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Trump's first 100 days end with a fight over funding for the wall. Plus health care, tax reform, and Teen Vogue's Lauren Duca joins to discuss truth in the Trump era and the divides in the Democratic party.

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is a new resident LOS Angeles and allay residential unsafe government did anything as efficiently as the l a parking authority give out tickets. We would have no problems in this country. Welcome my friend I too, down and like today welcome to the parking nowhere. If there is a minority report again here, take it when you think about eleven minutes, Syria, on the part of the day, we have the author of teen, rogues, sky, high politics, Column award, winning journalist, Lauren Duca, just one in a word at the Shorty worthlessness vertical. Yes, we do know it. Does our Ike It is their social matured level, Google, they're gonna, like outlet, Nobles accommodation and by the way we walked into the studio today and on on all of the cable screens was Brok Obama, son. I said I was like a we, maybe we're back and another era in like after finishes speaking more Ngos, gonna say he didn't motor oil, a terrible dream and then we're going to treat each other better. You know it's like Did he reach out to John Vainer and will doubtless harvest the ghost of Christmas future? The scary
most of them he's being Rau, recording, as I don't think he's making any news. So then ideal. I just I just made sure he will make the idea that the only new made sure contrast anyway subscribed we're pods lover or leave it. There is a great show in Austin my browser time, better Orourke, I can say I pronounced, occur, Glinda, yes, better and I played a game called cruiser Crockett and we actually had a song composed by our bar. He'll band, sure sure Davy Crockett had crews cover there. You go among many other reasons to check the house subscribes that positive the world. What's gonna put to the vote this week or to talk about what the hell is going on in France and what the hell happened in Turkey, we're gonna go hard Europeans we good, because I don't think we'll dealt deeply indifferent politics that took us what I wanted to say that the treaties, I can't leave Donald Trump, who has ongoing visitors in Turkey and refer to the armenian genocide of the genocide but then again needed. It does not seem right to me anyway, with friends like these Skype Armoury Cox's by guest and guys we are but
launch a new path cast with our friend Derec Essen. We them sitting on this news for a long time. We have got to be overcome at it, sir, it is gone, they D, teaser and the and you'll be able to subscribe will be up on Itunes, Tuesday April twenty fifth, today's the twenty fourth, yes to table twenty Fifth you can go on Itunes. Any subscribe to dress pike S unblushing after that I think now settled on the title: pod save them Probably now you James Debt, but it's not like I got knocked over people thanks to Twitter- gives them gave duration greatly back anyway, were very, very excited about. This can be focused on social justice, social justice, activism, organizing culture driven us So I guess it's gonna help people you know figure out caused. And stuff like that, were very excited about an aircraft media commitment, ok, This week's agenda actually action before getting two hundred days
she has actually to before. You know that can be with a interview, my God You tell me where I wrote this little bit less so did you really love it? I saw the extra I mean I have to say, but I wasn't complete, surprised by it, because basic any time, Donald Trump gives a lengthy interview we get like ass, a gate of unintelligible ramblings, like punctuated by insultingly obvious, lies yeah, I just sort of the budgets and that other sort of my feeling like I was I was about to click on, to read like the whole thing, and I thought very long why? Why he's, just rambling. He doesn't know why saying these things are not that tethered his views, he's just filling space. We asked a question. Is a dial racist like I and there any doesn't view words as like. you're wondering those really interesting. I dont have said the other day was like he was like, while from the middle due to deal with them, and it's like for him he's like at understand why people take my word series,
I understand why people take my word seriously political will, which prompts me, because the press told us not to break I've been in his absurd. Hyperbole is kind of funny in the context of a big rally when it's like him, one on one with an associated press reporter any oval office, and he says some people say. It was a single best speech ever made in this chamber about his joint session, drastic think you don't like my interview with Chris Wallace- had the best rating since nine eleven. Those are, the only actually I could handle boils, but if they work ensigncy islands and nine point, two million people turned into interview. He was what seven million people off on the right road even know what was in his own hundred day plan. That was it's not great. They just because you to this point, the term presidency you're talking about a hundred days, it's like the guy is not some like secret plodding, fascist he's just like he's ease, incompetent and he doesn't know what he's talking about, and he has no desire to learn what its economic and he's just sort of in awe of the office, but more in a way that, like oh
did know everything's going to be this hard. I thought it was as easy as everything you see on cable tv, but it's much harder than cable tv makes it out to be the there's something he keeps pictures behind the oval office task, and I don't know if that's how unusual that is. It feels unusual to me like, when I picture Barack Obama take a picture it in front of a desperate stand, ashen, but Donald Trump pictures behind the desk like the way Jazzy took a picture in a situation room because it looks like he's on a tour and at night, and I think subtly Donald trump himself. Anyone with a camera in his vicinity, picture is still wholly fuckin. Shit now present Donald Trump is present it. He visited. The game is all gamesmanship, its posturing, its whatever it, but it's unfortunate that down to a staff users along political peace, but the press office in the way they do. The press anecdote in there that they lie they. They play a game where they try to slip. The biggest lies they can into stories on background wherever they do it and they think that's funny. The White House Press office lies for sport. If I had done that, Robert gives would have Lift me up by the scruff of my neck, ripped off my badge and walked
the gates and never spoken to me again that this is deadly serious, and that was not a fake news reporter that that was a conservative activist by the way as the source for that two of them. In my case, I worry, if you can't figure out which Wayne aircraft carriers going, maybe don't brag about line to the press, the political, a get the basics right, you more their base their there there. Their rationale was well they're, going to print whenever they want anyway, so we might as well have some fun with it. It's it's a group of people, it funny thing like use, I'm learning a lot about the relationship between intelligence and morality that, like some of these people are too done to do the right thing like they ve, never thought about how hard these jobs should be, how to care about them. Why it's important like these? Are these people have no business in these jobs because the
he began to work for tromp are that are the worst craven ridiculous failed out Republican onwards, and I have sympathy for them. I realise how hard those jobs do not have sympathy rising to arouse difficult that comes off his job is when you have an incompetent senior staff where they have no dealt supervision from President down, but do not brag about lying to the press and think that that's cool day, ninety five were stolen offence, our time to day ninety five. If somebody back and see that's great, I cannot so we are so three months. It's been so we're headed to the hundred days of terms presidency. The first under days, which is a completely trump, is great. It's completely artificial bullshitting deadline that every minute also deals with, but anyway coinciding with that. More importantly, is if they, pass a government funding bill by the end of the week the government will shut down. It will be the first time that the government shut down
when one party is it can in control of both houses of Congress, him the presidency, but somehow they might be able to do that. So negotiations between Democrats and Republicans in Congress to avert a shut down were by all reports going. Fine leaders said they were close to a deal. Everything was going smoothly until Donald Trump stepped in and said he once funding for the wall included in the budget. Experts in the war would cost twenty one point: six billion dollars and take three and a half years to build a network and not work, try tweets yesterday, eventually, but at a later date, so we can get started early. Mexico will be paying in some form for the badly needed border. Let's go get along Leyla Yak everything and adjust session said that mexican people, not Mexico. The country will pay because we'll take back some tax subsidies for them, so that there are other spent yesterday also what you talking about
I'll. Try going full politicians would have bullshitting tweet wherever this would happen at a straight talk man, it eventually in some form it was. I wanted. I wonder if I want to imagine and this week like what Donald Trump the candidate would be saying about Donald Trump, the president and his first hundred days entered under the candidate when he heard a tree like that. Like can you believe that it's bullshit it's. What are you talking about? You need a liar he's like he's corrupt. You like an alleged, as is the case as these people, but he was very weak. Weekly very weak I put mulvaney he's out there, his own be directed at their saying. Elections have consequences. We should fund his top priority, you Told us. Mexico was gonna pay for I was not so. I was actually thinking that I'm not good at an unoccupied three dimensional Senate Senate Senator Chess and nobody could stupid, but like what are we introduced a bill that said this
don't we will support spending the Wall dollar for dollar? Four, the mexican government countries will matches matching funds. You we'll do it, but we're great idea. Any dollar max you get mixed, go to put a dollar and we put a dollar seventy two dollars. Christians is this a bluff I would say yes because on a Sunday shows, which is where we get all learn from whether they sign a bill that does include while funding just about Reed Trump official, said we're not sure cells and annual. Yes, I mean what are you talking about you? It seems this my bed is, they are going to try They get some money for border security in quotation marks into the government funding bill just nebulous border security, not specifically for the wall and the Trump people, call that a win and everyone else who said because we didn't have wall. Money specifically will move on the government we fund it. I think I shut the government out over the fuckin. While I go ahead. Yeah I have view on this very simple. If, so the government down over funding for this wall. The nations
got Madonna where this? While we can, because you said Mexico is gonna pay for it? We said your dumb fucking liar you one and you should know, and now you're making us pay for it can go. Fuck yourself will keep your promises for you in a painful goddamn. While the idea, the Republicans are already a mean, is not just Democrats united against this idea that begins arrogance, a tune, and one of the reasons. Why have you look inside the washing postal among the people Tromp is accomplished much forty seven percent plan in the blame on him, a quarter blamed congressional public in seven percent, blamed Democrats that obviously not directly applicable here by think it instructive in terms of how people might view a government shut down in the context of them controlling every in just the people know could put go who were asking us on Twitter, the reason that they do. have to negotiate with Democrats on this funding measure is because, yes, rubber control the house, but they need sixty votes in the Senate to pass the bills. Are Democrats could filibuster the bill which, of course, So some conservative commentators, like fucking Hugh Hewett, without their saying, like its chuck tomb
he's the one who is going to cause the shut down. The Democrats should be blamed for the shutdown nostril get there. They don't even have Republic enough republican votes to fund this wall. Like me, four Rubio is out there this weekend saying we shouldn't have the wall in this bill. Marker worthy Mark Sandford was out there saying this anti remark. I rely on all the all the Republicans that represent border states, for some reason don't want the wall of the people that are close to where the wall would be those Republicans dough on it. So and seemed seem see my dad's gonna happen. The the thing you're trying to do in his bill is the Obama CARE Kasza, airing subsidies, which we have talked a lot about trump. Did a bomb occurs in serious trouble. The Dems need big money to keep it going. Otherwise it dies far sooner than any would have thought. What he's really saying. There is nice healthcare system be a shame if something were to happen. To have a cassette would mean if he D, if we do not find these obamacare cautionary subsidies, the insurance market will probably meltdown millions and millions of people is access to health care. At least premiums will go up massive massively
and this is a small we thereof. We have done this before Donald Trump is doing something new, but we should put in the context of yet again A republican administration Republican Congress is threatening countries health to get votes right like this, is sort of like the debt ceiling like we'll take it due to bankruptcy. Him, oh well, will put us in default of you guys. Don't don't compromise with us like these? Are? This is a threat to the country to get boats like it's the items, It's him putting your gun to the head of the healthcare system, because it's like a double for it to give us the wall or we will melt down the insurance market, an shot. The government on the edge like here Sweden. The deal will do one more bad thing to you like it's just pretty. I don't exist yeah? Well, you we're gonna, get a boar government funding. Bilin, that's gonna, be does have a lover. Jared Jared in The idea of uncle a whisper into the presidency is in Jericho. Just pick up his hand and sign the bill and the care will be good.
your point. The intro trump is right that the hundred days marker is arbitrary. It's bullshit, it's silly to focus on it here. Hope this case here by having a staff giant meetings around bailouts, one hundred days, an elite, those meetings and whatever, but that's it One thing you learn quickly in the White House is that a for your prayers, central term is like eighteen months in reality of time or you could actually get things done. You count recesses real action like all the things in the fact they squandered a hundred days with nothing done is, This is really an hour or two interesting up. I was thinking still like so moving he's been out there being like. We pass more bills, people don't realize it. We ve done more effective orders, people don't realize it and it some. I dont, think the picture is has positive in terms of wanting Donald Trump to fail. Like it to be like it is true. There there have been no big, you know, Dan are pieces of legislation, but they have passed
number of regulatory role backs. They have signed a bunch of yours. They did get course it on the court like. We should not pretend that this has been whereat. We we have succeeded in stemming them far more than they expected and that's really impressive, but their game they're. Getting their getting point swell course, which is something that you can do We always realise that the problem with executive actions when Obama took them is that they could be undone by someone from the opposite party. So there that's the both good and bad. The good thing about executive orders. You can let them down. It looks like you doing something they can actually have an effect. The bad thing is You like someone new they'll, go away, rather, what wearily regulatory every cell accept bs, but everything everything except corset can be undone by democratic present, he's done. Dia jobs cannot vote, not the congressional votes to do a bomb regulations, those are real, does are those relaunch of the congressional votes? Yes right right so love, but a democratic Congress, Gettin courts right right, right, understand, like yeah, that but legislatively he hasn't. You know yet,
Nowhere, EVA legislative stuff, but yeah, he's doing damage left and right. What's gonna with tax reform. Tromp head said that there's going to be a huge announced when I Wednesday, which like scared, everyone who works for him and everyone in Congress staff is and what he said. He's aids can be biggest tax, gotten history, The problem here is girls of because aid, saying multiple things out. Their new gainsaying long term he's saying we're going is long term tax reform. That's gonna, like simplify the tax code, referred the tax, colonel they're, gonna, stuff, Mulvaney they're saying maybe it's just a short term tax is good. You can either have a small tax got that permanent or a large tax cut that short term. What's your point of view this Wednesday well in their problem is if the tax cut Scored is adding to the deficit in the long term, then you need sixty votes, which means you need Democrats which meets tomorrow, gonna happen, so That's it s in the short term. You can do it. The reconciliation only have fifty votes so
being a big there. push a big short term tax cut for companies and for individual, laws and their wretched image of a rich people. Units you'd heavily towards the wealthy, though probably person and of middle class bone in there. cholera win the war massively the deficit and, once again we are allowing this cognitive dissonance where Republicans gone, say well, we're grow. Our way out of this deficit problem because there will be increased economic activity that will recall this. No, there is clearly a spending sigh area, a revenue side, deficit problem in our free, and in this is going to exacerbate. I mean I don't understand how these like. It's like we're back in the It is disturbing that restoring the beast again it so it's a very old feel, very old at time when we're old politicking there were in an embassy was returnable. Fifty seven percent of people said they want more government help in their lives. This is bad path. It's the same. It's this! It's bad! It's bad politics for everyone, except the.
lookin members of Congress, because the only narrow like ours, yet the only thing they all agree on is that they want to cut taxes for themselves and their rights, while in the Van diagram of what they had to agree on a wooden trumps interests overlaps there because trumpet this point is getting desperate for any sort of went. So you didn't care what the policy is using care, what the voters he just someone to say that something he did was away. I feel as though I introduced the Van Diagram and then you ve run with it pretty. It's amazing that you're, the first person ever mention rooms, that's gonna, love, it Vanguard graduating, but I was just think it's a rounds like me when he's around. I, like it loved you around me, allow your dotting. Some of my my high in the air is a pioneer you got. I ardently unapplied shortly by chart near by charging year, yet Healthcare yuck, I'm really just keep,
even though gonna go we're gonna get, although it is their attention on the part of questions and there is or you guys, fighting someone said that that the reason that we're not on Thursdays cause dad- and I don't get along that- that we're like I wear like band made that don't talk anymore which, as you know, is a treaty which, yet you have your number data, the oasis of this by getting right now. Are they fucking us with our they fucking with us again on health care? The people who credible final you're, a form they are back at it trying to makes it make makes. care worse than it was before. There's are rumours that there has been negotiations between the more moderate Tuesday. In the House and the Freedom caucus. It looks like where their settling on is everything that was in there. regional Trump care bill stays as awful as it was, but they say states are going to be, to apply for waivers, which will be very easy to get to
get rid of protections for pre existing conditions and essential health benefits? So so the reason the rain play Ryan CARE. What John refers to, as well as their wealthier hushed and welfare, Twenty nine perhaps was now freedom caucus didn't think that the regulations were lifted enough The more moderate members felt ass though it was not generous enough right as a as a with you, too much too kind of heard their constituents The compromise that doesn't do anything to fix anything and then made this a Obamacare redoubts. It just made life harder for middle class. People didn't do anything to change that. All it does is allow states that already didn't expand Medicaid that already have made it harder for their constituents get healthcare to make it even harder. That's all it does is makes everything worse, why I dont understand how I don't understand how that passes like this bill as a concept was rejected and now the whole things like it's the same ease thing, but Alabama won't have any rules,
This aim is ensures, can charge people with praises and conditions whatever they want. There's no limit it used to be that they have to charge people of praising into existing conditions the same as they charge healthy people. So they did a study on this, the cat their decision on this estimate, its bacon premiums. If you have cancer, that's about you, ve paid about seventy three thousand more year, breast cancer. Twenty thousand more year. Couple thousand more you're for autism, asthma, diabetes your pain about seventeen thousand more a year in premiums if you're pregnant. So that's why would happen if this new one passes Ryan is sort of walked back. The urgency of the vote on this in said, don't expect about this week. Trump in his press conference last week was like the bills getting. better. Everyone loves it. Many people are saying it's wonderful, many people saying it's good. I want to get it done, it's going to happen, it's gonna happen the answer I don't know, I don't know probably only the load radical, the trunk. It's getting really really good. Many people really like it, and it's getting better about our better. You know the bills awful.
it would be devastating I'm skeptical, of their ability to passes, but every time they charge up this hill, it makes me really nervous, because if we do, we went in This presidency thinking Asia was dead. Right I mean if a bright Obama was like essential to forget, for the rest of us around electoral observing. This were worried because they have, although back into doesn't I admire and, like I just don't know, I don't know we can and we should not let our garden So I have that. I said this in view. This debate like never underestimate the ability of republican politicians to be unbelievably craven and do something stupid right like these, the cigarette right that that the thing that would think, protects us that that anyone with self interest when one a pass this in any way you care about their constituents will pass, this may not apply and they'll just fight, though just it'll it also I'll get through so much to be done. All we know is that the the thing that these people are most likely to respond to is fear of losing their jobs and so I do think these timing, wheat, with their just getting back from recess today,
two weeks, a very successful town halls where these all these republican members heard her fucking awful drummed care was and the people Town Hall were very well versed in Irish. pools and pre existing additions and irish deals terrible policy. The preceding addition thing, I think, really Resnick, like you see that people at these are not like that. freezing it at people have reasoning, visions, tens of millions Americans have reason conditions because we're all human beings at our bodies, Breakin everyone, healthcare everybody wants is a fucking thing to those of the the due out here is to keep calling and keep keep protests in this because, like Tommy said these people, could for a man and if a bill comes out an actual bill comes out, but you have to go crazy. You go see too, that the White House it's not going to the weight, has correspondence dinner, and so they scheduled a rally in Slovenia that night, which of course, like brilliant
programming, like it's the most obvious fucking play. If you could, if you can figure out that, if you're not going to the corresponding dinner, you hold a rally to talk about why the correspondence in Washington or terrible, like you shouldn't be in policy, also fits a core issue that this is about a common. This is about. d c open might might that there were doubts that were going about we're talking about President being so concerned about jokes made his expense at a dinner at the Hinkley Hilton. That he's been. Took himself out of it. There planning an event around it like building schedule around the White House, correspondence dinner is almost is is somehow manages to be more insane and the fact that the president, just as fuck it goes to this dinner. Normally like it's a dumb, it's a you know: I think it's a piano. Some people say it should never have existed whatever it's a harmless thing that happens, and the president is so thin skinned that their panic, better. They can assume to Kentucky below those Washington Pennsylvania, whatever
boy. Whatever, where he's going and comparing I mean, I guess the middle of tens of India is the Kentucky of the north, but can t where's my association, loves about these cards like this. Is it that celebrates free speech and gravely? No? It is not a good idea to have made at times as United celebrates celebrity and access in whose the flash I guess you can get in its its. It's part of the new order, Vanity Fair, and I don't think that all these rumours among in the press corps that maybe he was actually gonna, show up. As notes yard might say, the thing this does feel like nail in the coffin for this dinner for a very long time, but I don't think that's that It goes to show that he's gonna go to this rally in Pennsylvania he's I have Go to a rally weak it when you can like beat up on Washington engender like he has yet to do a rally where he tries to garner support for a legislative goal of his like it's not a rally for healthcare is not a rally for his tax plan as IRAN re that it's a rally to just should all over, like you know,
the insularity of DC, unless it anyway, it really is like sort of it that the whole, though the whole culture of the White House, does reflect Donald Trump, and that, like you know during the whole, healthier pray he did a few rallies, but there's no plan, there's no roll out, there's! No, I the bill and nominal talk to these people and have a round table. We talk about their needs. There's no coherence! any of it ever its ah little tactics, no strategy and attain look in that in that's his fault. You know my shirt when he walked up those areas. They go we're doing taxes on Wednesday and Sazen S. If you're going to add your point around its individual rights in many ways, the culture, the Trump point us in the culture of Washington or perfect, when I thought that was going the same way to an add on a flat rate we can putting America has brought you buy. Scarcely
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a bunch of people to download the squire was a bachelor party this weekend and there's a lot of paying going back and forth, and I got everybody off of I'm not. I think we can say that competitors consent or not, but less your friend can and he had a bow and arrow. So it's like cans bow in out with workshop that allow. Anyway, we got everybody on this cash at getting ready and the cash hat, and it was great we were catching each other with the cash. A bachelor party is is a time when you probably dont want a social media fee on all your payments, so that the area yeah that's very good social media. They get the cash Avonlea Appstore Google play today and, of course, things work the post meets the at the delivers. Almost anything from anywhere get deliver from your favorite. shops, Starbucks, Pink, very prestigious, reach a Walgreens anything in minutes for fur I'm users, if you haven't, used Postman's, yet you throw in that crooked, fifty dollars. impose maids delivery credit, that's gradually, If you haven't signed up yet what you waiting for us. So as my freedom of religion them at the eleventh work, another great go to the polls. Let's go oppose a composer
on nearing Donald Trump Hundred a marker, washing a b c shows the Trump has a fee, two percent appropriating, which makes him the least popular president modern times, but one whose Own voters remain largely supporter of so fifty three and disapprove forty three percent strongly so, but appropriating among the people who voted for him. Ninety four percent, among all well begins eighty four percent and only two percent of response and say they regret their vote for Trump. It's a pretty amazing number, given that we can't get like ninety four percent of people to admit that the earth is round, but I am so sceptical at the two percent numbered unsurprising. That much I mean like we're too is divided. Electorate is we're. Gonna beat, has only been a hundred days, Franklin kind of hard and that we got two percent backing, because that's the election YAP alike. Huge erosion in the attributes that people like about him as numbers on being decisive, her down as marks out honesty, are weighed down his number. changing Washington our way down. If that trend
continues or even stays. Where is it makes reelection hard? Now these somebody's poles fitted him against Hillary Clinton, which is a ridiculous things, will want to catch, is gonna, be our nominee again. What do you do? I gotta get out of it like there is a massive there's. You take a huge hit once you lose re like, of course, your voters are gonna, say I'm not going to vote for. Her again was the biggest completely stupid, disappointing question: it's. I think it should that resistant efforts have been pretty damn effective. I mean yeah, Is that so the rating that the one that I'm watching his proofreading among from voters who were somewhat enthusiastic or less excited about supporting him? Eighty eight percent and seventy nine percent of those say he understands their problems that are still fairly good numbers, but that's chipping away, those? Are the voters that are going to win the elections next time the people who were some eat, while two groups of voters? voters who didn't vote or voted for third party candidates, and voters who unenthusiastically voted for tromp that sort of the good the universe of people are looking at here. I also think it's a scam.
questions of do you still think you used to think. Are you still write about what you did before people elected they fuck, something I like em in your own, you to defend it, ever, do that's why you don't cannot end, and I am often wrong, but I think the number we have two that the interesting number here is if the election were held again today. You know forty three percent for TAT. forty percent for clean, so everyone Did that number and said: ah, my god he beats. He beats clinical. Whatever? Click start run again, so that that but he is real, has ok, we get it it's. His re election number is sitting at forty three percent, that is no close to what you need. I also just like twenty eighteen people, I'm done too. I know, and I were twenty, but so far I rating be unpopular is the most important thing, not because gonna lose reelection, because it helps us when the house it waiting. There's one interesting comment, appalled that I want it again to Oliver Darcy, whose media reporter looked at the tube and regret number the hype, upriver inning among his base and said you know until
unless Hannity and Fox and drugs and the right wing republican media turns against him the bases in going to and then there's a lot of truth. That Africa, like if my to these people every day are waking up and getting their news from sources that are saying. The Donald Trump is the best thing on earth and has never done anything wrong. Why would they think you? nothing wrong unless Give him a lot less. It's like three four years down the road and they look like communities and don't see jobs coming back and don't see their lives improved then maybe they're gonna give it a second look but now every every piece information there consuming is Tom. The doll trumps Dhunacrag, Georgia, stay or media works treason. It's a popular though I mean look if I came up saying this, but if you keep using the info wars of the world that will hurt him right now that, while adding that faced with a crazy, crazy, far rabies in summer road, oh yeah rob his boy. Power
as I said about here, look knowing that this is why the global is taking over or not. It's not very good, further debate there cooking and for the good of the NBC walls, returnable with somebody wash unopposed. Forty percent approve fifty four percent disapprove weaker than their February Paul, but Tommy references earlier. There is a very interesting question and that all that, they ve, been asking since nineteen eighty six, the question is: do Think government should do more to solve problems and help me people's needs, or do you think is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals in nineteen. Eighty five More than sixty percent said do less and little over Eighty per cent said do more. During the Obama years, it was pretty close and actually traded back and forth around the fifty percent marker, today it was fifty. Seven percent of government should do more the highest ever in the pool, including fifty nine of independence? So what do we think that That means that says about Trump Republicans. Democrats have thoughts,
I don't know, I think it's it's interesting. I think that's! The pan am right, The one thing I would say, is Obamacare being threatened. and people being worried about their health care and seeing it through the lens of or public restoration, pataque, potentially attacking the government's ability to help them get before care. He, I think, maybe maybe an interesting part of that makes you question the ability of the tea party to run hard on an anti government platform in a certain way that that seems like it would not be in any way effective. It also makes you wonder if trumps refusal to or the basic things and government, like, I don't know, appoint anyone to work. It huh Your point. Anyone to work and erect sellers and get any policies have in place. It can make governments be basic and competent like if you bring about that might over time a rope, people's fight- that's probably not can happen to God forbid. Someone reads paper I think it says that poorer the agenda, is a disaster told it is a political disaster. It is
and that's why Donald Trump did not run on parliament's agenda or their traditional republican agenda. He tried every pretended to run as it populist nationalist someone he's. Gonna have government do more for people right and is when opening for Democrats to not be afraid in talking about activists, government be manageable, do want the government to prove basic productions, whether it's about the environment, whether its producing income inequality, whether its providing education, like those things, are still pay pillar, which is why trumps at things like pretended to say things like he wasn't cutting medical or security like he broke with republican orthodoxy on the campaign trail those areas about government activism. Yes, I I. better work was campaigning against had crews in Texas and he's to become a democratic senator from Texas and he's pulling its early. Wholesale even would- and he was just when we talk about how he thinks that we need to move to single pair, that's good example of a ship. You know the we don't need to be. I think that the EU
the era of big government is over way of thinking you now is dead, is dead. Did that that people recognise that in an economy that has changed as much that is greater much uncertainty and anxiety for people that this dynamic. That like we need a strong public set, You're that helps people provides a strong safety net that that that that sort of ie out these sort of vicissitudes whenever people want competent government right, they wanted to say, a common governments to say they will keep dogs away from our competent first class when he doesn't want to be left alone. Ok, I don't know what a journey like a moment when without cured I've got rolled out and it was a total fiasco. Dad is what drove him insane with basic government encompasses all that we can get past that we can. good work and prevent report can from starving it of resources that then naked, ineffective. So they can further chop it down people liked
What did you say? You're making argument you're saying that the pole is more about people want competent government, an activist government which are two different things. I don't know it could be, could be both could be some mixes, but I do think, look people one fuckin porcupines big tax cuts start the government agenda to get that through The deasey establishment thinking because DC thinking is still primarily republic. establishment thinkers, one, and this might be changing actually is. There is now repossessions right that no longer that kind of the Paul Ryan Orthodoxy versus democratic orthodoxy, its democratic orthodox, versus Paul Ryan Orthodoxy versus Donald Trump and two out of three of those have a baby. a very strong role for the federal government in others. It is from the pole, the war segment were next segment about Democrats in disarray. I'm ready sixty? Seven percent of people said the Democratic Party is out of touch with Americans. That is slightly more slightly more than set Republicans we're out of touch with Americans and more
then said. Donald Trump is out of touch him up our American. So if you rank them, be Democrats the worse than Republicans than trump- and I think I agree with that- Having Democrats are more out of touch with Americans than Republicans yes, really yeah, why I do not want me to say, go ahead. I know it's not about policy its about. Look I'll. Tell you one reason I think it we ve lost everywhere. Now Republicans may not be offering solutions that will actually help people, but they have feared at a language to talk to people that they ve. That regulates the Republican Party has, republican Party. Absolutely I don't know, I guess, there's just one another: they have thirty three governor ships, they have all the state legislatures, they have all the branches of government. What? What are you talking about? Of course, them more in touch with regular people? That means they win. That does mean an Israeli more into well, I don't know what it means, but people are looking at a Democrat Republican all across the country and their choosing their public financing. The Democrats definite are out of touch of people with a party of the problem and clearly in the last rays, people today tromp was more in touch than Hillary Clinton was that's. What's on the election,
for that I would think that Republicans or some are more in touch with the american people than Democrats. I dont believe that all I'm looking at is the fact that we are losing elections up and down the board whereas we are- and there has to be a reason for that, because it certainly not. We would not say that's because republicans are offering better policies. So clearly, Republicans have a language for relating to people that is far more successful than what we have right. but what does it mean to lose elections other? What does it mean to lose a lot going over and over again under the fact they are out of touch, but it's not just gerrymandering because we're losing at state level right we're losing everywhere. While her a global and twice he's more in touch them. Donald Trump, the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, clearly both parties, Lebanon problems writing railway. Neither of them are like, I think the status steals actually the status quo, partly as a pretty big messaging problem period, rifle short, getting tossed out, no matter what party here and you hate Washington you sicker what's been going on, I mean this is allow this conversation predicated on York Times, piece about a coat unity so the Nebraska were democratic, fighting over whether
A mayoral candidate should be pro choice or can be anti choice in the Democratic Party, rom nationalizing municipal elections like the head is always going to lead to ruptures like this, but we're all gonna. I wanted to get a better answer. The question then, is one thing to say: yes, Democrats are losing up and of course we are, we ve had a horrible run from below. the federal level below the presidential of a right, but like what policy do you think make demo that's more out of touch, then Republicans, that's a different question. No, I guess that's a question I want to know. I think I think the answer Democrats more out of touch the Republicans because Democrats were losing. Thus there more out of touch is suitor weird way out of that question. Yet it begs the question, but I guess what I says so you're. I was thinking that when I saw this that's example scent of democratic. I tweeted about the fact that, like we should ignore this number, one really important number was amazing to me is how everybody responded with their own per no explanation like I got so many different?
since for what it means for Democrats be had one reason is: are we don't have to talk to trump voters? The other eye is weak. Enamoured of the Hillary Clinton wing we're not listening to the burning people. The other is that we are doing too much identity politics in its alienating. People write like or weren't, were it's the NEO liberals and have taken over the party like every estimation, offered. I told my answer. My response is like yes, like those are all the reasons that that were, the policy options that were offering people for some of our very contradictory there's got. We want. I guess I'm trying to say here's at some point, this party or the who make up. This party have to come to a conclusion about what we need to say and believe going forward. What we do say and believe go for it and what issues we believe in and said like, I feel like we have been focused some. on personalities. There's this Bernie MRS Hilary fight and not on like issues and and the values that we believe as a party. It's like. It was easier when that when the party was divided back and media in o five and six, it was like over whether you supported and support the Iraq war which
had become this overnight, inviting, but it looked at least that was a war like you, either for or against. A word was an issue you could be on one side or the other, Now it is even harder. to figure out what it is were arguing about. As you said, you said Democrats out of touch and you got a million different answers about why many of them contradictory, they weren't. It's not all. True, as I did too much identity, tax or Bernie. Sanders is linked as alleged people criticising Bernie right, so I would say no, but that so that this is where I come down that, like that the burning critique of the day Product party is accurate, that the party doesn't sound enough like its fighting for working people, and he has a language prided. Do that as part- There's a language question right. That's part of the result of such that that's a language which is not a position, and but as part of that, there is also a deeper policy question that I think is represented by that few. That is sometimes represented in that divide, but not always serve it sort of a kind of sick. It's connected, but different, distinct fight. Right, like so, you know, affordable
age or single pair right. These are facts that are linked to that conversation. About fighting for the working class, but there is a world in which comprise could sound, just as tough on the I'll be in this country, but embrace a more moderate agenda right, there's a world in which that kind of be one way to bridge the right. So I think that these fighters I would, by the way, the identity politics fight, like, I think, that's part of People like out you know that the Hillary Clinton campaign was far too much on love, trumps, hate and and social issues, but but an at Bernie doesn't about those issues while believe that divide is actually there? I think that there is a way in which we don't need is to say that talking about sexism talking about feminism, talking about Trans rights and talk about gay rights and all the rest and choice has to mean that we can also be a party. That's a very working class focus. I think we can do both of those things, so you, when you say we're out of touch you believe that it is the language that were using or an epoch. What what about us is that of all the estimations you got? What what do you want? globally. The answers for why we're out of touch. I think that the burning critique is largely correct, that the Democratic Party has lost touch.
is a language and Paul set of policies that are simple, easy to digest and that people understand are for them. That's my sort of you what about his policies like? Do you like? I guess what I'm trying to get at it burning hurry argued over. Dollar minimum wage verses of fifteen dollar minimum wage, they argued about a public option on the on two may be Medicare for all verses, Medicare for all right, and so like do you think, These issue debates are the sailing debates in the party or do you think it is a question of how we speak, what we emphasise more out their message would ever because over the years I think I'm not sure, but I do think that the reason Hillary Clinton. This is why its heart articulate the reason. Hillary Clinton felt that, in order to appeal to Bernie voters, while still maintaining whatever her seriousness and responsibility, was that she had to take burn shifting dollar minimum wage and put it through a machine that came out of the twelve on a minimum wage were states could go up to fifteen blah blah where we take the Bernie puzzle on on college and put through the kind of democratic,
tat machine. What comes out of the other end is a much more complicated but less expensive version like that policy. Up let I think is broken because its built for a kind of governing majority like that means that what comes out of the democratic institutions are these kind of feel like they already been budget reconciliation process, because a lot of these are institutions that were built around governing whether they came out during the current ministration or they kind of a lot of these are PETE. that were policy experts that came up during the Obama administration. I think a party in the wilderness and a party that is trying to show people that will fight for them is a party that should embrace big, simple idea as that: don't necessarily always need to be practical, and that say to people. like we're gonna go really hard can a worry about what the donors think we're not gonna be worry about what the The moderate backers at a party think we're gonna fight for working people for big programme You will see personal benefits from easily that art crazy means tested complicated luxury rig tax code. Ok, here's we're do we're gonna pick a date on the counter and we're gonna stop relegating the primary in the frame of mind
the verses Hilary Benn, not how we viewed politics or the Democratic Party at all. Until very recently, and we're in a litigating getting whether was frigate call me that loss election for us or whether the media is to blame or where there is Hilary staff and knock one, was guns and we're in a figure out. What do we care about most? What we stand for water, our values and where to talk about that every day. From now on, like this, valuable conversation to have, but, like the conversation is happening on Twitter between, like that, three people in the Bernie brows and reporters taken out of context is like toxic. Its infuriating is turning I've Emily, not well this low, I'm glad we got into this here, because I think what started. Setting me up about your initial response to the question was I very very tired, very much when you do this retired, of people, leaving that all I need to do their own responsibility is to take a shot at the Democratic Party being losers, and then we can like move on and say, like democratic self,
this horrible and I'm for changing the democratic establishment and that's it and it's like yeah. Of course, it's easy save the Democratic Party has done pretty poorly for the last eight years. Aside from the presidential level, I think the much harder challenges, figuring out how we get back to winning what policies we stand for what values we talk about. How we talk about what we wanted and I said I dont think that either one of the sides has all the answers to our sure. I totally agree with that, and I do think we are- and I know our party and I know what we believe in and we are way more in touch with what more Americans want them republic. Of course, of course, that goes that say I guess the quit. That's that's this is so important and, like I like we should be re litigating, twenty, sixteen, it incredibly stupid conversation. All the answers are right. Henry was good candidate, commune the terrible influence on the election. There policy problem? There was a medium every answer. There was sexism all of its truth. We don't need to have a conversation, but the divided
the Bernie Wing and the kind of Tom, whereas we now whatever they establish where the party is a real one, an important one and for me like all and I'm trying to figure out through- and I don't have all the answers at all. I don't know exactly what to do, but I agree like as a party, we are more in touch. We have better policy. I think that the best policy founded we ve solved all the answers, but like we're a better party but we're losing, and I think we need to ask ourselves. Why is a really important question and the thing. I do see as that burn ITALY the theory of the cases the only person out there like this is it reckon you can go. Try this. I can't get past the fact that we put forward a candidate in the last election, who is the standard bearer for a party that was largely perceived. Touch for a variety of reasons. In a fair and on air and this pole while have a lot of work to do is probably a big legacy of that. The thing that I will think but that video, so the Crusades video, where Bernie says we should go after the billionaires millionaires and then to compress visas to agree. I think about that, for, while not because I thought I I presume you great chair that he, but because Tom
didn't seem like you have the words like you didn't: have a language try to talk about these issues in a way that appeal to Bernie people, but without giving up on the kind of larger coalition that democratically. To have and like that to me is the problem, Well, that's what I'm, because members in that video we talked about this What Pirnie should have said or what I would have agreed with the same. The ruling class in this country has not passed policies or hell push for policies that would help working people and its bad that they have done that. What Bernie said is: ruling classes. Greed has destroyed America Yonah Hook, and I think that, like Tom Press apparently Katangara, of guarantees that I dispute that, but even disagree that cuz. He was too afraid because now he's indisposition, where he's afraid of everything it you're gonna, be cautious, so give some namby pamby language about like hope on the ballot which was sounded of separate rivalling got, is not re got stuck in handle where people are so afraid to say any.
Let us say that burns language might be a little too hot. Sometimes right. Rarefied of that goes back to base its like its twitter folks, who you now want to keep re litigating this primary and feel very agree via there's, absolutely a need to improve the conversation, the language we use, but I also think there's this like there's this view a small minority that very loud and still very pissed about this. Primary that will like shop you down the minute. You say anything that goes against what burglarize dance for. I think that's toxic as well. Right now, no! I I grew that I'm just opened. Anything because We are in such to her straight at work. Donald Trump is present. We lost the country, so how do we solve Fisher? Surging is required, in ITALY we end there's a lot on our side and we have better arguments which figure when fuckin make it I'll get one we're back we'll have teen, vocalist, freelance journalist learned this pod save America stick around more great show coming away positive Mary is brought you by policy genius,
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I saw that I thought I heard him say that he was like he wanted to be mean to you, which is just that very close out and that I am the type of go with God and everyone else, the infidels islands in another. unbelievable sort of like I don't. I think, I'm like a christian proof that Europe I care about- and I was so are. We were just talking about this divide the Democratic Party and what it means going forward- and we talk a little about burma- campaigning with he's mellow in Omaha, and they are staff and through what I noticed that tweeted sort of Senator Sanders. You know what you should not have campaigned with with mellow what does it do? You think there's room and then later Nancy Plus, he said, of course, there's room in the party for Pro Life Democrats, even though she's very, very pro choice. What are you
about that. You think there's room in the resistance or room in the party for people with like bring views on their sir. Where do you come down on others? I mean, I think it depends on the issue, and that is not one of them, especially coming off of criticising upper being impure at such an inopportune moment for it. And be like. Oh, this is another issue. I think reproductive riper Rudy fundamental to any kind of area, Progressive, Otho Georgia. That doesn't seem like something that we can to treat as a one off and it strange because I Fatima framing a bed where it was well. This comes down to that great divide of identity, politics and economic policy, and I would push ACCA now because of saying allows women to have the economic
You better support themselves in the kind of close social system that forty is aiming for and is interesting as there was always such a divide and his own rhetoric, where I think he didn't quite might is economic agenda with his feelings. I read that EU politics and I think everybody always believed he was so kind of true to those issues with a silver, a really shocking, but try all, but I dont think even his supporters. We're ready for? So it's interesting that you can have put it. You should have put it next to what he did on us off with it, which I think is his valid critique. I guess the question would be what would have and if Bernie said I'm embracing somebody like Heath Mellow, I'm also bracing. Somebody like John all of this needs to be a big party that has a lot of differ, people moving in the same direction, but not always agreeing. I don't. I think it is valid and get there has to be done or order. You like water, unifying
exactly and I'd feel strange to have like us. Are we always supporting everyone? Could it seemed like he was lukewarm? I'm off at bath and then he can come round and was like ice whatever he fell. To kind of collective rights is the theme like he's playing up the kind of the cult of personality criticism he got. It feels like what's been happening and it's just more divide. Division. I am well where justice divided as they are to do. Do you disagree with policies? take on this, that you know, she's worked in Congress of the number of Porthos Democrats in it. The party needs to be big enough. opinions as I was, I was struck, by how I think, was on me the press, how strongly she came out in defence of the big ten approach. Well, I think that I actually think comprise kind of got it right when he said you can personally be air Patriot, admit it. You pursue policy
I mean I got to be fair. You now in Omaha were not hearing about policies that are gonna an act of disbelief at that point, but there is their words. The path offers out legislation with complicated, and you know it's like how to you. What one other matter is therefore knowing from a few throughout Europe behaviour from their past one, and I don't think it's illegal. If they say, though I mean it's really caught, because it will be that the place where you can be slain at your personal believe, I think, there's a difference, especially for politicians, obviously from having a personally held belief and broadcasting that believe that acting on it in Sweden and the fine line, though- and I think that is a matter of openly the position and what we, what the entire kind of women's rights movement and planned parenthood and leadership needs. The batter emphasised that anybody to welcome personally a pro life and protrude about allowing for the right and the left the place, and I think that their needs are really the heart red wine on that, because that thought not up for debate
in terms of the right and the choice, as though I think we get caught up in the belief that the mob ITALY replicated like some kind of armoured octopus around this entire cover station by gas? I hope they answered the question you that your role, that you didn't need to listen when you are accepted your shortly word. Congratulations. You said that the truth we have no foundation from which to resist so which is good so you you know you have embraced this role. As you know, a journalist who you know Your calmness two's, obviously put all your opinions, your column. That is very, you know, identified with sort of the resistance against Trump. How do you bell ass at a right? The then to do journalism and to discover the truth, but also the unafraid. Talk about your own views. Coming we deal with that here at cricket media I'm and I'm wondering sort of how you how you reconcile those things,
for I have really sound billings about this, and I think there are hardly any other gave, and I am sure that I never get it perfect and thankfully I have uttered who are able to correct beyond myself corrected, and maybe sometimes
I use the word regime a little fleet. We had a thing, but on open only I'm out as a right that dominate as I have a place at contains my opinion. I think I shall hold myself you objectivity of method in the way I went out and the way I killed them, and I try my heart is you take a look at the situation and provide what I think is the most honest representation of whatever issue I'm working on an down? I want, and I will try to show my work though it by shooting for it for an example, I make it clear why unpicking fur coat, I don't wanna, be part of it. Now. A kind of journalism look out for me said that it said
I remain a people with many more bullet for their machine gun where there could princess bite that they have some idiot libertarians like that's, not what I'm gonna do it. Even when I do it, you know. Sometimes some people can Alfred even on our side and clear does not focus, because we right now about Bach Rifle, like none of the tv news, is getting it right. Frankly, the best over copy so like the empty and John Oliver away more journalists, thickly Does the plan than some of the things that we even see on eleven December ceiling? There is obviously capture but, like even figures like Rachel Motto or keep Overman like who are not quite as your twirly muddy as being a box. It there's that all is like there's a handsome on the skill, and so anyway, I'm very weighty, I say often well,
things replacing my opinions and I cursed animal at all. Like I don't know of any one really goes how to make sense of how that journalists and for my answer to them is that I have a commitment to journalism as an institution that is meant to empower the public with information that is as simple as possible, and I think that a lot of the destructive media lately come down to an over correcting for via where we ve all sort of as an industry washed away, because you know it is trying to prevent the truth as if it's a math equation and, as you know, female chemo, equal planning, Muslim being used as a tool for the entire wanderlust go wrong. Eyes amount to think about all Trump dream of pain and they can provide a distortion in itself.
It meant, develop over correct for this, like the pull media expectation, but its similarly dishonor said I mean you know there are definitely times when I meet you be corrected by auditors, my own always get it right and I'm a human being, and I feel that they feel probably too strongly, sometimes right up trying to have that objectivity of method. While I'm showing my work, I got really is how I feel that I deserved you, don't let them onto the writer or ip and blogger, which is like offers me back, I'm theatre, about addressing the the Heron Styles defence of our team girls in their taste, like he thought he thought he asked if I would I'm ok, they're, probably anyone ever deep real. It's like a team There was one thing that I think is going to talk about how hard it is on the left to not just for what or create more arrows for people to fire with
from being such a strange case, an outlandish case that has so many things wrong the dust things that are unusual I think especially on stories like Russia. We do see liberal writer, in the borough journalists kind of taking breathing to ten. You know in saying you know: to that end and taking every rumour and taking every kind of potential source and on an animal quote into sort of another. Example of some nefarious thing when we don't necessarily now. How do we push back against that side of things when we were concern about all the things troopers doing it so her to know what's normal, what's unusual and and and and and when he really is a threat yeah I mean I think, that that kind of a primary function of a journalist and an important information ape like there's, not a gatekeeper law anymore. There thought of all things back in empires like owning olive oil as a mere, but you know, maybe you more people. Media should be read that book, because it though there is not or not,
deciding what negative information shows the public born today. Everyone knows everything and their walking into every story prior knowledge. Almost ninety percent of the time, though, I think that above all, become obviously verification, first and foremost, and then maybe discounting obviously given the well. But what is absent from this administration, but then the kind of analysis they think. I thought that new journalism of helping you wait things and helping to sort out the significance of I M going and having the ten when the ten need to happen minutes it's like an easy way to talk about. This is like them rather say fuck that, like the way fucking a flake, truly trustworthy, you talk like people anymore and
shocking, I mean I know my mom has a masters degree and bought a while. She compulsory was big and I just don't understand how it thought into the white or to people who are actually like a little tat out of media are so easily old until the role has become about about waiting and preventing information. Using about such men and and not wait. Pulling a call me and like flying to make everyone feel ok about everything and and not be, I hope that when you know just like your journalism is not your her and it has to be about it, you have to use your personal system of ethical and have been objectivity with away but you're working for about problems, then, obviously, there's gonna, be human error. You'd, better doing that. But I don't know, I don't know how I became backdrop. I think that that, though, with our guy not fulfilling expectation,
This morning I want to reiterate the election, but some days I I sit in think we elect. A man who is accused of sexual assault by tat a dozen women and I'm one If you have reflections on what you hear from young women in your reporting or think personally about what message that sound like that: how what what that means for Culturally, is this another thing that system He says you know that That's how it is like how are people dealing with that fact that this monster is in the White House? Well, I have met a lot lately and they're all though everyone I've met his end, though brilliant, incapable and fighting, and I hope that that I would have been like you do at age twenty in this moment. I
probably would have been just like drinking extra might far? It's I don't know, but like they're kind of all, but a thing like eating on college view which, against we all know about blooded tons of rape and its board, of saying that these young women are being told on online in and then just sort of as a group that they tone of access to affordable conversation that
They can have not written on ferries interests as a kind of like the writer s overall, and then also like that. It's ok that bit that their whole role in life is the kind of it the highest possible member on a scale of one to ten and like the authors, Burbank of being grabbed. I guess I note that this is what seemed protected in in a very, very little red of of things that have been fed and to be dealing with that and being told also that their overly sensitive and that their triggered, notably obviously, I've lived through this narrative in a really late hyper intense way, but it does the telling
that work you sensitive, I dont understand what that rambling technique is because it is its workings. I don't know how to put tat. It was gone using my platform to say is unbelievable that we just kind of continue to live in a world where men, rape and kill and boil and sexually harass women, frequently without any repercussions and add one major Katie's, while winning the way.
the plan even like five dollar Riley's them and make more money than an entire family would make it a generation in a lifetime. After that, immunity is the ultimate thing that I think it is a lack of repercussions on this level and then the Tide College, grapes, college rape, is the conversation, because this is obviously a microcosm of what the agenda relating through that women be allowed back in the world and that the tie I wanted to make is that there are never any repercussions and that sort of like an awareness, hypersensitive awareness of this danger and of the possibility of working in the distance and tat sort of like in condoned in the biggest possible way- and I I If I don't understand how it's us meeting overly says, I'm who prove it says that if I were and are now ensure that we should all be so really sensitive, I mean the Good NEWS
when I saw a hopeful sign is that you know the fact that it did Gross Borelli Bureau is gonna, go off into the sunset, make a whole bunch of money nobody's off the air was the result of you know. A lot of we'll speaking up in an pressuring advertisers and not a result of the Murdoch's those creep raised. On your time, such an unbelievable bullshit. That report I took that bucking spin. This was a financial decision that gap that is, carbon is used by re, write it so crazy, like we were so overwhelmed by the fact that you knew what we knew for years. We comply with the law guys thanks or that they offer no harm after the title. right right,
no, because it shows that it was a result and about do them in speaking of which is great. I think it's funny, because it's like we ve been agreed as examples are obviously never a good thing, but in a way they become something that finally, is like. Ok, the odorless gas of secularism and without any, can now be appalled by evoking rally around that, I think, is up with them at last few from contained in that or from that of that media firestorm that made the advertisers back out. I mean they're Layton anger in there, and I mention ready to keep going like in order for this to be kind of like the last gassing rival, white supremacist, patriarchy, like people need to stay angry and like column called, are really let us think overall about how we can be absolutely tending to democracy and not what this year, that opponents of the second and, if we get quiet it will faster
continue and it's gonna be tough, but it's fucking fighting Wilson learned. Thank you so much for joining us. Really you coming on and will allow and come back against an alibi. you think you some advice for talking it over some of the goals that we have not got you're going out here. You're no word: winning journalists were three taking safely
that's all the time we have here and Passive America events. I know it's time we have we have hitherto. We have emerged over we're a cordial they Sunday. I don't know I don't. I get out of bills, havin a great time that you asked. I always get bills, my gacek, looking to boot than of bills laughing. I know that I'm doing a great job, you areas, although you about what we had a good conversation here, we six how Democratic Party did it where you should? We should keep doing this, go that's a harder conversation. Have it's easier to read the new life through a lot harder to fix this problem? I felt it was good. I felt like we talk to through some hard things. Now, let's get back to Twitter, where everyone will hit on yeah we're gonna have a lot of privately that's what I would ever come at me. We're just yet just know that I don't think I just know that all of our thoughts were expressed our either get out, and I thought you did express we're just trying to work or work in our way through these feelings you we're trying to figure it out. You know guys, you know it is in progress, pleasant, America
in progress made. You aren't duke of joining us and we will see against it.
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