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The Biden administration waffles on its pledge to take in more refugees, a few Republicans try to start a white nationalist caucus in the House of Representatives, and Crooked Media Political Director Shaniqua McClendon joins to talk about Vote Save America’s new filibuster whip count, where you can see where your Democratic Senator stands on eliminating the rule.

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Well, nobody. America John Favour, I'm John of it and timely report show the Bite administration waffles on its pledge to taken more refugees. Three Republicans: try to start a white nationals, Caracas in the House of representatives and crooked media Nickel, directorship economic climate joins us to talk about our brand new filibuster, whipped out where you can see actually where your democratic senator stands on? Eliminating the rule that standing in the way of just about everything good in the world? But first in case you missed at check out pod, save the people where co host Kai Henderson sat down with Oscar nominated director shocking to talk about Judas. Black Messiah, fantastic interview, fantastic show,
as always drain the gang I've been doing some great work lately, covering a lot of really important news. Go check it out. I, let's get the news one of the many awful legacies of trumps presidency was his decision to turn away fauza refugees trying to escape war and persecution in some of the most desperate places in the world up until two thousand and sixteen the United States took in about eighty thousand refugees each year. That was true under both democratic and republican presidents by Trump's last year in office. However, the cap was down to fifteen thousand one hundred and fifty, and he essentially been refugees from majority Muslim. In african countries on Friday, Joe Biden signed in order that ended that ban, but left in place, the historically low cap of fifteen thousand refugees, saying it quote- remains justified by
monetary and concerns and is otherwise in the national interest. Dozens of democratic members of Congress immediately criticized the decision, including leaders like Nancy Policy, Indyk Durban and just hours later, the white has said that they would increase the cap by May fifteenth, though they said, it's unlikely that they hit the target of sixty two thousand five hundred refugees, that they promised Congress back in February Tommy. What you think is going on here and what are the consequences of the administration dragging its feet on this issue? So for the issue itself, I think our divided. Human consequences for these individuals and then political consequences around that that refugees debate. So I'm a little more backstory, like back in February President Bind delivered a speech at the State Department where he said that the by the administration would set the refugee camp for next fiscal year at a hundred and twenty five thousand, and that about week later this
Barton, send a report to Congress, saying you would admit: sixty two thousand five hundred refugees by September thirtieth of this year's at the end of this fiscal year so that would get him above the historical average. It's very good, but then White House just sort of mysteriously didn't sign the president. The determination that actually formalizes decision and makes it happen. I'm are bad and I talked about this on positive world last week, as we are short of confused by it. We chalked up like the staffing not being in place. We ve been really now so the human consequences that those you have tens of thousands of rough jeez, who have been fully valid and they're just sitting in limbo many times therein, like very dangerous refugee camps, the flights getting cancelled. You have like pregnant moms, who can no longer travel because they, Mr Window, our they could get on a plane, then the consequence in general was the. U S was on pace to lead in fewer refugees than any president in history less than Trump, so that she's devil
for the human beings here who are like trying to get out of someplace where they they had to escape the political consequences. I think that the decision felt pretty heartless to a lot of progress is into activists groups, and then it kicked up this conversation about refugee admissions. That is probably on for these. You can remember when Trotwood demagogue this he made them all sound like you know, terrorists or sticky and through this programme, when really, though, the most heavily that it of any one admitted into the? U S edge, think the Bible could have avoided this whole dust up. They just sign this presidential determination back in February since eight already owned. The higher number so is. It was a very confounding of issue. I couldn't figure what the hell happened on Friday. We love it. Could you think I feel, like I read every story about this, and you knew I was trying to give the by an administration the benefit of the doubt. He
as you know, on one hand, they said well, it's taken some extra time to figure this out and to bring these refugees and because the trumpet ministration decimated the programmes we can sort of sea that they said that the Office of Refugee resettlement has been under particular strain because it's also the office that deals with the unaccompanied migrant children that are coming in their coming over the border to the south. Of course, people pointed out those two separate, like funding, buckets two separate staff, the deal with that, even though they are all under the same the same office. So I couldn't really figure out what the hold up was in ultimately have said now. Ok, we're gonna we're gonna, try to hit that hundred twenty five thousand number by next fiscal year. Yeah strange. I was wearing the same challenge. I think there is, I think, there's like a political question, a communications question and the policy question what I didn't understand on the policy front. Is there really are practical challenges that are
greater by the trunk administration. That seem to be a big part of this, so they lowered the captive fifteen thousand gorgeous times in its citizenship and immigration services was had reduced funding for even fewer officers than the three hundred fifty that were there to southern seventeen, but their only a hundred and thirty six. By the end of last year, one hundred and five offices were refugees could settle we're close by April two thousand and eighteen perpetration closed field offices all over the world. A lot of private organizations due to lack of funding had to close their resettlement office is so what I do think part of this and in both young gents obvious at this Jake Sullivan. As I have said this, that they have to rebuild the resettlement programme. That's now is that an excuse is that real? I think it's probably both and probably means more towards having a real logistical challenge of standing this thing back up quickly, then you go to to Tommy's point about the confusing. Can we
occasions and when I dont understand is they're going to sign this thing in February and then ratified. The fifteen thousand cap was the goal to kind of under promise in over deliver which is kind of been a political philosophy of how they do things where they caught up, guard by their reaction to the delay, I'm really not sure Why, then, also there are political considerations that I think look there are going to increase driven equally, the number of refugees admitted that doesn't removed that the moral that doesn't change how that doesn't change. What Tommy points out is the real hardship. This causes for people stop waiting right now in desperate circumstance. Now, if the issue is the politics of it, if they are going to raise the cap, they're gonna pay for that politics. At some points of the issue Oh this is just an acute moment. We're having both these stories at once crude like me, makes it something that will be more lasting. I really dont totalling, I don T, understand it yeah I want to get into the politics
because in a scene in the washing oppose both have sources on background, saying that the original order stand in part from fear that it would feel the political attacks on binds border and immigration policies, and then looking, you know, see plus Santa Monica Fascist Stephen Miller, popped up on twitter and said that the announcement Reflex team Biden, awareness that what's happening at the border will cause, quote record mid term losses. Tomyo valid, you think the political concerns are here has still not received Miller would blame any problem on immigrants if he could. So I don't give a shit. What he's I do don't want to come off is like the righteous pure policy I hear you saying: do the right thing, because it is incumbent on every White House to make the best policy decision, but then also execute on those decisions with the best political strategies of the and actually get them dine and administrations get themselves in trouble. What I think, would they view things as p
The policy decisions they don't think through. The political considerations are like the hoops you have to jump through to actually execute like a good example for us was a bomb is attempt to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay. Prison became recruiting tool for terrorists. It was a moral, it was expensive. Republicans wanted it closed if no brainer, but then you get to the house, and the challenges of where you have to resettle people and where you do the prosecutions and how you prosecutor, terrorists or suspected tat LO and behold we fucked up the politics so badly that Congress swept down and made it impossible to close on a bipartisan basis, so all that's just to say, I think the Biden team is right to think about potential political attacks. Around immigration around the border and refugees in their absolutely right to predict that the Republican Party will continue to demagogue. These issues like Trump, I think,
campaign said Biden will turn Minnesota into a refugee camp right like bow was how resisting in terrible. He was on these issues. I'm sure you is directing that towards Johan Omar, but I think that the back and forth last week was the worst the world's because now the left and the right or the mad- and there is renewed focus on this problem that I don't think was really part of the conversation typing politically. If just sign this presidential determination in February. It would have been part of a few We have news like take. Crews in the gang are gonna keep visiting the border. Fox news will find the new caravan just in time. For the mid terms, you can't stop bad faith attacks, but I'd still, I dont know that this would have been a part of it. I just not quite get other linked pots of mergers. Roger by June shine June trying hard computer is the most insanely delicious better for you, alcohol, it's made with real.
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he's right. So the White House wants to focus its attention almost exclusively on the pandemic and the economy, but there clearly doing a lot of things and immigration there dealing with the situation at the border there. Dealing with increasing the cap on refugees illegally said just open No, the pulling on this like morning consult did a in January about all of twenty eight of buttons executive actions that he had announced that he was going to do. The only executive action that was underwater was the action to allow a hundred twenty five thousand refugees. In only thirty, nine percent of voters supported that forty eight percent of voters opposed it. Five of the seven Lois Polling executive were all around immigration now to the buying administrations. Credit bear moving forward on all those immigration actions anyway, but it does
seem like what they believe is. Ok, we're gonna talk most about the staff at popular, like the american rescue plan, like what they're doing on the pandemic and we'll do the other stuff not talk about it as much like. What's going on the boy. What I think, though, is like in a vacuum that might be fine, but Republicans Lovett are clearly going to make immigration and issue nonstop between now and the mid terms and beyond. So it seems like you have to be proactive about this kind of stuff and tell a story. That's going to: u no sort of win people, to your side on this yeah. It's I will say like. I think, that's of course right, but at the same time, the by demonstration, like even on their immigration policy like they haven't, been skittish. Like giving going to kind of embraced the the kind of progressive Kosovo that whirring so much about bad faith, attacks from the right? You know they bear
They get an eye on embracing the proposals in the policy and they look at it could be. A couple therefore thinks they are dealing with a pandemic right now, we're still them with an economy. That's hurting president wants to go in every single day and talk about the top issues on people's mine, which are the pandemic and the economy right. Do worry that, meanwhile, in Fox land on the right, among Republicans, they're gonna have a drumbeat every single day on the border on refugees, aren't immigration or all of their xenophobic bullshit, to try to force that into the national spotlight and make the next election about that. More than anything, I wonder Tom at some point. The binding illustration has to hit back on that and make the case that there is nothing for us to be afraid of and taking refugees. There's nothing for us to be afraid of in you know taking care of unaccompanied migrant children who come to our country, where you think yeah I look. I just don't get it like. He did. He did the public messaging part in February, where he said that next year's fiscal cap would be a hundred twenty five thousand, and then they would they.
De back for some reason so on there on the refugee piece of this it it's it was confusing. I think the the rapid change serve reflects the fact that internally, they realize it's good this up and they want just to get a right, yeah and hopefully now that that they have clarified it that were on the path of fixing this issue, but everyone should keep an eye out around, should keep holding them accountable, making sure they actually do. This make sure the refugee programme starts up again and and they had those numbers that they promised. One thing we know for sure is that, regardless of whether binding the Democrats focused on immigration, Republican certainly will, on Friday Punch Ball NEWS published a seven page proposal for something called and America first car Guess which states that quote America is a nation with a border in a culture strengthened by common respect for unique the anglo Saxon political tradition, it goes on to say that Migration is putting the quote: unique identity of America at risk and calls for limit
legal immigration quote to those who have demonstrated respect for this nations. Culture and rule of law, this anglo Saxon Carcass, was reportedly the brain while the representative, Marjorie Taylor, Green and both Rep It has met gates and Lui Gomer tweeted that they were proud to join green in the Caucasus. But after immediate blow, back from both Democrats and even Republicans like was Cheney and even Kevin Mccarthy Greens office tried to distance the congresswoman from the document and finally told reporters. She is quote, not less, king anything love at how big a deal is it that a few of the craziest right wing. Not jobs in Congress tried to launch an anglo Saxon carcass in the house. Should we feel better that it failed after criticism from senior Republicans or what? No? No, I don't feel better. I have never felt better. I wonder what it's like to feel better, but the
So what happened? What happened? Was they launched, something that they thought would be non controversial in their own party? They thought this was just going to be like in bracing trump, which has been calm. Non controversial inside of the party This document, even if you remove the words Anglo Saxon, is in the spirit of that what trump said and done it is you know, fascism with american characteristics. That, I think the reason you saw Margaret had a green but also gates. Gomer people like Paul ghosts are act like this with some and great that they were just gonna. Do not worry about is they would have been fine in there, in which our politics currently works words, Anglo Saxon had been there if they had just me a few more pieces of the racism sub tax as a rather than tax, it would have become a kind of acceptable and Kevin Mccarthy would not have felt the need to do so.
That, obviously, to take a great deal of courage, witches issue, a powerful sub tweet. So, like My lesson from this is the only mistake they made politically in this climate. Is they who did the words Anglo Saxon and we're a little too explicit about the fact that they just don't want brown black people to the Americans. I was so that their there was. There has been a big change in inventors rate. It was it started with the truck administration, but there has been a change in how certain Republicans talk about immigration since Trump became president, where They ve all felt comfortable being against illegal immigration and rail against illegal immigration, but during the Trump administration, partly because the Miller Bartley cause Trump himself, you started seeing Republicans talk about curbing legal. Nation and this document aside from the anglo Saxon thing,
They want to limit legal immigration to those who have demonstrated respect for this nations, culture and rule of law. That is an entirely different level of xenophobia than we have heard from mainstream republicans in the past. Certainly at least most of the party before TAT, but I think that is a chain. Well, I don't know look. I think the Republican Party is constantly ebbing in flowing in terms of how open we need to invest in racist and anti semitic. It wants to be not nationally necessarily, but David do got thirty. Eight percent of the vote one thousand nine hundred and ninety one Louisiana governor's race, that's horrifying Wright, Patt Buchanan ran for president on a hard line, anti immigrant five. I think he called for a aa full pause. The for five years or something I've ears outrageous and out there right. So, yes, these are three up. Singularly enormous Dumdum right, like not guides verb gates, were foggy saving jumped on this. As I'm sure he was
excited to talk about literally anything else, but is like potential D. O J Investigate and right, but I do think we gotta keep an eye on this stuff and I'm glad the Mccarthy and Cheney and some others came out against it. But I think we view this anglo Saxon caucus, even if it's dead on arrival as data point about the broader trajectory of Republican Party, in how how you know bold these, forces feel- and I think the answer is in the post. Trump era is getting worse, not better much worse, now, much worse, if you have to go, Europe under the radar story was about Tucker Karlsson, promoting the great replacement theory, which suggest that Democrats are trying to take power by replacing white voters with non white immigrants. A few days after Karlsson did that the Republican National Committee Senator fundraising, email with a subject line quote: do you watch Tucker Karlsson, he's absolutely right.
There's this debate about. You know whether it's better to ignore crazies like Green and Tucker, or whether we should draw attention to the fact that elected Republicans and conservative media figures are using language. That's no different than white nationalist groups, love it do you think I think it's really hard thing? It's a really hard challenge. It is noticeable when there is this kind of new cycle around Tucker Karlsson, oh, he embraces white nationalism on his show, it then becomes a firestorm on twitter and in the mainstream press. He then enjoys it and response to it and it builds any guns, more attention and socks more more out of the political oxygen out of the room. That said, we have to talk about it. We have to talk about that that you know unalloyed white nationalism has a very big,
holding the Republican Party is the mainstream. How the republican party I know, there's something Tommy's been struggling with two like how do you? How do you address the threat that these kinds of figures pose without Elevating them not just in the consciousness of people who want to start them, but in the consciousness of people who love it. I don't know, it's a really big problem. This is how we ended up with Trump. This is how we couldn't avatar, Karlsson on a debate stage with a bunch of Republicans, you can't figure out how to stop him in a couple years like things social media is what makes this complicated rabbies. If this was the nineteen thirties and you caught some american politics in reading aloud. From my comp right, you wouldn't go photocopy those ages than hand them out without contacts way that that's insane, but that's what happens on twitter and Facebook every day lots Well, meaning people call been share along clips from Tucker Karlsson about the great replacement theory, because their outrage soon everyone else's outrage to, but you inadvertently spreading his message juicy
twitter algorithm in a way that is to his views, get scenery, gets more followers and then Tucker doubles day. Any says to his listeners. Talking about this Are we on the labs right and it becomes folded into that part of the message? And so what happens? we're time once fringe political speech becomes normalized and racist, Anti semitic, fringe ideas become more commonplace and I get more traction like that's the ebb and flow in the all right people far right, they know this right, like a lot of them again we're just toiling away on fringe webs. It said no one ever saw until they figured out that if you said something offensive on twitter to kinds of of well meaning. Liberals would share what you dead, because they were mad about it and it's very deliberate strategy and we'd be smarter about it, encountered by calling enough for what they're saying and why they're saying with to talk about their motives, other things they want to distract us from not talk about it. Now, I assume that when you
Tucker talking about the great replacement theory that everyone is gonna, find that morally repugnant, because nationalism and native ism are a part of the fabric of America. Unfortunately, and we have to tell better story not to share his story, because that can lower people in its very enticing to a lot of like angry people. I think I think that's a very good rule and way to handle it is just don't share without com. That's an explanation, and am I guess it's just. You cannot assume that everyone thinks like you do in automatic. Someone is automatically gonna find what Tucker says: repulsive and horrible, like you have to teach people how its being heard by a specially white nationalist groups Right Nick Nick Winter, who is a white nationalist holocaust denier? He responded Karlsson segment. That Monday,
about their placement, thereby tweeting. This week, Tucker Red killed four million people and there is nothing liberals can do about it. So I do think that, like it, you can ignore it. You can't just let Tucker be saying all this. Definitely, but you half do you. You have to tell people why it's so dangerous but look there's any weakening. We can ignore it. All we want like in the republican, primary and twenty for any republican primaries and twenty twenty two, like whatever Kevin recur. He wants to do whatever Liz Cheney wants to do whatever well, meaning Republican wants to do. There are going to be lanes for pure white nationalist garbage, talking points from candidates, and those candidates could do very well between two primaries. They could do very well, not twenty twenty four presidential primary like this is here to stay, and the Republican Party does the same republican Party. That was, you know. The establishment was constantly telling people that Donald Trump could never win the nomination right. Well then, he did in any one the presidency.
So from now on when people say shit like this, like we gotta stay on top of it, you had the other thing I would just add. Is you it's when Tucker says Democrats? Don't care about? You didn't want to help you they ve, given up on policies that are popular, that make life better, so they're, trying to import non citizens to make your vote count for less. Obviously, there's a big component of that that it we have to draw attention to the parts that are purely races, but there is another of this, which is, we have to prove him wrong on the merits of what Democrats do we have to pass legislation that people see in their lives, and we have to demonstrate that, like this is false across the board, not just in terms of the racist element, but in terms of politics not working for people. We have to prove that democracy can. Work is approved that we can in the next five hundred summer days, show demonstrable change that kind of can attack at the margins and other things a lot of people here,
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and Promise act which would protect up to four point: four million dreamers. The George Floyd just in policing act which would increase accountability for police officers. Legislation to strengthen background checks for purchasing firearms and, of course, the for the people act which would save Denmark as we know it over in the Senate, None of this legislation will pass along, as the filibuster remains in place, joining us today to talk about our plan to fix all of this crooked. It is political directors, Negro Mcclelland Haitian Aqua, welcome. My first time here, like really excited, were excited to have you. Would you tell us all about votes? Have America's cultural and our brand new weapon yeah yeah serve. You heard over two votes in America that concept for the people or one word. We have. A list of all fifteen separate democrats- and
right. Next, to that, we have whatever the latest thing they have said about whether or not they support eliminating the filibuster to pass HR one and, as you scroll down you'll see some people have gold stars next to their names, because they are very clear about where they stand, but most of them have a phone accident name because most of them have been what I think is intentionally vague about where they stand. So, if there's a phone x to their name, we would love for you call them and figure out? You know where they stand and eliminating the filibuster to pass. Each one, and you know the is called a really important because a put pressure on democratic senators to hopefully do the right thing and eliminate the filibuster pass HR one by at least it will push them too. Get clear on where they stand, so, if they actually dont supported, say that and stop this kind of running around in living. People confuse, especially since this is something that has been discussed since the democratic primary started in twenty nineteen. So it's not like they didn't know. The question was coming. I they ve been compute.
About it. She would you ever feel bad about spreading this information about the fact that the fact that you have an impact in America for. I was really trying to remember what I know and now did huge integration it like you, I remember I was on alive string, wait. What is that that count licensing Ok, when they want to know how you look, I don't know Jordan alone. When I'm not our heads, she she was going to love it and even love. It didn't even really have the correction handy. It was all Jordan are now she's, they find it after she, just I've. Just drop wrote that ever made right in of whom interview now it off the top of the ahead without looking at here, just kinda there that out there You know what you're here now, which is the most important anything at night, I wasn't trying to be mean about. I am happy to be here. I will give you I won't. I will bring you Don T exist.
Number, but it does Phyllite, there's not enough gold stars right now. Next to all these the Senate, I counted them their. Sixteen o you, of course I showed you, had so there's only sixteen gold stars alive, it's time for people to get off the fence, it's time for people to get off the fast. At this point I mean we can't you can understand people being intentionally vague for awhile because there hasn't been a bill to actually, take the stand on, but now that we have forty bills over forty bells piled up that pass the house: it's it's gettin time you spent I'm workin on the hill sneak what what was your experience with constituent calls like how effective are they in persuading members of Congress there effective. I also consider it calls that's that normally the first thing you do in an entry level, target slick, terrifying
People are not always nice by the way it works and post offices in staff, assistance and interns. They answer the phones and you literally tally up. I mean on computer software, but you tally up how constituents are feeling about differently here. What decision or just issues- and this includes voicemail, do so, if you don't get through to a person and you leave a voice mail just be sure to leave your zip code so that they know that you're from their state or or district, because we did not know weedin login. Anything that didn't have identification for where he lived, but I have an issue- is not already in the software that we use to log olive, does issues initially What you say enter it in Canada directly- and I will pass that allowed the senator once you get a certain number of calls. If it's not already kind of a big issue The news will added into the system and so Dennis in our kind of a bigger the elephants in the system by continuing to say we'll get us to the senator, will let them know how you feel.
That really happens. Every day we send a report to senior staff and the senator that had all the issues people called in about lifted out and how many people called in favour of it and how many people called in office listen to it, but then, when you get more calls you know you stop saying: ok will decide. The senator know how you feel and senior staff decide welcoming you to actually come up with talking points for that. So we're going to have actually figure out how we feel about it. In one thing, I think it is worth pointing out is that if we strongly about something. There is never any ambiguity. We had talking points ready if two people called then they got them. If you know five hundred people called and they got It was on the issues that we are a little squishy on that it is, we would just say we're gonna past us back to the senator, so it's important call because you keep as you keep increasing the pressure The senators office and the senator want to give you my response, because some of them want to do the right thing. I'd like to say most of them fighting
most of all, how everyone is focused on getting re elected and if they feel like their constituents, are really roused up about thing they want to figure out where to be, and to be on the right side of it, and just adding onto that often times when I was there are people who sat a whole, marching Fox NEWS all days who called into office, and so they were over represented in the responses we re getting from constituents. So it's important that we make sure that we heard so that on those folks don't get over represented and then sway elected official towards something that the seller allowed vocal minority of people. One. That's a really good point: Tommy! It's only been a few months since by office. Why do you think it's important to really ramp up the pressure on the Senate and launch this with count right now? Obviously, there's a lot of bills that came from the house, but what what's the urgency Rana gave you get these things?
held over time right admitted to admonish negroes you're, saying Brok, Obama's chief of staff, PETE Rouse, who was later is: where does she have a staff or time was called the one hundred and four senator used to personally edit every piece of mail that went to constituents alike. Senior people really hear about these tasks: that are coming in. They pay attention. But you know a quick by just native sessions, their slow there cluttered the mid term. Elections come fast, senators and members Congress are the only adults who inexplicably have recess frequently right, so you have a lot of calendar to work with your fighting for time, you're fighting for mine share and then like look. The reforms were looking for when it comes to the filibuster. That's the thing step, two unlocking all the other stuff we wanted then do so like this is. This is very urgent and we have had some experience with this kind of thing before for those of you who have been listening to pod save America for a long time now
back in what twenty seventeen I believe it was. Maybe twenty eighteen we did. I am we didn't work out it called called waffle has remember when we were there was that there was a they're gone through Congress and basically Democrats said we're not going to fully funds the government until we get a vote on protecting the dreamers and we started coming up a little bit of a whip count and a lot of sent a democrat sort of they. They jumped off the fence, their yeah it and it works. An acute success, it may have played some small role and a government for about forty eight hours, which was over a weekend. It was over a week. And so it is no less than thirty hours or less significant, but nonetheless it it damn. It was effective because Politicians are skittish and you gotta sure, they're, afraid the right things and they can be afraid of being called partisan scorched earth worry
those who don't care about bringing people together or they can be Fraid of the base for not delivering on their promises, and we don't. You want to do this because not just because we believe is the right thing to do for the country to pass some of these letters, but these because there's five hundred in summer days too, not just ah pass progressive legislation that shows people that we ve earned their vote, but also to pass h, our one to make sure we protect those votes if we doing them so time is taking on that, and there is one other. Just look, I'm in charge of corrections today on shame on you, Tommy for calling it a recess its homework period, its homework period. Homework period. Nowhere. We call the recess congressional recess Ghana, but they don't like that anymore because it sounds like recess in so there
thirty, seven, where we work that's better district orbiting period, they go home made. You worry that doesn't work. It is your yeah strict working pure homeward. It's called homeward our brightest sorry Port loved your homework? Bunch pedants? Can you hear me might might zooms break I know it's getting through you here with us and british believing get em, fuck and internet. How long you been doing this, can we get some rural broadband for love it wherever he is and binds? back better but he's either in Super hd portrait mode, or you can't see him, don't cut them. We're leaving their allowances our lives. We you're back now river, now we'll see bitterly these Democrats can pass a broadband bill. Babe, I already bad joke. While you we we duff.
We talk a lot about Joe Mansion and Cares and sentiments supported the Villa Buster Geneva. What other scented Democrats are you keeping an eye on here that have been particularly wofully on this on their support of the filibuster? a very safe that really stood out to me because they are already represented by tee Democrats. The other democratic state has come out in support of eliminating the filibuster for each hour. One so Patrick lay he in Vermont Bernie Sanders is his counterpart need has been really vocal about this, but he said you know the Senate is where legislation comes Tiktok, well off. It's the sorcerer something I thank you, Sir Leon. I know. And you know I just think it's an interesting because he has you know Bernie Sanders there who Lisbon, who spoke about everything and really pushing a progressive agenda, and this is part of it.
As if China landed on that, I think I did it threeam dimension. He is the one that really needs to be pushed, so people can understand where he stands, because the Senate is where things come to cool off. Desert answered a question like: do you want to pass HR one or not, That was really interested and I wouldn't call him. You know John Awesome, from Georgia. Senator Warnock has said you know he does not think that filibuster is worth saving if we can't pass hr. Why ass if he said he's open to eliminating the filibuster, but I just think Pretty bookworm stands for someone who is the fiftieth senator as far as I'm concerned like he was alive, person to be elected on vague. I like it together, one argonauts off, but looking at the vote, counting vote share your open, open to open to eliminating filled, pretty good to me eventually it nobody. Sorry. He should just say it because it's like
this isn't just about getting people to be for this. It's like the difference between people who are for this because they have to be, and people are for this because they recognise that it's like that I think I do in some way to fight for yeah, Wilson, airborne I'll, be back in twenty twenty three. If he doesn't do this would also have an elected and twenty twenty. If Georgia had the bills that their working on in play, Now, though, if they keep going, and these are on the books, you know he would have been elected. So I think he kind of owes it to the folks of Georgia and everyone who has helped out to get em elected to do the right thing and then, finally, our senator Senator Feinstein She then, between lady and ass, often said that she doesn't want to introduce Shannon, but the opposition party should it be a pro prevent votes on important bills
I I just don't get the obsession with tradition at Vienna. That goes back to imagine. For me, I just don't know what he's holding onto, but especially for Feinstein, who represents California, but I guess I just feel like it. Not good excuse to me so yeah. Those are the three that I'm really gonna be watching to see what they do, because I mean I would put cinema their virtues. You know you're doing her thing to annoy people hey. I think it's really interesting that you have three Democrats to their counterparts in the state or other Democrats who had been pretty up front, How do you feel about this? And then you have these were eager or not? And if you live in their states, you should call them and get them to be more clear. How good advice the to do that? I'm watching the good, the senators from Delaware you get Chris Crews and Tom Carper. They both in very lukewarm on this, and they are from a blue state, Joe Biden Home State, and I think you should call them and
they don't get off the fence Dan Pfeiffers gonna primary one of them? Who should these needs to put together? The exploratory committee needs to put together the committee just to show that it's their zalm, some, you know, there's some by buying the bark and are we we gotta get down in this. In this context, other thing is a disruption. Marvelous of senators it's even when you, you know you obviously us as an exception, but One of the reason we have to move fast is not to put too fine a point on it we're one harden artery away from losing the Senate at any time? That's not wrong to someone. I keep a mind yeah, we'll Elsa yeah, you are you talk about Lee and fine sent to those there's like opposition. That is due to sort of political concern. Like has it's gonna lay my x rays and like Maggie hasnt into Hampshire, has a tough. He's coming up shop and sort of on the fence, but then there's just I've been in the Senate for a thousand years, and this is all I know and that's like Feinstein and lay also, if I hear that one
No one uses a saucer anymore, where our using those stupid and f adding that paper things around our Starbucks to like it. Desolation does anymore cooling in the Senate. Iraq just be ice, they don't do anything they pass. Anything does not some issue of like overheated, how spills coming over the floor in the Senate and rapidly getting past the Senate doesn't do anything they, his money and jellies. Either like idiots too much legislating these days. We gotta slow his slow, this bad boy down to reconciliation bills, every four years, a great just in case you are not sure what to do, and you call what to say what argument to make. Last week, we ask you all to send us Voice notes explaining what you say the argument you would make to Joe Mansion Curtain Cinema or any other sent a Democrat who sit on the fence about abolishing the filibuster really delivered here a couple of our favorite son. Let's play the clips. This is rather Wisconsin voter who resides in Greece, and I have written a
serenade a four year, Senator, which I encourage any to use a ghost Oh, I wish you'd be filibuster. Bus stir them is wide eyed. True, we like it to be a filibuster bus. There could save democracy and of one would be in love with the high joe I'm one of your constituents. I appreciate the critical votes you ve cast to do things like protect the affordable care act, but there is a version of U S, history in which you could cast him any more critical votes reform, the filibuster Joe, and if you do, I will personally organise a group of West Virginia Progressive carry you and Susan Collins to the top of Coopers Rock so that you can shout both sides until it rings off the Appalachian hills I liked the appeal that you go at the end. There that's good
I really like that, while on the other side, there is quite a snake what we have one more that came in through email and not through voice. Note that the job of it's gonna refer us right here. It is from a listener named Alack too Mr Mann, Chin, oh God, come on. I like that sort of the space between inside of his name to make a little man there's no argument that has been made to. Ultimately, you just mistake: Republicans for people acting in good faith, and that's very silly of you, but anyway below is something you probably having considered about the filibuster. Did you know he comes from a greek word. Failure, meaning love, Dino bust means to bankrupt the fish Buster is literally bankrupting love love, policy and loving progress? I feel like I feel like we're all SAM going, throw the filibuster in the fucking volcano already and you're, like not bro you'll have to bite my finger off there,
it was so much cringe instead, A few words Alec. Thank you. Give her sending that deeply uncomfortable missive. Am CS. I swear I SAM. It's sandwiches gambie, I believe Jeez from Lord of the rings? That's where the ring reference? Ok, I think we're it take two wasn't away from these wine dont be mean despite better, not to be mean to them to keep it simple and make sort of basic direct arguments that those that would be my advice, based off our experience just now- and I am also just like I marry just it and in which we with Greece by way of Wisconsin, I'm old, I am certain that patter yeah yeah, note me don't be mean, but dripping condescension and sarcasm like screaming both sides from the top of mountain that I laughed about. Will that works that works as well.
Just straight mean. I do not forget to call your senators, so we can keep updating our whip. Count go to votes in Amerika TAT comes up for the people. You can find our call to all their wives scripts for you and you can check out the latest count Chinik. What thanks for joining us thank you for having me for what I still standby person. I like that, its Jordan. Silent on this and is one other quick note- are the best way to resign. Feinstein is by telegram. Everyone will taxi theirs. They take care POD save America is a cricket media production. The executive producer is Michael Martinez. Our senior producer is flabby causes are associate, producers are Jordan, Waller Jazzy Marine and Bolivia Martinez, its mixed edited by Andrew,
Kyle said one is our sounded ginea thanks to turn you so mediator, Katy Long, Roman, Papa Dimitrios, Caroline rest in adjusting how for production support into our digital team, Elijah Cone, Normal Conan yell freed in my look him, who film and upload these episodes as videos every week Is it just me, or do you sometimes wish the news were more fun, yes, cathartic or just I'm Aaron Ryan political commentator, comedy writer and host of crooked media's hysteria and I'm Alyssum astronomical former White House, deputy chief of staff of President Obama and Aaron's caused. We cover everything from reproductive rights to shit. We feel pity about and break down the political news of the week plus the stories that affect women's lives, listen do hysteria wherever you listen to podcast new episodes drop every Thursday
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