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Bonus Bill – Ep. #428

2017-06-13 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to reach me. Apart from the HBO making real time your wake would go or my trump earns its bitter winter, roughly four Donald drop by drop. You saw this with James call me use than testifying before the Sun Intelligence Committee
or, as our colleague James and the giant impeach call me today called tromp a liar five times. No, not like this. You can be a big deal for the FBI indirectly to call the president a liar five times, but this is trump. This is by calling your sheep dog shaggy. I mean it's just Trump asked him to shut down the investigation into Michael Thin. I mean should not be it shouldn't. Be overshooting the ban be pulling up to the White House, the moving shouldn't trumps next tweet, be I'm having a yard sale in the one billion that they talk about the amended the language here you just could not make up prompts us to call me. I need loyalty and call me said to him. You will always get honesty and drums says that's what I want honest loyalty. What are these two grown men talking to me?
an honest wild and then call me said: I love you, but I'm not in love with you and from sense. Are you love me income? We set as a friend a love friend, so it's a date
a friend, I think what the fuck is and the republic into you know she's crazy. They never hit bottom, they get to the bottom of the barrel and they dig under the baron. Paul Ryan says: he's Newton government he's learning. As he goes learning Republicans Jesus Christ. They would put a donkey with a brush in office if that paintbrush, which sign their fuckin tax, good permits and and we haven't even got into what really is the biggest scandal of the week. There was evidence that came out this week that the Russians Donnelly we're doing this, should they were doing hacking into Hilary Z, males and that's that they were actually trying to get into the voting boots. A an essay contractor named I'm not kidding about this. This is the person's name is where it gets confusing her name
reality winter really, her first name is reality and her last name is winter. I know it's so confusing. We have a reality. Shall president, this whistle blowers name is reality winner and she has said yes and she reveal this information. I think she's a hero, but there What an hurry now she's the one in trouble about that's what I love about America and other places shoot the messenger is just an expression and the other thing that would be a giant scandal if we didn't weren't, always drowning and other trump scandals. The president's on Eric Trump has a you know the story right. Yes, a children's charity to fight cancer turnout. They funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars from the children's cancer charity into trumps. Golf course.
The hatch and say make America throw up in its mouth microcredit hi tone new episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO, DOT, com,
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