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Dan and Jon L. talk with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden about what’s at stake for our democracy in the 2020 election, his final debate with Donald Trump, his plans for tackling the climate crisis, Vote Early Day, and what everyone can do to help in the final days of the campaign.

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returning to save America he's the first person to ever win three presidential debates in only two attempts. Please welcome Vice President Joe Biden, thanks webinar being to vary. The thank you Leslie Stahl said to Donald Trump before he walked out on the interview. Are you ready for some tough questions? You guys. I know one these I'd rather beyond Fox. They make easy wait till you see these vast balls. Governance have very nice. Rather I want to start with last night's debate on that debased agent. Actually, throughout this campaign, President trumpets lobbed, false action nation, after false accusation about your son Hunter for doing things we know for a fact that Donald trumps children have been doing profiting from the presidency. Yet both both last night and for others. You have not brought up his children's active
I assume that that's a specific decision, I'm curious why you ve made it civic decision. Lawyers think it's crass I mean I, I just I've never thought it was a look I'm running as Donald Trump modest children. and the american people want to hear about their families, not about trumps, family or my family, Although I am very proud of my family islanders, I think, but just I just think it's just not. Ours raised some basic spouse tromp, so also in the debate Trump seem to think he had a kind of gotcha moment there. At the end, when you talked about transitioning away from oil and fossil fuels, even though subsidies for those industries, is very popular, any really wish. You'd say: you'd ban fraction there you have it at the same time, I'm set these ambitious climate goals as party or plan, and a lot of pulling shows that
climate change is the number one issue among young people, particularly among young people, decide whether or not to vote? What is your message? Should those young people who are passionate about this issue, but sceptic call that they can count on. You are really any politician to actually deliver and take this issue with the urgency it demand is the number one issue facing humanity. The number one issue for me and all the way back in the 80s, I'm the first person ever ever a layout need for a to deal with global warming and back nose and Politifact said check it out. It was a game changer and but it's just the way in which this campaign is Ben runs the beginning about me in the primaries that it just never got traction. Look. Climate change is the existential threat to humanity, the existential threat to humanity,
on checked, it is going to actually bake this planet. Not this is not hyperbole. It's real and we have a moral obligation is not many. Down. I worked for a long time, don't Henry often a moral obligation. We have a moral obligation. Not just a year people were more obligation to everyone. Look what's happening right now. You just look around the United States of America Forests are burning at a rate larger than get on Rhode Island combined be lost people. losing their homes, their lives in the middle of it three. We are in a situation where you have one hundred year. Floods occur, every several years, wiping out entire entire counties. And doing great damage and by the way then you may remember the first thing that Brok and I were told about when we
When we went over to where it taking to the over Us Defence Department, I said the greatest threat facing the greatest security threat. America faces is climate change, because it's gonna happen. You see mass movements of populations. fighting over land said father fighting over the ability to live. and it is an existential threat, and so I just think, but also presents an enormous opportunity, is bizarre. We are one of the few countries in the world. The joys memo take things that are serious problems and turn them and opportunities its also, the vehicle by which we can not only save the planet, but we can generate such economic growth. and led the world. But we have two problems: one. We have an internal problem in the United States. What are we gonna? Do we make up? We make up fifteen percent of the problem. But were in a position where the rest of the eighty
percent of the world's responsible. For the rest, we can go. We go net neutral in terms of carbon tomorrow and we're still gonna, have our shores flooded, we're still gonna these trivia hurricanes. The polar caps are going to count you'd going. We're gonna have we're: gonna have hurricanes and storms that will increase and so we have to do two things. We need a president who can lead the world. That's why I was so deeply and in setting up the existence of the Paris climate. word as well as do the things we have to do. It can do point I'll make up our by any detail. You'd like me to, but the last point I would make is that you know the way we have to do this is we you know we cannot discount the concerns of people, what it means to their well being, not only in the future now, but what about how they make a living That's why I'm the first person I'm aware of that, went to every major labour union in the country and got them
sign onto my climate change plan, which is extensive, we're. Gonna get to zero net emissions for the production of electricity by twenty thirty five and is going to create millions of jobs, but we gotta let people we can. Cavalier about the impact, is going to have an hour and transition to do all this, but I just think it's a gigantic opportunity. A gigantic opportunity create really good, What are you see as the relationship you're gonna have to do so, a lot of climate active, as you have said. Basically, we have everything we can to get Joe Biden Office is an existential threat and in their plans but a ton of pressure on you to make sure that Europe, deliver on solutions are on climate change. What are you expecting? I went to put pressure on advance groups. I'm gonna put pressure on them to live up to what their this cause. They talk about starch off with body
You stole softly voluntariness starch off with making sure that their organizing and they're taking care to make sure that people on the ground from the fence line communities can take Kara make sure the priorities you said so we had to sit in a situation where people who were hurt the most could help. The quickest you know is that this is You know I and I understand the sense, but the fact is that look. The first thing we're going to do is make sure that we use the ability we have now and I will, as present it, to do away with a hundred changes in in an executive orders. He isn't he put forward to do everything from allow more methane to sheep, into the. In the atmosphere allow to pollute river, A whole range of things. We can do that very very quickly, but
also many require us to make sure that we deal What with what we have to do now, for example, we should you know, as you guys know, because you both worked administrations, that Where's United States has control over six hundred billion dollars in assigning federal contracts. everything from one of the largest auto fleets and trucking fleets in the world to infrastructure when, as Dan. I remember one the present made a handle, make sure we got recovery ACT in eight hundred billion dollars was going to be distributed to keep us from going into a depression, He gave me the authority to run that from beginning to end and what we did as we were able to invest in bringing down the cost of renewable energy to compete with coal, gas and oil, and so now you see what's happening is becoming a fait accompli. No one's gonna build another org.
has fired electric plant to build one that is fired by renewable energy. We have to invest billions of dollars and making sure Rachel to transmit over airlines, you may remember damage sadly, that of those office buildings in between the interregnum period there and we thought we could just make sure we could transfer this rule. This renewable energy across the country Remember that big map upper we show revolver Alma, all the high tension wires. We're gonna go the smart grids, that's right exactly right, but what happened? What happened was not mine, for her people didn't want to have a high tension wires in their neighborhood. So we're gonna do is happening now in working on this. For three years You have a lot of folks in Silicon Valley, in other places, doing research on battery technology, so now
gonna to be able to store, for example, they can have a battery about this wide is my the with my arms and about this. Thick that, if you have solar power in your home you're in the sunshine for weak? That broader will store, going to be able to have all the energy you need. In the meantime, we're gonna provide five hundred and fifty thousand charging stations for real on the new infrastructure green in. For we're. Gonna, be burning, we're gonna on the electric automobile market, creating millions problem doing that. This is not hyperbole. These are the things that have been run through by economist and Wall Street and and also by people who are in in in in in in the thought community. The people were running these major institutions, and so there's so much we can do and we can create a clean and vine, but we can also grow the economy. And get people good wages, the fastest growing industries, are solar and wind solar
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an airline you know in the debates, Asian frankly, throughout this campaign, there's been some sort of a mystery. Every time down, Frumps been asked about a second term agenda. He is failed to answer that question in it with any details, but and in just the last hour here the Republican Party tweeted out his second term and some to read that to you Easy this item number one establish a pie minute man presence on the moon, were to send the first and mission to Mars and number three filled. The world's greatest infrastructure system, and I dont number or establish national high speed, wireless internet network now Will not ask you to respond. that absurdity, if you do not want to buy what would sort of
your version of that we wanted what are the three or four things that are at the top of Joe Biden First term agenda. Yet control of the virus yet Control corona virus. Without that nothing else is going to work very well. Number one number to invest in the community in rail infrastructure arrangement promising and invest in infrastructure in seventeen eighteen, nineteen, twenty he hasn't done. A single, solitary thing servant rest in generating economic growth in the United States by making it and why, from bided American Maiden America. He is exporting jobs overseas.
the first thing we're going to have to do is to in order to compete in an Ashley, is we're going to have to compete. We used to have we used to invest a little over two point: six percent of our gdp in, and research and science two point: six percent we're going to invest in science and technology, we're going It sure that work we can compete with the rest of the world and leave the rest of the world. We have the greatest institute. Look everybody. We have more great research, universities, United States of America than every Other research, innovation in the entire rest of the world combined and the Good NEWS is the people on them. They are not private institutions. whilst ass most of all by a university It is a universal people own these systems.
We saw underestimate that's where every major breakthrough has come out in the last twenty five years and we're going to invest in those continue to invest in the research and development and it's gonna go from. Making sure we have access to know how we're going to generate economic growth through infrastructure. This green, as well as we're going to invest five billion dollars a year in cancer research weaker to cure cancer. Mark my words, We are in a situation where, as you know, I ran the moon shot through the present and what happened. Was we find a significant breakthrough. Is everybody in the past week Why the mirror and look in the mirror and sob a Nobel Prize about to be one great scientist, but didn't you much information. They vote. sharing information. Well, that's all and now is changing drastic and we're gonna have to invest in dealing with the things that affect the metal, physical and
and environmental health of the country, and we do that, for example, if we don't something about dealing with with Alzheimer's every single bed hospital bed in america- The next twenty years, will be occupied by Alzheimer's patient, insurance companies going, invest the kind of money needed to deal with it. We can do that. We can do the same thing with others diseases like diabetes. We can do it with regard to a whole. Innovations, so it's not just making sure we deal with the physical and wine which is critical and invest in new technologies, for example, we're gonna want things I laid out- and I know it's boring is hell, but is consequential. I laid out a farm policy. Farm if they are m that allow gives us to drastically increase the amount of courage able of set aside, so we pay farmers for putting their
their land and a lamp bank and planning deep rooted plants. You say what's out about its about carbon capture. Put this in perspective we right now the burning the Amazon, the Amazon absorbs more more carbon from the air The ground and the routes from trees and and vegetation that is put into the air by the entire United States of America. Every good day and what are we doing? We're lucky to burn we're not doing much at all, organizing the rest, the world go to them presented. and say we're going to pay you collectively the following small a billion dollars to go in a different direction if you dont you're, gonna pay and economic price for no one it well right now You can have the first net zero industry in America. Carbon emissions can be agriculture, for example. I know this is boring stuff, but you think about what it can do
all of the method that is going into the air because of commoner and because of pig, manure and because of chickens. We know a we. We have we four billion dollar industry and these coastal states Delaware, I'm in these coasts of United States in the domain of bananas. Well, guess what they chicken manure is been polluting. The estuaries and Chesapeake Bay We know now how to take the methane out of manure turning the poets and make it real re usable fertilizer and take the methane. Stored in other ways, and it creates jobs in the process of doing it. But we will try to talk about things other than the kids who are really deeply and environmental stuff you kind of glazes over so there so many things we can do in the process we can generate We can generate economic growth and Rural America. Let Lowell we're gonna be able to do relative to the other changes we can make. With regard to the environment for urgent
well. I will go on. I'm I'm sorry, but I get little excited about it because it such an opportunity and by the way, that's why we have to the first thing I want to do is rejoined the Paris climate, a court because without us, no oh buddy, runs. Nobody said No one has the moral authority to do it, and I conclude I say the thing that bothers me most about Donald Trump. Is he here so fundamentally damaged the moral authority. We have we most powerful military history, the world We not only made by the example of our power with the power of our example and our exists, We're sitting around the world is devastatingly negative to our own security interests. And the world's overall. we're never want to apologize you there can be no don't. I was great no on I'm interested
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First of all, you know what really rankles my opponents I say that the thing that bothers the most he's, not a patch on Brock's jeans, I mean Barack, was one hell of a president, and I tell you what man what an honor it was. I think you guys believed it to to serve. I'm an incredible honour and are not being solicitous. I really mean that he had more integrity is little finger than most people have in their whole body. Indiana backbone, like Ramrod, has one but one of the things that I think is most important is those who haven't voted again. First of all dot, I will vote dot com to make a plan exactly how you gonna go to vote about when you're gonna, because
It can get complicated because the Republicans and doing everything they can to make it harder for people to vote, particularly people of color to vote so go to. I will vote dot com. Secondly, in a situation where we have put together and you guys did Jennifer. I missed the President Obama's administration before this we have put together. I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of american politics. What the press it is trying to do, is discourage people from voting by implying that there won't be counted. It can't be counted challenges and all these things, if enough people vote
gonna overwhelm the system. You see what's happening now. You guys know it as well as I do you see the long long line in early voting. You see the millions of people have already cast about and so dont be intimidated. If, in fact, you have any any problem go to, and I don't have the number, but it's a three three damn vote. The letters de envy o t call that number We have over a thousand lawyers One thousand answer the phone: if you think there's any challenge to your voting, go to eight three three, damn vote dial. Those letters on your phone that, get you the assistance that we have already put in place. Thirdly, for them, those who have already voted, it's not enough with Love you not enough that you won't you gotta, go out and get your friends you gotta go out and get your family guy
go out and get people for so many people like the old days when we used to meet it used to be a lot easier? There's somebody people when you guys we ever will knock on doors, are no missus. Smith did never vehicle that you driver to the pole. Are you suppose you make sure that you get your friends your family, because you know, is Jean Louis said before he passed away. It's really You have a sacred right and it's a sacred obligation. The vote, particularly young people, you're, the one who, if eighteen to twenty four year old, took twenty five. is all vote in the same percentage, but the rest of the population voted in in twenty sixteen, we know what happened. Would have had five point: two million more people voting you
own the election. You can only outcome, it really really really really really matters and make the case to your friends. Make your case, your friends. If they can't complain if they dont bow and it's gonna, be counted, It's going to be counted and because I think the american people going to show up Dan in such large numbers gonna, be no way to avoid the outcome and look what he's down from the beginning done everything to try to discourage. Sandy's not trail, except the result is not sure what to do. I guarantee you will accept the results and I'll be out in. There's no other than a stick with them. You know how he is using only present. I know that sixty the generals who work directly form said he's unfit to be President commander in chief. So I'm not worried about any any clue here. I'm not sure. There's gonna be, but is love. think about everything has been said.
When I said about three months ago, I think he's going up he's going to see Yes, you may not step down and may not accept the outcome of our people's at all that there goes by. What do you do two weeks later, it's all designed to try to keep people from voting, so those of about it you know, Oh, how long it took you, how you did it, what you did go to, particularly if you have you no grandparents, older folks, your neighbor to you Now- and they have they have an absentee ballot, showed It matters how they feel about it's complicated, some of summit made it easier for people in many states and by the way, watch why we challenge it may not out holed up in Pennsylvania with the Supreme Court were to change it Now they have allowed, the county is postmarked, as can be counted for all the way from next several days, which you should be you
in Texas, the governor, haven't you drop boxes wanting to carry some of the counties are biggest my state almost litter and the idea is one dropbox and so we're and a big, have gonna people out there. Police unit watching making sure do not be intimidated go out and help those who now have physically physical. The difficulty getting up in place or may need help on how to get done. What they need to get done to vote I will vote dot. Com will tell you exactly where you could go where you live. What circumstances are available to you and vote early boat early. I and I, by the way I particularly at one of the things we did. You know you our generation is stepped up. things. You may recall started. Arguing for is the need for significantly more young Paul workers were found.
some of you have showed up. Thousands of you showed up because of covert older people of traditionally are the poor, watchers and make sure everything's cool, squared away, they're afraid is shot because they dying. Are there getting cold with many a worried about their? She was happy to their friends, and so what's happening. Is this election is a generation election? This is this: is this generations opportunity not a joke to take back our democracy. It literally literally my word is abiding is at stake. Are democracy is at stake And you know we are, I, and I have to admit to you. You know, We heard that I was of history and political. Major in college. I ve been involved in public life. My whole adult life.
But I never really believed that it was really you know every generation has to earn. It will guess what it's in jeopardy man it's in jeopardy, do not be intimidated, do not being emanated and whether you vote for me or against me- vow whoa whoa there's, not a single thing. We can do with the american people stand together and ask that I personally I mean it, there's nothing, nothing beyond our capabilities! On that note, Vice president, Joe Biden, thank you so much for your time. Good luck! In the last! ten days and let's go in this, I'm gonna- give it hell way. Thank you very much. By the way you guys have such an enormous following not only with my children, my grown children, but my five. Children her arranging age from twenties?
haven't too are to fourteen are now that's not true. Sixteen should be very upset, I say forty, but our can decide you you you, only the really reaching out and an- and you touch me because you talk, you know you talk plainly the people and matters it really matters. Anyway, thanks looking forward to seeing you guys in person there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. Pod save America is a cricket media production. The executive producer is Michael Martinez, our socio producer is Jordan Waller its mixed in edited by Andrew Chadwick Kyle Segment is our sound engineer. things to tell you so many to Katy, long, roman, puppet, Dimitrios Quinn, Louis Brian, Caroline resting Annalisa Gutierrez for production support into our digital team, illogical,
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