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The White House weighs cutting back on Trump’s daily briefings, Republicans start to worry about November, and Joe Biden’s campaign adjusts to life in the midst of a pandemic. Then Senator Brian Schatz talks to Jon L. about the next economic relief bill and the Senate map in 2020.

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is, it differ. Dotcom slash, worked work together to learn more. Well, replied in America and John Several, I'm John Mother, untimely death or later in the plot. Let it talks of why Senator brain shots about the fight over the next economic relief bill and twenty twenty seven that before that it took what might have been the series finale of the daily Trump Show, the growing.
Ethnic among Republicans over the November election and Joe Biden Homebound campaign, but first love it the show this week we had a good Love or leave it. John Hodgman came by and Judge Monologue, which was the delights he'll Hughes egg down by Travis, Hallway Is running an eye on our relationship? Vernon in me in a way that try to get us to break up and we talk to Katy Porter STAR studded, who of about what's happening Congress. So it was a episode. We talked to listeners, was a nice break for everything so check it out. We also a big announcement. Today, crooked media has partnered with Pineapple Street Studios and Spotify to bring you. Brand new limited series, podcast called wind of change in Europe. No series hosted by investigative journalist, Petrograd Keefe. The show begins
Patrick here, the rumour that wind of change, the very popular power ballad by the scorpions, that was an anthem for the end of the cold war, was actually written by the Sea I say this series is Patrick's journey to find the truth. The trailer is out now on Spotify follow wind of change on Spotify to binge all eight episodes on May eleventh exciting ha yeah. I got to say You know we ve been working on this show with Patrick for the better. Of a year. I've got to know him. I've read all his work forever is one of the best journalists in journalism period Book Book last year, say nothing was wanted s, books, I've ever read, and this story is incredible idle. Really thought about it. Ever since the first day he pitched it into here. This thing finally come to life is so exciting. It is. Such a fund journey it'll be a great break from corona virus. How subscribed to wind of change Spotify then you can binge it. It's gonna be great. All start with what might be some good news after being subjected to Donald
Hours long way has briefings nearly every day for the last two months. The country may be getting a break from Hell briefing on Saturday or Sunday and our white has AIDS or they may be cutting back. The president's appearances, that's the Good NEWS. The bad news is that it's because the president's suggested a cocktail of sunlight disinfectant might cure covered. Let's take a listen to what happened last week's briefing. So supposing we hit the body whether its ultra violet or just very powerful light, and I think and I think you said that hasn't it. You gonna tested, and then it supposing you brought the light inside the body can which you can do it through the Skinner in some other way I think you said you gonna just there to sounds interesting right and then I see the disinfectant We have not yet in a minute one minute and is your way we can do something. I guess
injection inside the cleaning because you see, gets in the lungs in it does a tremendous number also be interesting to check their so that even after use, medical doctors, But it sounds sounds interesting to me so I want to dwell too much on the story since it's been covered quite thoroughly, but Trump later said he was being sarcastic. Is that how people took it travellers. I've run we all had who says something really shitty to you and then pretends. He was getting like Gama. What I was getting your hair cut, looks like Neil Patrick Harris got strand in a desert island? Why not being funny? my lads idea is right had. I was like palace at you drink bleach, I'm just getting so yeah. So it is important that when you are the president, its last fine, I mean, in this case trumps suggested that I guess like
getting a sunshine, animal or drinking which could could could cure you of the corona SK. As we all know. You know the way HIV goes away as he does. He get a tan and it ended up having people calling poison hotlines. The surgeon general to clarify and twitter clorox and licence. Were putting at statements in so again like this data rationale for recasting these corona virus taskforce briefings live. Is that both the viewers we'll get important medical information and again and again missing- that's not happening in anyone who watched this combat knows he would not being sarcastic, because we have eyes and also her who tries out some jokes at the pandemic response briefing, that's not the right! Then you sell em, of course he wasn't getting its rodya. It would be, it would be funny if it wasn't like it if all of these states were getting calls through their hotlines about people actually thinking. This could be a fact,
cure I mean it's all. Just some useful information, they're like it does seem like direct sunlight in humidity, can help kill the virus outside and maybe that's good to know. Maybe we all shouldn't hang out inside. We should hang out outside, but that information is washed away by him saying this crazy, not eleven. It doesn't like this is part of a larger pattern. We're trumped just completely contradicts his own public health experts. Cdc directors of the virus could be even worse than the fallen winner Trump said, then it might not come back at all. Doktor Fuji says we need to do a lot more testing trumps at last week. He disagrees with them that we're doing great on testing big demoted the doktor in charge of developing a vaccine last week, because the guy refused to promote trumps, favorite, unproven treatment. Hydrochloric when What's the danger here, for I mean there's the danger for us, which we just talked about what the data for trot yeah. Well, for one thing that happens after this is every serious health official associated with this administration,
on television and the next day or two and doesn't say five or six important things. People ought to know they say Oh here's! What Trump meant yea anyway that in a box ass like what what was trunk talking about and she's, desperate to try to make sure people don't drink bleach, while also not being two contradictory, because that ends up coming back. You. You know ten fold in the form of trump insulting you, retreating, someone calling for you to be fired, and there- and you know this is a person who has the related between just try and do her job and being a bit of a Trump Flunkey, but she was She was making the point that truck. Oh, he just had learned something and he was trying to think it through, and sometimes he thinks out loud like obviously that's incredible. Responsible to credibly irresponsible for the president to be thinking out loud about something he learned. Thing he learned was sunlight maybe the best disinfectants and saying that is just of common wisdom about the ways you know
the way sunlight may help us in this situation. You was learning some basic information now What are things I was striking. Is that this whole question, and of will a virus come back in the fall or not right? in fact she says. Probably We now know but looks like we should be prepared for a combo flew season covered season, that seems like we're, we're probably heading and trumps as well. Maybe, but maybe not, maybe it will go away. It doesn't We. This is a silly and stupid prediction debate. We should be preparing very simple, like a legitimate president, would say you know I'm a bit more optimistic as that's my nature and but the sight tell me we need to be ready for coming back and so we're gonna be ready for a comfort to come back with hope for the best and prepare for the worse but we end up in these endless loops that are not about the best way to respond to this growing pandemic, but actually
The axis of debate is only about Trump. Was he right? Was he wrong? Is he smart? Is he dumb? Is he helping himself? Is he hurting himself? Is he lying? Is he telling the truth, and we do that over and over and over again? And that means that I think, like out alive, of ways like forget, the like specific information, the cultural societal response. It is virus is confused in large part, because this incredibly important podium is so thoroughly miss misused you're having a lot from from the public's perspective. We ve seen in every Paul since the beginning of this. They trust public health officials and experts, far more than they trust, Donald Trump and that's been even more true. The longer this goes on, and so is he continues to contradicts a number of people that public trust more than him. It makes him even less credible in the eyes of the public. During a pandemic
goes on and on and which he seems to always be looking. As you said, love it further. The easiest way out everything is like he wants. The miracle cure. He wants it not to come back in the fall. He thinks every this be fine and like it's, this just debilitating short termism is on his part, where he just wants to get through that new cycle, but like that doesn't work. That way. How is the pandemic drags on? What happens if it comes back in the fall in winter? Anemones, like oh Donald Trump, told us that wouldn't be back at that. It's only gonna be worse for him. You know, I mean, but he just knows that like if it does come back in the fall evermore say you told us, it was gonna to be better, not say no, I didn't know just lie about it again, but my favorite thing of the day is that, then, Europe Post Reporting, that's being regurgitate it on vaccines this morning that trumpet just working so hard that he's skipping sometimes- and you know as you can tell by looking at the guy, he's not exactly wasting overhead basic security. I believe, like whatever stay,
four decided last night to pitch every single reporter on a new strategy that involves less time for trumpet the podium and more of a focus on economic issues. I believe that person I believe that what they want. I believe they think that smart on item, leave for a second Donald Trump is gonna give up that podium because, the human needs, a broken narcissist and is desperate for praise and affirmation. But, as president, like this, seems like his main activity for the week every week, Grady doesn't it hence the corona virus taskforce meetings themselves how you get a scenario where you, like half years, some breathing indecisive riff on the healing powers of ingesting bleach. He just watching tv. All morning gets mad tweets and then rage. On reporters in the briefing I really dont know what to do with this time. If he's not at these events, I also want to just let us also just be clear here. You know there have been allowed.
Of people saying that they cable networks are wrong to take these briefings live and now that we know that they may be politically toxic for tromp and that's the only reason their considering not airing them. I want to once again continue to urge CNN and MSNBC and Fox to carry these brief outside their obligation we need to see what the president is saying every word. I would remind those question I mean you know: we have worried that these briefings are sort of artificially propping up his approval ratings, because they're nothing but propaganda, its you're, now they're having their either not doing that or their having the opposite effect. Why do you think that is me? Tommy navigators, daily tracking Paul had to four thousand seven hundred and forty nine. A month ago now has emit forty two approved. Fifty six percent disapproved, which is the worst rating he's had in a month. Why do you The briefings have been pushing things the other way. I look we
stipulate that may be. The briefings are unrelated to his polling. Writing only rarely on there was a rally round a flag effect for every writ leader in the world trunk less of a bump from that sort of impact and went away faster. It's also clear that things have gotten way worse. Just on the ground, in everyone's lives of the global death toll is over. Two hundred thousand the financial impact is mounting. It's been devastating. I do think, though, as president and we ve seen this in pulling for Trump on other issues like China. Sometimes you get credit just for looking, active and seeming like your on top of something you get. You get credit for trying, but I do think like as people impatient as their lives get worse as you around six weeks. Without me in your house. The briefings strike you a different way. You can tell he's making mistakes You know and then like saying something like this drink bleach combat like that jumps out and be cards. Parvin national conversation that includes ass, an L.
And like late night shows and all the places that might not otherwise be talking about the corona virus taskforce briefing. I think, compounds the problem because people don't believe him. They want here from scientists and they think he's chaotic and not necessarily in charge, lever effect, Nuno Tommy's point about not knowing how the briefing is really effect. This one way or another. I do think because we're in the thick of it it's hard to know the relationship between you know: Troms blundering and the buyer Is that a lot of people who might be sympathetic or prone to voting for tromp? I kind of older white voters how that is kind of running headlong into the fact These are people who are most at risk and most afraid of what this virus could do too their families themselves their communities out? You know
talk about this when this first started that you know Trump trump plays on people's emotions, that's what he does he plays on fears any place on their there. There you know their their worst. Thanks, but that is sort of its hard to be a match for those scale. Of what we're facing this is a global pandemic. It is affecting every corner of the country, it is making people afraid aid and closed off from one another and insecure and uncertain with a whole bunch of economic calamity, top of that, and so his usual bag of tricks feel completely insufficient. For this moment, and so you know, you can try all he wants. He can. You know retreat Joe Biden deep fake, he can attack the Nobel Prize. He can go to the briefing not go to the briefing he's at war with
with reality, and that's that's not something he can't win yeah me. I think people are getting tired of the Trump show in the middle of a pandemic. You know twenty three percent now trust what he says about the corona virus, just incredibly low. When you consider that his bases, like thirty five to forty percent of the population from an eight people navigator, has sixty four percent of people say that self absorbed applies to trumps response. Fifty seven percent say the response has been chaotic, fifty six percent say erratic and irresponsible axioms due to focus group of Obama, Trump voters in Ohio, and I thought it was interesting because they all said that they wished. He would act more like there public and Governor MIKE the wine and sort of the the conclusion from the focus what a lot of the voters were saying is: there's a little appetite for partisan politics among these voters. When it comes to a crisis with life and
consequences. They want a leader who work with health and science experts, find solutions and activate in a way that won't polarize the country. So, of course, his move when things are going well for him is to blame people and try to divide people against each other and in all you and what you said, love it all. These little tricks right, like everything as a game he's mad about everything, is yelling at the media and all that stuff like a lot of people, don't holler that normal times in their really not tolerating it in the middle of a pandemic in an economic crisis, yeah. So because of drums political problems. Republicans are starting to act like Democrats and panicking according to the New York Times quote. Republicans were taken aback this past week, but
Results of the seventeen state serve a commission by the Republican National Committee. It found the president struggling in the electoral college backgrounds and likely to lose without signs of an economic rebound. This fall according to a party strategists outside the urgency, is familiar with. The poles results times also notes that a recent wave appalling that showed republican senators in Arizona Colorado, North Carolina in Maine trailing or locked in a dead heat with potential democratic rivals. Tommy should we should we allow ourselves to enjoy this news hum or do you think that, It's more enslaving was and why I mean, like these points. Those are our good NEWS for Biden, Jenna recitals our by itself is not just national poles and having winning and they don't end up meeting much when applied to electoral college. These are real leads and state poles in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania states. He really needs to win trumps. China gone off and places and, like you know, Minnesota like the only say they really targeted for a pick up and that's I look and good. I think he's down ten there
so we're lucky that we have great Santa candidates on top of that, and aid Fundraising well, but, like I don't know, anyone should get cocky here, mean. The best thing that listeners can do is pick a centre race or to promote the hell out of those candidates on social media may be set up. A recurring donation, given five bucks a month is that that adds up in an really matter. Yours, but you know I'm gonna. Let myself feel hopeful and I think, we're talk more about the binding campaign in what is an isn't working, but you know Sarah Gideon, Inane, Doug, Johnson, Alabama cow Cunningham, North Carolina, Martello main Gary Peters, in Michigan Carlotta. Like we gonna win a lot of those races and defend elsewhere too, to take back the Senate, Lebanon EU inside the brain shouts about this in a little bit better? What do you think about the sir? But the improving pole numbers for Democrats I think they're horse shit, I'm not going to be found
it's nice to see. I hope, they're right. I hope it gives people adults to support their candidates. I think we're just continued. I assume that winning back the Senate is hard and may get harder as vehicle. Here too. The fall. We don't know we all, just don't know how all of this will play out with the virus and how it affects turn out, which is, I think, just this big flashing, unknown, and so beyond that you know. Yes, I think it's a it's it's heartening to see its hopeful, and we talked about this from the beginning to that that this virus was going to shift p, expectations, and the economic fallout would shift people's expectations of government that people are going to turn to government and look for a well run, active government that helps people in their time of crisis, I think that that lends itself to voters considering them.
That's more than they might have otherwise. But beyond that, I think it's. It's still so early. One thing about the Senate. Is you know We ve been seeing in the last couple election cycles that it has been a trend. Its continued is it's not as likely that when there's a competitive Senate raising a presidential race, the Senate race goes to one party in the presidential goes to another. So I think, and twenty sixteen like, if Hilary want to state than the demo than the senators were competitive in that state or interpretive races, also one that state democratic candidates, if Trump one state than the republican cancer competitive, so the Senate's much more closely linked to the presidential race, so
You would expect now I've trumpets having some problems than the republican candidates in those states are also going to have problems. I also think, by the way that, like we ve, we ve talked for a long time about how winning the sent back has been incredibly important, but I do think it's probably even more important now because of the pandemic, any economic follow, as we heard from Mitch Mcconnell last week, like if Joe Biden wins the presidency and Mitch Mcconnell is still the Senate Majority leader. I do not think anyone should expect any more economic relief stimulus, anything to come out of that Senate. Miss Connell is gonna fuck and put the brakes on any more stimulus. Just anything, a re run the play that he ran when Obama took office amid the great recession it it's just abundantly
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What the hell do you have to lose to corner present Let's talk about our fellow podcast hosts Joe Biden. Often over the weekend, the earlier times in the Washington Post, published a pair of de dives into how the former vice president campaign is adapting to the pandemic. He and doktor Bide nor holed up in their house. Very few staff he's, doing some fun, razors and virtual rope lines, he's calling volunteers and first responders to thank them and he's doing hours of policy briefings about the corona virus response each day.
This is reportedly been a tough adjustment forbidden who truly does love one on one campaigning. It's also feel concern among some Democrats that the binding folks are doing enough to steal the spotlight from Trump. All that said, Harry and wrote a piece foreseen and over the weekend, arguing that, from appalling perspective, what he calls binds quote invisible campaign is actually working and he points to some of the poles. We just talked about recent polls from Michigan Florida Pennsylvania that Joe Biden with clear leads, and he argues that all the extra coverage is actually hurting trump helping Biden Tommy. What do you think about this is? Is Harry right to some of the sum of the worry overblown there I mean. Look, I think, carries right in that trunk tend to do worse when the focus of the media's attention is on him right, I mean ultimately when, when he finally surge against Clinton is good. You are wasting our time talking about her emails and co me and all that bullshit. So the good contrary in point. It's a good push back to other people, freaking out and saying, whereas bite in wise and getting more coverage, blah blah blah blah. That say
like. I don't think we should feel comfortable now right I mean it if this is now shot of the race in the midst of a pandemic, where Trump is getting hammered every day for a failed government response. I think it's entirely about that, and not really at all about Biden campaigns. As we know from some good reporting how he's trying to reach voters there doing cable hit Virtual events, virtual rope lines are strategic, local tee. The interviews and swing states like all those are. There Smart things is that message. Really penetrating our people, seeing him where they need to see him. I just don't know, but I'm sure almost any campaign would tell you like they would like to do more. They would like to reach more people and so Some articles you mention it doesn't like buying this ban a lot of the time every day, prepping for the job of president, which obviously that's important. But if I his staffer, I would probably argue like let skip the economic briefing or national security briefing today.
And you spend another hour doing these local satellite hits in you know North Carolina or whatever I do think this thing is going to turn. No one can get cocky like the press will get bored of talking about. Only the corona virus Trump will attack Biden they'll find a way to make it him and drive down his number. So again, like I do think. A bit of this is on us. The easy things listeners can do follow Biden on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram posts things about him about the platform that you like. Be an influence or in your own little online community. Don't little bit of money. If you can't, because that's where we Get really scared is trumps financial advantage. It is gonna, be hundreds of millions of dollars and could swamp any message from by level No part of this is we're in the middle of a pandemic that focuses on the people in charge. Right. That's why we're talking about governors? That's why we're talking about Trump, so there's some part of that sort of accident circumstances make it hard for Joe to intercede, and I do think that they should be looking for places to me.
NEWS. I think they are doing that, for some of this is just the Rio We have the situation. It does remind me a bit of what we were saying during the whole primary, where Joe by is doing fewer events than virtually any other candidate, and there is an arguing. Made again and again, whereas Joe Biden, how can you become the nominee if he's not doing as much was not on the trail? And now here we are he's the nominee I do think what Tommy said about the money is really important. One one day I was thinking about two in because the buying campaign has been putting out ads and also in a longer like one minute to minute three minute, video telling a story about a policy response, what have you and their excellent and what striking about them is when you take Joe Biden and you edit Joe Biden and you remove some of the halting phrases in some of the places where he's a bit meandering and tries to answer three questions at once: what your left, is just the pure best version of his message delivered by him, and it's really effective so part of this too, as I think
then the resources they need to put a lot of money behind those adds is gonna, be increasingly important if he's campaigning from home. Yet you can now that you know what indication that Harry's analysis is right. Is that its bothering the Trump campaign that Biden isn't getting as much comfort, because
and there would they want to do, is defined Joe Biden before he can define himself and what the vine campaign seems to be doing is bathing fit. A generic Democrat would be Donald Trump in this environment, because people are sick about Donald Trump approval. Ratings are falling and major, basically wanna, be that Generic Democrat and did the either the slight advantage or by an has, is compared to many of the other people who ran against in the primary some of the newer candidates. He is fairly well known so, unlike say, John Kerry against George W Bush in two thousand and four most people can identify Joe Biden. They know he was Brok was president, so he has that baseline of of people who know who he is. I do
to your point on me, there's another still, that doesn't mean that they should rest on their laurels. This thing is fucking far from over and will turn a million more times. You know Jason Goldman, who was the chief digital officer in the about the White House. He talked to Dan on Thursday after he talked to Dan about some of the stuff. He wrote a medium posts that I think is really smart. Never intricate! Look at. He talked about how you know. Joe Biden is never going to catch up with Donald Trump in terms of followers on twitter. You tube other social media channels, but when he can be doing, is sort of what he's doing in terms of local media on television doing all these local television interviews, but do it digitally so you should be. He should be using existing channels with a large red already too fine persuadable voters that art sort of his own Youtube channel his own twitter feed right like heeded, decent marrow and show time a couple weeks ago. It was great right is a mere has entire
Hence the job I'm will never reach with Joe Biden. Own media channels has taught us a fight that he could for it. You know I saw tat. His podcast is getting up. Forty thousand downloads and episode in the Washington Post story could, for example, come on our pockets. We we regions more landlord more than forty thousand people, always getting forty thousand downloads grandma and want to promote his bag ass. You could probably come on this show. That's what I'm saying many governors to talk to us again, because motors bike ethically isn't almost like doing his podcast fifty times well put Look. A friend of mine recommended last night, like hey, wasn't Biden. Tweeting the Jordan documentary I don't know Joe Biden is a big NBA fan. If he's ever met, Michael Jordan, you wouldn't want to be authentic sounding, but that is a huge cultural.
Rotation that's happening online. That's not about the corona virus that lets you introduce yourself to voters who might not be watching CNN or or talk about something, that shows who you are in a different way and I do think like finding. Opportunities is important, and so yet right, like you, don't have to match. Trumps. Seventy three million twitter followers belike Do it I'll see, does and have conversations, onions and serene liver whatever with people who have big idea, is in your. You guys are like half kidding about booking bite in on PS ay, but, like the best way to you, don't have time to build a huge package audience nor, like that certain and ended in of its you're trying to reach people so few spending hours and hours and hours on the thing it's getting downloaded forty thousand times, it's probably a better use of time and going on, like TIM Ferris, show right not about politics. Does right in numbers: it's not people seeking a political views. You might reach republican swing. Voters like there's a big dust up with Bernie and Joe Rogan,
like you can think his use are wrong. You can think their offensive, but have a conversation with him change. His mind pushed back on those views in there reach that audience at otherwise. Will here like a we're off like I. Lady sounding conversation we're off right, like I do that you have to get out of the bubble of people that are searching out political news or corona virus news. Reach New Fox. I also say to you that on first about yes, the Georgia mentoring also sometimes ninetieth birthday, another option for those that were only familiar with one and not the other, Christine Ask was, the dream team so, but but but I lost his idea that you know that one one study. Looked it sort of you know trumps hours and hours and hours and hours in the briefing room, and I think that that that Some total have the moments in which he expressed. Empathy for victims were something I think like more and a half minutes for him the of empathy and
I was thinking about what Joe Biden can do in that and taking moments suggest, do basically a political presidential thank yous. Thank you, too nurses and doctors. Also. You know summer, is coming and when it's here people are gonna wanna, be out and about they're gonna start bending the rules and there's no voice said the national level thanking Americans for doing the hard of quarantining right of, like the thank you for what you are doing it seems like its exert, its exhausting you're staying home. It feels like you're not doing I think actually doing something really important for the country, there's, no one really tat offering them
and that's it. That is something that I think Joe Biden can do, and it would contrast with what Trump fails to do yet. Look I mean it is the end of April right. He has become the presented nominee faster than most so he's got time. I do think the most important things he can be doing right now are a raising money and be sort of assembling a staff for the general and staffing open and figuring out policy, another kind of stuff that, but you know it may turn out to be true- that not be Donald Trump is all he needs to win, but, like don't want to bet on that, and unlike you, some of it like they do have a sort of inability, because we're in the middle of a pandemic, to control the message a bit more than usual control. What you from by more than usual, when he's just sort of outer rallies putting things off, so you might as well use advantage to present the best case for Joe Biden to as many people as possible, and we
from where they already are and try, and instead of trying to get turned their attention to the Biden, Media apparatus refine them where they are and present your best case in his throat that there is also a constant challenge, Donald Trump of him, doing forty offensive things a day, and you can't talk about all them, because then people learn about none of them, and I do think that the bombing campaign can help focus people on the right things because the problem is if, if trump in any way insults the press corps or ass. Enter, move theirs, move CNN from the front row to the back row. That's obviously a ridiculous shitty offensive thing that shouldn't happen, but the press corps likes nothing more than to report on his attacks on the first amendment or his criticisms of them into retweet. How great their colleagues like this story about Trump forcing the West point cadets to return to campus to quarantine for Chechnya to make. Be alone to maybe not have their families is why
of the most selfish acts I have ever heard of in my fucking life, then you're gonna deploy these kids overseas to war here, we're talking about that every single day until this bullshit idea is cancelled and like I'd love to see Biden carrying that message constantly there, that is fine crazy, and it also is like it is the ideal contrasts with Joe Biden right look we're just like very good at showing empathy and in helping people agree, son served and lost his life. I mean not yet it's war, but in the end, then reverses Donald Trump, was I putting kids at risk who are already risking their lives to serve their country? Do so he gets a photo up. Let's lifting turbines message, particularly as it relates to the economic crisis. He didn't interview with politicos Michael Brunwalde, where he was fairly populist and combative in a way. I heard in a while from him. He hit the big banks for not lending enough money fast enough to small businesses. Saying quote: this is the second time we ve failed their asses out, and I quote there only alive because the american taxpayer
he's at the next economic stimulus bill should be quote a hell of a lot bigger than the last bill, which was two trillion dollars. His own management of the two thousand and Recovery ACT to hit the Trump administration. Saying quote: there's no coordinator there's, no accountability, come on the guy ways to hold up money because he wants to make sure his name is on the checks. Would you guys think of his interview and a message from, but it was it was driving. That's it was the most of directing well Arctic waited an argument for the kind of stimulus he would seek would be I She hated him coming back to the checkpoint because, with a little bit of a non sequitur where he dropped it, but he clearly needed to get that and he wanted to hit tromp on the checks, I do think you see someone trying to strike a more populous, no and that you know the conversations he's having with the left when the party, whether its around these sort of policy groups or his conversations with Bernier conversation with his advisers, about how he asked a shift to appeal to the
broad coalition, a democratic voters, is in there and coming out as he speaking yeah. That's where them tolerance, I loved you I loved it. I mean listen Democrat We have this responsibility, gene that flows through everything we do and makes us less savvy politically right now. I think Democrats understand we need these. That cares act, one and two to work. We need like mass of government intervention. To get people back on their feet, and so you don't want to undercut that process in any way if it will have long term ramifications, but it was great to hear I'd and calling out bullshit there was in deed this earliest forms. The If right, like specifically saying we need massive aid, the states in cities- that's important. It's a marker. We should lay down not only to push trumpet also to push humor and policy. He was talking about. We gotta extra that cops and fire fighters get paid and don't run out of money. He was talking about the lack of oversight.
Are you saying you of the banks? This is the second time we build their asses out like that. I think that's great. He needs a outflank tromp in terms of populism. If that creates, and discomfort Chuck and Nancy. I'm totally call without I imagine the rest of the House Democrats in particular corps that he's a lot of these deals are getting caught between policy in the new kin and enshiu mirth through leadership. So more this do this all the time I was really happy to read this. I mean I, I think, there's choose or of essential messages for the general election for by an one he's already now, because it was for basically is primary campaign message, which is what we saw in that area. We heard about net access focus group of about a trump voters. They want. They want competent leader,
It's not going to divide the country against each other. They want a sort of poor people together, like so binds got that covered, but there's another essential message. That is because of this economic crisis and the rage and and despair that so many people are gonna, be feeling for a long time who are out of work or have seen their wages, cod or don't have health care, and if, if he can't channel that you know he's gonna be in trouble, and I think he we were now seeing him start to channel that you're in a really important way and again, like you know, hope he does it on television interviews and a whole bunch of different ways and set up just a political interview. But you know, if that's a reflection of what his teens gonna look like his policies than that's a very good sign. On that note, there is a balance has to strike. You know on Thursday Bloomberg reported that
the people who Biden has been getting economic advice from his Larry Summers: a veteran of the continent Obama administrations whose managed quite a few economic crises, but also view by progressive to centrist into lacks when it comes to regulating the banks in a number of these groups called unbind to remove summers from his list of advisers. How, of a deal. Do you think that this summer's thing is it feels like a very twitter focus controversy? I look. Larry Summers is one of the few people on the planet who has been a part of an effort to to rescue and economy. I think it's worth hearing. Him also notable that during someone named with the White House Vitamins light. Econ guy with someone named Jared Bernstein who are seen as to progressive too far to the left. He was criticised by Wall Street, so this will be an opportunity I think forbidden to use some of his own channels. Like hat sit down. A conversation with Jared Bernstein about what should be in the next round of the Cares act like what do you want to see in it flesh out a bunch of progressive priorities in long and thoughtful way that speaks to what you really believe and want to see happen and gets you.
Round, a headline that you like dared to call Larry Summers don't have to like Larry Summers, alot of people don't but he's a smart economists, so maybe Macao would you the gloves and are your huge virus it. You know. I actual you know why they very very smart. Very they should have. Will heed- and I welcome wants me to China guys. We words, though, on speeches you have to listen. I have sat in a room with Larry Summers as he kind of waxes, economic and try and try to take what he sang and try to inflated into human English. So I've I've been there he's he's adviser among many. I actually understand why his critics would would blow- I guess, because he's not just to the right of where they want he's, also really smart and effective about getting his point of view reflected in policy sad said, he's one of a bunch of advisers and Joe Biden,
absolutely be free to talk to a full range of advisers from the far left. Larry Summers, wing and use that help synthesize the best, but also more progressive policy. So I just see it as a short term. Small controversy in the way you answered as Tommy said, but by making sure that what you actually and of advocating for is progressive in a way that sort of fulfils the expectations of a lot of people who are getting banjo. But yet I mean but only a handful of people in the world who have managed governments through economic crises last summer's, is them. So if you're gonna call Larry up as someone who frizzle he knows, I'm busy work with them and as someone who has been through economic crises for advice, that's fine, if you just common informally for advice, is very different than him saying, like is floating Larry's name for Fuckin Treasury secretary right than than Then we can all have our debate about that, but I do think you're right like if you have the same stories that
still relying on Jared Burns, dean and a whole bunch of others. I know the Biden campaign is talking to a lot of progressive groups. If this goes back to serve a conversation we ve had before. Like you know, it might be a good idea for bind to start announcing members of his economic team or people who is going to be up there going to be a you know, he's going to be relying on advice from in the White House and floating names, and the band campaign can do a lot to sort of Olay Progressives fear over this. While still saying yeah he's going to call a wide range of people for advice. Sometimes just how it's going to be here? I do think part of deciding whether it's what is it. We're getting for in terms of what should be in the next round of stimulus who is talking to, as is generating new policies, you kind of sea on the pushing Paul of sort, the part political challenges of the city he's an in that you know people Like where, whereas Joe Biden, wise and Joe Biden in the fight will one way he get more in the fight
having a morse, a stronger, more specific set of positions he's advocating for in a stimulus it can be in announcing policies he would pursue as president and and seeing the members of staff putting out there that who is talking to him what he's talking about now that may get him or cupboards and make people understand what kind of present it will be, but also with that comes up certainly at some of that scrutiny will have have downsides. Right. So I think that sort of the ballots yeah, In short of that, though, you could do a little round table conversation with Katy, Porter, Elizabeth Warren and and promote. Who endorsed today would be offered you ache, thoughtful well informed, progressive view I had to go forward, let the press here it let them cover it, make it part of a conversation about this next package of relief that should come out of Congress and that would be a net benefit in many ways and maybe by leaving skips it Thea I think.
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investigate a rumor. I haven't been able to shake since I first heard it years ago. It came for someone inside the CIA and the story was that the agency had written one of the best selling songs of all time. That was the tip that started me on this story, and it only got crazier from their search for wind of change on Spotify to hear the trailer today, a new original series from Pineapple Street studios, crooked media and Spotify, he's the senior senator from the great state of Hawaii, any so good a twitter. He makes Chris Murphy look like Chuck Grass Lee Please welcome back centre Brian shots, for having me John, very fond of you, so sounder shots. First of all, it to see you. How are you and your family doing right now? Everybody's ok, kids are in school, such as it is their doing, distance learning and I'm in my bedroom, men, everybody sort of ensconced in trying to get as much work than is possible, we're safe
an Hawaii has done a really good job in lowering their case. And in doing a sufficient number of testing so everybody, safe and sound, and their economies awful, but our healthcare situation This will be the last month has been exactly. We expected, given the restrictive measures. Rita Hawaii is a state that is more dependent on tourist than most. What has it been like in Hawaii? What are people doing to get through this time? What are you hoping to see in terms of stimulus to directly help places like one well. It's a ghost town I mean. Maybe we walk through, wiped a key just to give you the context. It's ten million visitors a year across the state of way, and now we're getting a fewer than a hundred a day which is about per year in terms of making sure that we get over run with Africa. These cases by everyone Ok hotel is shot everybody who works in tourism is out of it.
It's hard it's just another number, precisely, but certainly thirty, and unemployment. It sounds about right. So people are, If they really suffering everybody is follow. I everybody else here following the rules, but it is deeply deeply painful and you know why I'm sure you see this in a way. Everybody everybody says it from where there from a lot of local institutions, small ones, especially on the edge of shutting down and never reopening, so that sort of that home for a lot of folks. It legal driving the soul that driving that everybody drew up. I'm going to finally shut down forever and stuff just trying to make sure there are some businesses are institutions and our families survive. This short term extinction event, and then we come out the other and we can talk about some structural reforms not to make sure we're less vulnerable in the future. So, let's talk about what we can do in this emergency,
I know we hear a lot about what's happening with face for in the Senate, a lot of that coming down to a fight over funding to support first responders and others that funded through state and local governments. What's the latest on the negotiations right now Well, I don't. There are really negotiations right. Nine, I conall is taking extreme positions in order to make it look like you get to the metal that that somebody progressive victory but there's a couple of eggs first day funding office at the Republicans wanna take defending the postal as to the electorate this year, they could be my guest, but the truth is that funding for the United States Postal services, both essential under normal circumstances, but especially, I said during a pandemic, and it is deeply unpopular due to define the post office, so we're gonna haggle over that we're. Just I found the postal service something. We have a trade war wise as it relates to funding states and counties.
Republican governors report applicant mayors. They are all going to their individual senators and members of the house and say die on the cell for us, we need these resources and, as we imagine, even in the best case scenario, where we can do a partial reopening or even an eventually more fulsome, are real you're gonna need your first responders and you're. Certainly gonna need to find your school systems because at least half the world can't go back to work if the kids are still distance learning from home, so the open, the education system, passing on the healthcare system by the full funding for a first Flanders is an essential aspect of recovery and we're not gonna, let public and turn this into our left right issue, especially when the National Governors Association unanimously. All of the governors in the country four five hundred billion dollars, not because it reflects their view.
The right size and scale of the state government. But because this is a desk what situation and we ve gotta find the people on the front lines. So you know you see. Mcconnell in the past few days strike out a bunch of maximum nations, one was that he wasn't sure there was a need for any more stimulus that we already see. Too much. The other was to your point about saying that he doesn't see the value of rescuing stay Even those states are in the midst of now an unprecedented response. It is virus while at the same time having no revenue cause. Every business is closed and people are paying taxes. People are paying for the services that they normally pay for. Early still are, to a large extent, how much of that is Is that pure posturing? Is this just a means for him to create leverage? Because if he, if he is says he needs a bill. He's lost the one, the one sort of one option has which is to walk away
that's right. I think this is a pure posturing. I think the deal will be I'll. Eventually, I think, as the will go. First and are put together a draft of a bill which were going to like and then down from is going to jump Steve relation to negotiate with all of us and look at the clunky just a minute. The result in the Senate being run by buying Republicans and result in that president being president, but we're going to a deal eventually and are not particularly troubled by Ms Connell's posturing, because I d then he will win in the air. So in terms of what people listening can do. No for reasons that I am very honoured. Stan. You know a lot These negotiations have been policy and an administration policy. Humor Mcconnell in the administration had of hammering
out relatively quickly because of the scale of emergency, but at the same time there a lot of ways in which Congress can bring in the views of Americans and Americans can have their voices heard in this process to great pressure that feel more difficult right now you know it crooked. We ve been pushing people to call on senators for vote by male where or that the hinge What's that you see right now where people listening should be calling their members took job to push their congress. People put their sent. Resign to gonna, make sure we get the most progressive and most helpful bill out of these negotiations well. I think on voting rights is a good place to focus because it's the high ground and because the Republicans are legitimately awful lesser relate the voting rights you sell, they didn't Wisconsin, you see what they are are trying to do in New Hampshire prevent students from voting the North Carolina. In South Carolina. I enjoy all over the country, they are making its central to their strategy to make it difficult to vote and it's always
disgusting to do that goods, especially disgusting when, when you're asking people physical risk. In order to exercise other custom, your franchise. So that is a great place to focus with the state and local funding? Is this this is your teachers in firefighters and nurses, and your Cleaners, and I just want to emphasise one important now- The effect of this pandemic has caused us to realise that these people, we call essential. Are the people that we pay, though the least, and so when we talk about our public officials and very common talk about teachers, nurses and firefighters, but is also the people who clean facilities is also the people who pick up a refuge is the people who make it possible was to have a sufficient sanitation and sufficient confidence in that the weakest to reopen buildings and reopen operations, and so that is something worth fighting for and just tactic
even though a lot of these negotiations are not happening. On the second floor, you can still hammer you're, a senators offices, phones, everybody still picking up. Everybody is still picking up their email monster, This is our operational and so same tactics, calling your member. I still work so the last financial crisis a decade ago. Mitch Mcconnell had a very different position on large influx of care. To save and economy he basically have tried to us. War, President Obama viewing his job is to make him a one term. President, obviously Mcdonald's taken a different tack. Now, But if we are so fortunate ass to elected democratic president, we all want
again see Republicans become intransigent, suddenly rediscover the deficit. Suddenly rediscover spending are their steps that that that Democrats should be taking right now to inoculate our economy. From future sabotage when we will almost certainly in twenty twenty one, hopefully under democratic president, it to continue to take action to help people Yeah, I think it's a really important point, but it's actually hard to talk about, because we have the win straight out. We have to win so we have the wind first, but We don't have the luxury of saying: hey, we're gonna win. First, I do we should be pursuing things like automatic triggers for the availability of unemployment insurance and even the PPP programme we ought to consider whether or not automatic triggers makes it's that it's not up to the discretion of Ms Mcdonald side whether to take the economy depending on who is in charge of it
Having a you make a really important point, which is everybody it's too now that the Op Eds are gonna, start flying in October or November and December, and all of these anti debt and deficit groups are suddenly a fine religion again. So we got through that now face a new crisis and that prices is the debt and deficit and responsible people. The only thing we can do is got so Security Medicare America. You couldn't possibly reversed the tax cuts that we passed three years ago. You couldn't possibly find any new revenue, closer carried interests above all the We re only responsible way to deal with this. According to many publicans and hundreds in Washington D C is gonna be reduce entitlements for people for for a moment, average. Also, security check is fourteen hundred dollars a month so now one way we can avoid Mitch. Mcconnell exerting
Power is by winning the Senate in who talked about winning first there flurry of stories in the past few days, suggesting that the Senate is more in reach. Now than we previously thought, what is the latest democratic efforts to win the Senate? And where are you most hopeful where'd? You think listener should be directing their resources right now. Well, yet field is why look we we can do poorly this election secular? We could do well, and nobody really knows God not in the business of predicted, but I will say that we more than four races to work with your North Carolina, Arizona, Main Iowa Colorado. Try. But we also have chances in Montana and South Carolina and taxes and Kentucky the two seats in Georgia, now all of those
Winnable raises the likelihood that we win say all nine or ten of those pretty low. But the important aspect of this- and I just encourage airway- do this- do not just contribute money and contribute four to the person running against the person you hate the most. We really do need to speak, the love around and nature. Every single one of those raised as is in place, because we just don't know who's gonna, be Heidi hide Camp or John Chester or or Yo Donnelly the unexpected democratic wind of the cycle, and if we only have four well funded candidates, then we have to run table on all four of those and not lose anything else, and so is really important to expand the playing field which, is it you guys may want to meet you guys all your your viewers may want do your own research and not just Later this autumn, most famous Senate candidate above this, I don't remember that ends up being yeah. I do want to plug if you go the votes have America darkens lash get Mitch. You can do
to our- I get Mitch Fund- that supporting a bunch of different races at once, and what kind of your money around, because it is now such a wide field. One last question: the senator. You know this is an incredibly dark. Time. Is a lot of people hurting every day we have. The president's playing an amateur epidemiologists, slash pharmacists, slash doktor on television, but there is a real chance here. The Democrats could win, keep the house when the White House and potential even take the Senate do you talk a little bit about how much our politics change? If we all do our part and make that happen that just how different? How different our economic policies would look if, right now, there are democrats doing the legislating everything would be different. Everything with different from the talk to the bottom. From the way you would deal with a pandemic in the first place to them way
when structure your economic response. All of it would be different, and it's not just this. And Emma Desk top of life. Everything open in the country is also what we do with climate is how we treat each other. It's the extent to which can believe our government- and I just would like to for one thing is: I know you got plenty and play a view mirrors here. If you are currently a person who sort of consumer policy, we'll content like you consume other competent. So you have, disposition towards lover, and you, like your political. Tat any they deserve trading, any room for the Democratic Europe the transition right now from Poland, Consumer of news to a political actor and that's what would be the difference in this election cycle. We all have to go from so consumers political hobbyists, to figuring out what material at Europe taken the next two or three weeks to change course. History, because them
Piracy is not. What we have is what we do. We all to get involved. If we all get involved where it would be very successful, disable everybody sort of treats political activism like reply, someone they disagree with on twitter and listening to a few liberal podcast you gonna get it. We really all the personally getting wall. Everyone has to get personally involved. You have to do more than just listen to this show. If you haven't called you have that's an porn star it look. It's important, obviously keep listening, keep downloading to podcast, that's critic but you have to do more and if you have it yet now is the time even listening to POD save America for now three years and you ve got to pick up the phone it's time to pick up. The phone said Brian shots. Thank you so much are you at all concerned about what happens when Chris Murphy here's my dumb joke that I started this interview with. I am Bit concerned about that, because you know we're like we're like brothers, are you like
Where have you been zooming? Have you zoomed? No, like brothers who are competitive with each other eyesight using each other brothers the brothers with a with like Kennedy, ask overbearing Father who set you against each other entire lives and left you nothing. But a sk of ambition in an effort destroy the other. Yeah, I'm not sure how to respond with that job. That's a pretty little humor, be. Are Kennedy asked over and father ok, ok, great, are Centre Brian shots. Thank you. State stay, save stay healthy for joining us together. Thank you, basis enter shots for joining us today, and we will talk to you later. What's up boys, what then, why do we have to idea? We guess we get in the shower Did you talk about Alex Aser? Getting fired cannot by Alex, is already give.
Now that there is already a floats that he might get a tsars. The one s ours responsible once AIDS hours out of here will be smoothed sailing. Gotta get rid of a tsar, it's funny, because on paper He actually is qualified. He was be the judge S Secretary under Bush, but he's just such a political act it is amazing that he was able to fuck this up so badly. I mean like, like a lot a good labour doodle. But why would you have a dog breeder, as your like had political guy for six years, yeah, there's that barking up the wrong tree with that guy, United Man. I also felt should pause. I felt fairly good that we did not cover any number of the crazy tweets, the Donald Trump let loose I was watching them like you know what this he is like desperate for attention now, and it is to our point earlier it
feel when are we doing to show we not doing over some matter? As is now show it out? I think it's a finding out over the true fail. It's like you know. Now it is listening things off that we didn't do it. The like the Nobel tree me confused the no power Pulitzer Prize, That was not what was going on. It can use the Nobel for the Pulitzer and then spelled Nobel run to know who the fuck he doesn't know that not all the pandemic simple grew bigger issues, but then what the president's treating about everyday, but any practical, he pretended that he meant noble misspelt, because they are now noble because their journalists and their fake news bat so he's always right that soft eyes? Let us that her fancy denies that Bronte it already. What I do it or by us by pod. Save America is a product of cricket media, the exact producer is Michael Martinez, are assisting produced. Jordan Waller its mixed in. Did by Andrew Chadwick? Kyle segment? Is our sound engineer thanks to tie
he's so Maneater Katy Long, roman puppet Dimitrios, Caroline resting Annalisa Gutierrez for production support into our digital team. Larger cone, normal Conan yell freed in my local, who film and upload these episodes as videos every week.
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