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Donald Trump incites a violent insurrection against the U.S. Capitol, and Democratic candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff make history in Georgia, wresting control of the U.S. Senate away from Mitch McConnell. Then New Georgia Project CEO Nsé Ufot talks to Dan about how years of grassroots organizing paved the way for Tuesday’s victory.

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I welcome the positive miracle. I'm John favour Andean, five, so late. Tuesday night you- and I were texting about how excited we were to talk about Georgia today and we're gonna, do that, including interview with ends it you thought the organizers, whose years of work made the Senate victories possible on Tuesday night but we have been robbed of the joy from those victory. by a mob of violent extremists who are encouraged to stage an insurrection against the United States government by the man who was supposed to be leading it, and so that is what we have to talk about. First
The congressional certification of the electoral college votes on Wednesday should have been a routine event. It usually is but Donald prompt and well over. A hundred Republicans in Congress led by centres, Josh, Holly and TED crews, decide that they would object to the election results in an effort to overturn the will of the voters done from also urges- porters, multiple times, descend on Washington. Over the last week, saying quote B, It will be wild Then, on Wednesday morning, while Congress gathered to certify the election Trump incited a mob of his supporters outside of the White House, many Armed in time, them to march towards the capital. To quote give our publicans, the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country and they did and they clash with capital, police and shots were fired and for peace. died in the entire United States Congress, along with the vice president, either Barrett,
Hid themselves and offices or evacuated from the capital while trumps supporters. The building carrying weapons, trump flags and confederate flags, bombs were later discovered and detonated at the capital, the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee. It was the this time, the? U S, capital has been breached since the british invaded during the war of eighteen, twelve. Except this time the invaders were streamers, who had been incited by the President of the United States. So that's where we are then. I will stop there and let you react to what you saw unfold yesterday. Watching the everything that happened yesterday was a mix of emotions, it was incredibly scary right. You and I both worked in that building. We both work now, building after nine eleven and the idea that people could just walk right in there and take it over with all the skirts company places. Incredibly scary, it was sad at
a terribly like boy. I had viewed what's gonna happen simply with just the over The ambitious snake oil salesman. Try two, overturned the wall, the voters and impotent display of authoritarianism as a dark day for democracy. But when you have in armed insurrection, egged on by the present. I had states like that. Isn't it credibly sad day for democracy ad On top of all that, it was asked, lily infuriating because it was so predictable, so preventable, and we- we knew we were headed in this direction for years now, and all of the various stakeholders in the Republican Party right wing media at the social media platforms, just by and watched it happened and ignore the warnings, and we ended up in a criminal choice.
and we are so incredibly fortunate for us horrible is yesterday was that it wasn't so much worth there was so much there could have been so much more carnage located. There were bombs. There were guns like as horrible's it was it a fraction of how horrible could have been of a couple of things had gone differently. I also find myself at times a lot of times, but really really angry when we We tried with this Monday on Mondays POD and you Like when I thought about the certification process and holly and crews, like I remain enraged at those working people but I was like these assholes going to stretch out the process van they're gonna be voted down, there's no chance, they succeed, there's no chance that fuckin pen. Delivers the victory to Donald Trump that Donald Trump thinks Pence could have, but he can anyway, like all that, was just it's fucking, upsetting but its garbage, the
Did the pod reasons like if you're in D c b care, well, because I did think about the crowds that were coming to DC and that worried me more than what was actually going on in in the Congress, and yet I was texting with mutual The bars in DC our friend, my colleague, who is, I can think of just getting the family out of here on Wednesday, because it's gonna be so bad and I was like out God that is bad, and then we saw happen. I mean like one of what the treaty really Sunday for me shared a lot from some Ed stern? He said well that escalated steadily for four years. Yet, like the scary thing about it, those we we all knew it was coming. Something like this was eventually going to happen. We were all afraid of it. We ve lost and when I say we Democrats journalists a lot of Republicans ever trump Republicans like a wide. What people all over the world saw. This coming saw this kind of thing.
coming someday, and yet we couldn't stop it right like that there were. We were powerless to start. We try mainly We try walk mainly because the only way to stop this was to improve them. Each. This man. Any time over the last four years and Republicans protected him too many Republican protected It is the reason to this day, but he remains a threat to this nation, too many members of the Republican Party, too many elected Republicans have chosen to protect this man and so the rest of us. To sit here and worry that something like this could happen, and we are powerless to do anything about it until he leaves office That's what's really that's really awful and by the way it didn't you, I've been in DC. Stay houses in Georgia in Kansas in other parts of the country there were trump mobs there to rest Berger, Sectaries State Georgia had to be escorted out of a state. Has there to protect him end? Just you know,
happened in the capital building was just fucking atrocious. They vandalized offices. They were down the Senate floor. They were in policies office, they wrote, murdered the media on a door, big letters I mean it was revolting, it was revolt In my view, my first question is out of many questions like there are thousands of people at the capital There were twenty six arrests on capital grounds on Wednesday, only twenty six. How did the capital police failed to secure an event that was being it did by the entire United States Congress. The current vice president. I had states and the next one. Pressing I'd states. I mean this was like a president and nine Supreme Court. Justice is short of a state of the union, which is the most closely guarded heavily guarded event in a man. Erica every year, what the what's going on. I mean is clearly one of the greatest security failures in modern market. since nine, a eleven worse than nine eleven leg. Just it will
it's nine eleven if they had told you, nine eleven what's gonna happen and you didn't prepare for right, yeah and There needs to be an investigation into what happened when capitalist. Why are they fell to prepare? Why were so? The cops taking selfies The protesters there is their videos that we did that contacts. So if you want to know more about it about an opening in the gates of any people in, why did this happen?. may there needs to be an investigation and he's be accountability, and there are likely needs to be changes at the absolute topic. I believe this is your job right and I like what workforce set at minority leader he whispered by the capital please twenty four seven is penalised. Some of them have not really really good people working up which do really good job, but from top to bottom this was a gigantic. So here we need to know why, because The members lies where it rests. Like I read a instagram post from the daughter in law of car, swollen battle dean who somebody's to work with. Her calling her family from her office barricaded, derives its people were banging on the door and she and her staff were afraid for their lives
That is the situation. We re there's another storm about how this is one of the greatest cyber security failures in history, because we ve ass, complete control of all of the computers in one of the branches of United its government for our and we have no idea what happened to those computers if something happened, just tat absolute failure where we want control the home of one of our Russia's government. It is, I believe, I do think you. This is related to the question on arrests. Is there is inherent levels of racism and how this plate a white protesters right, the people were times on twitter yesterday, one of reference Texas, about about how deep police surrounded a home in DC. For an entire night, because there are a hundred protestors who have inside and people were helped down. The steps as they left after The engage of armed occupation of United States Capital.
Why did it in a systemic, every level? Right? Because there are, you know lotta? Questions need to be answered. The question about the selfies, the question about they there's a video of cops, opening the gate and then there's also videos to of cops. Try to push the crowd back, just being completely overwrought right now probably says a bunch of their members were out because of fucking covered, so they have. Police and they usually have, but also there This force was aunt up from like a couple hundred to two thousand after nine eleven. Just for this very scenario for a scenario just like that, so even when, cops we're trying to push them back. They were overrun. we're, like you, know, firing tear gas. They did obviously shoot someone in the test who died, but like even when they were trying. They did not the numbers they needed, nor did they the way they should have to stop invading force when the entire. U S, Congress was inside the entire; fucking. U S, Congress Democrat
Republicans the two vice presidents, I just its Stagger it staggering. There should be a full fledged investigation into it as soon as rightly both? Have a lot of succession was in that building and there was no protect yeah there is an interview with it. With the most recent, chief or the capital police in the washing and postik, where she just destroys their entire preparation for, cannot figure out why they- if the barricade so close to the capital, why weren't they offer Kepler grounds if they ve been improved. Many many previous protests. Peace will, of course, and adjustment. credibly, dangerous failure that could have been in terms of what could happen so much worse than so many levels. As our innovation opposed to that the DC police, which sort of you knows guard the perimeter around outside, but they dont guard the capital itself, veins
because of all the posts, all Trump's post, that things were getting bad. They were worried that the Capitol police did not have shit under control, but the DC police, of course, weren't brought in until the evening to to settle things down It also like one of those heavily guarded cities in the world. Aside from Deasey Police and the capital police, there's FBI swat teams, there's fucking, like all goons that throughout this summer that were employed clothes that bill bar sent out, they care about guys matters, protesters vera around two and a lot of them were sent him, but they were sent in. Of course, after the Looking invaders had already taken the capital, unbelievable Let's hope of the follow up. So there were, statements of condemnation and discussed from other countries which are pretty hard to take and hard to read as an American there were statements of condemnation from former President Obama Bush Clinton from Democratic, and
public and members of Congress who did finish the certification after the capital was clear on Wednesday night. A hundred and twenty one house Republicans still voted returned the election when they got back from being. You know, target of an insurrection still voted to overturn the election, though only six republican senators voted to do so, including of course, crews and Holly so here is my question on this one. What the you more, the hundred and twenty one house members who voted that way after we're targets of an insurrection or the fact that every republican center, but six came round to the same position on this. This is a sad thing to say, but there's almost nothing surprising, that the right wing of the Republican Party can do. Of course, they still did this right is the political incentives that put them its position still exist and,
There is, I guess, my ears. I have a question for you. Actually, what was your reaction to seeing those statements of combination from former Republicans current Republicans, people who have supported Trump, so I am which they should it is no surprise to you. I am certainly not in the lake now they're heroes camp that some people seem to be in these days. But I think would happen is look when. when you're the one barricading yourself in a fucking office, because there is outside who are coming to get you and they don't care that your Republican who supported Trump because They are extremists who, only answer to fuckin. You know they're called leader, Donald Trump and they'll Motown Republican, just as fast as though MO down a Democrat, you know like. I think there are some Republicans who, partly because at least the pro Publican members of Congress,
only because they experienced yesterday first hand thought you know what this is now got not a hand, and we now get us up and look at some of them, some of them came to that realisation before the capital was taken so Mitch? Mcconnell had clearly had enough of this shit and gave a speech yesterday morning about how little to wait match little too late, but Mitch Magala gave a speech about how like we're we're, not overturning the election were moving on others, other shit, you know Mitt Romney has been, I will say, courageous away. Three it through all this, and it was rate. Like his outrage was real yesterday set cop. You know, not just saying like some leader, have caused this basically saying the president that, as this is the president's fault but like Mitt Romney, has been there for a while. So I do think that, like basically report hence divided up into two camps. Yesterday there were the ones who thought you know. It
I was on this train, but now shits gotten too far, and this is actually little scary even for me, and then the ones who are like you know, the Fuckin Matt Gates of the world and the House Republicans and TED Fuckin crews and Josh Fuckin Holly, who you know what it was it was. It was probably intifada yeah I was in if they did, it was- and I wasn't Trump loyalist- was Antigua and this fine and oh, come on, and both sides are to blame in Burma where in all bullshit, and that is the core of the Republican Party in that's, probably the part of the republican Party that will remain successful politically in months and years to come. Sadly,. My reaction is probably. Similar, but a little different I view most of those statements has pure CIA, its growth possible
and I'm sure there are seven over the eyes. I have no idea what goes on in these people's heads anymore. I just can't I don't know. I think we should be appreciated for people who speak out right if they do it sincerely, like, I think, Mitt Romney legitimate, did it sincerely George W Bush sincere, this TED crews. Statement condemning the violence did not seem to be dripping with sincerity, no fuck him. He didn't get done about it. Then he fuck inside tweeting it better. Like your dividing people, your rhetoric is divisive factor, crews, fucked But here is this. This is my reaction, which is thank you for your statement. Can I get it I odour of self reflection for how we got to this moment as all of the republic and Rice Mitt, Romney included, bear some responsibility for this, because I think one of the dangers of this entire situation. You got any road. The tiger. You rode the tiger, the dangerous situations we make it entirely about tromp trot lit the match. The started this, but all the
Republicans for more than a decade had been pouring the gas on the ground that let him do it right. we were Publican for us for we can imagine who has been talking about fake. vote or fraud in order to justify disenfranchises your opponents. Voters bear responsible for this. News berossus password to this, the social media. what forms that have allowed Americans, to be willingly, and only about Americans to be radicalized by this written conspiracy theories ourselves. For this. recognizing conspiracy theories and racial animals for political gain. Was the reply can play, but long before down from ever showed up Ben gas. is a conspiracy theory. Birth tourism is the conspiracy there. They ve been doing this for ever and this is where we get there and if we are in this situation, will talk about the centre of this way with amendment impeachment words like working yet shrub hands off the wheel and we're gonna be Ok? We are deeply King mistaken, because the forces that gave us tromp argue worse, not better. Look. This is
what's truly in city, about this- is that most of these republican we there's an rightwing media figures know what they are. Peddling is a lie. We said it before, like few people have more content for republican voters and the republican base than republican politicians and the right wing media figures who profit off of all this bullshit and every day they wake up, and they tell millions of a man Can these lies, and so, if you're, someone is voter you're, someone watches Fox NEWS urine fuckin a chain you're in one of these platforms, you listen to Donald Trump, you listen to Louis Gomer, listen to TED crews. What are you the world is what are you? the world is you think the world is a bunch of rights Democrats who hate you a dangerous or worse, pedophiles. Socialists they're, coming to get you there, stealing an election from you they have you there
come into the suburbs and kill you? That's what you hear day after day? day conspiracy after conspiracy and there no one to tell these people that it is a lie. No, We'll tell them it's a lie because their public and politicians want their votes, and even They know it's a lie. They just fuck and say it anyway, and they keep saying it, and you know what bike four Mitt Romney who you write like he went down this path and twenty twelve as well, but at least like he since scene. Seeing the danger of this and last night during his speech, he made that in point is like these are lies that we are telling these voters we are lying to them, and that is at the core of this. Is that these people being led to in fact, News Fucking Fox NEWS was still lying to them. Last night, Tucker Karlsson, still last night was telling them that it was anti for the infiltrated. This tiger Karlsson was still telling them that they're going to use this in traces of the capital to take away your rights. You work, can Fox news right now in your network is telling people that, after after a mob storm the
capital. You should welcome, look yourself in the mirror and asked why you're working a Fox news. You can see some seconds, great news report or produce, or anyone who works at that network or any the fucking Democrats. We have contracts that network no. There is such a desire, probabilities pulse, is narrated and covered by the bars majors like us to sort of set the whole thing into a world of protagonists and antagonisms, heroes, journey, etc. Insight trump, is the bad guy and then were constantly to were so desperate for some good guys from the other side. Is that fits with an area, Why? When which Mcconnell Data speech before the violence really we gave a speech condemning what crews and how they were doing and takes up the lecture results and all therefore, as like this is the most important speech which Mcconnell was ever given: bullshit The most important speech Mcconnell has I've given is that what he should have been run after the election, when he could have told voters to up the results that all these were wise? They were
of this happened because they thought they could leverage it politically in it. most burn down the capital right This is not just like it hurt the political, any loss of Georgia electrodes it all. It brought our government to heal four hours. Yeah. Like your absolutely right like this, this whole thing could have been avoided. With a couple of peaches from a couple Republicans, the day after the election. The day after the election, and Miss recovers that what why why, because they wanted to in Georgia, that's why they, they need they needed the base excited so that they could win Georgia. Well, you lost your internet in an almost numerous burned down the? U S government. So You miscalculated Mitch your cravat ass, all and you're bad politics. was sober trumps reaction. He spent most of the day angle,
it might pants. While this was all going on for not trying to unilaterally overturned the election form, he refused to approve Washington DC request for National Guard troops to help. So, parents and the Secretary of Defence when around him and approve the request themselves and then put out a statement that did this, acting secretary events, put out a statement thing I've been in touch with my pants and the congressional leaders about protecting the. but I didn't mention Donald Trump, because Donald Trump was so angry and pest and be that this was going on reports that the donor, was pleased? This was happening so they went so dont wasn't part of protecting the capital is used to piss. He was We finally, by his staff, to send out a few very tepid, tweets and video where he told the extremists that he loved them, but that they should go home and then he tweeted Like this is what happens when you steal and election basically was as to how we don't know what that does now, because it was finally deleted from twitter and then
Twitter, temporarily band him from Twitter and Facebook and both tat, firms have threatened to permanently ban him if he continues to violate the rules. I was prepping this morning's like camp. I can't keep up with this by things. but now said, he's band indefinitely and he's back on twitter or no advance on Facebook, Facebook in Instagram Mark Zuckerberg participants at Facebook and in an instant, We're gonna ban tromp for at least until the end of his presidency and possibly longer Twitter not entirely clear what is coming. He had a twelve our ban, I think, as of yesterday and with it- I don't know it by the title I'll, probably be in a different generation. By the title. I cast comes out, but I would not be shocked if, if twitter followed We therefore welcome. This is usually there slightly ahead, a facebook which is still waiting weight on somebody's deeply forming issues, but will soon atoms
and great great for twitter gray for Facebook, like you know, is One of our friends noted it sort of it seems it felt calmer last night that trumpet on Twitter, continuing giraffe things up though, as theirs Tommy also pointed out like This whole thing started not necessarily because it was treated because he got up in front of the White House about rally and told people to go storm the fuckin capital and so like the guy can still go to the briefing vermin cause trouble. So he is so that it is good that you through its good. These are faced with, but he's still threat. So the question is what can be done about Donald Trump? There have been calls for, each man among Democrats, including majority leader seem to be majority leader, trucks, humor and even some publicans, though, not to they publicly their there have been reports it's- that cabinet officials and White House officials are talking about invoking the twenty fifth amendment have been Whitehouse resignations overnight and rumoured cabinet resignations. What the!
Can we do here? should trompe impeachment from office. Yes that was true before this happened is even more true now, is he definitely unfit for the job of protecting awaiting America. One and should this wave of them would be invoked been chosen? Twenty fifty are those things going to happen? just worth noting that you need seventeen Republicans why we gotta go this two year? You need nineteen with the current Senate. Seventeen if us off Warnock Hersey twenty four hours ago there were twelve republican senators who refused to acknowledge Joe Pines legitimate election. So it's how'd, you imagine where, even if the house, what a future that we're gonna get seventeen took, invest nineteen seventeen- that seems very, very challenging, and I should say that e garbage last night. Mitt Romney on the way out of the Senate Metro. being the one Republican who voted to convict last time
last impeachment, because our talkin about a second impeachment, don't jump gets to impeachment, and he said you know, I think, that's really hard to do right now. I think we all have just hold our breath for the next fourteen days is what Romany said. So, if you have the person who, Victor last time the Republican who can last time saying I don't think it's possible this time I don't know where you're gonna find an additional. Sixteen or seventeen Republicans in the Senate to convict this man and look at the House once do gavel, intercession an Impeach Donald Trump as a symbol gesture is a purely symbolic gesture, which is what it would be unfortunate, in the house. I would vote for that resolution for sure, but that's all it lets. Let's kid ourselves, that's all it would be. I don't think you're gonna get seventeen senators, but Look if you want to pass the resolution and drop it Mitch, Mcconnell lap and make him Be the one to say: no we're gonna, not convict, Donald Trump. I think that's why I think. That's why
Angelo and Tommy pointed this out on Monday. It's it's not just to remove the threat over the next thirteen days. It is too if, if Donald Trump is impatient, victims. If he's convicted, he will never be allowed to run for any office again, and I do think it is worth trying to prevent him to make sure that he does not come back and twenty twenty four run again. Maybe you can sell that to cruise hallway entire right, I mean it. I had a good brought. My brother made this point. Why why they want him out of the picture Duennas when it for what it is. Look. I think you better Your question earlier about somebody's republican statements like Georgia, plays a big role here too. Donald Trump is of very little use to any of these Republicans right now. He cost them to Senate seats, seeds or helped Customs Yosemite. Let's say we're gonna get into this in Georgia. Customer majority,
destroy the house majority in twenty eighteen lie in the Senate majority, twenty twenty one term, president, the party is now in tatters. Send a bunch of them want to run for president two thousand and twenty four. Now they do want his voters. They don't want to piss his voters off which drives everything that they do. Every fucking destructive move they make is about his fucking voters, but like what good is. Trumped these people now, anyway, while I was reading this morning, I from Jake Sherman that up until yesterday, Kevin Mccarthy's plan for taking the house back was to work hand in glove with Donald Trump, to raise money for the house to rally in look in districts where he was a huge part of their plan. question is what what does that mean? I want to prepare everyone's expectations for this, as they aren't yeah all going right back to him and a couple of months, the
like they will find some grievance about. or some tweet of near at hand, ends and they'll. Send it right back into jobs right like that We should just be prepared for it because this about where the political winds are blowing and if you are a Republican who is a safe district, and your political fear is not a democratic election. It's a Magyar republic in the primary this pushes you in that direction, and down there going to be candidates running like Doug. to take the Georgia gubernatorial election and twenty twenty death. Doug Collins is almost certainly going to run against Brien Camp you think Donald Trump is actually campaign for Doug Collins Duckhouse, a national one,
there and then injunctions that primary and Stacy Abrams is that it is the democratic nominal. You don't think demo Frumps going to be on the stump and Georgia keeping since Europe's there's probably do our jobs are benefit, but he's not going anywhere right. No he's not going anywhere in all these problems and eleven? I think, maybe maybe the only hope here, the narrow group of Republicans wanna be president instead of I am in the Senate. Yes, yes, yes, I want to get rid of it: ass, an Arab, maybe the or just purely pure self interest. This episode of POD save America is brought to you by magic spoon, two balls of magic spoon cereal. This morning, after little Miss have yesterday morning when I took out the magic spoon port it in a bowl. No milk. No milk anywhere in the house just had about DR next year, What did you do war to myself. Made some noises, a man I was like. Well, I'm not gonna. Let the bowl go to waste.
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of nutritional insurance a free year supply of vitamin d, an five free travel packs with your first purchase by visiting, but it greens dotcom such cricket. Again, that's f, let it greens dotcom slash crooked. Now, as I was appointed amendment because I see that going around a lot and we just gotta talk about twenty fifth amendment, five of them, the constitution is provides for line of succession removal of the president in case the president falls ill or dies, or something like that, so What? Oh? Here's? What happens? If If a majority of the cabinet, size at the president is unfit to serve Now, when the amendment was conceived, it can either be because the President like has a stroke and is you know in the hospital and not conscious or because he's Donald Trump and a fuckin lunatic, take her take it back So if a majority of the cabinet, including the vice president, decides that the press
and is unfit to serve. They transmit a letter to Congress saying so. Vice president takes power, then there's then Trump gets move. If the president then says no, no, I M fit to serve and these people are trying to stage a coup. The president, tens The Congress saying I am fit to serve and then what Friends is Congress. If they're not already convened, must reconvene within forty eight hours and then, if and then come This basically has to vote to keep the president out of power they two thirds vote in each house to say yes, I'll drop is unfit to surf so You're, not gonna. Get that vote. Do there That's that's it. That's harder than impeachment goes impeachment any deeper than the Senate, but you need a majority in the house to keep to maintain the twenty fifty two thirds in both chambers, which are not going to get Only thing here is also says in the constitution, that Congress
twenty one days to make that judgment and to take that phone. So if the cabinet did this, if pence did this Nancy Protocol, just dick around for twenty one days. For taking the vote- and we had the twentieth- and that would be that Donald Trump wouldn't be in power for those days, my password soap you could, if you want to go through the cabinet list, dumb cabinet and see others. Fifteen of them, including the chief of staff, gets to be cabinet. Membranous administration, Obviously, mark noses and vote against him see if you can find eight votes in the cabinet. To you now say the down trumpets unfit to serve. I was, I was doing it where you re looking at those yeah, it's just If I was a fine game, I was just kind of looking through like is there not a lot like Gina?
I will do it. It's yea, probably Steve Minutiae after he embarrassed and maybe Alex Aser after an embarrassing and maybe but like Pompey, The boss- I don't know Can you imagine if We survived this moment as a country, and we start the planet from other authority and, like a hundred years from now school. Kids are learning why this guy was president for, like eight days, if the end Avenue explained this moment to them, So anyway, I mean look. I think we're on me said last night, is probably correct, which is that we made a practical effect of all. This is gonna, be that we're not to hold our breath for the next, the next thirteen. Days. We should also say that late last night, I think four in the morning eastern the White House did really statement from Donald Trump saying pledging an orderly and peaceful transition in saying that people leave on the twentieth. Which Donna having that statement out and how much it means dont know how fast he basically retracts it when he gets back on twitter
But that is where we are, as of let's see ten thirty Pacific Coast time today, on Thursday, Donald Trump pledging an orderly transition on the twentieth question about long term like What do we do about this violence? What do we do about this extremism? What is Joe Biden due to try to heal this country? He did speak yesterday as this was as this was happening. I think we have a clue of binding speech. The scenes of chaos of the capital do reflect a true America. Do not wrappers who we are. But we're shame small number of extremists cases of lawlessness, not to set. is the shorter, is chaos orders on sedition and it must, and now what you think,
And you think about in speech- and I do think, though, that the path ahead for him and trying to peace all this back together. His speech was great. in some of the things that frustrate a lot of Democrats about Joe Biden, the primary are why he answered That's for sure doesn't primary do sometimes, but that is why he is bracky. Is the person best suited to this moment? He is someone who approaches things with decent. And not anger, his natural instincts is unity in forgiveness, and that is the right temperament, for this is never someone who's going to throw gasoline on artifact he's gonna all. we try to serve appeal to the better interested even when those people have demonstrated no evidence that having angels he is going to try to do that. and he should continue to that. I think we all have to understand- and I imagine that Joe Biden does understand this as well as the sole crucial to this problem is not something that happens within the traditional bounds of quota court. Normal politics we are, we are not
a tour of red states away from unity. We are not more drinks with much Mcconnell away from unity This we are not while infrastructure bipartisan infrastructure a bill away from solving this round. This problem is indeed back to american society. It is something that include politics issued by politics, but goes much beyond politics, and we have Really take a step back all of us right. This is not a proper Joe Biden in the White House to solve. Think about how we fix it has our country is coming apart at the seams. We have. We had in armed insurrection. capital yessir by people who believe most of them too of course something that is perfectly natural. And that why was spread all across this country by, broken media ecosystem by social media platforms by politicians who knew better in none of that is going to get better on its own. We are not. fourteen days. Government is from normalcy by
if there is a lot of working out of the eighty one. I certainly don't have the answers to this, but it is bigger than one percent sitting in the White House, starting in two weeks I sort of a few specific things than one larger thing like we to regulate these social media platforms and not just like wait and hope that, like out of the goodness of their heart, you know Mark Zuckerberg and and and Jack going to suddenly decide to like implement policies that protect people and and and stop the incitement of hate and violence There needs to be some regulation these by forms. I think we need more pressure on rightwing media think there needs to be more competition for rightwing media from progressive media united. So this a million times why we do this, I think the next department of Justice. red tape by Marie Arlette in Tibet and the F B, I have to go back to taking white nationalism and right wing extremism seriously.
Prevailing it going after it. It is a incredibly dangerous threat to this country from within, and that needs to be a priority and then- You know, then, the work of the work of elections in the work of democracy right, like I, I think, that's as you said, like the odds are that we will face this kind of hate and violence again, and the statute has always been a part of who we are ass, a country, but you know our friend. been roads pointed out yesterday, tweeted there's always who competing stories about america- and you know we're a country of slavery and civil war and Jim Crow and horrific racist violence but yeah We are also the country of the civil Rights ACT and the Voting Rights ACT and Martin Luther King Jr, John Louis.
Ultimately, I think politics is about as choosing between those competing stories. And the story that we chose on Tuesday night look very different than wednesdays, and it was almost poetic right. Like Donald Trump ends the November elections. By trying to disenfranchised millions of voters spit quickly suing to throw out ballots in majority blacked areas like Detroit in Philadelphia and lucky. Meanwhile, mishmash Connell's Senate majority depends on to Georgia. Senators, who have literally profited off the pandemic, why denying relief to disproportionately poor and black and brown citizens of Georgia, who are hurting most in one of them Kelly, Leffler on one of the most race. Campaigns in memory against her black opponent and what happens on Tuesday. a multiracial coalition of whites and Latinos and Asians and more our voters, then
ever voted in any election in any state ever turn out too, and Ms Mcdonald Majority by acting a young jewish kid who- for John Louis and the first black demo at its centre from the south who litter preaches from Martin Luther King Jr Puppet and that's America too. We have a good clip of Warnock from his victory speech. every day, because this is America. The eighty two year old hands. It used to pick somebody else's cotton, went to the polls and picked her youngest son. To be a United States senator. So I come before you tonight as a man. knows that the improbable journey that led me to this place in this historic moment in America. Could only happen here.
We were told that we couldn't when this election, but tonight we grew that with hope. Hard work and the people by our side. Anything is George, a man we surprised Yes, only because I refuse to allow myself hope, We were on attacks chain where people making predictions and you you should feel. Glad about yours, but I refuse to do it for two. in wine. We don't make predictions like. That was a thing we pledge not unaware. You violated bye, bye, bye rituals, publicly public life prediction was like a transparent. My prediction was: was gonna, be a loss, and I felt you seem. what kind of on edge personally with the shoulder, prepare dieback? Really when I read your prayed, This isn't what I thought about both
in preparing for this podcast and thinking about everything, as happened last forty hours. Merkin politics is one Feels so discordant almost to talk about the joyous outcome Georgia and break down like what lessons to be learnt and how do we went and how we can sort out with We just went through right. We were gonna start the broadcasts with the wind that was gonna, be no very, very excited to we're very excited to buy imagine why yesterday and today would feel like if we Boston Georgia, everything that has happened since the election had been have, let you Republicans been rewarded with more political power. They validation of the idea that stealing elections in spreading conspiracy theories works. If. David Protein Kelly, Leffler joined the coup the night before the election is. If the voters have then, given that more six more years, that would have been actually, I've seen we at least are able to it's a small amount of comfort granted, but it is comfort that Mitch, Mcconnell becomes minority later he was
is the power to block Joe Biden agenda. We have a lot of work to enact that agenda, but they have paid. A political price and it's a pretty steep one for their behaviour, both during the Trump years and since the election and that feelings turned from joy to relief. After what we saw yesterday. In my mind, yeah so I dont know why I was so hopeful about Georgia. The whole time because I was a complete, anxious mass. You know before November and even when the on that issue in IRAN with and ass, they were with Miss Stewart. You know field, organizing data genius from the Obama campaign and Mitch I demand that we all make predictions in November at the end. That just just for me tell me what's gonna happen and we all refused men. I made I made no map for November. I may know predictions I was to worry, not even to myself. I am interpretations.
But for some reason in Georgia I start feeling I just felt better and I'm sorry feeling partners they felt. But about is because what happened in Georgia in November, partly because I leave so much in Stacy, Abrams and people were Latasha Brown and unsafe. We're gonna have on and all of these organizers in Georgia, in all the work that they have done, but also like the environment just felt right for this, and I had died at predicting that Warnock would win. By now, if, as in he's, currently upsetting five thousand, but more vote out. and us off woodwind by eighty thousand he's currently up thirty seven thousand more I don't want quite have that one, but pretty close pretty close, and I would say, by the way in early December, like we're either canoe win by. half a point or lose by a point and some of our friends were saying down for we're gonna lose by, for which read
but anyway, predictions aside predictions aside, so I would say about why everyone, but first What do we know about how this turn out in this coalition differed from the one in November, in which at least in the Senate, races therapy lookin slightly outperform the Democrats, which you know this is the why this is so amazing right, like we Just had an election in November. Make, one was calling it the perfect pole. We only perfect pose an election, and we took the perfect Poland November. David produce beat John Joseph and The republican candidates beat the democratic candidates in the special election, and so in two months time, suddenly demo come back and win what what What about the coalitions and to turn up. A couple of things are notable one. Democrats turned out more than Republicans and again, nay. Cone has a different cracks in math on this, which is
precincts had voted eighty percent for Biden in November. turnout, was ninety two percent of its no of note that a rapporteur in this ex that turned out for a trumpet that same rate of eighty percent. It was eighty percent, so that four percent difference is gigantic. That's one Jan there's, one more in in black desert heavy black districts, which were also eighty percent black or more Turn out was ninety Three percent of the November number, which is bigger than both the binding districts or the tramp districts even more shocking that all of that to me is there were a hundred forty thousand people who had voted early in this run who did not vote in November in, like I'm, only hurt two months two months in a special election when this was to be less attention and more and more drop off. You had
more vote, you have that over a hundred thousand more voters who didn't even vote November and demographically based on what we know from the earlier vote. That was a group that was largely favourable to Democrats, and that is, credibly. Audible. It is a better the absolute tribute. grass retorted, ask that's the only way you find those people. Through the hall for work of organizing as it is. Is it it's a tremendous feet? and it goes against history. In relatively recent history, there have twice been Georgia Senatorial run off after Denmark, one, the White House. In both cases, the Democrats was included in Nigeria, to a democratic combat losing because robotic turnout was debate through complacency, etc, and this time that didn't and our turn out was that when you're wrong, not in the ninety percent of November turnout and run off election, the Heavens three, a few days after New year's. It's unbelievable its unheard, it doesn't happen there are no hist
we're examples of happening that I've heard someone can prove wrong, but it just it it doesn't happen. It doesn't happen for so doubled. The turn out tonight four point: four million The prognosticated lot up. You know who were on these campaigns part this day. Parliament people believe that If turnout was north of four point- three million, it would be good for the Republicans because it meant that they are going to match the democratic turnout in the fact that it was four point, four million Democrats still one is, I think, even larger testament to the democratic turnout operation because I gotta how republican dig sag more than democratic turn out, but republic. turned out in this rates. They didn't like there Turnout machine was strong like getting eighty eight percent were in the heavy trumped up. Of their November turnout is Still very very good for special election, but Democrats just did more.
One point I just a few more interesting nuggets here. You ve turned out and youth share of the vote went up by one young voters by eleven points in November. often warning one them by thirty. Four points to the share of youth voters went out. Let the Latino share of the vote went up so they did did better among the latina voters who showed up than they did among routine of utter to shut up in the general. A man. As you mentioned, the A hundred forty thousand voters who voted in January, who did vote November, were disproportionately young and people of color. How to very heavily democratic groups. Free reasons you generous, organizing candidate message, let's out with organizing what and here- and I know you gonna- take a too and say about this- a more but just as a top level. A combination of a decade of work. They did not No one took a day off. They went back to work, the first Wednesday in November and kept organizing catch many people out. Why
local, organizing community organizing add it is, What has happened in Georgia is the model for her we turn more of this country blow and we have to learn everything there is to learn from the people involved and replicate their model You can not turn out about like that. If you our sixty days before the election or even six months before the election or even a year before the election. It is the work than that eggs happens in the odd years. It's a worker happens when no one's paying attention and TAT, the organizers and Georgia, most The black women are curious. They sit bitterly save republic right here. and I emphasise that point- because you know this people rightfully praising Stacy Abrams, we It all the time here, but it's it's it's Obama used to say was too he's, like sometimes people think I just like T realized on a stage in Boston to give that two dozen for conventions speech an example.
You both think rooms, Abrams just like materialise in twenty eighteen, just like suddenly showed up and gave a speech where she, you know TAT, about voter suppression and how brain camp costs to the election because of suppression- and she was a star there Van and that's the first, a lot of people here to stay savers, Stacy Abrams worked for tat, ten years on this project, ten years, doing work that nobody wanted to do going around. She said this to you in your interview with her after after November, like just gone around, people with a powerpoint about why it's important to invest in George because Georgia, the demographics are changing and it's it's the most diverse, battleground hey that's the youngest battleground state and if we organ and we register people. We can do this and, like a lot of work of organizing in the work winning so much of it is now glamorous. It doesn't look like it and put you in the limelight, you don't get a lot of fame from it. You get a lot of rejection. There's a lot of losses sees Abrams in side from when she lost twenty eighteen. She endured a lot of other losses. So did George a Democrat
so. Did the organizers and Georgia who can work on this lesson use years, but they kept at and so a lot of these places that we look at today. That seem like it's going to be hard to flip, or this to whatever, like these things, don't have and in one cycle just because you lose one cycle doesn't mean that that state or that district should be out of reach for you for next cycle or the cycle after that like this is the work of organizing takes time, and that is why Stacy Abrams and and Natasha Brown and say in all these people longer Our girl, like all these people who worked so hard in Georgia, have have finally succeeded because they put the work for so long. look. They they registered seventy five thousand voters between November January. Seventy five thousand voters they registered more than half of them are under thirty five. They start, knocking on doors. Again, that's a difference from the general election. There was in person campaigning and I just want to give us a shudder to everyone who produce
invoked save America for this. Specially are our team at crooked, who basically took no time and then just work through Thanksgiving End and Christmas to get adopted Georgia up and running, and then everyone who signed up we had forty One thousand people sign up for Adopt Georgia to adopt Georgia between November in January raised four point: two million dollars for the get much fun for us, often verified action, raise one point: six five million dollars for our every last vote fund, which included black this matter be handy in the new Georgia product made a hunch Eight thousand calls to unregistered voters with New Georgia Project Action Fund and we set five thousand volunteers distributed to local Georgia, organizing groups on the ground. So thank you to everyone who signed up to adopt Georgia and who helped out volunteered or donated in any way. Over the last couple months, you really made a huge difference So, as we said in a democratic turner drop, I lesson Republican turn out
What role do you think? Trump played in the the drop in Republic Turner, obviously two possibilities here: We can stay at home because tramples on the ballot, or they say because Trump and to a greater extent lunatics, like Linwood, told them that the election was right, I think as more the former than the latter. the more the troubles and about yes republican turnout was sky. High democratic out have been lower than it was. We would have been blown away by how high the republican turnout was This budget should refer that, like you, we talked about how high the democratic turnout was unprecedented public internals, also in prison, is just slightly less unprecedented. Therefore they lost, and so they like We had this hope trot was gonna comments. All these people not to turn out because election ringing, but they could Apparently the Georgia voters gather winking in the nodding and whence and when it turned out, so I think it has more to do with Trop not being on the what also Democrats doing a better job of organizing, but they were they. Organised Republicans
and so it's more the Democrats, one the race and Republicans lost it, and it gets very important. It is think about what can we really interesting has turned out was so high on? Both sides is was this forward selection of the trump error, or the first election of the post trump error. Does it there's something about how people can stay, engaged this incredibly high level post trump. Is that all we walked back and say this massive amount of engagement? We're politics was the dominating point of discussion. American wife was, you need to talk. But I think that we're gonna, that's, ok, we're going to test and see out throughout Europe. throughout twenty twenty one and twenty two minutes, it's it's a really interesting question about where things are headed. Some of the campaigns in their messages us often Warnock hammered covered relief throughout the campaign, spare at the end, when Mcconnell block that he does not
tax by me even focused on this message. In this final campaign, Stapi said their election will put an end to the black in Washington on the two thousand dollar stimulus check. If you send centre for doing leffler back to Washington, those checks will never get there. It's just that some the powers literally in your hands world evaporate. I put you drop, It is hard to know in the moment whether it was the Czechs specifically or the Czechs worthy embodiment of a very effective narrative about Republicans the with all of this, I think, is a great credit to join us for I feel Warnock in their campaigns is tromp was dominating omnipresent figure in the race. He was days before the election. He tried to bully the governor into overturned. There was also a presidential election engage in multiple electoral crimes and world gravities. He was, in Georgia twice. He was twitting about it all the time yet The Senate campaigns ran campaigns like we do two thousand eighty people,
tromp into the background and brought the report Party and data protection. Simply into the foreground. and they ran against or against Leffler Purdue, as callous. Corrupt club rests in the middle of a recession, and that would be powerful message now, if you think about how this bizarre coming forward to incredibly wealthy senators who engage insider trading to enrich themselves off the pandemic are particularly vulnerable is attacked, but I think if you it has, I think you're. Some real lessons are about how we talk about Republicans not named Trump and elections coming. I do think its eight There are two sides of the sort of Republicans corrupt message: theirs obviously the negative message about Republicans and there's the positive message about what you're gonna do. And I do think, the two thousand dollar checks gave Democrats the ability to offer voters a tangible benefit to vote,
yes, yes, yes, which is something that we we often forget this end. The way, that's not just you know, because this disease may this point to me in the wilderness right when we talked about sort of some of the more the bigger. Some of them are bigger, progressive, ambitious ideas and she said here's the thing you need to be able to deliver for voters, and so you need to propose something up is gonna make voters lives better, but also something that they believe that you can actually get done, because if you promise them the moon and you can deliver then they're going to grow more cynical, the next time and not and not come out, and the two thousand dollar checks is something that the Democrats can deliver right leg. It is very obvious that you can just the can pass the bill. Joe Biden can sign the bill. You can send the Czechs like voters aren't stupid. They know They know what possible what's not possible and I think room Room Democrats should remember that when we are campaigning
it's not sometimes do a couple problems with. Sometimes we get lost in like tax credit, speak talking about expanding the Idee Sea and that UNESCO Sunday we get way too in the weeds and its benefits. The people came I understand, and it seems small and it seems, like you know, just nibbling around the edges and then sometimes it's like big and vague promises. You know like a bit that you may voters that they know that you're not gonna delivers. I think specific policy that, you know you can deliver to voters that actually improve their lives are incredibly import. that sounds obvious, but it doesn't happen enough, and its hard it's hard to find them that are varied. tangible, like that- that is very true, but doesn't like as much as Warnock enough did a good job sort of calling out the corruption of these two republican senators, I didn't see a tweet an ad, thing from those two candidates were they didn't mention and where health care, jobs and justice, healthcare, jobs and justice helped either they have breathing. they said over and over and over again in a mad specifics backing that up, so that that is pretty
giving either lessons that you think we can draw from this from this race going forward me through. Since I was a negative message against Republicans around there, a populist economic critique of Republicans pushing tromp out, of the narrative as much as possible your point specific populist, deliverables in terms of policy that I think the other thing is they re big ball campaigns they did. That they were not of. They were not bear out centrists. They were not embarrassed to be Democrats. You see that a lot of purple state they re It adds with Jean Louis? They can't payment Joe Biden. They ran out of Brok Obama. They were proud Democrats who ran big, bold campaigns. did they ran from a position of strength and hoping, not fear, and I it did not have to be that way. You often see it in these chicken is run off elections where you're trying to just wind? Would you to be low turn out. They ran a very motivating race and they benefited from nice. I hope that lots of Democrats
follow that lead in twenty one and twenty two there's something to learn from refuge? Warnock his campaign? I mean we have the first black democratic senator from the south. He ran a like, you said afraid, campaign where he was unafraid to embrace being a democratic or black man in the south, and he also Kelly, Leffler, ran and credibly racist, campaigned against him and how he handled those racist attacks. Were you know there were the puppy videos in then It was also just constantly pivoting to his positive agenda. You know an end when you are getting attack like that when you went he's gone after his church and go now things he said: go after associated all the races dog whistles that day that Republicans like them. every single election there's a lot of pressure from your own
campaign from allies, her or else to hit back at every single one of those attacks, and it takes a lot of dust. plan to say I'm gonna parents she doesn't have anything to say about ourselves. It is attacking me and here's where I'm going to do for you she's afraid that if I am elected, I'm going to deliver on these timeless trucks are meant to give people healthcare that I'm gonna help make this made this country more just, and I think, worn ox message- discipline and how he handled the racism levelled against him. I think, is very similar to how Obama handled it and some of his races. I think it's similar to how Stacy Abrams handled it in her race and twenty eighteen. I think that is something for Democrats, especially democrats of color, who are running to learn from going forward and yeah. No, I think it's I continued to just be amazed at what happened in Georgia.
a state that has been read for so long where we have a eight, the first black Democratic, senator a thirty three year old, jewish kid hum senators who did, who didn't run as scared, centrists, right No they didn't run is, like you know, democratic social is either it's like they were. They talked about medicate expansion in Tagamet Medicare for all they refuge worn ran adds where sheriffs talked about supporting him and he attacked leffler onstage. say you're, the one who's defended the police with your votes against state local funding right so that they didn't really run too far left, but they definitely to run to the salary that they are just Democrats, mainstream Democrats who were proud of what they stood for and they hadn't and they had a story about the other side and something That's it sometimes that's what you need. That's all you need. I think he's so important about WAR Knox. The country is one of the things that I have really been concerned about over the last couple of years is whenever
You talk to someone else's Abrams or Andrew Guillaume, or someone in Canada. color who's, trying to run state. Why the hardest part convincing donors, party, institutional supporters that you can win and I was very, very worried about how narrow the presidential race was where Joe Biden a seventy something white man from scream barely one, the Electoral College, what that would say about the ability of candidates, but Kennedy was you know, Kenneth asian candidates to run and win statewide in purple, unread states and We saw that in how the elect ability question was it during the Democratic Germany among our voters, was filtered through race engender and we have a lot so much work to do on this. But Raphia Warnock has proven that in a very tough race again.
You're running against it incumbent president. Who is campaigning to an incredibly competitive state incredible, competitive states, you can win That is it. That is a huge deal, and I hope that we remember that, as we think about who are candidates are in raises all across this country. Was we totally agree very I think it's very, very important and it is that I'm glad we could end on Georgia as it is this. Is it a very scary, set of things that we are dealing with a country outside our now that there is this positive thing that matters lot in bodes. well for our ability to navigate what is to come in american life, because you proven how to do it in Georgia, We should also end by talking about not just what it means for history. what it means for electoral politics, but what it's actually mean for Joe Biden and the country to have a democratic majority. We have a democratic majority. Now we got Mitch
for one Republicans can no longer block any of buttons nominees. If Democrats just hold together all the complaints about near at hand inert have but Sarah or anyone else you ve heard about do not matter John Corps Lindsey Gram can cry about mean tweets all they want. They can go fuck themselves just used complain. All you want mean tweets. You don't matter number two Biden can actually pick some judges, our challenge judicial vacancies, including the Supreme Court, just as Briar is. Eighty two I'm so nice, might be a nice time to retire prior because we have a democratic president. Democratic majority might not last forever, so you might wanna start looking at your calendar and not like he's. Gonna, listen, autism, injustice, Briar, lessons departed, Merk are probably not ends and to both of these points, the nominees and judicial vacancies come into play with me,
this announcement on Wednesday. That is pick for attorney general is none other than Merrick Garland Dan. What you think, what the pic and what impact to Georgia have on that pick, It's very notable the Joe Biden waited until the ray Were called to make this choice because Barrack Ireland sits the disease or court of appeals, which is the second most powerful court. The land when Obama was President one of the reasons why Harry Red got rid of filibuster for judges is because Mcconnell Philip every single nominee to that Corky shrunk, the core rights. Mr, I cares providing he shrugged theses or circumvent appeals for military purposes to prevent about from getting nominees and so were Mcconnell who still be in control of the Senate and bind more to pick Garland that sequence? Certainly never go filled invites first, her fortune and so I imagine
that that someone else might have been. The nominee of Georgia had gone differently because It is he here, almost all of his appointments. He had. This is one of the big for, as their call any certainly held it in, This moment equally wanted to pick Ireland and the job of the voters of Georgia. Let him do it Mark Ireland is a trimming. Public servant, he has a tremendous record. I had privilege of sitting in in the interview when he was one of the short listers to be about the Supreme Court back in two thousand and nine and is a truly phenomenon: human beings. We have lots of friends, you have for him, no him and think he is a tremendous the team he put together, that it's not just more, LISA, Monica or from a co workers can be deputy even needed. Gupta is gonna, be the Association in General and Christian Clarks Gonna be ensured a civil rights. These big too, in this very motorways, big too civil rights leaders do replacing it.
With just the farming. That's it. You think it is a very, very, very good team. There is also some reports that Biden could Or has been thinking about replacing garland on the dizzy court of Appeals with Khatami Brown Jackson. She is a fifty year old, black woman who currently sits on federal District Court DC, and Also. As someone who has been mentioned as possible Supreme Court justice, and so she could go to film Eric Ireland Seat and the DC circuit on the Dc Circuit Court of Appeals, and then perhaps, if Briar retires, you could get your time. You burn Jackson, on the Supreme Court and an already a very young black woman to the Supreme Court United States, which would be awesome. So a lot of good things came from what just happened in Georgia. What else? Can we expect, from a democratic Senate
Where are we still gonna face challenges. well we're gonna pay challenges in that the filibuster still exists, so to pass most things, not nominations, not court appointments, but mostly, of legislation- and there are a few exceptions we talk about. We still need ten Republicans. and which Mcconnell still has say. That's an area under large portions of the by an agenda, and Even still, we have your mansion of our conservative. Democratic european cinema Kelly from Arizona, more moderate Democrats who have concerns with some of the more progressive elements of the binding agenda, some of the more important structural reforms like turning DC into a state. Or some of those sorts of things. So this is hard I fifty fifty cents a very challenging. They take a long time to organizers, pretty intense negotiations between the
majority and the minority about how you set out how many people are on each committee and how you set it up and all of that. So this is an incredibly narrow path to get things done, but it is a path and that would not exist under any scenario if we had not one both of those seats on Tuesday few points here, because, as you know, then I have some concerns about. The filibuster now have for awhile the reason that we can't you might be thinking. Why can we ever the filibuster like weeds everyone well is Jimmy engine is, I want to get rid of the filibuster eighteen. Fifty one votes to get rid of the filibuster Which we have, we have shifted. Democrats have fifty one votes, but we do not fifty one democratic senators who wanted to over the filibuster, namely Germany, possibly some others, two diametrically forty votes right now. I don't know that gives this, but like some of them You could imagine, pressuring you can imagine, saying the voters state are going to punish you if you dont eliminate
filibuster and we're gonna have a primary challenge. Vodkas Joe mention there's. None of that. job we're not get another democratic out West Virginia probably in our lifetime yeah, I'm wrong. I should say that at least in the next ten years, let's or another democratic Centre Virginia, and certainly not another democratic centre, otherwise virginia- who is more liberal. Joe Mansion Joe mentioned. care about your pressure campaigns. He doesn't care about you calling his office and yelling at him. He did he g one is recently he's there for a while and he's just gonna be Joe Mansion, and I hate that you had but like. That is the reality that we have. So the question is: can we ever to a point where there's legislation that comes to the floor that so important that Mcconnell is obstructing so much that we somehow can convince. and by we I really mean Joe Biden. If his administration, because again jump dimension, doesn't respond. The popular pressure,
and is somewhat insulated from political pressure can, by ever convince mentioned to change its position on the filibuster. I don't know I don't have to answer that question. The other opportune we have is you mentioned? Most legislation requires sixty votes. There is something called A budget reconciliation bill where we can pass that bill with only fifty one votes. What can you put our near by budget? conciliation bell. Well, first of all, your only allowed one budget reconciliation bill per year. You can whatever you want and that so as it is about taxing in spending and has to do with actually changing the budget itself. So what can be done within budget reconcile situation with fifty one votes? The two thousand dollar checks can get done. Democrats can expand eligibility for a bomb care subsidies. They can get Medicare. To negotiate for better prescription drug prices. That way you can actually change the Medicare age the age.
eligibility for Medicare within budget reconciliation, which Joe Biden, because a Bernie Sanders has promised to bring down five years I read that you can possibly do look option within budget reconciliation tactics the rich anything that has to do with taxes you can do in budget reconciliation, which means climate spending investment that has to do with climate You can do some immigration things within budget that have to do it. but still a lot. Immigration stuff would actually have to be real legislation. And then the things that you can't do are minimum wage immigration guns. And then this is the big one. That worries me that I want to ask you about. Is all of these democracy voting reforms that we know we need to pass in order to make sure that we can still have free and fair elections again What do we do about eight or one which we talked about before, which is the House Democracy Reform Bill
that they are going to rename the John those Voting Rights ACT. What do we do about that build? Is that? Where is that? Is that debt an arrival destroyed by tried anyway? What you think I dont want to say dead on arrival by their not no plausible path. You ten Republicans supporting something that helps black people and brown people vote There is no here, there's a recent history of that being the case. However, I think a critically important that bided in the appropriate order calls the question. We can't just presume Mitch, marketers obstruction. We have to force him to actually obstructive thanks for two reasons, one. So we can create a paper trail of the costs of the Republican Senate, for when we are going to go, be trying to defeat republican centres and twenty twenty two and, if you want to make a case if Joe Biden wants to do this and Joe Biden is very reticent on the felt, so that's the most even as important is Joe Mansion.
is Joe Biden is not someone like Elizabeth Warren or people a judge, or Some others, where I have risen, who were very adamantly, oppose to the existence of a bus or Joe Biden, as close as he came during the campaign was and say he was open to the idea. If Mitch Mcconnell was obstreperous, I think was his turn now, Mr Carlos I was, it can be a stress here. He opened the door wide for it by Let's ass, the proposition on all of these issues of the things that are very important, that have huge majority sport, the american people for the american people, that networks What's a sapling, make him stop them? Let's make Marco Rubio stop these things lets me RON Johnson out these Ngos make the people that we are going to try to defeat and twenty twenty to go on. The record blocking popular legislation Does this not presume to but that must not assume their obstruction in some of them now when I say during the proper order there's gonna, be a real question about what happened?
reconciliation bill is how soon do you do it? How important is it too fill in the gaps of the very meagre covered relief bill that was passed last month. How could we do have these checks out, but that is good require. Did the butter Risa reconciliation bill? Is that something that's gonna move very early and shit move the house can do things like that's right, so, though they ll get, it was whenever, if you wanted to reach our one first and then come around, you don't think that's great send it takes much more time, it's much harder and so it is a real all the others. A very curious to see how, the order in which Biden prioritizes these things and how quickly he wants to play that budget reconciliation card. In his presidency,
I would go very hard on the John Louis Voting Rights ACT. I would put it on the floor if I was shimmer and just dare mention conall and those Republicans. If you want to filibuster it, like actually filibuster, sit up, get on the Senate floor and just talk about why you dont want to expand voting rights, and I don't get necessarily ownership. Republicans, but you know maybe the pressure build at that point. Like Joe mentioned, do you want the Republicans to filibuster a bill named after Jean Louis about voting rights. That's that's it we're gonna, let them filibuster like I think that whether we win or lose on that one. I would. I would spend a lot of my capital on that because I think that. You know we don't have somebody's democracy or forms voting reforms. I get pretty worried about elections in twenty twenty two and two thousand and twenty four and two thousand and twenty six and beyond. We have redistricting this year. That's going to be tough for us, like
You know we know we already signed Georgia right there there get ready. Passed a raft of voter restrictions in Georgia and look there's limited. can do on the federal level, but each one is a good bill, and I think that the Democrats should push very very hard for it and make it very very clear whose fault it is if it doesn't pass and do everything, it can to pass it. This is the sector. This is a central issue, everything flows from it and when we talk about Mitch, Mcconnell nurturing this. Why about are stolen election? We talk about in the context of jacking up turn out in Georgia. That's part of it, though, longer return? y all begins who definitely knew better awhile. this lie to fester is because it creates praetor Furthermore, voter suppression, this can happen, all across the country, and this is the last throes of aid. shrinking white conservative majority in a day,
my country defined by a diverse, growing progressive majority and we met, we can have some one is what we can do in this and other we gotta call the question we gotta find out. We gotta talk about it. We gotta make it the defining issue, because everything else we care about flows from that all right, we come back, we'll have dance interview with and say: let us put it Erika is brought you buy Ali pop. Is the healthy alternative to soda it just like the sort is. I grew up with, but without the spoonfuls of sugar and artificial ingredients, they have delicious nostalgic flavors, like vintage colleagues the group here orange, squeeze cherry vanilla and strawberry vanilla. I love the vintage cola and the classic repair and about you, guys, I agree. I liked the vintage color because a croupier I liked the orange squeeze those Three that I got back to you again again for some reason: they only ships a bunch of strawberry, vanilla to my house, which is not a flavor.
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For all the work you did to turn Georgia Blue twice John, and I were talking a little earlier about what that's horrible, as yesterday was for this country. How much worse it would have felt if the people who had egged on what happened had been had been rewarded just the day before with more political power does want to say. Thank you for all your work. oh come on behalf of the people of Georgia yes, I think I think the people do you. Work you're on another crooked media package. Last month, when you said you, got feeling was that we were gonna win this thing, Why did you feel so good then? And what was your reaction when you found out? the Reverend Warnock Kinshasa had both one. So I wounds Once again, I am wine Ah,
Organizing to be completely honest, I have said before that the demographic shifts in Georgia are the fire and organizing is your seller. Is the gas that report boredom? the fire joy just going through this right bad massive and unique demographics right there, demographics, demographers and political sizes are calling it the reversal of the great migration right great migration? In eighteen, twenty seven eighty families lack Americans fled the sar fleeing rationalize violence, looking economic opportunities would fly. Somebody like black folks in Chicago can trace their wits, the Mississippi, Americans in New York and jointly can trace their views to the Carolinas Georgia. and I've also moving back to or the but I am, and its created these opportunities for a different kind of politics in a star, and so we
been watching at work and so had the other side watching these demographic shifts But we also learned about all of this sort of gypsy in trade a new tool box and I've been using just depressed about, and so in addition, said that two million dollars that we knocked on the seventh night in fact caused that we made. The four million text message is that we need we also have forty a hundred volunteers who are our eyes and ears watching for motor suppression. We had lawyers and lawyers on lawyers on deck about, were in place and prepared to respond to any solution in again that arose during early building and on election day. and why is like with like people are tired, as are all the conversations are having on the doors. Great folks were to stop them. President showed them the drink. Bleach what's happened, stop the governor lied about what he knew about coldly and me
particularly egregious to us in Georgia because everything the gamblers mentioned these three miles away from ceasing headquarters right and so here as an organizer, we're out were industries or on the door. Then we're talking about the pain and people are feelings in right now and what they can do it stop it and one of those things is voting, so We must help them to do so in a way, bird Joe Biden, wine and their victory or David produce got more votes than John us off in the other race that some totalled republic. Again, it's got more than the sum total of River Warnock undemocratic in its one edge. Men's did you make to you, strategy is new organizing means to over Those deficits in such a short period of time are we not going about four hundred of them? thousand doors I haven't highquality face to face conversations retorted between Labour Day and the November, a general election
on one point: seven million dollars in their nine weeks between the November Genera J, where elections are, there was a lot of deliberation with public health experts with our born with our staff about going out and the doors and going vague and leaving it all on the field. So that was one of the major adjustments that we made to our program. I we still and will continue to privilege, high quality, face to face conversations with p because we know that it works but also be we trainer organizes. Listen. You had twice as many years as mass rape as a people gonna be hurt right, and so we listen to people. It helps form are messaging. It helps inform all our tactics quaveringly and at the core of the work that the new joint project does. Is it
a bald, very aggressive research agenda item, and so I'm just relax Brown does because, where young people millennials engineers are automatically make us experts in those new policies that we ve studied to show ourselves approved yeah. That was one of the adjustments that will remain in quite frankly. I think that, even with nine months and Gregson, Eighty message: testing, Pauling, focused groups and all that nothing was more powerful than watching the state. Flip for the first time, an watching Georgia's vote for look out for president for the first time since nineteen lines, you know there is more powerful than hearing really awful. Remix isn't real eggs and Georgia. On my mind,
It has a higher commends. Three talk about me. Something to rebuild the over some were not fit, but it all contributed to the coroner s right that you're about matters that joint devotes matter. Georgia has had the opportunity to save our democracy. It's really interesting what you said about door to door, canvassing, so So we get this right is that for most two of the general action you sort of shied, away from it for the very obvious public health reasons picked a little bit towards the end, and then not a day? What can return home with us, but the heat was a much bigger focus in the run off with doorways door to door as opposed to phone and taxes extract rats, Why am I We saw that there was an additional registration opportunity right, though additional thirty days, the add more people for the motor boats. Data being my thoughts
three thousand young people that register to vote by. Fourteen thousand of them were young black Georgians and we registered about seven thousand. That's right. In thirty days, but also I've been having someone back on your door underscores the importance of it. Opportunity the employees at the moment that wherein we debtors there are tons of people rely Nemo I've already. I voted in event, rybody provided and we're like. Thank you. I don't know you heard and again just having an opportunity to one listen, I'm within two also underscore the opportunity and here's why matters? I want everything campaign. in the old operatives. Like folks know the effectiveness of this space conversations weather the secondary benefit for, as was the there's, been
Flynn of misinformation and disinformation targeted at young voters lifeboat arisen. So I'm being able to hear what Are you reading, I'm in our mind, magazines and hearing whether reading a social media and being able to combat that disinformation with a real human who stand on your fortune telling you that is really important for you to vote and Let me Mcconnell, is China, take fourteen hundred dollars out in your pocket and you can do something about it. The it know, there's turn out those eyes. Frankly pick them. The democratic side was unbelievable. Turnout took them on black voters, latina voters, young people, just flies against every piece of conventional wisdom about Democrats and run off elections, but the number blow me away when I look at what you guys accomplish was the hundred? forty thousand. I think it was people who voted in the run off, but not in November. Yes,
who are those people? How did you find them it has you get them to vote. Is that that is a margin larger than either generous offer reverend we're not gonna win by so absolutely shot a comma things, wine and there are twenty three thousand Georgians that turned eighteen in the period between the November General Energy run right, so we wanted to get out and make sure that we register them about what that would mean. We can't opens a guidance councillors, highschool principles, and that can we. A virtual assembly, where the overseers- let's do it Mitchell Birthday Party for everybody gets turning eighteen killer Michael happen. The zoom will welcome them to adulthood and registered, and about said, I was often and proposals were absent. We'll be motivated to get out involve too in Georgia has a long and a recent history of earnest oppression. And so you know at the end
you have twenty nineteen going in a twenty twenty. There were seven hundred fifty thousand Georgia that were purged from the voting rules. because our Secretary of State, as an awful job of giving people noticed your lot What's he showed up about in November, who didn't find out about Inter, and so they shut up about myself we went out trying to make sure that they got registered and shut up about again and those people, particularly motivated, because they experience disenfranchisement first hand. because our so firstly, just moved into the state as an adolescent, people keep moving said George Day, that's a part of their demographic shifts that we're talking about. we like you know, traffic is awful. Linux fall you can check out Charlotte. I hear it's lovely. This is the truth of the matter. Is that you they're here,
and they are a large part of why we have this opportunity, but I also want the want to underscore that enthusiasm was high on both the I write We saw it was back at their ladder. Folks, who thought that the fund, car, with black and presidential were depressed, public internal earlier and towards the end of the year in December. You know there were these transporters who was saying, don't vote because in this is that the elections are reared, etc. That did not work republic. his turn out and they turn nodded numbers There were more than that showed up, and particularly more black always showed up. The history of political. ass for Democrats, particularly in the south, is one of a lot of work. Success and then a clash from the politically,
ship in the state brok about me, particularly when it is a candid. You know, I can't it who wins Brok Obama's election, two thousand eight led to a raft of expression, was all across the country There's already talk from a lot of Georgia, kids about a whole new set of laws to suppress the Georgian How are you thinking about that? What we know, what are you planning to do to fight back against us, so However, unless the whitewash therefore I ask the and so really a couple of things Whilst we have built sort of permanent independent, organizing infrastructure, progressive infrastructure in Georgia. As you know, the essential can see them in Georgia project. In addition to everybody,
Every election is that we want to win. We want to build infrastructure is designed to increase the power of our electorate of our neighbours. To things for our families, for our communities and then defend those wines. beyond one election cycle. As are aware, a campaign is designed to get a particular candidate, elected writers, we're not opening and then grant closing we're. Still here and renewal, want to be here aware. I mean after vacation much needed rest. Yes, we are preparing for Georgia's legislative session and they have Telegraphed their intentions. Are they are telling us we lost. We ve thought People are not buying what we're settling and the only way that we're going to hang on to power is, if we achieve is, if we change the rules as well.
That is what we are preparing for a we are preparing to turn up in the georgian state legislature there, because, quite frankly,. having a robust demand see to have robust elections infrastructure. Is there a foundation that we need for any other policy changes that we want People know that the minimum wage in Georgia's tag hours and fifty cents an hour right, Georgia's building two new nuclear power plants and black neighbourhood them in any new nuclear power plants, not anywhere in the Eu S thirty years right, so there is a lot that is on Georgians mines that they want to get addressed. In the state legislature. We are nearly twelve hospitals and ate them already close in rural parts of state because of the failure to expand. Mitigate people are dying. Anita man we're in the middle of a pandemic,
Hospitals tend to be the largest employers in rural communities where they are so people are losing their jobs. People. There were running on a badge endless the clear people still end Davies, people still. Chancellor and covered is on the rise, so there's lots there. It is on Georgia's mines and in there and they have a lad fur from Spain to their legislatures is all we have. The permanent infrastructure that is divine, sir again, capture the fears. the hopes Georgia dollars Turning into policy some of our listeners wanna, help support your work, both in fighting it's your expression in pushing these buildings. Sustainable, progressive, restructure infrastructure to push for progressive policies, but also Prepare for we're gonna be incredibly critical elections in Georgia in this cycle. How can they do that?
This is why it is right for Latvia, the softball United, I'm gonna catch. The listening you can reach us, always enjoyed a project that work and also on the social media platforms as new joint project rights out Twitter Facebook Instagram. To talk I mean, if you want to see and Bessie I'll, give you some anti bars like a huge online. And follow up any umbrellas platforms. But yet we do this work here. Am I the traditional lots of our voter registration years? Am ok, we can and saw again after we take a break. We're gonna be back at me. Well, so. Thank you so much for everything you are doing you. an inspiration, and we are so grateful for the work you have done and I
the new Georgia project. As we centralism slot as a model for went Democrats, we doing around the country to build sustainable growth Russia power in turn, these red States Blue, and so we we thank you. We thank you for your work and encourage everyone who can to support reference. We have a lot of work to do to make sure that Georgia is on a in exile paths to to becoming a blue state. Much like we want to be more like Virginia the North Carolina right now. So, thank you so much Thank you again makes sense for joining us today, and we will, fuck. You have ever have a good week, we'll talk in its we by everyone. Hot save America is a crooked media production, the exit producer is Michael Martinez, ourselves producer is Jordan Waller its mixed in it by Andrew Chadwick Piles is our sounded junior thanks to turn you so to Katy Long Roman
Dimitrios, Caroline rest in adjusting how for production support into our digital team. Illogical now pony and yell freed, and my look him who film and up These episodes is videos every week.
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