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The President shares a video of him fake wrestling a CNN logo, Republicans face bad local headlines about their wealthcare bill, and a closer look at Trump's fraudulent voter fraud commission. Then Jon and Tommy sit down with New Jersey Senator Cory Booker to talk about health care, criminal justice reform, and how to maintain optimism in the Trump era. 

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The present sponsor for pod. Save America is blue. Apron blueprints mission is to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone, but apron achieved this by supporting a more sustainable food system, setting the highest standards for ingredients in building community of home chefs community, if I'm shops get your fritz the rails, free with free shipping by going to blow aproned outcome such cricket we bring is a better better to get rid of it welcome applied save America, I'm John fairer, I'm John loved on Tom, you eat or we're in three different places. Today, I'm in LOS Angeles, loves in New York and Tommy's in DC, we're like for different people, away from my got nine persons, sin and box on cable news right now, I'm actually doing this from Jeffrey Lords basement. So our interview for today is gonna, be the interview with New Jersey Centre, Corey Bucker Tommy night.
On Thursday in Washington DC we're only first, I should like to know. We're always must have a couple minutes with Corey Booker. He gave us a lot of his time. We still get to ask a lot of questions we wanted to ask. You will have to have him back, but it's a good interview and we what you will hear it after the three of us get done talking law. I was aspen. I know you didn't love it or leave it. There is little time saving of air and there's a lover leave it that everyone should go download from Saturday. How was it? It was great at a great conversation with Governor Higgins Super about health care about Democratic Party economic policy and democratic vision at a good time with Julia Fiji Copy of the Atlantic and trail on free who writes for cement the beasts of it. A great coastal leads mountain elite, aspen version of love it or leave it mounted. Rocky Mountain edition was one excellence and Tommy. Who do we got on positive the world this week? Why should perform?
We have Colorado covered this week, as we also get sender Michael Bennet last week in DC, but allows evolves week. We have format, Security adviser, Susan Rice. So there's that's a big get, It was a really cool interview, a good chance sit down with her. She is not done on a ton of these thanks since leaving the White House, so I check on Wednesday so I forgot to mention so you guys went to these. But I did alive. Pod save America joined by Amy, alter and Molly Ball, who were gracious enough to fill in and apparently in the audience was a coke brother As I heard it, I heard the cold brother was sleeping. Yes, but I don't know whether he fell asleep before after I said that coat money was spending millions upon millions of dollars to stop the healthcare bill and the whole audience was uncomfortable, and I realized it was because there was a coke in the room anyway, I've been having this button so great great audience, grit audience for that for that message. Okay, so
download utterly the look out for parts of the world on Wednesday, and then I guess we gets a march foresail again one week only until joy tat go to our kind beard outcome, such cricket, and you get your own friend of the pod t shirt and a repeal and go for self T shirt, which are very much in vogue right now they keep coming back into fashion. Is the problem, the other the problem, hopefully, hopefully they'll be a day where no one will want that issue anymore. That's it we're hoping and hopefully that they will be sent. Ok. So, let's start off with it like that. You know. I know I don't want to spend too much time on, but it seems as though somebody has been tweeting feelings over the weekend and that person controls the greatest nuclear arsenal in the world. Go ahead and read the New York Times led president from posted. A short video to his twitter account on Sunday in which he is portrayed wrestling in punching a figure whose head has been used by the logo for CNN cartoons,
quality. The video is an unorthodox away for a sitting president to express himself no shit, yes First reactions on that Tommy I saw your question on the on. The outline, like is, is worse than usual. Lately ass thing about, and we actually, I think, it's kind of a return to form I can make us or vintage tromp. You pick a female enemy like Rosy, o Donnell, you relentlessly hacker and the most Texas way possible. Rinse repeat, obviously the contacts with Jane she's present I'd say you should act like a complete. Child. But you know this is kind of this is his ammo and unbelievable still that he's plucking video was made by, Ty Semites off of it four days ago, and there there winding up on Donald Trumps, twitter feed but I mean I guess here we are. This is the guy we we elected, which is why a funny when you see me again, make a saying. This isn't the personally two years ago he ran here's where I disagree and I think the attacks on that we're outrageous, but mean not longer
tromp was attacking gold, star parents and he was saying a judge couldn't born a case fairly because he was a Mexican. So this is the A person who has been for a very long time so Tommy you think that there wasn't this is there in this period of time, where, Joe and tromp, or playing chess and Brahms was on the sunrise and talking about philosophy and culture is hypocrite, exacted yet of its own. We wanted the one thing I want to add at this point that GDP has been making over and over again, which I think is a good one, which is clownishness unlike Stupids Billy. Nonsense is part of the way in which Trump can get here version of being a fascist hamburger into the public, because if nothing is worth taking seriously everything's a joke right, the institutions are a joke. The news is a joke. It's all part of this large away of attacking our basic assumptions. Attacking our norms. Attacker ensued and always just kidding you just me.
Funny guy. None of this is to be worth is we're taking seriously it's all part of the way in which he kind of undermines everything that we care about. Yet no, so my thought was I think one of the consequences of twitter information age. Is that like we have shorter and shorter memories? So, of course, he's done stuff. This bad before I especially during the campaign and all the instances the Tommy pointed out too, but I you think lately he serbian ratcheting up his attack. On the media lately trying to deal agenda Mise the media like even more than usual, and it it doesn't feel it its proportional to how he's being covered right now if it feels like something's going on with him, where he is, deteriorating and away or, like? I suggested, on Twitter, like maybe he knows something about the investigation that we don't. You know maybe he's worried about something in particular or maybe he's just impulsive trump. Like we don't know, I think we are law pass the time when we sit around and wonder if trumps tweets are part of some like machiavellian strategy like the guy's not playing,
as you can, barely fuckin, played Tik Tok toe, but I noticed in the washing upholstery about this that actually Parker and Full Rucker wrote they said stoking the base was her. We are pre planned strategy. Instead, somewhat US officials described it as an inadvertent upside of the president's impulse to punch back at critics in the media. Some weight advisers said they were frustrated at the Brzezinski feud overtook. The present fight with CNN, which seemed in their eyes to have a clearer villains? And here I love that me Jake Tapir did a rough announces, a trumps tweet since this presidency videos on June twenty ninth. He counted. Eighty five in the press, sixty seven mentioning jobs, twenty seven by troops and our veterans, which is equally relevant when Trump complains that the mainstream media never covers the important issues he has been working on in these alleged successes like you to your question. It is his purpose full. I think the odd the obvious answer: is he hired a total moron named dance Camino with no relevant experience to run a social media strategy, but also, I do think is purposeful that they, like keeping the fight, was CNN front Centre.
It rallies the base and it's like a one stop shop where they can blame all of their problems of the lack of coverage of their so called accomplishments, but you Is that the backdrop of this is that their systematically dismantling the White US press briefing their floating changes libel laws to make it easier to sue news outlets they don't like. So I do think this is a piece of the puzzle, even if their sort of like bumbling around, it's a love. It is this dangerous or deranged or both dangerous yeah. I mean, of course, it's dangerous of the president. Tweeting himself beating see then to a black like it, adjusts we're so beyond normal. The auditing too, as you can watch the way these things ricochet from Danske Vinos Field of reference to to the president's, and it's a little bit like it's like it. It's almost like we have like an email forward as present are right these dumb, like these? Are the dumb shitty videos that sort of
travel around beneath politics right like they're on red or their forwarded around from, like you know, older older people watch Fox NEWS like this is that this is another examples like Donald Trump as Like Fox NEWS Viewer become president. It is deranged. It is dangerous, but again like I dont know how, where it is not surprising, there's no consequences. Dave Waigel had a really good point about this, which is like wow. All these republicans sure are going to call this unacceptable before voting for Transfer election and donating to his re election campaign. Univee prefer the lit the thing that dangerous thing. That's actually, the range is that we live in a world in which Donald Trump faces no real consequences for this kind of behaviour, and we're so used to that. Now we're so used to the fact that the way people behave when when Donald Trump diminishes the office is just to say, it's really bad and try as fast as possible to move on. You know they let all these as the Paul Ryan's them Mitch, Mcconnell Lindsey Grams, even all them, they want to say as
as might they want to say something they know they need to, but they wanted to do it. They wanted to achieve nothing. How a consequence and move on as fast as possible thing get back to their agenda, which is central dynamic between Europe's guns on a hill and Donald Trump? This whole time, which is basically he's not really a president he's a useful idiot to be agreed call for their agenda is apparent, have a president. We don't have one he's only he's only as yet. It was at hand to sign the fuckin tax cuts that suspects ideas therefore conveys a few member in the movie, Germany Rudy in various versions of of Superman, there's always as part of which Lex Luther swindles old woman to get her fortune and he likes help whispers like. I love you. I love you just sign right here to sign right here, so we can get in the will Paul Ryan. That's the relationship we have between the Republicans on the Helen Donald Trump. I mean what what do about this. What is the reaction, because every time as happens with Trump, we get into the cycle of like don't talk about
It's a distraction from healthcare distraction from other issues or the investigation or a distraction from whatever, and were and too much of it and in the media becomes too self involved, and they all talk about it because it's a by its an attack on the media. That's about the media so that we get into these new cycles were all we talk about it he's fucking tweet and we don't like what anything else and so on one hand you think here we shouldn't spend too much time on and on the other hand, you, like you, know it's the present it states, and he is, you know, he's do Something that whether he intended to or not is serve could incite. Violence, the only serve right wing defenses getting mounted is like calmed down snowflakes. This is just having fun. Which is the latest adoration of these. Take him seriously, but not literally trope. I mean literally a couple weeks ago a reporter was literally body slammed by a guiding grudging. Forte is right for Congress, so you know this. Isn't This isn't a crazy thing to suggest. I think I think
talking with Brussels to calmly point out. This is non presidential thing to do and that he should get back to work, because I think for every one hundred trump supporters who loved this stuff and are his fans twenty, like soft republic into voting form, we shake their heads and think man. I wish You would be doing something else and fundamentally understand that free speech benefits everyone, even if they hate the press, but remember as a bomb asserted this, because he did an interview with the Youtube servants hurriedly I rightly yet. He did use selfie stick and went honeys at heart, and it is not. So I do believe you for that answer, The bottom line is Donald Trump is just is batten clean up Brok, Obama's assault on the free press. That's what we're looking! It is money that that's that that is the first point that a lot of never trump conservatives jump to, or just maybe there Never trumpet this point, but like Bill first condemn it. They'll say ours is awful. The trumpeted this so in presidential will be like, but oh My guys Obama did start this, I'm not saying it was equivalent. Rather it was a good one, but I am saying this breakdown in our key
sure institutions did start with President Barack Obama they just want to make sure that I say it was acquitted, I'm just suggesting, as you suggested, it is also. A kind of this is a kind of by partisan version of this to where you see somebody who's, either conservative, whose uncomfortable with how much they have to go after their own. Side, or you know that the kind of non partisan present a system like this and we just gotta, stop electing the kind of people that wanted divide us. Russia hold on a second like a totally that's a very valid point, but The Donald Trump is the problem here is that he is the thing. There's no you're going to put him in contacts that we have a national emergency. It's not. The national emergency isn't like a larger cultural problem. It's a fact that Donald Trump is president. That's good! We found targeting to and parents pull up today. Do you trust the media? Only thirty percent of country said. Yes, eight percent had a great deal. Only nine percent of Republicans say they trust the media. So, like he's got an audience, it's ready and willing to listen to this message
but it was just last week that or an hatches treating out that Democrats making the factual statement that going without health care is likely to lead to death, and he was like God, I thought where else was to be coming together after the Scalise shooting and now Democrats are out there saying crazy things like not having healthcare might kill you that the equivalent that we're going foreigner to sign did the same coin. One for I a Harvard study lesson the meadow analysis of her many many years of research. The other is a meme made by a whoop anti semite of the President wrestling and enter the visa. Italy's. These are the two sides to fix a one: half dozen of the other, a cable even eight year old, senator from you tied it. Never nimble social media respond threat. Well, that's a good transition to health which is what we really want to focus on a gay. So so much Mcconnell
I get a deal by recess on a revised version of the healthcare bill, so instead he sent a few different people. Those two the congressional Budget Office to score. Is it takes about two weeks to score a new proposal. We want he's basically testing out. What extra forty five billion dollars in opium funding would do you. To see how many more people they could cover if they spent a few hundred billion on more sub these instead of tax it's for the wealthy and he s wants to see what the sepia thinks of TED Cruises proposal, which would lead date cell plans without protections for pre, existing condition, lovely, so I was talking to some smart numbers, P about this and they thought than on the tax proposal. Basically like the best man, No can do if he gets rid of keep in mind their cutting. Seven hundred billion two eight hundred billion dollars worth of taxes thee. Estimate tax, which they now say they might keep instead of giving it as attacks cut costs.
Hundred seventy two billion dollars. So as I can people at the best they could do We get the Ciba score from twenty two million uninsured till, like eighteen million, uninsured the question now is: is that enough for Collins, Dean, Heller, capital, more kuski and other Esther them. What you got about where we are now it's again. Wars have trapped in this crazy process where there are all these different versions of the health care build that affects one sixth of the economy. Intensive means, and healthcare for tens of millions, Americans and, and nobody Cnet, like this kind of half baked okay, will test a couple its its use. Feel this artificial deadline right, like what you're sending multiple things in to get multiple scores cuz, you can't take the time to actually develop a bill and have it go through one single process. Now we have like multiple draft picks a choose. Your own adventure, but what's crazy to me, is okay, so so they start getting rid of some of the tax cut, so they can put some of the subsidies back it again
it's like this whole plan is about what version of Obama care light its shitty enough to get MIKE Liese vote by generous enough to get Susan Collins is about. It is a ridiculous ridiculous, forest now, if we were in a rational world where these people were going to vote their consciences like there wouldn't be a place where you could find some happy medium, that you could appease TED crews and MIKE Lee, but also Susan columns and Summer Caskey and and capital, and was reading it, because these people have equities in their state this bill, it I'll, be lavishly harm them. Crews and Michael have legitimate ideological disagreement with this version of the bill. They could never support it, but The world were living in we're living world. These people are gonna, be bought off, but but the fact that they, like there isn't a rich. Nelson here, which is they decided. They were going to use the structure of Obama care to do this, and ever since they decided to do that. Really been only want. There's been only two possible outcomes either they pass a version that, as you said on a previous, show guts Obamacare, but leaves the structure in place where they don't and
These were either the bet that that means they're gonna were handed with status quo or something worse. There's no other outcome here and every time they kind of go back. Gushing table, they just come back with a different version of shitty Obamacare. What is a tiny yeah? I think politically the polling. You know the best your seeing for this bill is like seventeen percent of adults approve of it. Fifty five percent disapprove, which is devastating number. Mcconnell Sphere, all along was that the longer this bill is in the public eye, the more scrutiny would receive more bad press, it would receive the harder would get, and that is playing out exactly. As he feared Dan Diamond New covers healthcare for political has, been tweeting local headlines from papers and I've Carolina Houston. Like all across the country showing that are gliding the impact of these cuts in how much it would devastate regular people. It would hurt rural communities by cutting funding for telemedicine, that's critical, for but who don't live near city, you don't have doctors with the only health professional. They see
Four kids is like the class nurse, so I dont think CBS score with it for five million persons. Today is gonna really change public opinion ate. It feels pretty hardened, at least I'm a hopeful that it is, but we all people and states need to get to work to make sure that these local papers, Congress senators here from us, yet make a plant those local headlines too, because a couple weeks ago I saw some liberals on twitter complaining, like the media, a covering Obama care- are the Obamacare appeal Stuffs local news and covering it look at all these headlines, they're, not gonna people should understand that, but Google NEWS and poles to They too are both lagging indicators like it's hard for us to realise that, because we're all on twitter- and we see everything unfolding in real time immediately and so were always in the new cycle. But it, a while for new, to see Ben to local coverage from things there, being in DC, and I think the route that those local headlines were seeing a result of, like all
activism and all the rallies and all the protests that happening over the last couple. We really having some effect, and so I think that, like we can say like now is the time for everyone to go to their fourth of July parades and to go to these rallies over this recess and to keep up the pressure like that will have a real effect and it might not have a real effect immediately, but next week on the weakest when Mcdonald's actually be no? Having this debate on a or the senator nodded, maybe just trying to get a vote on the floor. The Senate. You know it's gonna, make a real difference. I think you're just a quick yeah to exile, like when I was Obama's, I was spokesmen like local, papers like anything that was read in a state of radio weekly newspapers, like anything that was wrapped in a state of ILO. So if you guys have but people in your local community. Then you want to get out of local centre member Congresses office. Cod local paper called equally call the radioactive cover if it can't cover the event, email photos or the letter. The utterances of Hake, that if you have a personal health risks to health care,
story about how this bill impacts. You, your family, your friend, record a video of posts on Facebook com. Local tv, radio, nor newspaper and ask him to talk with you about it There's events in your community: you can set up a booth handout. Literature to talk to people mean local outlets are looking for ways to take a national story and make it about their community. Europe you're exactly right, John and it's a indicator. But it's happen more and more more as a single issue that the process here and, if you guys for illicit rallies and protest this week, especially in the states where there are wavering republican centres like Nevada and Alaska, the main and stuff like that tougher Spiro, cap whose it set of american progress he's just at Dover, Spiro, he just tweeted a list of all the different rallies, fourth of July, praise and stuff like that. So go check that out and keep up the pressure- one other thing I'll say is we're talking about C scores on coverage, twenty two million eighteen million. What's that consort gonna, be, I do think we
Important message for us to get out that's been sort of under covered is the fact that the Senate bill would rid of these essential health benefits, because no matter what go on taxes? No matter how much they bump the subsidies, no matter how much they try to fix Medicaid the bills still wants to allow states to waive these essential health benefits and the only one really broken through so far as maternity care, and you have a bunch of like you, know conservative, I would like all we don't matter DE care, where men raid, in which the ridiculous argument for a number of reasons, but there is also a whole five other essential health benefits, like hospitalization ambulance, right prescription, drugs, cancer treatment right like trying to say, oh well, they can't this. They can't discriminate against people with pre existing conditions or yet, if you have cancer, still have to sell you insurance, but now they dont have to fund your cancer treatment that are to pay for your cancer treatment, which makes her insurance pretty much worthless. So I do think we should. Talking a lot about these essential health benefits in the in the weeks to come. Yet
the young TED crews proposal right, which is about let, let's at less ensuring come offer variety of plan, some cover thing, some don't you know everybody gets of a choice like again like every part of this bills, about shunting sicker people into more expensive plans and like that's just another way, they're going to try to do that. Spots in America, stick around more great show coming away pots. America is brought, you buy wag, oh boy, wag! Your dog is your family right. Yes, like literally, I consider him my family, you of your the reality is sometimes you just can't be there to attend their needs. Take them out by the way, love it. Where's, when the right now you ve been all over the place, and it is in an undisguised location. Very, very well. At the close of first day at her current residence, she will receive a puppy cut, part of It aspires less mental health. I do not want to say the name, because I do want to make sure that I protect pundits privacy, but
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Five thousand three hundred and twenty four, and I will send you a special link to download the app and get your first dog walk. Absolutely free, go use it today. Okay, what I like something that hasn't been getting a lot of coverage in the mainstream media, the trumps fraud, voter fraud, commission so find out last week, as everything else was going on, that Chris Co Bach Kansas Secretary of State, that's in charge of this vote or fraud. Commission asked every state to provide detailed information for all the voters on their roles, so he wanted name Address Birthday party inefficacious social security number and asked for all, this information. Fortunately, about me and half the states now told him to are to go fuck himself. Basically, one when actual response quote my reply would be. They can go to
in the Gulf of Mexico that was from the republican Secretary of State in Mississippi. What's going on with this, but this voter fry commission time. You know you ve been treating a lot about this. What's the out, what's the story behind it, I mean, on the most basic level, I think doing a country wives. By states were serve research product like this validates idea that there is this massive voter protection and whenever we have a president who claimed three to five million people voted illegally for Hillary Clinton. That's why you have the popular vote, so there's silk still seeking to prove that allegation. But generally I mean these voter integrity. Projects are great ways to push for voter Idee laws in more stringent voter requirements, they make it harder for poor people for minorities. Firm, marginalized groups that tend to vote a crowd? What a surprise to do gets Paul. So you know
this is some really nasty. So this is a massive, expensive solution, seeking a problem and in demanding some very personal data. In a way. That's that's. Pissing off everyone right or left yeah by the way you know, one thing to note is one of the one of the state officials who did not plight of commission is Chris Callback, birthdays. Fifth, who said that he was not going to supply some of this information in his capacity as I believe, sector state of Kansas and also does one at this is part of a larger campaign against voting. So there is a link to theirs along these in our times about Texas and gerrymandering, and you look at a city like Austin, obviously very liberal, what, while the city, Boston, has been carved up and basically distributed among suburban districts, so that their represented by conservatives, which is why Texas has twenty five republican members of Congo
one thousand and eleven Democrats, even though the state to has shifted to the left in recent years. So there's this larger effort to remove accountability for their behavior right in it. It's not, and it is. It is an anti Democratic Trenton to do something that extends from the way Mitch Mcconnell handled both and a vacancy on the Supreme Court and its health care bill being written in secret. It is commission that we are fortunate is run by you know. These are the carefully laid plans of stupid man, which is benefiting us right that big doing this in this him away and as as a national campaign of gerrymandering that has put the wind in our faces in our attempt to win back the house. So all of this is a larger anti democratic trend. It includes Donald wrestling CNN figure to the ground, and we really need to have a larger conversation about the lack of faith in democratic values that seem to flow from just one half of our political lead. It is eight, it is a crisis
I mean yeah nonpartisan study by the Brennan Centre at and why you looked at twenty three point. Five Leon votes and found a total of thirty cases in which a non citizens voted thirty cases. Another now said that of two thousand sixty eight alleged election fraud cases. There were just ten cases of voter impersonation study. The study after study it does matter where you look. They all say that, like voter fraud is basically non existent, it doesn't happen that my trade, and so why doing this as well. They're doing this because they are hoping it would lead to a page of the voter roles now wise approach of of rosa problem. If there are people who shouldn't be voting well, one of the thing They do is another. They say. Ok, we want to make sure that only citizens are voted in it. So we want to use the data as for immigration, to make sure that only citizens are voted well, sometimes what they have done in the past is they will purge so and from the voting rules for not being a citizen of this country, but then later realise that at the time, this part
was in the immigration database. They were an undocumented immigrants, are they weren't citizen yet and since then, they have become a citizen and now their prey? from the voters- and they don't know- writes that just one example of how this is used to purge? You know Latinos from them, The roles are also for african Americans again. Twenty five percent of our voting age. Citizens do not have The government issued photo idea compared with only eight percent of whites minority kids are less likely to have flexible work hours or own cars. They have a harder time affording or obtaining a voter Idee. They have rely more and early voting they require near by voting place. So there are all these things that they are trying to do to make it harder for people to vote, even though they are ledge. Our citizens who have a right to vote, and that is the fundamental problem here and by the way this is a long term mission. You know we saw this in the voter. Rolls were Persian Florida by George Bush before he was an m of Amity.
Bull, decent guy without was befuddled and silly like he perched purged thousands upon thousands upon thousands of legitimate voters before that election, and this has been in a? U purge. You have fun. Positive, depersia ton of people who say, oh well, as you know, was an accident right. Some people are always going to get caught up in the net over, they can just re register, but of course, they show up to vote on election day and they don't find their names, and it's just whatever the year is accurate and come demanded. Callback demand this data d, Jay is demanding that stays answer, questions about what steps are taken to comply with laws that require states to maintain accurate voter list, a aka get rid of emails from people in purge them. Then they now In addition, at this guy named HANS Van makowski. You sounds like a die hard villain who dies at the end and he's been like When I was a modest, I gotta make that same finding joke today, but has not yet, as I count Dracula, causing an entire develop he's already agreed.
I mean he he's a person who owe bomb actually tangled with back in two thousand seven b, as he pushed for these voter integrity projects and in Florida likely lover was saying that ports, thousands of black, people from the voting rules by erroneously tagging them as well, and when they were not his former dear dear colleagues rolling the Congress to protest his meddling in these efforts. Disenfranchised voters mean they. Bringing in all these people to to push for these idealize because they know it helps them. Electoral there's just there's no other logical reason enemy. We should say to like it should not be hard in this country, with our wealth and our technical g. To make sure that every citizen has the opportunity to vote. It's like you love it about democratic values. This should not be partisan. This should not be difficult other countries, do it much than we do right like it should be very easy and doable to make sure that every citizen in America can easily Stu ballot on election day can be I just stirred autumn
Clearly right, some states are doing automatic. Voter registration has access about has the time to cast the ballot, doesn't have to wait long lines like this be easy. You know Amy Walter Couplet, a report was talking about a survey, and I thought it raised an interesting problem here which, as you want, you can ask people you do you think I'm an paraphrase a base. It do you think our democracy is better off when more people vote or when basically the right people about people who know what they're talking about both right and see this partisan divide where, where the vast majority of Democrats say America's stronger, when more people can vote and fewer republicans think that not less than a majority of Republicans now believe that America stronger when more people can vote it's a sort of seeping these this seeping kind of anti democratic trend, but the other thing to as I've
I always feel like where a little bit on defence on this issue like yes, of course, we believe that more people should have access to vote, but we're in this political fight, where there's just a concerted effort to make sure that doesn't happen, which is why it's really good that Jason Candor has started his organization called let America vote, but I increasingly think the Democrats, just think long. Terminally, republic, Republican set in motion these voter Idee plans. These voter fraud plans for years and years and years right they've been thinking this through as a waiter, disenfranchise people under the guise of protecting the vote, and I I keep them back to the idea of constitutional amendments weather at the national level at the state level, to guarantee every citizen the right to vote, and I wonder, if that's not going to be so many democrats start campaigning for and making making a part of our place that we want to make sure that any person can shop in election day. If there are citizen they have the right to vote. That's a sacred thing. You know it's! It's this crazy thing where the right to vote is not directly enshrined in the and I do think, is something we could change loving. It creates a good point about the constitutional man, but I do think people just our campaigning on that, but also like AL
can see a lot of results in the states right as people are pushing for this Rhode Island. Just past automatic, registration? Of course, they have huge democratic majority but this is another reason why a lot of these state elections are so important, because a lot of state elect a lot of electoral law is made in the states. I think we could help us issue there really well, ok, when we come back, we have the interview we did with Corey Booker on Thursday stick around for that. I can't believe that Corey Bugger announced that he is if the present on our side, Go anywhere, responsive America and there's more on the wet pod. Save America is brought. You buy square space. Make your next move with a beautiful website from Square space Lou they time that up, love it. It's your favorite add copy day day they must have heard your complaints square spaces beautiful award, winning designer templates, create a beautiful website or online store with an award winning template square space, provides award, winning twenty four seven customer service and a unique domain experience
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I don't want you Paypal, does we get out of hand as friends there like that shit was real? That's like need much like you should heard. The first take. He was upset yeah. That was the toned down version. Nice beatin, his bottle of wine and you're lovely triple your twitter was that's your ear malware attacked for attacking job of doing the gift of why it was good, Michael I shall make data Tommy later it was a wonderful little card are signed by all three of the band member. You know what that listen, we can get into it, but there's a lot of politics into whose names were on their card John. We can talk about it later. It was from the ban, businesses, something simple Tommy and show Meek and O Neill all played in the band. I mean if you Eddie, Her name to the card than the other, groomsmen, Josh and Andy would have had to go to this is of it would seem that goes a band gift and not a groomsmen gift. That was where I came down on. Ok, cool, global! That's right! That's great! You ever loved
you're very generous. Again, I told you I thought your toes was incredibly meaningful. It's you who did a great job at the wedding, funny, no notes! Amazing Rona none anyway anyway, guys download the catch up. We have. We don't have any time is anything else about it, just download the catch up to that of so to resolve at the healthcare bills and services the news? How do you see the chances of Stalin they now. I know there's a flurry of activity today. There now talking about getting ready at some of the tax cuts and maybe using them to beef up the subsidies and I'm sure if they do that so called at some big compromise like what's what's the game plan offers, while I think the anybody in the last year in politics is still wants to talk about the chances, something happening, pray you have to fight like this is imminent. This is people's lives.
This is a very character of our country at stake. This is not a time we should sit back, saying. Maybe he'll get this. No. This is happening unless we stop it and every Bush take personal responsibility. I, when I was grown up, I've taught the tend to let her words their most important and in a moment like this, which is if it is to be, it is up to me and if we're gonna stop this people have to take personal responsibility to stop it. How do you keep in the headlines about you, you and and John Louis have at great sort of organic protests on the on the capital steps couple nights ago. How do we continue to stuff like that? for the next couple, so I'm the last person that should be telling folks how to do creative protest. I should try to think of myself about it, but I want everybody is listening to think about like what can I do? to break through the noise. What can I do in my circles to get people to pay attention when my favorite moments of history? I think Taylor Branch calls it. The children's miracle is when king was
feeling doing is normal marching in Birmingham you just come out in nineteen sixty three from the Birmingham jail. I wrote those at the one of the most amazing pieces of american literature ever their letters, the Birmingham jail, but it was too young people that came up to him. Dorothea cotton, James Bevel, that pushed him to try a different type of protest involving different people, something it resisted doing before, which is to get young people, and I'm talking. Kids, like eight nine ten years old, to stand against bull Connor is so shocked. The american consciousness that suddenly, within days a celebration, fell in Birmingham Alabama and so I'd all of us or creative agents of change, and often we don't flex those muscles, and, in my entire career, United I've lived and worked in your new jersey. Since I've been in a professional coming out a law school- and you know I've done. I've lived in mobile homes, parking the worse drug corners in our city. I did attend a hunger strike out in the projects in New York
we thought of my team and I who all took on Conan o Brien when he insulted our city by banning him from New York Airport hub everything, creative. We could do to break through the noise for city them disregarded disrespect that are just plain disc and communities that people want paying attention to. We fought to get our city on the map. We fought to get people to pay attention and we fought to bring in resources opportunity for a residence. So this is a time where you are creative artists and it's time for everybody to think what can I do and don't allow your inability to do everything to undermine your determination to do something? If you just say to yourself between now and the vote on this health care bill, I'm gonna do one concrete thing every day. Maybe it's building a video of myself with my grandmother, whose in long term, nursing home and just let my grandmother speak. Maybe it's doing something like you know. What
I'm going to write a poem and read it out loud or have my kids read? It is something we can all do. Every single day may seem small, but, as I was taught, and now that I know of than the research, it was tiny actions done by activists that lit literally radiated out to change my life and its one. The reasons I'm here I now. So what do you think? The democrat darkness and their posture should be in terms of trying to blocks Station deeply, that the filibuster by amendment tactic, something that should be pursued. You dont Murphy He- and I were saying this- way before anybody else was saying this, and it became a part of the popular idea in the left that we should do, way filibustering. The last vote. Aroma. We were talking about trying to get to start because we knew what was coming and we were some of those agents. It said, let's stay here, two three four days until were at the end of our exhaustion,
which is easy for the young men and women in the sad to say when you and when you have other oaks out it's. This is not fair, feats of strength in some areas that we should be doing it look I'm about winning, and I want to do whatever attack that can stop a bill that will devastate not only the lives of tens of millions of people, but I think it will be a damaged the character of our country and will change the very idea of what it means to be american and so shots Murphy and I are part of humorous leadership group. He has served young rabble rousing in the Senate. I say that in Senate years, under no other measure of my young, but all the weight, some of the states people in the Senate, like like Centre Patrick, lay he and we're all we or passionately committed to trying to stop this bill, and I think that from that's the right, these are gonna, come forward. I sought it centre for american progress. Today came out with you tonight
is on how we might have a bipartisan. You, no proposals have improved the affordable care act Mccluskey Collins CUP, other people who s couple Davis and I we should be doing this by partisan way. Do you. Any chance of reaching out Publicans trying to get a working group is this thing maybe looks like it's collapsing. Other public insides tredah scoop up some of the senators. On under public inside, were thinking, maybe She did this in a bipartisan fashion and go from there. What's the push which the posture I've got a lotta legislation passed here, that's not in the public glare and has become politicize. Over years and years and years, member Obama was attacked consistently by people whipping up fears of death. Pals Obamacare became cinema. You could literally go to summer bubblegum than say or your favor. This thing called before. Look at me. I love that, but I hate that a bomb, a carrot and has been so politicized, but this place does that all the time we get things done, I pass legislation with TED crews to help probably-
stations coming out of the natural disaster, so that kind of stuff can get done and by the way they ve been phenomenal ideas lying around the Senate and the last two congresses. They could have made a tinker's with Obama care to make it better more for it. So I'm not. I have no doubt that that can happen, but this is a political moment has become so charged were. Common sense is going to the wayside of an all out belittle brawl. And the great thing is we have the numbers. America is with us Republicans mainstreamed in the can. They are with us on all the policy, so fine, we ve got the policy right, but politics is where this bowels gonna be and the only way we're gonna win. This is if people get off the sidelines if people up refused
silent at a time like this. When you look at all the things job is done is for a few months. Where does the nomination of Jeff Sessions is attorney general rank in terms of things that we might most regret or might have the most lasting consequences serving as an under covered quite problem, except for Europe early stand against him right. So I listen you as my love, you guys so you're you're part of the people that, as I get up here in the morning and the second, I listened to your pie. Guessed you sort of like you guys are our sourcing beleaguered spirits and I'm I'm one of those among your fan, but I just want to challenge you all in the way you talk about these issues. Do not make it somehow if the two happening, Donald Trump, created all the problems and in earnest and where talking about Jeff sessions, marching
in some ways neglects the fact that under President Obama, there were issues going on where Americans should have been marching in the streets. There were issues. If you look at black lives matter, protests in which tens of thousands of Americans were marching in the streets. It would would drive me crazy. I had a massive effort when it came to the sand reef that all my hair, that is a joke, but at what? What makes me pull out my hair metaphorically, is the fact that he now, don't you be Doin boy, said longer: Clarice the tragedy of man is not that people are poor who has not known poverty. It's not that are ignorant systematic. What is intelligence is that man, no so little of man we, in a country where there are such outrageous. Injustice is going on every side old day, that would show the consciousness of this country, if they only saw you if we didn't render massive
populations of Americans invisible, and this is happening under session and that is that Justice Department is happening now. I just came back Alabama in Louisiana just to visit the most outrageous instances of in My mental injustice argued environmental racism standing in communities where corporate villainy has put in on this. Union town or to Lassie landfill, was in historically by community, can trace their histories back to the slavery. The well but they have as in their land, but now landfills have been put in their driving down. The cost of their land land those letting off such toxins that people as I went to church after church, tell me the camp close on the line outside because they end up smelling salts wrestle rancid. They can't open their way. Those their respiratory illnesses rates. There. Cancer rates are so high because some corporation This has is doing hateful policy, something they would never allow in their children's neighborhoods they're, putting it arse,
So when you told your session and the reason why I broke with my own sort of efforts for years trying to build relationships on the other side and decide to risk relationships with a lot of my republican colleagues by breaking tradition is because I fully believe that the biggest sin, the big Shame in our country that folk aren't talking about nearly enough that people are indulging in the worst type of privilege which says it there an injustice out there. But it's not here think of me or my family's. What must not be that serious without urgent?
we live in a nation right now is as one of my grace heroes. I was with an alibi Emma this past week and Brian Stephen said: will you get treated better if you're rich and guilty, then? If you are poor and innocent week, have prisons, and I visit them often was one in one at the beginning of the month up in Connecticut, where, if you were as I walked in, I said to the warden, it was a women's penitentiary. I said how many women here are victims of sexual assault, sexual abuse of those kind of crimes. As she looks at me, a strong, tough warden looks at me with with, a moment of just compassion, and she says about ninety five percent of the women we incarcerate in this country in a way that is so simple
oh violated of are our american principles. Where, if you look at that the experienced I had growing up in a wealthy, comparatively wealthy neighbourhood went to Stanford University and saw so much drug use, people huge joke about it with a cavalier attitude but new building in New York for the last twenty years. You see that there is an entirely different justice. For the poor and for people of color that praise upon them. And now our criminal justice system has no differently blacks and whites for using drugs, really feeling drugs. In fact, young white men have slightly higher rates of dealing drugs, but black people were arrested for almost four times more likely as a result of that drives poverty, a neighborhood any breaks up. Families ripped apart communities. The American BAR Association points to forty thousand collateral consequences. You come out of prison. Don't even go to prison. Just get the felony charge for doing things to the last three presidents admitted to do,
and you now your life. You can't get a program, you can't get business licences, kick it jobs, kick it loan from the bank. You can't get food stamps, you can't get on public housing. We have a system now that so devastates our country, that now we have more african Americans in America under criminal supervision, then all the slaves one thousand eight hundred and sixty five, and so we are at a point where other countries have travel. Now, as on the formulation to the other nations, I sit in countries that are struggling to establish their democracy, but they look at me about our prison system and they say you say we have human rights violations. You do things at countries. Consider torture in your presence like juveniles, halter environment. They look at US You complain about not having money to invest in your infrastructure as our roads, bridges tunnel collapsing, but we are building a new prison in this country every ten days between the time I was in law school time, I became aware of
so you asked me about Jeff sessions and he is but a dangerous point. One a jagged, broken system that is so outrageous that we can sit comfortably right here right now, while in America right now. People's rights are being violated right now. There are children in prison who ve been rotting there in solitary confinement for not days not months, but over year, waiting for a trial, and so I get very emotional about this issue, because the only thing that that stopping this this issue from being dealt with is it good people are doing nothing about it. They don't seem to care. Sweeping a partner country. In fact, when university said, we'd have twenty percent less poverty in America. If we just had incarceration rate like our other industrial peers, because we're only five percent of the world's population, but one out of every four imprison people on the planet, earth is right here. So this is what just pissed off an end and what I'm trying to make my Senate career about.
Is shining a light on on stuff that folk, don't want to admit, How can we live in a nation that debt, as I saw it, Alabama with my own eyes, were you raw sewage running in the streets running behind people's homes there tropical diseases in in this country that we dont doctors exist in America mainly think they exist. In developing nations The black communities are living in because of a war. For lack of, already not immaterial poverty, but poverty of empathy apart poverty of love and ends, I want to see how I'm going to protest trump, I'm going to resist him, I'm going to fight him, but this stuff was going on well before Donald Trump. So, can I fall pointed out. I mean what are the injustices that people are finally
to see more and more of these is the depletion of things and we ve talked about. Had it had a talk about this on the show and cover, we see final Castillo in interest the injustice of that verdict by its never clear to me what what people should be pushing for on a federal level, verses alone,
level to make changes that would go, get some measure of justice or, more importantly, stapi things from happening. What do you recommend? So I have legislation specifically to this, that I just would love to get more people talking about that can bring people's attention. Look. We had it, but please problem in new york- and I was mare I still remember, the just sparkling came in and I got angry and like a black mare in a black city and it wasn't until they collected the data and showed me the data on police stops and did millions of the horse frankly or hundreds of thousands of dollars of of accountability work. I was like. Oh my god, we part ended apartment with easier. You just to collect data, and this is the thing that I got. The former head of the FBI seems call me to agree on so much so that I put it in my book and he's like look. We talk about these issues at a police, shootings, implicit racial bias, which is real, which is measurable, which Blackfoot Whitefoot latino folk
we all have implicit racial bias, but when you start infecting our criminal justice system undermining what it says across the way from my office on the spring, all equal justice under the law, there should be an urgency to do something about it. So my legislation does a number of things to try to bring about better police police cannibals. One the most basic things. It does and her boxer in the last congress. As my partner on it is just stay, I learned this is marries thing God we trust, but every bail, springy data I don't have it. If I don't have the data by kit measure it, you can't manage it, and so People are shocked when we say we don't even have federal collection of police shootings, I'm not just please doing the shooting believer police getting shot? We collect that data. So let's talk in the data, and this is what Obama did. That was brilliant, and this is what you could do. Let's stop getting people in defensive postures up when we start talking about recent America. Let's start dealing more with a sort of courageous empathy.
In love for each other and so would Obama's twenty four sentry policing taskforce? Did they brought in and by the way, I ran a police department. These the brave as human beings on the planet I remember being on the phone with my police director and we're talking about a hostage situation, a woman who had shot her boyfriend boyfriend jumped out the window, but now she's still got a gun to her child in the building. It was a danger touch and go situation, gunshot start going off While we are discussing what we were so so. Do I hear in the background the police healing go, go, go they storm at all Building, no situational awareness gunshots going off this kind of things cops do especially in urban communities were or acquired in legal manners, exporting huge loopholes that even generously we should close. This is the bravery of cops and what would Obama said taskforce which was so brilliant, is it lets focus on the data because the data how we gonna start solving some of these problems. So let me give you an example: there is a horrible incident in the south. What many of you remember just a visual loans to haunts me up? A white police
but sir sitting on a black teenage girl at a block party, redid and unacceptable use a physical force who would Obama sword doings with due to their efforts was saying that there are things called predictive analytics that if you look at certain things that are happening, you can actually predict when a police officer might lose themselves and do something it's heinous and condemn and should become but I know cops, you don't or salmon cops workshops cops deal with today. The kind of disrespect imagine that cop. In my it just storm the building. I told you about an incident that, all of us will remember, but yet, when you get there, this is the truth that incident there's a dead baby. That's just been shot. You then pick up and try to save rush to an ambulance waiting outside national trauma of that was a cop. Do that night they go home, they see their wives. They come back to work and they shop the next day and spectre to go to traffic, stop make us stop and that person in their constitutional rights causes out that police officer that gives no police officer gets
Stout has any right to pull you out of the car. I put you in a headlong. They should take that cussing and let them and if the person spoiling the law you're first men rights to sell. Tell me of you a senator which are here often call me a mother mother's day. I should get an award because that mother usually followed by something else, but this is what they found without carpet. Sat on a fourteen year old one, the best predictors of police officers losing it and crossing that line is suicide I worked at a suicide crisis hotline It is a motionless thing when you are dealing with somebody, it's that meant we ill on the verge of taking their lives and what they found a person who is. It has at the moment to be a ping in someone's file that cop should we pull decide, get some causing a support. Well, and they say that's one. The best predicted for when a police officer lose at an end and crosses at last well, the port, the guy that was did. This is from a wife Obama's data. People said to me: two suicides in the last few weeks before that incident,
to I'm just saying: why are we fighting each other when, if we stop and take a breath and all of us knit if they had a former head of the FBI can admit we have problem with police, implicit she'll bias, it is a problem in this country. I've seen police directors around our country admit we have a problem with implicit racial bias. Let's all take a breath, not get defensive and say: let's do something about this constructive, practical in evidence based, but right now we're engaged in an almost a dumb debate, because the date we don't have the data to do to argue over, I believe from my personal hyper, not busy on black high that when I live in a committee with my white friends I got pulled over, a lot more than they did, and we should do something about it Just are arming ourselves with the day and the information, so my legislation is about collecting that data and creating incentives for police department or on the country to confront the truth of implicit racial by, policing, so area in Europe. Saying you know, data based in our legislation
looking at each having empathy for each other regions as the hour sounds a lot like our own boss, Brok about right. When he's are running in o seven. I remember he started. You know what one of his first speeches of the dance he was. You know one of our biggest battles isn't about legislation is in, but ideas about were battling cynicism, right people don't believe and because politics broken, you re the Trump more symptom and the cause of all our problems. But one thing I worry about the many things even after Trump leaves. The presidency is the damage. Done to people's belief in what this country can be and in working with each other and seeing each other and and being one United country is severe and it's gonna take a blood of digging Where do we begin on that, because now we have even on our side, and I will have people who are angry and democratic fight more and be tougher and be more strident and more partisan and party weave this back together. Begin to waive this back together and get people to believe in something look, your Europe s.
I did I lost it. My temper had to tweet back at the present time states who talked about a person the media owes me gone warring. Joe a viable way- and I just said this is unbecoming for a ten year old are not to mention the president of the United States of America and you know, James Ball and ass. His wonderful, a court where he said children are never good at listen to their elders, but they never fail to imitate them. The highest office of the land is embodying a level of character that is offensive, a lack of character. That is offensive, but but this is a problem and this I personally struggle with. We tend to project out The change we want to see the world. These people need to change. These people need to change and whenever get ourselves. I dont think anything changes in this world unless were willing to and so just my own life, like I'm sorry, go back to another poor black community. Now, let's go to North Carolina
dearest nine million pigs in North Carolina, wonder where I'm going to court? How to just give me a little oddity earlier, let's go to the recent runway. I know this may not sound like a composer story about give me a moment. I promise you. I will circle back to what we're talking about
your nine million pigs north. There are nine million people in New Jersey, pigs produce ten times the waste matter that human beings do New Jersey. We have waste treatment plants a deal with this, an ecological way in North Carolina. That is a whole lot of pig stuff, and so they fill massive lagoons with it and they take that lagoon stuff. I've gone down a witness and spread over feels. I watched it missed off of the property of these massive pig farms into black communities and these outcome, our communities I've set out on these amazing grass, was leaders or like we're prisoners in our own home can open a window can't run our ammunition. We have again respiratory diseases, cancers, they industrial animal processes, the biggest company down there. I think this one is a Chinese on company, but until the poison, black communities, land values, goin down again, are pouring I challenge area by the stench and spelling dear. Why am I talking about that? Because I'm as individual every day,
enjoined to go to the market and by my bacon in oh, I get it for cheap prices, having no understanding that this cooperation is outsourcing its pain, its costs on to poor black people in North Carolina end some white people in those communities and internalizing whether profits and on benefiting from it on participating in a system that is evil because of the suffering human suffering. It's costing people on cancer. I may add little had a Vietnam better and Tommy. I left to go the Vietnam WAR so excited to come home to my community and I suddenly became prisoner Mile and so what I'm saying is that I do this on my job. I point out injustice. I fight for legislation, but I really go home every day and say I am responsible. What am I doing? How can I change better to see the world to change the world around me? I was at a humane society of that and we're talking about compassion and love,
animals, and so my brings me a tweet Paul Ryan that is so angry mean and vile it at this. Loving I'm like I'm glad, when I'm feeling the energy here mobile was there any such a great deal and they show me a tweet that is still contrary to that and in the end I hung them in and was gentle but an end, because you know I want to look to myself before criticise somebody else, but I just couldn't help thinking that if you want to see love in the world You're, not gonna, accomplished by being hateful. If you want to see more kindness in the world, you're not gonna, accomplished by being me- and so we are at this point now in american politics, where it has gotten- and I hate to tell this- I'm a progressive Democrat. I desperately think we need to be moving towards you, no universal health care. I too, I have views that. I desperately think that we need to change the way these countries going, but I also know,
we're not gonna get there in a democratic way. We're not going to turn a republican way, the only where you get this finding ways for us as citizens to go there together and and I want to win the intellectual arguments. I work that way, but something typing right now, where we are so reflexively against each other. What were the lowest points last presidential election for me not as low as the outcome, but was watching the presidential debates? The republican debates were my governor, so I can write a dissertation on my disagreements because Christie, but he's looking at Human- and I see is humanities, dictate me, and I acknowledge that he's getting pilloried for hugging Barack Obama. Hillary for hugging for human contact is being vilified in our public discourse and when did the, when did he hug them? It was after Hurricane Sandy. The president comes in two damage, he walks down and an end to the men hot and I'm a hugger, and it wasn't really good, has seven awkward
awkward man? How do you know it was like Bros laugh? Because I really want to touch you because you know, but my point is: is I'm going to fight like hell against this president? But The lamb change me. I still remember. I got a lot of flak from ice the little while because president during the convention's tweeted out something negative about me, which actually made me feel really good because he had attacked everybody in this from Elizabeth List, Warranty John Mccain, because you I feel left the house is not important enough with the president if you say something really vile with me now, sitting screw squabbling, because what your message to the president would you say, I think, recalls ready for me to fire back, and I said I looked, I meant to say I love you and I want you to be my president. I'm gonna work has hearts held against you to be my president, but on the whole it youth turn me into something that I'm not and something that I think we need in this country. I know this is that people can make fun of me for saying this, but I'm I think this country was founded by com, imperfect men,
who put forth genius, but they were savagely imperfect any effect they called native american savages in our declaration of independence still there that racism is still there that bigotry still there. We don't want refer to it all. I always say that that stop the car Michael of I think at the best joke he said, constitute constitute economic, say, three fifths of the word, So this country seat in bigotry, sexism hate racism, these these geniuses were able to put forth ideals, it were bigger than them but they knew something that is so important. They knew that his country could not make it has with the first all this constitutional democracy on a planet earth right now we're not form because we all pray la la theocracy, we're not form because we all look alike were were not nodded dissent from the same family tree. We're saying what's all this country together these ideals which are not worth
the paper they are written on unless there lived in the hearts of the people and the great thing about Israel's ideas of these genius is put forward that were so much more bigger than they were inspired. Generations of people. That say, you may not have included me that Susan B Anthony said this is going to include me. You may not have included me, but Sojourner truth says this is going to include me, but the point I'm trying to make his the one thing in the declaration of dependence that is at the end, and isn't that nod towards racism like calling native american savages? is the end with a basically make the grace testimony to love. They say we must mutually pledged to each other or lives or fortunes, and our take her honor now Think about it. A lot like am I showing sacred honour it. As I go about my politics, I cannot get to anywhere in this country. I don't think that's noble and right without that ideal of love and commitment to my fellow American, and we want the like each other, all the time, but we should be striving to spur tolerance. Tolerance is a cynical state of mind. We should be striving for love,
and this is what I know about- why I'm here why? The fourth elected african American and the history of our country, the United States Senate since reconstruction? I got here because of it piracy of love. I got here by ordinary Americans who got woke, and saw the dignity of some one, in Birmingham that was blue can they were white and they came from New Jersey to March with them. I'm here because of people who, literally, in this town fought against companies hiring blacks and had my dad become higher is a first black executive salesman for IBM. I can go through the stories on how individual amount gins just seeing things that were wrong and assigned to stay up and do what was right. Not waiting for the president, not waiting for senators waiting for Congress, That said, you know what I mean. I will do everything, but in the cause of this country and in it of love. For my fellow american I'm going to make any sacrifice for this country and an insult
You know what the biggest thing we underestimate, how powerful we are as Americans, our workers, most commonly people give up their power is realised and they have it in the first place and end we each of us can do individual things, radio on history, I know we're running, but I just want to tell you this is a shocking moment for me. This week I had the incredible privilege of sitting on this capital steps which, that was just going to Facebook lie mean Jean Louis. I call them my friends, top Ike turns out. We hundreds and hundreds of people coming see John, who is sitting on capital steps eternity. Farming moment talking about this healthcare bill or that such ass, the safest, Jean Louis, which I will surprise. I altogether reset it before row about it my book, but I never said to him. I grew up in a bear. Privilege, town because of civil rights activist through something called a fair housing council and literally, why people black people into storefront? That's it. This is crazy, most hounds and bird. I won't let black people live in their own blacks experts box. Where have they go? Look at a house
real estate agency, this is been sold I'll, just pulled off the market. That's what my parents experience when they're moving from DC to New Jersey. If you got the fair housing some lawyers, so the sting operation? My parents would go, look at a house. The white couple would follow them find a thousand still foresail after my parents told me was already sold. They fell over this house one. Grew it and they were told it was sold. Why couple comes is still foresail the Waigel, but a bit on the house and bid was accepted. Papers are drawn up on the day. The closing the white couple doesn't show up. My dad did and a volunteer law here they confront. Real estate agent, who then doesn't just say that you got me on breaking know this guy punches by as learn the face: six, a dog on my dad and a brick. So we moved in their under this terrible cloud of just violence.
And so then we becomes my father effectually call this. The four reasons in a tub of Sweden allies grew out of the picture this this Monday and sit on the capitals have. I am now United States Senator and trust me if those folks hadn't done that fight. I wouldn't be here, and I can say that a thousand times over it with my dad born poor in the deep south, if family didn't that, wasn't their blood and take my dad in, I wouldn't be here. If the people in the church in that town didn't put money clad in a collection plate dollar bills, what's the our ally when helping my dad go to college, to break our history, having no college of my family I decided to go back and tracked down error and I was going back. I live in highrise projects in the neighborhood to live in right now, I turned to him and tell him. I don't know if you know this, but I had to go back to work My book I had it to Patrick.
Every story? I was telling him I like you want to Ben Carson moment. He knows something that was saying smart. Yes, so I decided to go back and tracked down error and I was going back. I live in highrise projects in the neighbour. I still live in right now. I found guys deal drugs. My first arrived on the scene. Everybody can find what I said I gotta find these lawyers. The story I mean- dad everytime, you would tell a story. The dog would get bigger and, as you know that so there was a pack of wolves ought to get me into the town. So I had a final these folks law or short as long as we're long right. I find the lawyer that organise he spoke together. Gotta case file helped him carrying Carolyn Book and, I said, Why would you a white guy in the sixties who is barely making it struggling to start your business aprons tries to our businesses are hard. It is I who Would you do what you're doing- and this is a response to me- and this is why told us a John on the steps during one the most important healthcare fights. I say this way said to me John congressmen Louis and he Then he said to me, I know
day that I made the decision and I go. What day was he was court? Was a Monday I go. How do you know it's a Monday is eighty four years old thinking back to the nineteen sixties. And he goes court because I was sitting comfortably home on my couch watching tv, and I saw a bunch of people trying to march across a bridge coffee Edmund Pettus Brief, and I was so shocked and move thy told. My lord that money. We have good Alabama, he D shook his head and that we can afford to close this place. So we decided you know what we're just two guys, let's get on the phone, No, they buy New Jersey might need some legal help and we found the fair Housing Council and I told that Johnny Surprise and I said Sir I dont, have you those other marchers knew the power of love and one person standing up for injustice in Alabama instantaneously changed the heart of people in New Jersey who instantaneously through their work, change the outcome of power and of people's lies in New Jersey, literally loved leaked geography and leaks time too.
Generations yet unborn. I'm here because Americans, whose names I dont know put dollar bills and collections plates. America's I dont know and can't named stood on a bridge for one act of protest. One act of protest change. Heartening that's the power of love dont! Let Donald Trump turn you into something: you're, not dont. Let hate make you hateful the leg darkness make dark. We have one choice in America: a cunt conceived in the declaration independence through this commitment to an a common commitment to one another that we to give each other or lives or fortunes in our sacred honour to let a healthcare bill. Turnus. Do something we're not that's about tax cuts for the millionaires we come from a country that says You are important to me. We need each other, give you my sacred on I'm going to give you my love. I'm gonna give you my life, if necessary, and in this ban we gotta remember that in this time of a president states, demeaning and degrading other people. Don't demean him, don't degrade, him don't be what he is rise above that an
as king and Gandhi, who defeated some of the most powerful for on earth. What will have shown us that love? If we are bold and sacrificing- and willing to give it all, love ultimately will win the day and we, as a country, will get out of this period and get back on the road to justice. Harangue Huska place. Ten in my question, took out a small step the cap. I owe my guy well, the older I get the better I was at Stanford. Thank you so much you're, very generous of you guys. We really appreciate appreciate this is great. Thank you. Ok, everyone! That's all we have heard today you guys. Are you guys going to any state beaches this? Fourth of July AIR, what's gonna gathers, is a big, beautiful, empty beach just one criminal on it. Otherwise, so I think I gotta gruff talking to ladies and gentlemen, you gotta
I forget what the name of the Hostile Association is like horizon, or something like that. Their spokesman, absolutely savage Christie. Encoded like the twilight of his failed political career, I mean he cannot catch a break. This is what the dumbest political news I've ever seen to sitting on the beach their family, while everyone else sweats it out but congrats caress. Would you, that it has made him a big target for her people, who don't know, talking about Chris Christy, was doubtless state beaches in New Jersey because of a budget fight, except he does to go to one of the clothes beaches with his family outside of a very expensive residents that the taxpayers pay for for the Governor New Jersey, which I dont know why they do that by the way, but anyway any light about it. They asked him. Have you had me? Have you got any son this weekend? We said no and another Ok, we have this picture of you on the beach with your family was cool and then the governors spokesman was dislike.
Though, he wasn't getting any son because he had a hat on good nail back good move? Could cleanup elder does love that, like hey Governor Guinea son this weekend in Dublin Christmas, it kind of look them look moron gotcha, the guy has a fourteen percent approval rating on his way out of office. He's go he's he's on his way to try to bring the record for a low. A proliferating he couldn't get hired in the trunk administration. That's out toxic is currently
The record is rod below average of Illinois. That's who has it right now he left office with a seven percent approval he's an actual criminal who unilaterally office in fucking handcuffs improvement. I think that's the level so Chris Christie is Chris. Christie is knocking at the door, rod we're going to let you know what, though, honestly from the though I will say that there is one aspect of this respect, which is when your approval ratings of fourteen percent and you're leaving in ignominy in disgrace. Like ok, go to the beach, what can happen? but with what are you looking to do to him? You don't go to. Each Chris, your, u pussy, robust your reality. Give zero fox have a great time again at some sound and that's our show, this is what you get for, standing by Donald Trump and italian press conference looking a moron one? everyone just sort of gives into Donald Trump
and decides to like give up their dignity in exchange. For I don't know some White House job in the Fuckin Trump administration. This is what you get just couldn't happen. Couldn't happen to us a guy. You are the equivalent of a small businessman who took a chance and decide to make Donald Trump some cabinets. You end up with fucking nuts. By the way it's funny. They were doing this because I'm just remembering in Korea Bucker Interview which all of you just heard. He says some nice identity because they were to do so anyway. But but you know he sat in the sun on a beach- that he closed? That's not a great thing. Ok, everyone have fourth of July and we will we'll talk to allow their take some pictures. We members here Congress, members of Congress or against healthcare mega, make a tv we live in a tv told treasures at us. We want to see parade the media's broken people on the cap,
but the dumbest shit, bye, bye,.
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