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Bonus Bill – Ep. #420

2017-04-03 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Now, it's time for real time to point out your chance to listen in behind the scenes to the real time. Monologue. Jokes America didn't hear this. What we found this week, apparently during the election, Russia hired a thousand hackers a thousand accurate to sit in the buildings somewhere and create fake empty. That will require news, but come on that assumes that the Republican
This is stupid and gullible. Oh yeah, so the latest member of the Trump team to have previously undisclosed relations there with Russia is his son in law, gyrate, Kirshner investigators, say they're, not gonna. Just settle define some one in the problem: installation with ties to America and Jared Prisoner, partly met with shady head of the Russian State Bank people or its trump tweeted. Today, a bomb attack me at my bathing suit area. This Jared customer he keeps getting more. Jobs is not so much a son in law is duct tape. You can just do anything he's now head of the Office of american innovation, which is going to do it.
Alice? How we can run the government more like a business, but since trumps business is stealing golfing in tweeting crazy shit to get his name mission accomplished when Jarrett goes to work this week, he'll see a friendly face, his wife, that's right, the president just hired a new senior adviser of bunker tromp, I don't know we landed her. I know
She had offers from other superpowers. Russia was giving out feelers, but trot is like Mitt Romney he's got binders full of daughters like that she's not qualify. She was a model, she's got a shoe company and she speaks a little check in case. We are on the brink of war with a country that no longer exists yeah. She gives issue company out ninety ninety seven. She was number eighty three on maxims hot one hundred lives, so the republic goods were saying. This is like when J F K hired his brother Bobby True, if Bobby model too little and started to shew company
Bonkers first day in the White House and a new office, little awkward, you dont know when the bosses making small talk, weather is really just checking out, but she's not taking a salary. So first to think of this is charity work. You know some. Some women volunteer and analyses hammers care facilities, she's fallen.
hearing at an Alzheimer's care for so body ass. The mental patient who's in charge of the world did some actual damage its actual damage. This week he got rid of everything. Obama was trying to do to solve the problem of climate change and global warming. In fact, you cannot even in the White House anymore, I'm not making this a used. The words climate change and of the topic of emissions comes up you're supposed to blame it on the dog, also also polar bears or not dying off.
They're just depressed because transgender people using the bathroom Self Pulp Frances, I'm not making this happy. The proper answers asked Trump to reconsider his stance on global warming. He said it is not a Oates and that's coming from me, a guy who believes in bullshit for a living, soul and also Scott prove it he's the head of the EPA now who does not believe in climate change he denied the EPA is proposed ban on a pesticide that reduces brain function in children.
Well, it's just be a big surprise. Today's brain damage, seven year old, is tomorrow's member of the Freedom caucus. I went for a rainy day said he was doing it through the bidder. The guy who's gonna champion the little man good news for the little man, the house and set the Republicans in both houses, voted to let your internet provider cell corporations, your search history, and that great all relaxes you'd only concern the tiniest liberal view who look at porn yet turns out when trot. He said I am your voice. The voice was talking about was Verizon now taken. They can do anything. I clicked on storage.
day about Eric and on trumped junior and a pop up ads from Mass NGO Christy's in the nose he remembered purse pristine drum That friend and he has been asked to Hetty Commission on Opie Orange, and he said yes because he thought from so Oreos and he's going to head a new commission to combat drug addiction and if there's one person out there in the world, who should do this? It's the man who always knows how to say show some self restraint about what you put in your mouth.
It is an important issue because now operate abuses ravaging the Heartland and Cristobal Battle, anything that threatens our supply of corn, sir, but did they need a new drug message? It every time Do the this. Is your brain on drugs? He eats the egg much like a only representative, real every Friday night watch him any more information on each HBO dot com.
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