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“Whine cave.” (Debate recap special!)


Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan talk about the impeachment of Donald Trump and the final Democratic debate of 2019, hosted by PBS and POLITICO in Los Angeles, California.

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is that hope I feel which shows some of the amazing ways you ve all contributed since we started this whole thing a couple years ago. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, not Andorra. Lastly, quick scheduling note next week, you'll get a holiday mailbag episode from Dan and me in on January, thirtieth you'll get it years resolution episode from Tommy John in me, and then we will all be back in the new decade, for some more parts is a definite decade and reinvested. Maybe it's very fresh milk is, as their knows, there was no you're zero. As Dennis religious and surely aware thanks for triggering what we started out with a zero van couple thousand years ago. Now. Well, ok, we are going to me We talk about the debate last night, but I do want to start with the biggest news of the weak and maybe the year on Wednesday. Donald Trump became the third president in history. To be impeached, in fact, he holds the record.
The most votes ever acquired on an article of impeachment at two hundred and thirty four abusing his power One hundred and ninety seven no votes. I do not think he'll be brave. About that regular anyone make the popular vote joke on Twitter. You thought you were a dozen blue check. You know I saw this stat and I just listening. Okay, so more people voted for the impeachment have Trump and voted for the treatment of Clinton. They never was an actual vote on the impeachment of Nixon, and I assume and Andrew Johnson was voted to be at peace. There is fewer members in the house right thanks, wet get just saying. I mean it like that. Aren't you be Clint table to win I've just like obviously more beautiful than Bill Clinton, our doings, if your best, the the the second article, the obstruction of Congress, article passed two hundred and twenty nine two hundred. Ninety eight: that's because Jared Golden of Main Democratic said about forty seven
our again, I gotta say its whole boy way to talk yourself. It's who had political project and mean at look in his defence. No candidate has ever get in trouble for voting for something before the vote Hence it I re. Imagining you go to town wholesome trumped supporter comes Screamin out. You like. Why did you do that? Bother you like? Well, oh, oh, oh, I did one article but the other one. I said. No, we only half hate me, I'm not doing it here's, what I did right there was this baby until I split it happened so anyway, speaker and every policy has so far held back on sending the articles to the Senate sanction since the first know the rules of the trial and whether witnesses will be called Mitch Mcconnell, who can set those rules with fifty one votes said that he doesn't really cool policy ever since over the articles, according to the New York Times, one worsen who does seem to care is Donald Trump, who wants to be able to brag that he was acquitted by the Senate. That's according to Maggie Haber means reporting Dan. What are your thoughts on policies
who here and what you Democrats be doing in general in these next few weeks to make this trial are no successful. I think in the short term. I think it's the right move. There is no incentive to just give this to Mcconnell and give him give him all the power to just call a sham trial and end it right there, so you might as well hold. I think there is a question about over the long term. What leverage do they have right, like what conall, need this for like what why, when they go to negotiations- and she Mercosur, like we want witnesses, rackets and they impatient articles miracles, I fine what's for lunch right ahead so, but I think right now, like there's no point just sending a tomb and taken off the table, so we can at least can over the next several weeks here have a conversation about how much Mcconnell in with the help of unto pick some centres, I've had Corey gardener, Martha Mix, alleys and collins are ringing this trial for tromp right there.
Covering up his crimes involving the public have a hearing about so that at least a conversation we can have because she held back the articles me John bolting and gone and Pierre this morning to complain about trumps North Korea policy. But he can't testified before the Senate Gimme a break. I'd love to This fall into a cover up message. I dont know if it'll work up sustainable enough for once it has members we get squishy, but it would be real depressing to see this go over to the Senate and from a college just kill it. You know it's Connell's had something in an interview about this, which is that it specks the vote to be largely partisan and that largely was doing a lot of work, because if he, if he expected his Kok, has to be fully united, he wouldn't have set largely. And so I think it's really less about Mcconnell than it is about for vulnerable Republicans and whether not is going to be one of those moments where they demonstrate a tiny bit of conscience or one of those many more frequent,
and where they do not and beyond that, I guess we don't really know right now. It is just less about Mcconnell and more about people like Mitt, Romney, Corey, gardener, she's in Collins and others. Yet I think, but calmly, Harris Way this out quite well in an opposite. She wrote for the New York Times, which is the senators have to make a decision. Are you going to vote for? A trial are going to vote for a cover up and that's what democratic be saying about all these Republicans, unless we should be saying especially about Susan Collins, was to face voters and twenty twenty in a purple state and same thing with Korea, gardener and all the others Where is we just mentioned and it look, I do think like Tommy, like you were just saying people are. These republicans are worried about what happens if John Bolton testifies and if Mick Mulvaney testifies before the disease. Reason why they don't want these. What want these witnesses to go before the Senate, because even if, ultimately, they know they have the votes to acquit Donald Trump, which I'm sure they do, even if they lose. If your lookin senators, John Bolton than Mc Mulvaney get up there reminding everyone could we ve been talking about process for so many weeks now, since we ve moved away from the actual crime itself remind
Everyone, the dumb from did in fact, do this crime that he didn't fact abuses power and those are two witnesses who were directly involved in talk directly to Donald Trump. About this. I don't think that's gonna that their skate there clearly afraid of that right. Do you think, they're afraid of the politics of other afraid of trumps reaction? To allow that to happen? Probably both their friends. The revelations yeah. I think that he probably told more in and Bolton to hold the aid back until you at investigation into binding, and I think that private too, I mean remember, support for impeachment. Anne and Donald Trump support for impeachment was at its highest and Donald Trump. Super learning was at its lowest as the news was breaking and as as new revelations came to light, it started tightening up as we got into this whole unknown. Republicans did a good job of this. Just to
about process, process process and in the impeachment trial itself. I think when there are new revelations about wrong doing it is bad for Donald Trump. We have seen that already, and so they clearly want to avoid like if I was in Mcconnell shoes right in tromp was a reasonable human being like what you would. Wine is thief, the trial that looks the most like a real trial without being one right. So that's laugh. We can have some witnesses and wool where we know Fiona Hill, the way so that we will testify and war take more vainly because you'll, probably under oath and not Bolton, because he may not like that would be the best thing for the Senate, the Republicans and like putting Trump because he cannot allow them to say the obvious thing, which is what trumpeted was wrong, but we do not believe it is in principle, particularly a year out from an election like that's the obvious right into, but he will.
Do the right thing do her thing would be to allow their decouple witnesses and then persisting aside, I doing there to two issues with that, any one there's a point at which I think Mcconnell worries. He just loses control this thing. Once there's witnesses being called once there's John Robert sitting in that seat, making decisions once it feels like a trial. I think things can suddenly become less controllable by him in the second thing is environment Mcconnell on I'm looking at this I am going to people a quarry, currencies and collins and other vulnerable centres and sang look. There's a very bad vote coming for you, which vote do you think is worse? Do you want to vote to avoid?
a real trial and face all the criticism and negative coverage for doing that. Or do you want to vote no after a damning series of revelations in trial and in a purely political calculation? I dont totally know which is a better place for someone like quarry gardener to be an yet and it and policies of this in a press conference. But the one thing that the democratic going for them tumor impose is you know that they can say it during the Clinton impeachment? During the last impeachment, there was a hundred zero vote, agreeing on by partisan rules of trials of Mitch. Mcconnell wants to just make this, and you know you ve. Just one should look ran this through like it as everything else. He at least should or not him. But at least Collins and the rest of them should pay a price for breaking with president on this. Ok. So basically the upshot of this is, we don't know when the trials gonna be. It's certainly not now going to be immediately after the break, because the articles aren't there. So, sometime in January, we just just the this morning that policy did invite Donald Trump to give the state of the union and unfair
hurry forth, which is the day after the Iowa caucuses, which is also very interesting and sort of smart that the entire day of the state of you will be taken up by the coverage of who one iota and not the trumps stated the need to address that we'll get some coverage of that on Wednesday. I just give it if you're running- I don't know, your Corey booty, if your query, booker- and you have a great finish in in iowa- do not go right in Hampshire and equal access to the union as a hue. Probably you take that Red eye flight to New Hampshire because they offer them now and you campaign in New Hampshire, then, you come home to the Syrian and then go back that night. Then I'll, let you know you lied and then he does you wanted you meet you wanna, go you say the union media to some. Do some sweet sweet MSNBC I will now. Let's talk about, looks like about last night
seven democratic candidates met right here, in LOS Angeles, for the last presidential debate of twenty nineteen hosted by politico and PBS Joe Biden Bernie Sanders Elizabeth warn people to judge we close our Tom's Dire and Andrew Yang. So we have some clips, are the most notable exchanges between the candidates that we're gonna get to. What are you guys think of this debate overall, before we get into some of the first year moments, moments ought to say that I it was one of the best Bates I've ever seen amongst demographic ever and at four there was a didn't, wasn't clear that that was what was going to happen because our some odd choices took out of oh there's, a difference. Let's go to Rick yeah, but was very PBS. I know we're like. I hate this partisan food by eight eight, this political food. By better that way, where's my food right
but wait amongst those, and there is a meditative, but I've I felt like Elizabeth Warrant has had these very strong, solid performances debate after debate after debate, and this debate felt like every one kind of met her at her level. I thought each candidate was a strong, as they ve been in a debate that all year, and so it just made for a very kind of like taught and strong set of exchanges throughout the night about the stakes felt higher because of us fewer number of candidates on stage, because every exchange between the candidates was between two candidates. Who were generally in the running for that's right, this was not a situation was like policy gabert attacking Buddha Judge or John DOE. Any attack was with warrant where it only Matt doing that really mattered in the immediate contacts of election was how the person attacked responded in here whether we will go through exchanges bit, though, the stakes are high,
for both of them. You know and then that you can't it's or think are further out from having a chance style and Yang didn't attack anyone so where there was conflict, the conflict, I felt consequential unaware. Hasn't somebody other debates, everybody's pretty good. It was a good debate, legal as well moderated to let its point about the commercial breaks like it wasn't We wanted a food fight right like they were talking about: U S, embassy, ay and then and we moved on. We didn't hear whatever one thought that wasn't because of commercial that we moved on. It was strange. Pete was talking about reform and no one really gotta. Spawned on that is there. Some moments rise like I wish we dug in on that, but that everyone was good. My headline would be PETE took some heat. Club, which are thought to how old are you now, and there is no real eight seconds glare of them, as there was no real ground. Broken against Biden, which is strange, like only serve regulatory thing, about Biden, was that you oppose the Afghanistan surge over a number of him, a burning again too so like. If you view those tools,
a strong? No one may progress against them, but you know it was a tough night for beak as a couple candidates side, just comfort, including closure. I was very proud of all of the candidates on that stage. I thought it was a very good debate. Eiger if you love it, I think every single candidate up their game and you can tell they have become better debaters. They have become better candidates. The messages were sharper you would hold. That would be the case forty five days out from our, but they really all have improved, I think, to up to a person, and I think, made good. They not only you know we're good in the exchanges with each other, but they made pretty strong cases for themselves and their candidacies. So I was, I was happy to see it because I think the stakes were also raised a bit because you know in voters minds to with impeachment happening this week and also us knowing.
Let you know he's probably going to be acquitted, but it just. It's sticks in your mind that Donald Trump is out there as the opponent, which I think in some other debates, it's sort of like falling into the for the wayside. There hasn't been much mention of trump at all, and there were a lot of changes that we're going to get into, but at least in those first couple questions on impeachment on the economy. On some of the other issues, you start that you started hearing these Democrats make a case that they would make on a stage next to Donald Trump, not just about each other, which I thought was somewhat hopeful. Better than it started, because there is no question that is more pointless. Then why haven't voters agreed with you more terror. I ask your presidential candidates to be sociology. Pundits is so dumb, but after that, adding it got much better. They delved into some issues around spur US education were gives special needs and other things that have not been touched on. Our debate that I thought was really get it. We were more than an hour into the debate when women should started getting real
and Elizabeth Warren called out people to judge for hosting a fundraiser with wealthy donors in a nap, a valley, wine cave. Let's play the clip so the mare just recently had a fundraiser that was held it nay wine cave full of Chris. Rules and served nine hundred dollar a bottle. Why think about who comes to them? He had promised but every fundraiser he would do would be open door, but this one was closed door we made the decision men years ago that rich people in some Filled rooms would not pick the next president of the United States billion errors, and wine caves should not pick the next president of the EU. I did State Mr Mayer report. According to Where's magazine, I am the literally the only person on the stage who's, not a millionaire or billions
So if this is the problem with issuing purity tests, you cannot yourself pass If I pledge never to be in the company of a progressive democratic donor, I couldn't be up here senator not worth is one hundred times might now, supposing that you want. Home feeling the holiday spirit and others is unlikely, but stay with me and industry to go on, For Amerika dot com and give maximum allowable by law, two thousand eight hundred dollars with that pollute my campaign because it came from a wealthy person. No, I would be glad to have that. Support. We need to support from everybody who is committed to helping us to feed gotta pee brings the heat Oh my god! Never let! Let's start here Why do we check? Why do we
Warren chose to highlight this particular line of attack in the first place, the sheet she she was the one about the sub. She raised this. What we sort of this strategic thinking, do you think behind us? It's vivid The only thing people were writing about talking about going. I remember from that exchange rates of you. Can it's not are to imagine a wine cave full of crystals and neither are bottles and it speaks to the way peat is running his campaign verses. Big structural change now thought that his response, his bons was probably strong that we don't need to unilaterally disarm and he's right that there is a bit of hypocrisy. If you fund raised from these same individuals
you're Senate campaign and then warrant transfer, ten million dollars to her presidential campaign and and now is attacking him for doing the same thing. But ironically PETE there is setting up his own purity test on campaign finance reform, which is kind of the problem with trying to make progress on these issues. Have these letting up his own period because he's saying because he is attacking her for not always having been perfect on campaign finance issues by saying used to raise money from the same people and donors that I do said, I you I mean it. I think it's she's very clearly. When is this debate thinking I've been getting. The shit kicked out of me because we can only talking about public option versus single pair and my varying an evolving positions on on Bernice Plan, verses, my home
the core of of my campaign will be based round corruption. This is a way for me to make a positive arguing about myself in a negative argument about PETE around your money and influence. I think this was a technical error on warns part I think look. I would very much whether reasons I'd be excited for warring or Bernie to an information there for the presidency, as I think it could fundamental change the role of money in politics in shift, break Democrats, addiction to a small class of billionaires, to fund our elections and build a true grassroots from rising basely having that is the right direction for the party to go along I think in this case, don't think anyone over one gave us like. This is the
One of the rare example one cave has been a twitter thing for the last two days. Since these pictures came out. It's been a thing that all of the anti PETE folks had been tweeting about, and I think this one the first times I've seen Warren, give me into the demands of online political vitality. To pick that the wine caves, that's one. Second, she didn't, I think, draw the next wine, which is why, depending on the pizza people, who can pay for an unheard of thy heard our bottles of wine. If, on your campaign, has a negative policy consequence for people. Right like that she's done many times, you didn't work. I very well and greater effect that right and should now do it on the stage and then the third thing she brought up, but they didn't close with that, I think, is actually better argument. Is she a policy that she will not make political donors ambassadors they will all be and she got Unlike the Third World WAR, I am and That is, I think in peat has previously, as everyone else in this age is refused. While he's out on
Bernie, but everyone else has refused to make that same commitment that to me a stronger, more substantive argument, which is that her government is not going to be staffed by the kind of people who, by access to politicians, Vienna heard our bottle of wine, and so like that. I thought the interests they hit did not and he was incredibly well prepared for and she has a vulnerability there, and we know the press would rather cover Elizabeth warns hypocrisy than anything else. Yet it it's interesting, because what PETE was trying to do was say that her hurt their purity test was about. Oh, you, dont want rich people giving money to campaigns and has not that's not true right. That's not her test, which he said, and she said it later in her toward is I don't sell access to my time right and the reason that she's decided to do grass roots
on razors and forego these high dollar fund raises like Bernie has. Is that the more time you spend with all these rich people, then they're gonna ask for favours later, and you should be spending time calling people who are giving five and ten dollars and meeting people at rallies? And I think that's a really that's a strong argument. You know, but she sort of let he'd make it about. Oh, you dont want rich people giving money while, like I'll give, you know you ve had rich people giving money in the past. What do you think about PETE's rejoinder about Elect ability, which is to say we shouldn't you know really disarmament election. This big, I wonder if the Pandit class of voters in Ireland in particular will be. I think I think when people are discussions, I always hated that argument, but I think when people are this worried about being Donald Trump and all they ve heard is how much money don't worry, I'm gonna spend it does probably stick with the anvil. It's the Chinese that most adding its most intellectually.
Sergeant, I think, pizza original report. One of the issues that have been in that exchange- this is not a was with worn mixing it up with like a dope by John Delaney. I who doesn't belong in the stage. People to judge is an incredibly sophisticated politician, so as those with warrant into these were to incredibly smart, sharp debaters going at each other, and I think one of the reasons it went back and forth many times is that had a complicated area where they were trying to make. There are both making, I think, unfair and not exact, on the level responses to each other, but then, when it finally came down to it, I think you saw the core of the actual debate, which is, I don't, sell access to my time that corrupts our policies and it's one of the reasons: people don't trust, Democrats and as much as there's some, to that, we cannot unilaterally disarm the most important thing is getting all the money we need to beat Donald Trump. I think the problem for both of them is that it went back and forth. It went back and forth, it went back and forth and then came Amy Klobuchar. The moment. Let Bloodworth, let's any closer to home here too
Listen to this argument. Came here to make a case for progress and I have never even been to a wine cave bend to the wind cave in South Dakota, which I suggest you doubt due to went to me if I were to say like what. What was the signal moment of that debate? It was. It was the back and forth back and forth three times between peat and worn and as they did, that they both got smaller and smaller and smaller, and then incomes Amy Closure with a kind of unity he met. Age at eighty was prepared for that she was. He was already. She came loaded for arms. She came. She came ready to rip pizza limbs from his body and eat him with them.
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thereby worn I dont know, but the larger strategy from her I get, and it is actually intellect ability, strategy great. She has now returned and love it. You mentioned this about wanting to get away from the medical world debate. She's now returned to her strength, which is talking about corruption and for Alaska. Believe she's been talking about the only way we're gonna beat the most corrupt president. History is with you know the strongest anticorruption reforms in history, and that's me and she's known for that nets. Her strength in what she saying about Buddha judges. If we want the strongest contrast in the general election between a corrupt president, someone who's not, we can have a person on stage whose sellen all their time for money and whose had all the lobbyists are discussed. Efforts if she wants to draw that contracts. So that idea in general is a smart
strategy from her, whether it was smart to do it on that stage and not exactly be prepared for PETE being super prepared, as he always is for these things about that she didn't coastal were right, there is a wider and it and say look you run your campaign. However, you want what I believe is the you're gonna be Donald Trump, as we have to have some lost any of that state and who does not raise money. The exact same way, Donald Trump us right I others there is an actual coupled with why they, even though it is true us as Tommy famously said, Peter some he while it is true that cut across the night, a lotta people came repeat, there is some key moments where right when they were about. To land, I think a really hard punch. They didn't. That happened with warning this exchange that happen with Amy closure when she was about to basically said you didn't want Indiana, the only one in in in South Bend, but it just. It was like almost right about the hit and he just evaded same thing happen. When you quit reminded people he would of Nominated Ebony Kennedy, this recording
and and take it. I don't do that, though, as much as I actually thought. Pete for the most part, you know took the took the onslaught well yeah and I dont know I mean warned I got your message out that she's, the she's, the anticorruption fighter version and, like you were saying Tommy, but this will be known as the fine cave debate, so whether people know what wine caves or not, by the way, the funniest part about this as an aside, but Our wonderful governor gave a Newsome decided to get himself and thereafter the debate and say I I was a white guy- I started in the wine- can never knew of irregular and they did when they came for the caves. Who is left for me and the other was what's funny. Thing is PETE's. Wine came dot com now directs to Bernie Sanders, fundraising page, which is very funny things not last of the wine kids, I think I think that it is so funny it's the lake. Peat is
in every other non Warren Sanders. Ten has been raising money and huge mentions an absurdly expensive restaurants for a year now, and it was the wine cave this video was someone who just also hates money in politics is as we all do like. I just wonder about a campaign set just objects like do. We need this razor. In the one case, I now- and you can see why this is the thought you can see why this pisses me off so much use like I was the fuckin mayor of South and you think it's easy to raise money is a thirty seven year old, gay mayor of south. Then it is not. What is done is extraordinary in their right. We have whether we like it like the union's, if you're gonna, give money to repeat, do you need to be funded a wine cave now that there is thing you need that rich be interested
give the money and obviously not important, but I presume hawaiian cave is windowless. Is there are more airy space with which you can and damp promise ambassadorship, terrific, okay, so just kidding, I d D, probably didn't promise. It directly early implied, afterward PETE went at it, Amy Crowbar, decided to jump and a little bit later by challenging PETE's experience and elect ability. Here's that clear when we were in the last debate mare are. You basically marked the hundred years of experience on the stage, and why do I see on this stage? I see Elizabeth work starting the consumer. Annual Protection Bureau and helping twenty nine million people eyes the vice president's work in getting a tube in dollars for as cancer Moon shot. I see or Sanders work working to get the veterans bill passed across the and I see what I've done, which is
negotiate. Three farm bells and be someone that actually had major provisions put in those bills. So well you can dismiss committee hearings. I think this experience works and I have now, denigrated your experience as a local official. I have been one, you know. I just think you should redirect our experience. When you look at how you can you actually did denigrate my experience under it was before the break and I was gonna. Let it go because we got bigger fish to fry here, but you know. I don't think we have a bigger fish them right than picking a president of the United States and before the break you seemed to imply that Our relationship to the first amendment was talking point as if anyone here has any more or less commitment to the constitution than anybody else up here.
Let me tell you about my relationship to the first, and then it is part of the constitution, that I raised my right hand and swore to defend with my life. That is my experience and it may not be the same as yours, but it counts. Senator accounts Thank you, Mr Mann. Center. I just forty nine seconds from high. Certainly respect your military experience. That's not what this is about. This is about choosing and I know my view of this is- I know you ran-
for it to be chair of the Democratic National Committee. That's not something that I wanted to do. I want to be president of the United States and the point is: we should have some one heading up this ticket that is actually won and been able to show that they can gather the support that you talk about of Rob, moderate, Republicans and independent, as well as a fired up democratic base and not just done at once. I have done it three times, I think winning matters. I think a track record of getting things done matters, and I also think showing our party that we can actually be people with us have a wider tent, have a bigger coalition and yes longer coattails that matters Thankee Senator responded. So I know that if you just- oh, by vote totals. Maybe
What goes on in my city seems small. Do you want to talk about the capacity to win, try putting together a coalition to bring you back office with eighty percent of the vote as a gay dude in my pencil, India. You, you had one in Indiana. That would be one thing you tried and you lost by twenty point. You look so soap was in store for the beginning here. Why do we think global char decided that this was gonna? Be her thing to go after PETE like this issue when, after a number of times and this Really you know they practices in the paper can come out of nowhere jiving. She thinks that peat is in her moderate, more elect,
a lane in Iowa, and so she decided to just hammering and the best attacks or one that takes on your opponent and help you write her. She is the candidate who is running explicitly intellect ability and wet stipulate. That house One ran somewhere in the past tells his very little, but how the run in the future? No one who was like ball, caveats, stipulation, etc. I voted for the whether we had it been the writer Dan Christ himself in recent weeks that the word flexibility we will be We had our societies that Emmy Club, which our has probably the best most specific, elect ability story to tell when it state based electorate based by far not even close like no one up there had one in a purple state statewide. Barton, not worn, not Sanders that no one another the Mesopotamia and she
spin running explicitly on that, and I think that has been a very good sir. For her. I actually wish all the candidates would make their case for why there the best person to be Trump, and I think the pundits should stop trying to tell us who is most like to buy. We candidate should talk about it and make their case in club which are did, and it had the benefit of taking down PETE, who is bit risen, a lot on a particularly specious case of elected that has everything to do with certainly his political talent in a smart in his temperament, onstage like that, cannot be denied. But there's a zero chance that a woman or a non way
person who is the mayor of South in Indiana who loss Indiana by twenty points. We get the benefit of the doubt on that question. Three is up you're about this. I think season of others toward the loss in Vienna by twenty point, because I think I think one of the issues with sort of clover jars rejoinder there is, she didn't quite explain to the audience what she meant there, because a lot of people do not know this piece of information. They do not know that when PETE ran statewide in India, he lost by twenty points, a ran for treasurer in two thousand ten. He ran against Murdoch, who was very, very bad right wing republican candidate and I think that part of what what we're talking about here is the fact that pits case intellect ability has been largely rhetorical at what he did at the Iowa algae dinner. It enemy bases, as you want someone on say, you can basically draw this incredible contrast. That's a valid case.
That's a form of, and I liked ability arguments and we want the biggest contrary Donald Trump. He can cooperate for this because I served in the military canker during this because I'm from the MID West III, by laid out a very, I think, strong rhetorical argument for electricity and what closure is doing a saying: that's entirely perspective it and it's not there's no actual evidence in the world and I think it extremely dangerous for he to be in that territory, because then you start to look at the polls. You say well, where's the coalition aright. He has this one chunk of of the base, but then you know that the rue incredibly important part of the bases of of of people of color, just not coming to his side, it was interesting, is Biden binds illegibility argument he's been, I think his perspective as well. You know brought he's this. He has this appeal right. They he says, he's middle class Joe. He appeals to moderate and it somewhat born
in pulling, but in fact he also, but for being the vice president. Barack Obama has actually never proven this outside of Delaware himself, his previous money than overcharge only closure hymn sheet, this again later, when you Bernie and Biden, were fighting about Medicare for all verse, the public option and cheese again occupy this sort of like a pragmatic, collectible midwestern stance where she said the political fire having is not real The people were posted Medicare for all. Our new members of Congress is the governor of Kentucky, like I'm someone who can bring them together. It was. It was a theme and it was compelling. I do think I agree with all that and I think that clover jars elect ability, Kazan making it for herself, which is not just I won in in Minnesota, but she said of talking about fly over country and that's where I live. Just talk about the Midwest a lot, the one thing she said we were. She started that clip which was you know. Last debate
All whenever you say last debate its last debate p, you know you attacked us all for a hundred years of experience combined and let me tell you about that. Experience Elizabeth created the consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Joe Biden got two billion dollars for cancer research and that she went around and it did. It was the closest thing in my mind, to a convert, a debate exchange that we would have had in two thousand and seven between Brok Obama, Hillary Clinton, where she would talk about all her experience and believe it applause and strength and for many voters it was, and then oh bomber would say yes, but you and all the other people who ve been in Washington, which was all the other candidates Biden, Dodd Richardson you ve all been there for a very long time and people are pissed off about wash. And you got the Iraq war wrongly. That was that was the big lavishly road is missing in this argument that right right, but I wondered how effective that is to go back and forth with him on we're all experienced with, and then she ought keeps calling him alone
officially, which is so fine a lot of the little. I will not. I will not stand up here and denigrate a local officials like that is withering that, since eight children, the spine, stout, similarly, withering comments in the past as really impressed by the way you mean that experience our because one thing that I very much remember from two and seven is just how plodding it was to make that argument. It felt always so defensive. How it was it's it's like whenever you make fun of DC and somebody responds in Twitter, like we have some great restaurants, someone from our media, and I was like a wild. That was the dealt closure in defending experience and by making a big and saying like crediting all these people, there was more felicity and her doing now that I've ever seen a defence of washing spring should have better job. Experience better than Joe Biden has in this entire campaign that joke with such a deep cut. It was twenty eleven you sent overdraft of Zoo Union to someone on b and they respond with a note. That said, please stop mocking Washington. I had we were
breakfast was going on the road after the state of the union, and he was in Montana or something, and he said boy, it's great to be out of Washington DC, and I get a note from some Percinet, oh and beat that you know some of us live, in Washington DC, and we don't appreciate these attacks. A mechanic guys. I'm sorry that was that an added about numbers budgets- I don't think it was renouncing eight street- doesn't have some nice place to hang. A roadmap will live there for a long time ago. So W B We mention this when we didn't have our usual opening forty five minute exchange Medicare for all, but later the debate and an Bernie Sanders and then Amy Clover jar did get into a disagreement about the respective healthcare plans. Let's play that clip. It covers, everybody is realistic and, most importantly, let you choose what you want here.
You have a hundred and sixty million people negotiated their healthcare plans with their employer. Like many of you have you may or may not like it, if you don't like it, you can move into the public option that I proposed in my plan, but you like it, you shouldn't have what you shouldn't. Have Washington dictating you? You cannot keep the plan you have expressed for the benefit of forty five seconds. Jos plan a centrally. We retain the status quo, that's not now it is exactly right. Oh I bought you and either way Joe onto your plan, your yes, but how we gonna pay for it Well, I'll tell you we're paying for right now the average we're in America, their family like sixty thousand a year that family is now paying twelve thousand dollars a year for healthcare, twenty percent, the very top of the medical care for all that family. We twelve we're dollars a year because
we're eliminating the profiteering of drug companies and the insurance companies and ended this business tee and complex ministration of thousands of separate healthcare. I have said I was going to come up to forty five Sunday, always guy, but not interrupted. Nobody in Europe that the costs trillion balance. Let's get that straight a trillion dollars over ten years, something cause twenty trillion, some say it costs forty. The idea that you're going to be able to save that person making sixty thousand dollars a year. On care for all is absolute prepared. For sixty percent of the American public is armed Medicare now and everybody has attacks taken out of their project. Now tell me you're gonna
four percent more and is not can be higher taxes, at least before he was honest about Joe. It's been increased personal attacks. Is there going to be? We all go to Greece, personal docks, it's about we're, eliminating premiums, where eliminating co payments where illuminating the doktor was where eliminating all out of pocket expenses and family in America will spend more than two hundred dollars a year, what proscription of reactive, prima ache first time, I've! Ok, that's true I'll say that, first of all, Bernie. I promise when I M your president. I will get our pharmaceutical bills done and we have worked together on this time and time again, and I agree with you on that, but where I degree? Is I just don't think anyone has a monopoly on bold ideas? I think you can be progressive, impractical, at the same time that is
I favour a public option. The nonprofit option to bring the cost down and yes, it does bring the costs down immediately for thirteen million people and then will expand coverage to twelve million people, but here's the political problem, this fight that you back, are having isn't real. Your fight, Bernie is not with me or with Vice President Biden. It is with all those bunch of those new house members, not everyone by any means that got elected in that last election, the Democratic Party, it is with the new governor, democratic governor of Kentucky that wants to hold on Obama, care, and the way I look at it if you want to bridge build of, you want to cross a river a recent troubled waters. You build a bridge you dont blow,
up good sense of so it's about it's interesting rank. Is we ve had to be many times? That was, I think, one of the sharpest versions of it. I want you to know that Amy closure in TAT moment to moderate the debate herself, which was a good move for her here's a living. This frustrating about the way Joe Biden, debates about health care, is that that that this we all pay for healthcare. We have a huge healthcare bill at the end of the year in America pace it right now we pay it through taxes. We can't do medical bankruptcies. We pay for out of pocket expenses with pay through our company's paying for your private insurance. Pay for individual paying private insurance in breezy point is completely valid, which is if we move to a single payer system.
Still be more taxes and, on the whole, the cost shift to the government, but on the whole, America ends up spending less on healthcare and middle class families under spending less and healthcare by definition, because he's design the system to shift costs up but Biden's argument, Biden argument about the cause is adding insult, is deserted, fundamentally specious and which is why I think it was Why is I think, when any closure comes in with a political argument, I think that's the more intellectually honest argument Saturn about that, because I do think it's it's true, but the transition isn't me and it's not quick, and it's not the same for everyone. And burning knows that, which is why he has a four year transition period. They all have transition periods because the moving from a private health insurance system-
where you know we have all the hospital systems, the provider systems and insurance industry and moving that woman. All of that to one government healthcare plan is quite disruptive over four years and not every not every person who is going to be paying more in taxes is going to save the exact same amount in premiums. Most people are on average, it averages out, but it is. You know that the cost aren't equal there. The other thing is when Bernie says: oh, it's the status quo It's not the status quo binds plan is not the status quo. Amy clover charge plan is not the Cisco. They are not as generous as Bernice plan. They are not as expensive as Bernie plan absolutely, but they are certainly not the says. Go. They are a vast improvement over what we have right now, even Joe Biden. Public option is more generous and bigger and would cover more people than the public option that people wanted to propose. When Brok Obama was trying to pass the affordable care act, so there's a little bitter Lobo that gonna
made the point that little bit of that lower that, like the sub taxable club, which our saying as this is not going to happen, we are having a dumb, unhelpful argument, I agree with that, but that she sang look at who is in the house right now. Look at our colleagues in the Senate. Even- you, Bernie Sanders come around on the filibuster, you you think you're gonna get Joe Mansion and cures, and cinema and Chris Coon's. Russia, they ve already promised they're, not gonna, do it, they ve promise, promised I'm a member of Congress and I'm sitting there and you put a Medicare for all bill in front of my desk, I'm going to go for it and I'm going to tell everyone I can to go for it, but, like I'm pretty realistic, it's not happening like the democratic caucus, we're not just talking about like the Joe mentions in the conservatives. People were talking about like middle of the. Democrats, Progressive Democrat, shared Brown, shared Brown from Ohio, absolutely not Bernie Sanders Medica rubber. You can't get her brown on that. What are we talking about? I'm having Bernice thinks the original sin of our health care system
that. There is a for profit, he's right and until you get there, I we're not gonna have the rights system. I think he's absent. I think that most Bernie Fans and Medica for all advocates would concede that the public apps option is points on board, but what I think for us Sam is before the primary as even really started in terms of voting Democrats. That would opt for a few goal rather than try for touchdown. Unlike that's all, this happened that it that's the sandwich. Bernie has already been phenomena, success which he is shifted, the origin window so far that most of his colleagues, many from an alarm in the race endorsed his bill. Suppose I his bill and the moderate side is hey huge mass of I look out. I was, then, is it when I did the folks the banana zone and they're all Romney Clinton voters. These are these ten people who voted for Mitt, Romney and at the end of the group, and we haven't Medicare for all public option
but they all go around to a person former Republicans as latest twenty twelve, and we need a public option. That's what we need. We need a public option and, like the left has achieved a high huge victory here in moving the Overton Window that you have a bunch of former Republican saying I really want to Poland. I dont that's big and I don't think I'm not saying the burning should start making his argument now. He forces yes and if I'd like to present, he should push for pod. Save America's brought you my boy, apron old friend, cooking, isn't just about filling your belly spot feelings, all John Tumblr screening and sharing a delicious meal with family and friends so cook something worth celebrating this holiday season with a little help from blue apron are probably make. I am a you log
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Trump out of the way is not going to change these in a fundamental way. But what I will do is mean that we in a position where he's not going to be intimidate the base, his basin intimidate those half a dozen people weakens we may need and other things, I refuse to The notion of summer stage. Do that. We can now never get to a place where we have cooperation again, if that's the case, we're dead as a country We need to be able to reach a consensus, and if anyone has reason to be angry with the Republicans and not wanted operate. It's me the way that attacked me and my son to my family. I have no no, no love, but the fact is we have to. We have to be able to get things done and when we convince them. We go out and beat them like. We did in the two thousand and thirteen elections in red stakes and infirmities came to say: can you imagine if he had given that answer about cooperating with Republicans from the beginning of the campaign?
the winning by thirty points. I really know that that him saying that if any one as a reason, be angry Republicans, it's me for what they ve done. My family, my son without, was compelling and then for him to make it about a bigger picture. Question of what we can get done as a nation was very powerful. I'm shown very popular in Poland and saying you know we can try to cooperate, but then, when they say no, then we go beat them, which was. I think that part has been missing from some of his previous comments on this. I now I dont necessarily still agree with them that, with Trump gone, suddenly the bases in going to be able to intimidate the other Republicans, because Fox NEWS will still exist, all the right wing media, eggs will still exist and they will get the base going and they will still intimidate the Republicans but anyway, and that is why it is that, if you have it actually think that, like the closest thing you're binding, aid for an argument for actually why other than an epiphany, which was nonsense of look, what could possibly change one's trump is gone There is some truth at least the possibility of their being. Some truth to the fact that there is a possibility that once Trump
gone, there is some piece of intimidation that has removed from marginal. From some of the backs of these Republicans that could lead them to behave with a little bit more integrity. Now I do oh, that that can have a notice job. I know that's gonna happen, of course not, but at least it was not just in a fantasy, I'm just a complete You know what your back in the day when I used to work with right. It's not that it's just that it's the first time he has made a credible case for how we can accomplish his agenda right. Like do. I think that the most likely Version of what happens, if Biden, whence probably not getting their bigger problems than Trump, but it is, it is believable it like it is credible and he's our ticket. Right, like Bernie, has a theory of evolution. Mourn is big. Structural change. Every like people have to have an agenda of a theory of how they're going to do things in this is the first. I'm Biden has done enough and he did it quite well. There is another interesting moment with buying when he was asked about the Obama administration. Afghanistan policy has a clip, Mr Binding. The question was about your time
in the White House, though, I'm out the wording that Washington Post report there's a senior national security official who said that there was constant pressure from being bomb, a White House to produce figures showing the troop search was working and I'm quoting from the report here despite hard evidence to. Contrary? What do you say? She was two thousand and nine drew back and looked. I was on the other, sit side of that with the Pentagon. Reality I can speak to a now is because you spend published has been published thoroughly, I'm the guy from the beginning, who argued that it was a big big mistake to surge forces to Afghanistan period, fighting against the Pentagon proposed troop increase and their broader strategy of love, coin and nation building and other things or use Iraq pretty well, he didn't they applied there. So he's right. It's most interesting. That he'd finally decided right now to break hard from a bomb on a policy, because he is repeated
amongst the Pentagon proposed troop increase and their broader strategy of love coin in nation building and all the things that were used in Iraq pretty well, he didn't think they applied there. So he's right, most interesting. That he'd finally decided right now to break hard from Obama on a policy because he is repeatedly declined to do so in previous debates, and I thought this was compelling that a proper him is that Bernie sweeps in bludgeoned him on his Iraq war, but yeah, give do think Brok of Allah would break with black of Amr ran out. I I think I personally think that if we can have that decision back, he would not have sent thirty three thousand troops. Whatever was speaking about, my oral boss was brought up in another question where the candidates were asked about. His recent quote that women are better leaders than men in old men need to get out of the way.
Here's, how the two women on stage as before and Amy Clover Char responded. It is not just about numbers, it's about what you get done, and that is my argument. If you look at the pull it this state, that knows me best, and that is the state of Minnesota. It showed in the state that Hilary hitters lowest margin of victory. It showed that I'd be Donald Trump a teen points. I beat him with men more than anyone on this stage, so I think what matters in this election is: can you bring in those whirl and suburban areas, particularly in the MID west and number two? What would you do when you get There- and I am someone that has passed over one hundred bills with men and women with Republicans and with Democrats include? changing the sexual harassment laws for the United States Congress? A bill I lead, so taxpayers are no longer. We're gonna have to pay for people that harass other
I believe that President Obama was talking about who has power in America, whose voices get hurt. I believe he's talking about when the people of color in Trans people and people whose voices just so often get shot down whose voices get hurt I believe these jargon that women and people of color and trans people and people whose voices just so often get shoved out and for me, the best way to understand that is looking to help. People are running their campaigns in twenty twenty. I made. The decision when I decided to run not to do business as usual and now proud man on a hundred thousand selfies, that's a hundred thousand hogs. Handshakes and stories stories from people
struggling with student, won't get stories from people who can't pay their medical bills stories from people who can't find childcare. Would you guys think of the very different ways that both women and stayed responded? again right now. There's this question, but whether Minnesota swing state enclosures anomaly, it's not right. There's this assumption that she do while there what I was actually thinking while she was giving an answer is: does Hence we bought enclosure set, as it was. I maybe just think per second right now. There's question about whether Minnesota Swing, state and Amy Club, There is an ominous. It's not right. There's this assumption that she do while there what I was actually thinking while she was giving their answer is: does that is there any it does her appeal in Minnesota? Applying was constant, like does she have goodwill their built from years of just being from the neighborhood, and so it is interesting to me that she took took a question about about women
as leaders and turn it into an argument for why she's not just shut honed, internet electricity, our national God. I love the most electable person that she's the best person to win and that she has he's accomplishment. So am I right I just Amy Club, which are on the whole in that moment throughout the debate just had, but an incredibly strong night that big? If I were, if our like say my my view on what happened in the debate, it was. It was like Amy Closures, debate. Anyone else. The agro this campaign, were you don't hear a lot about her and like its bid for its seemed very disciplined, she had an what I think is maybe most notable is she which is you get in this race, any we go back to January a hundred years ago, and this thing started. It is always shot. You be shocked. If somebody tell you that when we get to December first, until around I'll be gone but or work will be gone, Kamala Harris will be gone and Amy Klobuchar will still be there.
And she were his run this campaign, were you don't hear a lot about her and like its bid for its seemed very disciplined? She had and what I think is maybe most notable as she has not given in to the twitter game of death you don't like you're, not out there. Looking for viral moments are trying to surf whatever's trending d get attention for online donation is, and these are the things that the Kennedy I just mentioned, who Nora Stage or MR they made along the way that she is not made so now. Here we are forty. Five days from the IRA, Caracas and state that borders, cows and she's in the game, and that's really impressive. Thank you. I think does do on our old because of survey midwestern cultural affinity that people feel to her and that, hopefully, that would apply to was content. Yet I would be Happy. If I were, I bet monies Roland in a cheese about to do a twenty seven county bus stop, and I want it's nice to go into those things with a head esteem, its worth. That Bernie Esteem just announced. They raised a million dollars online yesterday, so
the jug and hot that just chugs along well, I was just gonna say it will. It's also interesting, though, that Elizabeth warns answer is the answer that I'm sure excited and inspired most progressive and women and feminists and people who have you no done the work of organizing over last couple years when she said it's about who has power in society, because that the argument there making. I think what warns challenge now is, is what Tommy just mentioned, which is at Bernie has not Bernie is strengthened if anything, and so she is now caught between a progressive base that his that still really likes Bernie and shed some of her support. That's gone down has gone to Bernie Sanders and trying to make the argument that you made against PETE last night, because her PETE are competing for a lot of college education, white liberals who might not be a progressive, a sum of Bernie supporters, and so she sort of caught between
the logic we agnostic. Yet they are like. We had there that we have to win voters and their very fickle writer effect on other other groups, who also believe we have to win older. Ask american earthenware work of us for us. You sort of have made their decisions as of right now, who enable sticking with it, but everything we venture to see right now. There are other groups who also believe we have to win like older. Ask american versus outworking of us. For us, you sort of have made their decisions as of right now, and they ve been sticking with it, but areas immigration, see if club, which arises more, who that effects is iconic amount. Abiden is economic factor. The peat organ thinks it's PETE I mean that's it. I think. There's a reason she d added to make PETE the target and not warrant an abiding. I think a lot of people have gone up against Biden. Watches numbers remain pretty stable and his guests eulogium, we hate speak. As part of it. I think that that really does seem to be coming across, but I've been cheated views pizza, support as soft and get a ball for her anything, also implicit in what she said about about being a woman, Canada. She made a point about.
I do better with men than anyone on this stage, and you know this is somebody pointing to the fact that Macedonia has prevented the election of a female president, not as a twenty sixteen but an entire history She sang I've been arguing about the Andrea, also had quite an eye. He was his usual funny self. I think, arguably more human moment we a lot of the other candidates on the stage night. I very real It was a really nice moment where he was asked about being the only candidate of color on stage. Let's, let's play the club, it's both honor and disappointment to be alone of color on the stage night. I'm camel. I miss corny, though I think we'll be back. I grew up this sort of immigrants and I had many racial epithets use against me as a kid, but blackened Latinos had something much more powerful working against them than words. They have numbers the average net worth of Like household only ten percent of a white household Filipinos, it's twelve percent. If Europe,
like woman, your three hundred twenty percent more likely to die from complications in childbirth. These numbers that define race in our country, the question is: why am I the loan candidate of color on this stage? Fewer than fibres, of Americans, don't need to political campaigns, you don't you need to do to political campaigns, disposable income, If we take the kings message, a guaranteed minimum income are freedom, dividend of a thousand dollars a month for all Americans I guarantee, if we had a freedom, do and of a thousand dollars a month. I would not be the only candidate of color on this stage tonight: honey, yellow Yanks answer there and just his performance in general. I am more and more in the hanging every time I see him on the debates stage, I'm charmed
First thing I thought was to the people who ask: why do these debates matter? Look at what club, which are dead, look would enter Yang did last night in the answers. Absolutely s, if you, if you maximize your time, there they do matter. I find your yang to be greater diagnosing the problem. I find him funny I find inhuman and then he gets to his solutions and I just never think that are actually good ideas. I dont think the freedom dividend is a good idea personally and you know, but I'm glad he's up there came very self aware you know at the end they bear that last question and he was like America. You're thinking right now. Why is this guy still up there with these people, but genuinely hilarious.
On the other hand, I have said it before and whatever you think about the freedom dividend, I think he gets up there any says: hey things really have changed, there are real struck, mean it it's. It's part of the Warren warrants cases more about concentration of wealth, but he points technology and other ships in our society and he says: look there are really big changes that have happened and made people's lives worse and we need to be creative and we need to be imaginative about how we think about those problems, whether it's a I or globalization, or what have you, and I do think that that and our willingness outside of the kind of consensus, democratic policy shop I think, has value and by the way I thought, when PETE Buddha Judge started running as the candidate of generational change. He would have more of that message and I think he did when he first started a sort of law and along the limits, its hidden in a one gave somewhere. I know you did it. You know that there is one moment was incredibly refreshing where for the first, maybe in all of these debates somebody talk about rent
but I would just like to rent like the high cost of rent, like the other one other. I think sleeper issue. That's not talked about enough in any these debates and something that I could see a peep bring up or Yang ring up his traffic. You know and commute some people being forced to live far from their homes and all of those kinds of, I think sometimes we we did. The debates have been on such big policy questions that we should have been a little bit disconnected from like that. Basic struggles of people's lives. Only Canada we haven't talked about Tom Sire, Tom's iron. His tie many thoughts, Einstein last night I thought is best moment was when he talked about trumps him, russian policy it being about stopping non white people from entering the country as an effort to divide us, but those honest, those direct. I thought it was clarifying. You know I think he also had a moment we showed he's kind of a rookie debater, because he made this soft attack on PETE on climate changes, and I wish you would talk,
it more prioritize it more, which then gives PETE forty five seconds to just make a stump speech about climate change. You kind of gave him this gift that he didn't. I didn't was enough moved too strongly either whether yeah, I think, whatever we decide about how Yang can be so human. I think one of stars issues is, I don't know if it was like how people have prepped him for debate, but he does all these debates he's there's like straight into the camp and he doesn't feel as present as some of the other candidates in the debaters. Real, like he's sort of like reciting his thing and everyone else going to have their stories and stuff like going to be harsh, and I'm going to say it like. I appreciate the time star has supported incredible causes and I appreciate what he did text you put impeachment forward. Pretty early, though we took a little too much credit for that was indignant, there's a way in which it kind of feel like a tourist up there like, if you think about it, take it and he did so that is part of it. It s sort of Aceh Finally, when everyone's games were so elevating, like Andrew Yang Fucking hustled to make it to that debate, sage- and so did I
the other candidate on that stage, including thirty seven year, old mayors up and any Anna, and he bought his spot and it means he hasn't put himself through the paces and it comes across when you're against its, not ten people, a few of whom were nincompoops its he'd know No there's! No, it's just a really really strong field now and I think his inexperience at being a politician to sort camper. I think that the West, first thing I would say. Is everyone should very rightly be concerned that you can buyer a billion darkened by their spot on debates, agent, Corey Booker, knowing caution? Also, people cannot get there like that. That is a problem and are put system, but I do appreciate that style is, he goes up there and he doesn't attack anyone's like he's decided that he has something he wants to say and he's going to say it and like he had a very tiny little attack. People not really. Why he's not like the way near these other guys or go out there trying to chop down these other things in for a billionaire former headphone guy he's quite progressive
and its. I think it is what it is helpful for the larger cars that you have: a billionaire defending the wealth tax on national budgets to any other final thoughts on this debate before we say goodbye, I like having set to generic and you upon that stage, just crushing jokes Bernie, how will I was going to say that he is the funniest purse? on the city is so charming, Andrea. He an injury anger. The funding is little retorts like when his hand was raising any will only Alvin his hand was raised and biting yelled at home, and he just said a grave and you just got a great happy warrior via he's really come alone is screaming sometimes edit and it ends honestly. He just feels like his his health key seems healthier and like a kind of more positive, just you A magical stand the also, alas, almost uncertainly the person on that stage with the best chance of being president as of right now of enjoyment
if it is a financial aid to conventional wisdom and burn easy combat corruption, and he so effortlessly charming up there, and we all know that the Joe Biden that you'd run into the hallway would like give you a hug talk for fifteen minutes and call your cousin. After he's like this ok man and he seems so fucking edgy everything and says somehow pisses me off ten minutes later, like even the fact that she does selfie lines he was mad about. It was the only fatter about at this debate than others he's just they ve hit. The one thing I work on forbidden is the defensiveness. You know- got it has gotten better, but it's just like you can't be defensive and obsolete came out our three, which already guy that's just what a woman sitting on this fucking remain at large, I do wonder on that's like I think, for someone like PETE, It is obviously the most he's a super prepared. He was ready for that report with. And he's got all his lines like you he's a very good debate, her you know but a little more warmth from PE in a week
about legibility and warmth. All the time peopled, it's it's a sexist thing, happens to women too much. I would safer PETE. He could. He could look loosened up just a little hiring too with terrorism, but where I came are exactly which the queen with a question but there's a moment where he kind of showed some spleen and got kind of very intense and ink. That's his version. I think hopefully Org Amistad, yet that was by where it was an end. When he talked about how long he had been back from Ghana stand in the end, the war was still going on. I thought he had a good Moby overall Agri. And I think I think Elizabeth Worn is back on message with with her corruption dm two and is probably very happy that she got out a Visa Medicare for all cul de sac than you so good foreign policy. Questions by the way could work, moderators and Bernie saying you must be pro palestinian as well and honest day's, like that, it's a big deal for sure I'd everyone, that's our that's, last pod for a further for the year. They don't count. Moreover, the couple retired and was out of her doing too, but the last right regular foot upon their we're all here. For so having ruin, happy holidays. Merry Christmas happy
Monica was saying it again merged so crazy to every thank you. Bill arrive for this legacy enjoy your your holidays and in all your one case I say and twenty twenty Pod save America is a product of cricket media. The senior producers, Michael Martinez, our sister producers, Jordan, Waller its mixed in good, bye, Andor, Chadwick, Kyle, sudden, as our sounded junior fake, Carolyn rested Tom, you so mediator and came off. Production support into our digital team lies. Co, normal Conan yell Freed in Milo Camp, who film and upload these episodes as a video every week.
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