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The Blue Wave is real, Kyrsten Sinema wins in Arizona, Trump takes a pass on honoring veterans because it rained, and House Democrats put voting rights at the top of their agenda. Then Stacey Abrams’ campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo talks to Tommy about the effort to count every vote in Georgia's governor’s race.

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I welcome the broad save America, I'm John I'm John mother and Tommy beats or later in the pod Tommy talks to Stacy Abrams is campaign manager war. grow war about what is happening in Georgia in order to recognise their just to count. Provisional ballot strain. Stop brain camp from you know just certifying the elections is still nothing let it is back on love, it or liver back.
I was not literally that it was great. We had a great shout with Emily Heller, Langston, Herman and curing deal from hysteria did an election post election special talked about the blue wave talked about sessions talked about I Alaska. While recovered in that part of it is Tommy. What about our parts of the world we talk about? I welcome this week german hijinks The text, but I ll ask all for our lives we wanted. This is our weird whatever all in his eye. Alaska experience for last year is not about that. Allow any wakes up, and Hillary Clinton is indeed using a climate bill that doesn't go far an outrage anxious napping anyway. Last week we talked about what Democrats, winning in the house means for foreign policy and in this week and toxin north korean news turns out surprise. Surprise there, cheating in building all kinds of new
It's all over the country and the trouble ministration is pretending that happening so good stuff. So much for the summit for the love affair, great success, while guys it seems as though Democrat should have done a bit more gloating last week because we want a ton of shit. We want a lot more reasons have been called since last week. Monday night. If looking like Democrats could expand their gain of how seats to more than forty and- the republican gain in the Senate to two seats, or depending on how the recount Florida shakes out. That's because John Tester in Montana on Monday night Kirsten Cinemas, clear, the winner in Arizona, the first female senator from that state. First openly, bisexual you, a senator it also as though we may end up defeating six of the original crooked Heaven in California, beautiful fingers, cross restored on vote, counts for Katy Porter and take the ledge he's down about two thousand votes now, but we got democratic officials fill out fake them
left and right trying to get that I'll. Get us over the skiff brazen A question got guys. Why, keep putting these raises. What kind of a deep state plotters this winning raises a week after because their cunning votes so stupid, I dont know how the media is in structurally prepared to just sort of contextual eyes the fact that some votes coming later like if you're in the military and you live overseas, you get to meet your ballot and it gets to show up, a bit later because it takes time to male stuff. Yeah and I will say, like the media- did a horrible horrible job of this on Tuesday night and we felt it We sat here on Wednesday and were like oh pork years in cinema, isn't conceded yet, but probably know this, because I mean we paid a lot attention to news. I Wednesday night many different outlets and there were too many people were like like we knew because we live in California, that the California votes would come and lay there, but didn't
Oh, that you know Maricopa County in Arizona, had like four hundred thousand ballots left, but I should also like it better accounting, faster yeah. Well, so I think that the big issue on why some of these votes came in late were a lot of states going to vote by male rain and releasing California as long as you postmark. Your ballot on election day is still council. Think of how long that takes account in floored. At least, I think at the postmark, your ballot- if you did mail in by like a couple days before the election, so is different and in Arizona does a lot of mail in balloting to and again like there are just patterns right. Early mail in ballots usually favour Republicans early in person. Voting favours democrats election day. Voting favours report, Kins later mail and balanced, fair favours democrats and these patterns have been the same for years. Yet we only care about the after election, counting when it can determine the outcome of the election
I remember after twenty sixteen, some of the narratives of round turn out had to be adjusted because there were so many California votes. I hunted so late, but because they didn't, we didn't, they didn't affect the outcome and it didn't any close races. Nobody cared german Florida to their credit. The Arizona secretary stayed put out a along blog posts. Explaining why takes along devote part of it is there's a whole bunch of people who drop off their early ballot at the polls on election day they set of three hundred twenty thousand. So that means you need to verify all those signatures and then make sure they didn't also vote in person when they dropped that off by accident nodes alleging fraud here, but you can see why that serve an onerous process and takes away the means like we need to remember that were probably not gonna get a whole bunch results during the terms an election night. Images is tell people that events, but you can judge the blue wave on Tuesday night. No, never get, and many people did right. Maybe peoples that it certainly not a blue wave James Carville.
Well, many people made fools of themselves days later. Brett Stephen, you get a little bit of excuse on election out you don't again. Next year, you ever been in love when bread Stevens decides to fight back to defend himself, because it always means he's gonna get a second round of people pointing out the ways in which his? First column was so bad downtown. By make repeatedly I mean a silver to it. Wasn't just like conservative columnist, Bread Stevens last night, my night there was an AP headline, noble away, but Democrats mid term success. Thinking in about all of these developments in the piece it says, Democrats had, their party had their best mid term performance since Watergate since in seventy one and yet the headline was no blue wave, says I'm into some extent. This whole fucking debated
but by the only I blew it to have to take all the obvious where we are debating whether or not an option. Action used to described this a lot like a man or as yet were duly accurately, and we should use the wave metaphor. The wave metaphor applies, god dammit. What kind of mainstream media nonsense is this? It was. It had the crest on TOP killed a server you in thing away soon army this. Clearly what like what come on everyone? We were gonna win like forty seats in the house. That is a stone
and then all these governorship an state legislatures, is a huge night for Democrats. Yeah. We once again, you know, there's so much focus on personalities and individual races and ideology and like not enough focus on just the way the demographics are in the country. And if you look in a couple posters did this basically on the entire electorate: just moved six points more democratic and if you go raised by race throughout the country, it's like bats. That was enough to put cinema over the top in Arizona, because Hillary Clinton only lost that raised by three points. That was enough to get better very close, because Hitler Clint only Loan raised by nine points. You are sorry. So if you go through the country, it's a pretty easy explanation for what happened. Ok, John yeah: what do you call a video file of the bear from jungle both talking about the election, the blue dot wave
Ah, you didn't have to happen, the our man recovering from that. So so this is a limit to the point about the narrative, like the narrative doesn't matter, but it does it. Does it matter like it informs how Democrats run on policy it informs how we run in elections and x. I made forms how the media treats Democrats taking power. I do think some. The stupidity of the democratic overreach thing is built on this idea that we did not the success we should have had to. Maybe the strategy has been wrong yet and also markets. Alvin international Post media critic wrote a peace that was very good about this and she said you know some of this and we're gonna get to this. Lino Donald Trump in their public and refusing to believe in the election results step it. It certainly didn't help that the media basically said you had a great night Republicans when everywhere, like it sort of fed the narrative in their my like, while we were told like dumb people like Donald Trump,
We were told that we won everywhere and that we dominated what is this about Democrats winning? It must be phony, it must be fry, you know, and so there there is this narrative that sets in because the media said it was such a good night for Republicans that you know just sort of feeds. Conspiracy theories to anyone. Sovereign should wait next time us to it. We should talk about this when we think about cinemas. When you know she ran a pretty centrist campaign, barely mentioned Donald Trump supported him, sending troops to the border, and yet she you know is led by about thirty five thirty six thousand votes, where there is a good example that there's no one narrative or pia conclusion you can do from the way Democrats ran across the country. Here you had Democrats run, non medical care for all across the country and
really well on that liberal idea. You had better out before me in Texas by running an unabashedly progressive campaign of Joe Mansion, winning unless Virginia by doing the exact opposite right so I think, guiding s recline or two great piece about those that that that that the that you just can't make a simple conclusion based on this at the debate, it a big, complicated country- and you can't run the same way in West Virginia that you do in Texas. The EU and Georgia that you do in our sun- they do in California yeah one thing about Cinema too, is she as reading some of the coverage of that is on a campaign. She ran almost basically a one issue campaign and she ran on health care and she ran on mix alleys vote on repealing a care she ran on pre existing conditions and also even ass. She ran a centrist. Mc Sally ran against her as former green part.
The anti war activists cliffs Vienna in work, Mick Mick Sally, ran against cures and Cinema Circa, two thousand railing. She called her like a terrorist sympathiser they'd renders negative election, they could possibly think of, and it failed. I may I think other the most it should, in contrast to me, is the way officials in Arizona Writ large have handled the election results and the uncertainty around them as compared to Florida mean date that you ve had mixed Sally doing this classy video with an adorable dog where she conceded you have this: the governor the state election official saying what's I'll, take a deep breath like voting takes a while counting all takes a while, and then you have Fuckin Marco Rubio going full info, or like a dumb Friday version of ink a word for word or in Florida and like really potentially creating a dangerous situation, yeah less, let's go Florida raises for governor senator and agriculture, commissioner. All face recounts the retreated, because the margins in all three contest or under point five percent
Rick Scott leads bill. Nelson right now, by more than twelve thousand five hundred votes, dissenters leads given by thirty four thousand votes and democratic agriculture. Commissioner, can Nicky Freed is now winning by five thousand votes. Little more and yet, as you said, Tommy somehow Republicans from Rick Scott to mark or Rubio Donald Trump or accusing Democrats of committing voter fraud and train still an election. Rubio phrase was actually the Democrats. Lawyers are there to try and steel races that was from our caribbean Trump, so that they should stop cunning votes. End quote, must go with election there, a regular bob, our Mark Elias, like coming out with a pocket just back falling out of their pockets in their codes with such a laughable stupid, especially from trumpets not even about the Rico. Yet its must go with election, which means that all of the overseas, military balance, would not be counted, must go before and, as always, Trump is not haven't. Thought about this very deeply at all he's just
going ahead and he's thinking about being up in Florida on election night, eighteen, twenty, twenty and wine to declare victory so that if he does end up losing a close election in a place like Florida in votes that are countered after we end up, you know and in the nightmare scenario our trump, refusing to accept the results. Marco Rubio tweeted, someone posted a photo of a box. It's had provisional bouts on it in Go Rubio tweet about it. In fan the flames of paranoia about this box somehow was like stolen votes. It was full of envelopes and pens and signs set up a another he's such an asshole he's an even idiot and he's. you know better than that guides who said Fraulein other so counting bout for Al Gore back there, like ok, you're state humiliated itself,
Two thousand. There was an election. There was stolen from Al Gore and this awful way. Why would you raise the spectre of that right and here's trumpets, Tromp Rick Scott is very trompe as well. Marker Rubio, while acting very trompe in this situation, still craves the approval of the establishment in Washington of that, and so someone anyone out there, people reporters anyone, please get Marco Rubio on the record as to what evidence he has for the claim. The Democrats are trying to seal the election because he hasn't since the first we can note you devil. He knows he went too far. It is now it's really not or not. It's about Brower County is a disaster in his question and the election personnel as you have all, but he's transit distracted deflect all these things, but Originally, he said that their transfer the auction and he has not walked back. I want him on the record. Its Margo Rubio goes to great lengths to not actually take a position when it makes these kinds of little yellow kind of points to
he's the republican base and he's never more indignant as went as when someone suggest he actually took a position, please, how dare you she asked, I said, don't count the votes. I actually was merely making a bunch of implications that you're supposed to read in the subject to what I said will not actually be able to find any actual principle inside of my words and would also say if any reporters do manage to get a marker beer and ask him a question about his crazy vote allegations. Can you also ask him about some of the biggest issues facing the country from the past year because he has been avoiding taking a position on virtually every maniac? Harris out there being like. Everyone needs to calm down whose very laudable. But I think Marco, Ruby also tweeted about this, and if he did not, I apologise, but a bunch of your tweeting about a video of and elections worker, using his personal card to drive provisional about to the headquarters. Everyone's freaking out, like that, the Magua thing to tweet is ignored, sink in some men. Private, as is our election
cars are expected to use their cars for that purpose. They don't have a fleet of election day cars that they to use and then trump without their saying how come Never find republican votes in Brower, County Rick, Scots vote count went up. Seventy thousand votes, they found a lot of votes for him. They just found more for the Democrats. Is that the demographic of the county well, and also it we should say- and the media was later this to Florida law enforcement, election observers and now judges have all said there is absolutely no evidence of widespread fraud or forged ballots in the state. So don't take my word for it. Don't take Democrats word for it. Like we got law enforcement, we got judges. We can't afford election officials appointed by George George Bush. it also its money? If you examine it, the connection between the devotes coming in late and the fraud is one that Donald Trump implying somehow that once Democrats in these democratic stronghold saw that Republicans my eke out, they went to work till we are filling out the fake ballots like
There is this group of people quietly watching the returns and then the second? It look like they'll, Nelson and You're might be in trouble all of a sudden somewhere. There just be virtually bring about as fast as they can, but not so fast as to not draw suspicion because they're all coming in after election year. A near me, your time story last night, all about how this has been a report. In strategy. This wasn't anyone actually believing that their legs and fraud, jeer, peace, Reggie according to republican lawyer strategies and advisers. This is the New York Times to quote, treat the recount as the next phase of a campaign to secure the parties majority agenda in this. It is just like the cabinet, it's all about power it. I don't care
the story. I care about the argument that we care about anything it's just by our gossip in browser like if there were some surge of votes for Nelson and Gilman Brower. You might look at that in thinking. That seems regular. In fact they under performed in the county, they got fewer votes out of the county than they do historically, so not great fraud, guys a lot of media outlets to sort of like repeated in their social media accounts. We can talk about this. We get to trump trumps. Claim Republicans claim that there is voter fraud, even though there is no evidence of that, but it's so media organisations need to fact check, and some of them do this very well seen and as this very well, the next thing they need to do is actually talk about. The motivation behind the strategy. Right, like Republicans, are not alleging vote fraud because they think there's vote fraud. They want Scott to win, so they can have more power in the sand. The inner a sea wasn't maggots Mc Sally because they believe she was the victim of vote fraud. They were like hate and we're supposed to be lying like us, so we can try to take the seat. You should get that dog back onto that cash,
and you look at that camera and you say if I know when this election campaigns in order to put this doctor sleep, I think. Meanwhile, the Lord I should ve known Florida like you, have a former democratic congressmen and Patrick Murphy tweeted that his ballot wasn't counted, because if the signatures didn't matched to, God only knows how many real votes- I am not being counted that to me, is a real scandal. Not twenty two votes in. Our getting Miss sorted and that's and we're gonna bet talk about that too. When you talk to us, these Abrams campaign manager in Georgia, there's still a big issue of provisional balance not being counted, and on Monday night, a federal judge delay. The certification of the result in that state wants the provisional balance to be counted and even demanded a hotline be set up for people to call it and fund.
if they're ballot was one more point on this to you now as we're talking about these bad faith. Efforts to make this about voter fraud, which hung about bit what Bill Nelson, his down by fifteen thousand votes under the previous governor over four years about a hundred and forty thousand people were reintroduced because they work felons who then got their right to vote back under Rick Scott over eight years. Only three thousand, felons were given their right about now. That's gonna change, because large past amendment four, but wanting to keep in mind as as their alleging voter fraud. Regardless of what happens in this recount, they have done everything they could to suppress the vote and make the result ultimately illegitimate, because there are hundreds of thousands of people in Florida that Rick's cop prevented from because he thought it would be wants to feel their broadly bye honey. Nobody wants to feel,
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so. How is tat handling the blue. If thoughtful statesmen, like sober with his usual grace on Friday, he blew in California Forest Management and threatened to withhold federal funding. As the state was burning from the most destructive fire in history, one that is killed, dozens of people destroyed hundreds of homes and forced hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate, then Trump flew all the way to France. Only to cancel a visit to an american military cemetery to mark the anniversary of the end of world war, one because it was raining and then today on veterans day from cancelled the unofficial presidential trip to Arlington National Cemetery, also because it was raining whether what the fuck is wrong. With this man I mean just the fires were quick. I mean he's such a scumbag for, like three per cent of California, forests are actually managed by state mobile official of the rest. the federal government and logging interests and the individuals like he just so wrong on the merits, but the
immorality of attacking people, while firefighters are literally die to try to keep this blaze from my consuming big parts of California is, is it's insane? I don't care if a California state officials started the fucking fire, you don't fuckin centre tweeting Jerry rounds out? There were the zipper you still don't: fucking psycho you don't say that you're withholding federal funding and to say where people are dying, as he was tweeting that the most destructive fire and state history raging, I have to say to it, as it is something different when you're actually like in the ways where Trump is attacking. You know I guess I can mean you're behind where outrage about a million things, he does all the time all over the country, but when you're sitting there you drive around and like you see the smoke- and you know, people who have across has up it's just like it's so deeply fucked up, unlike a human level, naughty all politics aside. So this is our fucking president right now is it just is no sense of decency.
so about Trump and the troops respecting our troops. By going to first of all, let me was that a valid excuse that so they the Marine one can fly and the rain and then secret service, basic Trump blamed it on secret service this morning, said that it was too far to travel the via motorcade that secret service said it wasn't possible. I believe we have the technology now to act whether in particular rain or fox, so it may be- is probably true that secret service had no you cannot he low in this weather, fine get in the car man. It's fifty five miles like that, the notion Secret service doesn't tell you not to do something; they advise you on safety but like if the president's, as you know it landing in Kabul and raising the troops in Afghanistan? They do it because the commander in chief, so I think we can motorcade on our outside of Paris, and to the notion that he's like really
in certain about in full with the up disrupting the commute various provisions as he lands- U S and next day, fires off five degrees attacking mccrone, and these have caused traffic by the dark detour on my arm and, as you know, a global standard hair about the people of the world, the Lego Unopposed, though he doesn't want to sit on his fat ass in tweet, and then only the not going to are linked in on Monday is astounding. Now, if a Democrat did this, we all know it would be the biggest story in the history of foxes, they'd ebbed all day spent, report, there's a structural imbalance that is change making that not and right now, but also you don't like it. I am torn year because one I'd like am deeply offended that he wouldn't think it's important to go. Honor you a service members when he sending them to war to on the politics of it like it. This should be a career, ending thing and I dont know. Why did and also I mean we complained about optics debates when we were in the abominable house in a bomb was hit by not just Fox news, but you know them.
Joe set for not doing everything perfectly optics, wise writing for the with a cup with a computer at one time. Let's let us remember this, didn't just defend the right wing, this offended, all the fuckin people and wash he bought a cup to his forehead, but for Trump it's not just about the optics when it comes to the troops New York Times also all over the weekend that the five thousand six hundred troops he sent to the border for an election stunt to sought the caravan. I have nothing to do right now, but will miss Thanksgiving with their families, because Trump needed too use the base in advance of the mid term, and this is from the near time story quote: Pentagon officials, pride lead derive. Their deployment is an expensive waste of time and resources and morale killer to boot. There there, with little electricity receiving no combat pay all spending time away from their families during the holidays, their literally sitting around eating mres? This is a real bank shop. I just wanna. mind, everybody that access went in
The opel in that trunk tell a long, bullshit story about saving money on a sharp Japan, because such a fan of being a good steward of tax dollars, they shot at like the end of deep, but still he did make that point wasting like two hundred million dollars on this dumb fuckin thing. These are human beings. Fifty six hundred human beings are sent to the border, their sleep, an intense. They can see the what but then I let it go there. They are either fuck em areas. They have no mission there passing out from heat exhaustion. They're not gonna, see their families. On Thanksgiving, I mean this is a big deal using them as a political problem and remember the reason he was in France because you want to have a big military, polite Briggs he's jealous of Macrones parade? The commission now is going to cause a hundred mill said France, honour that service members there and then just leave the hotel. The guy is a pathetic here,
it was random numbers to and if the entire caravan shows up at once on the border, it would be only about double the daily load of people that they deal with, that the border patrol deals on a daily basis. Coming to this country, like a three two one fight like a recognisable Jean Claude Vandams, I think we got this covered rights. It would be a little more work, maybe maybe maybe add some border patrol agents from somewhere else. For that day, when the caravan shows up, it would be handled fine. You could process the asylum claims. It could be a very orderly process, fine, but instead we have five
and troops there remember him proves at fifteen thousand before the election and everyone just ran it. You have two thousand now, ok. Meanwhile, I just again, I want to focus a little bit on the reason dumb Trump champion, the rain so who so he wakes up, and I do believe his hair is about down to a shoulders, maybe a little bit further, and what you see us to do is yes to an end because of that, the surgery that remove part of his scalp, he is a big gap in the back. So basically what happens? Is he takes from one side and goes up, and over kind of you know on that? What's call the the exact, ok and then to bring the other side. Let's say the right side forward in back along the. Why access okay, so it because it creates a kind of latticework, delicate loudest work, which he brushes back using hairdresser. So many creates the wave both on the left side and right side of his face. Then he creates the lattice on top
hits it with the hairspray. Any fuckin hits it with hairspray. If you remember, along over Donald Trump, was present, he did have an issue which, as he did believe the Sea FC version of Hairspray was fine are better than the ozone safe version, because there was that brief period of time before they about how to make an aerosol without the cfcs where he had the pump spray, and I was fuckin deal breaker him, because his life depends. His ability to leave his home depends on good hairspray anyway, he hits it needs for awhile K. Now that is impervious to wind base. except accepted the end of the day, we see those videos of blowing off his face, but rain. That's his kryptonite This is where word and unbreakable situation. He is not safe in the rain and he knows that all his power all of his base. Everything goes away. If we see what happens when that hair is not held together by an hairspray if it comes down and he looks like a fat Merlin, people will free the fuckin how these we,
he's are yet another one. We saw that he's a week's petty man and like you, Mccrone and Merkel out their honouring the legacy of these men. We women, fucking fuckin Putin, showing up and he's given him a big. How do you do but then Trump like Mccrone, when I gave this big speech condemn nationalism and, in you know like putting a stake in the ground for how he wants the global world order to go from here and Trump doesn't anything about it until he gets home it sends off much bitchy tweets as mean that's. His wholesale truth is doll. John, doesn't care by anyone. The doktor said this for a long time and I think that every incident like this It just feeds into a larger narrative, a message that we have to push ahead of twenty Slash twenty, because we all remember I had of two thousand and four and we all thought we could be George W Bush. No one knew what the message against Bush was. He stupid
he's too far to the right. W stands for railways as her, I can our slogans from the carriage camping anyway. There's like ten different attacks against George Bush. Run hate us much. No one knew Airum so angry. They didn't know what to Linda. I do think so. If you look at some of the results of tests and to this idea, that Trump only cares about himself, he doesn't care about America's interpret the troops and care, but working people in the heartland. He doesn't care about anyone you're, not gonna, get hell afford you, you didn't. There are going to have to warn you of forest management. He just use California as a place of non trump people. In the same way, he viewed Porter, Riga as being not for him. He attacks the places where things people are not with him. Doesn't he is correct because really cares about his own finances. If everything goes through, the lens of Trump only cares about himself, but what challenge about all of it, and there may chance of all this, but like we all know the game, the game is very obvious, identify he loves, him lie out there and then media room
it, but we saw them, learn the lessons from two years ago, like ok, so the caravan mentions, the weekly didn't election or forty thousand mentions on tv in the week following there's been eleven thousand. What a surprise right, but Trump goes out there and he tweets. The stock market is down because of Democrats in the best you get out of that is like of a fact show scene. You see tweets the quote rights or that's great good work. There CNBC, but then the best you're gonna get us in articles like Is it true that the stock market is down because Democrats? Well, the markets are not the economy in a cupboard. It's a lie. The stock market is down these apple in Goldman Sachs, or down is apple supplier tank than in earnings. Reporting Goldman Sachs is getting sued in its price waded into
but there's a very clear answer to why this is bullshit and we need the lead with the lie when reporting again it it's it's hard to have just fight with the media, because, where we're gonna change very little about it, but Democrats in twenty eighteen in their elections learn the lesson that they don't have to jump at everything. Trump does and every Democrat whether you are further to the left centre left. You know whatever they ran laser like focus on health care, pre existing conditions did not take the bay. They did not talk about every single trumped. We, the media, has not learned about that when you challenge the media about that, they will say well he's the present owed states. We have to cover. Yes, of course you do, but you also can learn to cover him with the proper context and proportionality right and so yes, of course, the caravan is a story. Of course people should cover the caravan right like said summer, but why should we can? Of course,
but does it warrant being mentioned every day over and over again, twenty four hours a day images on the news for a month, same sellers, impudent same salaries, emails, but, of course you know two years later, how many years later, how much? So reflection has been done about. They learn email coverage. How much will be done about the caravan coverage? How much will be done about Trump saying that the election is not valid its voted to legitimate in advance of twenty twenty. How much reflection it we can! Finally, fucking do about we cover. This non John. Demagogical that mean that the answer for Democrats, because that's what we care about, is to go around the traditional media and do in twenty twenty. Don't don't give them the interviews stump just go, get your message out However, you can, through your own outlets, through your own methods of communication. Don't worry about me. Spot Mark Twenty twenty Canada right here, this desk Emerson to spend the day talk image and the cost of yeah. We forget
and that's how we didn't forget, but that doesn't want to mention he's not a good enough reporter to talk about in the ensuing trump over caused. His press gonna give is our last back stand up for the press, but stop The printed local of Ngos is put in another bucket before we like trumps also reportedly about to fire, cares and Nilsen this when security secretary reproach of Manhattan, gonna protests that do you know, and and also the Maryland in general is suing Donald Trump over the appointment of Matthew Whittaker. Let's go saying that no, you can't just just stick someone off the street who hasn't been set have confirmed into the a job of attorney general. Rather, interestingly, though, a d age ass, it meets the third biggest agency in the government and there's no deputy they ve been nominated, one little unconfirmed ones,
I have a similar problem. There is going to be like the under Secretary for management, somebody you never heard of, or you note or wreck from the wall Construction or he just like you know, dislike warms up the desk for Joe our Pio whenever inflicts Isaac now is I'm. Putting I'm in here are less about our friends. The Democrats. There winners glue party leaders said. The first legislative vote in the new house will be on a bill that includes automatic voter registration. duration of the Voting Rights ACT, public financing of elections and gerrymandering and a constitutional amendment to overturn citizens united. What we think good idea, that's a good one week messaging bill TAT. I might not it. I mean it's out, it's a great start because its eight it's a place where the costs can be unified, import message after the shenanigans from Republicans around this election, and I do think right. It's better we're gonna end up with kind of two big baskets of things we talk about for the next two years. One will be corruption, reform can
ass kind of the Trump show and what's broken about, and what tells us now Republicans in the other, be policy, and I dont mind, starting with this kind of reform piece of it. So I was in the news. No don't give a shit about the six months from now right and I think press I mean I've. I've biggest has the idea we like. Obviously when you do all these things and look they range from you know. All of these are about what happens when Democrats are finally in power again in the house, in the Senate in and the presidency, and some of them can probably easily get done the first month of a new democratic president like automatic voter registration. If I got some of them like an amendment citizens, United, probably Argon, happened for quite some time. Gonna battle, but against these are. These are messaging bills. User Democrats can say this is what we are fighting for,
Mitch Mcconnell will not bring this up. Revolt. Donald Trump will not sign this. You give us a democratic Senate democratic President. This becomes law, which is a grey message gap elegant, but as you as you guys, both alluded to the challenge here with all of these bills is keeping them in the news. There's also a debate that popped up now about democratic strategy when it comes to oversight and investigation, Tommy. You pointed this out on twitter. The scene in Cairo yesterday was quote fears of overreach cloud Democrats new strategy. The argument here is that of the investigation seem unfair. I guess, or of Democrats, bring impeachment charges against Trump that will turn the public against us and make people sympathetic to trump know. What do we know how this that's not true, level. The Republicans investigated Benghazi for four years that is.
Any reason we know that Hillary's private server it didn't normous damage to her that enormous damage in the presidential campaign, with damage to Obama and our ability to get stuff done. No one gave a shit about the over reach. We need to hammer him hammer him with subpoenas for four year, two years, here too, for I do think I think there is a risk. You know, Newt Gingrich's Congress was viewed as basically just harassing Bill Clinton and there was about clash there, some Romney strategists, Stuart Stevens, will tell you that the focus on Benghazi, twenty twelve. Actually, hurt Romney a little bit like they up, we'll ask us he completely screwed up. He hasn't he attacked people An embassy in Cairo were being attacked by the extremists. Yes, I like that, how we fight what might because these subpoenaed people my view on this- is it's not if this was a normal president who had normal scandals?
we can have this debate may be. There be good arguments on both sides, but no, this is a man Donald Trump. His is an unindicted co. Conspirator to Malta felonies. Europe's like I get. The Democrats want to be on message. I get that they wanted about health care and we talk about jobs and wages we have to like. That has to be the message going: it's twenty! That's why we did well in twenty eighteen, but we can just let constitutional crises go by because it like that. We can't just sit there be like. Oh, the president has committed in peaceful offences, but we don't want to go after those impeach will offences, because there's a narrative that if we do people think that were being mean to the president and his based doesn't agree because Fox NEWS as a propaganda machine, that's brainwash them like we can't. We can't do that either It combines two things. One is: is it actual overreach on the merits of what is at stake here yet rennet and- and I would love to see what someone believed his book? I love you see an example of what it means to go too far and investigate
the crimes that mistakes, debacles tragedies, horrors of the travellers Duration? What what is? What is that Adam Shift can do that? You think is on policy grounds going too far fascinating than theirs is political question about overreach again you know, I feel it. We'll know it when we get there. But what do we do an investigation first or you, one Take one investigation, outburst spin before we claim that we ve done too many and then the other piece of this is this question. But how do you know a scandal investigation, art investigations, their sexier than hearings on how to make Medicare for all possible all hearings on education, hearings on jobs, and I think that's a reasonable concern right. We're gonna and a lot of time talking, manifestations Donald Trump is going to choose. To argue. Probably on that territory cause it's where he feels most company, so tell me one thing, I would like to see how Democrats thinking about is. How do you do policy investigations?
You know we had hearings about Wells Fargo, they got the focus on what the banks had done and what well Spargo had done to abuse consumers. I would like to see House Democrat. That's do investigations around abuses by corporate interests as a means to get to a sexy version of a policy agenda. I think that is a good route to go down just think about it as policy verses investigations, because that is a false towards other thing. I'd says this is a bit of a silly debate because for the last two years, the Democrats in the house Senate were the message of the party because there were no leaders to the party for the next two years House Democrats are able to investigate whatever they want. There's gonna be a separate conversation happening among all people running for president and twenty twenty re, so there's as we in what Democrats do and what other Democrat say right like the House Democrats, baking subpoena, who you need to subpoena, do the investigation. The message of the party is going to come from
men and women, who run for the nomination and they're, not gonna, be talkin about investigations all time, nor should they be. They should be talking about the bigger message about policy in the direction the country in the middle of my god. Let the House Democrats investigate till the fuckin cows come on the Republicans for manufacturing scandals, but there they right they did not find any evidence of wrong doing in Benghazi, except for the fact that that the facility was not guarded well enough, and that was a huge tragedy and probably need to be remedied. We, like the republican crimes, are highly complaints. I really Tom Price, Ryan's III of the cabinet officials or official. We can subpoenaed documents and records and figure out all the ways they were abusing their power and in taking government planes on junkets too, like their sons, wedding. All the shit you guys renewed only to make Suffolk we're gonna find a little rate air fit. That shows the culture of corruption, the trumpet industries and the failure to drain swamp in any way shape or form whereabouts, also see how I do it. Adam Schiff now has the ability to with this with the Democrats, unintelligible to start releasing
documentation of their investigation, which Devon newness has been sitting on, because that's how he reaches the wheel, the company one other thing about twenty twenty them. I am a little worried that were about to see is a bunch of potential democratic, twenty twenty candidates trying to audition, for whose the right person to argue with trumpet me, and that is coming- and I understand why we're gonna have to do that. It is going to be quite cooling like every one kind of doing their thereof. I am there a singer, the one there one act play, but to me it's like right now, like I'm so much more interested in the policy side of a debate and that's what this time. I hope it's for, and I hope its thinking about running our thinking less about how do I make sure?
that I am able to throw a punch and prove to the democratic base that I'm a fighter verses. Actually, thinking about the underlying structural problems that made it possible for someone like Donald Trump get even within shouting distance of the white has to begin with a hundred percent. I wanted to subpoena him and do as much damage to his rating as humanly possible over the next two years. That is my soul. Pope should enable us to hold that's the has job. That's your job! That's our job like! I think that is not the job of a twenty twenty candidate. I do not think that two hundred kid, which has meant that, where you are, I mean, if you're in the Senate, now, if Europe, that oh, no I the usual any time on time, but the count like I think most a lot of people have made up their minds but dumb trump. I am interested investigating subpoenas not just for his pruning, primarily not because was appropriate. He may have committed crimes may have What are we doing? I'm trying to be I'm sure it probably isn't unindicted conspirator and he abuse his power, and so we should do something. The Wall Street Journal publishes blockbuster story that
he is the unnamed Trump official who is colluding with Michael Cohen, on the hush payments to women. He had been having affairs with in its just sort of Kosovo, the whisper yet well hurry, Obama, let's go buddy, I get a guard Whittaker Guide either to the area and are now place where indictments her signed there, you got the indictment, anthem, knowledge and expertise to get to that indictment. Pen before that, make what a guy can hide it. It's a sharp. You know it's a shortly when we come back. Tommy talks to learn grow Argo campaign manager for Stacy. Before we go John One, quick question. What would you say if you had curly hair, you're trying to get a nice new do before you started at a famous french cooking school. You taking me, Court on Blue Ebby get better and better. They get worse. Michael's crank
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nemesis didn't we got Wes goodbye dollars, and if you want to recoup their five dollars Spencer answer, you can download the cash I've heard. Pod save five dollars goes to five dollars goes to world central kitchens. Great cause I subject line is Peter, isn't free. What asked the question that I have asked was: what asked the cash I people to include the Spencer, also under argue that the cash I downloaded sitting on the line is Lauren grow Argo, the campaign manager for Stacy Abrams, the democratic gubernatorial nominee in Georgia Lauren. Thank you. So much were taken time out of what must be crazy week to start with us. I am happy to be here. Thank you. So much for being interested back very interested in this topic so for people haven't been following, what's happening in Georgia closely. What what is the latest in Stacy's campaign against Brian Camp, where two things stand?
and, as of what is it morning, California, time on Tuesday sure before getting tat the detailed stepped back and say that this entire pain and launching in June and Southwest Georgia, and twenty seventeen has really been about reaching out to every single voter in Geller voters. You hadn't been engaged in the electoral process before talking to them about the issues they can. about meeting and where they are and putting together an unprecedented grass roots campaign, and the wider relevant to this particular moment is that we have such a voters boat. It man
exercise your power, and by that we were essentially faint trusted system, yet at stacked against us and stacked against working people and low income, people and communities of color in so many ways. But our campaign has said come with us believe and would have to weigh conversation, Bilbil Grassroots effort and weaken. When now we knew once it was Brian Camp came out of the Republican run off. We knew that the deck was stacked against that even a bigger way, he's bendy secretary of voter suppression, and he is well documented and using every tool in his toolbox to make it harder, rather than easier to vote who coming into the threats. We were acutely aware that he has come after
in the past he has charged me Papa felonies for registering their family members to both in open prefect consolidation. The voter purge as to the exact match you name at its very well documented hesitant to make it harder to vote to overall, so we knew that to perform while we were gonna have to organise him out, communicate him out, work can just in every single metric. I think the Good NEWS that I can say is that we exceeded our expectations: Stacy Abraham had over one point: nine million bugs dad is storing. It is not what the Republican Party ever expected in a million years without incredible. Third, is an african American with you know asian american young people white, but will turn out that really brought us to the point where we're in this too close to call so that that is sort of my table. That aim to saying that is why we are here fighting forever,
because it's actually a whole integrity of the system that is now at stake, that these same bordered over one million new voters came into our electoral profiteer over four years ago and after this sort of rigged corruption that we saw out o Brien can have both based attempt to steal the election right in front of the world. We know we have to fight for everything about count. We suggest unbelievable large scale irregularities through ad he voting in the three weeks of early warning on and on election day, and we can go to this in more detail, but today in Georgia with almost four, voters only twenty thousand five hundred and ninety five boats stand away from US forefinger rates into our run up because Georgia there's no outright winwin there. Three candidate that often happen you gotta get a fifty percent plus one Brian,
the early edged without you jumped over fifty percent and considering the number of provisional ballots, the unprecedented problems on election day, the tens of thousands of emergency paper, provisional, problematic ab, the ballot? Our demand is simple, account every boat and reason. The court's greener field campaign review media immediate, were you every single aspect of campaign has built over last year and a half the demand that every boat of counter numbers. I gave you time you are the most up to date. From this morning. We are still getting back then last night and furniture. Go into battle, had walked a numbers later tonight, but that's the most up data well, but speaking furthermore, the team, your party America, we absolutely than you guys, ran a great campaign and should be fighting for every vote and it is completely outreach. We're praying kept. Did I want to get too Point early on unity that what can people who are listening do to help you guys both in this legal phase and if it goes to IRAN,
because I know a lot of people care a lot about this election and want to do their part to pitch, and thank you for the question. First, I will say to any Georgians main nearly every Georgian. I know if they did then issue a neighbour and a family member coworker had an issue. We want those stories, the weakened do to be a massive story- collection operation. So if you're a georgian listening, we need you to call our voter protection hotline at one thousand, eight hundred and eighty eight seven hundred and thirty five thousand eight hundred and sixteen, and if you didn't catch that number just go to for media feed associated with Georgia, Democrats or state the Abrams, and that number is everywhere. You can also email your story or destroying of your friend or coworker border protection. Steeply Abrams
we are literally every hour still helping people fix issues with professional ballots field, registration question, there were very much still and fight for Georgia. Voters, the pot one if you or your printer, Our Georgia voters. Please push that out. We need the stories were continuing to build all different type of legal arguments as we work to push them, and then I would be broadly georgian there. Anybody what name their sort of three June rural areas first, we argue in large scale, taxed banking of voters in Georgia to get these stories and make sure that voters are ensuring their vote counted, and so our campaign has shared with POD save America, the link for that, but you can hustle for us and you can go to our social media used to get those links. You contact from wherever we are also doing so banking up at times and though we are for updating any kind.
but I can't I can't you Peter remotely just look at our social media. This great, a second piece of volunteer lawyers, volunteer, apparently gauze, etc or anywhere in the country, can help us as and so again we have a link on all of our sites that you can go to again. You can either come to Georgia come to Atlanta or do it remotely. So that is incredibly helpful. One slash three area is overall social, media and amplification. retweet, our post share them widely deepest the of count every boat. This is about our democracy. We need a resounding just unbelief loud after here online and offer candles to make that point and to push our elected official and does not the thing go away and not get lost in a twenty four hour, new cycle and a final peace, is low dollar donations. Here we are continuing to only find mass of operation. You know we have about two hundred staff. We just have the added more laws,
here's to our team, we're just building out on continuing to build our operation. So those five dollar contribution that ten dollar country You are another part of the story on why or even today, fighting biting the fight is because of believable load. Our donor support for them to be the top think I would say listeners could do to help. That's great. In terms of finance contributions, if you gotta votes Erica, dotcom slashed donate. We have put up a page that allows you to donate to four very important races. The aprons race John borrow MIKE, speed, then potentially bill Nelson. If, when he's requiring a recounting Florida to help aid those efforts, if you want to give directly to the Abrams campaign, I'm sure they can go right directly to your website. That's right! You ate the apron stock. Look at great! So that's it s really important piece of this system. Suck my brain comfort. Second, he ran for governor without resigning sectaries State, so he was in charge of the election where he was on the ballots that team
the problem you finally resigned secretary said after election day. Why do you think he did that and do you have faith in the infirmary? and you got and will continue to get from the sector states office. This would be funny if it wasn't so corrupt. It's almost farcical. What happened last week on Wednesday of last week can, as Secretariat states his office sent out a press release to the media, but said he the race asserted. There are twenty one thousand outstanding provisional provided no data and no detail on that number. You just pulled out of his hat and then this is the part
I will never get over. He had a campaign staffer and a consultant. Do a press call with the large paper here and the major local news network where they got on the phone, live with the media and said that he one so his official offer the Secretary of State said you. Don't you dead at his campaign operative, get on the phone with the media and were all just supposed to say? Oh great is just another day. I absolutely expect that it is on an believable, bold and outrageous what they did and then the next morning he stood at a press conference with his wife and the governor and towards a tiny bit of former, like that.
His last act as secretary of state with issue in that release, having had camping consultants get on the phone with the media, then that figure and lecture the governor and resigned. So, of course, we take no number coming out of the Secretary of State, often at credible, and what we have seen is bad, yet he may have resigned, but if all of his staff are still over there, the stab the Secretary dates office, not all of them, but many of them, the most vetoes or a publication staff have been acting as an arm of his campaign from the beginning. They have not been giving basic nonpartisan election information to campaign or to the media. They have literally than attack funded army has campaigned for the breach of public trust here. The complete and other abuse of power is beyond anything we can. We should expect in that country and that we would all just sit around and they sure yeah. We accept all that will to take the rather
nation and go on or Mary way, everything nothing to see here. It obviously a complete outrage that we don't accept and the borders don't accept and we are getting an owl point of support and not from democracy, but also from Republican than in the past. He said this is just undermining the entire system here, the way they have operated and they continue to put out numbers out of the Secretary of State Office without backing up the data, and but when you get a little more detail, why this data is not reliable, because by encounter the underfunded and completely mismanage the election system in the state, we have one hundred fifty nine counties in each one of those one hundred fifty nine counties. They administer election slightly differently and then Secretary thing never issued guidance to on things that were entirely predictable. For example, we knew everything historic turn out for a mid term. In the early voting carried a normal functioning secretary
they thought it would have issued guidance to the county is going into election day and such like. You should have an extra machines working unprecedented turnip, Manchuria, adequate backup paper ballots were seen. You know these are sixteen year old machine. The receipt brother turn up dated none of those things, and so my team over the past week had been driving around all one hundred fifty nine counties and photocopying and taking cellphone pictures of these hand. Written paper ballot live provisional ballot with their stacked up in my office and what they look like early hand, written first and last name with the two digit code there barely legible, and that you only need data. We have on how many people actually voted a provisional emergency, backup so we have been going on in hand collecting a hand. Entering so there is no end gods, green earth that the Secretary of State Office, or that anybody know how many are actually out there.
We thought ends of thousand at a minimum. We could probably, at least up to thirty thousand professionals, were cast that none of this has never happened in a state of Georgia and he just warrant equipped to deal with it at the MILAN. the level in any in any respect, but that's why that one of many reasons The data coming out of camp thought is not credible, and why were making our demands with the courts, that every vote be counted and I good news, and we ve been waiting. Our court case that we took a case, the federal court without Georgia last week, around hurricane impacted counted. We one bad federal judge that there were two There was an undue burden. We won that case last night. Common cause, one occasion run out this morning. We want another one we're about to be in court in about an hour and ten minutes. We think we're gonna want another one alone, provisional, we, u we neither not hyperbolic outlandish cases. It are rooted in very simple facts on what happened in that.
Well. When you pick up the court, see that by literally two fundamental constitutional rights of Jordan are at risk of being trampled here away both for handled, and we should add that, on top of african American in areas around Atlanta, seeing lines of up to four and a half hours, I believe, to vote, a story about how thousands and thousands of voting machines were just sitting in a warehouse downtown not being used because they may or may not have been tainted twenty. Sixteen by russian hacking efforts made, it seems like it. Brian camp is showing that he can handle an election as part of his attempted promotion. He failed pretty hardier, absolutely what we saw at the end of it. About an hour election day in terms of lines and machine breakdown in particular and democratic, and particularly in african american part of the state, is nothing short of a catastrophe to expire
people to wait in four hundred and twenty five our lives, but their children, the wages that they were giving up, students for missing class and what even more horrifying about what happened in from other, only location where they had these long lines and only had a couple functional machine. The database issues can secretaries. data base when they would come to the front of the line there. We have numerous reports that we are compiling. They wait before hours. Then they get to the front line and the elections official status oh, no you're, not a bigger, not at your crack, only location- and we have many reports of folks who went to vote at a point occasion that had always been where they had voted and all the sudden being told me to drive across town, and so we urge of having problem after problem after problem with the way elections are administered Anders absolutely a desperate,
act by communities of color, which is where they were under resourced, what machines and they were under way forthwith, backup people ballot, because, because again I go back to yeah, sure County the Minister elections, but on the Secretary of State to provide guidance to prop to provide additional funding and You need a felt another job, amusement its extraordinary and again, that's where we thought aligns on election day we're both types of community Europe. I think that surpluses sucks. You tweet it over the weekend that the Sectors AIDS Office has removed data from its website what data was removed, and why do they do that? While I can only speculate by appears because of litigation that and others are violated. There's some kind of information, lockdown going architecture, a topic, and we need they find out. This was well intended to try and get their arms around it. Who knows they have had security breaches on their website the week before the other
Can it came out that There was a complete open door, voter registration file. We do not fully understand. What's going on there with the website, they obviously have not been transparent way. I can tell you: is they pull down all the old boat hatchery data before twenty eighteen and me luck? We had already downloaded all that most people already had who are looking closely at best. It is in of a lack of transparency out of that office. There are set in a month Information in that office is subject to open records requests we have filed, many allies have filed repeated open it required trying to get access to data and email. The only drag their feet on it and are just not transparent with the public. It appears to be in line with that pattern of behaviour of a little at possible, either to protect themselves from lawsuits or who knows what's going on, because there have been serious issue with how breach a ball and hacking, although website and databases.
only then very well document everything that went on during the autumn special the former white academic release of personal information, etc, etc? You last question for you: what happens next when you think will have more information about a recount and run off, so that people who are listening and care deeply about Stacy in this campaign cannot figure out how to help and get involved. We don't really know the timetable, so I think, but he d
tuned. There is a delay. Now a court ruled last night that the state cannot certify any earlier than Friday. The state the deadline is November. Twentieth short, if I add, but every day and you're, the digital court decision slowing down the profits to ensure boats are counted in right now, it looks like will have all you know. We will. We know something on Friday in terms of county and states ratification. But again you know we're back in court this afternoon target say exactly how long this will go. We have taken no option off the table on pursuing every possible thing. We can to make sure, although your counted and that we can come out of it on the other side feeling this, though everybody voices were heard, who
What about that? Our mission? I would they keep these takin every day this week, that a lot moving happening and will hopefully hopefully know a lot more in the coming weeks. Muted and does the run off happen December? Fourth, if it happens, come hell or high water or could litigation push that data while we know that has not been discussed yet. likely any sort of movement of that. We expect the run after her December. Fourth, we have a factory states, election of control, run off John Barrow, the dumb running in that rate or encourage let here to get engaged in that rates. We also have a public service commission raised that made. It will run off with a stronger got a candidate running there, so those are scheduled for December. Fourth, you know we are going to fight like heck to get into that run off, but you know Altima Our mission is account every about and if we count every vote and we don't make it so be it, but were will really gonna fight account. Everybody Thank you so much to do in the show. Thank you for running
credible race. We are with you on this one and also yeah we're lucky, not the expense and time with Stacy, in Atlanta when we were there for a show, and she is so in nice and impressive and would be an unbelievable governor and so are. We hope that you guys winning this effort, account every vote and then kick, but in the run off Bia's Thou be exciting really appreciated. Thank you. Thank you for covering the issue of course ate. It takes alluring, grow Argo for joining us today, you know I will. I will talk to the others there. Back on schedule, by way of a schedule, we were Louis
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