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Bonus Bill – Ep. #433

2017-08-14 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to eat? You believe you me he sees me please. I need to go back to grudging under your feet. Gives you know what's going on right? You know our our dear leader, North Korea's dear later there in a big pissing match. You heard this drop said North Korea. This was his broad best, not make any more threats or they will be met with fire and fury.
the likes of which the world has never seen. Thank you. Doctor strange face is serious about war. Today he had a bunker Comus air into the shape of a helmet what I do know people are comparing this to the cuban missile crisis. Is that really like the cuban missile greatest Ritual Kennedy was president? Then he was smart. Now we have this news, the stupidest president, ever maybe the stupidest person every minute. This is this: a bit like the cuban missile crisis after Kennedy Get shot, That's what I mean. I knew not where the target here and was annual scary, to think that they can deliver a nuclear missile to LOS Angeles, any half an hour or
it's free and definitely not if they take before. that is I mean, and what happened occurs with trumpet therein Kim Jong that the rhetoric is completely out of hand now Trump tweeted yesterday. My first order, when I got to be president, was to renovate and modernize or nuclear arsenal. Ok, he asked to be reviewed. They just started it. Nothing has changed, in other words its aid giant, huge law. Or, as is known in the White House, just put it over there with the other, like that, yes, of course, our trump said you know you better, not brightness and within three hours, Kim Jong on adult guy, we're gonna blow up Guam,
Writing threatened Guam Guam, which of you dont know, is a: U S: territory, its form, two hundred sixty thousand people to United States, military bases, and now, thanks to President fire, infuriate shortage of clean underwear, and so then they said that than we had to respond one of the White House nuts Sebastian Gorka heard of this. So many nuts they are new ones every week. He relates to save many said. Don't tell Donald J Trump, we are not just a super power, we are a hyper power. Is that even mean? What is? Is there any member of this administration, doesnt jerk off the call of duty
so North Korea responded to that threat from us than they had. This is coming back and they said trumps threats or a load of nonsense, and they said the only way to counter Trump is with absolute for By the way, absolute vodka also works and then one of North Korea's leading generals- oh he read, he went there. He said he said that our president, ladies and gentlemen, was like a guy bereft of reason: goings, denial.
Yeah frog Tromp was so mad at being called senile, but he into a twenty minute story about the Electoral College and the time they re model, the twenty one club at a guy you he met at a party on a yacht so that I'm not worried because our Secretary of State Rex tellers and on the case and Rex yesterday said- I think american- should sleep well at night and doktor been Carson, just at night. Our I thank you very much. hi tone: new episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO dot com.
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