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A very special Christmas mailbag with Jon, Jon, and Tommy to wrap up 2017 and look ahead to 2018.

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Is a guy. I just knew that one of the nicest Hanukkah we went to timing has four wonderful Hanukkah Party couple weeks ago that had to abandon the right in the middle of three three hundred. Surrounding area than of yeah. Ok, anyway, loved Arcy PBS, but his body said no. We're we're according this early, but your hearing it on December or not. I just unwrapped my gifts I got some wonderful things mom! Thank you. I love you Hannah Thou, so thoughtful and that what you did thanks LEO happy anyway, all right. We're to do is take some of your questions just like dad, and I did for a Thanksgiving episode. We have. Christmas mailbags is to end the year. Yes, thank you, eyes for sending all these questions from Facebook and Twitter, and now it's attend to some questions. First question
from Egypt after Watergate Congress, passed a series of reforms, legal campaign, finance, etc to prevent the next Watergate after Trump. What law should we try and pass to prevent the next Trump Teflon IQ test for candidates? I think two things, one, let's not get ahead of ourselves, we, u you seem to have a lot of excess bandwidth. I do not. A voting list, but we getting rid of trump and then we can figure out what to do with them. He left behind, but I
say: I think one of the lessons of Trump is a lot of of the rules that President's held themselves to were not legal. They were rooted in fear of political ramifications and fear of being shamed, and we have seen the cost of having some one who is shameless because once shameless he discovered and their public undiscovered, and all of us have discovered that there were enough political consequences to lying hypocrisy to totally are reversing yourself and pretending. Your previous statements never happened. Now, there's not much. We can do about that, but there are things we can do about. The norms trump has broken in terms of
We start with the justice department. Ah, how is dealt with the press? How he's conducted himself as president, how he's corrupted the office him when he's done to make money- and I so I think, they'll be time to look at those things after he's gone for how we can show up at the legal structures on the present yeah. But I think if, if Trump, with trumps personality, if tromp was leader in another country that didn't have institutions as strong as we do, I actually think you know we might be looking at a dictatorship or a totalitarian regime by now. Actually think I'm actually pay You know proud of our institutions for holding up and and sort of constraining him as much as they have right now in terms of like laws to prevent the next trump. It's a tough one. He was you know he was voted into office. I mean, I think, I think a second voting Rights ACT is probably what we need and to make sure that there is not voter suppression laws to make sure we have automatic registration. You know them people we have voting the less likely what happened at twenty sixteen is to happen again Haber ballot
it took. The words were out of enough Terrier top up up up up up. Well when they hear that each mention Watergate right and so that sort of analogous scandal this time round is whatever happened with Russia, we still don't know because most investigation isn't done, but one difficult thing is because Trump has been trying to stop this investigation because he thinks it may implicate him or at the very least he doesn't like the precedents, bring him. Where prepared for future interference by a foreign adversary in our election right Ami Legato. Not you have done nothing of courting washing posts. We barely even have high level conversations about Annette. I she wasn't kidding when I said I was thinking but protection laws. We should solve gerrymandering the gruesomely things a week due to restore some balance to our electoral process. That, I think, would provide some of the checks and balances we need that are just barely hanging around it and long, Sir really forced the present.
To treat the Justice Department and the FBI with independence as a good one. I don't got something that we're gonna have because those are all norms right now they were, they were norms in the past and we saw the Trump trampled those norms in terms of Deirdre independence and envy. It's good decimal laws in place and he's not not acting, because he cares about is not acting as the fears that political obligations are, there still some institutional protection, but it's not enough, but it's a revitalize. Democracy is the best thing we can do is as our old bosses to say, Bragelonne say when people paying attention good stuff happens. So many people not now people are paying attention. Twenty sixteen Rachel asks. Do you think that better or Rourke has a chance of flipping Texas yeah? Absolutely I do too I did you. Ted crews has worse approval ratings than Donald Trump. He is a reviled figure in the Republican Party in the Democratic party. Among it, since he is someone who has you now just shown that
is willing to hand over his vote. Has endorsement Willy nilly that, at all times as managers, families attack, does matter of pure voting and away he he votes as matter what east commitments he's made, he is one most shameless despicable politicians. The most dishonest smarmy people in public life and better work is a success. Young candidate, he's running A different kind of campaign is not taken, creepy money from packs and lobbyists, and I think he's got a chance sort of ride, the same tide of like Anti Trump sentiment that a little utterances races? That's absolutely. We have shot if better was running instead, crews in Iowa we'd, say, of course you got a shot and guess what
Texas was closer. Wasn't taxes closer than Iowa it was out. Sixteenth taxes is changing. I know it feels like loose with the football believe me this time, Charlie off on the ticket and tankers will bounce off. I feel go take one, and I think you got you got like you got it safe asks. Is there any way we can get people who disagree with us to agree on what the facts are how do we change the lie based operation coming out of the Republican Party and Trump apologists January? You take. This won't take a swing. I dont think we can change the liveliest operation coming out of the Republican Party and Trump apologists, but I don't necessarily think we have to Because one thing we learned this year? Is you have about thirty percent to forty percent of the public that supports Donald Trump they support into. They believe everything they hear on Fox news and bright bar another kind of stuff- maybe that's closer thirty. Hopefully in there
be nothing. We can do to reach those Americans to change their minds, but that's. We don't necessarily need to do that in order to assemble a winning electoral strategy and a governing majority. There are people you know from the there's open to them. That's it there's a bunch of as a small trump base and then there's a bunch of independent voters and weaker begins and Democrats who did vote in twenty. Sixteen and people like that who. Those are the people that we can reach and those of the people that we can persuade and those of the people that we can inspire to turn out, and so I think when we we look at this sitting, asian it's always like, oh well. How do we do we get these like shot Hannity viewers to agree with us, I don't think that's the right question. I think, because what happened in MID Trump has his approval: raining has dropped over time. Hints dark, very high, but he started around mid fortys and how we sit near and the high thirties. That means a huge chunk of people who approved of Trump who supported Trump, no longer
approve of him anymore and we're seeing that bear out not just in poles. If you want to believe poles were seeing an election results in Virginia, we sought it in Alabama, so this whole idea that, like all these people who voted for Trump They'll never changed their minds, it's just not true, as others before there's trump fans and there's trump voters and are not the same thing: the tree fans are probably we may not ever reach them vote. I am on my feet them of course, but the Trump voters or the non voters the people to vote at all. I think we can reach that import. I can convince them to be better or do better or supplying we ve to beat them. If you don't to abandon and bright that Brenda politics will get a kick his ass at every single opportunity and twenty eighteen and so far so good Steve keep endorsing buddy. We know where they are just as like. There's a difference between facts intrudes and I think sometimes liberals get themselves turned round. The actual worry about facts and Republicans spindle hot well too little time worrying about facts but their bed.
A true. It's like a weekend spend all day, Dr Yourselves, crazy. China ribaut misinformation coming from the right, but we're always better from this now and were arguing with them over details of physics. The lumber coming at these arguments with values like we believe everyone should have healthcare. We believe in economy that works for everybody. We believe you know America belongs to every race in every created. What have you so don't get tied up, trying to win argument based on facts like the better fight is too argument based on trees and buys yeah, I, although I will say something: that I want to be even better about and twenty eighteen a lot of people and ask questions when ass was that they they ask us for facts. They ask us to arm them with facts and I think if we do that pretty well, but I think we have to remember that. You know it's not enough to just be right and to know that you're right, I think, in order to persuade people in order to bring people along, you do have to have a say:
facts. You know- and I think it doesn't always work on every one- and I am but I must be tried her. I hate getting bogged down in like forty five to ten Dixon some economic speech how's that fighting await us all the time, but I do think arming people with the facts. They need to go out and then persuade other people there. You know what they're here you lead with the values statement. Like you, said, love it you lead with the truth. You leave the values statement, but I think you need some energy needs. In fact, I'm not a nightingale trail, and I disagree with you. I just yeah. I think it's. I think it's about a balance, it's about the relationship between facts and what makes people feel things makes people believe things you and you don't. Actually facts can help. You make your case. They can undergo devalues you're, putting forward but understand that that that nobody is one fact away from changing their money. That's what you think we should ups from North Korea style like megaphone than play. The weeds Pakistan Cross, but I want to do I want to do. I am like a flyer drop of just vocs. Articles is across the
gradually American Heartland recover from? we love each other because we logging, but it is the balance is about. Ok seven minutes of Justice- asks if I don't make the stuff. Ok, I really want to know how we can support and push the media. How can we best effect- in the media? How can we let them know that we don't want to see any more reality tv news, we want substance. We expect mindful journalism. How can we have impact on the media there easy? Don't watch the bad shit pay for the good stuff? Don't want that? Don't don't don't leave some crappy. Twenty four hour, whatever on in your house them recordings. If it drives you insane yeah yeah, I guess it yet, like exaggerates amount of the priest like you, can spend all day, driving or so crazy trying to kind of fixed the things that bother you, but that's not in your power. You can choose what you can.
Soon, you can choose what you you care about. Using too is blaming the media adding lets people off the off the hook. I think the better question ask is what are the incentives that are in place that create the kind of media the piss you off his way and that an important question asked not just about the Fox NEWS apparatus what's driving at the money behind it, the interests behind it, but also the consumer decisions that are driving what ends up on cable news were pisses us off along the way that, like it's, not you can't just blame the person you see on the screen, because a lot went into a system. It's a system, but one thing by the way is to lift up the people in the places You think are the worst there doing great job, because I think to paint you brought a brush like week. We make fun of cable knows all the time, but cable news also does extraordinary jobs in interviews with with anger is pushing really hard. They done cool policy. Events like support the parts of what they're doing that you think are great yeah. I grew up anything else on the media
no more purchase more murmur, pod law. Now now you know yet I dealings either way. I know one thing: we learn from him from the right workin. The rafts works absolutely who journalists, Sir people, their human being that same emergence of us have and when they a mistake and you criticise them. Sometimes they may be thin skinned about it. Sometimes they may be a little defensive. We get like I too, but you know it when people criticise ass. You lay works, it doesn't work, you makes you think, and I when you speak out, if, if your respectful general be blown, These are our aren't, always respectful, but I've tried to do that more. I have not succeeded, but when you're, not fox people, Foxy Perfect, awful, but when journalists that I respect make a mistake, try to make argument about why they're wrong, try to be respectful the way you make that argument, but keep making and keep pushing, because you know they think about this. Guy is due to present it as tweet about
can you get fired over little basic areas in college? I swore immediately corrected yourself of made repeatedly and by the way you can still give too much used or sign my changed out or a petition to get a wagon about how the editing, too, is. By the way, again, you can spend all day you're so crazy. I agree that we need to let you know, I think, the the kind of pressure the John to tell me about on the media exactly right, but if you think that the way we're going out to win in politics has to change the media or no in a win understand that a lot of the structures and incentives and shit the piss you off is gonna, be there are twenty eighteen, it's gonna be there are twenty twenty, it's a reality that we're gonna have to deal with that you're, not gonna defeat. We have to wind in a context in which you can't fix the media from your computer at home to learn to play the game. Bread asked: what The best way to reach out to people who feel like their vote doesn't matter show them the results of every election for the past. Gate, or so you know. I do
that this is still a major problem, but it baffles me. I thought, like Bushmeat Gore, might have solved this one for us. Maybe the fact that Donald Trump, one by seventy, some odd thousand votes, Is that mattered? Maybe Hillary Clinton did not excite you. Maybe you not think she'll be the best president. Maybe you thought that she was too much like Trump and it didn't matter. Hillary Clinton was president right now we were not be witnessing a one point: five trillion dollar tax cut because mostly wealthy people be signed into law that we will not be witnessing a partial repeal of Obamacare. That's going to be thirty million people we will not be witnessing Neil Gore such on the Supreme Court Jungle, we're shit, couch, attacking the North Koreans on Twitter. We will not be should talking. The north Kirchner hinder northward on twitter- they were not be eight hundred thousand young Americans who are worried that their vote to be deported. None of this would have happened if people came out who did vote for either candidate and decided to vote really clan, and not many either like. Like you
couple like ten thousand twenty thousand and a couple states, that's all were taken him I'd be sit in. My house ran a comedy pilot, but couple and urged the together on a box factory that even a shout- and I shall call Box Factory box mercury. Why not that's what it could mean that as violent ABC Box Factory Yet- and I think that our Jonathan asks the best way to build ground game in red states were infrastructure is an already well established leg, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia etc. I would say one thing you could do is if there is no end. Civil chapter in Europe, community start one indivisible great matter that is born of the energy and excitement that we're seeing and it's not about its it. You know it's can ultimately be about helping us when the house, when the Senate, but is about legislative fightin issues, and I think you can get a group of people to get in the habit of doing. Something! Even if it's coming to somebody's house for one meeting in saying, let's talk about it, we care about and get the ball rolling on Facebook
community at her, that's like an incredibly valuable thing. I think one lesson of dull Jones Winning is: we need to compete everywhere. We need to start building apparatus everywhere, like this election. The elections up we're gonna win some surprising places and we need people on the ground starting to do the work now, not just for twenty, a team, twenty nineteen, twenty twenty one and so dont worry about the Dnc or the DE triple sea or the state Party, and there's this new idea that these are all like magical forces that can come in and fix everything there, just people that again hired they're just it's just like starting your own indivisible group. You need money, swing, less, raising money for candidates all across the country. You need technology, expertise, there's all kinds of start ups or, on the contrary. It now that are trying to You're out, you know better technology for campaigns of it that we are in a new era where you dont nessus
we need to rely on the infrastructure, the power, the resources of state parties and national parties, you can do it on your own. I think think some important for people to keep in mind as we debate for the millionth time. The ethics If the DMZ posit, There is broad you buy skill, share we're gonna, get a leg up at work out your career to the next level now and hang hamstring. Some people around me and get ahead to microphone was ITALY, a hams. Is that what it is hamstring someone we already media over three million have a meek with over three million uneasy tiny hearted over an area members and more than seventy thousand classes. Skill shares the Netflix for online learning. How interesting take classes in graphic design, DSL our photography, social media, marketing, digital illustration and much more skills, circle so tat by industry, experts, experience professionals perfect. If you're looking to build your career or start side, hustle of your dreams. Here's some classes, you can take love it. Oh Adobe a Strader logo design,
pattern, design, topography, you know o b, so annoying me empowered some knowledge about how those things work. Tommy, here's I'm! U can take what brand strategy business planning, public speaking water colours, so nervous when your public spending Tommy, eternal Tommy's, calligraphy, I do have a wedding coming up. Atomic invites my sanity. Stop looking at your shoes speak up started so nervous. Lover. Take pointed to everybody in their underwear love it. Maybe social media marketing s yo. I do need them certain. Mason. I keep that's why my emails subject you believe what happened on literally scream agree here. Skills. You have given positive mercosur as a one month, free trial of unlimited access to over seventeen thousand classes go to school, shared our complex cricket. To start your Friedman today that skills, a crooked to start you're free month, Corey Ass, please big on your experiences in DC, and that is bad is it seems. Please give us
insiders view of the inner workings of legislation and other political circumstances can't wait Corey too dark spin on it. You know, I don't think it's as bad as people suspects, there's no world well, they did this number. Is that like there's some machiavellian, he no sort of slang, golly pulling its strings on everything and making people act in bad faith. Certainly, there have been very cynical actors like the Jack Aber MA scandal, which some of you ass they may or may not remember where these lobbyists were like tells about grandpa, whereby, were you know, working with members of Congress to distort legislation in very discussing ways in return for each campaign, contributions and tickets for would like all that suffers grossing shitty, but I was ultimately, I think, rooted out and oppressing of your way, and I think my experience in DC lightness or love
city was working with Brok Obama and, seeing someone be able to completely change the political landscape in a couple years, at a time when no one thought it was possible, sir, I think ultimately that the pretty hopeful lesson, even if the process and seeing the sausage get made a close, is and always pretty yeah I mean. I don't think this is such an over used. You know now to Asia, it's not so fuckin house of cards, its bunch of people who are you know trying it's not like this ruthless ambition for power and money and all the kind of stuff. It's a lot of people who are trying to work hard trying to do Sometimes they don't always succeed a lot of times. They don't always succeed. Sometimes it's because you know they just they make mistakes their humans. There sometimes competence isn't always there are always an ill fitting suits it, always an ill fitting suits. Like I mean I can only speak same like you taught me for my experiences nearby ministries in, but I can say confidently that the motives
just about everyone. I worked with were good and pure Did we achieve everything we set out to do absolutely not? Do we make a bunch of mistakes? Fuck yeah? We did sometimes people let political considerations into their decisions. Yeah sure that happens too, but it was not a lot of scheming, scheming, nice job. No to try to do bad things are just that. Wasn't my experience. Yeah me, I think d C is a place designed to turn narcissism ambition and a desire to do good into progress. It takes those three things in kind of mixed system
gather, and sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. I think that there are, I think, the vast majority of people working on the hill Working Administration. I would think I think saying everyone's motives are pure, as I think people for the most part want to do good. I think they're human and I think they're fought. I think they let their egos in ambition and desire for credit and attention get the better of them at times. I think there's way too many people running around to see you think they can be president, but for the most part it is surprising how long keep earnest and devoted most the people you meet are and that how much of what happens in DC? desperate desperately trying to get the press to cover their policy proposals, nor that it is serious about motivations. I think motivations are complex, just like they are in real life, and some one can do something because they think it's going to make them look good and they can all generally believe in that issue that their pushing in both things can be true at this.
Yes, and I sometimes that works out like you said, and sometimes that does not work everywhere- writing its Upton Sinclair thing. It's impossible to get someone to leave something that their livelihood depends, not believing so yeah there's plenty of times. People who will convince themselves at the right thing to do happens to be the thing that, in their best interests in the twice yearly posturing and silliness, by again on the whole, I think you are trying to you. I think I ever Paul Ryan, Marco, really some accept I think, a huge problem and by these online is commends himself. He is trying to you right now. I think he's too stupid to really no, I think, he's been handed a bunch of information from fucking interest groups and cold brothers and pulsars they paid in these may be. Add some self it it's the right path for, like I, don't know how you look at the results of the Bush tax cuts and other things he pretends to push for and say it was going well or core, make a living saying where to put your tax code on the on a postcard and then put this abomination for the.
Ass, an earthquake discs. Six, it s not my day at her side of this is ideal. I like ideologues people than of totally convinced themselves of the righteousness and correctness of their views, despite all evidence of coming out as a strain of harm that these people do. While there is not. The big problem with DC in my opinion, is that it is small and it allows for group think and it's not just like. We talk about ideological bubbles on left and right, but there is a sort of decent what bubble where you know. The conventional wisdom starts in the White House and it goes to Congress and it goes to the media there and it sort of encompasses both parties and you don't you know you don't think outside the box too much because every one you're talking and in the green rooms and at the cocktail parties and all those other kind of shit, whether their democratic Republican, all says the same thing. They all believe in the same narrative. They all think that the same things
politically wise or not politically cooperates it drives you, nuts, afterwhile and I've noticed. I mean we're part of it and when you step on it, you see when you dont lived there for the while you realize how silly it all seems, ok, Amy How do we avoid another rift like twenty sixteen in the left, especially when the so called progressives already attacking likely female person of color candidates like Elizabeth Warren Curse, Angela Branding horrid Booker feels loaded Amelia. I like that one hundred percent of the time we get questions that Bacco basically like how do we avoid the divide that was that was causing a rift inside the party when one side is so much worse than the other. Maybe maybe the hint of an answer can be found in the question Look, I think, there's gonna be There's gonna be a risk, but there's gonna be some argument with all strap and because it can be allotted debate, allowed argument and there's gonna be some nastiness within the Democratic Party. Before we get ourselves a nominee and twenty.
Funny and I think a lot of it is it's important to have these debates. We said this a million times. I think it's important to debate fiercely about the issues in about people different positions. I think to the best of our ability we have to try stay away from personality based attacks. This is just that. It's a good reminder that history is written by the winners in that everything is viewed through the prism of serve the result. Election. It's not like there was some. You know, Sir primary on the right where my Firstly, they got along. In you know every one kind of agreed, like TED Crew was its contemning tunnel, tromp or not endorsing, and at the convention there was just as much recrimination, fighting on the right, as there was in the left it that they one and we lost so winos her view it as maybe a piece why the results we want? It didn't happen
I don't think you're ever growing void, contentious primaries. I actually think there are a good thing. I think we more. Can it's running in running harder on issues and when all is said and done, you have to get on board in and sign up and fight for the team but like. I don't think we should worry about people fighting hard for what they believe in and premise. I ultimately think it's a good thing. The democratic party is that debate at what it is. It is a collection of people arguing about the direction of liberalism. That is what it will always be. No one ever wines that argument that never resolves. Actually, you know one side is triumphant and in view of the world like a reigns supreme for awhile, but in the world chains in a new group of Democrats come along and I have a different point of view and the access the debate shifts. We are
longer debating the kind of third way strategy that Clinton offered versus the kind of change direction. That Brok Obama talk TAT we have. The access debate has shifted to one about how far the left me to go on foreign policy issues in response to economic dynamism and globalism in the sharing common. All the rest, like the access to the debate moves. This is where it is right now and ultimately, it's really positive. You know we ve seen that the debt, the healthcare debate shift to the left within the minimum wage debate, shift to the left. The fact that we lost causes to have, I think, a lot of recrimination that was necessary, alot of anger and fee,
that was ultimately necessary. But for the most part I think the Democratic Party is pretty united and we've seen that in our response on the hill and I'm hopeful that were going to go into twenty slash. Twenty, the other one big difference between two thousand and twenty and two thousand, and sixteen is the fact that Donald Trump is president and we have lived under his presidency in will have lived in his presidency for almost four years, and I think if you would back and told the most die hard. Hillary supporters in the most die hard Bernie supporters, that at the end of this Donald Trump, be president. If you don't port, the other one. I don't think you'd find too many people saying no I'm starting to make. I'm still to argue about this. I think most people come together and try to avoid our presidency now now that we're looking at what we I mean just what we need is just a machine to generate a portal, a sort of fly through the port on just say: this is how it goes
or are we need books? Were you write down events as they occur, that you can look back upon and learn from? Could you get them in? The gray course, plus probably today of history is, if we could have that's your thing, might avoid some nor with the owner of the sand. Mia asks of your different experiences working Senate, on campaigns in the White House, which should you like best, and why? What are the advantages and downsides to each campaigns? Muslin yeah you're running around I were Chicago or the, how we were too exciting, it's fun. It's all politics is cut and thrust in fighting the most rewarding is was the white us because we actually got to do things and deliver on promises. Barack Obama made directly. And the most relaxing with the Senate. You have him to shit. There is what I mean. I should ask someone. I just sat in a corner all day and you just gonna hung out these people are adults and they have a thing called Reese we're go in and everyone,
eggs for them worth khakis. Some recent that son has even Geats so much khakis much the cabin, we hope that we say this all the time. If you ever have the chance to work on a campaign, do it it is the most fun if you're into politics, it is the most fun you could possibly have. Even if you loose even if you, as it is worthwhile pots America's project, policy genius. New year's resolutions, Why are they so easy to make? But so hard here you know its money out. Just like I was a truss positive changes in self I've been rewarded its as we always overreach we set the bar to high the trick, is find something that looks heart to do, but is actually very easy. For instance, minors relation is to be two inches taller.
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the end of twenty seventeen you read at all in the new year to switch switch cash out. We're not using the other apps anymore. If your jewish, like me, maybe you went to Benihana last night, maybe took a movie. Maybe somebody paid the bill download the cash up, paying back with them for shrimp slipped into your hat like that in LA five dollars you five dollars to world central kitchen, their feeding, people in Puerto Rico, their friend Jose Andres. Many of you have downloaded it, but many of you have not five dollars to you to the Good cause pod save as the code download the cash. I don't ask any other questions happy boxing day. What is the best piece advice you ever got from the mentor. That's really interesting question I mean a lot of people have told me to shut up over the years and printing press actually pretty impressive growth. You know, I will say it
Easy and it may be a bit cliched, but I was simple and was set to be a time are needed here at whereas thing about like what I wanted to do and was about what create a product to focus on what jobs to take- and it was for me, was in the context of like water, Next watch it could they look. I was a speechwriter for years and then all of a sudden I like moved away- and I was at a tv show in the air which happened much faster than expected and Allison a tv show- I was cancelled because of its yes, and so I ask people liked it too much delighted to match it. Couldn't make people too happy, so we took it up by die, I do think about it. What did I want to do? And I was sort of kind of stock- and somebody said to me
the thing you have to write and what's the thing only you could write, and I think it's a good just little thing to think about when you try to figure out what to do next, which is what something that you feel really propelled to work on and that you bring something to the table that other people do anything. It's a good thing to keep in mind when you try to think about what to work on what to do next. What you care about your passion, about which good up good David Extra told me there are two kinds of people, their people who want to be someone and people who want to do something, and you should always trust. The latter- and I think that is such a good piece of advice, because if you get caught up in trying to figure out who you want to be the title you're supposed to have how much money you gonna make what job you need to get, it could lead you down a tortuous path, and I think, if you focus on what you love and what you want to do and the effect you want to have any impact, you want to have your going to much happier person and then you'll end up being
that person you wanna, be yeah. Someone once told me that we make a living by what we get our God, make a life by what we can I could tell that was very centre. China's on my phone, I got talent aside. I couldn't recall a great mentor, but I did have some great bosses- Robert Gibbs. Yes, our boss, for a very long time used to say things like on busier than a one like a man and a buck kickin contest? I remember that. Do I was fun. Don't I was fond of the fund gotta work. What was it don't pay on? My laptop is my leg and Tommy's rainy Judy Aussies reparative, they ve, got their frontiers on equality. Gibbons mean that I think that just a lesson that, like one great thing about the Obama Camp, and white ass. Was there a lot of really good people fund people, work with like people who really really enjoyed spending time around and that makes a litter of Brittany asked what was the worst Trump moment of the year and what was the best one, for there is
tar biggest win for the resistance, I think, is obviously defeating health care, not once not twice not three times, but four times mean that was we had a two and a seven and they had a pair of aces and we can want alone. We kicked off up, I'm not in love. We with ad in our serve and we got a hat, swish tonight about I heard I mean that it would be as well in terms of the damage done to the worst thing that frontier, I think you have to put new dorsetshire.
Saw me having that right now, as of this moment to me, is going to have the largest ramifications. You know, I don't know how you compare. The damage is done to our culture. The damage is done inside of the administration in terms of pulling out of Paris what is done on the around here? What is done to reputation and then on the policy front. You know the truth is we will be unpacking. The boxes filled with shit that Donald Trump is leaving behind for us for a very long time. I think that the best moment for their assistance actually thought about healthcare, huge and Virginia, and it wasn't just because of north and winning. For me,
it was all of those first time, many of them. First time, candidates, young, diverse women, people of color, who one those has a delegate seeds and ran for the first time and seeds that weren't competitive at all and the sheer magnitude of the wind and that state made me think that this this movement is not just. You know protesting, this is turning. The energy and enthusiasm we had because Trump one into actual engagement and organisation and all sorts of only that was so so hopeful. Worse. Try moment is tough, goes in terms of effect on policy. Don't think we know yet what strong moment as like him as a whole.
In being is will be, is Charlottesville to me, because I mean that the fact that a NEO Nazi racist white supremacist killed a woman in Charlottesville and he gave the response it. He did that so revealing about who he is and what he believes it revealed to me how utterly unfit and forever unfit. He will be to lead this country, and I will never ever forget how disgusted I was better. Yet I was the hardest episodes we recorded. I think did I remember like I now is like the hardest to get their cause. I would like thing about what Trump assaying and then the image to me. I will always remember, of the people with torches surrounding the protesters adds thou O. That's the point now decimal I do for me. I think it is easier to be just because
it seemed like such a foregone conclusion and the only person I ever heard express optimism that we can preserve may say was actually Barack Obama was can like chill out her body again, listen that man, but the worst thing. I don't it's hard, I think, to your point on your gorse. It's like we will it. Its impact to quantify the damage, I do think the Muslim Ban is similar in that way. We can help him telling tire legend tying a billion people fuck, you you're, not welcome. We don't need you, I think is the damage is incalculable tour values to our security, and I also think that their system a general point of like when he had shown spice or go out and fight about the crowd size, we made fun who so, ludicrous and ridiculous, but that were
in some ways the death of the hope that he might stop lying in sub treating the office was such disrespect and the rest is history. Yet me just as on a hopeful note, you know when the reason that it's hard to know what will be the worse they Donald Trump has done is America is malleable and adaptable. We proven that in good ways and bad ways, and I think it will be up to us after Trump to restore policies, institutions, values, culture and I think our success in a racing. His legacy will determine the worst thing that either last question from worry. What makes him most hopeful for twenty eight in here's? What I makes me hopeful for twenty eight in the fact that we had winds in Virginia in Alabama.
Solves one of the biggest problems. I think we have as a party which is convincing people who watch politics played out in the news like a blood sport to throw their head in the ring and run. There is not likely to ever be a better year to run for public office than twenty eighteen, which means we will have unbelievable candidates at the state level running for congressional seats. Incredible veterans coming out of the woodwork with prosecutors with people who are gonna, be able to raise money and fight hard and deliver a message and be a more diverse, exciting younger voice for the party, and I think that is going to overwhelm the cynical
financial advantage that these shit heads have in these elections yeah. I would say that after the PETE you protesters footing the airports after the Muslim Ban and after the women's March I wondered to myself: are we going to be able to keep this up after a year? Goes by and we are beaten down by the things Trump says and does, and just their general bad news and headlines that we see every single day, like our people, just gonna get tired and side that they're gonna stay home or that they can't didn't want to do this anymore, and I would say that, a year later, people are probably more or energized and engaged than they were even after trumps inauguration, and we see that like every time we go on tour. Every time we talk to people and social media on Twitter. Hey people's questions like it is so inspiring to talk to the people out there who are so committed to
changing this country and getting him out of office as are reclaiming our democracy, and they do want to back down and in the people who make me most inspired the folks who had never paid attention to politics before trumpets president and now for the first time are committed to being involved, and that is that's just that's incredibly hopeful when Trump one. I thought that the two biggest challenges we face would be Democrats Dane. I did not bearing themselves apart during this fight and maintaining our belief in democratic values, against an administration that wooden value them and I honestly going into trouble. I didn't know what that fight would look like, and I didn't know how hard it would be for us because what I saw when I was at sort of the darkest moments in that
that transition and then, when he took office and he's doing the muslim vanities, its seems, like the whole things coming off the rails. Like look at the head whence you know they have gerrymandered the country, they are put voter suppression place across the country. They got the fuckin Russians helping them. They built a massive propaganda apparatus at Fox NEWS and bright pardon for wars. There are billionaires, who have used growing wealth inequality to fund massive massive institutions designed to stop democratic, stop liberals from winning- and I thought I dont know if we can beat them- and I know- and I think once we lost if we cap losing their dino coming back and I think what's been inspiring to me. What is mainly hopeful is that that, despite all those headwinds that there's enough of us, they care that we can win anyway, and I think about all this energy and all these people that have come forward
have done more than ever done before and I think Trump has woken summing up and more active and we're talking were listening or paying attention. We get pissed Doug Jones, if he's not liberal enough, get pissed Ralph, north them and Chuck humor me. No one anti policies up to every single and your american news. Every day, your watch, your voting, you're gonna swing after going into visible, and I think all that She is still gonna, be thereafter trumpets, gone and so on, upset about what Trump is saying. I just think there is going to be a moment. You know we will be here long after Trump and then we'll just be there. The biggest obstacle we've ever faced will be gone, and then we will be able to shape this country and build something better, and that makes me hopeful it's fun for for those of us who are political, nerds you ve been in Washington, and you know we ve had to deal with all these acronyms and Senate procedure in elections. It's funny hearing all kinds of or on the country, now
parroting, all this stuff back stabbing industry, Daphne, but the reconciliation prying planet is a friend of mine, and I have never before will send me an hour music hated. You see this article New York Times as it buddy I'm reading your times. I was thirteen years old great to have you been like I'm looking at the counties in the needle on the New York Times. Is it possible we can win in developing like have we ever talked about politics, a parliamentarian get a rule that this is a bird rulebook. What I'm gonna have the verb? Avril Doyle, amendment german lover leave out like a story book at five o clock there, like we read it, we processed it we're onto the next that make a joke funny. Man, we read this to her. A former national security adviser has pledged guilty to lie to the FBI, crowd sheer. That's like what is evident how they involve dear well. You guys have made it fun. So thank you for listening.
For this year and we look very much forward to keeping up the fight in twenty eighteen and, at the end of twenty eighteen, celebrating the fact that we have taken back Congress. That's. Looking for its help? Knots, however, doesn't happen. Then you know will be we'll find him. He puts the bigger very moment with you for the duration, but we'd rather the wind. We have in the wind guys, so everyone get Joanna asks. What All will crooked media play in twenty eight teen. Will you have debates? Live, shows funds, funds, funds or fund will have fun, but we have funds. Were you guys think? I think that our hope is that crooked is a place where Democrats come to debate, to talk about the future, to hear from candidates to evaluate candidates to be a forum.
Be a place where we kind of talk about the things we care about. To figure out message to argue about message at my hope. Is that we're gonna as we move forward like you know, I think, let us be honest, like It is very cool that a lot of young, active liberals, progressive Democrats or listen to the show and that's made us attractive to people who are thing about their next campaign thing about the Future Democratic Party and we can be a place where we don't you talk to them. People but put pressure on those people hear from them evaluate the way there talking about issues. I mean, I think, that's like a cool role that we can play like as both sort of a place where people convene an end of pleasure. We hear from you about what you think is working well think, isn't working, we will be barnstorming the country also that law I've shows aplenty ends
if we want to go to places where there's how seats that we could possibly flipped states like the vat in Arizona where there's big Senate's heats up in play so yeah we want to do whatever we can and twenty eighteen to help take back the house take back the Senate, that's going to mean obviously more this can be more live shows when you do things like cricket seven, where we try to raise money for some of these countries trying to unseat Republicans and who knows all kinds of other surprises along the way like us, yeah the most important part of the company that was exciting. Part of the coming was fun parlor. The company is Knights like Virginia, we actually had a success, so we're gonna do everything we possibly can to try to push the rock up the hill towards those outcomes, Think I mean a lot of time on the road I'll be a lot of trying to help people understand what one to a little things they can do per week to help contribute to the resistance in a real way beyond our fish
after tweets on a daily basis, but then like what I can't wait for is September October and November. When he's elections are getting closer and closer. We can feel met them when we got to get out to allay get out their candidates and start what knock on doors were a canvas. We're gonna get out the vote and you know we're gonna talk to candidates, we're gonna push candidates, but one of I think one of the best times the three of us had in twenty. Seventeen was movement to Virginia ass. We did that shown Richmond the night before we did a couple, canvas kick off, one with with that in the candidates, one with a couple hundred delegates candidates. It was awesome,
there was an aspiring was energizing. We want to do that. More hope we can help. I think when they were do is we're gonna bring candidates on we're gonna hear from them around here from you, and I think one they will keep doing is we're in talk by the democratic message. What we think is working, but we think isn't working. You know we don't want to be a place where people common spout author tongue points, you push them and make sure that you know when we think the parties in saying the things you want with the candidates are kind of knocking the direction that we care about, that aren't are living up to. What we believe is is what the price should be doing. Werewolf will speak our mind because I think one lesson of twenty Eighteen months we talk, but all time is that nobody has all the answers. You know that the Democratic Party made a lot of mistakes. It will keep making mistakes. You guys have good ideas We want to hear from you, and so I think that's a role we can hopefully play. Some small pardon and- and will do that to twenty Eighteen, a better deal aside it at home stronger in the world, for candidate who's got an economic record fighting for real people in the middle class. The middle class
is the middle of our priorities. Is the heart of the heart jobs, wages, health care and opportunity for all of the people in the Future I'm gonna wait, turn the page and turn America round big challenges, real solutions, time to pick a congress strength was experience, equals Congress turn up the Turn America around, you can send he get out of the White House. Yes, we can show the rest of your holiday season and will see in the near John Tommy. You got any parting. Words were in the China already, etc. What are your favorite Christmas present that you already opened and receive? I got sweater by this time. We will know we're got to Jack. I got Ronan sidelined. Not just as a I bought him. It was a very effective internet, add a jacket that had many different kinds of pockets and a built in net pillow that blows
I have seen that, and I said you know one internet add take Are you gonna take my money Nobody knows, if not of awkward. To hear that I will be following a new year around by nowhere as we record this. I also would like to note that we have talked about politics every few days. For a year without stopping- and this is the first kind of respite I'll be checking twitter today, I M sure It doesn't matter this. Probably from thousand oaks with my parents were, will be sitting round talk about politics and other chicken meal. Twitter, feed, Connecticut detergents isn't asked at the hospital This repression by Jack, you turned herself likely President Lukashenko.
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