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Bonus Bill – Ep. #422

2017-04-22 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Now it's time for real time to point out your attempt to listen. Behind the scenes to the real time, monologue, Jokes America didn't hear your ass off. Well, there's a good reason to be happy. If you're, a liberal after a decade of bill, Riley harassing every woman, I ever met Fox news rang into action and fired him yesterday. I don't want to pile on poor bill, come on he's, vulnerable and looking for a job and what kind of asphalt would harassed.
In that position bills are taking this well. He knows this new book today, killing glory already barely the last straw over their cause. You know where the latter women ok Board is. Apparently we found out this week that there was a black woman. There were Fox NEWS who bill used to call hot chocolate. He calls for a job with and used to avoid grunt at her just grunting, and they said. This is Fox news. If you're going to say races things in grunt, save it for on the air, grunting and harassing they said. This is not what we call a Fox news appropriate. This is what we call presidential
Well, all right, I said this alleged cannot get late. I mean this lesson game than any man in the history of the world. In Clarence Thomas, you write a book called out to not pick objects hears. What Anthony Wiener would be. If you didn't know how to use twitter grunting would well arriving was fired. You say you know where he was. He was meeting the Pope and make him up. He was at the Vatican.
Shaking the Pope's, can help shook his hand and then the pub said I hope, that's out their hand, you jerk off with when you're on the phone. So other good news. For liberals there was a special election. Yes, today, Tuesday in georgia- and this is very big- because this is a received at the republicans- have held three decades and decades and it looked like the Democrat might take over, because the hate Trump Movement is so fervid in this country and he needed fifty percent of the vote to avoid or run off any got. Forty eight point: five percent.
But it's inspired the Democrats, new rallying cry losing by even slimmer margins, but you know North Korea that don't fuck around their crazy over there and Kim Jong on said: if we do anything, they don't like the: U S, main land will be reduced to ashes and, of course, by mainland. You know what they mean us here: California, so if North Korea Nukes outlay and Trump finds out about it to Morrow Logo, it could ruin his cake. I mean no one wants. No one wants war, but a monkey saw something said on tv and that's our constitution worked so trumpet other bigger matters to worry about. Yesterday he was with the New England Patriots. You know the superbowl Timorese goes to the White House after there.
Victory, and you know that quite quota victory. Renewing the paper to remember this overhaul in Trump said. Look, I know what it's like to come from way behind and I'm just talking about coming my hair and, of course I have to mention today. Anyone celebrating its for twenty today However, my dear my dealer came by this morning and dropped on me, the mother of all, And if you hard, labor drunk as you know, he hates trying to gauge Mexico or what he calls the access of teaching shop, I thank you for coming.
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