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"You can run but you can’t Hyde.” (LIVE from Chicago)


Trump’s trade war threatens the economy, Elizabeth Warren calls for a new economic patriotism, and Joe Biden reverses his position on the Hyde amendment. Illinois Congressional candidate Marie Newman joins Jon, Jon, Tommy, Dan, and Brittany Packnett on stage at the Chicago Theater. 

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Ziprecruiter is the number one rated job yeah. I have no the reference and check this out. According to Forbes, the average salary boost employees receive when they switch jobs is between ten twenty, so find a better job without even looking download the freezer recruiter app. Today, what welcome to America? I'm Jon Favreau. What's up Ya'Ll, I'm pretty packed it! I'm John love it I'm in favor later in the show, we'll talk with democratic candidate running to represent Illinois'. Third district Marino meant the first. We have some news and before we dive into the other stuff,
I wanted to do something that we do when we do live shows on pod. Save the people now I want to acknowledge the land that were sitting on this country. As you hopefully know. Where is home to a did, you have people and still is, and so where we are located right now is Peoria and Miami Land. I don't acknowledge the indigenous land that were on an hope that you are listening to the new show this land on crooked media. I talked all about indigenous issues also also my dad is from Chicago the South side of Chicago, like five thousand eight hundred and fifty eight percent of the black people. I know from the south side of Chicago another third or like from Atlanta Schedule, Chicago Chicago talk about some news, so
next month- will mark a record breaking ten years for the economic expansion that began under President Barack Obama in two thousand and nine. And yet there are new signs that Donald Trump is trying his hardest to suck it up hum so right as he's threatening tariffs of up to twenty five percent on Mexico and China. We learned this week that business investment is slowing. Manufacturing indicators have dropped to their lowest level in two one slash two years, and the ADP report said that the economy only added twenty seven thousand jobs last month, which is the fewest since two thousand and ten Britney, obviously trump- has taken place of credit for the relatively healthy economy. Up until now, how much credit does he actually deserve and how much responsibility does he bear if this thing goes south think
The answer serve zero, zero credit, but have a lot of responsibility and, let's be really clear, like he has made so so obvious. Who is in this? So I was doing a little bit of Reese. Because my question was like how did Donald Trump fair? The last time the economy started to grow go south, because now we know that a lot of business leaders across the country are saying that they predict another recession to calm because of these trade. It's here for is that this super smart guy. I, who yeah the price of a lot of the other business leaders, said that there is now up to a sixty percent chance of reaction by the end of twenty twenty, according to which is awesome. Yeah, that's yeah so exciting, but I was so that made me wonder like how he fared in the last recession in two thousand and six two years before that recession hit, he said, and I quote about uh the bursting of the real estate bubble. I kind of hope it happens. Then people like me will go buy them all up
So he clearly is only out for self right now. The people that are suffering or all of the people that he promised to make America great again for an he, so he we should give him all of the responsibility for this thing going south, because clearly, this is the direction that he's intentionally sending things yeah. I think that's deeply unfair. Well, the young Donald Trump in just twenty seven months in office has produced one hundred months of job growth. All of them are a lot very high to do so. Shame on us. So Trump's
more and trade taxes, or causing some of the most harm to people in states where he needs to win in two thousand and twenty, namely consumers. Farmers and auto workers in the Midwest Michigan will be the state most hurt by the tariffs on Mexico because of the auto industry, Michigan ever played a role in the presidential race, yeah. I know skip right over that. How much energy Dan should Democrats spend making that argument and reaching out to those voters, even if they have you know, voted for Trump in the past. More some lots I mean, like some Democrats, are making this argument, both in Congress on on the campaign trail, but I think in general, trade represents a huge political opportunity for dinner. Which is it allows you to make two arguments about Trump. I think a very persuasive one is the cost of the chaos and incompetence of the Trump president.
She is started to trade. Essentially I have a temper. Tantrum is no path to get out and Americans are essentially getting attacked every time they go to the store and people are losing their jobs right he's found. Maybe to make beer more expensive by fighting with China, and the second argument that's going to do it yeah. It's it's the final straw, and the second point is that Donald Trump is full shade and he ran as he ran as a hardcore and I'd trade populist. He talked about illuminating NAFTA, getting us out of NAFTA. Well, he did that and then he immediately and negotiated a NAFTA remake. That hurts workers at the expense of corporations, This is something that Democrats are talking about enough, which is everyday. This initial candidate should be talking about how Trump's new NAFTA is for american workers, particularly in three states, I'd randomly pick like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin,
and and so every time a conference should talk about that. If and when Trump ever submits noon, after which you trying to rebrand to something that comes up to Unsell and then Antipolo, she should bring it up. The Democrats have a week of hearings on it and they should vote it. The fuck down yeah get a bowl. Some of these voters- because I know after two thousand and sixteen you know, study after study- showed that you know racial resentment drove a lot of the vote towards Trump, especially with some of these. I think they called that economic anxiety right exactly well. So
but I feel like some of its been conflated, because obviously racial resentment from these studies drove the bulk of it. But clearly we know from twenty eighteen that there were a significant number of people who voted for Donald Trump in two thousand and sixteen who had voted for Barack Obama in twelve and then return to the democratic folds in twenty eighteen, You know: can we count on these voters in twenty twenty? Do we have to make an argument what's driving their concern? Is it economic? What do we think about that? Well, the math, like you, know, you're not going to get all of them or even most of them, but if you got twenty thousand voters in Michigan, Wisconsin and then you added another twenty thousand democratic base. Voters who sat out the twenty sixteen election, You would have the next president at states and that person will be a Democrat. It's not that hard, so Tommy on the tariff issue, Republicans in Congress, particularly republican senators,
they're, finally going to stand up to trump over these tariffs. Should we hold our breath or no I mean. Is this threat real? You know. Why are they choosing this issue and actually more specifically, these tariffs to pick a fight on because they we're mainly silent on the trade war with China, but for some reason the Mexico tariffs are really getting them yeah I mean I sort of. I saw the reports that you did, that they were hopping mad in a closed door. Caucus meeting- and you know, TED Cruz, came out beating his chest and said how dare you do this to Texas, like whatever you do something and will believe you? I mean, I think, the the tariffs on chinese goods, I think increased. The prices of consumer goods for a lot of people and that's particularly bad if you're a low income person, if you're poor, because it's a it's a greater proportion of your total income, but I think that these tariffs on goods coming in from Mexico are hurting. Businesses are hurting
manufacturers that are hurting. You know, companies that put together refer theaters, so I think in this instance, Republicans are bring from ceos they're hearing from the Chamber of commerce they're hearing from people that cut them massive campaign checks, which is why their ears are perking up and they're paying attention in there listening and they're suddenly upset about again I mean typically they'll really hurt Texas, Michigan, Ohio, California, so Illinois, two always well sorry, I've got did mean, leave you guys out. I was going to say only states Trump cared about, but then I threw in California because forty fifty million people, so it makes sense that some of the representatives from the states would finally speak out. I mean the last news I saw before we came out here was that Mexican Guy said they might put six thousand or so of their national guard troops on the border, which would give Trump to call it a win in not implement. Tariffs will see what happen,
but I mean, I think, that's more of a likely outcome than Congress actually standing up to him or anything with it. I I just think it's amazing uh. You know they were pretty quiet when he put kids in cages, and I just think it's shocking to learn that all we need to do to get them to pay. Attention is put some transmissions in there. Yeah can someone say Milord,
no tariffs on that. We like that from actually it's possible to work. My lord is the aroma and full bodied flavor of an of an unusual botanical. It's bitter taste is favored by two fisted drinker's. It used to be made in Chicago now it is produce primarily in hell, but but because Trump plans to go there he's not willing to put a tariff on it. Hey, oh yeah, here, alright, alright, let's just do a little bit. Oh take one slash two! The time when I'm setting up is already full, I brought cups. I brought up. Oh I just I'll just use the bottle. It's it's worse than I imagined an editing, something quite bad. We had Peter Seigal on this stage. He said I was a doofus for liking, it that I was falling for a tourist trap, but you know what I say about Trump. Sometimes it's fun to fall right.
It smells like rubbing alcohol. Does it taste like it too now that I've had speaking of falling into traffic with the Democrats the tree, the Trump campaign is that they're gonna go after some democratic candidates on this issue, namely Joe Biden for being free trading, globalists who supported trade agreements like NAFTA and the Trans Pacific Partnership, which Obama go. She did and Trump abandon How politically damaging is this argument? And how do you think Democrats in general should sort of respond to trump calling them all free trading globalists? You don't care about the american worker, I mean it is potentially damaging and we shouldn't underestimate the
effective. But here's the response right. The responses that economists predict that these trade temperature insurance- I think that you should trademark that 'cause that's quality, these temper, tantrums and clearly xenophobic, F. Um are going to cost american household at least nine hundred dollars right, which is a lot of money so when you think about the fact that this administration also wants to cut two hundred and twenty billion dollars in snap benefits, which we all know is food stamps over ten years, that this will cost up to four hundred thousand jobs the country, and that we are paying double and triple time when we think about the fact that the costs of this trade will be passed back onto american consumers, that the fill out that farmers are getting because of a fight that, got started and now wants to get credit for fixing is costing there's another twenty million dollars and then on top of it, because of a bike
that program for sir plus that farmers have when they can't trade and exports other countries that we're actually going to be paying some of those billions of dollars to foreign countries with press have to say is the things that he promised you are not coming through and they will never come true under this guy yeah I mean period. I just think I hope they try to This argument, and I'm it's interesting- that there are leaks mister everyone who will listen, ' 'cause, I mean Trump- is not set up. The China he's flailed around like a child, issued threats through tariffs on goods and gotten absolutely nothing accomplished and they're, not even talking about like the core issue, things that are really a problem with the relationship like chinese companies or the chinese intelligence services, stealing intellectual property or technology from United States. Those issues aren't on the cable 'cause we're fighting about like soybean prices and sort of extraneous. So I would go right at him. I would say you failed
in these negotiations. You've alienated all of our allies and, if you're worried about american competitiveness vis a vis, China invest in schools, investing infrastructure do all the things we need to do here to build a stronger country for right now, you're just being an asshole. Pretty you mentioned something so Trump starts this trade war. It hurts american farmers and then he says: okay, because I heard can farmers- and these are a lot of people who voted for Maine, we're going to have this american tax. We're funded bailout to help the farmers that were hurt by my trade war. So it's like well, that's pretty stupid, but fine right, you can help them except millions. 10S of millions of dollars in this bailout fund is going to foreign companies, including sixty million dollars, has gone to a couple of brazilian pork producers who have been found: corrupt,
yeah, so corrupt brazilian pork producers are getting american tax dollars that supposed to be going to the farmers that trump heart with his trademark have a Democrat can't make that argument. Give up here right here, there's another part about this: the money that he is giving to these corrupt brazilian for producer he's. Borrowing from China. Okay, this is gonna, be like my. I just want someone to yell about the brazilian pork produced. You are running for president right now. You are, but you look this brazilian poor. It is stuck with you, it's like it. It's like it's like the run, the dog in the car thing. That's what Philadelphia he's the american agriculture in a little top part. Yes, perfect metaphor, so one of
example of a potential democratic response to Trump on this came from Elizabeth Warren, who this week released what she's calling more in transit here, I'm about to the lady. Here we go who released this week, what she's calling a plan for economic patriotism which she says is all about using the tools we have to boost american workers and american industries, so they have the best opportunity to compete internationally. Well, those tools can include certain things like tariffs. Our principal goal should be investing in american workers rather than diminishing. Our competitors. Warrens plan warns an even got some praise from Tucker Carlson wow. She read: read parts of it verbatim, come on the air and said: isn't this a great idea.
It's definitely a trap is a trap, is a trap that that story is fully operational and then is that its route? Is it like what what do you think It's obviously, because it's a little more and it's a very good plan. Yet detailed generously beats everyone to the punch of come out with one Democrat. I've been running on economic patriotism for twenty years now read a lot of speeches about that in the Obama and it particularly relevant against Trump, because generally Republicans pre in the pre trump era have run on free trade yeah an but Trump is trying to steal populism from Democrats, and so it is all it's helpful to have a plan because plan beats no plan right. So we don't have a specific approach to dealing with legitimate issues around the people. Disaffected the people who are hurt by trade.
Then we are going to lose out to trump demagoguery, so I hope that other and it's following with Warren's footsteps and put forward how they would how they under can thread the needle between the fact that we have a world in which trade must exist. We buy products from we buy products are made overseas. We want to ship our products overseas, but can we find ways to minimize the impacts on that on America? there's an prepared, this american workers to thrive in this new economy. Yeah love, it last word on this You know it's, it is important. It is worth jokes aside about tiger. There's a reason he's praising it. You know Paulson is someone worth watching only because how to show not a show. I mean it's to find them. He is outlining a smarter, more sophisticated and ultimately dangerous version of trumpism, and it's one in which you you are you go back to the dog whistles. You know the bullhorn
can only get you so far to get into the White House, which is pretty far also considered, but you go back to the dog whistles. You try to downplay some of that. You that you make it more about a kind of nationalist Echani, make argument you make that sale. Yet that can be very, very powerful, and you know Donald Trump became president by identifying two places where there was a bipartisan consensus that millions of America this affected by one with an immigration one was on trade Democrats have saying for very long time. You know we're going to end the tax breaks for shipping job overseas are going to have a tax break for building jobs right here in America, whose years years and years and years- and I think a lot of people felt like ninety percent poles at ninety percent an yet when people look at like the architecture of economy. You see a global. An increasingly kind of global uh
system, in which Americans felt as though an correctly felt as though manufacturing and other jobs are going overseas at the diffuse benefits of trades, were acutely harming a great many Americans, and so I think, when we talk about Britney's critique of Trump's trade policies exactly right, but we have a positive version of it. I think Elizabeth Warrens outlining it okay, well, we'll have more news in a bit. Now it's time for. Okay, stop will a clip in the panel. Do they okay, stop at any point to comment. Piers Morgan Someone hasn't actually his son is a sign that just says his, which I greatly appreciate over actual hissing, also, though very very thoughtful to the disabled community. Thanks for that closed, captioning, yeah sure truly love that piers Morgan he's like the
Ryan, Seacrest Ryan Secrets, hacked a bunch of people's phones and then still got to host Eurovision or whatever appears sat down with Donald Trump. On his trip to the UK and the two got on great take a look, We should stop listing uh, I'm the child of two preachers, and I try really hard not to do two things in public cuss and drink. But if I have to look at the two ugly mugs and listen to this complete and utter fucking, bullshit. Bottoms up that is pure rat poison. I love it restored Britain, Britain's your number one special relationship,
that's a good relationship with many of the leaders, Prime Minister Robbie Special just got by he invited me as the only country he invited me as representative of the United States, and the first lady too, be the only people at a special ceremony for the new emperor, which is something I have one friend I just mispronounced. It's also like three letters. These little symbolic things like inviting a president to be at a special thing for the fucking emperor, like those are not supposed to affect policy like you're supposed to be like this, is why they're doing this to get in your good favor for a set of issues that are really important are more important than where you sit at a dinner. You broken narcissist he's also the only
only president that could be at the ceremony for the new emperor 'cause. They just named the new fuqing emperor. This wasn't there wasn't a lot of choices right. That's really! That's a really good point. Going to be two years, you know it's a three thousand year bloodlines you'd like to have a three thousand year. Blood line, I think, would be great. I don't know what I'd be doing for the rest of the time, but I think it would be great, but it's ok, stop listening, don't worry! Honestly! He cannot have a three thousand year. Bloodlines he's two generations in an they've already got. Habsburg should happening like like it's, not some brand, don't flower great thing in Japan. It was great. How do you feel being here in this sense?
This is the generator powered the warriors. I think it's incredible because I'm a big fan of Winston Churchill, an I studied Winston Churchill and yeah. This feels like the day that he talked about Frederick Douglass, being a guy who did really great thing like it just feels like he just learned Winston Churchill's name he's like two minutes before he got cameras he's like I'm trying to say hi to him before I leave. I don't know where he is and how he wanted to come off, like everyone has a telephone when they're lying and Trump says when he says I studied it's so I'd like there are things that that we deserve that we won't ever get and one it was just hey. Ok, tell us everything you know about all the time you need I would pay like. I would pay boxing heavyweight championship, Payperview prices for Donald Trump, just like getting a question. Alright,
anything you know about Japan go make all the phone calls FDR to Roosevelt and President Roosevelt, And they were showing me here is where he made that call. He was you know they have everything done. I think he failed to think that could have been you well. It's just an awesome responsibility. I think I have a very good relationship with the people in the. The kingdom, but What does it mean or is it the our country love your country. I love your country, we have a little gift for you when the church will warm right. This is where Britain's greatest leader well, I need to know.
Someone is brought in a hatbox and removed. I hat now gentlemen, I'm not going to say that I'm not sympathetic to Donald Trump, but I am sympathetic to being surprised with a hat. That is a tough position, it's politically as a rule, politicians when they were surprised with the hat. Don't wear the hat? It's a mistake. It's going to end poorly you're in a tank and you're losing to George Hw Bush. If you ever wondered what someone's dignity looked like when I took it out of their body, it turns into bowler hat miss from the hot make a look on behalf good Morning, Britain to present you with a ok, so I'm sorry did he presented on behalf of the people of Britain. He does not have that authority. Absolutely not! You can tell from Donald Trump's face because he gets politics a little bit he's looking at that. Like I don't know what I should do with this right now. I don't know whether get politics or not, but he really
understand his own hair. He knows two things. He knows three things. He knows how to avoid accountability in the american legal system. He knows his hair and he knows tv and those three though two of the three are about to come to a head. You know how I feel about is here. I I cannot with that. If I liked him, I set him up with a good we've colleges. So I let him live like that. Wow you wanna, try I'll, try it. You know right 'cause it one thing I proved by being a politik. It is my hair they would have found out along time ago, but you will Boris Johnson has the best hair. I don't know, but I do think he's a good person. I think it's going to be a very loose the british trump. Is it Boris? I guess I guess well. Nigel is another one I like that, which is the british trump. I say I don't want to give me a give me, so I don't want to destroy anybody's career. If you had it, you know it's a little big.
We can get that ok, stop like I get shot first in Chicago gangster movie. Oh my god. I take my said. This was the worst version of the Deadwood movie going to say. I was going to say that, like Costner was in the Untouchables, but this is a movie called the Untouchables, Rachel is a Winston from I think by the Winston Look, much better, not a harem of food at a single hair move the I don't know man not hard to watch and that's okay, it's not very, very glad I drink before it was worse than the Milord. It is pretty fair. I can read.
It's not a joke. I like it the democratic primary. So this I think there are a ton of new policy proposals from the presidential candidates, but look at the most engine was actually an old policy position from Joe Biden, which was his board for the Hyde Amendment which prohibits federal funding from so it was really I'm gonna feel vital in yeah, which prohibits federal funding from being used to cover abortion care for women who are on Medicaid in response almost everyday. Credit candidate, reiterated their support for repealing Hyde and a few candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Beto O'Rourke said the vice president was wrong, but just tonight in remarks made just an hour. It appears that Joe Biden has reversed his position uh.
He said in a speech that, in an environment where women's health is under assault, especially in republican led states, he can quote no longer important amendment that cuts off funding for abortion access. So. Obviously I want to talk about Biden's reversal here, but let's start by talking about why this amendment is so harmful britney. The argument from some supporters of the Hyde Amendment goes something like you know. I support legal protections for abortion access, but I don't think taxpayers who are against abortion should have to fund that. Why is this matic? Why is this from? Because if you are opposed to being able to fund abortions, you are not in support of a woman's right to choose like the two literally don't go together. There are. There are eight million people with ovaries on Medicaid, which mean
An abortion for them is legal in name only, and that's simply not enough. Two new women's health has been under attack since the dawn of time and uh I'm glad that Democrats are finally now saying like we're, actually not going to be ashamed of believing that fundamentally, women should have control. Over their own bodies and people with over he should have. I don't fundamental access to all of the things that that that go along with their humanity, but there's some there's some there's some basic things. We should all understand about abortion one If that one is for women in their lifetime will have an abortion. It is a normal, a medical procedure. That is how we should discuss it. That is how we should think about it. Number two: we have to realize that outlawing abortions, whether it is a state and run on role- that's happening across the country, especially play
like my home state of Missouri or if it comes from the Supreme Court. That abortions will not stop, they will simply become more dangerous and that will primarily affect for women, women of color and Lgbtq bolts. They will be the folks dying most most from from from that band, and we also have to recognize. Lastly, this is fundamentally about power right. This is actually not about ovaries, It's never been about morality, because if you actually look at the known history- with the creation of the religious right there, folks evangelicals, who essentially lost the fight against school segregation, and when they lost that fight, they said we need to create a new political Super majority plan was: if we take up birth control and portion right, then we can get together with Catholics and we can. We can especially create the religious. This was never about morality. This was never about a right to life. This was always about maintaining power.
Always about ensuring that oppressed people remain oppressed, um and, lastly, pretty fundamentally, if you don't have ovaries, if you don't have a uterus I do not care what you think about my right. What I need to do with my body, so I just want to establish those baseline things as we should. We move forward yeah. So obviously this is come up. This week, Biden but butt, credit card Party has had a long history with the Hyde Amendment and many Democrats have. Some democrats have supported the Hyde amendment. Repealing was only in the Democratic Party's platform for the first time in twenty sixteen last election. So an what is the history of the Hyde Amendment and how have the democratic politics around this changeover. The Hyde amendment is named after a congressman Henry Hyde
from here in Illinois, and what it says is that it's pretty point out that no federal funding can be used to fund abortion. It was first bills in the mid 70s right after ROE, V Wade the law of the land trying and it was essentially cut and pasted into every appropriations bill felt next. Forty years, and Republicans have been very for it and Democrat, I've been pretty silent about it because it and unchangeable thing in a world in which you needed sixty votes in the Senate, so, that's the legislative history. The political history is of a different era in democratic politics, and one that we were trying to move away from. First Obama era, and now in this, when election, which says this world where there's essentially a Tran national progressivism, where In order to be for women's right to choose where Catholic Catholic politicians, democratic catholic politicians would come out for supporting one's right to choose, but in order
to feel like they could do that. They would then say. Yes, I am forwarding choose, but you they're not take your taxpayer dollars will not be used to fund it and it's been a world in which we are Democrats have played on republican turf, too long. Where, essentially, in, in the case with Adam, and this is what is so troubling a politics of it, and why it's so important that everyone beyond bored to repeal is what is essentially said is in order to you'll, to anti choice, taxpayer taxpayers. We are going to sacrifice the rights in the health care of poor women, that that is the sort of sacrifices in transactions that have been often guided democratic policy making on social issues. That we've tried to appeal to largely catholic Working class voters. In this midwestern states- and we don't have to do that anymore- so it's important that ever takes a stand to put that behind us.
So so I think the fear that a lot of Democrats are the silence the Democrats have had on this issue also revolve around politics and it's sort of like in some of some of the same caution which which Democrats have approached a lot of other issues, because when you look at the polling right, if you phrase it. You know the Hyde Amendment prohibits federal funds from being used to fund abortions. Do you support this or not general public? Fifty five percent of american people say they support the Hyde Amendment twenty nine percent of pose and then among Democrats had split forty one percent of support, but forty four percent oppose right. So this has been the way. The question has been asked for a long time. Time into democratic politicians. Look at this question and they say: oh well, you know, even though a lot of people are pro choice, you know this federal tax payer. Money being used to fund abortions? This is too far and so I'll compromise on this right, so that in twenty Sixteen posters decided
or asking another question, and they asked However, we feel about abortion. Politician should not be allowed to deny a woman's health coverage for it just because she's poor. Seventy six percent of voters agreed with that in battleground states, and then they said, do you agree with this statement when Medicaid covers pregnancy care, but with holds coverage for abortion taking away a low incomes, woman ability to make important personal decisions based on what's best for her sixty two percent of people agreed with in battleground states for the the Red River. So it is like it is one of the things where Democrats have just been afraid of their own shadow for so long because probably white male pollsters have asked the question and they were a bit uncertain. What's political figure, but it's all a bit that political, it's not just like. If only Democrats and freeze the question differently in polls thirty years at our position, is that they have a wow.
Can service, you define the issue and to drive the conversation. We have been doing this from a defensive posture yeah. So let's talk about biting Tommy. Why do you think Joe Biden reversed himself? He has been, you know, hit from the from some candidates on other past positions,
taken better more modern, conservative and he's basically said. No, I'm gonna continue those positions, but this is the first time he's actually reversed himself. What do you think? I mean good question? Look, I I think that they saw that it was hurting him politically, I mean that's the that's the simplest explanation and- and that is interesting to me, because he has been criticized for a lot of parts of his record over the course of the past several months, and they have not responded really in any great detail on a lot of issues that I think we all thought might cause him trouble politically intel tonight, and so I think you know we'll see if this is this position. Change actually makes people feel better about supporting in makes and feel better about his choice record. But I think the more important question we have to ask ourselves as a party is: how did so many Democrats support the Hyde Amendment for so long? I mean Biden talked about his support for the Hyde Amendment in terms of his catholic face in his belief that life starts a conception and that he believes that for himself personally, but he wouldn't apply those views politically and and try to restrict abortion access, but the high the member does exactly that and he treats women to get their health care through Medicaid, like second class citizens. I do think
like Dan was saying, we really need to rethink what a standard democratic position for decades said to women in this country and go on offense on these issues and start talking about women's health care as health care in not some stigmatized secondary very well. I think I mean there are two points on this. One is the reason that one of the reasons other than just simple political field Democrats went along with it. What is if you refuse to vote for a funding bill that did that? Had the Hyde Amendment attached to it, the government would be shut down for thirty years right, but also our party has not been unified on this and not even close to the unified. We were passing the affordable care act. Bart Stupak, it was a congressman from Michigan in a group of other conservative congressman, would almost sunk the affordable care act and less
Mama would sign an executive order that was essentially symbolic, but the real sort of the high demand when applied to the formal character in so like we were not just for the Republicans, were we've also been fighting a elements of our own party, who are much more concerned on this issue, which then we'll talk about it with our guest and all that many of them from Illinois yeah. But what we should be doing as a party right city, dance point is redefining the issue and right. Prize, that we actually are the pro Life party and here's. What I mean by that, if you are a party that cut snap benefits that will not regulate guns, that will not do anything for poor children, children of color that locks children up in cages You cannot tell me that you are the pro Life party. I will never believe you I'm at. We need to stop conceding that brown if we actually come forward with the kind of plans that support life and actually were the number of abortions, because when we don't have to make that choice, so
they enter a cycle of poverty right. I think that, like I really think, sometimes. I just think these guys, like don't talk to any of the women that they know because I think people think that were just like out here. Frivolously choosing abortions like we go through a drive through or something and we're like a number two in abortion. That's not how it works. It's a really difficult, challenging life altering decision that women and people, people with reproductive organs like that are bravely taking every single day and like if we actually understood it. That way, then we be thinking about comprehensive care for the folks that can bear children,
so it'll be, can be having a fundamentally different conversation about the quality of life that people can have if they decide to have children period. That would solve this conversation, but nobody is willing to talk about that love it. What do you think? I do think I do think it's a question of like like Dan said Democrats have been just too afraid of this issue and they've been too afraid of their own party. I thought I thought that Elizabeth Warren Town Hall made a great argument last night, which is like look no matter what there's no matter what restrictions are pass rich women are always going to be able to have access to abortion. This is about poor women about young women. This is about women of color is about women is about this is these are the people that are not going to be going to be able to have access, and this is a question of equity. Fundamental Donald Trump is a cancer on our politics. He is, and I think, a lot of people looking around and saying we got this fucking guy in the White House. I don't want politicians
we're going to come in here and compromise with Republicans before even out of the gate. I want people who are on Abashedly going to defend the things we believe in who aren't going to compromise, just 'cause they're afraid to say what they really think. You know we've and for a really long time, discomfort with abortion as an idea with access to reproductive care, and you know if our position of our position is the state should not dictate when a human being has to give birth to another person. That is our position, and I think it is. I think that that is a deeply conviction and invaluable conviction of democratic voters. If that is our position, that it is position where they were talking about ROE versus Wade, which would, if turn deny people that right or force people to have Bert, give birth against their will is also something that would force people to give birth, just by dint of their financial circumstances. And so I think that we need to disconnect notions of access from any concerns and desire that people sincerely have about reducing the number of
persons that take place 'cause, one of the lessons of the last thirty years is accessed, doesn't lead to increase number of abortions. Actually, access to comprehensive care reduces the number of abortions, and so Joe Biden, the last forty eight hours had been forced to confront a democratic, that wasn't shared by a lot of democratic voters and actually just didn't stand up to scrutiny and that's cool thing about this primary. That's an incredibly important thing, that's happening, and it's actually significant that this is the first time that we've seen Joe Biden as a front runner kind of adjust based on recrimination and an argument from the rest of the field, which is actually what primaries all about yeah. It's fundamentally a good thing, yeah that he was forced to change. Ok, when we come back, we'll have an interview with at a congressional candidate Marine uhm, it
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So that's why I need to go in the washer. Moms demand action, which is trying to pass gun control laws all over the country. So it's a win for you with the one for them to win for America, and maybe you can get Spencer to pay up. For you know, one dollar laundry fee laundry fees, laundry download the cash out. She is the democratic candidate for the nomination of third district. If Illinois, please welcome Marie Newman. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Well, thank you. So much for being here, we as a general rule to the extent that part in America has rules. We chat, try to stay away from democratic primaries, but we thought what was happening in the third is really noisy. It was so interesting and important that we wanted to have you on stage tonight to discuss it
and we will a lot of the national testing erases been around your opponent, but and we will get to that trust, but before we do, I want to talk about you so before you took that made the tough decision to challenge a entrenched incumbent, democratic, democratic district. Here in Illinois, you became an advocate for I can't you can anti billing advocate right. You were, he had a very cancel career in advertising. Then you took on that. You started a nonprofit, it's about how you tell me about how you came to that decision and how that your activism in that arena led you to run for Congress. Air tide, quite a bit by my son at an early age, around fourth or fifth grade, had been bullied to the point of hospitalization and traumatization, and it really changed our family forever and it
the study, bullies and and went through the the rigor of understanding and I wrote a book on it and then built on a nonprofit called team up to stop bullying and the reason I did all. That is because there was no manual eleven years ago, the there's no manual for parents and schools how to collaborate together to end bullying, and I like it, was really important. So a mom friend of mine, I got together and did that, and I did not know that time that it was going to inform me on a bunch of different things. I actually went to press Obama's summit on bullying and helped inform would ultimately became a bunch of data, an work that went led to the exec border and it's one of the few executive orders that hasn't gotten overturned, thank God be best yeah. So, but what What that informed is there's lots of different types of bullies and I've taken on a lot of bullies. My time? What I realized is the biggest believes, the Chicago machine Ann.
You guys know right, you guys know and when Trump came along and I had been watching Dan Lipinski's record for the longest time I knew uh. I knew this guy was just completely ill fitting to the district, because I born on the southwest side of the city. I was raised in the southwest suburbs and I'm raising my babies that are not babies anymore in the southwest suburbs right. I know how we roll and we don't roll the way he rolls and we don't roll the way. The machine rules at all. So I knew that I needed to stand up to this particular bully and to the Chicago machine. You know why, because no one This would do it. I the background in advocacy. I've worked for on civil rights on a bunch of different topics, and I just knew no one would stand up. So I did.
So, as you mentioned, you're running against terms with the the again include he's. Anti choice Anti marriage, equality. He opposes the affordable care act, he refused to endorse President Obama when he was running for reelection in twenty twelve right Clinton and Hillary Clinton are these: the views of the people of the third District of Illinois. No, let's hear a little dated to put a fine point on that. So Bernie took the on district by a points in the primary in two thousand, and sixteen Hillary took it by sixty points on in the general. It is deep, deep, blue this district. This does work needs a real democrat with the real plan yeah. Some of the folks here in the room tonight who are more familiar with Chicago politics, may have a better sense of this, but for our listeners at home sure help
some understand how it's possible that someone who has the positions I just outlined can represent a district that Hillary Clinton won by sixteen and Brock Obama's home. Right, it's really interesting, so we have to go back literally forty years right. So it's a deeply blue district. He hasn't had a Republican in sixty years, so it's a deeply blue district. Although there are pack, it's a conservatism for sure, there's some social values that are slightly different than mine. That said is not the overwhelmingly. The case it's very small pockets it is set percent of the district believes that are are pro choice. Over. Eighty percent of the district is very pro lgbtq rights on eighty. Seventy percent of the district leaves in Medicare for all and right Now Dan Lipinski not only makes fun of Medicare for all, but is that it is a pipe dream when he knows the data and he's just flying in the face of most of the american public, because my
trick is really a microcosm of the rest of the nation. They have the same values as the rest of the nation, so to answer the question more directly is is that we are standard, democratic district. The differences cargo machine rules, the southwest side and so I'm trying to break through that is really really difficult, particularly when you have a generational name, which is Lipinski, because his dad had the district for two years before he did and then his dad gifted his district and and I'll just share that quick story, because it's super fun help so his dad bill had the district and then decided that he wanted to retire, but he waited till after the primary. So in the primary in two thousand and four he got through the primary, very easilly because he's the only Democrat in town there gets Ruan then waits till September before the general and says: oh, I think I'm going to retire and who, with my last name, could take my place who and he
it was good friend MIKE Madigan, an Alderman Burke and said do? You know anybody with the name Lipinski that could take my place in the next six weeks, and so we did so he slid in, and I often refer to it, that he was gifted the seat because he was that way. It's completely unfair and undemocratic. So fast forward. You know he's it's two thousand and eighteen I'm running against him. He is absolutely indignant that I had the audacity to challenge him little. He would say things like well, I can remember when we were asking him to do debates and he wouldn't and call and say well who is she and I was like really you know so uh. So that's how that happened is that on it just sheer name id and I went from absolutely no one, knowing my name to get him forty nine percent of the vote
because thank you, but it wasn't it wasn't me. It was because the district and I ran this race together, the district and I ran together and locked up and held each other up, and I still maintain that's why, in the last six weeks of the race, we pushed him to fifteen dollars an hour, because he said absolutely no twelve weeks prior to that. Next, to me, in an interview, We push him to do fifteen dollars an hour. We pushed him to sign the dream act which just went through and it's not the dream act I wanted. So we pushed him hard. So the district is amazing and they work really hard and we're a good team. So so. The triple c, which is the campaign arm at the House Democrats, has endorsed cars. Look and see not a surprise, a yeah, it's a policy. They support incumbents as they did in twenty eighteen. We supported the congressman, but this time in this race they did something different, which is they in and it a policy input which they put in writing. That said,
anyone who any consulting firm that worked for a demo who is challenging an incumbent Democrat will be blacklisted. So did you get your reaction to that policy in general, but also how how that policy is impacted, your race yeah it. So. First of all, I don't agree with that. It has. I would expect now yeah, I will say in terms of leadership tenant. So let's talk about that for a second. The triple c's charter is to protect incumbents and to expand the party. So that's, okay, that part is okay, but as I hold the leadership, is that there's new ants in leadership and there should be cases where you should have a different view, so taking the stance that- and I have talked to the leadership about this and registered my complaint and of in a very respectful and friendly way that
Well, you need to treat everybody the same all incumbents, the same right. There are cases for extreme bad apples and Dan Lipinski is an extreme bad apple. I mean this. This is a gentleman who does not believe in birth control. This is a gentleman that did some things that would literally curl your hair and and really upset you if you knew what he did to me in the last four weeks of the campaign we're not discussing that tonight, but this guy is a bad dude. I'm just sent telling right now, I'm so so the reality. When I had that discussion with the with the leadership, I said this an extreme case: can we talk about new once in leadership, and that is part of it and I've run national organizations? I rolled out national programs. There is new wants to be head and they were interested in nuance right so how it affected my campaign was, is that it was very, very very expensive. I lost for consultants that were communications and mail houses. I lost
several pollsters because everyone was so afraid of this dictum and honestly they got horrible. Horrifying phone calls from the D trip sing with lots of threats right, so it was expensive and very time consuming, but, as my mom always says, get up over that and up and overrun back beyond, so you know we're beyond so you're. Your two thousand and eighteen race got a lot of attention. You can incredibly close to unseating the beating the Chicago machine, which is that it happens very often right, but it feels, but one of the major dividing issues between you and Carson Penske is women's reproductive freedom, and that issue is obviously even more at the forefront in this election because of very legitimate fears that the Supreme Court could overturn ROE. Also as we as we just discussed, onstage republican states passing bills. The band,
even in the cases of rape and incest, has that changed change, people's response to your campaign or how you're thinking that running your campaign, one hundred percent- these are totalitarian laws straight up. That's what they are, because, if you're in slaving one gender in this country and that's totalitarian and not their authoritarian. For me, this is a moral imperative in this country today. This guy out and anybody that supporting it, and it just to put a fine point on that now, at six months ago, he stood up in front of a room and said that, yes, I'm actively supporting the overturn of ROE V Wade. Yeah he's a democrat uh. So what, as I always say when it When I talk about women's reproductive rights, it doesn't even get down to science, politics or who said what were when I just swimming. That's all I do.
I trust you and so it this is oddly. Critical race, because we can't have two sets of rules for the genders right and, let's say three or four sets with non binary right so The reality is is that we can tell this as a nation and end These laws, if they're just going to continue unless we stay at a depth of their six states that are banning right now, but or other states, and I will tell you one very quick story. I was in Minnesota over the summer and I is IRAN out of the car. Oh love that I ran out of the car, because in Minneapolis these I call them. Yellow jackets were protecting women that were going into reproductive care. Escorting them in? They were from Idaho and Montana and South Dakota, where there was one abortion clinic and now shut down by the way. And so what is Minnesota? Wasn't there
So we need this so Last question, for you is for the folks here in the room and listeners at home who the teacher? so he cannot blacklist yeah. How can they help your campaign if they want, if they want to support you in your efforts to defeat the Lipinski and get a real Democrat in that district?. Oh gosh there's a lot of ways, but I'm probably the best way to start is to go to marienewmanforcongress dot com. You can volunteer, you can donate. You can give me your ideas. One of the things we like to do in on my campaign is have meeting greets. Last time I had one hundred and ninety over the expense of the campaign we've already had. Eighty. This campaign were on parted Two three? So if you, if you live in the district or around the district and money of the a meet and greet I I hear your ideas because politicians forget the people with the challenges. Have the ideas?
and I want to hear your ideas, I'm not there to listen. I want your ideas, so you can do a meet and greet can volunteer and this campaign, I'm not taking corporate money at all and Dan takes sixty percent of his funds from corporate money, and I want to tell you something really important. While reproductive rights are very important to me, as our everybody's civil rights are, economic rights are the most important thing on the planet right now and it we should all be laser Chris D'Anet. The ink- divide in this country is dramatic and it's dividing us well truly societally psychologically in every way. It's not just a financial divide, so I am laser focused on fighting income equality. An getting paid leave pass universal child, here, raising wages and empowering units. That's that is great money. Before we let you go, we love to play a game.
I love him. Hi hi, hello, Chicago. Your hearts are clogs with love. But while the city may be home to Pizzeria Uno, sometimes your politicians treat you like does so. Sorry, honestly, I looked at the Italian for two, but I didn't do it. I know I just I'm sure now it's true we here at crooked media. We have a policy when it comes to primaries. We don't take sides, we don't want to get in the way of voters making their choice. That's why you don't see us indoors anywhere, whether it's the democratic primary for president or dance l campaign to become the moderate are of his neighborhood next door message board. Somebody
stop saw this leashless dog walking. And I think dance the guy to do it. His campaign slogan, sure you trust your dog. What about that dog highly ranked moral or hello. I tried all right. I didn't hear it. I heard love, you love it. So it's good. But sometimes you have to make an exception just to feel alive, just to know you can just because Dan Lipinski deserves it, and so now for a game called close your eyes.
Imagine Illinois. Third, congressional district is represented by someone who wasn't handed his job on a silver platter, while praising Trump inside with Republicans on some of the biggest issues facing this country, now open your eyes, whisper. Possible with someone other like to play the game in the house, thank you, John DOT. You got it. We just definitely stay there, hi. What's your name, my name is Amanda Amanda, how you doing I'm great, where you from I'm I'm from LOS Angeles, California, but I've lived here, work Marie on like Clockwork the second someone from out of town, which I think is here now I live here.
I've been here for five years I registered owner. Hey, that's right. We come from presidential speech, writing lead with that I was going to say everyone is very. Friendly but the second someone from out of town plays a game. They want to build a wall and I apologize. It happens everywhere. We're all falling. Send Amanda. Are you ready to play the game question number one? How did Dan Lipinski win his first primary to represent Democrats in his race for Congress? Is it a door to door talking to voters his famous slogan? Not lip service lipinski or is it be? Lipinski was the simple gardener in a large manor house and after the homeowner died he ventured into the world. Basically, for the first time, advice for cultivating plants, his only family reference was missed.
Looking for sage wisdom by moneyed interests who rallied his candidacy. Okay, all right or is it see. His dad Bill Lipinski won the primary, then big bill retired and got his own name, replaced with his son's name on the ballot, or is it d? I still can't believe the dead or is he on a cold winter's night, the Beano revealing Dan Lipinski covered in green sludge next to a stack of placards with his name on it, everyone who saw that happened was called crazy, now they're dead. What do you think Amanda I, but I have to go with see you got it bonus question when did when did Pensky last live in the district, when his daddy got his name added to the ballot, despite not living in the district and not running for the position five years ago?
No, it was one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine. You got it wrong so long ago. That was it question two pensky voted against the affordable care act against the dream act and refused to back a bill to raise the minimum wage plus. These long opposed access to contraception and Reproductive Health CARE Inc wait. I messed up shut up Dan Lipinski
the next member of Congress from Illinois. He voted against the affordable care act against the dream act and refused to back a bill to raise the minimum wage plus his long opposed access to contraception and reproductive healthcare, including abortion rights. Now I know what you're thinking healthcare we just immigration. Those are some big, ticket items, they go to the core of what we stand for as Democrats, but don't worry. He was also the only Democrat who refused to sponsor this piece of legislation. Is it a be everyone? What's see, Hamilton ACT or is it be? Everyone must not making Hamilton Jokes ACT, or is it see the equality ACT or the d?
Can we at least stop inviting with Lipinski to Lunch ACT, or is it easy the I feel bad, but it's like. We have such a fun group and when he's there it is the vibe. How do you think I I think it's equal yeah? It is, if you are already acts bonus. Question bonus question with his. He ultimately relented and voted for the Equality ACT after pressure from which person on this stage, If you meant it once was you got it nice? That's your first book bonus question number two with his I said this person would be a champion for immigration reform, yeah yeah, while. Question? Three in twenty eighteen organization, with ties to them, Lipinski sent text messages to potential voters claiming is Marie Newman would do what is it a
Play Marie Newman operated. A satanic pedophile ring out of the basement of her family pizza. Restaurant. The unfair currently named satanic pedophile pizza parlor in salad bar or is it be the text claim Marine Humane deny the holocaust in, would quote jail, nuns, or is it see the tech claim marine him and wanted to legally define deep dish pizza as Casserole an not pizza or the d that x plane Marie Newman had lived in the district since one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine opposed the affordable care act. Only ran because her dad said in this family we run for Congress. Now you put that suit on you grab those yard side shakes hands get out of my sight. I want to clap for that. The said
that help Marie Newman hide the body. I hope the american people don't find out. Then it was followed up with my be wrong. What do you think I? I don't there's part of me that wants to The pizza thing you know you know pulling at the heartstrings so now we're it's sort of the behind the music of the answer. But what is the answer? I don't know what whatever dance at you got. It jailing Nunes final question: now it's common for the d triple see the Democratic Party organization focused on winning House race just to back incumbents, but the d triple c actually went further and threatened to blacklist political vendors and consultants who helped a primary conservatives like Dan Lipinski this, despite the fact that Lipinski refused to endorse Barack Obama in two thousand and twelve, but.
But a lot of people have behind Marie Newman anyway we're going to hit with some names if they've backed Newman, say true, if not you say false we're just going to go in order here. We go John, kick us off Emily's list, true God, Don Juniors list call Giada abortion rights. Actually true, yep Governor Jay Inslee Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, true center Jj Banks, yes, that's your jar. Jar Binks did not endorse too busy handing over the republic to Palpatine next Senator Bernie Sanders. True, Colonel Harland David Sanders. Yep Colonel Sanders not involved vice chair of the Progressive caucus representative broke on true
Moveon DOT, Org Philippines. No, no yeah! I want to hear that sound, planned Parenthood Action Committee, the good folks had save America. Amanda you've won the game. Thank you. So much for playing close your eyes and imagine on with their congressional district is represented by someone who wasn't had his job in a silver platter operating from inside of the public. In some of the biggest issues facing this country. Now open your eyes, whisper, it's possible.
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