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The latest on North Korea, the weekend's tax marches, and how the health care town halls are working. Then Jon, Jon, and Tommy answer questions in the first Friend of the Pod Q & A.

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Debbie NASCAR Divisor, former White House chief of Staff, Denis Mcdonough long time, friend of the pie, a lot of reminiscing about the Bin Laden operation, another greatest hits of the a bomb in his love. Denis Mcdonough, so put your head Sandra Tommy and Dennis nor our president. Will it and with friends like these ANA Marie subscribe there too, I let her live, shows great, it's great okay! Let us begin with North Korea. So over the weekend, North Korea conducted a failed ballistic missile test, didn't conduct a nuclear test, their big parade to show off a bunch of big gas weapons. Mike pence went to the DMZ and said the quote: the are of strategic patience is over, which has been a a third line for that administration. Uh, something is Tommy what the fuck is going on. What's going on and so this weekend was the one anniversary of Kim Il Sung's birthday. So, like any great anniversary, you celebrate with a huge military parade
these things are propaganda. Events are full of like weird goose stepping soldiers rolling through the where in Peon Yang, but we watch them very closely. I like to roll out new military hardware. That happened yet today they unveiled a missile, or at least a mock up of a couple of new missiles that have a portable Launchpad, which means you can hide it easier. They use solid fuel versus liquid fuel, which means you can launch it more quickly and avoid a strike to destroy the missile before gets off. So that's a big deal and significant in another escalation in terms of their missile technology. The day after the parade they attempted a missile uh that failed almost immediately. Third, as you said, there was something that did not happen, which is another nuclear test that would have been there six tests, and there was a lot of concern about that activity. Given satellite imagery of construction, another activity at a test,
so long story short we're concerned about this, because Kim Jong UN wants to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile sees me, you can reach the United States and develop a hydrogen bomb. That's exponentially more powerful than what the? U S used in World WAR two and You know it feels like they're on a path to get there, which is a huge threat to United States. So for those people out there who maybe did not pays close attention or having pays close attention to sort of what's been going on in North Korea, the last I don't know one thousand and twenty years is this time. How is this time diff from previous you crises in North Korea, where we got worried and thought something bad was going to happen. Is this? Is this much worse? Are they much closer to the nuclear weapon? just change. What situations have changed since last time we go this, it's a good question: it mean what what is materially different from like ten years ago. Fifteen is that their way further along This is not the this
rocket science, but it's not like it's like 50s and 60s era rocket science, so they're going to be able to figure out how to do this. They have good scientists, they're figuring out. Various stages you need in a missile to make it achieve orbit temporarily and then fall and hit the United States. I mean likely get there so they're further along in that capability. There further, along in the development of a nuclear weapon in the ability to shrink it down to put it on a warhead, so I mean that's the significant develop in terms of what they're up to you. What what's? What challenging? Also challenging is you know there been all all these negotiations have been ongoing that have been. It felt like a way that we might aid, get rid of this risk or come to an agreement, and that process is basically did a stance off for several years, because the North Koreans were just not interested and we're trying to get aid and other concessions, but they wouldn't actually freezer program. So what is the administration's options? Here? Are one of the world's options here. What what are the various things that people are thinking about doing so yeah I mean I,
key, like the some of the reporting over the weekend was weird because they acted like some big success had been achieved by the Trump administration. I I think it's fair to say they didn't create this problem, but the fact of the missiles has failed and that they didn't test a nuclear weapon didn't solve it not by a long shot. I think they managed events over the weekend. Fine, it was smart to send pence to the region. Two reassure allies mean Options are are are bad to not good as president said, after listening to she's jinping for as he realized it wasn't so easy. You think you would figure that out earlier, but the options are like work with the Chinese put more pressure on the north, because their their economic lifeline or some sort of preemptive military action or some sort of Cove action that is undermining their missile program in secret. We don't know, but you know it's incredibly. Problem, because we don't know what Kim Jong UN's going to do
to check when you say the Chinese could pressure on them. That means that they could stop trading with them, they could cut off. Financial assistance is yes will do this or they get closer to doing this again, Every president has always said. Well, the Chinese are the key to solving this problem, and I think the Chinese are like you know: hey It's actually not that hard that easy, I mean where we are. We are aware that you want us to solve this: it's not simple solution, their concern, is they don't want North Korea to collapse, because that would send millions of refugees over their borders, they're worried about a unified and so that is an american ally and all our arms closer to them. So they could cut off oil Torkoal purchases. But you know: there's there's not as much leverage as I think we time to act like or they're, certainly not an easy solution here. How do you think the Obama administration would be handling this differently?
or any other administration. I feel like we're in the situation now when a like international crisis happen, everyone's a little more on edge, because Donald Trump as president and fair enough, fair enough good cause. But I always try to. Testing my mind like how would I be thinking about this? If there was a norm, President either Obama or normal Republican or someone else like. Would they be doing the same things? Would they be taking the same actions or is Trump uniquely bad in the city, right and so in North Korea. It seems like they're actually doing what may be. Most presidents would do, but I don't know there is that one story, b c ran that was then disavowed by other stories, saying that they were planning some kind of a military action and that seem to preemptive feel free and military action and that seemed frighteningly new but doesn't seem like, was necessarily fully backed up. It's really hard to figure out, so one thing that certainly different is there's chaos in terms of the rumblings of what the administration is planning to do or think about doing in part, because I don't think they know what they're going
and then also there has been this small shifts in the way that they talk about N Korea, which is it seems like there was like two decades. Of attempted conversation. Occasional diplomatic talks, followed by North Korea. Doing some kind of a aggressive, some kind of aggressive move, and then there was a and by the trash community denouncing it, and then we have this time. Tillerson and send other saying we are mad as saying we have nothing more to say at this time. We're not commenting on this, which does seem like a subtle change yeah I mean it's interesting. You had that Weird NBC story, but then you also had an aide traveling, with Penn, saying that if a nuclear test that occurred there would have been a more significant response, so that that's a little scary and it's also different than what Hr Mcmaster was telling people. On the Sunday shows, I mean the difference, I think, is you have these stupid tweets? flaming Beijing or whatever most It's the same. I think the difference that the abyss Obama would have had at this point was the best
tions are going to be multilateral. They're gonna involve sanctions from a whole bunch of countries and not just us sanctioning of individuals or entities. So he's got the international community. You know Russia, China and others, and trying to like unite the world around The problem, I think Trump, is probably hurt his ability to do that, but I think whatever they did over the weekend seems like it went fine. It was interesting. Make master national security adviser on the Sunday show said that it was time for the US to take action short of our from conflict, so we can avoid the worst, and this is the issue is right or our allies do not want us to take military action. I mean they live on the border of this problem and they don't want to be have all this n Korean landing on soul, so we can get ahead of them and that's something trump, probably learn very quickly. Due to what do you think about this? I read a few places that it might have been uh like cyber warfare from the United States. That has been stopping or
bring up some of these missile launches in North Korea. I guess Obama invested in cyber electronic where warfare attacks in twenty fourteen that might be one of the reasons these things keep failing. That's pretty cool Dnc, an email saying, hey put on some Norton antivirus, but yeah sure, let's get North Korea horrible take that way. It was our fault and I deeply regret it. I just don't have much to do during the north. Korea part was just sitting here biting my time who are should have campaign. It was conson more, I feel, like mine, was much more clearly a joke and be more interesting that ok, alright, what are we talking about? uh, you know along remember the city of Seattle right now we're talking about right right, yeah, I mean I'll. Just like really quick on this. I saw the David Sanger Report in the New York Times. He said that maybe the United dates has been using cyber weapons to blow up these missiles. Maybe we've been
Sending you know routing parts through North Korea that are designed to to fail when tested like this. I don't know I can't I know what I've read. That's all I know. I would hope that these circle, Efforts are underway in the same way, they've been used in other places to stop these programs, but you know, I would say, that's likely to be a stopgap, especially when you have them become public like this, and there needs to be a long term. Solution that involves diplomacy sounds like Tom might know some secrets from his time in the NFC. I know nothing I'd like to say that what my thing that I was watching, the north korean parade of missiles and windows, and I got tell you, my spidey sense- is tingling. Some of those missiles are in
Yeah I mean it looks like most of them are probably much homework. I could tell he got talent Kim Jong Moon's face or is in this one is the Tillamook it is in this canister. I promise you don't open the canister. Just take my word for it. I think if you open it, a bunch of sprinkles spring loaded, snakes come out were laughing. Now. It's funny now isn't that the left alone, until after this you know so as love, it pointed out trump- was for sure Trump was uncharacteristically quiet over the weekend about N Korea. He let Mcfarland in MIC. Faster and Madison Pensol talk. He was at MAR Lago, as he often is. He did wake up on Sunday. He tweeted, everyone, a happy Easter and then you can use tens of thousands of Americans who participated in the tax day March, isn't being paid protester someone should look into and again his heart is not in that he is bored out of his mind, is I I don't know at a private paid. Well, it's like five or six two reads: none of them really was like happy Easter someone,
to look into the protesters. Why are we still caring about tax return, the Elect elections over then bragging about electoral college win again. Then he said by the way: a strong military has to and then he then he benched about Kansas Election, and stuff like that was like an hour delay? You probably like hit a few. He had a few holes and then went back. There is on the range, then he said, like a scene and Chiron about as often as like that I gotta tweet about that too, but anyway there was a very large tax march. On Saturday. Congratulations to all the friends, the pod who went to a lot of t shirts out there a lot of tweets, good job everyone.
Twenty five thousand people in DC twenty thousand people in New York City over hundred marches, all across the country. Do you think this works her out? We do, you think, do you think we'll ever get these tax returns? So what we're asking is that what it takes to get the tax or tie? I do not believe that we will be getting a tax returns by Donald Trump, succumbing to political pressure. I agree, but I do think that a keeping the story out there is good. It's gets under his skin clearly and also who knows, but I I somehow I I just believe that there's too many copies of Donald Trump's tax returns in the world to not a van really a merge and I do think keeping the pressure on I mean there are members of Congress can request. It can come third bunch of different ways. So I think it's a good thing. One thing is, I don't have a good time. Sorry, no! No! I I'm I'm glad you I'm glad that this tax smart happen.
On the same weekend or same couple days when Trump is an ounce of the White House, is no longer gonna release our records of White House bid as visitors, and getting who they visited and who cleared them in, because this is a major reversal from Obama's policy and it's just a major step back in terms of transparency. I think highlighting the tax are you highlighting this huge rollback of transparency on the visitor logs important, because these are things? I think that if you- awesome. This Sunday shows Republicans have a very hard time explaining these decisions, and I think voters will actually be bothered by this if they actually, they learn about them, which is easier said, then saying that this is the most secretive administration since Nixon is like a line that some console Mattel democratic politician to go say, but I think it's correct in this situation between the visitors logs, the tax returns, I mean they are just they do not any
We don't want people to know a lot of things. Well, they can have to be a reason. It just seems like it seems like there are all these stories about lobbyists coming kind of coming in and out of the White House all day, like the reason I'm releasing, the videos are logs that they would be damning yeah, I should say, like everyone should not get their hopes up right. The tax returns could come out and it could be like yeah trumps paid by a lot of shady international businesses and he doesn't pay a lot of taxes because they takes the vendors a bunch of loopholes, and maybe he did business in Russia ones, or something like that, and it could really shady and under and sort of unethical, but maybe he did break any laws and then we'd all be sitting there like. Oh now, I still think we want them easily. We should push for them. I just don't think this idea that x returns or a holy grail. I think we should you know I agree with that. I also think that could be who knows, but we think it seems hard to believe that the tax returns I think they could provide some like you know, whatever some web.
Yeah, some context, some content yeah sure, but I do think we can fall into the same trap. We did during the election, which is it's not just about the tax returns it's about what the tax rings represent, which is Donald Trump, is pursuing a set of policies that will reward business. Rich people like him that dodge their attacks as well hurting regular people I mean- one of the reasons I think the tax march was great and I think it's effective, but it would actually have been more effective if the administration was. Deliver on that time table that they originally promised, which was by now. We were supposed to be serving neck deep in their awful tax reform plan and if that had been the case, it'd been able to sit side by side with the fact that you know, Donald Trump is not releasing his taxes and, at the same time, he's going on kind. Taxes for rich people with maybe with the sales tax for everybody else yeah. I want to get on my hobby horse for one second This is an issue where I feel like the reporting is just it never up to snuff, because there's no incentive structure created for candidates to to lean forward and be more transparent.
Enact. These reforms 'cause, you never get any credit for it, and this stuff only gets on the front page of the paper when Trump goes and rolls it back. So I don't know how to fix that But if I'm sitting in the Trump White House thinking should we release these records and get no credit for it or roll it back and not really care and not have to deal with a whole bunch of stories over eight years, it's an obvious choice for a secret of administration. If you are vision of either party, and you say, you're going to be more transparent. The incentive for reporters to call you a hypocrite because you weren't perfect, is so bipartisan they love it. I mean we had so you just would have been years and years and years of reporters saying most trend that most transparent administration in history as a joke, yep ROC Obama for the various ways in which he wasn't transparent, which You know we learn one hundred percent transparent, but you don't get credit for it. Look you do.
I mean we worked, it's like, of course, we were in one hundred transparent. That's what we're trying to say is. We were better than most you know, but they don't want to judge they. Everyone judges, you is it perfect? It's not the it's trying. It's perfection the standard so you're right, I mean it's annoying and I saw a bunch of reporters when this happened about the visitors logs with Trump. Their first reaction was remember, Obama saying the most transparent, ministration history. He wasn't perfect on this either like the media Looking back to Obama was their first. There was their first reaction. There are also some conservative pundits saying: oh the video visitor logs were a joke. Don't really tell you anything, and then people of course go back and look at years and years of their tweets use
the Obama administration visitor logs to attack the Obama administration over and over and over and over again in the stated rationale is just a lie. I mean they cited national security risks and privacy rights of the visitors and can exempt people for national security, and you can figure out ways to withhold people for privacy reasons. I mean it's just it's a blatant lie, two more things in the taxes before we move office 'cause a lot of people asked how do we get his tax returns back the march doesn't do it. There is a nineteen twenty four law that gives congressional committees that set tax policy, the power to Anyone in the United States is tax returns, including the President United States. This was used in one thousand nine hundred and seventy four. When Congress looked at Richard Nixon's tax return, so this would be one of those ways in which it wouldn't be the political pressure on Trump that gets us. The taxes It would be Democrats winning the Congress. There would be Democrats win the house, or I saw that TED. Yoho Freedom, caucus republican member of the house from Florida.
At a town hall and during this recess a liberal activist started complaining there like we just want to see these tax returns from Trump to make sure he's not up to any funny business. Why? Wouldn't you wanna do that too, and he changed his mind. He said I think he should give up the tax returns. You change my mind. So you Congress condition, can happen. Congress can do this. So so keep it up and good job everyone who's in the tax march is the other thing that are working, as I just mentioned, are the town halls. Town halls are working great political piece that I don't get to say that a lot yes, but it was a great political views. They would say to that. You do When you don't like us, it was when you like it. I think overall political has been better. It's been better, though, is politico is on the move there. On the march they've been when I say this not from an ideological standpoint. They have become more substantive overall let's about day to totally agree, it's been a strange thing to observe political has gotten better better. Not the New York
Washington post. Don't don't get me wrong, I mean anyway, so political peace quote across all factions Divided republican conference lawmakers found one common way to generate applause from a hostile crowd, criticize Asha aka Trump care aka. Don't do it a k? A well. You know I'm going to do it, but I saw your face since I said it's going to just going to get there. It's like get him going. I just a priest, How much you learn about messaging from from the ideal say about TLC third way, this is positive. Mereka stick around is more great show coming your way, but save America is brought you by Sun S, most tv's and up on stands in for
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I think he immediately says, and I hate single there MIKE Coffman a Centris republic. Colorado was just he had a really rough town. He, the only thing we could do as he called for the firing of Sean Spicer, because he felt so much pressure, but he didn't know what to do on how tiger punching down total e and then Joe Wilson remember our friend Joe Wilson. Why bring him up Thank you I said Joe was. I was the one who yelled Joe Walsh, no not shown Joe Wilson was the one who yelled you lie at present Obama. During the healthcare speech to Congress, a bunch of Joe Wilson's constituents showed up Town Hall on the also chanting you live it's great, so
That's a good example of someone being hoisted by his own target. Yes, one of love, it's one of my catch phrases so anyway, I think it's going to be. I think it's gonna be hard for them to do anything right now. It's weird because these you have these healthcare townhalls. These republicans are getting. You know all kinds of feedback that they do not want trump care and yet Trump At the same time is continuing to say, he really wants to pass healthcare reform for tax reform. Thing that was really interesting in the stories about the town halls is republican members of Congress feeling positive results for being opposed to it, not just getting yelled at for supporting good but but saying wow. You know, members of my my constituents are appreciating the fact that it took a stand against this bill. The to have you come back from that yeah I don't either and I just don't I mean. What do you guys think is there? Is there hope of passing a healthcare formally to what is Trump doing here? Well, I what's in Thing is: you can watch him sort of learn in real time that, even though he thought he was moving on from health care, that
need some of the tax changes there in the tax savings to actually cut taxes for rich people as much as he wants, so they keep flirting with going back to this, which is why the pressure from these town halls is so important. It is funny because it appears that Trump believes this, because Paul Ryan has convinced him of this. So basically it's very complicated. There's a Wall Street Journal story about it on about health care, reform, funking, up tax reform or the failure of health care reform, Fica tax reform, and it seems as if what's happening, is there's a lot of taxes in Obamacare right now. Taxes on wealthy people, tax on medical devices, on investment income, at cetera, to pay for the bill, so obviously republicans want to get rid of these taxes. They also in their plan. One two got Medicaid and got the subsidies which would save money. So the combination of saving that money plus getting rid of those taxes ends up with a a revenue neutral taxable, meaning it doesn't add to the deficit. If you performed a,
care. If you don't reform Obamacare, you lose all the savings that you get from cutting Medicaid, taking a health insurance away from poor and middle class people. So you lose that savings, which means that when you start cutting taxes for rich people, it's going to increase the deficit. You can increase the deficit. In the tax reform bill because you use this reconciliation bill, which we work with what you, what you used to only get fifty one votes in the Senate and not sixty, and so therefore there little stock. I think that was confused. So first of all it with with interesting about this is, is at every stage of it. What they're saying they have to do doesn't actually make sense, so they say. Oh, we need the revenue from a bomb. Care to pay for tax reform will unpack that for a second. What they're really saying is they want to see you, Sir John's right,
if they want to cut they want to get rid of the tax increases that are in Obamacare, but that actually makes their life worse. That makes it harder for them to. This is much less confusing the point I'm making so so getting rid of the revenue from the tax side of Obama. Care, which is another tax cut for rich people, makes tax reform harder when they say they need the revenue from a bombing with the really saying is we want to cut taxes for rich people through healthcare, but undermine Do not so much that even overwhelms those tax cuts for the rich people to have a pool of money for more tax cuts for the rich people through tax form. That's the point that I was making his. We need to know guys they want they want, they want to condescending, they want they want to cut taxes. Rich people buy it's going to blow up the deficit and they also want to take health insurance away from more people. That's their only plan right and I think what Sichuan's in the states are seeing is absolute chaos. They don't know what's going on, they know they don't like it and meanwhile, like one thing
is showing. That is very interesting. Thanks for reporting New York Times says I didn't realize how lazy he was At this point. In time, Obama held nine appearances in nine states and gone to three overseas trips. George Hw Bush had done or George W Bush had done. Twenty three states by mid trump is just going to MAR a Lago and back he's not out there fighting for any of the legislative. He has, or you know putting pressure on candidates, district. So it feels like there's just a lot of you know we're stuck. It doesn't feel like they're doing anything and the other thing that I don't understand is I don't like you know. Look there have been these weeks and weeks of just wonderful stories about White House in fighting, and you know the rise of Nern, Conan, DINA, Powell and Ivanka, and all that so glad it did not be talking about this episode I I mean I'm not saying you are go ahead: I'm ok, I get a lot, I am agreeing with you. I feel the island is from San Francisco. No we're I'm glad. We don't have a whole segment on that today, but, but the point is going to make is just if there's not
No result in any policy, and one of the places where there could be a result is on tax reform, because if you just decided yet your priority is not tax cuts for the rich. You could do revenue neutral, tax reform and you don't need to kid got health care to pay. For this. A lot of things you could do on taxes that that are only me impossible, because the prime directive is comes from the Republicans in the house, which is to pass a massive rate reduction for rich people and corporations. So one thing that's coming, right when I get back is government funding bill because Gov shut down on April, twenty eighth or twenty nine th on his hundredth day, if they don't have the spending bill. Now, it's sort of absurd to think that a party that controls the White House and both houses of Chris couldn't just supposed to keep the government running. That's the easiest thing there is to do, but they're going to have problems because of the Freedom caucus ones demanding crazy things in the bill or may we don't know for sure, but now that the so it looks like to
the government funding bill. You may need democratic votes. So what are the Democrats going to ask for? Well, if you remember Trump thinks that the way he's going to get Democrats to the table on health care reform is to threaten to cut off the subsidies to insurance companies that help them do cost sharing. For low income Americans right, because basically it would help lower income. Americans cover out of pocket expenses. So there's these things that have to be made in a lot of these cloud called cost sharing payments right, so Trump thinks he's going to get them to the table by getting rid. Is to screw bunch of people over right, so Marin, Colosio thinking well,
We say we are not going to vote for government spending bill unless the cost sharing subsidies are in the bill, because, if they're not in the bill and trump takes them away, not only the low income Americans not have any help to pay out of pocket expenses, but then insurance companies pull out of the markets and all the markets meltdown and we have a health care disaster. So what do we think about this? Yeah? You know. Yeah, I just like don't vote for spending bill that will lead to the collapse of the american healthcare system seems pretty good to me. I think they get some republicans on the ropes here because they're, a bunch of house Republicans going on the record saying Greg Walden, whose runs a committee Tom, called
publicans or, like you know what we don't like Obama care either, but we think these subsidies should be paid because we don't want the insurance markets meltdown because also people are going to blame us for that right. There definitely get blamed the Republicans, control everything and they shut down the government. They will get blamed. They saw the cost this took on them back a couple years ago and they shut down. With Obama. I think that every voter is seen nothing but chaos and adding to that with a government shut down for no clear reason is: is that there's no way that's a political winner? I think they've law, They've lost a lot of leverage by screwing up every single day on the way to where we are. One thing that's really interesting is there have been real stories on several big issues, and thus the quotes from out of the White House are always saying the same thing: it is just not looking for a fight on this just want to get past this. To get on to the next thing, like the president doesn't want, wants to pull out on the on the health care reform bill, because just let's get past the move it to next thing presence not issued a fight on funding just want to get past that moved in, I think same on tax from on on on. They have no agenda,
I have no legs and think they keep talking about tax reform, but tax reform. It's not like simplifying the tax code, getting rid of all the crazy deductions, blah blah blah, making it more sensible. It's just like they just want like a big tax cut people, that's all they're looking for it seems to be the only thing. That is the only thing that drives the Venn diagram of Trump and the Congressional republic. It meets with tax cuts for rich people. 'cause, it doesn't there's a lot of other things they agree on, and so that's all they want. They want to just pass a big tax cut. So my question you guys, then, is how should Democrats approach the tax reform debate? What should our message be? We propose anything: should we just yell about this? What what? What? What should we do? I mean, I think the easiest political move is to be in opposition of what they put forward and wait for that and and allow that to sort of frame the debate in flight going for I do think you know there might be some sort of like clear
urging them you could put forward that says you can't have tax cuts for people making over million dollars or whatever, but I think it's it's hard to it's hard to play this smartly, an abstraction. I do think what you describe for posting Schumer makes a lot of sense in terms of preserving a ca in protecting healthcare. I think the I think the one one one step we could take is not tax reform tax reform be defined as something that stands alone. You know Don Trump has put forward an incredibly of punishing budget, that strips away all kinds of funding and hope we get to the one that was the most salient from a few weeks ago, was meals on wheels, but there's a thousand deals on wheels. We haven't talked about yet. If you go through the budget that he's proposed, because it cuts across government- and you put the things together- and you say it's: it's not that different from what they proposed on the healthcare bill, which is they want to pay for massive tax cuts for the wealthy, with either deficit spending or cuts to programs for middle class people and poor people yeah. I would just put those things together. Front of the pod run claimed that if good ideas in his Washington Post column last week. One of them that that was interesting is look. Republicans always say.
And saying we need a big corporate tax cut to make our companies more competitive and help them create jobs. So you say: ok, if we give a corporate tax cut, has to be tide to actual job creation, and if you don't prove that you have used that money to create jobs, the tax you have to pay the taxes back. That is an interesting message. Point love it. Why don't? I don't know sounds like some, some some Bannon S, nationalism to Maine, I'm on the fence about it, ok, Lebron plan. I think we think really man, maybe maybe figure out how the tax policy works, and then you know I have to I have to face. I gotta fix all tax code have an opinion on this all right now, at all, we may You can go home. You have a hold full day ahead of you think about what I want to do will come back with a big tax. Those are on the list of people. Lots of people tune into is very interesting when they floated. The White House floated that, because have the Obamacare money that they might do a climate tax, and that's very interesting to me: you don't see that no yeah, so that two of the
carbon tax a carbon tax to the ideas that are coming out of the White House. Clearly from the White House, I believe it. When I see it came from sea to sea carbon tax come. I think I think it did come from a from our friend. Carbon tax cut from global is cut Gary Colin, I think, but I it was a because they were the two ideas were of that tax. A value added tax, which is basically just a real complicated sales tax and the carbon tax are those weird report. But if the carbon tax passes, this Congress from this president. What do you all do? I don't even know guys I might not show up to the pot for a couple months about half What is all just take a break crazy before you enter a queue in a one, remind people to go vote and help get out the vote tomorrow in the Georgia. Sixth, if you want to help with your out of state, go to Elect John dot com, Slash volunteer John US off. You can make calls
member now trump one this district by one and a half points after Mitt Romney want to buy a twenty something. So that's why it's competitive and exciting and awesome doing really well he's pulling in the low forty low to mid forties. He has to hit fifty point one to avoid a runoff that seems unlikely, but not out of the realm of possibility, much like Trump Becoming president, but it's a hard district Tom Price who he's running to replace. One by twenty four points in two thousand and sixteen, even as Trump won the district, only by one and a half price. So great, he just charisma South Tom rockstar anyway, go on us, enjoying the hashtag voucher, ASA That's great, pretty good! I didn't see that pretty good. Ok, when we come back, we will have a friend of the pod qa this is part of America stick around there is this great stuff coming lots of great stuff.
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today. We just have the part you like you're, being a little too apologetic people get it we're gonna do as many questions they can. I do great scorers are ones we answering these questions. You feel bad. You know they're a very well thought out questioning this at all. Okay, I will start world take turns asking questions that we liked this one is from someone who called them. Elves, enlightenment, liberal, on twitter yeah? That's right! I'm going to the handles. How likely is impeachment if the demos went back the house in two thousand and eighteen, the whole bunch of other questions about impeachment we got. Um guys, I once again, I remind you that we don't say impeachment, we say: keep him accountable going to hold trump accountable. That's the phrase I'm not going to try to spook those moderates are going to get 'em because we're going to hold them accountable. That's all you got. What I tell me, I don't know. I guess what I would say is like it's really hard to say. What's likely or not, I don't think anybody knows, I think I think it's it becomes If we win the house- and I think the rather think about you know what the end game is.
Winning the house means we can finally have some actual investigative capacity, and then we can start to dig into what this administration's been doing, and it's not just its ties with Russia, but but but the Trump administrated, but that trump businesses and it's continued influence. You know in the White House that the crazy connections with Manta for England Owski and all these people there's a ton of stuff they need to be investigated properly, and I think if that leads to crimes of that leads to book answers that I think Democrats have the power to do it just a background on how impeachment works. So people know cuz in terms of likelihood so yeah it to to vote to impeach a president in the House of Representatives. You need a simple man impeachment? Just means you are charged right is not mean year, removed that the trial happens. If you will in the Senate, the chief justice presides over the trial, and removal from office requires two two thirds of the senators that are there. So what does that say
sixty seven votes so that that is quite a bit. Well, it's basically the peeling off it mean peeling off some Republicans. You don't need two slash. Three of Republicans. I think Bill Clinton was acquitted. Three thousand five hundred and fifty five was the vote for him and then one charge. It was five thousand and fifty right, but he wasn't a crony capitalist who, with russian connections he just gotta, be here in the white us so so. That was a tougher case to make right. But that's. That is what happened so it is. It is, I will just say it's a steep climb. In the Senate I mean sixty six getting sixty six or sixty six, seven, seven to agree on anything it also in this environment is quite if this also feels like wish fulfillment like one step. At a time we were in the house, which is when the house yeah. No, I'm I'm with him just answer the answering. I am like minerals question. You know right, okay, who who wants the next time you want to go? You were quite often
right. So I'm going to go to a slightly lighter one, which member of the Trump Administration is most likely to open a bag of chips with scissors. That one made me laugh for sure. Yeah Ben Carson's a good answer, love it, but that's if they had surgery yeah. I think that's right, I'm thinking about it. Yeah I mean Steve. Bannon opens the bag and then pours it out you know we haven't, though cabinet with having a cabinet. Oh, oh, that's why I went yeah yeah having trouble from This is in the cabinet right. I was like her center Betsy device. I don't know how to do it, but to give us any chips, that's true! Unlike the you're, the ghost tell me: what do you think? What's your answer? I think Carson was where I was going to, but I think we've given this one of the allotted time
I have one from someone named Noel Coward, read the filibuster. The constitution says fifty percent plus one not sixty. Why should we not embrace the original design? I don't know sort of there. Let's get rid of it. I I think it's really interesting. Well, the one thing that's very controversial. I just left it there well. Allow me to no no, no leave it, but it is true. It was the I mean, know what the filibuster was not part of the original intent. Well, all and the one thing we've learned is that the filibuster was a kind of decorum instrument, because now, when we try to make it go away. So if it's only there till you use it. It was never really there at all. These things are based on true, and they're, based on a willingness to to John Party lines and work together- and you know be cordial with your with your colleagues in h- is completely gone. So it's almost like a you know as a fee to come, right right I'll tell you, I mean politically speaking,
I was giving you know just a broad answer about this. That was nonpolitical 'cause. Politically speaking as Democrats, we probably want to keep the filibuster because Wyoming will always have two senators in California will always have two senators, and I'm like It's with these look. I've got some of them and ideas and to talk about states with these, like small populations, will always has much Biggs, say the big states, and so because we are in this partisan environment where Democrats are winning the states with big urban areas. And we are having trouble in other states. Then it's going to be tough for us yeah. I mean I guess I would say. Like the one thing we've learned, I everybody was everybody. Had this open question of like will there be a political price for abandoning the filibuster, which is big, and it was basically just who's going to jump first and now, we've jumped and we've seen that there really aren't enough consequences to it. So I think we'll be saying goodbye to filibuster by filibuster.
Thanks for staying nice job, retarding, civil rights, progress for twenty five years in the 60s and 50s figure right, there love it like in the in the Trump era, anything that is a rule or a tradition. And not a law, it seems like it could be on the way out the door yeah. That's that's one lesson from this. These last couple yeah, which is sometimes sometimes it could be but most the time is pretty scary. West wing has been on for a wild about power. Now I I want it up for you to go. I went I went tight answers. I went thirty second answers: how do we make liberalism cool? I get made fun of in my circles relentlessly. How do we get the cool factor back Post Obama going to go, let it you're the funny one. I will I will rule under the I don't know. I think I can have a look, I'm not going to okay, yeah, good good, so you're learning testing the fences. I don't know what it means
for liberalism to be cool? I think I think that thing that I take away from the election is liberals. We don't is angry and we don't get as crazy and we don't. We don't get as a terrifying is like right wing media, but we do get sanctimonious and I think it's going to take some money to money. Is our enemy and you know I'll tell you here's an example that I saw this week and this is like a small thing, but so there's this statue of a girl of a girl with fearless girl didn't follow the story. So I'm glad to know this here so there's about a bunch of places. There's a bull in Wall Street, there's the famous ball and Wallstreet the charging bull in the erected. This temporary statue called fearless girl and it's very cool right. It's like it take this bull. It's charging to sort of in no direction. Now it's charging at this girl he's standing there. Briefly, it's a very cool statue and now there's this moving to kind of make it permanent and I think that's awesome and we shouldn't you know: that's good
it's a cool thing that they did, but the artist the original bull is likely hold on a second, I made a bull now bull charging at a little girl like that's, not my art project, that's what I did like. That's not that's like a violation of my copyright and then all of these sort of sanctum Liberals are like this is exactly know. This is a brave girl standing up to the men who want to silence her. It's like! No, no, no. Can we not make everything this Sanctimonious nonsense. Interesting. That tell me was that the thirty second answer your list it just bothers me that, like I'm sorry but like just because it agrees with your politics, doesn't in the artist's position, doesn't deserve to be heard. I don't know yeah, that's such a that is such a hard non sequitur, I'm say. The answer I often give about this, which is don't politicians, do not
like you're reading some fucking consultant script for an ad. When you speak to your constituents, but also don't try to be cool, because when you try to be cool, Sometimes the results are even worse. Yes, the knowing Steph one day or dabbing on Ellen the next day. Trump is President little yeah, I mean I get the Alan Brady Sanders. Bernie Sanders is the model right which is like yeah, there's nothing about him. That was on its face very cool, but it became a cool thing to support Bernie because he was an authentic guy. Who was who he was, and everybody appreciated that yeah, but brought that up. You know, what's cool guys, it's true in high school through today, yourself, it straight, but it's true people, and also the burning situation aside from just Bernie being himself. It's an example of like we all focus so so much on personalities right. It's all the Jeff Zucker characters in a drama thing. That's how we cover politics that we talk about. Politics burn is someone who, like he was a Washington insider. He was very old. In Vermont he's a socialist rate like nothing about Bernese profile said this is
guy who's going to lead a movement in almost like beat Hillary Clinton in a nomination fight. He focused on the issues he had a bunch of positions on issues. He believed them very much. He talked about that. That was a passionate person with a simple, clear agenda that people believe he genuinely was fighting for. He did not try to be funny. He did not try to be cool great question. Ok, this is from Liz. I live in Kentucky. Besides move what the fuck, I supposed to do. What does a blue person do in a red, trending state, you know look at it. Kentucky. I don't know how hard it must be in terms of finding people who are agree with you or organizing, but I do think like
get a state like North Carolina. I mean a lot of the way they train. It politically has to do with people moving there, but it's also, if you can organize on a grassroots level, if you can figure out what issues people care about that actually unite them, whether their economic or social justice, or you know better healthcare for individuals who have not had it in the state. I do think you can build a consensus around these discrete topics and from there how to expand out and get politicians in place that better represent those values that are more like what you would like to vote for. That's a long term play. It is hard it's going to be tough work, but I do think it works and I do think it will bear fruit. And if you look at you know what republican organizations have done at the state level across the country over the last decade or two, the proof is in the pudding there. Also, it wasn't, it was just you know two years ago or so that that can talk. You had a democratic governor who expanded Medicaid. You know, there's local politics too, and people. You know these kind of be unbridgeable, partisan divide that
have at the national level the people can have their team they're not really listening. That's obviously a huge problem, but it's not as much of a problem at the local level. Also, it's a look at James Thompson in Kansas and one of the reddish districts in America, and you know, Trump won by twenty something points, and this guy came within so points of winning a congressional district, and no one thought he had. A lot of people didn't get a chance like the D triple c and others, so do we still have any triple cii, didn't know if they shut it down. I believe they were selling stickers. Do they have offices, so email address is one thing. The person that lives from Kentucky ask this question. A lot of people asked us sort of like what can I do? What else can I do? I need an actionable item want to make a plug for swing left or great swing. Left is trying to flip a bunch of these districts that are very close, competitive house districts all over the country. They just came out last week with something called district funds. District funds are a pots of money raised in advance.
Eventual democratic nominee in each swing. District democratic challengers to republican held seats will get the money the day after they win the primary. The democratic incumbent will get immediately raising money for the eventual democratic challenger in host race new for the twenty eight term. Eighteen, midterm elections hasn't been tried before potential game changer here get. From the money earlier. It attracts more candidates who may not run 'cause they're worried about not being able to raise money, and it also goes around the fact that, like packs, can only donate so much money. This doesn't donate through packs its individual donations, so you can donate up to two thousand seven hundred dollars it's really cool so go to swing left Oregon, and you can pick your district that you want to donate to it's close to you pick the donate some money in that democratic challenger will have the money they'd become the nominee. It's interesting, there's like all these groups that are popping up that are kind of king on the apparatus of the Democratic Party, and we showed how much is great, which is great look. We should talk about why we found out about how important the Kansas race wasn't close would be because MIKE Pence,
video and not because the teacher will see maybe sent out an email, but but my thing is again: I'm there Chris in the triple c on this, stop spending our fucking time, yellow about the D triple C and the Dnc and all this other stuff? It does not get in in the in the scheme of things we can overcome. Whatever incompetence might be there and still Wendy's Let them be an excuse for inaction, especially when there are these new groups in this incredible energy. That's sort of emerging, naturally, because Trump resident in none of these Republicans that support or safe time you got one no go ahead. Okay, this is a great one. This one is very well thought out. It was in a couple different tweet tear from rock shrimp twenty structure after the idealistic enthusiasm to got a bomb elected in two thousand and eight the reality of governing civics probably hurt two thousand and ten turn out. For example, the ACA was not deemed progressive enough
grace is measured in decades not years. How do we avoid the same fate? Now? How can we improve the balance between idealism and pragmatism? Do you think that Barack Obama It shows that that is not his handle to be so that he could write these. That question does he's like on that yacht with Michelle taking the Instagram and it was like hold on hold on. I got one more question I want here with the boys have to say about this as he's writing back to David, Brooks about his latest column, Davis, books and texting with uh Richard Branson, but when we going parasailing and who's going to some thoughts on this I mean, I think, what one thing: people don't necessarily totally full internalize the magnitude of was the fact that, when we got destroyed in twenty ten in those mid term, it was also a census year which locked in a lot of those gains for republicans in districts that might otherwise have swung back to Democrats the next year, as he sings sort, tend to rebalance themselves. So that's
a bit of contacts that I think I'm not trying to excuse Obama here, I'm just showing how how hard it is. I don't know that we want to write off some of the things we fought for before two thousand and ten, because I do think those are the priorities that America cared a lot about and that got Obama reelected twice yeah I mean look, the truth is movements are all about idealism and activists are about idealism and we need that and we need people to organize. We need people to push people in government from the outside and you know push them. Tour better place. Politics is the art of the possible. It is about compromise and when you are in government, you see how difficult it is to pass some of the things that you wanted to talk about more that you talked about a lot campaign, trail right, and so sometimes I don't it's hard to go out there and as a campaign message be like hey trim your sails. Everyone don't be so idealistic, you know and like I don't I think you should
You should be idealistic when you're running for office. You should be idealistic when you're an outsider and someone that you vote for gets in the office and they don't do everything that they promised and they're not progressive enough. You should give him a hard time, but you should realize that they're different they're operating under a different set of constraints. Yeah I mean first of all, you know look we we! We passed the affordable care act hi there is this retreat. There's this backtracking in terms of Chris was released the Congress, and yet here we are almost a decade later in the law stands, and they have total control of the government. They can't seem to get rid of it in part because our government is designed to make it really hard to do big things and you know, look easy. I agree that the formal character wasn't aggressive enough, but why wasn't aggressive enough well? Because our system makes it really hard to pet to pass a big sweeping lot. You know, and it wasn't that we were sort of held back by Republicans, although, although obviously
A work strutting the law, the bill, every every turn in the Senate. It was about bring along Democrats who weren't elected along with rock a bomb who'd been like it decades ago, who were more moderate. We had to drag across the finish line and we got the most progressive bill humanly possible. Look I've. I know, I know to be a dead horse here, but there's a guy named Joe Lieberman heard me rant about. I somehow knew that we would get to Joe Lieberman with this question, but I think it's really important because because the bill that passed the Senate was as progressive as humanly possible- know that, because in the final moments it had to be made less progressive to get the very last vote in order to pass it. And I- and I think that speaks to just how hard it is to do this kind of legislation by
you know that doesn't mean it wasn't worth doing, it doesn't mean it wasn't worth fighting for, and you look through history. Social security when it was first passed, did not cover all the people that covers today. It took ten years plus for the civil rights movement to achieve the Civil Rights ACT and then the Voting Rights act right like these things, take it's what what the questioner had Progress is measured in decades, not years, and that is that is tougher to swallow now, because we are in a culture where everything is so instant right and that look. We expect everything to happen overnight.
The new cycle needs to change. Someone needs to win. A problem is to be fixed and then we got to get and we get a move on, and that's just not what politics it. I will say though I am. I do worry that you know look. I think I think political consultants, politicians, I think they let everybody kind of has this. This got believe that, like good policy make good politics that that, as attenuated as the sort of the bond that that the tie between how we talk about politics and how we campaign, who wins, elections and then policy outcomes like that that that tether still exists, and I think one lesson of Trump winning is that that that that that you cut that string- and I think our great fear now has to be that there aren't- that- that there isn't this cause and effect in the system anymore, between political action and political repercussions
and I think the challenge for us in the reason we're doing this company's customers are frustrated with the way politics was cover frustrated with with these, with the with the fact that so many people are getting away with politics, that that makes a SEC and- and I think, as as much as we can say, politics takes time. Progress takes time, it is a guaranteed and- and you know we weren't- you know time tell me there is a question for you this morning. I noticed full assessment of Obama, administration relations with the Middle EAST, with the benefit of hindsight, the thanks, sir thanks for wing, and that simple one at me. For that, the concluding I mean I don't know it's a a good question. It's a really hard question. I mean we you go into. You know Go to the presidency with the plan to pull us out of the Middle EAST militarily, specifically a rock. He made a full throated effort to get a peace process going in his room
that obviously failed, but then around two thousand and eleven, the arab Spring started and things change in a way that was completely unpredictable. So I think the you. You see a lot of of gone are on the ropes that might have been. You know, people that necessarily share values or allow for civil rights or assembly, and you know, but we're also allies, the United States. So the there's, a real politik assessment here that is kind of still unraveling, and I don't know that we know that answer- I think it's very much in complete- I mean I, I don't need to duck the question, but well at that. That's a big one and you until serious, figured out until rocks at their political situation solved word we're gonna, be in a tough spot incomplete. So just for the last question, we get a lot of questions from everyone about plans for crooked media. Like will you guys do more pods,
you guys do more activism. Will you travel more? We do more live shows. Will you have more merch really other stuff? The answer to all of those questions is yes: we so we will tour more. We will do more activism, we'll do more organizing up until now the company has literally just the three of Us- and I want you to imagine- running- a company I'm one third of the email we have just made some hires, which is great, and we will tell you about them at the right moment. But we are soon going to have help we're going to have an office space. And so we will start growing. This thing and be able to have other people help us do things that we want to do to add. I moved to LA tomorrow, Tommy Moose LA tomorrow. I mean, I think, that, because you coined it, I think you should tell people watch the name of our office will be.
The Mara Largo, it's near a place called the Largo, which is why it's called the Mara Largo yeah, so move into the Largo soon it'll be ending empire and but all of the questions you've been asking about, you guys should do more of this. You should have more of this. We agree with just about all of them and will be doing it in the future. New hosts, diverse voices added to them X, yeah this traveling we want. We want to do a college tour. We want to get out there and tore. I want you to imagine a world which I don't want to go in, for a crowd. Give me a break never sets but media empire, it doesn't anyway. Everyone thank you. So much for your questions. We will do this again. This is fun. There is one more question that you that you were gonna. Ask that we didn't do, which is. Are any of us can run for office? He's on the you can't you gotta get down here. Find your own answer now. No, we get
question. What I already I already talked about this in my episode with Axelrod when that was inadvertently brought up so want you to take the question. My answer is yes, you know tell me about you know, yeah we did answer this is the live, show give us a good hundred, and my answer is yes. Then too, I love it's gonna run for office. So I guess we need a new host. I mean not for awhile, but first I want this modeling thing out of my system, building an empire here, okay in the re, go well, he got what he came for guys. You've created a monster congradulations list. All guys we will we'll talk to you later. I think this is the end of the episode for signing up But then we end the friend of the pod segment and then and then back and do thing meetings are necessary, music should be going this whole time. The has not started so I'll hang up and do that. Ok, that's all the time we have for today, thanks everyone for joining us, and we will.
See you again soon.
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