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President Trump announces the death of the Islamic State’s leader in the most Trump way possible. A federal judge gives a boost to the House’s impeachment inquiry. And Jon L. and Dan examine what Joe Biden’s apparent shift on Super PACs says about his campaign. Then, What a Day co-hosts Akilah Hughes and Gideon Resnick join Jon to talk about Rep. Katie Hill’s resignation from Congress.

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I welcome the POD save America on drama that day in favour. And Tommy are on assignment Sudan, and I are back for philosopher episode like when men and sheer a team up strategy shut up, it's so much more modern reference. I'm Shearer we lot to cover today. The death of ices is leader and trams, deeply mature response so that successful operation there have been developments in the impeachment inquiry from the release of rendering materials to the emergence of a new whistleblower, Rudy Giuliani, but I can't, in joining twenty news, will look at Joe Biden Fund raising chow does his reversal on super backs and what we,
and from bite. His interview on sixty minutes plus will look at Katy Hills decision to resign from Congress with Acute Hughes and Gideon Resnick the host of Crickets brand new daily podcast. What so damn what's up with the news that broke over the weekend on Saturday at nine hundred and twenty three p dot M Eastern Donald Trump, the person occupying the job of president tweeted, something very big has just happened. Why, then, on Sunday President drop announced Abubakar bug daddy? The leader of ices died over the weekend during an American led operation in Syria. Trump called bug daddy a sick and depraved man and said that the United States brought the number one terrorist leader to justice. According to the White House, bug daddy was chased by special forces into a tunnel, ultimately detonated, a suicide vest that killed himself and three children. The president also noted that the american forces entered the area through airspace controlled by Russia and did so with permission of the russian government needs important. A separate two parts of this one is the significance of the operation itself
means for the larger fight to defeat ISIS and the other is the politics of trumps conduct around the raid. You know Dan, I'm sure parts of the world will talk a lot more about this, with GEO political significance of this death, but as you rightly say why this operation is important. I mean- I don't say this out about things Trump says, but he is corrected daddy is the world's number one terrorist. He is both the operational spiritual leader of ISIS, his death, as as you mentioned that in Tommy we'll talk, were in much greater and smart detail, but his death is he you'd put ISIS both in terms of their ability to conduct opera patients, but also as a spur leader, as someone who claim to be from this, town as as the prophet Mohammed The ability of ices to wreak recruit. Followers around the world is more.
Are they diminished by their? So it is a victory in the work and sizes and someone who has been at the top of the U S list, since we were in the White House and twenty fourteen secures the context for this. Raid is trumps decision to withdraw its troops from northern Syria. The massive turkey, the ties reported, the file following it, was pretty stunning four months, intelligence officials had kept Mr Trump apprised of what he had set as a top priority. The hunt for Mr Alber Daddy, the world's most wanted terrorist, but Mister abrupt withdraw order. Three weeks ago, disrupted the meticulous planning underway and force Pentagon officials to speed up the plan for the risky nitrate before their ability to control troops, spies and reconnaissance aircraft disappeared with the pull out the official said Miss alma daddy's death in the raid on Saturday, they said, occurred, largely inspire of, and not because of MR trumps actions. That was a pretty extraordinary story in the times, and it was, I think, so close to when the raid took place. Extraordinary to see the CFO.
Those from within the national security apparatus, be so explicit, How much should trumps larger fur? policy choices, erratic decision making impact how this event is interpreted. I think it should. Be play. A central role in a minute is. Like if we, wherever in the world of the twenty fifth amendment, proceeding that power if you just read, will be exhibit one. I mean here is one who has said privately Luckily, the getting Alba daddy is one of his top priorities He knows that the military is closing down on got body that, according to the times, are been too preview its missions that had been called back fur, for various reasons, yet while he knows those things- and he knows he wants to buy gotta, he Caprice firstly in fairly crazily pulls out of Syria, Pudding B military in this position, where either they're gonna lose all back daddy's top Trump dictated priority
or be forced to go. Do it with greater rest, his troops. It is an absolutely insane decision and I dont think you can look at this. Without in that context, the fact that he almost screwed the whole thing up by being the terrible president that we know him to be and that peoples lives were at risk because with either because we wouldn't have gotten a bug, daddy and ISIS would assist strong or for the four brave troops who went into go do this. They did it under a less than ideal circumstances, because the way in which try made his decisions. You have anything, let you know after the Bin Laden raid conservatives were love to credit President Obama for the decision making and wanted to put the credit into the and of those that actually carried it out. In the end, the leadership in the military, no one, was more invested in that denial. Of respect than Trump for Obama. And yet here now we have an example where it does seem as though Donald Trump decision making
According to the people involved in the decision making made this raid less likely to succeed harder to pull out, it seems that we have had a number of moments in which Donald Trump serve capricious a rapid decision making has been coming Democrat, say and your non partisan national security experts say is dangerous for security, but this does seem to be a specific, practical, real world. Example. Do you think it's something that will lingered you think this is the kind of thing where this. What does go down the memory hall of of bent in which I think a lot of people Geneva. Oh who I'll buy daddy was now. He is dead. Trumpets declaring victory. Democrats are critical army. What what what actual political impact as an event like this, Well, I always bet on the memory whole than Trump era, that we know the meanest. And when it was announced here, sturdy morning, and by Monday morning we were engaged in a national debate about the civility of building, which, I am sure will discuss it. It's very quick. It is like I sort
hate this competition having online, where Trump once this to be his clinical open laud moment, and then Democrats, one is explain, want to fight about which too, is killing was more significant in writing the adjusted to serve a dumb gross competition but is there is what difference in the pool we'll call in the national consciousness about who Bin Laden was right, like after White House, a night that happened peoples continuously converged on the White House and started Channing, USA, USA, so loudly that we can hear it from our offices, one inhabitants into is different in that sense, because you are correct, my assumption is: most people have no idea who I got he has now. If you tell them trump was responsible in some way, shape or form for a mission that led to the killing of the leader vices, I imagine that would make people who live in great concern about ISIS. Even if that concerns
some somewhat irrational field, about it, but they are. They are two separate. Things are two different things. I think the politics of this is very limited its mitigated by what you read from the near times for sure Even been widened, Obama's pole numbers went up eleven points. Samples right after been law, was killed. There is this but Obama had just one reelection. It was over, and most of that pulling Bob was guy. Within two weeks of the event, and so the idea that this can somehow change the trajectory of trumps. Politics, I think, is a pretty naive and I also do think there's this pattern with Trump. Moments where he is meant to try to avoid the gravity of the presidency and fails to do it that you know something big happens. He thinks here There's this moment where I'm gonna get respect, then of course he mishandled. It's completely due to eat, tourism in narcissism tweets, something big happened,
he just found out. He got cast in a musical and he's excited to tell people the next day than he it is up to the podium and- and we have one clip of where Trump is explicitly, comparing our bugged, they to Bin laden harm? Sir. A Bin Laden was a big thing, but this The biggest there is this is the worst ever Osama Bin alone was very big, but Osama Bin Laden became big with the World trade center. This is a man who built a whole as like to call it a country caliphate and was try to do it again. So you know Dan at home Dwell too much on this, because it is this that x, there are some in getting deeply ugly about Trump talking about terrorist masterminds like there
like lounge singers, in Vegas having a moment but it'll, do do the aesthetic just trumps inability to rejects the gravity seriousness of the presidency, his inability to carry that mental at all. Is it important or is it just sort of an obsession of kind of DC and other political pundits? You watch this constantly like us. I think trumps lack of presidential bearing and is just ability to trip over his own two feet whenever it on the national age, is some sort of baked into the cake in american policy going any one was surprised to see tromp panel at this way in a way that sort of Gross use car salesman, a sort of thirsting for like person all affirmation out of it, like anything that bother to what I, where I do think this matters is side of the: U S where There are moments like this, where this is not just trumpet.
During headed interview where, during one of the absurd rallies, this is a moment where the world is watching right and it's not just our allies around the world. But it's also. People in Syria, people in Turkey, the people who been victims of ISIS and trot the way Trump talked about. It was away which I am sure no terrorist terrorism expert, would ever reckoning President talk, because you know that ISIS will useless to try to recruit more followers and when you out there- and you talk about it like this in you Jesse so desperate in how you talk about it anymore, about the whimpering and all of that it, I think it will become has potentially become part of a larger propaganda effort. Turn off the world like when Obama gave his stay. And after the death of Bin Laden, he spent a lot of time, thinking about how will be viewed by the people within Pakistan Bright, knowing
U S, forces went into Pakistan to Cuban Lud. How would people air sea his remarks. How can you do to mitigate whenever fall out? There would be from that in trouble no concern about that, he was really only speaking in the mirror right. He wasn't thinking about how the world would see it It's also in a one other difference to between the way present Obama, all the death of Bin Laden? How Trump handled the rate to take out beg? Daddy is the notification of Congress, and this is something that I do think is important. Trump did not notify key members of Congress in advance, so The two thousand eleven Bin Laden raid, the White House, notifies the top Democratic Republic in about the house in the Senate, as well as the by partisan leaders of the intelligence committees that He called a gang of eight traditionally understood to be group of people that can be trusted with the most sensitive of information. It is a nod to, I think it important reflection of congressional responsibility, congressional authority and checks and balances trump forego that completely he notified to Republicans. He noted
Richard Bird who is the chair of the intelligence, committing the Senate and of course he told Linsey. Graham could Linsey Gram sucks, upped him and the golf course dandy thing as an important breakdown. You think I think it's troubling about how Dodge, in this moment, but in future interactions between Congress in the president ended leg. It is probably not surprising that, who is so grievance. Granted, would not find it with himself to put aside his personal grievance too notify the speaker of the house of appending operation order communicate with Adam Show, right, like that is the person with whom he would. He would have community in the house. Were he to do so and even like, most of the time these sort of petty so his justs annoying and distracting, but there
can be a time when there, when the President and Congress are going to have to work together to solve a very real problem or to avert affair. A real crisis and the they sort of such from Trop ARM, incredibly productive and adult? Don't speak well of which it, I guess is not surprising that Trump would be to wrapped up in his own head to do the right thing by it makes a warning sign for sure yeah. I mean it
so you know, look we're at a moment where we're grappling with whether or not congresses, seated too much authority to the administration and whether or not Congress has the ability to uphold its responsibilities to check the administration and one of the ways in which we have seen so much authority to the presidency in this is long. Long. Proceeds Trump is in secrecy that that that secrecy is often a tool that the presidency has to keep information from Congress to keep but keep accountability from the public and one of the ways we guard against. That is a custom. And laws that require the president to inform members of Congress Congressional Committees Congress Writ large, because we understand that there are dangers Societe with the president's ability to do things in secret? No, we don't
That doesn't matter went to tromp it's not his concern is not thinking about the prerogatives of the president is thinking about his ego, but I do think, as we look beyond tromp or at least think about what we would do to restrain the presidency, regardless of who holds the office. I do think thinking about how we make sure that Congress can protect its per hour that is really important and were operating in this situation on the authority by which present has been conducting these operations in Syria, both dating back to prison Obama has There is the two thousand and one authorization abuse, and also for something that is eighteen years old now for a country that is not Syria and ultimately, whether we republican our Democrat, the hope, would be a democratic Congress in it and even in my purse in fashion, would repeal that authorization and military force if necessary, pass another one that would be more narrowly tailored and speak to whatever challenges we have in them
men and not just essentially eighteen year old, like check right, especially cons during that our bug, daddy, was the leader of an organisation that did not exist for more ten years after the passage of that authorization for the use of force. Let's move onto impeachment last week was perhaps where the biggest weeks to date in the impeachment Donald Trump up to that point, the troubled ministration have insisted that the perfect call between Trump and the President of Ukraine did not reflect any kind of quid pro quo. But last week you s special envoy to Ukraine. Bill Taylor provided the first testimony that direct line between trumps insistence that Ukraine's president publicly announced investigation into the violence and the release of aid? Now into the Wall Street Journal. We learn that former. U S ambassador to the EU. Gordon someone is confirming tailors account of the quid pro quo telling house members that he believed that Ukraine agree to open investigations into bereavement group because it was condition at the White House set for meeting between Trump Answer Linsky, it seems like tailors testing money for someone to admit when he had previously
denied and what Taylor which clearly interested in Greece. Think someone to admit in their text, conversations which is He had knowledge of trumps decision to withhold eight Ukraine and the reasons why, at the very least, this removes serve a fragile pillar of the Trump defence that was floated last week. I guess he carefully followed a pillar who get a ship Taylor events. You can voted events that tailors information was second hand right at first, you saw it even centres like John through and say this is very bad news for us and then the kind of whatever the intellectual come in. To try to smooth over the ice in one of the defences was well. How would Taylor it was only second had its hearsay. This is in proof of anything and now Hymns, Ike's online is being forced to confirm what Taylor said: we obviously know it's true, based on the conversations we read the text messages between Sunland, and Tailor condemned. It feels sort of absurd to ask
but this how bad? How bad is this fort, I mean at this point we are now there is. There are so few defences, actually substantive defences left against Acquit broke Oh now that we're learning saw, let is confirming what Taylor set your mind. It is the conduct, indefensible husband, it has been amusing. I guess would be the right word to watch Republicans lay out basically draw lion, say Trump did not cross the line, and then new information comes out and they have drawn up a light and back and forth you get to the point where We went from tromp saying the whistle blower misconstrued the call to putting the cart rescript, which proved it to it, was for a programme to it is a quid pro quo to us here say to it now. It is first and evidence of a quid pro quo and were eventually gonna get to the point. Where The only answer is depressing and do whatever the hell he wants and
The thing I thought was interesting so soon made those comments, and then he immediately backed off the next day. I want all I've read the whole thing and it's very theirs. If you say this, who said that, like maybe it's hearsay and then something comes out in cuts through after underneath them and I saw today in an article about Hoboken ceiling very uncomfortable in this position. The trumpets put the men I like to point out that from it they helped put Trump in opposition by enabling his every action and defending em at the time by the new, the new sort of wine for Republicans is weak. Common on this because we're gonna be yours, and the trial which is these are the new version of natural conall say he doesn't reed trumps, tweets or Paul Ryan say he doesn't read the news So I think that, like they can't keep doing this because they don't know and often trumpet- owing to the Amber wine to himself
four line to someone so we're gonna get to the point where there is their fallback decision. There. Fallback position is going to be what prompted, was bad or wrong or not perfect, but were too close the election to remove the president, which is a position that is probably sis Annabelle with some portion of the public right and then the you add, on top of that Lindsey Grams effort to kind of attack the investigation itself. You see others, like you Hewett floating that impeachment that if there is an impeachment trial, it should focus not just on Ukraine, but everything from the IRAN deal to the Mahler Investigation to the steel dossier. Trump also has been launching into of attacks against never Trumpery. That Trump is the victim of a vague cabal of radical mom, It never trumpeters. Ah, I dont know through that arguments, for that seems like it's just for him.
Just for him and national review to bigger about. I suppose I don't I don't really understand it all The hue Hewett is America's most unreadable human eyes. Go out of my way do not know what he has to say, because I find it to be so stupid, but he causes such outrage that you can't afford it. It is lay he just you cannot lie. He was an unfortunate barnacle of american public discussion that you cannot get rid of. I I do think he is one of the more sophisticated intellectual. Then bones on the Trump side. I mean he. He is really out there. He is an artist when it comes to during out how to give some guidance to ostensibly or You know to some serious Republicans offer how to talk about this. And you know he's he's trying as best You gotta, given that you're the one who's gonna, make only issues. I can also actually see, as we get closer to the election, the Republicans in the Senate, taking the
you're defence which, by the way, has also been used by people like Amy closure to avoid calling for impeachment earlier in the process. While the same time, I was thinking about the the Bush defence against, a swift boating. So when the swift boat ads or aligning John Carry on television bushes, avoiding talk, about it for a long time. Finally, he Greece to comment on this malicious smears against John K, in what he says is. I think all these out should go I don't want to see attack, adds unfairly attacking carry varieties of outside groups, and I want to see those kinds of attacks against me. We should all swear off all of these attacks and was a way to avoid actually acknowledging that there were something unfair happening to his opponent. While sensibly denouncing a larger trend. I can see some of these guys going out there and sang. I think what prompted was inappropriate. Obviously I'm reserving
man because I'm a member of the Senate and we may have to face a trial, but at the same time I think anyone soliciting any kind of foreign interference, whether its from Ukraine, or whether its Hillary Clinton and the Democrats with the steel dossier, we're all Americans Dan. We ve all got to do our part to make sure that we have free fair elections, I'm just under a year what we do predict anymore I just if I were, if I were a cynical tax cut. Loving regulation, hating republican member, the Senate with eyes on the presidency, which is one hundred percent of them. That is, I think, what I would be a angling toward I think the other very soon response for giving here is exactly what you but then also look what trumpeted was wrong, but I really worry about the precedent of proceeding with impeachment right what happens to the next prison republican or democratic again do this every four years we have to protect american institutions by allowing
this particular president to commit crimes while in the white House- and so there will be this sort of bee so the proximity election. There will be this argument that it is, add for democracy to hold a president accountable for obvious and multiple crimes in office. And that is the sort of talking for. Think will have some success in pundit world, but by So we cannot survive fourteen seconds of intellectual scrutiny it there is a parallel between that conversation, and I dont want to dwell on it too much. But this civility conversation It's been unfolding in the wake of a truly horrifying events which took place. At the World Series, which is people booing Donald Trump, we do have some audio cause. Why the fuck
are you know resembling, but the soap I have never experienced them personally, but I am aware of the cancer well you ve. Never, ah you never Meda unfair. And it saints reference in New Orleans Dope, but but so also there were chance of lock him up, and this guy I think a lot of the pundits upset at Americans shouting lock him up at Donald Trump. They say it was wrong to shout lock her up at Hillary Clinton it wrong to shout lock him up at Donald from an orange while too much on the blue Gacy FUCK,
second to compete for title with, but Gacy that's good too, but Gaza FUCK, yet bagasse man anyway. I guess it just so. Obviously the president out and if you have a problem with dwindling drop. Your promise me that's easy, but but but on the matter of lock him up, I did, as a easy. You know by partisan pundit rebuke, which says it was wrong to say lock her up when it was Hillary Clinton and it's wrong to say lock him up Donald Trump. Do you? Do you agree that it's wrong that that those two things are equivalent in like this whole conversation is XIX said, and I guess we're guilty of because we're here, why not it's a lot of fun? Let's go funded Monday it it speak. The gravitational pull of the political conversation
It's the least relevant thing. The point isn't who chanted lock him up at tromp at a baseball is it the president? Is mitted multiple crimes and at the same time that he ran around accusing of his political opponents, of committing crimes like let's have some fucking address any for context in nuance. In this, position from the Pandit, and this is so that's point. One is just stupid and like some of the arguments of wrapped around the point to a sum of arrogance, or on this I think embarrassing on the world stage to see people Channing lock him up at our president Oh yeah, you, it's really embarrassing down from his prey. I actually gets a bigger Maria. I dont actually grew that I think is actually really important that people are world understand that this that there is a risk that there's aim
a huge number of Americans. They find Donald Trump to be as repellent as everyone else does. There is a connection to, I think, a serious, serious point about this, which, between the the kind of discomfort with using the powers of impeachment the discomfort with investigations and with the discomfort of protest of what they know, what they see as a kind of a lack of manners in that programme it is a big part of America's traditions. Not being polite, not being not going along to get along is a big part of how we protect our institutions that that people booing Donald Trump and shouting and Donald Trump. At a baseball game are showing respect for the presidency and that if it comes YO we talk about this. In terms of you know, the enforcement of congressional subpoenas theirs is baked in understanding that of Congress were to use its inherent power. Or and send out a you know this
origin of arms and deputy to go grab Giuliani and force him to testify or go get whoever else's the tarmac with a one way ticket out of the country. What have you that that that that we can understand that that would be bad for Democrats. It would look bad because it looks uncivil, but civility is just a means by which the people in that box defend themselves and protect themselves. From the very fair accusations of criminality that were currently in an impeachment about it is the the fact that pundits, a certain class upon in Washington and in ashes pundits like there are like my home state sent. Chris Coon's today was very upset about this, and I just The people within the washing establishes spend more time trying to understand the anger of the people around this country. The righteous anger around what is happening with this.
In the White House and less time telling him to keep their anger to themselves. Last less serious point on this as it were, is fascinating. The trump went to the world Series to begin with, and it speaks to the difference between who trump airs and whose from seizing the mere every morning, because Every politician knows that you're at great risk of being boot. If you get out of it, Here you have from going to a baseball game in a city that is, one of those demo Cities in that country- and you can when he and he in his mind he envision this go envision. This being a moment were people would applaud him for what happened with bag daddy earlier and that day, like Georgia Bush go into the Yankees game after two thousand and one and like This is great slum of video on Twitter of him, thinking it's cheering and then slowly realising its booze in his face, tightening up, as ass. He saw the gap between who he is and how he thinks he is comes together
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nice, listen, there's, no reason not to use honey. It's free to use in a stolen or computer in just two clicks: get honey for free at joint honey, dotcom, Slash, Piazza, that's, join honey, dotcom, slash, bs! I join honey Doc Let me, as I said before, we move to twenty twenty was one other developments in the impeachment saga make a federal judge in Washington DC confirm the legality of the Democrats, impeachment probe and granted Congress access to the secret grand jury, evidence gathered during the more investigation they. Seventy five page decision judge barrel. How undercut the republican argument that a formal house resolution is necessary to legitimize and impeachment inquiry has also called out the trunk administration. Efforts to Stonewall Congress. Writing congresses need to access grand jury. Material relevant to potential impenetrable conduct by a president is heightened when the executive branch wilfully obstructs channels for access other relevant evidence policy. Another both praise, the ruling, the trunk administration, will probably appeal the decision Dan. How big a deal is this and we have
any sense of what we may learn from these materials it's only the offer, the very specific reason you pointed out when it is a ruling a judge that undercuts the republican argument that this is not a legitimate impeachment inquiry for some sort of completely bullshit process reasons, and it shows that the traditional league, obligations of administration cooperate with an impeachment inquiry. Are there that peat that witnesses have to testify. There can hath provide documents, it would not otherwise provide, the ability use executive privileged to shield those documents. Witnesses from Congress will be circumscribed, that's very important If any idea, what we're gonna find. My hope is that cause goes through the information they have adds to elect. The facts, led them where they may write like where we dont say well. This is we decide, it in advance, as is all about Ukraine, so we're just gonna. Stick with that lets let's see what's in there, let's see if there is information in those files, whatever they are, that is relevant to what
to what we know now right. That speaks a broader set of grant and if you find it Now gravitational piece on fences additional evidence of abuse of power that that becomes part of this inquiry. Let's just facility max, go where they. We do not try to reverse engineer this from a from its ino at an arbitrary deadline. Yeah really does seem to that that there is more edge heading to do whether or not the balance of impeachment AR scope to Ukraine or become larger is and what we learned. Five hundred and thirty eight aggregate of national polling that support from Pietschmann at forty nine percent and opposition at forty three percent, but in in key swing states, are in a bunch of holes that are not a strong one. Wisconsin poll found that forty four percent of voters want Trump impeached and removed, while fifty one percent do not want him impeached and removed. The university of North Florida poll released this week found support for impeachment and removal at forty six percent and an opposition at forty. Eight percent,
and the times also did a survey of six key swing: States, Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Arizona. It averaged our results from across the states. Fifty percent of voters supported impeachment inquiry, while forty five percent opposed it. However, only forty three percent of voters supported impeaching and removing trump welfare, three percent oppose it. There is down in this. You know, bourgeois every Paul has been phrase. A little bit currently, but when you kind of blurry your eyes and try to see the big picture. You see a kind of ambivalence around impeachment because obviously like, if you actually think about what it means, I support
I support impeaching him, but not removing him. I support, in other words, voting to send him to a trial for a set of crimes, but not actually convicting him of those crimes. It's a kind of intellectually confusing position, which I think speaks to just a kind of base level discomfort with the stakes of impeachment. Damn what do you think that suggest Democrats should do? I think it suggests the Democrats should keep Doing what they're doing right that there is very real support for the inquiry itself? There is, understandably apprehension about removing our president from office a year before an election nine months before an election like. I understand why people are about that its also, I think, somewhat baked in there that people know that that is an incredibly unlikely event right. All of the cover today, when the moment had happened in the story that our own crook, immediate, ah chain research point showing people falling credibly closely. All that's all,
The discussion on is centred on the fact that this is the fixing of a scarlet eye on trop and not an actual set their move him from from office- and, I think, The political significance of it in the long run right, I think there is real serious political significance to the infirmary be bothering about transit through political significance to try completely insane reaction to this process. There is opportunity cost for tromp for spending these months during the middle, the height of the democratic primary just lashes, on Twitter, like a crazy person, is opposed to trying to, braces numbers up to, you know where his wooden number would be about around states but ultimately I don't think it's gonna be particular the weather. We did impeachment well, we didn't do in future. I think is going to be incredibly. That mere fact is that can credibly pull the plug and if it gets a democratic, just keep doing what they're doing do not let
a arbitrary deadline for close this. I think that I think people saw the Democrats got scared or like while we said we get this summer thanksgiving. We haven't heard from all the witnesses, yet we too have other documents, but we're gonna have the vote anyway. I think would undermine the legitimacy of the probe the eyes of the in depth. Less partisan, voters who now say they supported and I think would be very frustrating to grassroots based the crowds who have long thought this was? The right thing to do suggest but the facts here they methods gets us into twenty twenty, so be it, but there's enough so fourth? The Democrats should be bold here. I think one that's development. This weekend we learned there's someone who takes a great deal of personal responsibility for the fact that Donald Trump may face impeachment and is a former. Why, House chief of Staff, John Kelly, at a summit put on by the Washington examiner Kelly, describe what he said, when he left the white ass. He said he saying quote:
I said whatever you do, don't higher. Yes, man, someone who won't tell you the truth. Don't do that because you do, I believe you will be impeached trunk cadigan Golly denied Kelly's claims, as did the White US press secretary, Stephanie Grissom, who said Kelly, was totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great president, Now, sadly, outer she said that everyone's phones did melt and we no longer have them, which has been a sort of a tough tough thing to get use. Do you know Listen, I don't mind when somebody wants to take a shit, I'm make mulvaney, I say have at it as part of its great, but then am I forgetting a kind of Pax Americana when John Kelly was chief of Staff and Donald
was disciplined and everything was going. According to plan, I mean who I am, I forgetting some some some golden era under Kelly, no you're, not at the risk of offending civility place, but fuck off John Kelly Most of the appreciable offences that are outlined in the Mulder Report happen, while jangling she for staff data I'm praising Nazis happen. One giant Kelly was chief of staff, the I mean I'm sure we all remember this very brief moment when John Cater governors palate for all these stories, but how is it to bring order and process to the White House and delay control? Who called Trump and like me there's the inbox and do the very basic things you would expect of an office manager and amid size paper company to do and we treated like it with some sort of fucking genius and none of it worked. Tromp was Joe as irresponsible justice cry me He is now just happened to be that the when
when the whistle blower came foreigners when mic over him. She was now who is a terrible chief of staff and seemingly just a real blight on american government, but John Kelly does not get to clean up his reputation this red at what, only reason. I thought we were sharing, as I do think. It's not really an insight into the Trump lighthouses, an insight into them, set of some, unlike John Kelly, who believed himself to be some kind of aid Savior inside of the White House, even as it was operating so chaotically. This idea that that that that's the justification he is now offering for the reason he was a participant in his administration and now, I believe, sits on the board of a company that responsible,
or some of the detention facilities along the border, and it tells you something important about the kind of people that went into the administration. Are: let's talk, twenty twenty, so we ve covered some of the fund. Raising troubles blindness face late last week it seemed that binds team was breaking with his previous opposition to getting help from superpower. By his deputy, can't pay manders. Eddie still wants to limit the influence of big money and our politics, but that quote nothing changes unless we defeat Donald Trump End quote: binary at the last filing deadline that he had just nine million dollars in the bank. You know Dan universes the obvious reason that he needs something to buttresses fundraiser from the outside. Are there any other reasons? He did this man? That is the one. It is the extent of fines. Money troubles us dramatically understated. He has a third of the money on hand as worn and senders he has thus far demonstrated no ability to quickly raise money online nine million dollars in the bank in our time
Where is not enough money to ride these sort of campaign? That Biden claims he's gonna run to be able to run. Like what binds path to the nomination is too do well enough to survive the first four states and then leverage is large national. Name, I d and standing within the party in his true. As of yet tremendous support from the american community to rack up delegates in a long battle, the nomination he does not have the money to run serious Panes into early states, let alone offer plus Super Tuesday and beyond, and so it's a huge problem. So this It is only choice: if you want, to remain viable, but it comes real downside right anyway, one of the issues you mean nobody's by led. Joe Biden has spoken to those dine sides and speaking to why he was against the help of a super back to begin with it, also in a
one of the downside is what we are seeing is the candidates that have issued ah big money. Bernie Warren have been you know, two of the most prolific fun razors Joe Biden, is now kind of doubling down on bigger money at the expense of smaller dollars, I guess because it's a concession that they just will not be able to compete small donors. I also don't understand mean that you know A super back coming in in running adds to help Joe Biden. You know. Maybe that's has has value but didn't solved, the problem of the kind of organization will need to do on the ground to rack up the delegates. He needs right Yet it is its sub optimal, to say the least he but like are certain things as Europe cannot do fear. I cannot but organizers on the ground
to organize your cock discovers in the same way your campaign can do it. It cannot build the infrastructure and the dead and technology that you need to run a real operation to accumulate delegates. What it can do is do your advertising for you. It can respond to attacks you and but its is going to lead to new attacks right, because Biden has now reversed himself on something where that is right. And worn and centres is we'll house and I'm sure they are going to make great of that as time goes on, need a wee wee. Some experience with this in Obama world in two thousand and aid, be there There are very different sort of campaign financed world. We see pre citizens united. So we did not want any outside groups on our side and did not need them in the primary John. Edwards was in a very similar situation. That Biden was it. Is it now?
were ever those unable to raise enough money. He actually was it for actually forced to take federal matching funds, which was a sign of great weakness at the time and then all of a sudden out of nowhere pops, a super pack funded merely by one individual, a woman named bunny melons. The super pack was run by Nick Baltic, who was Edwards is long time adviser in former campaign manager on his o four race, and that was that was very helpful, they got gotta actually to second, in Ireland they sort bombarding the airwaves into thousand and twelve. Because this is what I had passed and we were staring down the barrel of a hunter, millions of dollars of ads from Merkin Cross roads and the coat brothers and others Marie versus stance on cyber packs and dissension. Invited them into the race and parties USA was formed and ran, adds to help election either.
In a general action that as long as citizens, united on the box, there is no option right. There is absolutely no. You cannot compete financially without I think that's an ardent forget her innocence, United. I was he pleased in a primary that all the candidates had refused Superman, because there is something particularly problematic in a primary of these individual candidate super pacts, so by now has been forced down that path. He's gonna have to take some political downside from it in the primary. If he survives we hard for trumpet report They hit him on a given the wide array of super packs they have, but that won't obviously, shame has never been a brake on trumped up political tax in the past right. It is a distinction between the general and the primary because at a primary, its you're, you know your campaign against fella Democrats and one of the things that you were packs have often done because they are not directly affiliated with the candidate. Is they ve been
credibly negative. In fact, some of the ads that Romney people are angry about to this day are the super pack ads. That were run in the twenty twelve race against Mitt Romney, So on Sunday I sixty its Erika rare, along for interview with Biden, also New York magazine run a profile by nuts II that I thought was actually very poignant in examining both the strengths and wit weaknesses that bind is bringing to the table in the sixty minutes interview he he spoke about his abides regret, has competence in his ability to serve to set to finances campaign. He talked about trumps attacks against him. What struck me about it is so much of the coverage about Biden nationally has been around his challenges as a campaign, and yet his support has- main pretty robust right that the race has moved that much. You know he announced she was higher radiant, whatever low forties he's now, let's say hi twenties, but that has been relative
least stable in fact has been stable. Despite you know, people saying that oh this hunter Bide NEWS was gonna. Hurt him these bad, these, these mediocre debate performance. We're, not gonna hurt him, and yet the race has been relatively stable and what you see in that profile, even though I think about the wind came. He was pretty surprisingly critical of it. Is you see some of it? peel and why certain people like him in that kind of genie, all related persona somebody who's and have been through a lot in his life Dan Warrior, take away on both the kind of the sixty minutes interview and the the profile I love you Olivia Nuzzi, New York magazine profile was a phenomenal piece of camp in journalism that really got at the core of the campaign itself. The Biden campaign, specifically in who Joe Biden, is in a way that I thought was new on indeed in very fair right out, and I think you did speak to rethink the embryo. Do we have sort of forgotten in this discussion about by its weaknesses, is here a tremendous retail politician
and that sounds I don't mean that in the leg you know shake hands a kiss babies. Although he does that very well, it's it Biden has a tremendous ability to connect with people in a very human level. He is this. Ending well of empathy for humans in this ability to take the tremendous tragedy that he's expense in his life in use it as a as rock of strength for people who have suffered some tragedy. My office in the West Wing was basically right. Pass were West wing, wars and ended in was basically in the past waiter binds offer so many times I'd be my office at night, and I would hear Biden running into tourists and hear them crying as their talked him about Stories about cancer in their lives about losing a family relative in Biden, consoling them in a way that is hard to imagine any politician doing anything. That part of who Biden is has gotten lost in this campaign in that part of his political strength has gotten lost. Is too
when he is, and I were he's campaign differently than others have all the critique about the nature of their campaigner, it being too school or you know him making Mistakes on the campaign trailer offering legitimate, but there is it it is worth it There are also aware that resin or of strength that has been is your right has been very consistent needs over points this out all the time, but Biden is People have been predicting violence demise for a year now, and he is right. While others have risen. He has remained strong, and that that should be. Particularly in the midst of a close We watch natural national discussion about his sons, business ties and that is not effective, and I think that is a notable at least get me one of the most critical voices in me New York magazine profile was actually from your friend David Axelrod, who worries
the way in which Joe Biden is not out there as much? They are? You know key trying to keep him focused on prepared remarks, even as he does retail politics and acts called it a Canada Protection programme. But yet you know we kind of understand where that's coming from right, because famously Joe Biden to somebody who has made mistakes when he is speaking off the cuff, then what did you know? We talked about? I think the strengths that come through the peace, come through when you're not talking about the financing in the pulling in what have you, if you were inside of the biting campaign trying to kind of highlight those strengths? What would be your advice now other than immediately put him on Passive America, well, that's that goes without saying and our ideas knives out. He let his eyes issues that are no brainer. That's heads, I think they gotta let loose eleven. I am incredibly sympathetic to the caution
the crow sympathetic to some of the instincts of his campaign staff, in that it like it is Gloomier. It's very easy when your front runner to play prevent defence, They have that option because we can talk a binds, strength right now that has lasted longer in a stronger position and I think most political pundit types ourselves included in some cases predicted by in Axelrod points this out in the peace his, through the nomination is incredibly precarious right. He paused if his strength is on elect ability in winning, and he is currently in real risk of losing three of the first four states and the question is What happens to someone who is? succeeding with this patina, flexibility, if you start losing races- and so I think these present is good. The trajectory is very concerning and therefore you got to take the reins off and let him out there and let him make the case because other if you don't
really get out there and campaign in an aggressive way and alive. The concerns that some have as these voters and in a very dialed and cock a scar, as others have about his bill need. A stand on stage with trumpet is burdened, navigate and incredibly, a campaign of very complicated media environment. If you don't allay this concern, I can succeed so you gotta get out there and do it even if there is risk yeah. I and I do it's. It's actually. I think an especially tough challenge for Joe Biden, specifically because in we just talked about right- Strengths of I think the strength of his candidate, of the strength of his argument is around elect ability, but the strength of him as a candidate right is that kind of human connection he has with people an idea. I do think it's about.
Or to see routed, rooted in understanding, loss, understanding, pain and being able to to relate to people who have experienced pain and a lot of people have, whether its people that have experienced losses in their families, the way that Joe Biden has or you know, people who have lost their jobs lost their livelihood, lost lost lost whatever, and the fact that you know so much of I think what makes him someone appealing is not to me you're gonna, be able to say in a cell speech. You know it's not it's deeper than that. It's it's. It would be vulgar. It's not. It is an emergent quality of her as a man that comes through not through talking points or policies, but through something deeper, and so I think it's an especially difficult challenge. They have to get him out there because getting out there, despite the mistakes in the gaps, is where you see that special thing that makes him somebody people might want to make president, but you can't script it because it's not it's not a policy. It's not. It's not.
Land. That's not what's driving his support. If a sort of the conversation around being overly protective abiden, I think there is one opportunity that I just did speak suggest the incredible love of caution. They're doing it's not passive America it's. These interviews around healthier than ADI bargains, been having with other candidates, like obviously audience in job. I disagree on many care for all, but I and imagine politician who would have a better opportunity to have a conversation about this. To talk about sacrifice in tragedy. Add what we'll go through led Joe Biden and the fact that he is not his has that is campaign is not let not yet let him do that. I think bespeaks, the larger problem here. I totally agree. It makes me sad to think that they're not putting him in that conversation, I do think you're right it is that the strengths of who
is a person are what would shine in that kind of a moment, even if, even if they disagree on the policy of even we know, even just reading about you know, Biden going back to his debts of the house, he grew up, and you know I, like I've, been incredibly critical of Joe Biden of incredibly critical of his campaign of an incredibly grit critical, the debate performance is he's had, but I have a well of sympathy and love for Joe Biden, because I do believe he is someone who has said have been through such tremendous pain and come out as somebody with empathy and if, in the end, if they're afraid to put him in a position to demonstrate that the key moments where that could be could be revealed and shown to people. I dont understand what changes are. Other than you know this kind of slow and steady kind of stuff. You know and have not a decline, but not a good, not growth, just sort of a kind of Stasis
I feel like I know Joe Biden pretty well having grown up in Delaware and worked in the White House with them for six years and I just know that if he knew that ADI Bark and wanted to talk to him and then he would do in two seconds, my guess is that that request has not got into the candidate yet. Well, you know hopefully, will see that conversation when we come I'm gonna sit down with Acute Hughes and Gideon raising the new hosts of what a day to kind of go through this Katy Hills story and her decision to resign, as well as the controversy around it, We are back pod, save America's brought by for ocean over five hundred in pounds of plastic or floating on the surface of the ocean. Together, we can make a difference. It is estimated that plastic accounts foresee
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hush up and enter the referral code. Pod save one word: you'll receive five dollars and a cash apples and five dollars to donor shoes. That's money to buy markers paper supplies for the classroom because we underfund our schools. We do because of generational neglect on the part of the generation that preceded arse and they basically just eight hour fuckin seed corn, thanks for that, no they took our seed corn day made popcorn. When we fuck in Hungary, we get a little half pop colonels again, no markers for the kids, no fuckin tunnels, between New York in New Jersey, just a generation of posters, so butter either air, but yeah, no butter, nay. I got it now falling down the catch up. But I've gotta Congresswoman, Katy Hill, a California twenty fifth district announced her resignation from Congress this weekend. After a tumultuous weaken which you faced revenge born, allegations of inappropriate relationships with staffers and ethics inquiry as well, just as to whether she be faced
this level of pressure where she, a man and working by sexual here to help us understand. The story are Gideon Resnick and a killer Hughes. The hosts of crickets brand new Daily news podcast, what a day Gideon We start with you what the fuck is going on here. This is probably the messy a story of this right that we ve, maybe ever seen in Congress, because you, you have a lot of questions about a hill and whether you know first off the relationship that she was alleged to have had is even appropriate because the person involved, is a staffer an underling, so she now is kind of the beneficiary of the first time when these new rules that have been instituted in Congress after me, too and after you know, hordes of creepy men had to retire in twenty seventeen and eighteen. She sort of the first person to receive the report oceans of that and the rule is strictly that you know you cannot have relationships with people that are on your staff that work below
you and yet, at the same time, she's also facing these really terrible. You know publication of private image. Is all these issues around, that these mean out like nude photographs and were put in conservative publications, so people are trying to sift through here a little bit like the actions that she did. She We know, took accountability, force that she was sorry for, and also the really terrible actions that are kind of coming from the outside of the same type. Were terrible and illegal right is illegal, to use private photos of revenge is illegal in California killer. You know, when I saw the letter from Katy. I know she put out a video today as well. It is very sad because Katy, oh somebody that- and I can't four gaiety highlighting a lot of people here did in California. She was one of the people who helped take back a district that help us when the house. What did you think I mean it's obvious? really unfortunate. I think that I am you know, Gideon
right. There are alot of moving pieces in this, but at the end of the day you know people shouldn't be, I don't know I guess condemned publicly for taking photos and I think that might be the bigger reason why she's resigning, just because of the public pressure for Adam you know, there's a lot of sort of such aiming and whatever else and so it's I think, it's disappointing, because she has a lot of promise, but also because you know we live in a society that is on the internet and these things can get out, and so I think that were may be seeing the beginning of a new era of politicians who just have to not exist online at all, which is, that or we grow and come to understand that yet at people that can it be surrounded by smartphones, their whole lives? You already. We consider myself in that generation right. We denied enough smartphones when I was in college because just made it the third
but like it does like. This story combines a few things in its worth: adding stopping on each of them. One isn't like matters of consent, and I dont believe there ve been any allegations that these relationships were worse, if not, but then there are others pointing out. That will wait a second, even if these are in central relationships. There are thorny issues when a member of Congress or or a candidate for Congress has relationship with a subordinate, because that leads to questions round favorite. And it also leads to questions around what happens when that relationship and that we're sort of figuring out some of these harder issues getting anything yeah. I think that's the big take away from this. Besides, obviously, we know the fact that I think people came by and large condemn the publication of those images as being horrendous and potentially from you know, like Hill was saying actions from a
vindictive husband with him she's having a divorce, I think kill herself and others have acknowledged that having that sort of relationship with a subordinate is not good, but I think it's up for other people to decide. You know if that reaches the threshold of meeting to resign from Congress. Yeah me too killer. You know. I think this is a sad story for a lot of reasons in their important political implications for this specific story, but I also they were kind of grappling with something that is in. Weren't, because eight, I do think I've seen people try to have these two competing ideas in their mind at once, which is, on the one hand, wait there. Something inherently concerning about a relationship between Abbas and employed. That is, that is a problem, and then I have also seen a lot of people.
Only wondering will hold on a second dont people meet at work. Granted, I think, worse, are grappling with in the wake of me too, and as we sort of uncovered some of the more ugly and sinister parts of our culture, I think we're also grappling with some of these sort of now thing were delicate. Yeah I mean. I think the important thing to remember is that these are two consenting adults, and so while there are these very long standing sort of standards for who gets to date who, in an office situation at all, it does a little archaic, because you mean housed maybe, but I honestly don't know that term dating anyone here, but I think that if neither of them have a problem. You know, if there's favouritism, that something you can address and if it affects the rest of the staff that something that can be addressed, but I tend to believe It's really it's just something that as much as society has progressed, we have really like to state in the fifties on this issue like don't they use
Michael. That's not what happened here. Make people have eaten Gideon now that the hills, resigning, there's a big question about what can happen with this seed. It's a swing district was one of the most important pick ups in twenty eighteen, what's happening now, and what's next for Democrats hopes of keeping the twenty four this year. I think the Democrats are actually kind of happy with the movement that it's that that issue is gone. You know like it was. It was a Hilary district in sixteen and then obviously the incumbent Republican was was defeated. Pretty sizeable, I think, in eighteen by Katy Hill. I've seen that sea night, the republican incumbent who was there before, is actually gonna run again and then local assembly woman, Chrissy Psmith, is also going formerly enter the re. So I think that the initial impression is that their hopeful, you know,
the difficulty is that it's a special election thou so like if it's happening, you know like January, twenty five hundred in making that data arbitrarily you, you start to you, start to end up having a little bit more wildcard situation, because you know lower turn out. Maybe people aren't pay much attention to its people, about their us off. Exactly? But no, I think that I think Democrats by and large so considerate swing district, but at the same time the trend line is kind of their. For Democrats, too likely keep it. If you know they getting a candidate and they run race now onto our own news. The first ever went on that How vision of this horrible story is that the police and say its benefits hours leave out in whatever the first ever what a day pod went out to listeners this morning. This is the new the Daily NEWS, podcast we're crooked media. What are listening in a fine when they download it and where they can be able to expect each and every week in mourning
in just a fire upon its great its short. It's to the point he'll be informed on your way to work. I've heard a lot of great feedback today that it, wasn't like a bummer, but hers episode was fantastic and you say, right out of the box. We were here until victory because we were so nervous and it's it's actually really excellent. But I think if you interested in daily NEWS, but also don't want it to be, like I don't know happening, they at you. This is a good way to stay and foreign without going into yes, like not being overwhelmed. Seem time being able to go up to somebody and say like while I know who Baghdad is causing X y, see. That's that's the gold everyday talk about it every single day as yet no cover read, write a video that builds if this period a killer. Thank you guys. So much for being here goes grab to what a day right now do it do it
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