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White nationalists fail to organize a rally but succeed in organizing the GOP, Omarosa has secret recordings, and Democrats decide whether to take money from corporate PACs. Then Democratic candidate Rashida Tlaib joins to talk about the history she’ll make as the first Muslim woman in Congress, and Ana Marie Cox talks about following Ted Cruz around Texas.

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Rogan Divisive America. I'm John forever on John Love. It I timely report on the broad today will be talking to Rashid to leave the democratic candidate Michigan Thirteenth Congressional District, who is poised to become the first muslim women in Congress, or else going to be talking to item ricotta with friends like Yes, she's been running around Texas reporting on TED crews, so that's and his long shot dead too, to keep being realistic inside the Charlottesville inversely in the protests over the weekend? Amorous tapes and the devil
the parties relationship with corporate pack money, but first love it. I was fridays of it or leave it. We had a fantastic lever, leave it with Iron Madison, a third Emily Heller, Awkward Anna was fantastic how'd you get to be a one name names person. I think you just have to just big commit with confidence. Had some choice. Words for Michael have a and his presidential bid IRA. My gobenheim he's he's a is a lawyer who we like on CNN, but dont like and stick rise in oil and gas. Listen, Irian Veins, John, not stake froze he'll, be at stake rise to he'll, be at em. All I had some choice words for a, even though he is her publicist and stick around four Emily how talking about some shark thieves. What's on tat for positive the world? Well, John, tomorrow, I'm going to listen to our president and record episode on the space force,
we'll take it seriously. I wanna do we need a space where I can't wait for this episode is that I have no idea what's going on with this. Something that's real is. This are made up thing from man in decline. Hooker we as a time step, two halves: employers, patients rights, he's gonna build Nelson about the spaceport, I'd love. I do have a pet theory that is based on absolutely nothing but the feeling that get really really good at space. If and only if we have to fight a war, there they don't want to find out. You in my pants might have the same gonna take on this. We also have two chapters the wilderness out today. The first is about why we have a historic level of inequality in this country and the second is about what a big, bold, progressive economic agenda would look like lots, more people These episodes we get into history. The labour movement talk about Medicare for all jobs, guarantees Jeffrey College. All that good stuff check it out the let's get
news now. Ok, it has now been a year since one of the darkest days of Donald Trump Presidency and attacked practice one. This is the day that nationalist staged rally in Charlottesville Virginia and then one of killed a woman with his car and the President of the United States. Its. If we all remember, responded by saying that some of those White Nationalist were very fine people. On Sunday the White Nationalist tried to put on another rally in DC, but only a few dozen people turned out and they were vastly outnumbered by the counter protesters. So guys it's safe to say that the Charlottesville anniversary was an organ national failure for white nationalists and other assorted, racists, but Adams,
red appeasing the Atlantic last week, titles the white Nationalists are winning in which he argues that Fox NEWS, anchors, republican politicians and especially Donald Trump, are now openly pushing white nationalist ideology through much bigger platforms than a rally with a few dozen assholes. Would you think of that argument? The fact that we have all just come to accept that, basically from ape m to ten p m. What what what is one is, how did he ate yeah? May I think it's about the full one. Eight nine ten you got ya you raise is its awareness of fox, and you got your Lord Ingram yeah Committee or Ingram. You get your Hannity yeah, it's a it's! It's a white nationals, variety show for three hours and they getting more and more explicit Tucker Karlsson has gone. Full white nationalist, If there is any other fair word to describe the kind of race, bathing and anti immigrant sentiment, he's trying to stir
Lord Ingram he's got explicit about the demographic shift in America. There is no other interpretation of that, except to interpret it as being about raise you have Stephen Miller, who is clearly a racist steps from the law. Setting immigration policy? So you know in a lot of ways what the all right is or is it doesn't so much matter too, may have emboldened and empowered them, but they are a symptom of what has taken hold of the Republican Party yeah, I mean there's the mainstream media still as hesitancy if to call Trump a racist assail he's being racial, but like we in the seventies user racist when they wouldn't rent african Americans in the eighties, when he called for the death penalty for central Park five and never tone for that. We knew when he was. Further, we knew when he said mexican judges can rule against might like. It is a fact that he is a racist and I think, with frightening about that, is that his success politically means that all these other people are emulating that strategy and their becoming
brazenly rate so look in Virginia, like Corey Stewart who is republican, send a nominee. He is a white nationalist, he close his view in language about leaving up, can or monuments, but he's buddies with Jason Kessler who organise unite the right event in Charlottesville in, like his staff, is braces. So you had, it still talked about whether at Virginia Republican should get behind him as centred political calculation, that an is moral question. So to me that says things, gotten a lot worse, and certainly it's gotten worse. In terms of policy steps taken by the Trump administration. I mean they're, demagogic, blackened with Tino immigrants on a daily basis through stopping efforts to prevent police abuse of people of color and stopping civil rights in force. He abandoned Porter Rico after Hurricane Maria. I wonder why so I think by any measure. Things have got
worst. I don't think we should look at what happened on Saturday and say I'll look only it doesn't people that came out that is somehow emblematic of momentum of these vile beliefs and yeah. You mention Corey Stuart. There are now nine republican candidates running in twenty eighteen with ties to widen noise or Nazis literal, not mineral nazis. Anyhow, the times that some of these White Nationalist, like Jason Kessler in some of the other ones, have been interviewed, they say explicitly right that their ultimate goal, their long term goal- is to sort of mainstream this ideology and they see the Republican Party very expert about this right. They see the Republican Party as their best chance. Now more than ever, and the Republican Party to mainstream these ideology and in some of them, when they have these rallies too, they always talk about like they want to sort of clean it up, you know they want to be in khakis and an end
sure it's and they don't wanna, be no. They don't want to be looking to scary and they don't all want the tv torches right, because there's something much more in Sid at play here? Is they want policy making power in this country and the policy making power is to make sure that it's a white man any country which their very honest but which now Tucker College Carlsson and Lord Ingram are saying every night on tv, their time of demographic change and the America we love being lost. What what's what's ironic about? This is their garner on saying we need to clean it up me to find a way to do this, to campaign on these ideas without being explicit, to make them more palatable to amass audience. But there have been republican concern dense, and probably, campaigns practising this for a very, very long time. You know Nixon and
the silent Majority and Ronald Reagan campaigning on these issues, the white hands. Add I mean what we are seeing is people using air inside voice on the outside, but this has been a current of the Republican Party for a very, very long time and it David from road to peace in the Atlantic over the weekend, but danish Sousa who's, this vile documentary and slashed noted criminal, one
this too, has recently parted by Trump. The Republican Party has always had candidates who did racist things like trumpet local. Just talking about from the southern strategy to today to promote intellectuals and like D Sousa and from to his credit, ended the peace with a question which was: did they really changed so much or did I and I think, that's a question? A republican party will be asking itself for a long time after tromp has stained their reputation more recently, but you know they ve been dealing with these problems internally for decades. Yeah me, this has been the story of the Republican Party since certainly since Trump became present, it even before that which is the constituency within the Republican Party who believe in you know: low taxes, no regulations, free trade, immigration universes, like our frontier Miller, people like that,
They are a much smaller portion of the republican Party. Then I think that they thought for a long time, particularly because that segment of the Republican Party is concentrated in Washington and New York and some of these major cities and their there. The lot of the mother looking consultants and stuff like that and cosmopolitan conservatism, you call it is a very small subset of Republicans. We thought that what we had was a conservative party with a nationalist friends. We have a nationalist party with the conservative French. I do tells you all: you need to know that noted sad policy, wonk supply cider, Paul Ryan may it has a guy running for his seat, Nepal, nail and who is in unabashed white supremacist anti Semite in volume and rejected by bright Bart after they. Initially supported and not CBS it a pull over the weekend asking you know, do you think? How do you do support Donald Trump on racial tensions in our on drug dump, trumps racial accomplishments, whatever it is,
and something like eighty seven percent of Republicans approved of Donald Trump on race and you know ninety percent of Democrats is approved and so Pretty much tells you all. You need to know about where that party is, if you, if you approve you approve of Donald Trump racial issues, specifically that the hard won T do yeah me down Trump, is permission for people to give in to their absolute worst impulses as human beings. Beyond that, you know the way that I thought about it too, because while it is true that this current has always been there, there is real danger and how open its become its own like there is poor, Then there is poisoned sludge at the bottom of the river and its there, and we ve been saying it's there in that. We need to address it. Opponents like what sludge is no such has never been any sludge among. Who is now calling the president or racist, is Amargosa manacled Newman. Yes, we're gonna talk about it or White House aid whose promoting a tell all book about her time in administration Amargosa, who is the most prominent, and
possibly only african american official and trumps West Wing rights in unhinged that the present is a quote: racist, massage earnest and big it and is made shifting claims about Trump using the inward she has also begun sharing conversations that she secretly recorded while she served in the White House Study, every story about the way it has like one part awful, terror. The other part what the fuck is happening right now, so he's begins, sharing conversations you securely recorded well she's urban waiter, starting with an audio from a conversation, the situation room from when why chief of staff, John Kelly, fired her several months ago. She also Accordingly, Trump says he didn't know: she'd been fired, trumpet Calling her wacky morose on twitter he's also called for a low life. So I want to give everyone time to bring their heads against the wall for a few seconds before we die here. But first question on this is offer a credible and is the White House credible when they say she's a liar? Well, I mean, I think this is
easy normally this would be a complicated question. Is she good tv? Yes? Is she credible? Normally? No, but she has tapes so that discussion and it becomes a relevant when she starts holding up audio of individual she's, quoting to me. This was also reminder that John Kelly is not that smart. He thought he could take on into the wider situation, room intimidate her by having her in there. I tell her that her reputation will be harmed if she'd, Go down the right way and leave quietly, but is an insane thing. The two person who made their career being a reality reality tv, they D, really they that Amargosa isn't think about that. Spring her way. You think she's, nothing about the book deal. It come on man, so I mean. I know and abc this weekend, John Carl Ass, Kelly and Conway, who is the most senior african American and the West Wing and Kelly, and for the first time in like years, was stumped
because there is someone who, I believe, is it an assistant special assistant to the president, which is the third tier down of a commission officer. There's a system of the present deputy assistant president in special system to the president, which is a lower tier. That's what I was so not that big deal person and She should be ashamed. I answer, and you could tell it, took a long time to get lonely were murdered aim, although only his first name, you I'd arrangement as it now is last night, but I am pollution. News last admit it's a big deal. Visa reflects a huge lack of representation for african Americans efforts at the highest level of government and so credit to John for asking this question no credit to her for flailing around and malfunction like unless world. She yeah so its own terms. The question is more as a credible. Now, of course, is not she's, not credible, Oliver explanations for why she worked at the White House. They ideology and discover that here
racist until after got there is ridiculous threat. That is, I think, obvious, but it doesn't matter because, as Tommy said, she has tapes but ultimately think what we are dealing with is someone who ve looked at her situation and said the only thing can do. That is best for me is to tell her version of the truth right. That best reflects on right and all the way she spinning her unexperienced fine, but the the way I see it is even if her story is not wholly accurate, It is still some one willing to leave this White House and burn that bridge. To say I saw some shit that would terrify and on that I one hundred percent. You know what else validates her story everything we know about Donald Trump forever, every in that's things. He said on twitter things. He said in public other reporting from the New York Times the Washington Post, politico access all these businesses that have done report them Michael, was everyone every single bees importing lines up with the fact that, yes, he is a racist. Yes, he is a massage Innis. Yes, he does lie all the time.
He is in some kind of decline. Absolutely not all there doesn't know what's going on in his own white House either because he doesn't care or he's being to watching Fox friends or whatever else and like would you be that surprised if it came out that there was a tape of him using the n word, not really it's not in our really horse. Now, if everything else, we know about a right in the guy. I understand that she has particular problems because of who she is because how blatantly she's contradicted herself, even as recently as like the day after she was fired, she was out. Funding, email trumpets, but if we're waiting for some, you know boyscout. Morally upstanding perfect human to leave this White House two common undamaged up or can be waiting for ever. Could they don't exist? They were for Donald Trump and so she's in their she's. Speaking from it too, because back to like the seal dossier, questions in some ways which is like shit
his position. That first hand, knowledge is something that very few other people have, and I think when she says that Trump is declining mentally and he can't understand complex issues and is in a part of major policy conversations that is too and when she backs up other claims of audio tapes that is telling and when she is a document of being offered fifteen grand a month for her silence. That is telling especially when you see that Keith Schiller trumps Body Guard turned: God knows what in the White House is getting fifteen grand a month for silence. So it is all very interesting Emma. Said. Miss Oliver leave it, but she did. She admitted on meat, the press on Sunday that she was complicity that I was complicit in this White House lying she's regretful. We you have to say is more than any other person who left the White House has ever done. Absolutely so Amr Rosa being willing to burn this bridge and and say what, he saw in the White House, I think also
reminded me of another piece which is Stephen Miller's uncle writing in politico about his nephew, what a little shit it's happar for his positions on immigration, especially especially in his in this in this man, recounting the incredibly howling and moving story of his own immigrant family and also of a refugee that that he knew and what I was struck by as both these things are very different. I think, obviously, this person writing about immigration from the heart is a much or pure and honest moral act, then what morose is doing? She clearly has her own motives, but ultimately, these are people willing to burn bridges to speak out against something I think as wrong. What are that, whatever their interests, may be and is a reminder that for all the way which I'm Rosa is a shameless and sleazy and venal and craven person. She has behaved with fire more integrity, then Gary Cone or Dena Powell,
or any of these other people Rex tailors and that have left the White House in the best they can do is legal background because they are pathetic and that honour Rossa can get out there, and do this tells you that now as hard as people idea power. Gary con would have you believe you look, there is another route for Amerika to. She could have taken that fifteen thousand a month she could have gotten a very expensive fox contract and gone on fox use and live that kind of life, so she could have found fame and fortune going the other way, electric, either mug away protecting tromp and equitable. She wanted for all three of us at any moment about my there's, a big naga button that says press that escape route I have an announcement to make one more question: when no energy work enough we're gonna, we're gonna, learn she's right or not. She says the people who have the tape of Trump saying the end worded tend to release so who are they wear? What's? Tomorrow? Is let us now and then
again, though, like to your point earlier that that this is all back too much. Behavior. I mean that the audio of him pretending he didn't know she was fired and surprise. I wish it shows where cowardly such a coward, he, oh, my god, I'm arose. I just heard that they said I didn't want that. What a bummer this fucking you want. I sit double fire you. I will begin do it, This is something I do. I can't do anything I let it not be to do can coma. Google he's been doing this ever since we ve he's he's walked into our lives he's all tough about. But, when he's at a rally with this crowd behind em, when you get on the phone with someone owners in person, he said a cow whether its arm arose. He can't he's afraid its bagman and as a result, I think parliament has caused many like? Oh, I think you got a bad deal from those democratic Russa quickly, but I'm here, people Tommy
he's writing behavioral, so nice to Barack Obama in person after doing the birth or thing forever when he meets. And finally, it is person after person as our it's almost as if he's a seventy one year old man in constant dialogue with his abusive five father, as it plays out on a global global threat of war question brutality before we leave the Charlotte. How big a deal is that that she recorded John Kelly in the situation room lotta people very upset about this. What's the deal there tell us about the situation of women so shocking that she was able to record the White Ass Chief of staff in the better situation room. Yes, that is an enormous breach of the rules Protocol Trust, but the wider situation room like you, in there to the left is some interesting stuff. But you guys get over it, we'll sit over. There are men and women who work at the various intelligence agencies. They have some cool bells and whistles and coms equipment
right or debt ahead of you is three conference rooms, and so he took her to the meeting in the conference room reportedly to intimidate her by having her in room mission accomplishment when you walk in right when you walk into when you walk the situation room, you put your phone into a little cubby. You do that when you walk into any skiff any sensitive facility where you're talking classified information, could you not lead bring your phone in there, because the foreign until it deserves in turn your phone into a listening device, because that's what it is in fact, What you're saying the fact she brought it in their unrecorded him into this meeting is bad sheets to turn their own phone until it's not some national security issue, like some people, are trying to make ever uncharted get themselves. So worked up about this again to breach of ashes curious. There was an unclassified conversation, the room you're in doesn't make it classified the content of what was discussed. Make it.
And the other question we should answer for people is. Is it normal for white US employs design non disclosure agreements? No, I didn't know it's not disclosed it. I want, and many people think it's not there. There can't be enforced. The easier you was talking about you know. First member protects federal employees right to speak in a private capacity about matters of public concern. Here, Don began. The White House Council puts the New York Times like yeah, you know I mean- or there was reported, that he said this- that he drew up these non disclosure agreements, just a placate Trump because tromp was agitated, but he knew the whole time they couldn't be enforced ever here's the thing you know it won't be enforced by the idea that they can assume Rosa. I mean someone had a bit of a this conversation with the situation and she's blowing up their shit for the next six month. They're not going to mess with morose I did. Is we didn't talk about it, but access had this incredible. How all the people in the west we were terrified of Amr Rose errors, hair of fight of her. What's anyway, one place or enough about numerous. So our time
the Democrats, relationship to corporate money, the New York Times Renaissance recently about how more more democratic candidates are rejecting money from political action committees sponsor by corporations or industry groups, these candidates are people like better work, raise more than twenty three million dollars the cycle without accepting pack money political action committee. That's that's in for The time sites report by Pew that found seventy five percent of them but feels there should be limits on the of money. Individuals and organisations can spend on political campaigns guys. Why do you think it's important? The Democrats do this? Do you think it's important? Let's do it. I should start me. I got a lot of corporate tax, don't need us to water either. That we should be a big bags and we should stand outside of acts on mobile and our Goldman Sachs Weight
them to throw access prophets into our back so that we might help them. I mean from a political perspective of gay, from a crass political operative respect. I think bellows campaign shows you can do ok without taking pack monies waste twenty three million dollars. The cycles are raising TED crews again from apply across call perspective is a potent message in two thousand eight we painted on the walls of our Iowa offices, the exterior not paid for by pack or lobbyist money, people loved that about Barack Obama. Granted we muddle that message and twenty sixteen, but like it was equipment and very important distinction not to take that money. Bees you can't ever. You will not ever convince me that getting a big pack check or getting a lobbyist check doesn't change the way you think about an issue or change the way we think about an individual interests before you. I dont believe that that's the case it is does so from up from a political perspective. I think it's a potent message, especially in this environment when you have more
corruption in DC than we have ever seen in decades from a policy level. I think we should try to be better than I am so for the Dnc. I think we have the right climate change policies, we believe in cap and trade. We believe in the Paris climate accords by also think we should practise what we preach by not taking pack money from, say, Exxon Blubber gets fitting out to get that for a second. I would just I want to echo the point like in two thousand and eight you ve never seen polling like this in your life or focus groups like this, the amount of people who tell you that Many in politics is an issue that corporate money in politics an issue the politicians are to influence by money and lobbyists. It is insane, never seen anything like it and it cuts across all parties, its Democrats, independence, Republicans and the Clinton campaign under arrest. Did it in two thousand and eight, but also money from lobby. What are you talking about May and of everyone and easy thou? This is like a stick. This is like I just a game. They brought
bomb is playing. Normally people cared about it. It's one of the reasons we run it's one of the reasons that Bernie Sanders did so well in twenty sixteen, because he took that message to end idea and a lot of people like Orwell. Democratic unilaterally disarm because of Republicans have all this money? No, like you, said, Tommy, that's Brok about Burglar Marine. Two presidential campaigns raise more money than any Democrat in history. A raise both his opponents came in Rummy by a huge. Of money never took a dime from corporate tax. Lobbyists yeah maybe do make a different there's a policy question. There's a politics question the policy questions incredibly clear. It is incredibly clear that people are hungry for this and they see it as a signal, a signal that they understand that this is an under under appreciated issue for for millions and millions of people, and I think,
The evidence points what John saying that you more than make up for the lack of corporate pack money with enthusiasm, small dollars, etc, etc. The larger policy question about what it actually means, and this is where I think it's it. I think, probably one of the reasons that clean campaign was critical of it. The reason that you see push back from people who say wire democrats. You know these arming is that ultimately saying I won't take corporate pack. Money is saying: be part of what is a fraction of the problem we currently Have where money is robots in politics from from lobbying and super packs to all the other. In which money has incredible amounts of leverage inside of our political system. But none of that is a reason to then just sort of give up and not an end and not send that message of voters.
So hungry for an amended, seems the idea of being so simple. The argument is always what we can't unilaterally disarm Ryan twenty. Sixteen, the Dnc rollback that banner donations from federal lobbyists and pacts for that they partially rolled back by saying there lifting a ban on lobbyists giving money to convention related expenses from the Dnc YE. I can't be convinced that the amount of extra money you get by taking pack or lobbyist donations is going to outweigh the feeling that voters have that they're all the same already Politicians are the same. There are corrupt, they're, all scumbags. I think. If you can draw contrast, it is invaluable. Low dollar donations can fund any campaign in twenty eighteen, and I I double check this with. Of our friends who were fundraiser right, because these are the people have to raise money for a campaign. Every single one of our friends who are fun. Razors who are financed ass. Will tell you that low dollar donations can,
you can more than make up for any kind of money you get from lobbyists or corporate tax, so rejecting corporate Tommy. But you're talking about a couple seconds ago. Rejecting court pack. Money sounds like a no brain or for Democrats, but on Friday the depose reported that the Democratic National Committee has passed a resolution that effectively reverses a ban on donations from not just any corporate acts which they had already done. Fossil fuel corporate packs oil industry, gas industry, coal industry spokesmen for the DMZ said the movers responds to quote concerns for labour about whether the original fossil fuels band was quote an attack on workers according to the half culture is four point. Four percent of workers in the mining sector, including coal, oil and gas, are union members Dnc terms. Compress it in a call. On Friday, the quote we to draw the line that we are indeed, a party of a big tent were all working. People are welcome, were not a party that punishes
Workers simply based on Humph may make ends meet. We ve been engaging with folks movement to address their concerns. That is such a fucking frustrating statement. It is so silly, none of these its morning up. None of these bans on corporate packs has anything to do with individuals donating two key paint. It has nothing to do with that values about the corporate back. The idea that saying we won't accept money from the affiliated corporate pack of some big energy company. Is somehow signalling anger or a lack of inclusion for, for somebody working for that company is predicted it's ridiculous. I get you can't find want bike. I wouldn't we were dealing with this earlier, find the person find the purse. Who thinks that I mean that was so poorly resonant regional resolution have language in it that was like referring to like the oily business insulate. Then they thought it was offensive. Workers find whatever we
have a debate about that. Whether we really need to be you know, but You could have the resolution say. Workers who work in these industries are wonderful. People, and they are arena whatever you want to do to reverse it too, like please, the labour unions were upset about this, and it's not the labour unions. It's the boss. It's the union bosses in these in these building trades unions and mining Indians right. But then you have resolution that says. Ok workers can donate workers from these industries, condone the Democrats who organise a variant of all we're all our lives, and it also says vacant donate through their union. So the unions have a problem with the union's themselves are allowed to donate to Democrats Mining Union stuff, like that, none of us would All we want to do here is say no corporate packs from fossil. This is so. This is now a worker and an oil company whose like no, I realise that I get to give my two hundred dollars to my democratic choice, but I'm really
upset that Exxon, mobile and their political action committee couldn't donate a bunch of money. The Democrats there are people who work it Chevron, Exxon DP, who work on renewable energy, who would be silly to punish them because they work at a quote fossil fuel company, I personally wouldn't care of all those individuals were out like digging oil wells if they once were for Democrats as an individual, that's great! It's just the package issue and I think it's just it's part of an effort to roll. Back this contrast. We could away. I just I don't get it if these, I believe them that unions, wait in and made this complaint to the deep sea. I just can't stress how hard my eyes are lying at that complaint. It so stupid. It's it's self defeating for Democrats who actually care about this issue and Tommy. We were talking about this. The craziest part of the whole thing is that the Dnc is saying. Well, if you look at the Effie see report is all about
patients have to be public. We ve never accepted any money from these fossil fuel corporate packs before this ban during the ban and now after the ban, we haven't except the diamond. Ok, you take the has so you're taking they hit now, but you actually have an exceptionally the money. So why not put the ban in place? If you have an accepted any of the money it is so fucking stupid. It is so mishandle It's like they went home depot, bought a rake drill home, put it out on the lawn and then stepped out I did so fuckin stupid and I will say, like look, there's a lot, obviously tamper as the chair, the Dnc he made this mistake. He introduced the resolution, but also please directory at all of the DMZ members, except for four who voted for in support of it, and especially direct your anger at all Union bosses who made this mess in the first place. This is where it is very useful to come from outside Washington because if you live in Washington, if you grew up there, you breathe the air. He was the place of Ngos, dinner and tourists and diplomats. Now that
oh, oh, oh, oh yeah, Tortilla Republic will do the Alley coastal shipping. It's how you know a lot of some due to a suitcase fifty bucks for a fuckin, Appetizer Cathay. While you can convince yourself, it's no big deal Applebee's veto of area. These make it so he took with a book by this. Och Obama, though, could come from Illinois come from being Cider and get the potency of this message and actually Nick a hard change, be pissed off a lot of special They want to be able to give you their money right or the lobbyists. This goes to aiding the deeper issue around corporate money generally and the fact that it that woman, about pachmann, your, but a small subset of the ways in which money is influence them party is doing this big reassessment of what we stand for, how we run Howie. How we fund raise what mean to be electable what it? What does it mean to be a Democrat, and I think one of the things were: back in realising is that we paid too high. A price
The ways in which a lot of mainstream Democrats Centre left Democrats appealed to court interests over many many years and I think figure out how to excess. Mentality is hard. It starts with pack money, but it also you see it play out in these kinds of internet seen conversations about interest groups when what people are saying over and over again as they dont feel represented. They feel like both parties are under the control of big corporations, interests that dont represent their interests, and when we have these kinds of dumb fucking AIDS, their right and pack. One is the low hanging fruit, yes, but no it, but the fact of the Democratic National Committee hasn't taken this money and yet will put the ban in place. Pretty much sums it all up pressure, because what the but what our friends, the DMZ will say, as you guys were not being info
by these past few companies we're not taking their money and then, on the other hand, there saying well, this ban is sort of like a cosmetic thing. It's not important. No, it's important guys. You ve been DC for too long like out in the country. The perception of influence is hugely imports, and if you can do something in it, especially important among young people as a special important among the non voters that we need to bring back into the party right, stormy thing they like in their defence. The only thing it's worth noting, as that some party activists, including Christine Pelosi, were pushing a resolution, hoping the Dnc would consider a second proposal to stop accepting contributions, overtook her buxom individuals who work for the fossil fuel industry, and I think that would be a bridge too far to prevent random individual. So, that I think what they would point to about this perception question that there were hearing from law and if any of that had happened, we pray- I wouldn't be talking about this on the bike
because of illegal. That's that's a more reasonable thing to argue about, and also Lino, it's important to to recognise that this has genuine policy consequences, and you know we spent. We spent a lot of time talking about the ways in which to public and party is trying to take America everything it sends foreign drownded about them. But this is one of those places where the Democratic Party has let people down. You know when we add sixty votes in the Senate to pass a bomb care. When we had a big majority in the house. The Obama administration had to spend herculean efforts trying to get Democrats to go along with measures that run counter to what the health industry wanted to what the insurance industry wanted to the hospitals wanted. When we did the climate bill in the House which Nancy Policy managed to get through, which was an incorrect
black. It died in the Senate, but even getting it through the house to compromise and compromise some of them because of legitimate ideological differences, but some of it because a lot of these people looked around and said. If I go along with this, I'm going to get killed with my donors, I'm going to get killed with the people. I needs to fund my re election and win. So you know this is not just about how it looks is not just about how it sounds. That's really important. Ultimately, democratic party is right now having a fight about what it means to be a Democrat, and it's a fight that we do not want to lose and look. There is aside from the influence that money has. There is a legitimate debate in a legitimate concern about what we do and what happens to workers in fossil fuel industries. As we transition to clean energy, what jobs they will have, what benefits they will have making sure there's employment for them. That is a legitimate policy debate that is not just about
people being influenced by fossil fuel companies. But that is not what this is. We can have that debate and weakened by the way. Also talk about making sure that we have you know all of our energy from clean energy by the middle of a century and a federal jobs guarantee. So we have the necessarily worry about that transition as much right leg. You can have policies that address both endure address this device when the Labour movement, the environmental movement, but corporate back money is this thing is just ridiculous and they should reverse. It immediately When we come back, we will be talking to a future congresswoman who didn't take a dime of corporate back money during her s and shall be going to Ferris, Rashid ITALY, POD save America is broad. You by policy genius positive would like would like to congratulate Dan Unbecoming apparent Dan. Then use. Those well wishes to springboard into a shameless promotional message about life insurance
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on the blood today, we're talking to Rashid to leave the democratic candidate in Michigan, thirteenth, congressional district, How are you good? much better, much better. After just the happy chaos of the last week. Cited our memorized Well, congratulations went when you one. Last week you that you wanted people across the country to know that you don't to sell out, and you have to change you are to run for office You mean by that and how did that attitude shape your campaign for many of us, especially email fur, my families in the thirteen congressional district, which is probably second or third, Worse than the country, but very Challenges from you know, watching both Republicans and Democrats, giving beg tax breaks for many of them kind of shying away from tat.
He knew Bow Ino things that are important like universal health care and other things that way. Want to seem too liberal, or I don't want. You know they're so worried about the various labels, the various kinds of ETA. That would be being call various names. It's really a bizarre to me, because many of the families at home, want them to stand up for the right thing and now to worry about you know being intimidated or believe bullied by corporate lobbyists and special interest groups, what I by that, it's just you know it hurts more when one of our own cells us out and what I over the years than being in the state House is there was is the handful of vat would sell out our schools sell out our neighborhoods so that they can get. You know, billionaires like Dan Gilbert in Detroit, too you know get him out to a sweet. If you can believe it an incorrect park or heard in a rumors.
About just feeling this need of getting kind of his approval before they proceed to. Ah, you know make a decision on various issues so this man, I mean a lot of us, don't feel like were being represented properly on all levels of government, because too many of us in the neighborhood feel left out in to me that selling out when you forget who put you there, who really made. This happened in the fact that you are working four thousand thousands of people back home counting on you making the right decision I mean something different things, but mostly being a voice. For the people that pushy therein and many of my colleagues in the state house- and I know many in the congress- are what you would call sell out. Speaking of the Congress it uses the sea you'll be taking was held by one of the longest serving members in the history of the house. You have also said that likely won't support Nancy Policy for speaker. If Democrats take back the house Woody
see as at stake the next time the party chooses its leaders, and why do you feel at the right time to start bringing new leadership into the mix You know there's a new era of civil rights, John there's, a new era of a movement out there. You don't You didn't hear about people talking about justice for all talking at universal health care. Talking about really in people out of poverty and a real just way, and many of the people that have been their generations? I mean I I truly respect their leadership and appreciated all the work they have done Now, as a new time, it's our time and think it's really important that whoever is in leadership is reflective of the church. All that has happened on the ground and me we are living in a trump era. We President Donald Trump as held most powerful position in the country in the world and We need more courage,
better. If you know this moral compass that I think is missing, I mean half of the people are serving with our millionaires, many, don't even understand a city. I can answer in my district, who doesn't have a school district? They don't have a school district mean more down or the fact that my If my family's pay, the highest rates of car insurance in the nation, primarily cause both Parties and people in power have not helped The insurance industry, accountable and half a metre happened. My family's do not own their own home because of the increasing discrimination and the banking industry. Which we just bailed out new time, we mean some one that is, can did more with going on on the ground and that's what happens when you're there too long, when sometimes it is more about political strategy than about serving the families. I think that's new kind of lose that compass lose that connection and make what they ve done in their service less then it makes it a path
for just new leadership and understanding on their part that it's time it's time for us to take the rain and and be able to push back against the hate rhetoric and as well as all the policies that I feel like our anti working families to you identify the democratic socialist you'll be the second democratic Socialist in Congress, along with Alexandria, Yoke Cortez? Why you feel it was important to identify as a democratic socialist, as opposed to just identifying. As you know, very progressive Democrat and how to we want de. I say to be shaping the conversation within the Democratic Party about the things it stands for don't you should know. I mean I of course them a member. Did they, member of Michigan Democratic Party member league of women, for I mean I'm. I'm indifferent levels of membership I absolutely like step away from these kinds of identifiers, because I do feel like it leaves the people out that do port me and do support the
issues that I stand up for. What I do think is important as Alexandria, Cassio, Cortez and fully Johan, Omar and Minnesota on Tuesday, when she when's that either all three of us as we walk into the Chamber of Congress, that waste for these issues, a universal health care of pushing back. Corporate greed. Really does put, these barriers. I think that it consistently has created this kind of slippery slope to even more people in poverty, more people in the collection system and so much more, and so for us, It has to be more about the issues than the labels right, but I think I d say provides that space for me, where when I'm talking about poverty in talking about what I call institutional racism. There is a canoe. And with the essay members and that organization in that partnership that I am hoped it continued or having Congress so They are instrumental in me, gaining that kind of knowledge in that fuel that I need to stand up.
Do the institutional racism that I think is extreme present there. That has been you know at been discussed in any members of Congress so far I just about how tragic it has been for an equity, education? How it is though tragic in the same kind of poverty increase in so many different areas in my district and so That is something that I will be bringing to the to the floor of Congress so the New York Times recipes this weekend about? And we talk about this in the pod today, but how more more candidates rejecting donations from corporate tax, which is something that you did in your race, why did you decide? This is the right path in your race and do you think Democrats should be doing this as a matter of policy, and I have some wondering what you think about. We also talk about this today, the dim National Committee. Over the last week, late last week, sort of reserve effectively reversed a ban on blood donations from fossil fuel companies, saying that it was about protecting,
occurs. You know so that workers at fossil fuel companies could still could say don't aid, even though they still can anyway. What did you think about that and where you know, where do you think about sort of money in politics and in taking money from corporate tax in general, the irony is so many Democrats say: they wanted and Citizens United, but then they practice the very essence of what Citizens United was about, and I think its hypocritical when we say were for the people, but then we're taking money from the very people that leave our fair he's in poverty. Put those kinds of structures. Place in processes in place. They don't allow our families to equally thrive with the rest the country I mean I'm always disappointed in decisions that have been made like that. In that I did it, there grassroots fund? Raising I mean, I think over eight Thousand people across the country from a dollar, thirty, three to hundreds and thousands of dollars, but what whisper
hackler about it? Was you know that individuals don't expect anything in return? Nothing, but for me work hard for me to elevate cases that happen you know, and at the table for so many decades now, and I would I would always you know. Able to bring that kind of message to my democratic colleagues that it takes a lot more work and it is hard to do it in a grassroots way, but I gotta do you bring a tremendous amount of credibility, integrity back into the democratic process. By allowing the same companies that are for donating to try, and others that are, you know, fighting against us it really does ain't the process and for us to really bring back born in wanting to be engaged in the democratic process to be engaged in government to increase voter turn out. We need to it by action, and that means denying any access from corporations to influence us and
for once. I remember Congress. Do you find yourself wondering about how to survive. Temper expect actions among your constituents, obviously even if no democratic, back? The house is obviously or even further by the Senate and the house, you still got Donald Trump. You know vetoing bills left and right even into we twenty, if you know what We get a democratic president in there. You know you still have to deal with a lot of conservative Democrats, Democrats from Red States, and so you know but surely the most progressive legislation that you ve been talking about in your race, you know doesn't get. Happen. How do you think about You know how to make sure that you are fighting for what you believe in what you said during the campaign, but also let it can see. Whence now you know we might not be able to get it all in you know when a couple years or a couple terms by you know maybe I'll be compromising here there. The only way keep them believing in the movement that I'm part of, and it is movement as no the creation of the neighborhood service centres. I talk about this through
may may talk about a throughout my campaign, creating the neighbourhood service centre that I did when I was a state representative. Capping grounded kept me rooted, but also gave me those bill ideas that I was to get by partisan sport but, more importantly, getting families resources. Now the issue that their face. He now the everyday challenges may be local State County federal that going to be my primary role when I'm in Congress, but the neighbors service centres and when a crate, three all throughout my district is gonna have Look there that if it's a better if it's a low income family that is really struggling with pain, their utility or two figure out some home repair dollars. All of those resources are available in some sort of way I mean I wish there was more, many of them don't know how to apply to them. Don't know that it exists, even if I I said this all the time in various forums. I dont worry, she'd away for medical
for all to pass for you to get good healthcare contact office. The service centre will connect you to a federally accredit clinic I will pursue. We ve mail, the executive director, making sure that you don't have to live without having access to care, Prevention treatment and those are the kinds of things that I think will allow them to continue to have faith in this movement, is that I will. Go beyond just voting the right way beyond this just legislation and actually help them through every day challenges in getting resources they need. Now. That's credit. Final question there's never been a muslim women in Congress before you're, the guy palestinian and whether it can be more and ask you to come and tell us what does this mean to you on a personal level that you're about to make this history? I think for me you know, having been a mother of two children, then are growing up in a muslim household, and I always tell them you know you gotta decide whether or not you want to practise their faith. I'm not gonna force it on you and us my eldest is is fully embraced. It and I love all, have his
inquisitive questions, and this can empowerment that he feels being able to now say you know proudly that I, you know I'm muslim and I am proud to be muslim. When he was nine years old. You know her, He heard me talking to his father about this awful Action as a cartoon. Depiction of like at the kind of someone a skeleton figure we're in a Nazi uniform and instead allow walk, but which means got his great on his sleeve was a cartoon too did any USA today and I was so devastated by and paused insists was telling his father, my god of peace. See this argument: they're gonna compares they're gonna. Think we're like Nazis that you know that kill us and without knowing my son, was in the other room he walks in me. The doors calls he walks in and he says What don't worry again he's nine years old at the time fourteen now, because the worry, if they ever ask I tell them, I'm not muslim, so he would go,
who's gonna hide it. I cried John and I couldn't stop crying, and I kept thinking to myself. As what can I do? What can I do and I did lead a campaign called take on hate for a year, but what that it's too is now you know as soon as the sooner congressmen, Conyers retired, I thought my do I stay outside of the ring, or do I get back in and, of course, the number of issues that I'm so passion about when, when it comes to equitable development, when it comes to economic justice for all I, Also, in the back of my mind, thought how, in credit, Is it going to be able to show my son's that duct when Carson was wrong, that everything truck the same is wrong, because now there mommy, who is proud to be a most are proud to be an american woman is gonna on to the House floor of Congress, really send an incredibly powerful, inspiring message that America, It is great that occurred that this the possibility of America that this the answer against hate
I am so humble and I get emotional everytime. I talk about it, my mother, who is already dry cleaned the palestinian Thorpe. You know this. This, though she has that was sewed in Palestine in the village it she was from an inn ready for me to wear it when I swear on the Holy Koran, Thomas Jefferson Koran again. If there is an inspiring hopeful story at this moment of darkness in our country, I don't know what it is, and I hope and pray that on Tuesdays, Hon Omar Winds, her election and a woman who comes from such a you know, challenging history of being a refugee and coming into the United States and now again the possibility of her can on to the house floor as lemme. As you know, a refugee, and now as an american congresswoman again? That is a tremendous american story that we all should love and embrace and let the light shine.
Is it really is a dark time right now, and this is tremendous light that I think we all needed right now or inspired me or thank you. Thank you so much for for joining us on the pod. Today. Best of luck, in Congress well behind you were were Poland for you and dumb and and keep up the good fight. Thank you so much and we come back we'll be talking to the hosted with friends like these on a by them. The bridge by Netflix Wild wild country tells the story of russian Programme a utopian commune established in rural antelope organ in the nineteen eightys by the following. Of Indian grew by Schwann Sri rationing by want. I want come my men and I watch it. I was about you, I know better wildering step because he had a follower at the table. It's me, I mean
by one to serious charge, the escalating conflict between the local or going ranchers in the rush ronicky. The recognition income the unbelievable criminal activity that took place on the ranch led by Bygones ruthless personal secretary mine on Sheer Jago, ruthless, personal she secretary and hero. I want you to know that the court media slack channel has an emergency that it the man, I'd sure yeah, maybe that Travis made. I think I can't tell if were allowed to skip all the rest of this copy. But this is such an awesome document. We all were obsessive that everybody washed it. I had no idea what I was generalised, opened and also like six hours later into. It is saying that this story happened so recently to this was at the MID eightys. It was really should going down. You have to wash, and if you don't get to know this world is a document rates. I can make a lot of sense. When you see my non Sheila in Iowa uneconomic lava, not during which, during the joint twenty debates,
Sheila are you for Medicare for all? She would apologise that get things a lot more than I as a nice things that had Alan bars, towns, it happened in this a documentary, a bioterrorist attack, a job illegal wiretapping case a huge Election of rolls Royce automobiles. For some reason, the orgy unhappy Well, that's not in the copy by in the United States in the eighties orgies relate orgies your parents might have been there. You should ask them nominal for five Emmy awards, including outstanding documentary or nonfiction series in outstanding directing for non fiction programme Wild while countries historical filmmaking life and an epoch scale, its tail so wild, but seeing means barely believing we named one of our pod. Save America episode. Wild while GEO P. That's right! That's how much we all of us, while countries Netflix go, see it. It's so good at These positive Merrick abroad to you by the cash a buck,
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heck. Are you in Texas? Now I M not in taxes at this moment, but I was in Texas last week and you know what I am taxes. But even I forget how big Texas says I drove a lot. I drove a lot in west access through the planes Prairie of West Taxes to meet up with tat crews, who is on a little many tour of very many tour. It's a mini tour in many ways. It was short because well he asks you would argue. Yoletta week off from the Senate, he visited lots of small towns, and not not mean people came, you know, I'm wouldn't say two been use. The venue that I was at was we know it, not by any means, but it was not a huge venue There's another guy running for Senate and I understand like he's filling auditoriums and stuff, so yeah broke,
you oughta, its Tommy yeah. We wouldn't like when you talk to the crews campaign team. How did they feel about the state of this race because from afar you know I'll talk to journalists or see photos from events. It better rocks. Rallies and it looks enormous and we have obviously Madame a couple times- and you know we're rooting for the guy, but it texas- and I can tell how much is you know me wanting him to win or me wanting takers to lose versus the actual reality. Do you have a cent from talking to the crews team like. Are they really worried about better work? They seem as much of a threat as serve the national media. Narrative has recently built him to be. I think there were eight, I my senses that they did not expect to be campaigning and given really mean it was
rates. I added. I had a fine time with the crews people that they are. They are decent, but it felt a lot like they were panicking. Not panic. I won't say: okay ambition, say panic. It fell. Like their worried. There definitely worried at this point. Campaign. Fur Texas, you know senator. I dont think you should be telling people. You know about yard signs, in that sense, level, I feel like they're out there, asking people to put up yard signs in brown. Would taxes, which is a kind of you know, that a space on the map? There is no meat. I was telling people that the great barbecue I had at the venue where TED spoke and some others like oh yeah, no one ever goes anywhere and no. Never goes there anymore, because it's not on the way to anywhere, but that's where TED Bruce has had had his you know, town Hall in other words, about getting a crowd
I think so I think they are. I will say that the crowd that turned out was very enthusiastic. Where is he now? older side It was largely white, but because Brownsville is largely white it's, you know what was weird about it to me was not so, like the size or level of enthusiasm, but the fact that wasn't anybody. There be no kind of kicking tyres. I remember when as having covering TED on two dozen sixteen primary and you would run into p at his rallies, who are like you know, he's not perfect, and I don't like this about any more. I think this about him, but I think you he's a good christian and a strong conservative, an ethical make a good president right
Those people are not the people that I met at this rally. These people are all in there. They were trumps supporters, that's what they were like they were here. They were there to hear TED crews, pledge fealty to Trump and almost, the questions had to do with national politics in his position, you know in respect to trumps positions. There is like a vague she went on question. There is a question literally someone ass. When can we expect an arrest of Hillary Clinton that was in my actual question that TED, please God, where we like- and it was just says he said at with this- is actually rarely clever on his part. I have to admit he said I share your concern. That is, I don't think, that's collaborated. Growth rate is exacerbated. Do they drew near the sign of a cow? How much he's had to carry out a drop into this? Is that he couldn't you say, like you know the equivalent of wide
you know we don't pull it. We don't arrest our political opponents in his country. He would never could never say that animal in your yeah I mean you mean you're right, it's it's cool. Of. He did say in in something that I think we could agree with. He sets mingling of the F B. I should be the FBI and the democratic behind up a republican FBI, not the New Republic endeared air, democratic, dear J that was like, I feel like I'm the only person who heard that part of his answer. He can hope, because also with what the what everyone else heard was: oh yeah we're dealing with the democratic d J right now and that what we have to do purge them, and if someone asked about action to getting getting banned from twitter and shy banning there was like There is another question: there is not quite a q and on question, oh, but the lady next to me did tell me that there were stuffed going on the government that I didn't know about and that president was doing more than will ever know and I didn't ask
followed by Israel in Hungary here about jobs? No, no, they didn't and they didn't come to hear about health care. They did. Come to hear about education. They didn't come to hear about. You know the problem is that people are facing in their everyday lives that what was weirdly absent? I mean I've been to town halls. Alot I mean I have two and in the house of a national spotlight. You do get national questions right, but always you can't keep from asking about local stuff like that, like a hallmark of a campaign, is it someone's gonna ask about, did not like the potholes they're gonna ask about you know Your brother that can't get X Y see service or you know, your kid who has in this issue and that just didn't happen and it felt like this was just performative cave fox use vandam. You know, like
from cosplay more than actual TED crews, enthusiasm, other people I mean I have to say so they were. There were enthusiastic about him, but it really was like this weird transference from from Trump, and they told me ever few people told me you know we almost lost him at the convention, meaning tat groups. What what we ve seen as that. You know better was talking about serve more hours of nuts and bolts. Issues have been immigration, healthier economy and take her in doing this sort of culture, all his tweeds every he's doing it seems built around these cultural grievances. Do think that what you're saying at the rate, rallies is a subset of just the past. A people that are showing up or or is TED Greece being forced to speak this way and addressed these things and take on this tenor, because that is where the republican voters in Texas, I think that's. Where did based voters Ino in taxes are, I think that there
switch automating them is when you talk about immigration. Talk about it in the terms that Trump talks you know, like God, TED Talk, did talk about building a wall. I will point out that that is not a local issue in Brown. Would her say it's pretty far away from the border, but He he didn't talk about it again in terms of jobs or in terms of like what do we do about immigration? It was like basically, like you know, wall and enforcement, and that's not actual policy you and I know that and people who have to deal with immigration. The daily basis know that, and I think that you know There is weird aspect to the to the how to where I felt leg he here he is smart guy. I mean I've interviewed him a few times and he may make people skin crawl, but he's a genuinely intelligent person. And I could see him like trying to get people to read
their questions before they went off the rails. Affable like there is this lake kind of The current of like I read it, please no one asked me about you, not please. No one asked me, but she went on to almost everything, because all of the questions had that kind of fever dream you know or to them that date they could at any moment become a Sean heredity monologue, and I think that that too, Smart enough to know that that would be bad to have you no go viral at least. Maybe would maybe take as a wooden movement actions. That would be bad at all. I don't know, but it seems like better is turning out people there. Gonna turn up before, and I think that that terrifies them well, we were. We are very interested in how this piece on TED crews turns out
we'll be will be waiting for that. What are in the meantime, what's going on with with friends like these? What's the what's the latest and who you're Talkin own? What you're talking about well last week was our monthly check in with Rick. Well, you actually has a thing to push now. You know this book here, he's he's he's fucking his book. It's a good red, I will say few enjoy his daily bees columns and you enjoy personality in general. The book is an. Stinted riff, but also, as he says, in our interview, a little more introspective than he expected it to be. I know people and on the have left. It will never be satisfied with the amount of you know. May a copper is that he does, but I think they He does. Do some introspection about his role in creating the monster that we are facing together and in this week is going to be a discussion about how to cover racists cause. It's you know we had the somewhat now an event of the unite, the right rally and its spark
but conversation among journalists about. How do you talk to these people? And how do you cover this moment without amplifying at anything the question both for journalists and for people who are consuming the media. South Bartleby discussion, the sweet, fantastic. Thank you will thanks thanks for stopping by his good to talk again, to give such two guys don't be strangers thanks to receive, to leave an honorary Cox for joining us today and thanks x on mobile for our sponsoring this addition of Mega ache, broccoli. Could you pass me that oil I was, I guess we'll see later this week, I will also be on, will be unclear, yellow Bianco Bear on Thursday. We have a big announcement. We do. We have an announcement. We uncle Are there that we're yet, but then we have an it. We're gonna be saying something: ankle. Are women Announcement Uncle Barrack? Yes, we're all we're go or where these are not going to go into that we're going to Margaret never go away.
I'll get a Fox news. Contra present Imago button will see on the five yeah yeah yeah man enjoy Yeah.
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