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“The voter suppression will continue until morale improves.”


President Biden and Vice President Harris call out anti-Asian hate while Republicans make excuses, the GOP says that voter suppression is now their top priority, and new polling shows how Democrats can fight back. Then Jon, Jon, and Tommy each pick an under the radar headline to talk about.

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Appalling. That shows how Democrats can fight back, plus a new segment were each of US picks and under the radar headline that we want to talk about, but first love it how I loved her leave it this week. Virgin FEMA, stir very funny, TAT Life or Andrea Love Fortune tributary, stranger about Trans rising, is really good. Conversation. We like went a little bit deeper talking about how people's fears of gender People's fears to a changing definition of gender and a factor into what's happening in the Trans debate was great conversation and request a listener, and the house with a plus high notes. You're very moving, is good up, said, awesome, Also two more cricket chose to check out this week and every week what a day is your morning twenty minutes of all the top stories you need to know listening to cure and Gideon Resnick as I'm getting the news from your smartest funniest, most thoughtful friends. It's the only day. we knew podcast, you'll ever need, so go subscribe and listen, today in check out this episode of America, dissected were doktor Abdul else. I had talks to four
Chicago City, health, commissioner and member of President binds covert. Nineteen transition taskforce, Doktor Julie, Merida, about the lessons we ve learned and those we still need to learn in this pandemic, let's get the news present Joe Biden and Vice President Kamel Harris spoke in Atlanta on Friday about last week's deadly shooting that left eight dead, including six asian women Biden, had previously called out anti asian racism in its prime time addressing the pandemic, and even though the FBI director set on they did. The shooting doesn't appear to be racially motivated by the president and the vice president, who is the first american and asian descent to hold that job drew a direct link between Atlanta and frightening rise of anti asian hate and violence. Over the last year, let's hear club, they ve been attacked, Scapegoating harassed, they ve been virtually assault, physically assaulted kill is but a year.
living in fear for their lives, silence is complicity. We cannot be complacent. We have to speak out. We have to act for the last year we ve had people in positions of incredible power scapegoats, scapegoating Asian Americans people with this pulpits spreading this kind of hate, whatever the killers motive. These facts are clear: six out of the people killed on Tuesday night or of asian descent, seven or women The shootings took place in businesses owned by Asian Americans. The shootings took place as violence hate, crimes and discrimination against Asian Americans has risen.
Dramatically over the last year and more Tommy. Why do you think it was important for buying and Harris to draw this connection to anti asian hate, even though there are made it? The motive remains under investigation from a line Foresman perspective. Syria, I mean, I think, by another elected officials, can shows up for people in Atlanta were hurting in pledged offer help, while also making a broader point that there has been a global increase in crimes against the in community. That's true! In the: U S and the UK, France, Spain, I think lots of countries. I think it stems from this toxic increase and xenophobia nationalism generally with a very targeted specific effort The blame the corona virus on China and on Asian, the Asian American or API community
there is also a gender based piece of this. Clearly we ve heard a lot about the shooters motive in Chechnya is hatred of women. The UK is also having a big important conversation about gender based violence right now, so you, I think, what, The vice president was referencing. There was Trump used, a lot of racist language against China. Early caught at the China virus, rubber, some horrible staffer referred to the colonel I Kung fu to a journalist that language is parotid by other republicans by conservative media outlets. There was a proliferation of anti aging forums and hate groups online and unfortunately, that kind of behavior often translates into real world harassment and violence, and it's unacceptable so it I think it's appropriate for law enforcement for buying to say we're going to gather all the facts before we. You know talk specifically about this instance, but these brought her
These broader factors are undeniable and we need to do something about them, love it. What do you think I mean? I do think that, even though the motive is still under investigation, like they're just hasn't been enough attention from the media from politicians, though you know by did address it in his pocket. address, which was good about this unmistakable rise of anti asian hated violence over the last year or so is important to draw that connects yeah. You know it's on.
It is sad, sat on many levels that it takes a crime like this to have a national conversation. We probably should have been having already two Tommy's point. Yes, there is, this sort of theirs is global rise of nationalism. We ve seen it in our own country that creates habits of thought of politics at least the targeting of all kinds of people, and it has been used took to target asian people in the wake of Republicans looking for a scapegoat around the corona virus. I do think that this combines two issues. One is regular mass shootings, United States, the other is anti asian bigotry. That's The rise, that's on the rise in we see, increase Hey crimes. It's also, I think, a harder piece of this to quantify. I know that there are asian people in my life who have had terrible thing: shouted them on the street
the first time in their lives or more frequently than in the past just over the past year, because if the racism that Trump and others have drummed up against asian people. I think there is something troubling that happens: aftermath shooting, which is there, is this race to find out the motivation. The motivation is important as important that we understand why this person did what they did, but a debate about the motivation. especially when there's not enough information does make that mass shooter a protagonist, it makes their their issues their personal motivations, their values there, reasons more central than what actually happened, which is the destruction of a number of lives, and I think that that is concerning, because, ultimately,
whenever the motivations that this person had it does not change the underlying conditions in our country which Tommy describe right. We have a long history of policy and bigotry against asian people. We have a grievance base republican Party that looks for very scapegoats for people to target to to make the enemy, and all of that I think, is in play, regardless of what the motives of this one person turned out to be there, A birthday of hateful ideologies for broken, angry violent narcissistic young men to choose from there are in cells, there's which is mule massage any. There is anti asian hate, which is only grown online in the past year, there's anti algae beaten. few extreme islamic communities. You can become a part of theirs anti black and anti semitic community is you can become a part of so in one sense, of course, the motive matters in another what we see as a mere shooting that will ultimately follow,
a pattern that connects mass shootings that have used a bunch of different ideologies as their justification, and that will have other pieces that connect them like the fact that this person, was able to buy a gun on the day he committed the crime. I think it's also on imports
understand, what are potentially mixed and complicated motivations as a warning flag. Super vent, other mass shootings right so that, in addition to pretend to racism at play here, there's massage any that you mentioned. There is potentially discrimination against sex workers, there's fucked up religious beliefs, there's potentially mental illness and right from a law enforcement perspective. If we want to prevent further mass shootings, we should be able to be on the lookout for all of these potential motivations in in potential mass shooters. In addition to like you said, there has been very little talk after this about gun laws, which you know. I guess we don't do it anymore, because Congress never pass is anything but again. You know the house just past background checks again to the sponsors in the Senate, Joe Mansion and Pat to me, seem like they could be in a good
This is to take that up in the Senate again and try to pass more gun background checks which, as you know, does not solve the whole problem, but it's a small piece of it. It's important thing to and its also. I think you see you, you see, you see some people say hold on a second. You dont know that racism is involved here and- and I find that really frustrating to, because yes, there is this shooting takes place in a context in which asian people, and asian women in particular are dehumanized. It is in our history, its culture, its an hour. Takes right now there is no way in which this the shooting took place in that culture. In that society, so there is is ridiculous to me. The parsing
that some want to do to avoid it confirming the priors they bring to these kinds of debates. I think that's why some porn the couple Harris said what she said, though, in that club, that we display pursue the presidents and his remarks that we have to act even called for the passage of a covert nineteen hate crimes ACT which was introduced by representative grace, Meng and sender. Maisie Renault. The bill would force reviews of federal state local covert night in related hate crime data and strengthen the hate crime reporting systems, some members of Congress and many a p. I activists are saying that focusing on hate crimes is a good but not sufficient step. Why is then what other steps to activists want? The government to take Tommy so early Is this a Dublin? I mean I'm no by no means an expert on this, but my understanding is that there are some federal they crimes laws.
The books, and then there are state laws in forty seven states that will involve a crimes, but it can be hard to track these hate crime incidents because some states do in some states don't collect the data. The data is inconsistent at best and hate crimes. Prosecutions can be challenging, but you have to show intent or motive in this This is an incident that easier when someone paints a swastika on a building right, thee, the intent there is obvious if it becomes. challenging and less overt instances where the the perpetrator isn't as clear about what their motive is. So you, I think, activists want. You recognise that this is a big challenge. Is a lot of pieces? a solution, but they dont want to over police neighborhoods that are experiencing this uptake and crime, because we can know that sometimes that can lead to life being worse for people in. Can neighborhoods that are suddenly more police straight and not better. We want to help the victims here, and so your outsourcing advocates talk about the need to increase funding for helping victims report into
since I, including in their native language, dare tell people gets on mental health support. They want to find crisis intervention that isn't coming from. he's themselves a lot of the the conversation we had around the define the police moving over the summer are coming back up here and it's gonna meet. It shows, I think we ve ITALY's progressed in some ways it showing that the solution to violence isn't necessarily just cops more draconian laws. It's gotta be looked at more comprehensively than that. yeah and access reports that API community groups actually called in the White House to set aside for a hundred million dollars for some of the safety and relief programmes. The time it just yet. Republican politicians are already deepen reflection over their own role and feeling this aunt Asian hated violence. Many of them have pirated Donald Trump use of the term China Virus or even come flu. surprise surprise. They still don't see anything wrong with that republican congressmen, Roddy Davis, told scene and phrases China Virus income, flu or quote no dick. I've been saying Uk Variant,
and here's House Majority leader Kevin Mccarthy, on whether he regrets using the term China virus regret. You think, like chinese terrain, thereby raising I don't know the CNN regret that does the democratic committee that started out regret that I would wait to see why the shooter did what it is, but if the virus came from China- and I think the knowledge we had at the time it exactly that- I don't think people from the standpoint school after an Asian from Any shape or form- and I condemn every action to mother. What do you think? Why are those phrases any different than saying Uk Variant, our darn Donald Trump and kept Mccarthy just describing where the virus came from I notice. None of you are criticising Mickey Rooney for his performance and breakfast activities So yeah we look, they want to decry the incidents, but they still want to benefit from,
making this about scapegoating China I mean. Obviously we are. We need to actually say what the difference is: the differences. There was a political goal in trying to get there way and get people to blame. Someone else was look users, but that Donald Trump who is responsible for a failed response. It's not the federal government, zau Republicans who didn't take the serious enough. It's not anti mass politicians, we know who is to blame it's these debts chain, blame. China focus on China focus on that place, focus on those people they're the ones that you should blamed, that's why they did it. That is why it is different and look. Kevin Mccarthy has the same position on virtually every issue he wants. All the benefit of right, wing, misinformation and propaganda, and he also wants to practice it a time and then, when questioned about it, he will issue a you know what tiny little correct phrase while embracing every other part of the of the rhetorical strategy, engraven strategy that propels all of their politics Tommy. What do you think we're
where's the where's, the line there in dino lot of these Republicans saying you know Marco Rubio is like this to like. Oh, I never wanted to say anything bad about chinese people, but it's important to take on China like. Where is the line between taking on China and fueling shit like this? By at the China buyers. Yeah I mean like this are theirs. Acts are different levels of this. There are some people like Tom Cotton who have suggested that may be. The krona virus was manufactured in a lab, may be for a bio weapon. Navy is just part of research and then God, I think the line for me has to be drawn at blaming. the chinese government's handling of the corona virus from chinese citizens We know the chinese government covered up what was happening. They blocked effort to investigate the krona virus but heroic chow, These doctors were sounding the alarm early. They provided us the gene sequence to this virus that have led to these vaccines being available in record time, so that to me as the distinction Young people are demagogy in the? U K, variant right now or
the brazilian variant. But if there's some country that you know me, If he can demagogue down the road where there is a new variant, you could absolutely see an increase in xenophobia about you know. Some some new adoration of this disease. I think something too. Keep an eye on. I always think that look these republicans like the thing that animates them is tat. Social justice warriors like us that we can't tell them what to do or thinker say, and it doesn't add to them if their language leads to people getting hurt or hate crimes, or if you, this online demagoguery, translates into offline violence, big, they don't care the thing that animals the party is telling people like us, we stuck and that we can't sensor them and that we shall be in the country, and they ve lost followers than its our fault or something like that re like that. Limiting the focus on US If there's another variant that comes from China, and we want to call it, the China very
That's allow different than calling it fucking come flew, come on. You know, and dont Donald Trump said that in remember when he said that there are no one wanted to talk about a known one. To condemn it, and the republican side also has Democrats passed a resolution. Deming racism and violence against Asian Americans in September. We don't know people remember this, because you get a lot of coverage. Only fourteen Republicans voted for that hell that simply condemned racism and violence against Asian Americans and one House Republican who did vote for called it whoa culture on steroids. I resolution it simply condemned racism and violence against Asian Americans so much, and I just We hold them to his nose. There's no standard represent actual, can have serious conversation to be happy that why it matters. When republicans do this, they are playing off a very old idea, which is that asian people are lesson.
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of their own issues aside and have prioritized voter suppression above everything else. They are raising tens of millions of dollars to fund these efforts. They ve got republican state law makers have introduced more than two hundred and fifty bills across forty three states intended make voting harder TED crews. Let us call a some of these lawmakers last week where he said there is no room for a Publicans to compromise on HR one that they will try to rebranding for the people act as the corrupt politicians act and then, if it passes Democrat, quote, will win and maintain control of the House of Representatives and the Senate and state legislatures for the next century. I would arise with a good time. Don't I asked Tommy Republicans, I've been trying to restrict voting rights for decades now to that parts, not new, but why do you think it's become their top priority now get me Z. Grandma says that if we want something by voting by now, we're gonna lose the ability to elect a Republican in this country.
These are all the same, awful groups that we have been watching, dominate republican politics for decades. Normally they they manifest their political activities with initiatives that attack abortion rights or attack the algae BT community right now oh they're, just surfing the wave of outrage that Donald Trump kicked up. the base of the parties on by Trump. He has told those that as for months now that the election was stolen, and so all these groups will begin to fund, raise off of that anger and exploit these people for their money for their email addresses for their volunteer time for their boats down the road, and so I think I think it's one. incredibly cynical ever by these groups to fill their coffers in India, increase our political power, but two I think they're incredibly worried the Democrats by guarantee to filibuster past our wine and expand voting access?
A lot of people, especially people of color re Republicans, want to make it harder for people of color, especially black people, to vote, because they think that will help them when election. Like that's. The overarching strategy is very, very simple Level, what do you think, I think clearly you know knows I mentioned the big lie- is sir looms large here right there there, the voting base of the Republican Party believe the Donald Trump in fact one the last election, and that the only reason, the Joe Biden as President is because Democrats rigged the election and install it from him by using their their mail in ballot magic. Is there anything else going up what's going on here? I think it's wedding, yes meeting its very fitting that this grotesque crews basically did using TAT, Greece and Tom cotton. In the past we have been like their policies are for a bed criminals that suits gonna, be hell. That's who's, gonna be helped by this, but its fitting that TED crews said
about undocumented immigrants and child molesters lesser his examples are gonna, be the people voting on a call with Alack The American Legislative Exchange Council, which is a mercenary organization that exists to accrue power, deregulate and support big businesses in state aid. an ideology. Really they just want to protect the business interests that that fund them and the millionaires and others that fund them, because this is about It's about power than to big lie, creates a nice opportunity for them to to use it to accrue power, anti crisis as an opportunity to distinguish himself in the republican field, because most republican voters what what aid eight out of ten believe that Donald Trump was the rifle president, and that is a way for him to make himself a leader of the move.
and he is desperate to be embraced by. I think I think they are also- and this has been sort of a longer project- there's just trying to lock in minority rule right. The eyes of the Republican Party is grows older and wider, and they have a choice. They could try to expand their base by reaching out to black voters and latino. Voters, which you know, Donald Trump, did somewhat better with that.
the groups and twenty twenty. They could continue to try to go on that path and reach those voters, or they could try to just stop Democrats from voting and some people who vote for Democrats from voting, which is also predominantly blacken, the Tina voters editing. The other thing is to not. We talk a lot about voting access as we should, but don't sleep on the redistricting part of this here to write. Republicans know that they have enough majorities in these state legislatures that if they are allowed to draw the districts now that we have a district in after the last census, they will be able to potentially lock in a house majority and keep it has a record representatives for a decade by packing voters into districts and
splitting up other districts. So I really think that this is the big prize for them. Is they want to draw these maps and to add some voters? Oppression will continue until morale, improve, say. Thinking is the way that I see her daddy Africa by the way it connects to the kind of cancer culture stuff in that, like it's all about telling a group of of aging white voters that, like their power, is under threat and where the only people that will contain your cultural again Neither will maintain your political power like we are your last hope and if you don't elect us right now, you may never get a chance again, and you know there is some truth in it. They are losing power in the culture. They are losing power and our democracy, because we are a multiracial, monthly, ethnic society in which the country is chain.
And it makes a lot of people really uncomfortable Yang Demographics, our destiny, but in one respect the country is getting younger and Republicans are doing much worse with younger voters as each for your so every four years the electric gets a little bit different, more democratic, because of the younger border issue? So republicans are sounding the alarm on this. Just a set of Democrats are holding a hearing on before the people act. This week has Democrats are also building a hearing on a bill that would make DC the fifty first state renaming it state. Washington, Douglas Commonwealth and honour of abolitionist Frederick Douglass is getting more market I think it is ours what a moment there was well. I got a call back Peter of Republicans and right wing groups are making voting rights tab issue, it's a pretty strong sign that bind and the Democrats and in every progressive organization she did the same. What are you guys think what what should we be doing
fight back love it I wish about age. Our one wish passage on those voting Rights ACT which make DC estate. We should do all these things as soon as possible. I'm glad to see that human has at least said that they're gonna bring HR one to the floor of the plan of which is to let it be filibustered and get killed. We have more and more democratic senators open to filibuster reforms, including the whole doubts like California, Diane fine sign like we are headed towards some car. And of a reckoning on filibuster and on voting rights, which is where we get it it will we have to do is to go. Tell me: would you I think it really good that logic we're talking about it. I think listener to the show know that we are obsessed with in seized by the need for filibuster, reform and the need to pass eight hour, one in fight back against a base, voter suppression efforts and fix the problem of money and politics and deal with you remember, I think it is a very good sign, though, that you're starting to lots of people who probably didn't know to filibuster was one or two years ago talk about it all the time.
Trevor, Noah doing segments you like late night shows are talking about it too, is a bigger part of the conversation. I think There is one issue where the the far left to the most moderate parts of the Democratic Party should be able to come together, because the Republican Party wants to vote, Suppress us out of existence, they want to draw that, like everyone talking now about how Biden has arisen, selling is stimulus, and you know should he be doing road showered or Sunday shows, or an oval office addressed. None of matters if Republicans draw the convention. maps with surgical precision that just lock us out of being able to win the seats that that's how it works you use. Can Peters and and really great fucking saturated. Yes, I can computers and you can draw apps were like it doesn't really matter so that or up and stray were up or up against getting locked into these horrible maps for literally a decade as we didn't twenty ten and we gotta fight back.
What's your point on me about buying and selling stimulus package like eight in the Obama White House. I would be very annoyed when people would think that we would solve a big problem with an Obama speech. Then we would have to write in Obama speech, but I do think the bully pulpit here matters- and I think that Joe Biden in every Democrat needs to get out there over the next month when eight hour. One is on the floor and look there's an inside game on the filibuster that, as you pointed out, is also becoming an outside game and that's great, but I think we're the passion and energy is gonna come from. Is people wanting to protect and expand voting rights in Amerika? I saw story a couple weeks ago that a lot of civil rights groups are thinking about, like another Marshall washing downright like writing. This needs. If the right sees this as the number one issue and they are pouring all this money in their new novice, grassroots activism like it has to be matched on our side. We need to take this seriously as they do because, like people like well, you know voting rights. They can do I've heard. I heard something,
the the tougher they are, the more restrictions they put in place than psychologically it makes our voters say we're gonna fight really hard to vote anyway to find a way to vote. That may be true, but if you think we can take this lying down that we shouldn't have to worry about this, just look at what they're doing on their side look at how important they think this is to their political future. It should scared the shit out of you and when we should be organizing just as much- and it should be from Joe Biden to every single Democrat on down to be making voting rights. The fucking issue for the next summer yeah, I'm a guy. I interviewed, be when his estate Rapid Georgia and we talked about the Georgia. Voter suppression dwell on the show a few weeks back one of the provisions. An ideal as they want to limit voting during early voting to only one Sunday. Why? Because black churches do something else, souls to the poles wherever and gets together after church and goes about that is people are saying that that is modern day Jim Crow. That is, that is racist, clear
The purely racist voter suppression tactics- it is also frankly, and attacks on christian voters. And you like that's the kind of levels to Missus and we have to be fighting against and and talking about it, because I think we will hear that that that's obviously appalling and in the idea of filibustering, again, a piece of legislation about voting rights. Has God awful echoes in our pretty recent history that I think, will continue to elevate the issue and get people talking about it and talking about the actual motivation here from these republican organizations, which is to just suppress the votes of black and brown voters period, its also on at the national level, but we're talking about what we're done by half focused. We want to fight at the national level, but these rights are playing out at the state level and Republicans really relying on the fact that people have no idea. What's in these bills are not paying attention to stay politics nearly as much as they should. None of us do and so a kind of like this is a lot of
is playing out. Basically in the dark right. They dare they'll pass these voting restriction measures or get a little bit of local covers. They don't get the attention it deserves and of sudden the rules were stacked against against democratic and people Our and the only hope we have informed me that fighting at the local level, but also putting in place some basic standards at the national level to prevent these restrictive measures from from taking effect. I think lifting up some of the visa, like some of these issues of the all time, worse republican arguments of all time for all round voting rights right and lifting up some of the crazier bills like Tom. He was just mentioning with both the souls to the Poles issue is gonna, be really important, just just at the here today on on DC statehood, we had some real gems. The heritage Foundation, Zack Smith's DC residents already impact the national debate, because members of Congress see their yard signs while driving to work and then
republican representative actually said dc- would be the only state without an airport card, worship or landfill to be a state. That was his argument. The land why we unwise landfill our they even mean so they don't have great arguments goes with it. And speaking of arguments, we do have some new pulling on voting rights that we deal with our friend the data for progress. Where we tested democratic argument and of each hour, one against republican arguments opposed to each hour. One. The good news is that support for the bill holds up even after you give people the republican arguments, though some of those republican arguments are more effective than others. What was your take away from the pulling in terms of what Democrat should both emphasise and be ready for love it? I would like the debate to me them. The biggest take away was not what individual arguments did
but rather how the the numbers change once people find out. It's a partisan issue right, like Republicans, are far more in favour of eight hour one until they find out at the democratic proposal and to me you know publicans are pushing a lot of this because of the big lie because some of the motivations and fears that we talked about, but because a lot of this is based on a lie there, a lot of assumptions baked into into these republican proposals that are now certainly true, like the assumption that mail in voting somehow in a normal Action will benefit Democrats and so to me, what I took away from this is, if you want to fight back about against the argument that this is golly partisan. We should be saying that Republicans the Democrats want to make it easier for Democrats and Republicans too, but we want non partisan, gerrymandering commissions. We want to make it easier for everyone, no matter their political affiliation to vote and Republicans are so afraid of vote
that they want to punish their own voters who make it harder for their own voters a sharp and paused just because they are afraid of democratic borders, and we need to be making this a non be to be explicitly non partisan and it s super important, totally agree isolate the good example that is again in Georgia. Armenia, Georgia, Republicans, were totally in favour of no excuse absentee voting until they lost in this last election. Another not in favour exciting explaining some of that cynicism and hypocrisy is important as well, but just to emphasise one point: when you look at the language in Poland, we can. We can treat this out to everything that is framed, as you know, expanding and protecting access to voting for all voters, no matter which party here you know requiring districts be drawn by a non partisan commission so that no party has an unfair, but these are the things that are most popular. This is the moat the strongest arguments and then the republican strongest arguments is the other rising of this.
right like you know, undocumented immigrants are going to vote a legally ex felons are going to vote a legally. Not everyone should be voting in this country right, like they want otherwise this issue and make it about Democrats, their constituencies and power grab. We win by saying this is for every one. This is for every single person is countries get a civil rights issues and equal access issue pots America's brought by expensive by the most widely used expert management programme in the world with over ten million users. Your time is precious, so expensive makes it easy for you to get paid back manager, bills, invoices travel and other expenses on the expensive. I up, so you can focus on what matter
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reversal, one as well. Let me I was facing so many corruption allegations in different charges. The bed in number them case. One thousand involves him allegedly accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of luxury gifts like cigars and champagne must have been good champagne case. Two thousand alleges that net Yoda special favours for an israeli medium mobile in return for better coverage case four thousand, a similar delegations and special favours for media coverage, baby sign- is basically the Don Junior of Israel. Ah, he is so stupid and terrible Weighing that he is said things that is on fire had to disavow. Israel medical system is very different than ours. They dont elect a President Assad Binary, Republicans versus Democrats. They elect representatives to their parliament that connects it so lots of, these will run the motley group And then a seats are awarded proportionally two parties. It get over three point: five percent of the vote. The prime minister is chosen when someone figure out how to build a coalition that brings together sixty one of those one hundred and twenty seat. So this
action is very important and should be on people's radar screen gives Israel a key ally. I Middle EAST, we send billions of- U S. Tax dollars there every year and also I just to have a little and see and solidarity for our progressive friends in Israel. Bebe Netanyahu was Trump before Trump. We ended. with our trump for four years, the Israelis have been dealing with Bebe Netanyahu power since thousand nine. It's all a cautionary tale, because yeah, who was prime Minister from ninety six to ninety nine he lost, and then he came back. So let's not make that mistake. also, I just feel for anyone who had to go through for elections in two years. That sounds like a huge pain in the ass Is there a chance? We can finally get rid of them in this one? Can you can you made silver, thus far it hard his? However, the more Tommy? These is not. What then YO keeps doing. Is your he'll builders coalition with parties that are further and further to the right, including some who believes in troubling things, but then the people that run against him. Ultimately, just
lose their will and cut deals with him and go into coalitions with him. So there hasn't been a organised opposition, so bedroom I had a conversation with this really cool inspiring new Labour Party leader on putting the world a couple weeks back and check that out. If you wanna hear about the future, but now what will see I mean? Look, I've Netanyahu is just a survivor. He knows that when these things so Biden will probably be dealing with him for a while. love it. When you got all right, gentlemen, as we speak in Cocoa Florida, however stairs eight there there is a important milestone, is unfolding right, and it is this. There is a company using a special kind of technology to build a tonne on underpass rail underpass and what makes it special it is the first time in the AIDS
A real underpass has been dealt under a highway, and the traffic on the highway is continuing to flow, so they called me to buy it's called box jacking and they sly, these big giant prefab boxes under the highway, and the traffic in still run reason is as important as you know. We talk a lot about how we have to invest in infrastructure, about at the big debate, over multi trillion dollar infrastructure package. What we don't talk enough about how we do it and specifically have the United States? Does it poorly? We are incredibly behind technologically that company building. Tunnel is an italian company. They already done this thousands of times for the first time that this exact kind of tunnels happening in North America, it's also incredibly expensive to build infrastructure states, and that is unfortunately, making it really difficult to build projects basically anywhere. And it's not about Democrats person Republicans, as is happening in places with Democrats, have total control along Levy he's a researcher who does a lot of great work
Looking at the cost of infrastructure projects, listen to these numbers in Spain, building a translation costs about fourteen million dollars, in LOS Angeles across a hundred and twenty million dollars, that's more than ten times across out of several hundred subway lines. All around the world. The five most expensive are in new you all well above one billion per kilometre versus children, fifty million globally that's four times the cost. Tunnels in Seattle costs one billion per kilometre in Paris across three hundred million in Madrid, because the hunter thirty million these during countries they have labour standards, they have environmental standards and still between three and ten times the cost. It's not about geography, it's not about the wealthy tree. If we don't solve the high cost of infrastructure, no matter what we do, no matter how much we spend it won't matter, we will we, our economy will push up against this kind of a cage, and so my hope is that Secretary Mayor
People make this a priority. We insert solving the many many little problems in professional lies in the way we build things in contracting procedures in legal procedures in a host of different ways to start bringing down, the cost of these projects is an incredibly important. you, don't talk about, and it is central to the future of the country in question. You on Moscow recently announced that he had invented the subway I'll. Tell ya. I don't know a lot on no expert, but I am very confident that a centric billionaires are not the solution that is right and tunnels for tests, laws and listen. You boys, nervous. I got one of those things I ain't before when I get Rogan.
who's gonna get a letter, but no you unmask does not have all the answers. The answer is, unfortunately like making sure we don't understand the government and out source other work to private contractors, its figuring out how to do environmental protection without boggy now projects for more than a decade. It's how we spend money, Tele oversee money, it's just complicated hard stuff, and one thing we have to do which America hates to do is. We have to learn from other countries me to send like smart, capable public servants to Europe Spain to ITALY, to learn how they do these projects and then come back and bring that extra. Teeth that's how we are with you know the big dick but my Secretary If you are listening, that was the collar job interview for India T he would like a position per, preferably not a Senate, confirmed physician, but anything else. You got the ambassador of infrastructure show
that short of that Secretary PETE, would love to talk to you about this. We have a very good conversation that infrastructure spending. Feel like I feel like this. Is your issue to be a hero, I hope so is the trend secretary hero, Mayor PETE? I So I know that there is a sin: competition for the title of America's dumbest senator above the new four times over the weekend made what I consider an air tight case with their profile of Wisconsin's RON, Johnson He is refusing to say that vaccines are safe for covered, but still pushing hydroxyl clerk. When remember that he thinks the January six attackers were faked protesters that there was only violence on the house side and that he would have been more scared if they were black lives matter. Protesters, of course- and here is the best part- he believes
He believes that Greenland is called Greenland because it green at one point- and quote it's a whole. lot wider now, which means that we, experience climate change throughout geological time when, asked about Johnson retiring cons and republican congressmen. G Sensing Brenner, told the times quote, Wisconsin voters love mavericks. They really love mavericks. You go way back to Joe Mccarthy. that Maverick Seattle agenda they got it legitimate so favourably compared to Joe Mccarthy. The reason this is important story is RON. Johnson is up in twenty twenty two, it's going to be one of the big competitive Senate seats, whether or not he runs. He is not yet said. He's going to run again. He originally said that he would you know this
his last term and, of course, he's only raised. I think half a million dollars wasn't raise much, but he's been saying lately that, because he is now this, you knows drawn so much ire from the left that, because the left hates him he might have to stay in this fight. So that is wrong. John an american dumbest, Senator the Greenland thing I set the you left out his twenty fourteen claim that ISIS militants we're gonna catch Bola, sorry and then crossed the border. That's a real de married You got the thing, I think. Like RON Johnson is. My instinct is to assume that they're, just like cynical unwilling to lie, but the truth might be far worse. I think he's more delusional enough to really believe this, so actually average to set a recurring donation to the Wisconsin Democratic Party. Do like ten bucks a month. You could help get rid of him. It's interesting For a time he would have said Jim. In half were senator in ten grew is always in the conversation RON Johnson. You know quietly kind of going for it.
going for the mantle of the salute were senator. He is what would happen if a email forward became a person Damn factor and any, and you know what it's like it does it is, though, with him he hard to know when the cynicism the ends. idiocy begins, but that might make what makes him kind of a powerful enemy in that like it really, I that he yet I was gonna senator dangerous, none, the less right because, like someone, who's that ignorant stupid can still be dangerous because he's in this position of power but like you're, Josh Holly's, your TED cruises, I'm not going to say that their there their bread. By any means that they're, not the sharpest tools in the shed either, but they are, there
cunning right. There are their cynical, they know what they're doing they another Tom com ride. People like that Mitch Mcconnell. I think he, I think, we're on Johnson genuinely believe the bullshit that comes out of his mouth. I believe he is that fucking stupid this man is dumb as a fuckin pile of rocks he's. every time you seem speak with you. What we'll watch em on fox? He wasn't on the right. He is so stupid. You know sure who to blame for this. I think I'm in a point my finger squarely at Eliza, but we missed a great opportunity to chastened clout and not do a bracket of of the dumbest people in politics, Lessons learnt lessons. no barrier to a bracket. Nebraska aren't you, I'm doing a break that Eliza Eliza jumpsuits it. I just start with the final next. He called dual and alleviate, or a final for that's our pledge. Eddie I know that some people in politics
That's our show for today have a good on and we'll talk. You waited sweet. Hot save America is a cricket media production. The executive producer is Michael Martinez. Our associate producer is Jordan Waller its mixed in edited by the Chadwick Pile settlement is our sounded based. Tiny, simulator, Katy Long, roman puppet meat, Rio, Caroline Rustin, ingesting house of production, support into our digital team, illogical and our miltonian yell freed in my lookin to film and upload. These episodes is videos every week. Everyone there are great new t, shirts and more in the crooked store. New designs include abolish the filibuster. Why don't? I have? One of those teach me now come
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