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The Trump-Covid ticket returns to the campaign trail despite unanswered questions about the President’s condition, Senate Republicans revolt against Covid relief negotiations between The White House and Nancy Pelosi, and Democrats make the first day of the Amy Coney Barrett hearings about her opposition to the Affordable Care Act. Then Congresswoman Katie Porter talks to Jon Lovett about the pandemic, inequality, and the 2020 election.

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Hey you yeah, I'm talking to you collection day is November third, which is the last possible data cast, ballot in the most important election of our lifetime, do you have a plan to vote? If not go to vote, save America dot com, slash the state you live in. So if you live in Massachusetts, its votes have America Doc. Slash Massachusetts is Rhode. Island, Rhode, island is one word. If you need some help, jogging, your memory for where you live, gotta, votes of Amerika COM, Slash states, to make sure you know your voting options and then cast your ballot honour before November. Third, let's do this: let's win get your ass to the polls. The presenting spots are pod, save America. Dipper Gruner we're in the final stretch of this election year? Did you guys know that? Did you notice the final stretch? Yes
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dot, com, slash crooked! Coming up! Are you passionate about creating change? Do you want to get out there and shake things up to make progress sounds like you tell me. Well we're gonna tell you about a destination that was made for you, with the help of our partner, zip recruiter, stay tuned until the end of the episode to hear more And you see how many crooked valets are being found in turn back in and fraudulent. Just what I said then they ll say he doesn't believe in freedom. I totally believe in freedom, that's called freedom. What we're doing is freedom I welcome the POD save America, I'm John Favour Anja. Another untimely later on, POD, Lovett, toxic congresswoman, Katy Porter about the pandemic inequality and the election. Before that
not through Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail, the latest in Congo. Covered relief negotiations and how democratic, handle Supreme Court. Confirmation hearings that have already begun today. one. Exciting announcement before we start votes, have America's build. Your own ballot tool is now live in all fifty states. Here's what you do you gotta votes in America. Complex ballot. You enter the address where you register to vote and we will You all the information you need about the exact racism ballot measures you'll be voting on. You can pull it up while you well, you're ballot at home, or you can save it on your phone and bring with you if your voting in person again go to votes. If America comes much ballot now to learn more, this is like one of the cruellest things votes have America does we did it in the mid terms, and the amount of information is just mind. Boeing and team put so much work into it in this fantastic take and everything is double checked in it. It's gonna use it to follow my about. I literally waiting I held our failure mine because I wanted about all to be lived at that level. I need,
Do I need binding, but I need about old. Tell me whether or not I think goober should stop people from having healthcare right. Let's get to the news There are twenty two days left to vote in the twenty twenty election Donald, this trailing Joe Biden by double digit and still recovering from a covert infection that he contracted after thrown the Super spreader event at the White House and so his neck political move was obvious, kick off a full, week of swing, State Magyar, rallies with another crowded, Whitehouse event. In a doctor's note, that said, the president is quote no longer considered a transmission risk from this guy who already admitted to lying to us about Trump needing oxygen, Tommy, first of all, What do we know and what don't we know about Donald trumps, current condition so the letter tells us that he is no longer considered a transmission risk to others, but it did not say the trumpets tested, negative and you'd think that they would have released. That fact, because it's the thing trump wants to hear,
than anything else. We know that as of Saturday, he had not a fever for twenty four hours, but the White House won't say when the actual start date was of his symptoms. We dont know what his lungs and look like we don't know whether there were negative side effects from all the drugs he was taking, and we know that we probably should entrust all of this information, because the doktor lied previously, and the doctors at Walter Reed we're off. Or to sign and NBA, or else they weren't allowed to treat the president yet and as you mean because they say that about the fever that mean that There was a previous note that he didn't have a fever like last week, which means that there is a new fever. weak, and there were new symptoms this week, which is like we rebuilt the lines of the letter. You find that out so on Friday. Trump did some swing. Voter outreach, onrush limbo, show where he said. You know I asking the doctors today. How bad was I they said you
been very bad. You are going into a very bad phase, but then, on Sunday, during his second interview in one week with Fox NEWS, is Maria Bart Romo. He said this again, I think would have been fine bombing in good health. I would have been fine and pay We have to realise that, and once you once you do recover your immune. So now you have a president. And app to hide in a basement, like his opponent a president invisible eliminated when you too big I think, which is a very important thing frankly so loved the trip there from campaign is pushing this line, that the president has personal experience with covert and understand what people are through you see messaging issues with that I need it he hosted a series of super sweater events at the White House. It cause dozens of people to become sick. He then claim to have now understood,
It is all about and then immediately resumed hosting super redder events at the White House and across the country he's on wait, a hosting a few in other covert hotspots across the country right now. There is always a conflict for Trump right when he got covered, because there who thinks he wants to do at once, one is to defeat of strongly. You know he wants to say that he overcame any want to say that it could have been very, very bad that he's very, very strong and therefore defeated it. He also for his ego needs to act as if his denied of its seriousness. All along were true that it actually is in a big deal and sure enough, he said, both in some interviews, he could have died in other interviews. He would have been fine. He can just do both because he's relying on the fact that he can just sort of spread various messages all at once on various platforms that One question about whether its rush limber aura barter Roma, as
for his message of look. You don't want to present a new hasn't had covered. I dont think that that's why not, but I dont think I like you ill and always going to hell- and I had covered- is not like the economic message. I think he should probably be closing was if you, if you want him to win, I mean it's like. Essentially, the messages you shouldn't be afraid of covert, which almost killed me, but for the special antibody cocktail I received only because I'm depressed Now, please excuse me, while I go in fact, some more voters in its belly, like an obviously look like we are through. Looking glass like this is not politics anymore. This is, we are in another kind of conversation like Chris Christie got out. Hospital like a week later than he was very, very sick, potentially on the verge of debt. Like my glee still contagious currently in, hearing spouting off about the constitution like we are in a deeply strange political moment where
we're not just talking about policy anymore. These are human beings, putting other people at risk just to be in their present because they are egos in their politics demand that they deny that code is C Reyes. That's all yeah and like Tommy you and through, so that the doctors no on the physical conditions and how trumps doing with covert like we haven't even got. into questions over his mental state right now, with all the steroids he's on and that some of the things he said over the last week, which of course, for years into this, we are all very used. A trump saint, completely crazy shit, and none of us can diagnosis, mental condition, nor should we but there's some concerns: Shia yeah, I mean. The message seems to be that if you have a private helicopter to take you to your private sweet, do you see your personal doctors to get experimental drugs, you're, gonna fine. But you know in the middle of that there is a mom rather unhinged behaviour as of whatever is closing argument is apparently going to be well what we just gotta,
like in the New York Times story out an out and out at gotta notice, gonna talk about rate at great I bet that Maggie Haber men reported in several phone calls. Last weekend from the presidential suite Walter Reed National Military medical center. Mr Trump Sheridan idea he was considering when he left the hospital he wanted to appear. frail at first, when people saw him according to people with knowledge the conversations, but underneath his button down, dress short, he would wear a Superman t shirt which he would veal, is a symbol of strength when he ripped open the top layer. He ultimately did not go ahead with the stuff, he wanted a Willie walk of us. So was it We want, or was it more of like a Keyser, so say usual suspects where you like, limp, limp and limp and then all of a sudden you're good to go and you smashed the cup and the guy. I heard one to visualize for me I'll make two quick points about this. Obviously, it's very stupid we live in a very stupid time
Wait number one gene wilder little fact about Willie walk in the chocolate Factory, Willie Wonka. It's only accepted the movie. If he could do that stunted, they begin and the really guess and the reason he said that this may be apocryphal who gives a shit, but is my understanding that he wanted to do was. He is the only way he would agree to do the movies you ve got to do that start and the reason he wanted to do that stuff is his. He said after I do that as this character, you'll, never know if you can believe this character ever again, that was his goal is go is why he did it. That's one to a beautiful an illness you know with written determination and you and you're getting a little welcome home party from your family. You wanna make a little joke with Superman Tee I say: have I really have added. I love it budget, but you don't do it. if you put a bunch of other people at risk and your recklessness almost kill people you don't do it if you get out of the hospital after you drove drunk into a school bus, which is basically what
tromp- is done with covert. So no you get to brag about having overcome at you. You heard a bunch of people. Well it just it's so varies from doing. What is what is he really care about? He cares about looking week. He doesn't care about all the people he put at risk. Its indicative Entire presidency and his entire. I think it would have awesome and it was a missed opportunity and you guys we re looking at two point: margin in the polls right now: radio business, I thirty eight- would be a five thirty. It will be up to twenty seven percent. Can you do this job hairs open like Hall, Coggan Donald Trump disk average Joe Biden, Kryptonite Tommy B covered what is drums closing argument. I heard him yelling about corporate Getting Hilary Females prosecuting Obama, the election being re, the debates being rigged you think I'm missing. Let us think about those like thirty minutes of steroids. Infused improv on referred aromas weekday show that included calls for billboard
arrest Obama Biden an attack on his own secretary of state for not releasing Hilary emails. There's a too. our call into rush Limbaugh shall because all the undecided voters are probably listening to rush. There was the Saturday joint blogs law enforcement event at the White House. Those words to be dead, thousand people, but a couple hundred showed up and they were paid to be there There were attacks that speech about the radical socialist laughed and all the normal hits unflagging and is big hijacked violation. he called into Maria Barter almost weekend, Shell to make sure he didn't miss any of her viewers who remain undecided, fists ethic nowadays in Florida tonight I beg tomorrow's in Pennsylvania, needs tweeting, specific attacks about California, New York and ill and I'm going to House IDA said now that coherent? I'm sorry, if I did describe it well, I'm not sure. There's that there's a thread, they look gets you through. It. You boys are falling into the trap not on standing what's going on once again, Pompey,
who is going to release those Hillary Clinton emails and offered on your going to see Hilary numbers in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan Crater aright Hilary is toast she's telling his toes ones. Poppea releases, those emails, here's the rabbit like us, laughing about what a fucking disaster Donald Trump in his campaign. I right now like every Can we do it? I think, to myself. I want to hold a couple ideas in my head: one, is, he could still win, of course, suspect coursing. He can definitely still win, but you know what, even if he does, when This is still stupid business. This is still a fucking or renders way to close your campaign when You know that you're, at least down with independent voters swing voters. Everyone else, like he's, retreating to the safe space of right wing media, he's firing up the bass right he's doing all that kind of stuff, but it is bad it's also evil, by the way like it also threatening to jail. His opponents like look. I've set every
is very stupid and very important, and it sucks debit. Also three hundred thousand people watch Maria Barter Roma shout he gave her a fall, an hour and then called in again a couple days later, like I agree that he could still win for a variety of reasons, but that was not a good use of time. The known lever convinced me otherwise, he just cancel he's he pulled out of a debate this week. That would have been. sixty seventy million people would have been able to see him because you didn't want to do it virtually you're gonna be on zoom, like all of us long how much we live one of the UN's Zoom, because an advertisement for his failures. He didn't want to be on zoom because, as you know, catching T Geo stuck in the White House unable to unable to defeat the virus so like now yeah yeah I get. Why pulled out of the debate has is no general Flynn. Why are you doing about general? for man
trying to stand of the radar says, get arrested again. I keep trying to think back to twenty sixteen, unlike what what is different now- and I do I remember a hint of a message from him at the end of twenty sixteen, and it was you know the global elite or common for you and I'm the only guy. can change Washington. There was still a lot of craziness lot about Hilary should go to jail and others but there was a at least with some of his adds to, and I'm sure as ads are smarter than what he sang everyday right now. But there was just there is a message about him being an outside. There was going to change Washington and fix immigration other stuff, and that really did come through in the last couple between sixteen and maybe there's still time for it, but I dont sense it now. I think, look if we gotta meet he can win. The forces of propaganda in cultural decline are still very much alive, but I do think what we, if I were to pick like one moment, that to me, signalled how we ended up where we are right now.
There was a moment where tromp was supposed to roll out his new slogan, which was keep Amerika great and they quickly realized that sank, keep Amerika great in the middle of the greatest economic crisis in a hundred years. During a pandemic, to resolve was not a great idea. Today they retreated back to make Amerika great again, and I think in that you see the core underlying problem that they have, which is what are they supposed to fucking say: give us a redo ma again mulligan on the last four years. So no man You know you could have come out of covet. Instead, I recovered. You know. I really understand what this disease is now. I understand what people are going through, I'm going to get going and we're about to talk about this, I'm going to go work with Congress and Covid nineteen package to help struggling Americans were going to do testing and I'm going to get us through this. Just like. I got us through this right
in its turn, things around, maybe not, but like its southern gave, you became a different person need have had a real right. So much of this, so much of this debate is about. Can you become a different brightened which just like that? But he was a sane person sixteen and what he did well, then, was he needed about. Hillary Clinton he's never been capable of making this race about any one, but himself in his failed record, he's never under a clear message about Biden binds either trapped in the bay. memory sick with dementia, or he's all these different sort of flailing yoke of the radical left. None of its coherent, none of it is working the land order message isn't working, it's just a so We ve talk before about how the one issue that keeping trouble. I was the economy where voters generally approve of his performance, but the president is put that advantage in jeopardy by bungling, there go shamans over a new economic relief bill after tweeting that he was ending, negotiations last week trumpet since reversed himself and proposed a one point
trillion dollar package, which is more than the three hundred fifty billion dollars Republicans offered in July, but less than the three trillion dollar Heroes ACT that has Democrats already passed, Anti Pelosi called trumps proposal, grossly inadequate will centre Republicans revolted against the way has offer accordingly, your time, Senator Marcia Blackburn setting to call that accepting a bill with Nancy Policy support would deflate the basin amount to a quote death knell for the parties, hopes of keeping the Senate look love it? What happens if there's no deal? It there's no deal right now. The only hope we have is that some vulnerable publicans feel some pressure to do something before the election. The fear is even a need
best case scenario. Where Joe Biden can win the presidency, we can keep the house and win the Senate. You will be unable to pass a significant relief bill until after Joe Biden becomes president, because the Republicans want to saddle him with the with the the pain of the downturn, as well as the costs of the stimulus bill, and so people that are in desperate desperate need right now who are running out of options right now, we'll have absolute no relief from the federal government for months and it incredibly dangerous and harrowing for people that are like on a knight said right now tell me what you think. Donald Trump wants a deal now raised in this hour. There were, according this, but not Senate, Republicans. What are the political considerations driving there If not I mean this is a hard one to answer, because it is so irrational me. I think part of it is that the centre Republicans have no coherent leadership from either Trump or Mcconnell right Trump changed his mind. Our
so they don't want to embrace the position that he might then go against their all these leaks from over the weekend, where you have mark meadows, a chief of staff talking to you, sent to Republicans Mark meadows, isn't like a coalition builder either. I use an arsonist he's an obstructionist Why isn't trump on that? Call with these senators showing leadership, then you have missed the colonel who only cares about the Supreme Court. I'm sure he'd be happy to lose a couple seats as long as he's got. You know another justice to brag about see your reading. These leaks, where Republic You are saying they are worried about deficits and debts again in their worried about some new adoration of the tea party, and that they could get in trouble politically for being in favour of a big spending bill. I talked to me that one of the dumber things I've ever heard the tea party was never about deficit. There was a bunch of astroturf events paid for by corporations about how Obama was bad,
add- but you know, I guess maybe like they ve made their bad on Fox NEWS and with their supporters about how this bail out is just you know. Four democrat run states and therefore must be bad and they can't seem to walk back from that, but you I mean that the implications for regular people like you're does he bankruptcies unity, people losing their homes. Half of all small businesses think they need more help from the government survived two point: five million state and local government jobs have been lost, like unemployment benefits are down two slash three for twenty five million people who've been laid off, so it's a very, very dire place right now,. yeah I mean we were talking about twenty. Sixteen one advantage Trump had twenty. Sixteen is it voters at least perceived. He was more economically populist, then a lot of Republicans. He made all kinds of false promises about protecting social security and medical care and health care, and he talked about maybe taxing hedge fund owners in Wall Street.
None of that has come to bear during his presidency, but there is a strain there. There are some Republicans, the Josh Holly's people like that in the Senate, who see the future the republic parties, maybe we should be more economically populist and we can be a xenophobic and culturally right wing and racists as we want to be in that's like that. That's a coalition but most of it. This goes to show that, like most establishing public and still are their most efficient. Republicans like Ms Mckenna on the rest of them still would rather just push tax cuts for super rich people, an absolutely fucking, nothing four buncher american struggling in a recession through no fault of their own, because bill of a pandemic, and, like I mean I, I really think the only people worse a politics than Donald Trump or establishment Republicans in Congress. This is like the Paul Ryan Mitch, Mcconnell Wing of the party that somehow thinks if they pass a one point, eight trillion dollar stimulus bill in the middle.
endemic, that the price tag is going to be more offensive to their voters Van. Actually, lifting up the economy and saving a bunch of workers, as I think its potential, even more cynical than that. You know they recognise that there is a need for a big stimulus. They see their majority going out the window and they'd rather put two trillion dollars on the Democrat Ledger than on their own before they start complaining about the debt and deficit again, and they rather hamstring a job. I knew ministration and first hundred days with an even deeper downturn, then give him a tail when so that he can pursue some progressive priority. So I think there is a that's even more cynical. That's all! I know. That's that's a big part of it. How hard should Democrats try to make a deal here? Should should policy except the white, has offer and then put the ball and Mcconnell,
court Tommy. What you think I this is hard, but I come down on the side of yes like we should just be. I recognize it's we're politics. Democrats are trying to help improve the economy for Donald Trump right before the, action, but I worry about inaction, doing irreparable harm to millions of families. And then also the economy generally, and whether or not Joe Biden wins like. I don't think that's a good thing for anyone, including our political system. We shall be clear. That policy is not playing super super hardball right. She came down from three trillion to two point: two trillion she didn't put in place: provisions at sea if the economy continues, the struggle unemployment insurance would automatically be extended that something a lot of people want to prevent Republicans from being able to hamstring Joe Biden. If he is elected- and we don't get this end, She put a ton of money in their fur vote by now, even though we probably need
and so you know I think, she's word about like state and local governments collapsing. We all should be worried about bags were Democrats. We believe that governments should work. It should do things for people. These are the people we ve all got into politics to help the people rather work right now, and so I don't know how the politics will cut, but I like the idea of doing nothing until in January or February, with Kovac cases increasing with people in a really hurting at an hour. I just can't stomach that.
yeah. No. I think this is a tough one too, because I do think there's a lot of politics. The plan to this, but I think on the substance. The absolute right thing to do is to try to get a deal because Europe, people, people struggling and hurting until February when things are only going to get worse, is too much to stomach. So he can get it. Do you get a deal now? Let's imagined she gets a deal. It's imagine it passes. You know. Donald Trump spends last couple weeks saying he got a big by partisan, covert relief deal to save the economy. What is that due to the election? I don't know- maybe it's maybe it's too late at that point. Maybe people already made up their minds. Maybe people give Democrats credit for you no working with Republicans, but I think it's a risk. It's definitely yes. Now. What do you think is the most likely outcome policy passes something through
how's that the White House has agreed to and then Mitch doesn't have the votes in the Senate which clearly he doesn't because that's why he's been trying to avoid this? And if you read all the stories about that call with the Senate, Republicans that Marsha Blackburn Quote wasn't the only one. They were a whole bunch of them. Yet saying absolutely not, then blows heat its Mcconnell and Mcconnell kills. It will then, but we try to do the right thing and the politics at that point or great, because now much more caught on the centre, Republicans single handedly killed a covert deal yeah, they get argues for Democrats not giving more than what they ve already given in holding the line for a really really strong pack, because here too, I am Katy Porter this asset in the most cynical way possible. It was embarrassing how she answered for me, but but, but you know, the point that she made: is it actually harmful to keep coming back right, but we need to give people certainty, NATO. If you just give a little bit of money to Malta tests to local government or to give a little bit of money to businesses, they.
The certainty they need to not lay people off to keep people on the perils etc. So like we need to do a really big package. The only reason to do it now is because you to me it's gonna last for a long time, and so yeah, like, I think, the like the politics of we put forward a really good deal and force republican psychology with it is the only way to make some kind of political, hey out of passing something all Donald Trump. Mr President, and if they walk away while they walk away, you do that. Give me a little hope that he, wouldn't you know, uses two great political advantage is when he ever driven a consistent message about policy. When is Donald Trump run on an accomplishment? Well, they passed a big krona virus If bill what March April, he never talks about it. So I guess I'm just less worried about his ability, a leverage this in a way this consistent. When you know your bride, pass it and then that same day like have you no pay a lock up Hillary Clinton or were somebody in the cap,
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Get a preview of her opening statement where she claimed to believe in an independent, non political judiciary. She said Paul. These decisions in value judgments of government must be made by the political branches elected by accountable to the people. The public should not expect the courts to do so in court should not try If you didn't know much about Amy Coney bear its views or her background, and the state was the first. You ve heard from her, which it was for a lot of people watch to day you think she, some independent, my did write down the middle judge. Tommy, I sure Democrats handle it. I mean look, I read her statement. She said nothing There were like five paragraphs about her family, which is all well and good and nice, but it like mentioned how much one of her kids dead lifts and there was nothing about what she thinks about the law.
I was the same right wing judicial rhetoric that tries to make them sound like non partisan, judicial robots, who just call balls and strikes- and you know that's how the the court should work is total bullshit. I think the Democrats have done a good job focusing on the affordable care acts. They should focus on the fact that she might overturn rovers is weighed and stay focused on all the policy implications of the way she might rule. I think they can also talk about the fact that this is a rushed process that is happening in a way that is completely unethical and outrageous, and stick to that Republicans clearly want to manufacture some attack on her religion. They want to manufacture some sort of attack on our gender or her family. We should play that game is that what's happening anyway, you have like hack idiots like Hugh Hewitt tweeting, that the left despises every person of any face right back, that's for a bunch of defenders of religion
they sure are trying to push it into the political arena to get pilloried right. But let us not take the bait, their loved ones. Say about how Republicans review the court in these hearings that, like before they pick a nominee they're all these litmus test, criminalize abortion and you must have all these positions. They say we're gonna pick people who will do x, Y and Lindsey Policy outcome, then once they have, innovation happens What are you talking about? No policy positions from us, just a just bought. and strikes down the middle just as independent as they come iron politics, talking about politics, I've never been political. Look have decided to subject myself with weeks of embarrassing accusations. Of end undeniable hypocrisy, risk life and limb. Put my staff at risk. do this in the middle of an election, put bring bring very positive
And uncovered curious, Lindsey Gram into the cap at all. To have a here, because we just don't know what kind of Judge Shelby and the mystery of that the exciting finding out is just too much for us. We really want to see how this thing turns out. No, they know what she's going to do. What matters is not what she says in these hearings that we ve been through this before during the hearings, their job is to be as inane and innocuous and banal as humanly possible. That's the game were playing right now to put forward kind of. Personal values in place of radical judicial philosophy. You know she has written her views down. They are available to us. They cannot be denied. She has taken a pretty clear position on believing Rovers Wade was wrongly decided. She taken a clear position on the affordable care. I should take a clear but Mission on original ism, which is the same radical view that Scalia held she wrote a arm
he's for a law allow journal where she discuss basically how her original ism can can live in a practical world where all these, to her mind, unconstitutional statutes and laws and rules are in place and basically, in that peace. She talks about how you reckon with the fact that registered not the affordable care act, we're talking about the Social Security Administration, we're talking about the fucking, Louisiana, purchase and and pay. a currency and and all kinds of aspect, the fourteenth amendment being technically not ratified legal like the view she holds, are the logical conclusion of original ism and everything that we are seeing is a kind of dance to hide that radicalism, a project that they been engaged for forty years. Is that mean he will immediately begin overturning every single precedent and putting that original asmund practice
they are cynical operators who do their best to overturn as much as they possibly can, while the jet amazing their viewpoint, but but like there's, no reason to pretend that what were seeing as legitimate exploration of our views, we know what her views are. They are clear that this morning is the hearings are going on. I see some reporters tweeting like while the Democrats are like unbelievably disciplined on healthcare right now and are not even bringing lot of other issues and suchlike. That's I get good. Finally, that's because, like for voters like voters, are not going to get into a deep debate about in ISM intellectualism all that stuff, but they are going to know that she has views on the affordable care act, which is It was wrongly decided when it was upheld this constitutional. We know that for sure and there's a case come in the week after the election to decide whether its constitutional again.
that's what you need to know about Amy Coney Barrett, unlike Mitch, Mcconnell very well probably has the votes to confirm her and he makes the rules in the Senate. So as much as we can slow this down, we can try, but you can always change the rules at the ends. It's a very good chance he confirms, or but at the very least we want voters to know what's at stake in this election and what Republicans will do and what she will do if she gets on the court. It's a little thing but because her opening statement sets nothing, that's all we can go with, but she said in her opening statement that she hadn't seen now this job. I like you I've, been grooms for this job for DEC are you telling me you spent every weekend with those goobers over the Federalist society, just as you thought it was a good time. That's what you wanted to do now These are little right wing Republic in robots I've been grown through this republican ecosystem on the right, with their judicial. Your processes and thrust upon us to do incredibly radical things, and they are nice people who have families,
who you know come off as friendly in these hearings, but yet the implications for how she would rule are massive and I'm glad Democrats are focused on it. So centre I think we're lifelong dreamless just be elaborated harsher berkshire. That's what she told us like I also like. I think she is a sincere original list, but we just pretended. That's, not radical and outside of what Americans want from the judiciary just only to protect. so, if there is confirms will have the most extreme right wing court we ve ever had that could last for decades. The only option for Democrats at that point would be to pass legislation that reforms the court in some way, either by changing its eyes or instituting some kind of term limits. There are plenty of different reform options out. Their Joe Biden keeps getting criticism from Republicans in question from reporters
but whether he's considering something like this here's how he answered over the weekend for tracking going on right now, why nominally publishing now join forces? Someone happening right now, the only on this work by the republican voters already gone off his eyes off the ball That was Joe Biden from inside an area engines glamorous dealing with that little tendency from trying to deal with the airplane engine illustrate. What do you think as relevant as it is Bob landed on a good answer. I think they re answer I actually like somebody made dives I've. A few people make point today and it actually, I think, a really good one like I think, that's the right.
thing to say they are packing the court you know these are. These are people that wanted to shrink that they successfully shrunk the size of the Supreme Court. In twenty sixteen, they attempted to shrink the size of some lower courts when they didn't want liberal appointees to shift the court to the left. You know. Look we decide debate where my pants was ass point blank. If rovers his weight is repealed. What do you want to happen now? He has a clear position on this: they want to criminalize abortion. That is their view. that is their view. That day, that's what I've been fighting for four forty fucking years, that's what they are trying to do and if you, and if we are really going to be in another endless new cycle about asking Joe Biden about this perspective, question around the Supreme Court when the politics are obvious to every single person asking the question. Why doesn't want to answer what the implications are for her confirmation or lack of information? We really need to make sure that the stakes of what happens the court not just who's on the court, but what the court does our elevated and that means drive
a similar question at the Republicans. What do you want to do if rovers his weight is overturned? You want to criminalize abortion. That is what you are driving towards is the goal of this project, and I think we should not let them off the hook. What we need to direct that question at them, because that's what they ve been doing. I say they decided that this is the most we're an issue. I think there's another important issue about the Supreme Tommy. Obviously, like you know, Republicans, have made this court packing thing an issue for the last several days. Reporters are happy to buy. They become obsessed with this as well. Why do you think that? What do you think the obsession around this is difficult warranted? I you know, I think it's an important question. That's relevant solely fair game DAS, Joe Biden, this. I think that they have been handled it particularly well, so it's gonna come up again and again. I also think that, like you, don't reporters Polly feel like they.
to be tough on Biden. They ve been tough on trumpet a lot of ways, but I met my answer to this. If our debate and is it- the courts- are already pact, Mcconnell stole the Supreme Court's from a bummer trump confirmed. Thirty appellate judges from twenty seventy two, twenty, a teen Obama confirmed to from twenty fifteen to twenty sixteen, and the reason is because Mcconnell refused to move the process and he just stole them for four drop: and into love. It's point in twenty. Sixteen John Mccain suggested that the republican Senate might be justified in refusing to it firm, any nomination that Hillary Clinton made to the Supreme Court for four years, richer bird said similar things in national review proposed shrinking the Supreme Court down to six Justices Tom Cotton put forward a bill. to reduce the size of the Deasey Circuit from eleven to nine. So none of these things are outside the written mainstream. None of these things are new. I do think we have to do a better job Remit, ending the press and public and party that these ideas
Dave entertain they have introduced. This is a totally reasonable conversation that Dave tried to have for a long time by the bear it got her. seat on the seven circuit, because the Senate blocked Obama's choice to fill the open sea for an entire year. That's we're here for their packs. Oh, I do think I would take it out of some of these process arguments to write like sir, what you were saying. We we know what a right wing court will do. We know what they believe. We know what decisions, though make we already have evidence of that. They're gonna get the Voting Rights ACT. They can to prevent the government from doing anything to stop carbon pollution to do anything about climate change there they're trying to criminalize abortion. A good number of them didn't want gay marriage. They want to strike down the affordable character bunch of them. They want actually prevent government from doing any kind of regulation of corporations at all. So if we have a six three court, those
Are the policy consequences of the consequences that will cause millions of Americans to suffer right in so we ve I'm Joe Biden Minutes. I am going to fight to stop that. I'm fighting to stop at now by trying to stop. Coney Barrett, from getting a seat on the court, and I will continue to fight that as president to make sure that we actually have an independent, balanced judiciary again not like we ve had for a long time. That's what fighting for an hour and we're still in this nomination fight and once on President will figure out what to do about one thing: you see you when you look at like Amy Conti berets writings about the lie is, I think, though I think they want overturn the asiatic they want overturn, rub it they they. She may find ways to uphold precedents. That original ism tells her are unconstitutional. But what is very clear is that they view it with an incredible urgency to prevent the passage of laws that they view violate original, isn't that she will be an easy, easy, no vote on every four
of progressive legislation were trying to do just an easy, reliable now she's. Yet she has no his as activist a judge as you could get, and what Republicans used to say, as I too want to legislate from the bench and they have completely given up on that talking point: that's all they do. That's rather winds come from making the involving worth noting as Dave Waigel with Sweden, but this great part of the washing posts bunch. Others, no voters are asking this question. No voters care about court packing they care about the implications of think you're. Talking to John, that that's exactly right. I just think in terms of like volume, this back into those or of DC press arena requires pointing out the hypocrisy in the absurdity of Republican suddenly carrying that they care about like these strict rules around judicial nominees. That has not been the case for a very long time that asshole Mitch Mcconnell was on Fox news bragging about how we stole bunch. Judges for Obama like Gimme a break judges are
like inhuman people who just call balls and strikes wherever the narrative is their republican and their Democrat, their conservative and their liberal these days that, like the worn court, all those old school days are gone like this is what we're doing without I think, by NASA Act accordingly. Yet legislate from the bench like the Amy Coney Blair, of the world and maintenance gleam of the world- they don't want you to legislate from Congress right right, like Joe, I'm in a damn it. This was going to happen. Joe Biden, Democratic Congress will pass a bunch of legislation that they bear it. Scalia Cavanaugh Court will strike down. There will be no legislation, come no major legislation coming from a democratic president and a democratic Congress. If we leave the six through court the way it is that Where we are, you say Scalia, but I do can see, I can see them, reconfirmed him in the land of OZ. I voted. You drag approval Ivan who's that on our court. Frankly, then,
the servant Thomas now as it so a noise instead so annoying to watch these guys, just like praying like I like beer moment, praying for Linsey Gram to be able to dust, It is little soap box answered screaming and freaking out again. They they they just want to be victims so badly when their control, everything its infuriated Linz I M like having a different voice and just be did you do to you maybe Herodotus Sedgy hates Gabbler desired Vinci, Graham, who refuses to take a good with tat under what love fuck? That is so that, as we are gone, we and we are in a whole new place, no covetous no cover because he might get justice through. Ok, let's few questions from the audience before we go to our love. It's interview with Katy Porter questions, Jennifer Clap Roth asks us, I'm suspect
the trunk campaign is pull back on ads in the MID West, it mean he's given up or that he's right those states, so he doesn't need to campaign in them. I don't think your guy this paranoia at the exact same paranoia, unlike pulling back what's their fucking secret, you know, I don't think he's rigged the states. I Wouldn'T- and I don't think he's given up. I think that they're, probably making very tough resource decisions about what states the absolute we have to win verses, what states they want to win and there also hoping that the super packs that can take twenty five billion dollar checks from Sheldon Addison the time will help them close the gap in some of these places. But it's not an ideal situation to be in. I wouldn't look. as a sign of strength or are a great plan for Donald Trump seems like a sign of weakness in me.
Yeah, I think they have decided is if you, if you look at the twenty. Sixteen map- and you give Joe Biden, Michigan and Wisconsin, but Donald Trump, keeps especially Arizona Pennsylvania Florida, he wins, and so they have now that they are running out of money and they figure like why save Michigan in Wisconsin. What we really want to pay Tattoos Pennsylvania, Arizona in Florida because they face, I think they feel their the closest there, so there in a poor, whatever money they have into those through straits and try to pull and insight straight, like they did in twenty sixteen, and they don't view voter suppression and adds as either our promise to. Unfortunately, very true Rachel Libby asks hey guys, question for you, I'm confused as to why we are talking about slash taking some comfort in pulls the Chernobyl, in the lead, when pulls also predicted Hillary Clinton, with one in twenty sixteen in a landslide, what's different now? Why should we trust today's Paul?
when they were so inaccurate, then any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. So few things the national Poles in twenty, sixteen did not show that American was gonna win an alongside the national Poles showed that are her final led was three. Points and she won by two points of the nationals of pretty close? The problem we had was It was content in Michigan and Pennsylvania. The poles were five six seven points off, so there was a big pulling her in those states. One of the theories of why there is appalling pulling her in the states is that poles were not capturing enough Non college, educated white people, so too many college educated people picked up the phone for pollsters, not enough people without a college degree picked up. People without a college degree tend to vote for Donald Trump if they are white. So what do you do? You change the poles this time to wait by education, meaning you make sure there are enough non college white voters in your pulling sample that match the population of that state. So
Pollsters did that after sixteen and then in eighteen, the Poles were closer, they were closer and they were they were now. You still had a couples in eighteen floor, Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson winning by a few they both lost by a point poll, showed you know Tony Evers in Wisconsin win by a couple points you want by one point so they're still not. They haven't totally fixed the problem, but they did improve the polls in twenty eighteen and two thousand and eighteen polls in general were better than they were in twenty sixteen, but. Who knows it's close, I would say ass. All of that. Take all of that right. I remember it and throw it in the garbage a positive measure. Our that I've got you know, get a good night's. Sleep like the poles are right I wake up every morning and assume their wrong, and that's it. Tammy Debo asks Do you really think phone making is more effective than text banking letter? A postcard writing, because I
personally, never answer unknown calls and I've written hundreds of postcards letters. Three text, banking attempts have been frustratingly unsuccessful for technical reasons, but haven't found banked. That's all you guys promotes I'm feeling insecure Tommy. I don't think. That's all we promote. I don't think anybody knows what's more effective in the middle of a pandemic, whether its texting letter writing postcards phones, so I would say, don't feel guilty about whatever you choose to do. Do the one you want to do and know that year contributing and don't sweat. It grenades I will when we come back, we will have love it's interview with Congresswoman Katy Porter, putting
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often with a white one. It's in my purse with a labour market that attaches so. I do not fully all these attributes just trying to think of the emergency whiteboard situation, but I'm glad you're ready just in case so the last time we talked lesson your impulsive America was MID March. The country was just beginning to shut down here we are all these months later I do and I holding up ok, but I'm worried I'm worried about my kids in the sunlight this morning, I took my son to one of his in person days it school and you came home. Does he forgot his mouth? So I had to drive him and he said We really need these mass. Like you said, you know how it can cause brain damage and he just looked like he was terrified and so that that really is what daily life is like for. So many of us were really trying to balance between doing the things we have to do, I'm, including you, and make a stranger jet Congress to be productive and get him.
Kids discourse about their learning and I'm trying to say said that the thing I mean you're right now you are the only single mother of young children in Congress. It seems very We are that lawmakers do not have the interests of people in a situation like Yours is their priority. Oda Congress I was actually responsive to families are going through. What would it be doing right now, but I think there are three top priorities and I don't think this is this, to discern. I don't think you need to be a single mom of kids to understand this. I did you just need to be in touch with your constituents. The first thing is help for state and local governments. These already entities that are sister, the people that are don't levering, relief, food, really food banks, I'm render assistance, and these are. We need to get that money to state local governments and it needs to be a big enough number. Two types of them through what is gonna, be an extended period of lower taxes. Lore sales tax and things like that
The second thing is, we need to be making sure that were getting real book was reopened in schools and childcare centres. If we don't do that, our economy will be permanently crippled, not just now, because women are spent. I'm working parents were staying home for a whole generation of women going forward Mckinsey not to be confused with Miss magazine. he's either consulting firm, just in a study that one in four working women with children is considering, leaving the workforce and others the problem or cover me as women are major drivers of GDP on their efforts in the workplace. Three is making sure that we have adequate resources protested in tracing. We still need to approach this from a public health situation. So those are the priorities you know Trump on stare AIDS tweets that he's dead. There. There will be no more negotiations, then quickly. He realizes that that was a dumb thing to say now, he's he's taken ever
position, conceivable negotiations Mcconnell seems to be trying to pour cold water on the idea of this and doing something what is going on right now with negotiations? Where is the possibility of stimulus and like what? What happens? you have tromp kind of tea, every side every single day Could I help now, but I have no idea what's going on in France, mine does anybody, and one of the things that were seeing is that divergence between what their image Mcconnell way as and where trumpets, and it's not kinder diversions we were hoping for. We were hoping for a majority that would actually step up and left.
Just like in the small rich an hour in this world, where President Trout is actually show me, he's more open to doing kroner virus relief. Then much macabre was so I beat the Democrats are continuing to try to be open to negotiation. We know what the priorities are and will continue to try to push number you just can't do that with Mcconnell and the White House not understand age. I mention performing boards of state or government, help a new rounds of schools in child care and testing and pretty soon. I would also save you weren't a situation where we need to give direct help to those who are unemployed and particularly with regard to. keeping them house, I think we're cruising for a major housing crisis and somebody who's already lived one of those almost jeweled those. Now I just make one in my lifetime, I'm starting with the farm prices and in eighteen. Eighty, when I was a kid in the MID west.
well, we went through international mortgage crisis here in your two dozen each doesnt night. Can. We did have been another housing crisis coming up to help people keep making a word, Let's keep making their Randal payments, keep our roof over their head, so It does seem like you, There's been some nut hasn't gone far enough. There been some moratorium, some of them local, some of them national, around Rent, but that doesn't at all, addressed the problem about what happens when all these people that have been out of work there, still gotta figure out some way to either pay or be relieved from paying. All of that back It seems like we have this sort of ticking time bomb in the economy of all these people. Are they gonna? Have the rent come? Do? What is the answer to that what is it you're? Obviously, it's it's money, but so we have we seen moratoriums used before they were used during the great depression. They sometimes been used during other agricultural based depressions, but you're. Absolutely right. You after ultimately answer the question
how you gonna pay his landlord and, of course there are large room boards or private equity firms that have a lot of access to capital, but also people whose lives? it is a senior whose renting out an apartment in that rent is better income make, and so I think we need to be provided in direct assistance to people make a rental and mortgage payments. We don't we're gonna find ourselves in a world of part, not unlike what we did after the Ford report, which places will really be trying to get lava modifications party all because this is a fact in both ventures and how for years and of course, those at the lower end of the income spectrum were more likely to be rendered in the hardest time recovery in this pandemic, and I think the fact tat we used a moratorium as our primary tool what did a fundamental mistake
standing by policy makers that this would somehow well over in a month or two right. I rang not treating this as the year were to economic game, changer that a coordinating is in this country right it wasn't a pause. It was a new way. of living for a long time. So, right now, Democrats seem open to pursuing a stimulus package. You know there is this conflict for Democrats. You want to help people who are terrified at the prospect of failing to do so before the election. Republicans happy, no interest in helping, even in the best case scenario you knock on, would all caviar we can win we're talking about months and months without helping people. Yet at the same time, I think Democrats are afraid of giving Donald Trump some kind of a victory in the in the final days before this I sure? How are you grappling with that? How do you put together are being a political interests of winning this election, but also, more importantly, mine, to help people in this crisis
we're thinking about, or at least not how I'm thinking about it. As a Democrat might concern is about Donald Trump, my concerns about the american people, so I will vote for any stimulus package. Regardless of whether it comes before or after the election, whether it is by partisan or not it's school. You don't let enough meaningful help, because the reality as we cannot do this package is everything it's here. Do them every month right they take to undermine, go shape and the programmes take too long to set up to get help to people. So we need to come up with something. That's gonna be big enough to actually people's unmet needs for the last couple months and understand what we have at least six more months best most miraculous case scenario.
of economic pain caused by Tobin. So, for me, I'd be for most of my colleagues my freshman holdings in particular, we are in our district. We are hearing what use the twins are going through. We want to deliver for them. It's not a question of Donald Trump and helping down from it's a question of helping people. Is this a package that, help people and the Democrats voted for more than one of those he arrives, the updated he rose package. We keep going back to the drawing board it probable willing on the tunnel were pointedly were willing to step up and do any of these things before the election after the election. I dont care people need help and when people are getting help from their government causes them to feel component. About government were eating for them and that leads them to go out and vote regardless of their ideology. That's an important and to understand about its moment
It also sounds like what you are saying is. We cannot set all for a half measure. We need to get the package, we think as the absolute best package, because it will be months before we showed her would be but to do this again, so we should be using our leverage and we should only move forward if it's a really good deal that reflects democratic priorities about how to actually fix. This must absolutely be given that this is not yet you're talking about someone who lost their jobs and they can't make ends meet movement, I'm what a spouse kept their job and reduced hours. They lost their jobs, their three months behind and ran a moratorium their having to juggle childcare expenses that are higher, because schools was still about fifty dollar check. Is it going to solve their problems? That's a political start, so what we are trying to do is provided
actually help meet the needs, anything about State Muckle government? If you send them a tiny amount of money that they still have to lay off firefighters, they still have to lay off your police departments. They still have to make cuts in seeing your services in childcare services, so it needs to be big enough to actually help. People saw problems yeah to one other question I was interested in talking about, so it seems like this down and has accelerated or made were certain trends that we are already seeing. So you have, you know, on his hiring local stores or closing big restaurant chains like dominoes interpose, lay our doing well and restaurants that have you no fewer than five locations there really really struggling millions of people have lost their jobs near these small businesses there not just the heart of downtowns in communities there also the competition for these big companies and we're here. In this situation, where we have. These big downturns is the second giant crisis in a decade and
like a brush fiery clears out small businesses. So these big giants can thrive like what the answer in good times to protect small businesses to create incentives so that every time were enough any kind of downturn. It's not just the big eyes. There are able to weather the storm that we have a system in place to make sure we have downtowns would like unique local. this. Is that, like our part of their communities? But this is a wonderful point- I'm really glad you're making it because not enough people are talking about this any time we have a major economic crisis or a need for industry. information. There are winners and losers and what we ve seen in the last fifty sixty. Seventy listen. The United States is the winners, are always the biggest companies Losers are always the smallest ones. We saw that with the borders crisis with a big bang scheme are fine, but a lot of smaller banks were closed, merge more consolidated, so it part of the answer here is to be during the crisis really right at the start bill
programmes that will help the smallest entities, and so did you gonna mistakes made with the original Nature Protection programme. The PPP, where it was much easier for larger businesses or white on businesses for businesses, with lots of credit already unconnected to finance. the services to get help? I do think we went back. We prove that programme, but there's no doubt will be worth thinking enough about the most profitable. Business is right at the start. The other answer to this is to understand, but in good times, as you said, what should we be doing in good times? We ought to be making sure that we are focusing on and enforcing. Hence I try.
flaws, reducing barriers to competition, making sure that people can compete on a level playing field, and so those are all things that have to be thinking about constantly in a capitalist economy. That's it up is an unfair precursor of capitalism and healthy capitalism is that you have this competition and are lots of industries where we really can honestly say that we have that big farmer great example, health insurance, another example there's a handful of companies pharmacies, other example, but there's lots of examples outside of healthcare as well. So you know you recently had a viral clipping oversight around pharmaceutical cause. You ve had a number of these in your time. In these committee hearings you aid oversight, a cool thing for people. What is it that yours ok, sure yeah why I agree I agree, but we should set what we say: you're making it cooler.
really do mean that I love oversight. It's not it's, because it's really fundamental to the core problem what democracy that I was hinting at earlier, which is if people think government is working. They thought both for the other party. They simply don't look at all, and that is a big long term problem. So we have to be thinking about oversight as a tool to help show people that their Just now that there are about is improving the nature and type of government and then doesn't mean you watch who agenda? That's just about doing the american people covered. So I do truly oversight, about what I'm trying to ask is: what is your approach in those moments when you're breaking out the whiteboard? How do you decide? This is what I want to focus. This is what I think will really matter. This is what I think will break through, because it may give managed to do that when a law of other before you who have
at about oversight. There has been no harder to break through hard to get people excited about it. One of the things we do is we really focus on not what I wanted to say, but what do the american people want to hear, and so we think about you, you're, not the speech I want to give, but the answers that they need from these reticence. It just takes a lot of hard work will often start out with anywhere between eight and ten possible ideas, four lines of questioning and will even go into a hearing even now, with two or three different ideas hitting the one that we think is best in the moment. So it takes a lot of preparation, but it really takes not thinking about what you want to say: it's nothing opportunity that your speech it's a moment to get answers last question: what are you doing to say pumped when the final three weeks by time, this comes out will basically be five hundred hours until the last pulse closed Are you staying in a fight
really really enjoying working and supporting other working weapon supporting other house challengers cycle. So much focus right now. Obviously, on electing Joe Biden come here as I'm taking back the Senate, I have the news last listeners and upon the house challenger. Twenty twenty are terrific thought you'd like what you saw in the classic Twenty, I d get ready for the class of twenty twenty life, were not leadership, organization called principle our method, and through that part I ve been able to endorse twenty six hours. Challengers you're, all women, people of color women of color, and not one of them gets corporate tax money. So I went to help build Doing in this next year is not aware of this in my own election waiting for public into our tory ones, funny, but also making sure that I'm gonna have many many more colleagues who are willing to stand up and fight for the truth. In those hearings, congressmen, Katy Porter. Thank you so much for taking the time to act,
Thank you so much basic eighty for joining us today and notably we have a White board that something was deep in the background, but it was there and Sivas like check I've set an interview. Does I check ups gun? Did you get any lessons for she's great? We locate imports is awesome loved, porter and we didn't use it, but we had a great conversation after the interview that was like really some some hot gossip. who are you just drop, and I hear the end of the police the ten year behind a rough Rob eyes. I saw her coat. Tweeted responded, trumps in California is going to how which is too big. I roll emerging, which I thought was spot on Classic Classic we'll talk later POD save America is a cricket media production, the exit,
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People need to get inform, get involved and get out and vote behind. Means these organizations that are helping to get out the vote register people. They need to find the right people too That's why cricket media's teamed up a zipper curtain. You probably talk about as a recruiter connects people who need jobs with employers or hiring factor point three million businesses have come as ever greater for their hiring needs, which is why the perfect partner, together we want votes if America jobs built, buys Africa here approve on profit and political partners will be able to post employment in volunteer opportunities for free at Lou swing. Left. Did you dams and Emily's list have already getting on the action through votes. If America jobs more organizations are connecting with job candidates who are passionate about creating change every day, things don't have to be the way they are work to make them better and if you are Looking for a place to put that restless energy
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