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“They’re coming for your health care.”


Trump goes on a media tour to rev up the base, Republicans admit that they’re coming after health care and retirement programs if they win, and Democrats look to flip a slew of key governorships. Then Democratic congressional candidate Lucy McBath talks about the gun violence that took her son’s life, and her campaign to win the Georgia 6th.

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get the pulse, welcomed, applied, save America, I'm John Fabric, Andean Pfeiffer. Later in the pod you'll hear from Lucy Macbeth a democratic congressional candidate in Georgia who got into politics after losing her son, two gun violence. Also launchers, having very cool today a few months ago, Crooked media's editor in chief brain boiler went to San Quentin State prison, to talk to prisoners about voting and Phelan Disenfranchisement, In many, the prisoner of wrote, personal essays about what it means to participate in election. You can now read those essays votes, have America dot com, slash, restore the vote
and you can listen to Brien's conversations with these prisoners on this week's crooked conversation. Here's a quick trailer check it out were nearing mid term elections at breakneck speed now, and a lot of people still have not registered and many others just won't turn out to vote, but no, Of our fellow citizens, don't even have the choice. To begin with. These six million Americans who have been convicted of felonies are prohibited from voting by their state governments. That reason. Earlier this year I visited sank when state prison in northern California realize how would have voiced worse. I think I kind of took on the stereotype of my vote in matter before our committee, my crime, I have the right to row, I didn't value, I didn't take it seriously until at last, and I realise how important it is get bonus. Rehabilitation is part of it. Acclimated back into society. Vote feels like
you'll be a responsible listening on crooked conversations. This episode is called, restore the right and check out both save America. Dot com, slash restore the vote to read essays about voting written by prisoners at San Quentin also check our votes. America, which now has a very cool, very useful voter guide that will help you understand everything on your ballot. You can even fill out a copy of your ballot and save it. So you can have the ballot with you when you go to the polls and fill out your real ballot fill your mail and ballot whatever it is just so. You know that what we have on the website is a copy of the ballot that you can use to help yourself figure out with on it. It is not your real ballot of people s there isn't really a problem of people thought that maybe it was the real ballot that you can download from our website, which that would be something just
real balance here, media, that's gonna, end up on Fox, ok. Finally, We will be in Austin on Friday for our second HBO special and will be joined by our good friends, Brittany, passionate and Oh, oh Rourke, You will not want to miss that one. It is Friday night eleven pm, DOT, M Eastern on HBO and then it'll be on HBO. When HBO now should so check it out. Second show Austin, ok, the site, but the news her lot sure why not it's been a while, since we talk about the new status with twenty days left until the twenty eight in mid term elections, Donald Trump has decided to finally come out of his shell and say: what's on his mind, he kicked off Tuesday morning by calling stormy Daniels Horsefaced on Twitter. He mocked Senator Elizabeth Warren can
give me to call her Pocahontas. He criticized the global condemnation of Saudi Arabia for what appears to be the brutal murder of a journalist who was an american resident, comparing the allegations that the Saudis are guilty to the allegations of sexual assault against Brett, Kavanaugh and interviews on Tuesday again question whether Russia Metal in the twenty sixteen election. When asked about his personal lawyer, implicated from prison, unindicted, co, conspirator and multiple felonies, the president accused MIKE, of lying when asked whether he believes in climate change. The president said there are scientists on both sides that Californy has wildfires, because the state does a horrible job of maintaining their forests, that he hasn't visited troops and combat zone, yet because he doesn't think it's quote overly necessary that he's done quote an incredible job with the children he separated from their parents at the border and that of Republicans lose the house in November. It won't be his faults,
Where do you want to start? I mean I don't know first I'd like to just say the amount of introspection and self reflection in that interview where you look at what you've done, what you've done well- and you think I can be a better president- is astounding reaches its really is really grown grown in the job? He is one of a man who walked to the oval office right off the scent of the celebrity apprentice, who, what would he felt the burden of being present it states leader of the free world or roma- the children just talk, then it and thought about. How can I fit the burdens at this hour No, nothing, nothing has changed and he has grown not one iota after two years of making life and F decisions. Nothing not only did the super. It's amazing. I guess like how does
media even begin to cover all of this and like how to people process. It mean in that quick list of things that I just read through. Any one of those comments from Donald Trump would be like Malta I day possibly Malta week story for any other president other politicians at any other time, a region like a well. What are we supposed to think about this? Let me say this all the time, but it is twenty he's until election and the president has decided to go on a media tore where he is just saying all kinds of just dishonest, grossly inappropriate, offensive shit, which is the norm with him I we have been known to be media critics on the spot, Guest really don't. I dont know how the media can come from this
Oh, I don't know how those agenda was my genuine cry. I dont understand and prepare for this package. I didn't know how we talk, but we covered here. It's lay. I was watching this sort of happened in real time when Z, Miller. A wide support for the AP was just tweeting out the weeds of the stories that they were writing off. As an it's like Trump says he takes Knower, it will. If they had Republicans, was a house. It will not be as Fall says, waving their salaries for his cash yogi killing is you know they should be. It is until proven guilty shrubs As you know, defends colleagues or Minos Worsen is just all the things. Even any one of those would be a five day story, the different media environment, and so the only way I think we can interpret It- is to take a step back
and look at the full array of everything he said and as a indictment of the kind of prison he, as we can take a long time about how important argument for Democrats in this election is about being a check again the chaos and corruption of drop in here you have just to use a term of aren't a fuck ton of CAS ends and potential corruption, Oh yeah, always I mean all lines that that is a given there is. There is more crushing before breakfast this administration than in any presidency. Since Watergate I mean you know, the Stormy Daniels NEWS reminded us, of course, that the press and so a lawyer has implicated him in multiple campaign finance crimes. Nothing has been done about that. So far, This sounds news. Reminds us that the president's and his hotels in his private company have financially benefited from the Saudis who it now seems is helping cover up the murder of journalists.
Who is an american resident, seems early astounding and it's just sort of just sort of on the back burner. Just sir, it's it's unbelievable is unbelievable. I mean where we are twenty four hours after us just start with the Stormy Daniels NEWS were twenty four hours after the President States called a woman. A horse face is any republican candidate in any close race. Gonna condemn that, and even gonna happen about that with that now I mean maybe somewhere down the line. Jeff wake will condemn this in a sad, tweet and then, and then, if there were some bill to make a horse face, monument Jeff would vote for that. Like that it that's exactly others, look I think we have to understand that this trumps being the right way to say this, but trunk being so
horrible is a classic featured, not bug argument for the rub against this for free portion of his base. This is why they like it. This willingness to say things that others won't say and the problem is, I don't think most Republic in elected officials but I believe that the prisoners should be calling anyone or horse face right, but they, come to believe- and this is the long term danger tromp ism become. Conservativism in America is they have come to believe that if it is morally wrong, it's good politics and therefore they can't say anything or shouldn't say anything because that will upset. Tromp base and therefore they will lose elections, so we have silence on things that you I just. I think many of these Republicans
our bad in a lot of ways, but I do think that I do believe that they, probably for even Paul Ryan, thinks it is wrong that troops as this, but that they can. Feel like they can't say it because they believe it's and they believe what trump does is now good politics, and so they will he's buying their silence in exchange for what they believed to be votes from his base. Well- and you know the only thing that's going to change- that is an Alexa right because, like you said, the Republicans may or may not believe that this is morally wrong, but that doesn't matter they think it's politically, sir, they think that all read up their base and they think that their bases all they need to win a lot of these elections and we get into why that may or may not be true. But if a brother can do well in the mid terms, trouble say all of this stuff and worse and do worse over the next two years, because their strategy will have validated right and he
charges if you that the last two years were bad. You ain't seen nothing yet for the next two years. If republicans do well- and this strategy of tat saying whatever the fuck he wants and rising up the base and doing whatever he wants drive up the base. If that is validated on election day, all bets are off for the next two years. Fit trump is gonna, be trump like if they lost two hundred seats, yeah Trump find a way to believe that this wise voter fried the Chinese, interfering in elections, Paul Ryan, Mcconnell being terrible, not superior. He would find a way to justify it because he is chemically incapable of accepting responsibility for and loathing and by what could change is Republicans feeling a need to provide too something to be a check of some kind in on the matters of policy in overseeing corruption. If we take the house, I don't really give a shit what Paul, Ryan or bad sassy, because Democrats will be
but to actually stop the trumpet gender they'll be able to hold oversight, hearing subpoena witnesses, and that's what we're really matter, but we can judge success unfair. What happens my out shouted trumps mouth, because that is that is unchangeable. What is the strategy behind making this the trump for the last few weeks. Is it even a strategy? I realize we use the term loosely when talking of Trump and the way has, but it does. I guess we know, at least from the daily beast, had a story about this yesterday, cold days ago, that Trump told his the White House staff in the midst in mid timber. I'm not getting my message out enough places. I need to do more interviews. I want to do even more non farm snow, right wing interviews, because you know the good messenger, and if I just get my message out well when the election, what what do you think Reggie. Is there anything there's something more to it? I think I mean it.
Like, as you point out, moist hasn't to use the word strategy to describe tromp because that he doesn't have strategic thinking by it. There is something underlying this is it I mean it's. I was description was more institutional intellectual, and I think this is an. He is an instinct that the more he talks the better off Republicans, albeit in the better off he will be ended. He has very little faith and anyone else making firm whether its proper congressional candidates are Huckelby sanders. Ah Mitch Mcconnell anyone else. If the person who should be speaking is trompe also enjoys attention- and this is attention and there he would just be- he was just melt into the ground if, if the rule was that he had to stop talking for Republicans to do while he
never believe pulling or anything else. That would say the last trumped the better and I do like they have a theory of trying to get republican enthusiasm up in the belief. Is that trunk, the more tromp, the more republican enthusiasm I don't know, that's gonna work or not there some evidence it works in some places and not others but I think that is what is happening here. That's it was certainly when you look back at you, know polling, that's election results since Trump has become president. You know we said this before it does seem like when we are debating large scale. Economic policy, health care tax cuts, a fight that poles of that's when the Democrats have been at their best I think another time that Democrats have done better is when trumpets out there all the time, saying truly crazy
But again that could be in some places and not others, and then it seems as though, when the poles have been tightest. What during the cabinet hearings and partly during during that time, from seven until the end trump sort of receded the background and it was sort of a traditional republican verses, democratic culture, war so you know I don't know, I don't know be better off with Trump out there saying all this kind of crazy. Should more or not? I guess like talk more about when you said that it might help in some places and not others sure. I think this is an important point that most political analysis, unless it's done bites, meaning people who really dig into data and understand the voter make up in various districts in states. Most local analysis is one dimensional and it's based in this old idea that the democratic race is going to do it. It's going to do the public bases going to do it, it's going to do, they are equivalent the same size and the
elections are cited by twenty percent of people in the middle and with it Whether a strategy worked or didn't work. Whether a statement was affectionate effect was based on its impact on that twenty percent of swing. Voters did it move twelve percent, one way in which represent the other way, and I don't know the particles ever that simple, but it was much closer to that fifteen to twenty years ago and now politics is much more three and four dimensional in the sense that you have states are very different districts of very different. The bases aren't the same size, democratic basis large in their republican base. Their problem basis M is more reliable voters in real terms in presidential frankly, and the number of voters in the Middle EAST. Waller and so thing can like trumped gimmick something kin will be effective in a red state where the trump
which largely means not necessarily Republicans but Non college educator Republicans, is a greater percentage of the electorate and in a way more suburban district or a state where that a basis. A smaller percentage of the electorate will be have the opposite. Facts so Trump can be simultaneously. Helping Democrats win in the crooked seven add helping Republicans win some of these Senate races, and I note the code or Montana or something else, and you have to really understand and get pretty deepen the data to see why? What is the vote or make up they can get either Democratic Republic into their way number, and so that like in this case, it could be yes, it's working and yes, it's killing Republicans at the same time, just in different places yeah. I think the geography point is important here and Nate Cone- who,
does polling and analyzes data for the New York Times wrote about this this week. I want to quote from the story since it was fairly disturbing but made very smart He wrote that polarization from stories like the fight over bread, cabinets confirmation seems to be helping republican candidates in the final weeks of the election. He said that trend might fade, but if it holds it will be an abrupt change from earlier poles. Unless your special election results, which indicated the Democrats, were highly competitive and red areas, instead, add the district and state pulling raises the possibility of an election more like last year's Virginia elections or the twenty ten mid term elections. Both were strong result for the party out of power but the big numbers came mainly on home, turf canal sorrow, the geographic Disadvantages Democrats are facing are so severe that it gives the Republicans a chance to survive a so called wave. Election, so that doesn't sound very great neighbours are made.
About Virginia and you might be thinking well, what do you mean like Ralph, Northern one Virginia by nine points? The poles said You know it was a close race. What happen Virginia, was north and Democrats in general did incredibly well blew out. Sort turn out models in the blue parts of Virginia. The Clinton had one in twenty sixteen in the red Parts of Virginia the Trumpet one Gillespie did almost as well. Prompted in some places, as well as trumped it. So the concern is for this election that in the blue areas of the country. You know, Democrats have incredibly high turnout, and a ton of votes, and you know I, like you, said other suburban districts in California could be. You know, flip able, but in these red areas, and unfortunately, the Senate Map is incredibly red. Probably the toughest map we ve ever faced prototype his map either.
Party has ever faced, whereas we might have been competitive earlier this year, and now we might not be what you think about other like. I think it is. A very important point to understand. What's happening is that the blue wave, if it opens knock on word, fingers crossed everything, is now can hit everywhere the same way capricious less blue and less places. Now there are some com, getting factors to that analysis. Let me say one more thing: virtue is very poor and understand. We did very very well in Virginia. The trunk base is Virginia has one of the smallest per capita amount of the trunk base of any the swing states. It's one of the reasons why it's one of the few states that moved did Hillary Clinton better and then Barack Obama. And Colorado's and other state, and so in that
since Virginia, is not a Virginia, can tell you a lot about the difference. It Hillary Clinton, one in two thousand and sixteen that currently have republican members. California, Pennsylvania all across the country in places like that. So That is very true now the thing that I would say, we are no longer into dont whet the bad. What the bad! That's! On a thing we do anymore for people who were fans of us different packages. We once had enough much different political time There are some signs that, in the MID West, in particular, state tromp one or two that that exact formula its work innovation and address we're gonna, do on Blue they're going to do well and read it in Purple Areas- Purple States states that Obama one by one bit trump won by a decent amount. Democrats are doing quite well Ohio Pennsylvania Wisconsin are three their interesting risk it. Chicken is another one trumps numbers, and I
Was it s some opportunities for Democrats there, and so the just the regions of the country are very different. Deep, deep red seems like it is getting potentially more deep rooted problems for Democrats in the Senate. Blue is getting blower, which is good for Democrats in the house in purple may be getting bluer which is good for Democrats in the House Holding Some seventeenth were defending and picking up governorship social talk about low, but later in this package, yeah I mean it is, I think, in all political analysis, because because this aspect of it is somewhat, boring and a little more static people ways underestimate geography, and all of this you know- and so you and see a scenario where, if the Democrats, when the house and if the Republicans, when this in it. The mega analysis is oh, we are divided country has divided as ever and blah blah blah and the truth is look at. The fundamentals of the
action. We ve known from the beginning that in the Senate Democratic defending many seats in deep red states and, like you said the mid western states that our deep red but just states the Trump one in twenty sixteen but Democrats, and one before that were actually defending those seats quite well, at least as for four right now, but in some of these real red states like North Dakota had he had come Joe Donovan, Indiana, Clare, mechanical in Missouri, and Even you know, even if a purple state like Nevada, Jacky Rosen having a really tight race there to these are sort of. These are harder places for Democrats to really have this sort of blow out turnout. At least they but in the past again we don't know what might happen now. That is a really interesting one, because we think of it as this blue state, because Democrats of one of the last of a presidential elections Obama wanted by a lot in o eight and twelve sinner who redefinition, send a seat in two thousand and ten, but it is a very interesting state where the,
a very large percentage of Trump Base, much more. Then most blue states bite. It has huge hispanic, relation as well and the way in which we have been able to overcome the in a high turnout levels of the corner. Courtroom base is very high levels of Bennett turn out because the swamp that it is an open question as to whether that is going to happen this time in the mid term, both because we ve seen pulling that city perhaps lower turn out our enthusiasm, electrically younger hispanics and sinner Harry reads. Political machine is not the same as it was because in a hurry, red has been retired. For couple years now, right no that's a worry and in the letting her turn out issue as we talked about before that's going to be critical, and not just now. A bit Arizona owner in Texas in Florida, alot of these sunbelt states, and so you know we have to keep an eye on
anyway? This is all to say: the Senate is of a very steep climate has been a stupid, from the beginning, and if you are looking to do some extra work extravagant hearing extra door knocking x or phone banking in these last couple weeks, as you should be bring some more money. If you have friends in those states like look at all of the states, the democratic defending plus Arizona, Nevada, Texas in Tennessee, where we have up a chance to flip and do a lot of work in those states reach out to people in that you know in those states ask of the register to votes we. You know it's gonna, be really tough to take the Senate back, but you know anything can happen in a couple weeks. They can, I say one more thing about this, which is that you know you said the verdict may be democratic. The house Republicans keep the Senate that it'll be a quota cuts but decision that country's divided yeah. I would
Note- and you will remember this- is someone who is working at the White House on the day after the midterm election in two thousand and ten, where Republic insert the House in Democrats kept the Senate. No one judged it as us. Decision. It was seen as eight show lacking for Obama that we got cry we had to change everything. People need to get fired. Everything was mistake. If the decision is One wine bottle of talk. A tie game match in twenty twenty. This. And you hear on the first part, as we do after the election will be spontaneously combustion not fury Irene You know it's funny until you said that I forgive you would forget from the analysis of the twenty two elections that we kept the Senate.
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go to Tom agenda, violently minimal, diverse tartuffism. It has started on working on this problem. Gotta come in time agenda com such crooked now to save twenty percent on their first order. That's Tom agenda come such workin for twenty percent off again Tommy gender come Flash cricket. Another question about something we can do right now. How did Democrats get back on message, or at least how do we respond to this Trump Marcus Trump flooding the zone in these last couple weeks and saying a whole bunch of crazy Shit Obviously we don't want to respond to everything. He says we don't necessarily want to be responding to him and playing on his turf in general, but we also don't have a single party leader that can dominate the airwaves like Trump can. How did Emma
so to get back on on message here. I think we should not worry so much about how the party writ large gets back on message because you're right, we don't have any single voice. There is no person within the party who could go out and dominate The airwaves and sort of send a signal to everyone about. This is what we say: the vintage we have here. Is that in at this point in every single, Edit race Democrats are advertising either digital or on tv. Already whether, on the stump every day, so you actually can control both through paid and earned. What your voters here, so the key is they stay focused on the issues that matter, which is health care taxes, the we need a check on the cap and corruption of trump, and yet we talk level between the exposure and we were bemoaning the Seville and yet we talk vessel, but during the explosion, when we were bemoaning the civility debate- and I
and then I think the similar pivot works for everything trumps, as well as the horsefaced comments or something else. To say: do you know what's uncivil health care away free with Greece, Dixie conditions and using it to pay for a task for billionaires, yeah, Reno Adela, got it like. That is what you got to get right back to the thing that matters is that switch one point. He went to civility debate. He wants us to debate the appropriateness of use the term horse face. He wants us to get wrapped around an axilla Elizabeth Warren, their dna test and everything else? When we know what works with voters, we have the capacity communicated his democratic done, such a great job raising money. So we just have to do that. We have to stick to our needing to use an old person for his while burial region, as you voters hits. There was a good idea. Is a good good sweet for Irma Champion Senate reader Brian shots. Yesterday about this he's, he said
they say, Stormy Daniels, you say Medicaid Medicare, they say, MS thirteen, you say economic fairness, they say mob. You say that the corruption has to stop. They say twenty slash. Twenty you say two thousand and eighteen sums it up pretty well then with a pretty well ranch, that's great messenger greatness. Ok, let's talk about one way. The democratic me back on message. In an interview with Blue, bird news this week, sent a majority leader Mitch. Mcconnell said the entitlement programmes are to blame for the rising deficits, not the republican tax cuts and the changes. Programs like Medicare and medicate in social security would be required to reduce the deficit, though he also said, there's quite little chance major deficit reduction deal Republicans Control Congress follow the White House. He said it would probably need to be percent and comments. Eighteen Treasury Department announcement that the budget deficit increased by seventeen percent and twenty eighteen, driven in large part, by a sharp decline in corporate tax revenues after the Trump tax cuts took effect.
The one point, nine trillion dollar tax cut that wasn't paid for then, were we told by your good friend and mentor, Paul Ryan, that these tax cuts would pay for themselves that a deficit would actually shrink. Wasn't that wasn't that the sales pitch stirring the task at look now id policy walk budget expert guy huge guidance, deepened, makes itself spreadsheets, Paul Ryan. Look at this and said yes, this will be fine. He was wrong like he always is I mean they are they lying? Are they not super bright when it comes to economics? Is it both for many people I made of it depends Paul Ryan. I dont think I think the walk,
level. Sort of the long title has been greatly overstated with him, because the press are suckers by he's, not an idiot. Right, and so he is lying Mitch Mcconnell is most certainly not an idiot, that's one of our problems. He is most certainly line and we have to understand that this whole thing was the plan all along. This is how this is what the Republicans do, which is the a they don't care about the facets, all never believe republican talking about deficits and it I want to emphasise what they mean is they ve got too much government spending too much government helping people to many kids, health care too much money spent cleaning, rivers too many, neurons getting help, that's what they made, and so they had they had this plant. This is the exact same plan they did with George George W Bush took office, which is if the debt, that is coming down, you provide a massive task to people who don't need it and many from don't even want it.
Which then Jack's deficit up which then you turn around and say. We have to solve this deficit crisis by cutting spending, in particular Medicare in such curry, which they hate well and when and why are they just say at the outset, they would like to cut murder air and social security and medicaid- why do they have to go through this whole rigmarole of pretending that they care about deficit? I think you know the answer that rhetorical question, John, because they know it is very politically unpopular and has maybe become more so overtime. Is also funny that all of this concern about deficits in federal spending. You know it just sort of. Melts away when it is when Republicans are in power. There is a great part of the of a New York Times. Peace on this this week that set out
tea party wave of twenty ten was animated by federal spending, but that is definitely subsided. Said TIM Chapman, executive director of heritage action for America either groups like tea Party, Express, have moved on and message incumbents who made the deficit a central issue of their first campaigns, and twenty ten now focus on the strength of the stock market. That's the tea party movement has become cheering on the stock market. Those those tea party ears were just Working class Americans who are hoping to stop the deficit that out of control spending and high taxes for themselves now they're just cheering the stock market. Interesting really interesting. Just average every day populist, Americans swimming in cash from plutocrats. Like the cook brothers, I mean so it's interesting that it does seem like. It was a bit of a gaff from a Mcconnell to talk about this. Yesterday, though,
relations have been hinting now for the last couple months that they were coming that they plan to come after entitlement programmes. Am calling entitled Brigham's healthcare programmes, retirement programs like Medicare, medicated social security. At his debate with better work. Last night TED crews said he would cut spending on. So, eyes, medicine, meaning Medicare, to address the deficit. The chairman of the House Republican Campaign Committee Trump, hop economic adviser, Larry CUB Low, have all said in recent months that after this election and twenty nineteen, they would like to go after Medicare spending, medicate spending and social security. First of all, do you think there's any constituency for entitlement
outside of ah you know Paul Ryan. In his merry band of walks, I mean there are a lot of Coke Brothers Fund did think tanks, which is all of the Republican, think tanks that want this. This is what the Wall Street Journal. An attorney page once it like. The last remaining shreds of quota quote conservative naturalism and I use the quotes for all of the obvious reasons. Care about rest- and I do like Republicans tat- are basically in the Trump era ideological nihilists. They don't care about anything other than the accumulation and maintenance of power, except they do care about cutting taxes for the rich in cutting Medicare, so scary. That is something that they sincerely care about. Now, for this one wing of the parties, the traditional this is Paul Ryan, Mitchell, legal title, legitimate public officials- not republican vote, yes to buy, enlarge
and what is in. It is worth noting that Donald Trump ran saying he wouldn't not cut Medicaid, so Security or Medicare he's already attempted to cut medication if he away and he seems very open to Medicare so security, suggesting that maybe he's completely false shit, tax cuts, are both a ideological belief that they have and a way to maintain power, because it is a way to take cash, give it back to their donors like the CUP brother, Sheldon, Edelson, etc, and then have those donors and spend a portion of their tax got to keep Republicans our, which is- and this is disturbing to say by a completely legal money laundering scheme because of citizens. United. Yeah. I know that Medicare so security they are being on it. They are telling us what their intentions are and we would be foolish. Not you make sure that every vote or no, sir, that's exactly what they are going to do. What did you say? How should Democrats talk about this in message this year? The good news was yes,
when Mcconnell said this, on Bloomberg said this. On Tuesday there were released, press releases that went out in, like you know, every competitive districts in every state in the country from democratic campaigns just blasting Mcconnell over this, I do think there even though the news on Tuesday was a complete mess, full of crazy trump shit the states on the ground Democrats drove this Republicans are coming after Medicare medicated such security message pretty hard in
This week's episode of Dan Pfeiffers, imaginary, but incredibly well funded super back. What I would be doing, if I had billions of dollars at my disposal, would be targeting trump voters. Core trump voters with Facebook. Add sang rational Republicans want to cut Medicare yeah, because what you really like, they do not agree with that. They are sceptical of people like Mitch, Mcconnell and Paul and and if you why they need to know this- and that may for some of those voters are available to Democrats if they were Obama, Trump voters, if they were sort of reluctant Trump voters like that, there's a delta between trumps win number two thousand sixteen in his Approval writing so that, depending on pulsars, four to six to eight percent of voters who voted for tromp but currently do not approve of him. So those voters are theoretically people who Democrats could went over or could stay home, and so there is a certain people.
We need to know this, and it is. This is a shot to the main engine of Trump space and we can't It will not be covered on Fox. It will not be on bright part. It will not actually probably be on most newscast. I don't what percentage of trumpeters listen to our public ass though they may not get it from us, maybe so you're gonna have to show them. We have to give them information where they get their news, which is unfortunately for democracy. Facebook hey, liberal billionaires, listen up from this fund! These Vicksburg adds. No, I mean here's the thing on us I can already hear some people than nothing matters crowd say. Oh Trump, voters care, you know they're just kind of overtime. Pay me we're not talking about what you said. This is not the the mega base. These are the people too show up at the rallies like. We were fully aware that that this is not going to change their mind but, like you said, it's, the Obama from voters. Also, by the way that the non voters people who don't vote a lot and me
be looking around at all this and think I don't know if I'm even gonna voted there's enough at stake in this election and ever problems when both as of Congress, the formal characters gone right. Let's just put that mean that we want, even after Yes about that, like we do about Medicare Social Security and Medicaid, of course, the affordable CARE Act include Medicaid, but the affordable care act is gone. If republicans take the house and keep the House- the Senate. We don't have John Mccain's vote anymore remaining else. It's over. That's twenty million people without health insurance, that's no protections for pre existing conditions. Everyone needs to know that Now, if they are emboldened by winning both has his. It is very likely because they keep telling us they want to do it, that they will try their hardest to cut Medicare, to cut Medicaid in to cut social security. So that's a message for Obama, Trump voters for people who voted for Obama, two thousand and twelve in the didn't vote many. Sixteen for people who just haven't voted along time, you
health care, is on the line. It's why the number one issue Democrats are talking about his health care. It's why? When you look at poles the number one issue that people say they are concerned about his healthcare is a very big issue and democratic candidates are doing everything they can to drive at home. In the last couple weeks and we won else connected to the party- should be doing the same. There is one other group of others that I think I would be targeting with my imaginary adds, which are. There are voters who did not vote and twenty twelve who voted for Trump and she doesn't sixteen and those are voters who are most likely in everybody's effort, but most likely sceptical of the Republican Party, but very pro protracted any drop? Often, that number is what hurts republic, hands and so for Democrats, where this huge election in two thousand and eight, and we had to problems in two thousand and ten which cause Republicans to have this split decision. If you will have taken a house and not taken the Senate, where both independence, whose
a bomb, a vote. If Republicans in congress- and you see evidence of that is happening in greece- a lotta states in districts for Democrats, then you also had people who came out for a bomber who had not traditionally come out for Democrats and felt more affinity to evolve into the party did not turn out twenty ten, and so that there is a group of people like Alan Republican Side, who are also will help, decide this election and instead should be open to having concerns raised about Republicans, cutting Medicare, yeah yeah. That's the point let's talk about a set of campaigns that haven't gotten quite enough attention and that's the governors. Races, Democrats have a number of opportunities to flip seats currently held by republican governors. We could flip governor ships in the all states. This is more than an until I start doing research for this US man. I don't even know we had this many opportunities. Oh hi,
oh Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, main Florida, New Mexico, Georgia, maybe even Kansas or Oklahoma, or even South Dakota Dan. Why do you think Democrats don't pay enough attention to these races, including us? I mean I feels when we talked about this segment the other day and ass, I felt terribly guilty. Kids, like oftentimes morale talking to people, we yell about governance, races, and it's like we should focus on governs races, redistricting. All of that, and then we sit down into the park asked and we focus on the house in the Senate and that that is a dereliction of duty on our partners with recent squaws I smell than that. But it's it's really. It's two things I think one just and I say this as someone who was actually work- the Democratic Governance Association a hundred years ago now, carers like there
there is visionary of. Do you have to an anti members, the house to a fifty one senators like crossing some threshold is a gigantic transformational difference and how power is allocated washing and, having you know, twenty six governors or eighteen governance or thirty five governors has no global effect. It has a huge effect on people in that state, but it sort of like, if you are in california- and you are not someone who is focused on redistricting- Why should you care about who the governor of Ohio is working? To tell you the answer that question, but just generally, it's not intuitively obvious to people for the same reason that if you are in California, you care passionately whether Heidi Hiking a race or better work wins that race, because you have a stake in the Democrats. Taking the centre, the democratic and you, don't really have any that you don't feel like you have an intuitive stake in whether Democrats have more governor ships are not right, but you do have a huge.
People. Why was a? Why would run it? Winning these raises bizarre born what what a Democrats get out and got a went, winning a bunch of governors races, I don't? U can divide it along three lines line. Wine is redistricting; these are the governorship that will be in place that will draw the lines in the house races after the twenty twenty census, losing all the governorship in two thousand and ten has crushed us for a decade and so is incredibly important that we have democratic errors, will ensure that there is not ridiculous. Part. His end meddling in the elections- so that's one too, is it- is incredibly important to have governor ships when it comes to the presidential election. Now you- and I know this from being on the two thousand two thousand. Of campaign in two thousand eight. We had a pre decent number democratic governors and we had significant early voting in Ohio, Iowa states like that bite
thousand and twelve Republicans and taken their seats in dramatically cut back on access to the poles for all voters, but with a particular target against democratic voters. Voters of color, and so if we were able to get the higher governorship, was constant. Governorship Thee, Iowa, governorship, Thou Florida, all of them that will have a dramatic differences. You won't least Libya, but a level playing field since and fight back against republican voter suppression efforts. You think about the difference between two thousand and eight and two thousand. Sixteen was caught in a state that Obama one by double digits, and then Hillary Clinton lost a huge factor in that. Among many other factors is the tremendous level
or suppression, including very onerous voter ideal, or that Scott Walker put in place, and so a democratic government would have the potential to undo that before the twenty twenty election year. Imagine not having to worry about these purges and as voted. This wording, suppression that were hearing about and all these states that have a huge effect, an unjust that a democratic governor has the power to him and a democratic secretary of state by the way, which is why secretary of state raises stay wider important. Even though people don't talk about a lot are incredibly important because they then have the power to make sure that doesn't happen, and I think look the third big reason why Democrats, when it governorship so important, is because it is this The reason is probably most real to ordinary people is the chance for Democrats to pass progressive policy in states with a democratic governor and a democratic legislate.
In some cases, democratic governor- and you know a republican legislature that they can work with, but usually it's unified government, and I mean when we have been talking about the twenty eighteen election. We talk about Congress We are even in the best case scenario when, if Democrats, when the House and Democrats, one Senate, we still wouldn't able to pass anything. We would just be able to stop all of trumps bad ship, which is huge by Philippe stopping the Trump agenda. But it's and we re satisfying to a lot of people who say: ok, what are Democrats actually gonna pass. That's gonna changed my life, but one can be able to do that until twenty twenty, but we went governor ships and wheat and Democrats take control of certain state governments. You can actually see real progressive policy coming out of it. We have a couple of examples in Jersey, where full Murphy, democratical Murphy, one the governorship there in Washington state. We have unified government, some of the policies that have come out of these states in the last couple years
Dean dollar minimum wage, automatic voter registration, medicate expansion, gun control laws like banning bump stocks and background checks. Equal pay laws is unequal, pay line, New Jersey, millionaire tax hikes to fund education and health care grams. These are policies that affect the lives of millions and millions of people. If democratic governance and democratic legislatures can pass them in these states, and we saw this in Virginia too. In the house. Delegate's was decided by literally pick a vote out of a hat and because there is somebody I'm a crack in the legislature and because Ralph Northern one he was able to force the republic and the legislature to accept a medicate expansion in that many hundreds of thousands of people in Virginia have health insurance for the first time this it really matters. Imagine that winning an election and then being able to help people to do something right with not just block bad shit. I would also like to thank you for finishing my list of three, which I stopped it too, which is something
having to me as I'm getting older? Is it's always my habit because mood for Iraq Obama, who was very linear sort of three things about this? Let me make two points about this, so I would always be like, Mr President, three things and then oftentimes. I would only have two things and I have two spends midway through the second thing, trying to call for the third time I knew my three things by I just I just decided to well. I'm always. I always get most excited about the last one to just because I think alike, the people who a lot of voters who don't pay super close attention to politics in this country. What they see in politics is, you know Trump actin, like an asshole but also a lot of yelling and screaming in Washington, and I not like getting done and I think, as progressive, as is as the party believes that government has a role to play in making a difference in people's lives. We have to eventually pass policy that makes a difference in people's lives.
Lives and let them know and connect the dots for people and say the reason you have health care. The reason there is a higher minimum wage right now. The reason your automatically registered to vote is because you elected democrats- and they may that happen, it's going to be very hard to do that in Congress between now and two thousand and twenty, but it's not going to be hard in the states if we flip his governorship, so it could. Up, I think, being the most hopeful store We work really hard. It couldn't have the most hopeful story of election day, just how many governorship Sudan and look they're, not all easy. All the ones I listed are certainly not cakewalk, but you know. Illinois seems like it's. It's a good bad in Democrats are doing well in Michigan, Gretchen Whittemore is doing great their Andrew Gilman Florida
The aims in Georgia were hoping for. Tony Everson was Consarn Richard CORD Rain Ohio. There are really strong candidates in a lot of these races and again, as you thinkin about what to do in these last couple weeks. Think about giving time and money to some of these governors race. Can I throw one more plugin. Justice were thinking about the ideas, please directions. Giving people healthcare is that our friends at the fairness project have worked with people on the ground and states the Brown and have been able out on the ballot in Nebraska Utah I too, how, in Montana, for deeply red States initiative to expand Medicaid. So if those pass, then tens of thousands of people state will have access to healthcare, and so there, you sometimes forget when we sort of think about elections is moving pieces around chessboard, while Nancy Policy have the gavel
so and so be the chairs of Ex committee. But elections are ultimately about putting in place policies that help people and both in his governs races and then imbalances on cross country. Would you can read about the votes of Mercosur com, but for that are very interesting to me. Are these four initiatives and for states to expand medicatrix just so simple? It is like one of the best investments in time and money you'll make which is coming contribution. I can make phone calls. I could not doors and my neighbors swore who don't have healthcare will get it. Is that simple Both are right when we come back we'll have our interview with Georgia, congressional candidate Lucy Macbeth Party, America's brought by blue apron belabour, delivers firm, fresh ingredients and step by step recipes to your door, stir fried sweetly chicken seared stakes in homemade stakes, us those adjust to two of this month featured meals from blueprint. You know it's funny, quiet, homemade stakes us is actually like begs. The question and ill
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two world central kitchen. That's what was your laughed races organization he's been helping feed people have been devastated by Hurricane Florence. Look to your left I'm guessing. This is true that someone wanted to pay John, no watching his old to somebody wanted me to pay them well. That makes a little more sense. Fastest way to get paid and people back just download the catch up. Today, you won't regret it. We promise ok so as part of our attempt to talk to a mid term candidates and unexpected places have got unique stories. We're talking to a mother who decided to run for office for the first time and relate fifty's more than six hundred black women are running, for federal state and local seats. Thirty seven of them in Georgia alone. I'm your neighbor here in Georgia, sixth congressional district, A Democrat, Lucy Macbeth brings a personal story, unlike any other, and I
This decided that no one was going to tell my story and I wasn't going to silent, losing me back Is the democratic congressional nominee for Georgia's sixth district she's running against Publican incumbent Karen handle as a kid Lucy's. Parents had been involved in social justice movements. I try of speeches all over Illinois you know, we were in the marches in the rallies. Her dad was the when we branch president of the INDIGO Lacy PETE? I remember one. Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated. I remember the national guardsmen that were called to stand and protect our home, be cause. You know, of course we do know what other civil rights leading leaders we're gonna be targeted, Lucy studied political science in college and after a few jobs became a flight attendant for delta move to marry at a Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. I say that my neighborhood is one of those old fashioned neighborhoods where you know all the people that I live long? We know their names
we know the names of their children, they all have dogs and when it snowed outside in the winter and everything shuts down. We all come out and will bring our hot chocolate and I think it and you know pull the children around the wagons. So that's the the old fashioned neighbourhood. That's where I live in. Jordan are really light living and Marietta Jordan's, the name of Lucy son. Jordan was very easy to raise. He was very happy child He really was a leader among his friends. He had a lot of friends that were even older than him, and Jordan was always telling everybody what to do. But he was in there. He was a natural born leader, just a great sense of humour. His idea was that you know he wanted the other children in the neighborhood to have the same kinds of experiences that he had though he encouraged me mom. You gotta by this issue, be because you ve gotta be a bit
the boys along with us, we go rowers skating, we go swimming, we go to the beach. We do all the kinds of things at some, the kids that I live among you know their parents aren't taken them and let them be involved. The involvement of experiences, so Jordan had very much that kind of heart that was compassionate Lucy saw a lot of her own dad in Jordan. We would have discussions about who he was going to be, and I always say Jordan, I see was an activist. I see you somebody in the community, I see you, someone standing up for cars. Six years ago Lucy was out of town spending, the holidays with family in Chicago. When she got a call from Jordan's Dat. He told me that Jordan had been shot, that Jordan was a chance. Hospital lie needed to get on the plane, the first plane and come down there, but I he said
He told me that Jordan was murdered. At that moment, the seventeen year Old was shot to death, as he was sitting in an suv with friends last Friday night, but we say Michael done, told the teams to turn down the music and that there was an argument, but we say done fired into that you re telling Jordan. I Remember I just remember screaming crumbling on the floor. Everything went black and I just start. Score Ree. I remember hearing whale. Come out of me, something so ugly that I didn't really think it was coming from me, but the fact that everything I tried to protect Jordan from every fear thy had one day. He would, you know, be hit by a car or being an accident or get enough fighter all those things everything came to.
I made that one very moment lino sometimes sometimes even to this day to keep thinking. But how did I get here? Sometimes I keep saying this isn't really real. That's every parents!
nightmare Jordan was shot and killed a gas station by a man of forty five year old software developer, who thought Jordan was playing, is music to love and this tragedy the loss of her son. Let a fire and Lucy sell. It just began to dawn on me that everything that my father and my mother worked for all those experiences had, probably without my knowing prepared me for what I believe God was calling me to do now and that's the reason why I started speaking out about the gun culture talking very candidly. You know about why these tragedies were happening. So I stand before you today. Why war our legislators not talking about these tragedies? Why were they not working to protect the people they put them in office? Why was the clergy silent? We will? Why worry and we will civic leaders
since we are not going away since Jordan's death Lucy has become an outspoken advocate for gun control legislation in order to change the culture. People need to hear me because I'm not a number, I'm not a statistic, but I'm a ill human being, that can tell you earn asleep and honestly what this devastating culture looks and feels like Lucy became such a big part of a gun, violence, prevention effort. The President Obama actually invited her back to do see and twenty sixteen. When he said series of executive actions aim to reduce gun violence. This, for me, was one of those culminating days when I recognize everything my mother, my father, had worked for was coming to fruition with the first black or first minority president of the United States, and that the work that I was doing, I remember just standing on the stage to saying: oh, my gosh accomplice
I'm here, but you know this is this. Is me carrying on the mantle of my father and my mother, all the work? They didn't the civil rights movement to make sure that people had equality in access to everything that you know. Democracy is supposed to afford in this nation that I now get to carry on their mantle, and I kept thinking how proud they would be of me. How proud Jordan would be of me standing there in support of President Obama as he rolled out his executive borders, and that I it's a spot, very blast, but it just really filled in me that I had a lot of work to do. There was a lot more work to do and now she's doing that work and a big reason. Lucy
Pew into voters is a personal connection to these issues, while the issues that define my re smells most definitely gun violence prevention, making sure that no one has to be in fear of being cut down in their own communities. Health care. I met you ten breast cancer survivor, so I am very concerned about the nature of healthcare for the people that I live among, most specifically women, because I know that my incumbent has tried to define plan parenthood when she worked for the Susan She Common foundation. So that's extremely I'm just really have a bone to pick with that, because what I say is that she has such wonderful benefits yourself. Why would she
not want the people that she is to represent to be healthy and whole and have good quality, health care and options. A lot of the first I'm carries. We talk to a really making it easy for voters to connect them. I think that sometimes people have felt like they didn't have a voice or people have thought disengaged for whatever their reasons. They believe that maybe the politics didn't speak to them.
But they're gonna, as I said, I believe, the candidates now that are running were telling our stories we ve been engaged in our communities. We ve been, you knows: local, civic leaders or business owners or people that have been actively engaged in our communities. Such that weakens really speak to the needs of the people that we live among every single day. People are anxious, their frayed their concern about their futures. I think that the people that are standing up now are willing to fight on behalf of their communities were not career. Politicians. Most of us have been trying to figure out for all of our lives. How to power to be in. You know in office, but we ve decided to stand up and fight for a community that was losing bath, the democratic nominee for Georgia's sixth congressional district. There are a lot of candidates out there with inspiring stories running the cycle. We're gonna do our best
keep sharing them between now and election day and a lot of these candidates of already shared videos with us that you can check out at votes. Save America die, come are things to Lucy Macbeth, for chat with us and and thank you all and we will will see on Friday and asked tart everyone next week. Yeah.
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