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Bonus Bill – Ep. #444

2017-11-13 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to an HBO podcast from the HBO Lateman Series real time with Bill man. Hi. Thank you free show in a free show in the middle of the day, okay, so any liberals or Democrats here today as well. It was a big day Tuesday for the liberals. Finally, right big election day, did you hear about that news hounds yeah Republic, he's got there asked care, otherwise a trump was upset, but today Porter Rigour was throwing him paper towel
now Virginia turned so blue Kentucky had to give. The heimlich banal. This was like the worst Republican, be down I've seen since or whatever happened on, rent Paul's lawn last week to do what did happen on Rand Paul's lawn? You know things are looking so good to the Democrats. Today, Bernie Sanders said he's considering joining the party That's really good, but it was like liberal Christmas right. It was, like liberals, suddenly found out that a whole Foods had moved next door. No, it's amazing. I was a big win for diversity across America. In fact, we have now elected across America. Seven trans candidates- and this is all thanks to a president who has taught us that it is okay for
to wear makeup. I think how about a hand for Donald Trump now this was largely they say, a vote against Donald Trump, even though he wasn't on the ballot. This was a chance for people across the nation to speak up about how they feel about him after a year of living with him in office, and it was kind of like that moment in air force, one when Harrison Ford says get off my plane and the people who did they say are voters in the suburbs they have had. Enough of this Republicans tried to scare them with immigration rhetoric, but Mexicans coming,
And it's totally backfired turns out suburban white people are much more freaked out about the possibility of having to mold their own lawn yeah. This is the new strategy called trumpism without Trump, and it turns out. If you want to win in today's Republican Party, you can't take being an asshole. You have to be an authentic asshole and we know who the authentic asshole is he's in Asia. Right now, have you seen this trump is on his trip to Asia? He was in Japan. Oh my God talk about asshole. He was in Japan two days ago, He was imploring the Japanese to shoot down missiles of Korea fired them and he said to the Japanese you're a warrior nation euro countries. Furthermore, I warriors.
Then he asked what they're going to do about God: Zilla always taking down the power line: warrior, nay, you're, a bunch of SAM rises like in the japanese Britain. It came over here and that America, Cowboy Bang Bang Shoot Man for snoring. And then it was on to China he's been there for the last three days. China, of course exposes the big differences between our country and China, because China is a totally embrace globalization. They've embraced addressing climate change, robotics, aerospace, high speed, rail trump, on the other hand, all in on closed borders and coal. It's like saying another kid doing long division, while yours is in the sandbox playing with cat poop and tomorrow he's off to Vietnam and just at the thought of it. The bone spurs started acting up again.
yeah he's scheduled. That's a big thing with the Trump diss on this trip to guess in Vietnam, he's scheduled to meet with Vladimir Putin and he's going to find out if he's going, to get a Christmas bonus. So thank you for coming. Patch all new episodes of real time, the Filmar every Friday night at ten or watch him any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO com
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