriate? I don't agree with characters asian and its far too early, in my view, to draw any conclusion about what they haven't will show in terms of potential russian collusion with the Trump campaign we just don't know yet. The first witness we had was the director and the direct refused to answer a lot of questions we are still in the process of looking at some of the dock. Events in the documents were examining right now. The documents that underlie the public report intelligence community put out about the russian hacking and dumping in russian media campaign, so those documents said don't as yet even go to this
basket of issues surrounding potential collusion. So it's way too early to be reaching any conclusions, and I don't think I any members of our committee or the Senate Committee ought to be speculating about what our ultimate conclusion will be. So This is obviously an incredibly complicated and vast story. A lot of you, Asian is classified. It's really hard for people who have access to class permission to keep up with. What's going on, let alone the vast vast. Thus you don't, I think, people We scared in their worried right that the present compromise at it can't be trusted that there has been the collusion that its effect our government right now, and I know that destination will take time and that you don't have all the answers. But what do you say to them right now? That's it at their worried their worried that they can trust as president with class, information there. All these are powering reports about him, not having acts information Hetty reassure p
Or do you not reassure people? I'm not sure I can reassure people, and there are two things that I would would mention. The first is with respect to the president that when he tweets out these completely baseless and wild allegations against his predecessor, it diminishes us in the eyes of the rest of the world, the suggestion that by one present that he was bug by the prior president and of course, people have quite rightly pointed out- that would have to mean that a federal judge found probably cause to believe that Trump or his aids were engaged in crime or that defies the court found that trumpet his age were agents of foreign power. The only other explanations, of course, for his statements are he's trying to distract or perhaps even the most disturbing conclusion would be. He simply can't tell of fact from fiction. I am from a presidential unconstitutional perspective. He doesn't know
From wrong- and that would be the most damning conclusion of all the other thing I would mention is that people really need to keep the broader context in mind in the broader context. Is this we are in a global world ideas with Russia, it, Sir now not communism versus capitalism, but afore terrorism versus democracy and the audit cracks are on the rise, and we need to stand up and meet this challenge, and I think, is a profound concern around the world and now at home that we don't
the present who's up to that challenge. Deeply Donald Trump can we got it can be trusted with consummate information. Well, he had Ellie. I it's hard to to know what he can be trusted with when he is willing to say something as incendiary as he just did about his former the former president. I would hope that we can trust him, not the blurred out information. I would certainly hope we could trust him that in any discussions- and he authorizes his staff to have with the Russians that he would never betraying the sources of information. I think our intelligence agencies are going to be very protective of their sources, probably more protective than ever were when they involve Russia, because there are profound concerns about where the president is coming from.
Caution when you talk to colleagues on house floor or wherever you talk to them, do you think that Republicans will be able to find the courage to stand up to Don Trump when his approval rating is higher than Bush or regions? Would at this point in time me is: is politics dumping. National security, comet Centre will absolutely, and I think, for a lot of the GNP members. You know they know that the president is a loose cannon. They know the wheels are likely to come off the wagon, but right now, there's still things they want from this. President. They don't want to jeopardize them. So every week on the house floor, we take up a new give away to some republican member and, if their from a mining district, maybe it repeals the surface minor regulations. If therefrom grazing district repeal the grazing regulations, they all want to get something before the wheels come off. The wagon and allow these members too, are worried about the Trump backers at home in their district a they recognize it with the present said during the campaign
proved all too true that those who crossed him would pay a price with his supporters, and there are only a few like a John Mccain that have had the spine to stand up to the sky. The Cardinal Hope Concerned- are you about the volume and sensitivity of the weeks that are coming out Donald Trump about Pfizer about our intelligent peony? Generally, I I didn't like it when there were numerous leaks during the investigation investigation. I t approve of weeks now, but I think that people need to distinguish between a couple different kinds of leaks. There are the leaks that really damage national security where their revealing of sources and methods of information, and we certainly have some of those in the past but alive the leaks, we're talking about now, our leaks that are merely embarrassing to the president, or that reveal some kind of wrong doing by the president and of course the best example was the leak that revealed that might Flynn I had calmly patients with the russian ambassador and lied about it and which
trusting about that and disturbing about that is when the present learn that might Flynn had lied and cause the vice president to mislead the whole country. He was okay with that of four weeks. It did nothing and the only thing that forced him to fire Flynn was when it became public, and I think this is why he's so mad at the press Because he didn't want to fire Flynn, because line of the country is okay in his book and the real sin was getting caught and having it publicly exposed, and it that's, I think, a big part of the reason why he views the press is the enemy of the people, but of his own personal item so one possible explanation for the many many contacts between that have been revealed between Trump campaign officials and Officials could be. Collusion some kind of collusion with regard to the russian interference in our election. What are the possible explanations for all of these contacts- is what I've been trying to figure out, like I don't know,
most innocent explanation is, but we know the contacts that existed and existed and alive, volume during the campaign, not just in the transit luxuriant, maybe they're playing, surprise party that have happened but well. What else would also you guys looking into on the committee in terms of these contexts, where I think the explanations for Nano, the content but the Russians, seemingly inexplicable affinity for Putin and his inability to criticise me anyway, You know they range from the very benign or maybe not very benign, but from the benign to the far less than benign and Bobby them benign explanation is he he truly thinks he can have some kind of a different relationship with the Russians and with Putin somewhat. Less benign explanation is that he realizes camp can't. But after having play so much of his credibility on the line with this new policy, there's nothing now the Russians can't do that. He would call them on
Of course, the even less benign explanations involved there being some form of collusion, and probably the least benign- that the Russians have something on this president that he is desperately afraid they might reveal, and I would hope that our investigation of its truly, directive will not prejudge. Which of those explanations is true, but do our best to find out then lay those facts before the american people. You think we need an independent prosecutor at some point. I do do when I you know I didn't reach that conclusion right away, but when some of the facts reached the point- and I think the visa V Flynn is a good example where the Justice Department needs to make a decision- is there a prosecutable offense here, the attorney general? I don't think and do that and the partial nature of his refusal means that the sensitive. Conversations with ambassador took place after the campaign. Presumably sessions would be making that decision.
I dont, think you should, and I don't think people have confidence in their judgment if it's his judgment, so I do think we are already at the point where we ought to have an independent prosecutor representative. We appreciate you stop him by answering our questions and and best of luck on the continue investigation. Well, thanks so argued Yeldo great job, and I just What can I do any work? The famous and you too, will have it. We have to have you back on in later times. You need to talk about something like for change. What is logged in North Korea, nuclear weapons as take errors and of thanks though we ever today. Thank you too congressmen shift for coming.
Applause and will see again thanks guys, don't you have any forgive what s parting shot like. I just think we should just take a second and just recognise that this is fucking crazy and we are still in the middle of something crazy. Somehow it manages to get worse because maybe we're just not imaginative enough international crisis of yeah yeah, we're international crisis, Tommy I'll, say, don't wait, and I say it again. Here are right, but it is a crime fortunately we're gonna gathered together here on one at the time by guys, bye.
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