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Bonus Bill – Ep. #419

2017-03-27 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Now it's time for real time, to point out your attempt to listen and behind the scenes to the real time. Monologue. Jokes, America didn't here: are you happy at least at its spring? That's
when seeds take root in flowers, bloom and Republicans, try to take away your healthcare. Yet it is somewhat you news. So much crazy shit happened just in one week. The trump care you know, that's going down, president is insane the Supreme Court hearings, the Russians, dried direct fuck, the election thirty way, as in other above, or give them trying to repeal Obama care for the longest time. Another in office now.
Like ever happen because they have this thing called Trump care or as its otherwise known black lives, don't matter today. They they pulled the vote because they do not have enough votes and Trump said yeah that never stop me before. No Democrats are opposed to drum care because it takes twenty four million people's health garroway and republic into repose. Do it because it only twenty four people's health care from care, the not really covering s brow as many people as they promise they would their offering what they always talk about access at their big word: access it's available, you just can't it's like oral sex with married
it's a real thing: you're just like getting at so yeah, so all all last night they pulled in all night or the house. Freedom clock is that's the artist formerly known as the tea party, these drooling idiots data and and their working with Trump on. That's that's where America is. We ve gone from the founding fathers working with George Washington to be freedom, caucus working with Donald Trump. I wonder they don't believe in evolution down the other big issue that their involved. Then we all see this week, Neil Gorse each. Have you seen this guy he's the Supreme Court nominated? You watch him room. I call him
human sweater best skies like half Mr Rogers have Anti matter, makes my pen look like the Philly fanatic, I'm saying today his Hobbes Fly fishing, which is that's what white people do and Gulf is to work. Now this guy, this is what happens when Jesse Bentley goes belly up there. There women choose sales, we have to find other job you're right. That was too far, but Republicans I love this guy. I mean all love, love, love there.
They love this guy. You think he was a bible with a gun scope because he's one of those judges. He interprets the constitution as the framers intended when they wrote a two hundred and twenty six years ago, which makes him in a regional list. That's one of those words that they love that Supreme Court hearings. It means different things to do:
When people it's like the word curvy on tinder box- that, Mr Course, it's probably will be confirmed, barring unforeseen circumstances like a virus that wipes out of his companions, I mad. So in other news we are officially now a banana republic without the Bahraini, because a bunker tromp, the president's daughter, has been appointed to be his chief adviser, basically should getting an office right next to him getting security clearance. She can see classified information, Steve banning said today see more proof: Jews, control everything, ok, it's gotta be like take your daughter to work day. If your daughter gets two way in
North Korea and nation. What people say what will have on couldn't? While she will advise her father, she will act as a trusted confident and she will help them take office banks when he has to go about it. She won't be officially working for the government showed report directly to pollute See an end is people connected to Donald Trump and his campaign were in contact with the Russians and gave the thumbs up to release information to embarrass Hillary Clinton. During the campaign
trumps hair, I can't even rat my head around and at the beginning of the week we saw the F b I directed James call me testify. We are looking into this. This is an ongoing investigation. Today, Sarah Palin tweeted that it's time for Trump to get rid of call me. We don't need Sarah, pale and Twitter Ramblas Twitter ramblings have Donald. We have Donald Trump. Pacho new episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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