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Republicans flirt with Trumpcare 2.0, Trump flirts with a government shutdown, and no one knows what the hell is going on with Nunes. Then, David Axelrod joins Jon and Dan to give advice to Democrats and Donald Trump.

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Welcome to POD save America, I'm John Fabric, I'm dyin Pfeiffer. In the pod we have former senior adviser to break Obama. The direct the university Chicago's Institute of politics in a host of the x files, David Axelrod Finally, this is the cross over episode, everyone's been asking for like a year in the making. Before we begin, everyone goes scribe two parts of the world Tommy has Gale Smith, is the former director of yours I, on with friends like these research on Friday. Excellent. She had, I am savage on from myth, busters and they helped someone whose relative was in conspiracy theories, and so we talked about sort of like how to stop conspiracy theories, which is interesting and then, of course, loved or leave we're gonna have another shudders Friday, so sign up for that and check about love. It's not Interrupt our pike S today is not hear them, that's a myth that do not
He's not here now fully expected the end or it's to wrap up and you're like. David acts or out it's John love. It just wanted to know I'm in here. I would not be surprised and also Our shows Ben towards America are shows in Seattle and similar discourse hold up, but there are still take its left. To the alleged show me seventeenth at the ACE hotel here. Unless Angela, so I grab seldom tickets I mean take away, is it do you in love? It did more. France coming. I did a fine on the server Scotia. I think it's just further away. You know people wanted just by their time these opinions anyway. What went. Maybe we're helps you sleep at night. Many known urgencies varies as goods, however, is the fact that was good. You have got you in time is in good hands up there. Ok had a whole outline and, as is often have often happens Here- pause If America, you know to change all of it because of trumps tweets this morning that usually usually roughs up our morning.
So he treated this morning. We must fight the Freedom caucus and the Democrats and twenty eighteen. He asked We also consider that the New York Times this disgrace the media world and said chains, libel laws which is the key the three that if it happened right after he, one people would think it's like the second coming of like this this like the fascist president, we ve all been worried about, but now and he too You're just like. Is that because we ve normalized it or people who think he's too in common to actually inactive fascists agenda. That's what I'm going to say that the set, if the latter, because, like oh you to change the libel eyes like that, requires a legislative strategy that would require you to pass something through Congress, and we know you ve been having trouble with that. So ok, no It is still scary and horrifying that he would say such a thing, but it's just him acting out of this point. Now to the freedom cock as Democrats thing, Would you think of that legislative strategy, Dan Pissing Office? three two, forty members of the freedom
as in the house and the Democrats. HU. The way has been saying for the last couple days. Now they are going to reach out to. I don't think on a shadow year, hosts nutrients, but I don't think this is a political strategy and one of its strategy either because if it is a strategy, its strategy didn't never pass legislation again, because you don't have either of those. You don't have an efforts. Yet, like we where's he getting as votes from me. He has an exactly been. Nice to the moderates in in the Republican House either so we would like that leaves like Paul Ryan and whenever vote Paul Ryan can get, which is certainly not a majority in the house, and he would need he needs Democrats in the Senate to get most things done unless he's using. Reconciling.
Bill. That only needs fifty votes which economies you know on healthcare form a tax reform now and budgets. Diy can only use it acknowledges at once, and can you please at once psych like a lifeline? You know so during the campaign Trump promised to change version and drain the swamp and fight for the working class. Let's take stock of how he's doing here so try the a healthcare build that basically was just a huge tax at a rich people than took away health insurance for middle class and poor people that pulled a seventy percent. Couldn't even pass the Republican House There was some talk yesterday. I noticed that. Can servitude has Republicans in the Freedom Cacus we're going to talk with the more moderate house Republicans in the Tuesday group on a deal to revive the healthcare bill Do we think this has any chance of passing that this could be revived, or is this dead for good, aid to follow the fair
real politics, never underestimate how Sir ashamed house. Republicans can be and so I it doesn't seem like it is on the cusp of happening since whatever it is Tuesday group or whatever the moderates call themselves declared. They would never meet with the freedom carcass again, so dense figure on the cusp of getting a deal. But it would, shock me if they found a way, to pass something had no chance of moving in the Senate. Yea does seem like a chip point. Paul Ryan just wants to say that he passed something out of the house so that his job is done yet and I could see them potential way, I couldn't be, why didn't just pass the straight repeal bill? They passed thirty seven times, even though they know it can pass. This at least is like well, if you can just think about it, angry populating base, I mean this is it estimate to the activists
we seen over the last couple months, because you're right has the same: has republican have passed so many straight repeal bills just taken whereby to buy and now out of these moderate Republicans or Republicans in these districts, where Clinton won competitive districts dont believe that they can get away with passing. Repeal bill that doesn't replace it with something better or something that covers people or what whatever, because People have shown up at their town hall, they ve called them and they're afraid of just passing or bilbil. These people in the Tuesday group, which I think makes up you know a sizeable, I think any there were like Thirty, four anywhere between thirty and fifty votes. On the more moderate side that they were gonna probably lose from this or that they have the potential to lose in this vote, but ya know
there is as Bloomberg story yesterday saying that the Tuesday group and the has freedom carcass wanted to work together on a bill. But then, today it was Chris Collins. Republican from New York said yeah what you just said- Bilbil never meet with the freedom Cocker so cold water on that death you're gonna sketchy report, the sort of poohpooh by the sort of the reporters who are pretty close to what's happening on the hell for road and then Paul Ryan, gave an interview to Nora o Donnell this morning morning, it CBS, where bunch a crazy shit in our view, but one things. He said ass he's worried that Trump will go work with Democrats to change Obamacare if the Republicans dump has something on their own while I don't think I've ever speaker of the house or prisoner any leader in Congress be like.
You know I'm really worried about is that my members will go work with the other party, like that's, pretty blatant its I don't really understand. I think it's possible. Paul Ryan, doesn't understand what he's trying to do here like one theoretical strategy is the only this may be a cajole to get the freedom Caucasus if they're afraid that trumpet work with Democrats by it doesn't seem typically believable inter leave. They they see. Democrats everyday. I think Democrats, what we tell them, that's an unlikely outcome is he like working out some anger at Trump over how trope handled the after we know all the stories, it's any blame port, and for this, so that this is a smart move. Whatever the mood is its, it seems that these putting his politics with the freedom carcass ahead of his politics, with any one else, re like he's trying to signal to them like. If you don't play ball, then I know that you
I would hate, if transport with Democrats, because it would have more moderate legislation in a more moderate healthcare replacement bell, and so if you dont join the team and try to make something sessions. What we're gonna get get in a Obamacare replacement. That's more that looks more moderate or more liberal. It seems accounts it is trying to do, but that I guess it goes to show you how worried Paul Ryan is, which is also how worried John Vainer was about the freedom cockers, revolting and preventing them from getting anything done. He s survival. Firstly, s rivals the first instinct. I guess still certainly to accomplish. Anything it's not to know at all. Though, in the bathroom aftermath of this whole healthcare disaster? Why does it we have been telling reporters? The trump may reach out to Democrats to cut a deal of care infrastructure which is up ass. Witches were Ryan, was afraid of. Do
its. He invited he invited of these Democrats to the way that is from the Senate Democrats, do there's a buzz feeds reaffirm yesterday that says Trump believes that the Congress No black carcass may be willing to cut deals with him like what are these people, smoking do you think trump any of the Aarhus over from have any idea. What trumps approval rating is in the districts of the members that can Russia Argus legs, in some cases, apps actually zero. I couldn't I mean here, things happening, though, with which the Deasey Press often does in situations like this there's a lot of stories that are focusing right now on personalities, unlike can trump negotiate with Democrat can Paul, Ryan and Trump get along Canvas personnel prisoners like I always think, as happened in nearby Obama administration to I wasn't there Way too much focus on the individual personalities and not enough focus on.
Sort of the large rural structural challenges that these people are all facing. Right, like I dont think that, like trump is- owing to win over Democrats by not insulting number inviting them to the White House or any that bullshit he'd win over by proposing legislation that they approve of, or at least that's in the ball park, what they might approve of and allows them to compromise willed it right, and he actually can't do that right right leg. It is not. There is nothing that tromp can propose. That would get Democrats that Paul Ryan is gonna, bring to the floor of the house, because if Paul Ryan brought a bill that had mostly democrat or large democratic support. He would no longer be speaker and so this is like a dumb. We know that you heard me, a raft of story said Saint Paul Ryan needs. It needs to learn how to play golf, so he and tramping gotta Marilla go together and bind. He is like,
politics is about incentives. I like what is the incentive structure of the players involved right, there is your political incentive for Democrats, a work trop. In fact, there is a huge political did. Incentive to be anywhere near him, given how horrendous trumps numbers are with Democrats in independence. The only be who liked Trump are trumps base in those people. Have not and will not vote for Democrats in Congress, so they don't give a shit about it, who it is just like, like we have said before, in many of our aggressive and incorrect prognostications around twenty. Sixteen vague politics is covered like a novel when it is much or is it is that we need hero? We'd have taken as an attack on us and we need a plot line and a narrative and the truth is you can understand a lot of what motivates people just by looking at who their voters are what the approval ratings are the very his players are and what their electoral history there district. As is not that competent,
well it's one of the reasons that we ended up. Getting too sixteen wrong. As I think we bought too much into the novel approach, like Trump is the villain in, but you know like its, but there there are bigger structural forces at play there. You know, I mean the interest about the house? Republicans is like, you're Obama. I always thought that the the primary force in Washington. That was preventing any progress. Was the House republican conference fur for the reasons that we just talked about, which is that the republican speaker of the house in order to pass things through, the has needs Republicans and Democrats, but if, republican speaker. The house brings Democrats along. There is a group of thirty to forty Republicans in his caucus or her caucus. It would revolt because I don't want any governing whatsoever. They are extreme far right people right and so therefore think can pass out of the house unless it looks unless it's ok with the freedom carcass like that
Three o clock is really is holding the rest of the government hostage. They were under Obama and they are under. From two. It didn't matter that the president change or the party change like if, if we do not defeat the House Republicans and wipe out most of that cockiness in an election. This will can this pattern. Will continue over and over and over again, yet the Republican Party is not is not a cohesive illogical party, it is a series of that even It's not even a party of you. No more in a mile they conflicting, somewhat overlapping ideologies. Its election of a deal of difference, of ideologues who do not believe the same thing, Paul Ryan believes republican Party to is very far from a Donald Trump believes it to be portrayed as close to Wall Street. Fraid. He wants to cut I have eliminate Medicare, so security entitlements
pouring comes our watchword: centred party trump cards, we're working class in her party. You have a much in native lists in the middle who were part of both like the king. At hurrah support the top world. There is a bright barred. No sort of nationalists breaks it wing and its impact this was true in the Obama World and Donald Trump did not solve that problem getting elected. Well, I think the other point to his is trumpets too. I mean you can say the Trump comes from this like working class tradition, but temperately isn't thought much His idea re like that it doesn't like any one. It is administration really has re, like Rich Lowry, a conservative as a very good piece and political called the crisis of trumpets em, where he is, he basically argues like the problem of trumpets M. Is it Trump isn't really trying he's not trying to pass an agenda that would appeal to the working class voters at least economically? appealing to some native his tendencies, certainly, but he's promoting an agenda that were appeal economically to the working class. Voters who elected him
I'm trying because he's being he's letting right, Paul, Ryan, railroad him on all of these different issues. And not of Paul Ryan. We should say people his own administration, and he is pick to lead his minister, from my pants to Tom Price to all these people, who are basically Paul Ryan Acolytes, okay, so which moves on to our next topic, like Cause Donald Trump legislative agenda, isn't going anywhere. All the damage he's doing is V Executive order, right off, when the house can pass something. That is what Paul Ryan wants in the freedom carcass once So there is a lot of bad stuff. That's been happening in the last couple weeks, so just before we started this. Might and cast the Thai breaking vote on a Senate bill. They will state, let would let states and I title ten family planning funds to plan parenthood. Something I will put in place he passed. The first resolution does actually one more vote tonight on this, but it looks like they ll be able to do that. Yesterday, Skype
at the head of the Environmental Protection Agency rejected the conclusion of the agency's own chemical safety experts who meant that the government ban a widely used pesticide because it might poison children and farm workers living. That's what trump voters want it. Yes, there is a huge populist moving across was concept. Has many in Michigan about. Too few unsafe chemicals out there and I'm glad they have responded. I call on Tuesday two hundred and sixty four Republicans in Congress, voted to reverse and Obama error privacy rule. They would have prevented internet service providers I Comcast and rising, to sell your internet browsing data in history to whoever wants to buy it now Somethin her here. We are Why, like, why did I understand the internet service providers, given a lot of money to folks in Congress, but use
what is the? What does the eye logical small government Reagan, conservatism argument for allowing people's browsing there is to be sold without the permission you like who? What voter went to the has been idea? Sell my shit, that's what I want that's this is. I am voting for done. Tromp, because I believe that Comcast should of my browsing history gets to private right now is very hits: tourists, too much privacy. We must change that and it's not illegal but privacy laws large multinational corporations are now given the opportunity to make additional money off of me right for that one bad and then the bigger the big? Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday that instructed the EPA to roll back Obama's clean power plan which would replace coal fired power plants with natural gas, soul
wind and other sources of renewable energy. This will take a wild taken in its there's plenty of potential for litigation on this, so doesn't go in effect immediately, but it basically tries to curb most of the government's efforts to fight climate change. They also jettison and with the governments to do which is taken into account the social cost of carbon, So when you issue a regulation, you have to judge you know how much it would impact you have taken to affect what the cost of carbon would be re and no longer do you have to do that now fact. Politico reported that a supervisor the Energy Department, till the staff to even use the phrase climate change anymore. That's where we are all the other things that This one is really like what the fuck is. Just being that we can come back to that
silver linings buried in this very dark carbon filled cloud buying. It is like it There is a very in a normal world with normal Republicans in a normal functioning opposition party. We did that the response we, in a repeal Obama's solution to climate change and then we're gonna propose our own kennicott more marked. Senator free enterprise or right, whatever version of it right, but instead it is worthy binary choice between Do what every scientist in the world wants you to do and save the planet or destroy at an line the pockets of rich fossil fuel it's just it's insane. It's insane it's dangerous! It's embarrassing to like. There's a report this morning. The one thing he hasn't done yet is isn't pull the United States out of the Paris agreement, which is an agreement. You know
agreement among the most nations of the world to curb climate change for the first time in a broad along nations like China and India that have been, you know developing nations, so they pollute a lot more and they're saying you know the United States basically had a push China to be part of this agreement right because China has been growing in and using a lot of carbon and contributing to global warming. But now because trumps, President saying that the Chinese, or probably do more than the United States over the long term to curb climate change and that China, be the one that has to push the rest of the world to do stuff, because the United States now will lead on this because we have extremely reactionary party that is running the country. I mean it's like you so that we can have a debate on how fast or slow you battle climate change, and what kind of approaches use, whether their more market or more government based, but we
shouldn't be having a fucking debate on whether you should curb climate change or not. It's insane. It's ridiculous! If secondary stories out today that China, who up until two years ago, refused to do almost anything on climate change, is now going to become the world leader on. That's why we the laughing stock of the world? Do you remember those stories in the transition about how a vodka in June what else, can it we're going to save the planet by pushing tromp to do the right thing on climate, us and also by the way. This is what fuckin Jared were telling. Business leaders in light of the Tec people about why they should be on trumps advisory Council, because they could influence this is like one reason why fuckin Elon musk is still in the council, because I, oh maybe I can I can have some kind of influence on climate change and warlike does doesn't seem right. That's working, you know! No, it is not
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Does it parachute onto com such cricket? To get free shipping returns on parachutes, comfy betting so how far this is like some of these executive orders, I think, can be fought through litigation right and so there's a hope that the tie them up in court on a lot of this. You know, I think, need to put public. Run them. But a lot of these things are actions or his actions, Trump can take on his own that we really can stop by yelling at members of Congress, is something to know and something to remember when were you know running and twenty eighteen and Republicans pretended there. The party of Working class people and not the party of letting corporations do whatever the fuck they please. You know be a pretty good slogan, that like corporations, whenever the They please. Let me know trumpets that basically the agenda that they have right now from top to bottom. So now you know like if you believe that
cuts for everyone and corporations do whatever they want, is the best way to and government than like by all means run on that. I dont think a lot of Republicans. Well, though, pretend that they're looking for equal rights, if you think, Wall Street and large corporations been getting a raw deal in this country for the last few years step up, is your chance. Give them the salvation. They need so be the most immediate challenge that the crew in Washington is, is that there could be a pie several governments shut down. If we do not find the guy raiment by April. Twenty Eightth very perfect leave. He shut down what happened on April, twenty ninth, which would be trumps a hundred thousand office, so What is this all about? Well, they have to pass a bill that will keep the government running because you have to you no appropriate so much money for the government to keep one. So why is this controversial? Well, the report
and control. The house control the Senate Control the presidency, so you wouldn't think it would be controversial, but they need sixty votes in the Senate, to pass this government funding bill so does require democratic votes. Of course, if they just a bill. That's it. Let's keep funding the government at current levels and wishes have the debate about exactly we fund everything later they were probably cell right through That's not what they want to do. Trump has asked for thirty billion dollars and extra defence spending he's asked for three point: eight billion dollars to build the wall. He wants to pay for some of this by cutting education, Pell grants other social programmes so that one problem lies. Republican senators. Roy Blunt, the other day from his was saying no way this wall funding gonna happen in this bill power. In this morning to Nora actually said that he didn't think the wall funding would be in this government spending bill either the House freedom cock.
In some other Republicans want to define plan parenthood in the bill. That would be announced in the Senate that, when I get to the Senate, not just because a democratic because a summer publicans. So what is the answer here? What here's my question for you is: That's ok. You are natural as your chamber for a second Paul. Ryan- puts up a just playing straight extension of funding but tells you I need forty of your votes to pass it. Rather, you help him well. If it's bill Let me have it just if it keeps the government running at Obama era levels of funding yeah. I probably do because, like at that point that Then you become the Democrat shutting down government which would hurt a lot of people because you're asking for specific things, re like you're, asking for more funding for X or Lindsey
and I think there's other avenues to do that- I think if any government, looking change the Obama era levels of funding at all to included like the wall or to define plan parenthood. Then you, Sir, we don't give Paul Ryan the votes, because then they are trying get their way through this bill. Threatening to shut the government down, and then you know that's a fight that you, when I'm sort of torn on this one, I think your price We write, but there's a little bit of being a sort of fuck. You like you treat us like shit trash diplomacy. Jean Louis fictitious humor and everything on groundwater has never reach doubts at in any way, shape or form and that his leg hey, we cannot yet our shit together to pass our own president's right, be no desire to keep the government running so do some work for us like it's kind of hard, not to tell me to go fuck himself. Since you figured, I knew your own Paul Ryan. You got a whip with some boats. Well, I think it's not just like so the question is: what do you want? I like it if, if Nancy and truck
I have like a list of demands that that Ryan has to give them to fund the government. Unlike let's see that you know- I know that you can offer novitiate they're going over moderate debt ceiling to me as different deadlines. Yes, you don't fuck with a debt selling. You just don't that's like global catastrophe, so now. What is interesting, though, I feel Paul Ryan, is going to lean, is already leaning towards passing Wayne Bill here, because it Old Nora, that he wants. Gennaro Donald this morning, he wants the plan. Parenthood de funding in the health care bill, which is funny because. He's, not getting a health care built this point. So I don't know if that's just trying to placate the freedom carcass people who want the whom they want to be fun. Plan pandered in this government funding Bell rang in power and basically tell him none and I dont do it. This Billy scrubby thing up, we'll get it done. Healthcare bill. Of course, if not gonna be a healthcare bill,
I'm alright notice it we're not gonna have a shut down. The present does want to shut down. I do want to shut down, so it it seems. Like right now, a lot of these republican, our leaning towards screwing over the freedom carcass or not what they want in order to keep the government funding, but that usually happens. You cannot keep the government open input plan parenthood and because you cannot get sixty votes for that. He can't so. I think that the poor riots, if you want to give him some credit- and this I do this very reluctantly by is You deathly came, can never get sixty votes reply, parenthood, there's a chance. Ants. You could possibly get fifty, which is so he something is pointless. If you're gonna do it, you have to do it on budget reconciliation right outside himself. Having used said that sends Sancho way, but yes
but even then you might not get it cuz. You got a couple of Republicans who have said that they would not support a bill without planned parenthood, so maybe you could lose to get pants to to break the tie or whatever, but that's the only shot. So that's the shutters, I will see what happens on an extra boost. The other. The other variable here is they'll, go on recess. I believe at the end of next week for an April Risa, so. These members will be going home to their constituents in town halls and district offices and all the rest, so We will see where things stand at the end of next week, but if there is a need to apply pressure to Members of Congress. You know we're gonna have to have a big Greece has here and get people out there, because That will make a difference when they come back and try to pass this government funding bill, the other I think people should put pressure on them. Here's a mother. I guarantee,
they're gonna try to do a lot of shitty things that her people, the second they come back. So you have. Your voice is heard now like the hell. Is this like they learn their lesson are going to do only good things going forward like these. You, because you had a fuck up the country, so you show up the town halls make the calls said. The letters and emails do that veto do what you did. The last couple times had made a difference. So before we get tax, we just checking with our pal Devon newness. His he's just back man. I bet he wishes. He was maybe not on the Intel committee at this point that he was just some back venture Republican, who is just twiddling his thumbs. Now he's too dumb to know that I want to know, what's going on in Devon Nunez his head, like. I want to know what he thinks right now so low we can inform the weight, as in the press corps the tram transition of it.
Who had been the incidental target of surveillance operations also said that they have. Her name's revealed in intelligence reports that were circulating. The Obama administration He didn't tell Adam Chef, his counterpart in the House until committee or any one else on the committee about this information he did tell anyone where he got. This information refused to reveal his sources to anyone, and then it was reported that he got the information while he was at the White House the way he said he was there without any at the White House, knowing which is impossible. Unless he jumped offence unless he jumped events, definite as is now offence, jumper shown spaces actually at a briefing, he was now sure if a member of Congress had to be cleared to get into the White House what the fuck does any one brief these people, unlike the just the most basic rules of government book people can come out of the white has no! No, yes, everything deserve a knows. Everything
your visitor to the White House, no matter who you are no matter, how important you are you're, the speaker of the house, you have to be Waved and you have to be in the White House records you had everyone would know that you're coming to the do, as you don't just slip into the White House, a source who tells you that the Trump transition officials were spy on spied on and then just leave without anyone knowing his hissed this its operations myself for one. Second, please just so, people understand how press secretaries before shuns mice are operated, not just Robert Gibbs Jake Hernia in Georgia is an abomination, but everyone before that is for hours and hours before the presbytery, Brace H his his or her large team puts together all the questions that they could possibly get asked and then cut comes the government for answers to those questions, whether its What's in the news that day or some international incident or
I was shooting somewhere in the countries so that they have an answer. Right was called guidance air, and that is a very effective process. It is pretty clear that chance by sir does zero crap like. He doesn't. Even if you didn't want to answer the question, he could have practised a non answer because, like incident same thing to say you man spicy much earth where guy well for him so like once again with this. Russia thing is just it's like who knows what's buried at the bottom of all, this bullshit butts A lot of covering up for you know, seemingly no reason like Feminine as now, is like pausing all of the house investigations. He claim that he doesn't want to interview Sally Yeats was posted, testify clamorous was testify. All these people, finally Ignacio now I'm like waiting on James Commie, but that sort of
use that he wants to positively investigations for right now, Republicans are starting to bail. Unknown as being the head of the entire committee, or you know some have called him to refuse himself of the investigation or at least explain where the hell he got. Information that he decided to tell the rest of the country about Trump transition officials being spied on Lindsey Gram, John Mccain in the Senate about said something Charlie Dent Walter Jones in the House, are things something so Republicans are starting to fold here, It's starting to seem like perhaps thee Arm of the entire committee is not going to give us. The investor Asian, that we need that's going to reveal anything important and that may the Senate committee, headed up by Richard Burma Richard, which would Democrat Mark Warner is the only hope, I think I believe they're having hearing as we record those yeah, I mean if you were a trump and his team of goods gin geniuses, whatever rack,
his team of populist native assholes. Would you and you believed in your core that you were innocent, and this was a bunch of bullshit right right. You would want Nunez step down because no one is gonna. If new needs new, because it s he looks at all the staff. He goes through everything. Hold hearings alibi people eat every right thing from now to the end, no one would believe a clean bill of health for job right, right only want Nunez there. If you think. There is something at the bottom of this. That is bad for you, because you want him to be running interference from you, and so trumps team is acting like their guilty by by Nunez Paul Ryan it is acting like Trump is guilty by any binding, as Nunez by being Nunez is acting like trumpets guilty a bunch of videos you haven't been, who aren't playing, checkers or chess or anything else kind of game.
What is the game? They would be playing like hangman, I don't know now know that it does their words in a man. It seems unlikely tick. De facto hook very there any game they can play. I don't know I think they're, just they don't know what the like their dying, not good, though good mood. Otto I mean I don't like it's tough is adopted. Because I don't know again were so in a spot where, like? Where? Can we get up a partisan, independent investigation. The gets to them item like maybe maybe Warner can help us here You know Richard Bird is not gonna, be his partisan, as newness was in the Senate. Who knows a mean? The answer here is the FBI, the answers, the FBI, yes, once again, which is worth downgrades rendered rats in recent months. Once again, a nation turns its lonely eyes to James Comin. Yes, sir, that is that should sit well with everyone. Ok, when we come back
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on the positive side. We have former senior adviser, Barack Obama, the director of the university Chicago's Institute of Politics and the host of the axe files David Axelrod, has gone in its current great. For me it is grossly me whenever everything's good it's good to finally have you on where we spell a good time to go. No, I always say the same thing best time I ever had in the White House who was with you guys with you and Dan love it and all those guys around the stuff. That matter, you know, and I value it. So I miss our time. I miss our mustache means the others are the good old days now now state Centre Eric lesser, who is your system at the times, would emailed all the speechwriters and say it's time for the mustache meat, that would mean that we'd go sit in your office.
Talk about all the speeches for the week. Can we do that every day it was the best part of the year was I'm sure they're having those meetings right down the line You think so. Their meetings, every data say here the tweets, we're gonna. I'm should throw out today. I'm sure there carefully, I think it's more like the meetings to clean up the tweets, I think you're right. How would you like to be a guy? I'm sure you guys been up on space her and he made a thousand bargain for sure what a miserable job I have to say yes to change that and to try to justify the unjustifiable to try and make up look sound like down and down sound like up. I just I would rather be boiled in oil have to do that. We were just talking about this because We talk about noon ass. An
by saying like war. I dont know if he was if use it, though As I don't know, members of Congress have to be clear to get into the White House and like can you imagine the meetings that the press secretary prep meetings further breathing? every day under spacer like what is happening there, they got that all the glory of us as Nunez City could have smack into the White House at makers. Nato then reveal who comes into the White House anymore, so you could have done, as I pointed out, he might have just been offence jumper over there. Now I know I this mean there is. There is a day that goes by that Sean doesn't have to say. We were doesn't say something just causes you to scratch your head and I've known him like I've known, you probably know them to you know he's a pretty. He was pretty well liked and I think he's Stillwell like among reporters in Washington, but man he's got himself into a gene.
Yeah yeah I'd say so to ex before you came on. We I tweeted this morning that you are joining us and I asked people for questions for you, so he hasn't great twitter questions. So Some at some one of the most popular ones was windows. The mustache return Magala and many others asked tat question that I'll, tell you what happened there. You know that I shaved off, because I was raising money for epilepsy research. This is the cause of my life ran daughters. Life was fairly ruined by the UN's relenting seizures for nineteen years. From the time she was seven months old and my wife started this foundation citizens. You know for research networks he to raise money for cutting edge research into
epilepsy, and we got this idea- the slash the stash and raise money that we raised a million to including by way of a hundred thousand hours from the down J Trump Foundation. I feel like. I should note that I shamed him into giving me a murmur than a hundred thousand dollars. I was on joe- and I pointed out that we never collected the five million a Otis when, when the president produced his birth certificate- and so I said at least you could give me a hundred thousand for this, he did then I took that to mark Cuban, and so you can't let Donald Trump out do you and he gave me two hundred thousand I am a debt of gratitude to the president for that, but, as I say I shaved this off on national television, I walked of his step. So, after the event and my wife of then thirty three years Susan says I always hated that thing anyway. I'll tell you. So I am under edict. Smart, not grown up markets.
Susan is actually look at the old pictures and I is kind of dopey why did I have I mean I think about when I look back at the pictures of me with the shaved head for no real reason for much of the campaign in the waiters. Now. What was that I meant to ask you bet I have no idea who, like us again, I didn't have to- I Didn'T- have to go to a barber shop. We are on the road and I could do it myself, which you know don't cut your own. Here is my lesson there you go, though, if you kidding, I my feeling is: if you have here, you oughta grow it those of us equally challenged. You know don't understand why people would shake their heads, but I'm a good answer, the question at the most Someone actually asked what the hell is going on in this country. Ask him, but I I have really talk to you and I, like you, a lot about these first sixty something days of trumpet I know there is a temptation to take everything. Tromp was too ten on the outrage meter every day, so I was
you and your watch meters until there is until it's what in your mind what These have been warranted in what worries have been on. Intuit or maybe a little over exaggerated. Look, here's my view. I mean I don't like the policies, I hate the policies, but I'm old enough. I've been through a lot of elections, and I know that when you, when you get to meet the policies and when you lose you don't. My big concern is Our two really one is: there is absolutely no appreciation for institutions for the importance of institutions. He will solve any
institution, whether it's the media or the courts or the intelligence community for his own narrow political concern. He does not see that as a problem and- and you know it so- elections come and go, but we have to serve stand up for democratic institutions. That's why this Russia thing is so concerning. So that's one of my. The other, is- and you guys can speak to this as well when we came to the white as I hadn't been in government before, but I was, founded by people who have a lot of experience. Ramen been chief, what he was chief of staff had been in Congress and leadership. You have been six years in the Clinton White House and a PETE rouse was like the guru of Capitol Hill. You know it's been to thirty years there, including with
leader and you don't just knew everything and you know you go on and on there were people who knew how to get things done. You look at this present policed experienced president in history, never been in government, never bid in the military, and you look at the people around that. One c, your person other than I guess, Spacer has actually served in government. So Is it really surprising that is major initiatives of kind of crashed and burned and you know I worry about the sort of- maybe I should be grateful at some of those initial initiative, crashed and burn but what happens when North Korea, you know you launches a missile and in our direction happens when we, as you guys know every day in the White House, threatens to bring something that you never even anticipated. Yet you don't have people were experienced, ran in the present himself as an experience. It seems to me that's a prescription for disaster,
and so that worries me alive? How do you think the Democrats are handling this strategically. You know, I think that in the early going I think they ve been fine, here. I have always been of a belief that, and this prize unpopular with your fast audience, but I think, if an opportunity presented itself to do something that would actually help people that that you know as a party, you you're your foolish to take them, after that you're not gonna. Do it, I'm that other resisted every now I dont know battle ever happened right, that's might. If Thou trumps said, I'm gonna spend a bill, trillion dollars. I want to spend a trillion dollars that tax credits from the investors. We're gonna do infrastructure already, but actually to
rebuild bridges and roads and airports and do the things that we really need done in this country and put people at work. Should the Democratic Party say no we're not we're not going to do that, because that would be helpful to you. I think that's a foolish strategy, I'm even euro- and this will, if I haven't, if I haven't sent peoples to the ramparts against me, with at least I'm ambivalent, about this filibuster on course. It further. You know- and I understand completely Merrick Garland a friend I I admire him by the Key- may be the most impressive Domini ever to this report. The way he was treated with her rent.
But I just think you've got to pick your your battles. Gorsuch is going to be on the court. We know that so really what the decision is on the filibuster is. Can you force them to change the rules, so it's been easier for them to put the next guy on. It seems to be the next guy or gal likely a guy in their case could be a really decisive So you know he asked at how the Democrats do. I think doing pretty well so far, but I I think there has to be more nuanced to the positions you know. As events present so I guess the gorse its thing. No, I mean I went back and forth on this at first to be like if every Supreme Court justice so far has gotten sixty votes. So there was not a filibuster, you note, isn't it I've been on a president
dominate someone who they believe is in the mainstream enough to garner those sixty votes like which is President Obama put up Merrick Ireland and not some one further develop hated, irresponsible thing yeah and they did the irresponsible thing, but under normal circumstances, gorse, which I think would get if it wasn't from a significant number of votes, because he is qualified and you know most people. You talk to the judiciary, wood, which say that that is well qualified for the Supreme Court. He got high rating and so on, so I dont have a tough one cause. I I think what Mcconnell did was abhorrent and you know really sub ass if they would say well, Harry did this on pestle, but we're in this mad cycle year
can, I have the battle of the filibuster. I'm not sure I would do it on this one, but it seems like that decision has been made. It was interesting to me. I don't know if you've been following us, tweets today, but you know you know we have every day on the earth, freedom, carcass and while others were present, can after cooperate with Democrats. If these guys don't get in line, I wonder you know exactly what they mean by that is, it may know they gonna now produce a health reform. It actually fixes the affordable care at a maintains coverage and does all the things the Democrats want? I may I can't even imagine what they're talking about you're feeling is not well thought out, which makes this is unusual, says exception the first a royal, but I get that could be the case at. How do you think gum? Democrats, Sir Breakthrough, noise with an economic message right like we talk a lot about
campaign- and you know she didn't have enough about in the economy and then the Clinton campaigners they will yet we talked about it every day, but it never broke through, and you know I think, there's some truth. Besides right like it's when when Trump Trump gives people shiny objects to go run after and then that's what the news covers that day and it's hard to sort of breakthrough of the message on economic stuff and I can imagine this happening in twenty eighteen and twenty twenty. Is it just at the party
to be more creative, more discipline when you think well, I think you know that the problem with Hilary message was that it was always like a thousand trees and no forest. You know at at at the first level in economic message, has to be a valued driven message and have your you're one of the great writers of our time. Speechwriters of our time, you ve written some wonderful words over time on this, and you remember some of the great speeches on economics that the president made were very much about, not just probably they weren't just programmes. They were about the values behind them in why it's important that people have opportunities and what a job means, and so I think that values based argument was,
missing from her rhetoric and that has to be restored. But I have another concern which is you know: there's a lot of trump has a hehehe pander to the alienation that people feel the sense of a lost, the sense of being left behind in the economy, the sense of being disrespected any identified villains in the villains were Mexico and the villains and a v. Was China and the real story of our time and the one that I think is most menacing is that China and not Mexico, but robots and computers? You know there was a study recently set in the next couple of decades windows, forty percent of our jobs to automation and those giant. That's gonna keep moving up with the scale I mean. How long will it be before artificial intelligence
produces better pod castors, that's kind of a scary prospect worse than ever. But the point is we don't have an answer to that. What our plan for that- and we know the editors- it's a difficult one, because you can hand people checks, but jobs about more than paychecks jobs are about dignity there about self worth It is a major challenge for our country and I saw a niche in the treasure sectors so well automation, not on our radar screen. So that's pretty scary arriving Democrats need to say what are we gonna do in this new economy? How are we going to make sure that people have meaningful employment, get compensated fairly, for it had the education and training they need to fill the jobs of the future. I mean there,
It is a great big, open space there and it may not be a sexy is as China, Mexico, but it's much more important. How do you think Democrats should think about like you, sort of a choice here it feels like, like cannibalism, bright, worked for what the twenty ten elections right against us right it clearly has had some long term consequences for them. Do you think and to take the house back is important enough to spend on some long term article cap, it all to have a shot at gaining seats in eighteen? It, like you mean,
I felt where you re going is: do you relentlessly abstract, as Mcconnell did to produce failure or the perception of failure or the procedure or to exacerbate people's frustrations and create a better climate for change? It is that we grant suggesting yeah yeah. I mean, I think, that's the big. The big question is: if the Republicans aren't gonna cooperate in the first place, you know it was hilarious to hear Trump glad sailor. Accredits. You know killed this built as we can get. One democratic vote made an asked for one democratic vote. They didn't try to get a democratic vote. They didn't want to demonstrate that a big difference between Obama and dropped because we spent a full year on health care, to involve Republicans, were over a hundred republican amendments in the affordable care act. There was none, so there is a real impetus to say: fine. You want a ride
you run it and let's see how it goes you know it's a respectable theory, the accept is dad if some surfaces like a infrastructure bill, do you say now? Do you say I'm not gonna take this chance, to put you know, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people may be millions of people who work, because it will create a more favourable environment in two thousand and eighteen. That's a very tough call and I may be soft hearted, but I feel like it would be turning our backs on those people and I'm not sure wooden backfire on its biggest trump, which surely use it in two thousand. I teach I just don't know, but I know that there is it is. It is the debate. It is the debate right now. So so you guys all be interested,
because of the enterprise that we are involved in that I sat down the other data to a sort of podcast on TV, with John Mccain, a nice as really interesting. It's gonna carrying a Saturday night run on CNN. It go beyond sit every Saturday night, excellent, Scythia, Oregon North Carolina game. So- you go, I won't be watching, but as a device for men but the city. It was interesting how nostalgic he was before the days when he could work with a TED Kennedy when there were when you can have your user we'd have to panic, fights and college other all kinds of names that we'd walk off in TAT. Terrible but his armor eventually did pretty good Dinwiddie or you talked about his relationship with my you'd, predates you guys, but was a great towering
broad leader in the house, from Arizona in the seventies and eighties really eighties and you'd all died of Parkinson's Disease and was quite debilitated again and came to a year. I asked him because someone told me that he used to go over and read the Arizona clips to Europe at the end of his life. You know you don't could respond because he loved him, and yet they disagreed on everything you know, or most things are many things they worked together on some and it was interesting to hear him talk about that the other. By the way you know I everytime, I try to get him a comment on Trump. It's alive national security team. So what about him? Well, you know, I don't I who's listening to so file asset
you were we face of the Reagan Republican when you got elected you words for the postal boy for the Reagan generation of Congress, a lot of people who support our trump assign the Reagan tradition. Amateur he's he's like Reagan, he's a disruptor like Reagan. That was the one place where Mccain just couldn't. He could restrain himself and he said TAT not not at all no comparison and then he went off and you know how can you compare a guy who, who call sir, he says the United States, his life with a guy was a tear down that wall and he went off on this long riff about that. So I left it, he let his cards down there and obviously no love lost no ensure so I ass people for questions for you. Some version of this
she came up quite a few times and better be interesting, went to ask someone said why he so damn reasonable? Doesn't he realized once at stake, which are that wasn't? just a greater phrase that network. I I've known you for a long time and you are a proud liberal and you ve also your political fighter, and if I was you know on a put together a campaign team to go against anyone you'd be like the top draft pick. You know, but I think you know you commentator now to initiate a few rare John. I would get out of what I was and I will be drafted I've been working on a draft have row campaign for a long time. Now. This letter, several bagration candidate it's a West wing dandelions AMC border. We can work out now near well. He said no, but I made
the question, is you know you are you? Are you have been pretty reasonable over the last in our Europe says, since he left the white gown, and how do you deal with personal, my job? You know what I find I did not want to be in those little cable tv boxes. You know fighting with some employee faced young republican firebrand over plant parenthood. You know, that's not the role I wanna play my life at this point. I been involved in this and forty years. I've seen a lot and I try and bring the perspective of those forty years. You know and
I know people were annoyed with me when I was critical of Hilary campaign during the election. I think I was right about those criticisms. They work criticism based on board of my years of experience, and here I think the result spoke about you know. There's no doubt Jim call me her. Canada see the Russians, will outrageous in and subversive they did, but it takes work to lose two Donald Trump. You know, and I tried along the way to say you know- I don't think this is the right thing to do that rule and I've that I was obviously quite critical of the trunk campaign and other campaigns as well. That's the role that I'm playing at sea and there are plenty of people there to be surrogate.
You know what I can get quite passionate as I did over the healthcare to pay. You guys both know. I don't you know, I'm very emotional, about the affordable care act because of the experiences I had mailed your system with my kid, but I think it's good to be to have some perspective and it's good to say, yeah these institute matter, the digital, so the survival of our institutions is employed,
because there will be a democratic president. Again there will be a democratic Congress again. I believe that the progressive message will prevail. You know because we that's the nature of our system is. As you know, we go in cycles and I think there are good progressive answers to a lot of it. The united thank you can solve a lot of the problems that we face today without a government and without us working together as a society to face them. But you know my job. There is to bring some historical perspective to bring the prospective sums worked in a hundred whatever fifty campaigns, whose working presidential campaign for a long time, who's been in government about how. This all works and doesn't work and other frustrates folks, sometimes, but its role uncomfortable in play. Academia wash you one last question: let's have it ethically say, Donald
cause you up and says I gave you four thousand dollars in played prominent role in getting ready or mustache. I knew you to give me advice. You can be the mark pen to my bill Clinton. What advice would you give Trump too get out of this situation is currently and run about them. Pen analogy? Damn just stop smoking. If I would labs, I would say first of all I would say addressed things that I mentioned at the beginning. This conversation get rid of some folks. You have bringing some people who can actually give things, don't know how to get things done
And the other thing that you can't do anything, but I dont know how to solve, is if you don't have a world view, if you dont have a philosophy, if you're only philosophy is sort of self promotion and so perpetuation branding and all that stuff, you know our experience was with a guy who came to us with a worldview he understood where he wanted to leave it. There were things, values and error. There are things that were
ordinary men, it drove everything everything flows from the top. How do you how you say to a guy who doesn't reed and doesn't really have much intellectual curiosity, you note here's how you should drive you'd Ministration, it's pretty hard to import perspective, conscience vision, you know, but I think that's what he's left too. That's why he's left us? We gotta find some people around him who are both experience and perspective and try make something called here that I bought a lay off the tweets much. I know you love and I think that drive and you have some it does probably drivers base. I made it does keep em
what were those folks tat, forty seven percent or when sixty subset Republican, suddenly CBS buoyancy? They thought he was being both during the campaign, so he knew there was reaching some people, but at some cause you know in terms of diverting attention from the thing that he should be relentlessly pursuing witches jobs, jobs, jobs, the economy, the economy economy, which is why people in the main elected acts. Thank you so much for joining us every one giant. Let me say I am proud of what you are doing, a proud of what you put together.
I think what a great others of my life has been to be associated with with all you guys includes, with loaded and Tommy and crooked media crew. Before you were crooked media. While, and I really look forward to see what you go to the two are seeing what you guys do in the future. I appreciate that you know, along with Brac Obama, I don't think I've learned about writing in politics and communication from any one, but but you so. I appreciate my lab. Every channel, your camp, hey man, that's right, really going right away. Toby he's coming out retirement for to answer. Yes, while we are wrong some out of the woodwork, are you people out there? All you save America? People if you want John Pharaoh, run we're gonna, wait! Email! I have I,
you think you do on social media, get some go, and here I am happy with Ipod guessing career for now. Data acts. Everyone guide, God be with the NGO, subscribed to the x files and tune in to see and Saturday night at nine p m to such acts. Interview John Mccain acts will talk to you later thanks. By right there was little ok, that is show for today. Thank you. David acts are out for joining us and will see you again very soon by guys.
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