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Bonus Bill – Ep. #448

2018-02-05 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to reach me apart from HBO real time. Probably such eraser did you see the start of the year, and you start off my fellow Americans who are in black squares or web. I mean what's artists or use the terrible races
black history month, and today they performed a ceremony in the Rose garden report into bucket a chicken. I mean it's just what utter every citizen of the union he starts. You know the state of our union is strong. Yeah, considering were NEO fascists Banana republic. Now, did you watch this beach? I couldn't I tried, but I read it the next day in the original Russian. Let it without going off script, not once because, because my pants told him if he did, he could play with the Ipad and of course, the next day trumpet boasting about the ratings the highest ever
They were not, I mean I was the highest ever I've been watching the street, but did you see the horrible train wreck in the news yesterday, Devin Nunez, I don't know you're from California, we ever congressmen here in California, Devon, Nunez, the most ridiculous thing to come out of this data. California's. Scientology House Republicans response be investigating russian meddling in our election. The house, really they did not like with the FBI, was finding out about trumpeted bomb or this, so they decided to attack the f B. I didn't like how the problem
going, so they tested the punch ball and pull the fire alarm and they are just the republic. Is there just united in destroying discrediting obstructing anyone or anything tat we get into the bottom of the russian meddling in our elections, and if you save yourself, where have I seen this before it's the dad would rather murderers whole family and burn down. The house then get sword with divorce papers that today, but if given Nunez, can prove that the FBI is biased, then none of this has happened. The F b, I can't investigate people, they suspect, follow that logic. The f b I can investigate people, they suspect, because that's bias, it's like being a fireman where you can't go near smoke,
I don't know I can follow this Kramer I've enough with the year about Robert Wagner today. Oh my god, whose a hundred years old, because today is in the news, this crime, Rapid nineteen, eighty Jus Robert Wagner, eighty seven member what was issue heart to hurt, or some shit like that he's now a person of interest in the death of Natalie. Would I take it if it took, be harassed or peace in big trouble. All right! Thank you. As soon as we have been fighting to relaunch and any view, the movie Phoenician novel and each be oh dont
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