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The Wilderness, Season 2 (coming January 13, 2020)


Jon Favreau looks for the path to victory in 2020 by talking to voters, strategists, organizers, and candidates in the battleground states that will decide the election.

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Hey positive miracle listeners. It's John favour. You may have heard them. I show the wilderness is back on Monday January thirteenth in season two. I worked for the path to victory and twenty twenty by talking to voters strategists organisers and candidates in the battleground states. That will decide the election. If your hearing this you're about to listen to the trailer subscribe to the wilderness, cricket, dotcom, Slash, the wilderness or ever you wasn't upon, casts what we did in twenty sixteen the election. We call it with a gap at elite, it's never been done before and whether they do it, I think again in twenty twenty and the number is going to be done From getting the second term is merely doubling the damage running its compound. if he has for years and he doesn't have to face the voters. I think there is nobody. I think the damage there will echo through not just another decade or two it could echo through
relations. So this isn't simply another election. Well, this is it twenty twenty a year that will end with what just might be the most important election of America's lifetime. The last time we talked twenty when he seemed really far in the future. Here we are, and I feel it all I see- is trees everywhere, like we are still in the wilderness a little bit, not that there are pathways out. It's just that there is no obvious pathway out. Welcome back to the wilderness of your host John Favour in this season will look for the path to victory and twenty twenty by visiting some of the most important battle grounds of the election and talk to the strategists organizers and
Yours will decide the outcome from the swing states of the northeast people in the collar counties of Pennsylvania, really care about what we are for and not who we are against too the suburbs of the South West growing up here. I do think it's much more diverse. I think it's changing. I also thank you know, there's a trumpet fact where even people who have been lifelong Republicans here think that's gone too far and that its two extreme from south eastern Battleground, like Georgia in Florida, Georgia, has the youngest population of about a rogue state have the highest percentage of african Americans of about one state and we ve proven that both communities will turn to the heartland of the American MID West. There is a group of islands. There might be more concern that I am one one guns or own choice,. On marriage, equality in gay rights generally, but they'll listen to a strong economic message and while we can't make any predictions, the one thing we know is that nothing about this election will be easy. Twenty
It seems to me like the battle of the balls between what America has been and what becoming, and I think it is pretty safe to assume that tromp we'll get every last ounce of blood out of his coalition of restoration. It's a less decided question whether the coalition transformation turns out in equal force. Somehow, if we can find a way to keep this big unruly party, inspired, energized and unified we might Just be ok, there's nothing we can do, but if we're divided we will stand alone and that's not who we are at our best. America's a young nation. We have been tested time and time again. And we have always overcome and we ve done so by come
together across lines, race and origin and language, and we can do that again, so come join us wilderness were the only way out is together, subscribed to the wilderness from crooked media. Wherever you get your podcast.
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