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Republicans refuse to allow an independent investigation into credible claims of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and Democrats worry about Latino turnout in the midterms. Then Chef Jose Andres talks to Jon and Tommy about his hurricane relief work and new book “We Fed An Island,” and Julissa Arce talks to Jon about giving Steve Bannon a copy of her new book, “Someone Like Me: How One Undocumented Girl Fought For Her American Dream."

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The present exports are pod. Save America is hypocritical, you know it's not what nominating break Avenant. That's that's one simple. Hoping things, will work out verses, proactively, trying to effect change herself and also goes. That seems like object. We might have a few things to say about bringing us not zipper. Greater us right, like we, the readers of the act like we were, you notice Board, separated accomplished cricket, unlike other job sides, it because it is a way for candidates to find you they find them its powerful magic. Would you skins thousands of residues, identifies people at the right skills, education, experience for your job and that actively invite them to apply a John. You have asked us away from that's a fine! You would find them. What vote? Save America can go there good about America? Backup continue right now. So you're qualify, give it fastening we're slug into the wrong resonates. There's this hoping in more hiring. It's no wonder the zipper critters rated number one by employers in the: U S, number one: that's from hiring sites, Untruss pilot with over one thousand reviews right now this is the number one
number one we're never won with zipper hooter right, our lives is comprised of referring. The crooked links are promoted outcomes of crooked that deprecated outcome, such cricket deprecated outcome, such crooked zipper girder, is mismanagement. I welcome the POD save America on John Favour. Dan try for later in the pod you'll hear conversation Tommy. I had last week with chef Jose Andrews this week, the one year anniversary of Hurricane Maria making Landfall importer Rico and Jose Snoop.
We set an island is about the relief work he did in the months after the storm which he's doing again, right now in the wake of Hurricane Florence, because has a wonderful person worlds are gonna, hear from cricket contributor jealous our say, who last week and shared a copy of her new book. Someone like me with none other than Steve Ban. It story will hear from jealousy. She also launched a four part series uncrooked conversations this week with hysteria. Grace part called defining us which will explore and celebrate the identity and voting potential of. Let next communities also On this week's pod, save the world former Secretary of State John Kerry is recording for duty is like that joke than that a lot of mileage, so I was an impressive of its joke join timing me to talk about everything from the around deal to why Rex till her son was allowed to go with him to dinner. Finally, we put up a lot of new shit on vote. Save America this weeks ago. Check it out, make sure you
registered make sure everyone you know is registered also an announcement, if you sign up for a shift volunteering for me Democrat running in the crooked eight. Between now and September, twenty third you'll be entered to win two tickets: for our live show in LOS Angeles on Friday September. Twenty eighth You can check out all the details: it votes, have America, dot, com, Slash, California, we want to say hi next Friday, we're gonna be doing. Basically a live, dress rehearsal for our HBO show, the trailer for which is out today. That'll, be on social media, and then you can you be it on HBO this weekend. So the HIV shows Coming Dan is happening. Well, two things one. If a democratic house is not a set of enough, I guess listening to us talk about politics in person. It will be incentive enough coherent as its second now that the trailers out no take backs HBO, you are stuck with others, whose these four opposites stuck patrols.
Has to happen. I suppose I suppose they could just decide not to do it just have that they would have a nice dinner minute trailer, but what we will always have the thrill always that you also what the be a trailer on our Youtube Channel Youtube DOT, slash crooked media Eliza will be very happy. We have more you two subscribers go check it out. Ok, we have a lot of new here, is where we are in the cabinet, nomination, the White House and every single, a Senate Republican referred used to allow an independent investigation into credible allegations that the Supreme Court nominee sexually assaulted, Doktor, Christine Blasi forward when the two of them were in high school there. Is to allow the FBI to reopen cabinets background check. They refuse to interview, one who may have witnessed the assault or attended the party. They refuse to interview doktor blazes therapist, whom she told about the assault and twenty twelve they refused to talk to anyone or do
anything but allow bread, Cavanaugh and Doktor Blasi to testify before the Senate Judy Jerry Committee on Monday, where she would be questioned by republican senators, who have already called her quote mistaken and quote mixed up in response doctor. Please lawyers have said that she is willing to cooperate with the committee but believes that a non partisan investigation led by the FBI should the first step in addressing the allegations and that the rush to a hearing that doesn't allow any other witnesses to testify is unnecessary and contrary to the committee discovering the truth Dan, I will start with the request for an FBI invested. Can we get some Republican saying the F B? I didn't do that sort of thing, some saying that Bread Cavanaugh has already been through multiple FBI background check for his previous appointments in confirmations. Some are saying that it would take too long. What do you think? Could the FBI conducted Fair, timely investigation that would help resolve?
these allegations. They certainly can and should conduct a investigation we know. They can do this because very summer situation during after Anita allegations against Clarence Thomas, which happened after the original FBI Background Investigation of Clarence Thomas the FBI. At the request of then President George W Bush reopened the investigation into those allegations that investigation took a month now, three weeks now three days, so it can be done. Will it resolve the question? We don't know but there's no harm in trying to actually do it as they have done, Bi has ability doing all that would take his one phone call from God began to the FBI to ask them to do and none other than senator or an hatch. Who said that this is Kind of thing the FBI does said back ninety ninety one about the FBI.
Debating Anita Health claims. Was the very right appropriate thing to do. That was a quote from and had a ninety. Ninety one also Just recently, John You, a former clerk to Clarence, Thomas and General Council for the Senate Judiciary Committee said he was quote surprised. Committee is holding the hearing without an FBI request, because it is quite normal to ask the FBI to do more in the F B. I quote could have done this in a day or two. This is someone who is a former clerk to Clarence Thomas? a supporter of judge cabin US nomination, saying that this could be done, Those are the author of the torture memos desire. Is it that there is not only that rural snowflake? Yes? So then we know that it's possible, but, like so put the put even put the FBI investigation aside Ray, Even if the Republicans decide they dont want an FBI investigation we
I wouldn't the Republicans invite other witnesses to testify. Why? Wouldn't they subpoena Mark Judge bread, cabin us for who Doktor Blasi said was in the room at the time of the assault, because they do not want to find out the truth. Everything the Republicans have been doing since the moment the Washington Post, publish the story on Sunday suggests they do not believe Cavenaugh innocent of this, because if they did then the FBI investigation, they would believe the F B. I would find that he was innocent or that there was no. Conclusive proof of this has happened. Therefore, they would want that. You would want the named eye witness to testify under oath that it did not happen. Goes from. He said she said to he said he said she said, and so everything they have done suggests that they want to dispense with this with the a simple checking of the box and move on, because the more they walk a more worried. They are that we will find more about this incident or other incidents
yeah. I just I can't understand the Mark Judge thing, because this is someone who he told the weekly standard last week, that the allegations are completely false, but since told us and Judiciary Committee in a letter that he has quote no memory of what happened and does not wish to talk to senators about it. This is someone who's written for a number of different conservative publications. He's written several books Basically, what a memoir of his struggles with drinking while he went to Georgetown Prep includes a character named Bart, ok, nah, who gets drunk a lot in the memoir, but it's I give this is it? This is, who truly could exonerate potentially bread, Cavanaugh and who was in the room like. Why would they call him, I'm still confuse why they wouldn't have him testify. Like you said it's, it's is clear that either Republicans do not believe that Cavenaugh is completely innocent or I will talk about the soon there. Just you know real
concerned with the timing of this, because they want to rush. This through is as much as possible and like they have no good reason for not supporting Mark Judge Linsey Grandma's asked about this on these days, the one you want a subpoena margin. He just said no reason to Oh, no radio, no reason. Why would we sabena they, the other witness, the other witness who is potentially in the room at the time? I think it What to do with the idea that Mark Judge himself has not the compelling character, given some the things he has written and set about women over time and also they're nervous about white marked judge could say about what bread, Cavenaugh or Bart O Cavenaugh did in high school and how he acted in high school, and so the like there. This is a whitewash. They are trying to see
like they are being responsive to this new information without actually getting any information, as they do not want to slow this down under any circumstance Cindy. The Republicans even want this hearing. Robert costs at the Washington Post last night reported that several top republican lawmakers have told colleagues they hope Doktor Blasi declines- to show up for the hearing, even as they issue statements urging her to do so. What are they afraid of their the fucking word? People said nothing more. There is nothing more cynical the mad to be like. We definitely want to know about this. We care We actually dont, because we know what would happen. We know this would be bad for us politically, because we have a woman who has made a very credible accusation of sexual assault against their supreme court. Nominee and the Republicans have zero women on the generic medicines should be questioned by eleven men, none of whom seem to be particularly sensitive and so that it is they do not. They simply want this to go away
as fast as possible in it says so much about that, because there is no vote more consequential that a senator makes than a supreme court. Migration is one where there are no do others you take. This vote in this person will be on the court for decades, if not like a major piece of legislation which can be amended over time- and they are doing this with- expressly trying to know as little as possible and they are at risk of putting on the core to be the deciding vote on overturning rovers is weighed a man who has been incredibly accused of sexual assault. You would think that you would. This would be the one the wine constitutional responsible did. They would take fucking seriously, but instead they are treating it as if it is just something to get dine, so they can get their lunch quarter. I mean
Even putting the morality of this aside- which I only do because we have not seen a lot of evidence of virus, what he from the Republican Party since Donald Trump, became president or much before that, just from a political standpoint and I've seen both liberals and a few conservatives right. This Ike Why wouldn't you want if you truly believed that a cabinet is innocent. If you believe him when he says this never happened over? Why wouldn't you want a full, investigation to you're his name as best, we can so that when you ultimately take the vote, then his conference she is on firmer ground and you and you feel better about it. So then you know like if they, if they rush this vote Monday, and more information comes out, or we still just have the same coin. Suspicion. Hang over it there. You know their vote not going to be as politically safe as it would be if they have a full investing.
Nation that you know potentially exonerates? This meant it is just the whole thing is just crazy, like tried out like thinking through the politics of this year, exactly right, the worst possible political scenario for the Republicans would be They try to hold this potemkin hearing on Monday, Christy in four decides not to come for all the very obvious reasons that it is not fair, impartial and then they had the vote. They confirm by one vote or might pence breaks the tie, and then we learn more information. That is a devastating political mistake heading into an election that is forty some days away or you do this with leaving dude, you don't have a hearing, you will have an independent investigation, you don't do any sort of due diligence? No
information comes out, but it happens on our clodagh suspicion that also about politics. The problem the Republicans have is twofold, which is wine in the Trump era, to believe a woman credit. Accusing the republic in sexual saw is to somehow indict Donald Trump by Association for his ally for the allegation. Sexual zadig s him. We saw this with Steve when we see with Jim Jordan in what he is supposed to have been knowledgeable of at at Ohio State, add up and down. We see this and so that they can. They are unable to take this seriously because if they are to take it seriously than it opens grushenka why they are not taking the nineteen allegations against damage. Seriously and then second there. This is there is this: when at all costs by any means necessary sort of ethos that dominates the Republicans. It. That somehow it would be a sign of weakness there with the fleet the base to sit
we swap out Brett Cavanaugh for some other white male right wing ideologues, Federer society approve, judge and somehow that that would be a problem. The whole list of em just pick. Why does ladylike solar power? It is an inexhaustible resource. There are so many of us. I mean and also mean what are the consequences of republican slowing this down a little bit to conduct this investigation. Why are they in such a hurry? There are none. There are none. Unless your view is the longer we wait before the vote is the more likely more information come out against bread, Canada, that's it, but they there is. I hate to say this, but this is not a question of getting this done before the election Weblike Mcconnell, gives to shits about processing norms so that he could ve It is that we know this from Eric Arlette. He could easily swell
having no output. Somebody else up next week the judiciary league after that and vote after that he doesn't care All of the protestations from the Democrats in your time Editorial board about how this is bullshit, Does he doesn't care the Republicans don't care all he wants. You put a robot on the court. If he would vote for Corporation Servitor Heavyweight, he doesn't give a shit who it is the whole the whole is so weird Brett Cavenaugh. No one cares, like brick cabinet, has a right to due process in a criminal proceedings coarser. He does not really have a right to due process in whether he gets the Us Supreme Court on this report. A right to be on the Supreme Court. The Senate has a responsibility to decide. They put the best person possible on the Supreme Court and when questions in those questions may be unanswerable as they may be. In this case, then, the right thing to do
is to step aside and put some one else. Then it is not Brett, Cavenaugh or bust. They can put any one else him, but they are making a conscious decision to put someone on the court to be the deciding vote on reverses way who may be guilty of sexual assault, there's so much about what is happening here that sit. There is a microcosm that explains the Republican Party in the trunk era in every way possible, and again, if the reason there not swapping come is because they think to themselves. You know what I truly believe this man is innocent. I believe this he his being smeared here, then you would think It's ok, we're gonna, go through another FBI background check, we're gonna, have the FBI subpoena various witnesses, instead of just break Havana and Doktor Blasi. For so we're going to do this and we're gonna find all the facts that weak
and even if the discovery of all those facts and through all those interviews, we cannot conclusive decide what happened here. At least we will have done our due diligence to say we tried to figure out everything we could and then we can burn it, but the fact that they're not even doing that they refuse to do that so far very tell it I mean, do you think? Do you think that their worried that if it goes too long, the Democrats, wool potential, we take the Senate and the mid terms is that seems to be in a Linsey gram, sort of gave way the game yesterday, when he treated that this is all about delaying this until after the mid term, so that of Democrats in oh take the Senate. They have an advantage, but of course even if we take the Senate, I would not be surprised at all. In fact, I would expect that Mitch Mcconnell, would tried to jam through yet another nominee during a lame duck session between us.
In January. You now wouldn't when you expect that, of course, of course, Now that would obviously laid bare the utter bullshit. That was the basis for his argument for why Merrick Carl should be confirmed as if your argument was the voter, I should decide and we therefore we can't we must leave the Supreme Court with an ant seat for nearly a year, so that I could even coming election then confirming a can sort of justice. Three weeks after the Democrats took the Senate that bear, but also Mcconnell doesn't care about that. He does not care and so like. This does not would not prevent he would still have, even if it would be. Insincere, just sort of funny to hit using the same sentence Mcconnell however, the insincere and lacking integrity? He would have the power inability to put that justice on the court.
He would be under tremendous pressure from the right wing to do so. I wonder if he thinks that, in that scenario, Jeff Lake Bob Corker, were, quite literally on their way out the door at that point? Has they'll have there you know not running for election, they retired. Will you know Blanche at him trying Sudan through a nominee in the lame duck, I just figure that I mean like do we have that there is nothing we could. To stop them in a lame duck session. Democrats from nominating of justice, correct, correct, no procedural things that we could pull. It would be about Corker, Flake, Collins, Mc Caskey and the more and more you like just your creating, moreover, permission structure for them to say no,
now senators who are who have lost their reelection or have decided were headed retirement, usually end up voting with the are more likely to vote with Mcconnell, because they're all applying for jobs, add republican while bobbing firms and think tanks. At that time. Oh I wouldn't get. That would have been a lot of money on the integrity of Flickr Mcconnell in that moment, or any moment frankly Brian Boiler was saying to me that it would m that voting against him in a lame duck. Would jeopardize there right wing wing, not welfare programmes it is exactly finally may we can get a good job from like the Heritage Foundation or, or you know their coat brothers or something like that. So what happens if Doktor Blasi for does not testify on Monday
are the republic, it seems as if the Republicans urges planning to say fuck it we're gonna hold the vote. This has done. Is that what can happen? Yes, it seems that way as of right now, on Thursday morning. It seems that they will not make Cavanaugh testify about this under oath. Ah, if, if doktor for does not gonna, be there and look. It does seem no people that will then why? Why won't you testify want you know, even even though they are not doing this FBI background investigation? Why wouldn't she do it anyway, and first of all she hasn't said: Neither Doktor Blasi for nor her lawyer have said which defends we she won't testify. If these conditions are met, they just said that they should be met, but also there's this whole issue of you these republican senators, and especially the ones in the Judiciary Committee seemingly already made up their minds about this. You know
Lindsey gram quote I listen to the lady, but we're going to bring this to a close, very nice bob Corker. If we don't you both sides. On Monday, let's vote Dean Heller, Dirty Dean Heller said this last night quote: we got a little hiccup here with the Cavanaugh nomination, we'll get through this and will get off to the races. A fucking hiccup allegations of sexual assaults against a Supreme Court Domini is a hiccup is what Dean Heller set. I do not like to be very clear that yeah by the way you know public service announcement. Dean Heller is in a surprisingly tight contest so far with he rose and who was on the pod when we were in Nevada M for the Senate GO nay, Jackie Rosen's campaign today, because she should be way heard of him right now that I stand for nothing absolute, does the guys who said he was ninety nine percent against Donald Trump and now calls
like a wonderful leader and his calling credible alligator of sexual assault, a hiccup common Nevada, here is why Doktor Ford, Christine busy for historic, is well within her rights to question whether this would be a fair and impartial hearing. My gave us who has the job of chief council for nominations on this and finish our committee and would be the person who would question doctor forward in in such a hearing he twisted the other night. I lost- I guess, unfazed in determined, we will confirm. Judge Cavanaugh, hashtag confirm Cavenaugh, hashtags goddess I That is a terrible use. Cash tag us first off, which is a real pity for mine, but this is the person who is supposed to be reading the impartial investigation of what actually happened, unfazed and determined, which is like all republic is the Tribeca. He is too stupid did not say the quiet part out loud, which is it this bought. This hearing is ape is a
checking exercise and that their intention is to have the hearing not have the hearing whenever it is, can remember what is said confirm Cavanaugh now he is, of course that these tweets and locked is twitter account for both violations of general hashtag etiquette and being an idiot by the heed. This is like I I completely understand Why Chrissy Busy Ford, who was facing death threats and tremendous media scrutiny would be at least sceptical that check rashly what holds a impartial hearing to try to get to the bottom of what happened. You know it is again it seems like in any other situation, except when there's allegations of sexual assault against a woman. The thing you would ask south of investigators. What asked themselves like, who has something to
by lying here. What what possible? What does Christine Blasi forward? What did she have to gain by just making up this story. This many years later, coming forward thrusting herself and her family into the national spotlight getting death that's having to move out of her home. Why? Why would you speak up if you were not a hundred percent sure that this happened? There's just no? What do you have to gain from this? Why would she have why which it is told her therapists, this in twenty Twond why would her husband have said this to? Why would she have done these things if it wasn't true. Only with sexual assault, we doubt this kind of stuff and you wonder we wonder why women don't come forward, yes, and we only do it when it serves the pursue specific political purposes of the Republican Party these days.
Then it's like you know what is Burke haven't. I have to gain by lying. A supreme Court see And what do we know about break Havana so far? We say this on the last pod. We know that he has lied in the past. We know He's lie discipline about something as simple as Donald Trump. Can you know consulted more people looked more pilgrim court nominees than any president in history. For this nomination I didn't receive democratic stolen documents in my email I did work on the prior nomination. All things don't happen to be true. Where the you forget about the perjury argument, whether you believe it's technically perjury or not, he has dissembled then decided to this whole confirmation hearing we know that because he is a republican operative first, that has been trying to do. Symbol and be dishonest- is entire career. You know so that he can
in a reach higher office, he is has with out question, been a incredibly ambitious entitled person who lies effortlessly in search of greater power, firm support, its success for himself and parents, excess republican Party, that is who he is bed that in itself is not disqualifying from the court, but we only get nine justices until, of course, Democrats take over, and then we pack the court with six members of antiviral by its. This close gonna end up on a hundred thousand, shall I can take care of its great grief or make yearning and it just I am so mystified by this. The republican approach of this has been so revealing and
ways the people who are arguing that this is of course play rough housing. Ah, is disgusting. The people saying well, even if true can we really against him, a mistake he made an high with seems to be a centre. They only apply to rich white man from ports. And not anyone else, also a which also Reveals that they don't really believe Brett Cavanaugh, because why engage in this hypothetical argument about whether it was hoarse player. What happened in high school, if you believe, Kevin the story that Cavanaugh gone with is that this never happened that there was no such incident that ever took place. So and yet there are already going past that argue well, but if it did take place, if he's lying than it still, ok. That's reordering there. Maybe they are trying to create a system where no matter what is revealed, cabinets targets of the Supreme Court,
The whole thing is eyes aware: weird, because cabinet was not the person Mcconnell wanted Mcconnell one of the other too? right, wing ideologues on the three percent, shortlist and Trump, of course, that we need this overhangs. A lot of this budget of course, one and Kevin Arcas Cavanaugh was the only one with a publicly. Take awaited view about the inability of people like Bob Color to subpoena and investigate the prisoners. It again, I don't understand the republican calculus on you know replacing him with some. Some one else There's this daily be story. I ran yesterday headline his team trump ditch cabinet were signing our own death warrant do that's true, I mean do you think, there's truth. The fact that if they, you know it a pull down. The Cavanaugh nomination nominate, judge,
bear it tomorrow or Thomas Hartman or any other people on the list that somehow that it and then also confirm that person even before the election. If they do it, tomorrow, if they do a Monday, if they do it next week, they could probably confirm that person before November evening that would hurt the base at that point. I understand why they think that, because this, the republican mentality is win at all cost, never admit this is its trump. This is Trump ISM infected, throbbing party, which is what our costs, never admit defeat never allow the establishment, even though they are the establishment. Liberals, the media, etc to force them to backtrack and. So I understand why they think that they are also wrong in immediate short term. The way this would play out is they would Cavenaugh would announce he was withdrawing or they would now there were drawn. The nomination there would be a
avalanche of stories, saying that the Republicans blank the made a huge mistake and they blanked and then Hannity, engineer, Pierrot and ludicrous and the rest of trumps kick their advisers would attack, but then they would nominates someone else and then we would move on it would all be about everyone would grab at all. Add to get it and to hurt trying to kid that person, so I think it would be a momentary. Blank they would have certainly if you went away the various political outcomes that- much more desirable than confirming him and then finding out much more information about this allegation or other ones right, like sticking with Cavanaugh, comes with a gigantic political risk because of two potential development. One then more info. She comes out about doktor Blazes Ford's allegation that confirms what she alleged or who other women coming forward to say today that you know that
having a potentially a sexually assaulted them as well, which in this two era. We have seen in almost every situation when a man is accused of having multiple women have come forward. That happened with trumped that have it with Harvey wine. Seen that happen without in that happen with a whole bunch of different people who are accused of these things. Multiple women came up, so they they they're, going to take that risk that this is it. This is only story out: thereabout break Havana. It's also just even putting the politics aside, which I know we never do any more. But if you this is a lifetime appointment. You can probably find someone for the physician who is not under the cloud of suspicion for sexual assault, But he does not have a right to that sea or the
or at the very least, at the very least, you can wait a couple weeks to conduct a fair, independent, non partisan investigation, which the Senate Judiciary Committee is incapable of. Doing as we just heard from you, reading MIKE Davis's tweets, who is the chief council and Grasses committee, they are incapable of conducting an independent investigation, but the F b I could but the F b I could at least the F B. I bet you know most of us now, maybe not the FBI. The Donald Trump has depicted over the last year. I do what I do wonder about that whether trouble in view of the FBI has been for some part of some bizarre deep state. Conspiracy affects their willingness to do this, yet no one heard ass renunciation. Well, This will all play out in the coming days. What will have developed by the time you listening to this pod? Grassy did say that
He set a deadline for Friday at ten, a m for testimony Written testimony from doktor busy forward, so I dont know if that will happen, we don't know you know what happened, but damn we will continue to follow this story because some You know. I think by Monday will well know a lot more, not less. But the MID terms Democrats get if you, wake up calls from Texas this week. One from us. Shall Lex and the other from a pole. Couple poles in the special election in Texas happened this Tuesday Republicans one a state Senate run off in what was widely considered to be a safe, democratic district and Self Texas were more than sixty percent of the people voting or latino. Meanwhile, a new pull from current a piano indicated that better
Rourke is trailing takers by nine points in the race. For the? U S Senate in Texas and more specifically, that only fifty four percent of hispanic voters pulled favoured or Rourke that's the same percentage. The Democrat, Wendy Davis gotten twenty fourteen when she lost the governors respite it points in generally outside of Texas, particularly in poles and places like California. In Florida we have seen Democrats underperforming with Latinos in a lot of these mid term. Poles. And what do you think is going on here- I don't know, but I really want to find out quickly because it's very concerning I'm not overly concerned about one poor in the Texas Centre raise there's another Paul. There came out the next day that had better up to my guess is that race, is close and I'd be out actually shocked if better was winning. At this point, just for reasons of name I d and he has to get a significant number
of both non voters, obviously or infrequent voters aunt, but also independence, a large chunk of whom are unlikely to be decided at this point by it, so the pole. Does that individualism worry me. What does worry me is the I think we are seeing, is a trend of under performance among hispanic voters across the sun Bout, both in California, Arizona, Nevada and in Texas, and we need it if we and we, we probably don't, take the house or may or may not take Ashley's without due very well in those areas, particularly California, and so it's concerning yeah. We see that in guilt, narrows is race in the thirty nine in California, he's a little further behind the Republican. In that raise the point I want to Great districts, then some unlike hardly root or MIKE Levin or Katy Hill
the other candidates and then, of course, like we see this in Florida, now. You know there's a couple reasons for this. If, on on the bright side, typically it is difficult, it is If to Paul latino voters there, their response rates are little lower, particularly in mid term races. Ah, you know, but also its you know, it's it's a real concern since a lot of those districts or districts that we have to win? If you look at that special election in Texas, because it's always better to analyze and actual election than pulls the see, there had been vacated by a Democrat who was convicted of eleven felonies and the dead program running for that sea had served for two decades in the Texas House and was tat during the race as a career politician by the Republican, who is hispanic and would be the first to spend a republic
to hold that sea, so you can argue that there is a mitigating circumstances in that special election. They made a particularly difficult, but also you know, I think- and you know you read this- you know different accounts of better campaign, indifferent campaigns, Texas. I think Latino turn out is always a concern, and I dont know that campaigns have figured out ways to effectively regional latino community lot of experts told vocs in a peace as today. That latino anger at Trump and Republicans is at an all time high, but there were It may not translate into turn out Matt Burrito, of latino decision, these managing partner. There said voters have to believe that, through their vote they are alleviating their frustration in the candidate they vote for will work to solve the issues they care about. Anger is not enough. There is. Whole from the layer will attain organization. That said forty four percent of what thank the Democratic Party
is ignoring or being hostile to Latinos. Seventy six percent think the Republican pretty, is ignoring or being hostile to you. So obviously awful numbers for the GEO P. But the question is: can Democrats you know take advantage of that and that route? That seems to be an open question, also an apple. Sixty percent of respondents said that they have not been contacted by a candidate or a campaign from the democratic side. This far even in competitive distance I think that's a very important point, because often when we have these discussions about voter group acts not being enthusiastic. It we'd this with this discussion. It happened around the african american vote before the Virginia election, like why aren't they turning out? Why why are they ve registered if we use it whatever the quantity The conversation is, and it is the point the earth. That argument should be. Why aren't democratic candidates
doing a better job of reaching out to these communities where democratic and is doing a better job of having a message is compelling to these committees, as opposed to just haranguing voters rise is not technically constructive. Exercise and solve that. Isn't that numbers you gave about voter content in those areas. Disconcerting like why haven't, we may will translate these tremendous duty as well. I think very good organizations. It has been part of so many these races. Why hasn't that lead to greater incidents of contact between campaigns and numbers? spanish community. I think there is a very real question as we ask your banning their questions at the Democratic Party in the democratic candidates in question. Here must ask themselves yeah and one piece of good news is better campaign launched its first spanish language television at just this week.
Oh, you know. One would hope that there will be a lot more of that from from better campaign and obviously from other democratic and paint. I would I would love to hear from posters strategists organizers who have run races in districts in places with heavy latino populations. I love to hear what they have to say about all of this. So let us now reach out on Twitter It is interesting to that this special actions that we paid so much attention to have largely been in districts in states that, with awe disproportionately small hispanic populations inside this is that we have not fully tested this. This proposition talk about enthusiasm. Ah me enthusiasm advantage, which groups are engaged, we haven't really tested the proposition of what a special action looks like an.
A heavily latino district or state, and I think to your point. There are some specific. Socrates is around this special action to taxes, but we should not dismiss it, as I do think ahead. Bespeaks, a larger problem of under performance that we need to be concerned about, yes, so that leads us to our. The day GINO Ortiz Jones she's, the democratic candidate for taxes is twenty third congressional district which spans from San Antonio to outside of El Paso Gina served in the around War within the United States AIR Force and then worked in the Obama administration. If Ortiz Jones Winds shall be the first filipino american congresswoman, as well as the first woman to represent the twenty third district. The twenty third district is currently represented by two term Incumbent Republic,
will heard. However, both times heard was elected. He won by a margin of two or fewer percentage points and twenty. Sixteen, the twenty third voted to elect Hillary Clinton by three and a half points that It is currently raided, as leaning Republican, but it is winnable day. We think that this race- and what do we know about tat- will hurt her opponent la very glad that we have asked our rigorous process bestowed our endorsement. Parties Jones I ve been talking to you. The questionnaire was was voluminous, the interview was long and she came through with flying colours. I will it's worth noting. That will heard was once a guest, odd pot save the world right, but I don't care You know that you will look over. The statistics need to be well hurdy right. He is. He is one of the more reasonable Republicans in Congress to be completely. Honest, but he's voted with Trump ninety five percent of the time, and that's that seems to be them
Salient point here but he is a reliable vote for Donald Trump and again this election is about. If you want to check Donald Trump. If you have some check on his out of court all power that he has. Every Moody's doing you ve got to have them but a congress, and is there a republic, that they are her only voting with dial champion of forty percent of the time. Very obstinate. Thou be one thing we'll heard, despite the fact that he is a thoughtful guy who says the right things votes with Trump, ninety five percent of the time, yet he wrote some near Times Ipad, which everyone applauded for the distance. He was giving himself from tromp, but I don't care about you know times. I bet they mean nothing to me. What do I care about even more than your voting that if our time with Trump is your vote for care, Mccarthy, Jim, Jordan, ah or whoever else to be will be speaker of the house. That's what I care about
I hear that life will hurt, is elected he'll, be one more vote to ensure that the main function of the Republican Congress is to not investigate any. Thing and to obstruct justice for Donald Trump and had a really want that about you, but I am against that yeah and look at Jones could really use everyone's help will heard, unlike some of unlike many of the republican incumbents has now been outraged by Johns Ortiz Jones through the end of June. Mr heard, two million dollars cash on hand compared to only one million in Ortiz Joneses coffers. So please, you know, give to generalities Jones. She could use people's health and it it's it's. A tough district again on a return This is another units are heavily latino population there to services like one of these areas that we're talking about. Damn yeah. It's can be really tough race also, We, then a really cool thing on vote. Save America, which is we ve, asked candidates to answer the quest.
And why are you running and a whole bunch of candidates have already sent in videos that they it can themselves some on their iphones of why the run for office there, not just you, know, you're typical, talking, Does that you see in another really cool videos, and we got one from Ortiz John, which is fantastic, so got those videos on vote, save America dot com to hear from the candidates themselves instead of us and dumb it's it's really cool so endorsement in the twenty third Gina Ortiz Jones. Again it was a year. It was a tight one, but we came to tell me about it. Tat. We do not agree with that. You do not know yet. Even even a positive role Tommy had to avert against him. Ok, we're come back. You will hear the interview the timing I did with Chef Hosanna Parliament
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On the plan to day we have one of the greatest shifts in the world on the planet, on the planet and he's the author of the new book. We fed an island, the true story of rebuilding Porter Rico, one male. At a time our pal, whose Andrews I'll, go so happy to hear greater. An actual is the first time we are talking here of the illness. The first time you brought somebody with an now. You you had some action, he so good, but not like mine. Without that's, ok, that's beautiful, Jose! So we're gonna be sharing this conversation on the day. That's a year sense. Hurricane Maria made landfall on Porter Ego place where you spent so much of the past year, helping to feed people and rebuild what people know about the challenges that are still facing people who still live on Rigour when I think the main challenge cheese hall, how you have like a double librate once high.
We need to be there. I is looking I bring in tourism again and you have to be selling the island is a beautiful place which actually, if you wanna, help or Rico right now, you shall go online by you. Tickets make a reservation in a beautiful hotel, rent a house and go to Puerto Rico, and that's it effective way to be helping the people in the island, but do the same time today. Puerto Rico is facing problems that I didn't began in Maria, but they are a problem that don't know they are over centre. Old, Puerto Rico is being treated like a colony, The spanish were very much in control of Rico, but then, when America took over poor Rico, It's been a whole bunch of things that they have always been pushing down on the poor Rico down everybody here, some of the union's act. While the use hag is almost like a way to say, but this power of America, but everything you buying, put a rigorous but not be so much more expensive. More efficient
if then, let's say heavy or any other island in the Caribbean. Why? Yes, but a real, challenges has a big depth, but if the homeland, if America, She don't. Congress Senate does a helper rigour to move away from his death with those unfair taxes. The young act Regions will never have the opportunity to bring their island back. To worry should be without so much depth are looking towards. It you're, so you see allow issues. Yes there. They elect regret these him ass. He sold, but all has to do with that massive debt that they idling has were actually is like watching on the city, the big taxes, but they have no representation until we don T Riga. Voice in Congress in the Senate in Washington, Burrito Rico will be treated like a second class island like a second class bar of the United States, and we need to change that once and for all so
just a couple days after the the hurricane hit, the island you jumped on a commercial flight, one This one's into San, juan- you add, I think, a colleague with you, you as much cash as you could get out of the atm aims at the time. Why did you decide to to head down in and what you do any other well I've evening, hurricanes, earthquakes before me. Personally, I've always had that called to go mainly to help, but mainly to learn. You cannot learn use by only watching tv or listening to radio. Even I learn aloud when I hear your podcast but I learn when I'm there and they watch and I am tried to bring a solution in my case, I'm a goop. I tried to feed people, but then you began saying that you do other things. Why do they go? Because I saw that the hurricane was wanted.
Massive, an ice who that there were station was going to be abuse or I went, but they thugs two into. We. Therefore five days had taught my wife I'll, be back by their weaken that Friday night. I call her and I say: listen, I don't know what I'm coming back, but the problem here is it is not about fuel thousand people in an arena that day, Having shall Durham where we need to feed them? This is an entire piece of America. Three point: five million Americans that right now they have no electricity, no cell, but more important and no water or no foot and what was bodies that avian see a plan. A real plan to overcome the obstacles of I've been paper. Everybody has recognised that the federal government was not paper. You know one thing: I don't blame them for that. Why, because was buried difficulties and I love hurricanes one, The other was chaos, and these was got to
traffic Maria was like nothing we ve ever seen. Okay, we were not prefer. This is ok. What is not ok is that we then try than to overcome the issues. I have a quicker fuss. So we know you you get there you get on the ground. Do you begin to tree Irish to set up a station to feed in a hundred thousand people night. Different locations are the shafts other. How'd, you get that going more often than not. When we have a big problem, the weight of the problem can paralyse everybody, the leaders, so you have to start run the problems into smaller ones, so the she was will we had to fit one two million people with no very clear how many people work into hungry, but the number was cute. Sophie Mamma at the time, said quarters that were talking the right guy and they were saying we need to feed two million people a day. I'm probably
three meals, a day, six million meals a day, six minutes. Day before, as was no water on the island, was what on the island with was very much a political problem, but communication between different agencies. We they put a written government, so you had to bring almost three million gallons a day into an island. You know this space three million dollars used to read. Then forget it, but do these toward them show programme was What we do? What do we do? Scheveling me first day with a thousand meals. Second, there, within this house before we knew. We were not use receiving orders. We were searching legacy, who is in need of males. We began feeling everything a hospital to became for four became eighth before we know our main kitchen, to a small. We began in earlier restaurants and thirdly, we rented the parking lot ahead across that parking. Lovey Like a laboratories place, everybody was coming to see what
we're doing we needed an arena. Are you got the arena? We went from dance. Send meals in that first kitchen to the sick and kitchen. Seventy five thousand miles a day. We were from one kitchen to twenty six had one point we had a team kitchens will bring a once. We went from twenty two years to twenty. Five thousand we went from thousand thousand music DE two hundred. Fifty thousand men said they use either. We went from one city to seventy eight when these values, including biogas and Calabria, does what you do your star, solving the problem and doubling and pushing, but you can. Try If he'd everybody this Thursday first day, you then try to solve everything, a problem, but by Esq Slowly, we were able to do amazing things. You read it. I'm into smaller portions, and then you start dividing, but then you conquer, I knew the chefs. I call before I knew I had more than twenty ships of the top quality from arenas coming to someone would be having big armies that we began the point like sealed teams, one kitchen,
The time before we knew we were painted in twenty six kitchens smell you right in the book about how the traditional systems of disaster relief dont really work, whether it's the federal government or the Red Cross. What what did you learn about those traditional systems and and Do we go about starting to fix those me one? We need to understand where again in Hurricane season, Hurricane Alley relieve you see the Atlantic in the Pacific, we have almost like six. Seven potential hurricanes happening almost at the same time. This is something we ve never seen before, and I only want to say that the man and woman in the federal government, in many of the big Ngos to me their heroes, but some so how what's What is missing is a new way of leadership. If things have. Limiting Houston. You put everybody in a big
shall delayed the convention centre and you had than fifteen how some people that's how how easy to manage your fit them. You give them a place to sleep. You will give them blanket you. Ford, you give them many sins whenever they need, but why, even when the problem becomes something that you never saw for a simple Marina, everybody remembers over the Superdome we put more than Danton thousand men and women in the Superdome, because nobody plan for anything else and for many days We had men and women at the Superdome without foot. With almost without water, and many things happen on that Superdome, as we know, was, was almost like a disaster Armenia disaster within the disaster but then they re nice, everybody things in the arena. It's just a place where you got to watch MBA players of football games. Now now that's a big lie. An arena is a year.
Anti restaurant. That happens. You have mba players for entertainment, so he viewed at debate. Every single plays were ignored, days. You can buy food on the southern. You have everything you need to be and people the only then you need these somebody leaving brigand if within ring. Shove it wouldn't is. It's not gonna, be an issue. Water should not be an issue now we need to take care of the other many issues in Guess who will recall the issuers foot foot was available everywhere San Jose. You were brilliant. You were able to get the foot there. I didn't do anything Therefore it was in the island. The only thing I did was fine, who had Most quantity foot open an account to start paying them on the surprising orders and the foot and showing up. Then were many other logistical things. We had to do. To the labour there, to deliver the kitchen.
The innovators to maintain the kitchen with refrigeration, many of the things that logistically, quite frankly with the very good job. Essentially we to star only a heavy and legs. Football teams have special team coaches. We need to have a dreamer at the beginning years, people that specialise in the unforeseen circumstances. That may change every glad you had because when we don't do that something goes in the right direction and nobody seems to be adopting, like we do in the private sector, to the new circumstances, and then he went. Chaos becomes almost unmanageable. You you're pretty public in the book. I thinking in interviews about your frustration with FEMA, the Red Cross and a lot of the big infrastructure. That's supposedly in place to deal with these kinds of disasters. Have they reached out to you at all, since you ve been talking about your experienced since you did
his work to feed people to say. Ok, what can we learn from you can eat like? Have a dialogue with female we ve been trying, but we ve been very. I was lucky, I'm gonna put the blame on myself, her, maybe they're, trying hard to know By we FEMA, we ve been very lucky on his hands, have red cross anything we we we ve been in the last two big fires in color corner or the last year we be an inventory of the car fire and we had an amazing dialogue with Red Cross. I'm very much requests will tell you. We were able to feed almost all the shelters that were being managed by Red Cross so there
had really a very good learning experience and there I saw the mess that Red Cross has to offer. But again, that's the to me. Those are very simple situations that Red Cross, actually very good management or shelters and finding partners to feed the people and all the amazing things they do. But again I go back to their things that when we are preparing for something like a twin when Maria happen and the programme was sorry But tat was bad for me. I had planned to feed almost one million people a day, and my frustration was that I and the centre was, I got that came from nowhere with a funny accent, undreamed of feeding everybody, but actually we had the plan and for me, instead of talking what idea these have begun cooking, because I wanted to show them how we could adapt to the new circumstances.
To the great in the industry the recreating eyes very well, our partnership. I think the future of Ngos and yours cannot do everything. We need to start a specialised. We need to. Specialized and their views on the specialised? What happens if you tried to be everything, and then you will very much you are nothing save you, a specialised. You can become very good certain areas, what's Andrew Kitchen, with specialised in feeding people but more imports, in adapting to those circumstances that nobody so coming. That's what we're very good. That's all female we're all I thing right now. You know with all their hurricanes. I think I see that what's be happening. There I see like I'm was the way they are approaching everything change in their more pro active in showcasing that look. We have fully. We have these. We have bad, we have electricity, we have people ready. For water issue have- and this is good- that's what they have to be doing this
to be used really getting ahead of themselves again, prefer for them for censure or census. You became an american citizen in twenty thirteen. You have been a fierce advocate for immigration reform, obviously with Donald Trump as president. The idea that we're ever going to pass immigration reform seems quite distant now. How do we get the country back to a place in our politics back to a place where we can come together and actually pass immigration reform or at least get the country in a place where people can start talking like we talking talking in a way that might get us too, to real progress on immigration. I thing on on the hurricane They were happening Maria. When this season of hurricanes. We had the answer. A horrid guineas kills a fairly immigration reform. Reformist kills a hurricane to solve the problems that the Kosovo Hurricane creates. You need every American together now
Republican now who is Democrat now, whether you believe hope, which should be share or not, but together, to trying to transform problems into opportunities Recent reform me son, hamburger astonish because we have a business, a true businessmen as our leader, and businessmen usually are pragmatic, be presented calls himself a super good business man very pragmatic and who can make a deal with anybody right now, as the economy keeps improving for the last eight nine years, none this stuff One of the main issues is that we have no work force is very hard to be hiring people on his way hard if you're, a Republican or, if you are at the folks like it so only for pure american pragmatism used to give you up due to their dreamers that they are. I some an american spreads espresso from you or I
to give them the opportunity to finally had their dry men become full, american citizens went the country where thing, and I want kicking them out which is defined in the country apart and kicking out, two million people Americans to me, which witcheries and workforce to key moment America forward, so what's away. I think we all need to stop talking only to the people that sing like ass, I feel like. Sometimes we are all like seals that we speak to our audience and we will try. Ass authorities, and we know Sir DIN and that's ok, but I think we all included I myself and everybody else will need to try to do more to try to reach to those that done thing like
I must, from myself going with one central kitchen to let's eight areas that maybe thing immigrants should be away or that undocumented should be should be counter. How, when I go to give her plate the foot to somebody that maybe is different than me, and they look at that, for them. They thank you for what you are doing for them almost is one of many ways. We cannot be trying to reach beyond the eye, but we are going to have to do better in trend on this and what other thing so they are not afraid of people like me with maxim of people like me that I am an immigrant and I'm a proud american, but the understanding that it we don't try to reach above beyond died. If we don't tell people that senators Washington are having a salad every day that that seller has been big by an undocumented documented. If you start giving facts in June
yet in a genuine way. I think away within a star region to others, and we have to be persistent that, yes, by dating immigration reform, I always said, is not a problem for America too. Self is an opportunity for America to cease, and I do believe that pro business president in the White House with Tommy that immigration reform for a second will pass quicker rob rather than later, but now we're talking about building walls to keep everybody away. This is going to put them in harm's way because before we know we're not going to have workers to keep moving the economy forward, Ok, so long along those lines, we too said you're working on one year. Restaurants, Donald Trump shows up He not only Orison food, but he wants you to sit down and join him. Will you come and what do you say what he talk about? How to reach across the other man? I I think
that will not happen, but we know it likes Hamburg reason, but now he likes, but he's a man of peace traditions and he likes to go to places that they usually curry, that true name by the knife. Amid the way, but I would draw him with with respect, even he's, not gonna, respect to others I know I would try for us here to have the same conversation having with the oil sands. Sir, do you understand that the vast majority of the French would we are eating in this country? Chances our chances. Are. We have an undocumented farmer, begin up these carrot, these letters of those bits or taking care of their wild on meat you like to eat I didn't ask pragmatism to degree
where, frankly doing Maria. I wish I had the same content that they had with previous. Why houses- because I am I almost felt like it may be present from not. I was his wits ran, but they know many of you around him that they would become the foreign and say you know we have a big problem here, but actually believe it or not. I have the solution. Can you give me the power to show that the solution is use, a simple s: let's do it. They hampers interim we're. Gonna have to keep working here, Knowing him but the people who believe that he is the saviour of all the things that the Rome with America, I thing I think, the solutions that we need to bring or to create these amazing America that we all believe in our not by leaders at tried to. Tell you that we are all an enemy of each other, but by people had tried to bring us all together to keep moving America's one forward under one black Jose
dress. Thank you so much for joining the pod. The book is, we fed an island, the true story, every building, Porter Rico, one male at a time, go check it out and thank you so much for the work they inspired by you all the time when we come back the interview I did with crooked contributor. Jewess arson part the Americas. To buy parachute parachute. Did you guys know that up harsher just launch their fall? Twenty eighteen collectively? Really it's all about com is why, run through the wall like it has mainly endeavour to throughout my two thousand. Seventeen sheets shook like shit. Now. Imagine this love it and uncluttered plays to catch her, breath fewer relax and take, pleasures and willing racism that man's Ike takes a lot of imagining me to get to that kind of a world. Sounds nice right
sighted, because new sheets, towels, bathrobes and more the coming year, were that's awesome. I liked it important that these be that it has taken. A parachute, forbids the overdue. How much do we love Barish, though the best I wore my rubber on the other that wise near my marriage rub is on constantly from whom on me, because me constantly, I wear it cut at council level. Visit bears you'd armed got count such crooked for free shipping returns on parachutes, premium quality super soft betting in bath linens. They offer security trials of you, don't love you new stuff, just send it back league and walk a dog in that party rubbed her. Yes, I haven't yet put her around the neighbourhood. Put her. That's I should hope that comes out good for free shipping and returns on parachutes, premium quality supersede bedding and bath linens parachute home dot com, such crooked Potsey America, brought to you by the cash Adam you download the catch up you put in the corporate. Save five dollars goes to you, five dollars,
world central kitchen. The organization work with Jose Andreas on Harkin Relief, gather feeding, hundreds of thousands of people in North Carolina after feeding million supporter Rico for months and months. There are fantastic work. So, as you know, the catch up is the easiest and fastest way to pay people back into get pay back. And dumb. We would just really oppression if you downloaded it and so Adam a whole bunch people you could help after the hurricanes a good cop had paid appreciate? I was trying to fight as for the blue apron out of the sand chopping, either the woodpecker very apropos are the gadget today on the plan today I am joined by July are say who's author of a brand new book. Some like me how one undocumented girl fought for her american Dream lab
thank you. It's so good to be back. I'm so glad that I'm back so at last him up on the pod. It was to talk about one doc that rescinded and now analysis, checker shitty topic, some glad to be back the talk, but something or write about yeah and you ve been just crushing. Good conversations and you have a special Le Especial Series had this week on Crete. Conversation thanks for asking just talked about it. I'm on the PA, whenever I just gave a quick brief awesome, so I'm super excited about this I sure, am cook a conversation theories that were that were calling to finding us and it's all about exploring the latin acts like no community identity, culture and future and its it's really exciting. To explore some of their history
but the most in America that alot of people Don T know about, and therefore they think that we just like we just got here like we're. Newcomers to America will have a long history of being in the country and then also exploring, unlike what does it mean to be a growing population that one days can be the majority minority population and then also not have the kind of political power. That we need to have, and so how do we harness our community to come together to get out to vote, to check out relative I got up and in some really excited the first one came out yesterday with great praise apart from asked area. Yes and I'm so glad she's so It is amazing and she's hilarious, and I'm so that she said. Yes, when I was a k, let's do this and choosing absolutely to bring such a different perspective to the conversation and also a lot of committee relief
Amazing, very funny appear so one question on that because didn't I were just talking about this on today's pod. We're talking about latino turn out mid terms, and this week there was a special action and estates and at sea in Texas, where it was like Sixty percent plus latina voting population and the Republican One, the seat that which had been democratic That, combined with we been seeing in a lot of poles, which you know pulls go back and forth, but supposing California Poles in Florida pulls in Texas? some belt- that's latino Turner may not be with little response rate in these. Poles may not be as heavily democratic as some of the other demographic groups that were saying in mid term. What are your thoughts on sort of letting a voting potential turn out how difficult it is to get within US attorney.
Is it the responsibility of democratic campaigns? Are they screwing up by not reaching out more? Is it something more fundamental about the democratic, Freddie what either and so a few thoughts, and we're gonna have like a whole crooked conversation. Excellent talk about this so but I'll give you some some brief thoughts on it, one, I, that the Democratic Party has made a mistake of only talking to Atinas about immigration and saying the reason you need to vote democratic because we're we're pro emigrant and we believe in immigration and- and the fact is that poles have shown that Latinos actually care about health care jobs, education before they care about immigration and immigration the huge issue in our community like when you think about what's happening at would at the border with the kids and the fact that we still don't have a dream actin, and so it does affect lucky. Things a factor, since I think that we need to do much better job of
also care about where our kids going to school and how we can get health care and let it has made fifty we're cents on the dollar when compared to white males, and so all of these things a factor since I think We need to do much better job of speaking to the letter population and and latino voters. As though they are like for human beings that are capable of carrying about more things. In just one issue. That's one thing or the other thing that I'm really excited to explore: a sort of like how religion place apart, in the latter no voting block, because there are a lot of Latinos who are catholic, who are christian? Who therefore vote Republican for once single issue, movement and that's the pro life proposed issue, and so there is that eminence the thing that that Latinos have been disillusioned with with the democratic hardy raid and
although we care about more than immigration like we have been disappointed because we're promised alive when it comes to immigration, and it just hasn't happened like the results have been there right yes interesting, I mean we're talking about this before, but when I do the wilderness and that episode to Ali Neurology and he he did say that one of the strategy that used was they ran. These adds with pastors and sort of religious overtones servers framing the immigration issue as about our common humanity, and we are all gods, children and found that you know that had a great effect and sort of reducing the opposition to immigration reform. Not only among White evangelical Christian, I do think there's the Democrat sort of sometimes forget how religious latino community yeah, there's a lot of what he knows who
our torrent. No, I have. I have a lot of friends who who vote Republican because this one issue, I think that's changing, now grown as their seeing as how the Republican Party has become like incredibly toxic and and and racist frankly, and also, I think that they are starting to like come around on that issue and, like feeling like, I can't possibly vote Republican anymore. Because of what. Happening wondering on one other thing. A lot about the Filipino block is, is just the fact that in a week we tend to talk about the dinner murder, as though we were all this right now and there is such a huge diversity within the lovely, no community system of those nuances. I think we also have to be more mindful about recognising one we're talking to latina voters, which goes back to your first point, which is that immigration can't be the only issue that we talk about, because, because
but in others voters are so ideologically logically diverse and has a different police talking about health care jobs, wages, education would be import, Democrats, Trichet. I wonder what your book so some me a young adult adaptation of yours, best selling them more. My underground american dream. Why did you want to adapt the story for a younger audience. Yeah so the reason I remember being in middle school and not reading a single book that reflected my experiences like where the protagonist of a book felt like someone like me right and so as I was thinking about, writing spoke. I kept that in mine, and I wanted to make sure that young readers young adult feel, like their stories are so important that their books written about it?
and- and I saw that today- I just came I'm I'm just here from. I was just us- a new school in these delaying where the majority the students were lucky knows and they were so excited there like. I've, never met author. Before enough, never I've never read a book that talks, my experiences, and I think that your foot for four young adults who read this and they're gonna buy. Think they're gonna feel like they're, they're scene, and then first students that maybe I don't feel like this is exactly their experiences. I'm excited for them to learn about a different experience in theirs and hopefully they'll be able to be more empathetic to people who are different from them. So. I want to hear the sorry about how you came to go A copy of this book to Steve Ban the other again thought we a man. So I was invited to speak at the economist, open future fast and and
so the economists, unlike the new Yorker, did not take away their invitation of Steve Van Ryan. So I thought really long and hard about. Do I still go to this event and when I realise that the immigrants and panel. Whiskey, have no actual immigrants on the panel and people from the centre, for recent studies, which is which has been called a hate group. I was I have to go, and I have to make sure that my voice is part of the conversation I I know that we were actually able to ask divan and questions, but I that in the front room- and I had this really- this rule physical reaction to him walking on stage like I wanted to throw up, because here was, and he saw harmful and so dangerous they say we could ask questions. I started thinking about what what am I going to ask them, and I thought about the question and when I asked him was The lies that he tells too
american worker that immigrants are taking their jobs. When same time, there was a a a tax bill that path and he was in the White House that is for corporations not for the worker and and then That and then I said to him, because he had talked about how much she likes to read bottle of law. So like since you like reading so much here is a copy of someone like me, so you can actually learn about immigrants and I handed him the work and at my heart was like racy, exact, not plan to do that. I, like I general economy, happen in the moment, but yeah and what did he say he was like a thing we'll have to sign it for me, and I was like irish irony. Scientific came prepared a hand to be answered your question, so this question of the way that he has the question. Of course he, like you know he doesn't answer, question right, he's gonna, try to combat and totally full of bullshit writing who's. Gonna stick to his talking points. However, he did say no yeah. This tax bill is now
for the american worker and I fought and I fought to leave and I fought Gary COIN, but they were. And I lost, and that I think proofs proves The point- and I know you s, talk about it a lot on the pot and I know of a sin to Monday spot on the way here and it. Proves the point that republic, cannot cannot run on an economic platform, because I dont have any answer so they're gonna have to run on and anti immigrant M S? Thirteen! campaign because they actually have nothing to show the american worker if they really believed in helping working class, Americans white latino african American However, they would have a different economic agenda because they have an economic agenda that is only for the rich
only way to attract the votes of working class. Americans white Working class Americans is to make them afraid, immigrants or to make them afraid of African Americans or tat. You know do what they ve been doing for many years now. Exactly. Thank you, but I am so glad. I estimate that, like we have like a video him saying that Uganda's tax most actually not for american worker and, unlike you, write it does not, and therefore you. Guess again, this keep skip, keep like spleen you're. You're, your lies. Twenty two means like how the places that are most afraid of immigrants are the places that actually dont have a large properly shouldn't of emigrants yeah. So that's always like puzzling to mean fewer fascinating. I learned when I was doing the immigration episode, or the wilderness is, it was only who told me you know what he's typically thinks is. Twenty son of a country whose, against immigration, all the time
the twenty percent of the country, whose completely pro immigration all the time by forty percent in the middle. Who can go back and forth? What do you think the best stress gee for persuasion is of those people in the middle, because some people think it's with facts. It economic arguments with the national security argument, so we will say more cultural obviously right about that. As you know, an incredibly compelling story, sort of like people's emotions about your own story. But what? What do you think about that? very compelling book? I think you know listeners You should get a call reader Garrido get someone like me and if you know, I think, That's a young adult book. I really do think that, like adults, will I be able to pick it up and read it, but if you really want the adult, saucy aversion dangle dynamite under american dream by both by, but why choose right? But every question like actually about you know if I had, if I had all the answers right,
with immigration reform would have passed through now would be young women than noble price, but the combination of everything you just said. I think that we have to have a strategy that does speak to people's hearts and that's by time our stories in sharing more stories like mine and, like the thousands of Dreamer stories and to remember that there's also stories of light, the worker whose in the field and who doesn't have a college education but who has just as much of of who has earned assessment to be to be american, and we do have to keep an economic argument. I think in this in this mid term elections, that's going to be, are, I think, the biggest there is to keep reminding people that the answer of, if immigrant we're not in America. You'd have a job and you'd have their healthcare you'd have better education like we have to really push back against that message. You and then you think that its also
I love what with Alley sad about bringing in the religious community. To this because they are getting a lot of people who I went on the show ones that the person with the host is a reverend visa, very conservative and like a big Donald Trump supporter, I think you would like for them. Bible verses and I was like I got you like. I've- read the Bible to so like. Let me tell you what God says you know and like literally in the Bible, it says that it's our obligation to take care of the widow to take care the orphan and to take care of the immigrant like it specifically calls us those three. So people that were supposed to be taken care of- and so I think we have to. We have to bring that message and also so it's it's. A curse. The nation of everything you said, Joseph Virgil, Come back on POD save America! The book is someone like me how one undocumented girl fought for her american dream
Thank you out so much and check out the crooked conversations that uses leading over the next couple weeks and, like I said by both Books- yes Bible, then listen to grace and me on those crick conversations thanks to thanks, Thanks everyone for listening, and we will we'll talk you next week and don't get to go to votes of America, DOT, com and sign up for a chance. See us live or for a life your next week by everyone, yeah.
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