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Bonus Bill – Ep. #426

2017-05-22 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO late night, real time
what a great debate here slow slow knows. We call him no drama drunk Renault reading your last week, you just fired the FBI director for investigating, is Russia ties and met with the Russians in the oval office overwhelmed by the Russians were in the office. They wanted to freshen up his face paid repairers puppets drink, so such trump is always trying to prove that he doesn't need intelligence when he wants to just sharing. I
say I smell a rat except where beyond smelling we're watching it with the pizza slice than is now the Good NEWS this week. This is really good news. Is we do have a special council, Robert MILAN? The former head of the FBI, is now going to take over this case and he is as great shooter and by degrees. Yes, it is very good. News, looks like the system is working and Miller's job will be to ask that famous question. What did the president know, and when did he see it on fox and friends, but that's all and also to try to establish a link between dementia and over use of airspace.
Now is running because when they were appointed Mueller yesterday, the first dating from the White House always the first statement is measured, please, let's with old judgement until all the alternative facts come out and then, of course, at for twenty five this morning, tromp gets up to pay and starts waiting and calls it the single greatest witch hunt in history. Everything, of course, is the greatest and is the greatest rich witch hunt. They discover. Yes, they there is eighteen people in the administration ties to Russia. We don't even know about so far eighteen people which, as in which one of these low life, do we go after the greatest witch hunt in history. He says yeah this from the guy who led the birth or movement
according to a White House aid in order to get from to read the briefings, you have two sprinkle his name like every other citizens, or we stopped reading matter how important it is and has to be about him. You know, since, according to jordanian intelligence, Donald Trump has a powerful cock and a thirty two which weighs oh yeah and ISIS is trying to put laptop bombs on planes and Donald Trump card. Is the talk of all these dumb look? Finally, some sad news. I guess to some a death to report Roger Ales, the former head of Fox NEWS. This came only a couple
a month after he was forced out from fox nodes after decades of sexual and racial abuse. So I guess the lesson is never stop doing what you love and and also that life is so fragile. So if you want to honour him tonight, hold your secretary a little closer, against her will okay, thank you very much baby every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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