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Bonus Bill – Ep. #449

2018-02-13 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to each party from the HBO real time. The film I would like to leave the military parade. Quietly Donald Trump here. This job on from this man say gives me in L a while every day he doesn't ring true, but he does. He wants now military parade told the pedagogy once a parade with the tanks rolling down this
the pen the Pentagon had to ask hours of the russian troops wants to show the world how mighty he is. I think, in this enlargement surgery so much cheaper. This happened because leisure, he went to France and he saw their best deal day parade these that I want to parade like wanted, like the one I saw on Friday
Yes, if only the american military could be more like friend, and he had the nerve this region called Democrats, treasonous use that word for what was their offence for not applauding him at the state of the union address, while, of course, all the Republicans erupting ratchet rapturous standing ovation that every brain for it that came out of what he has got, those Republicans wrapped around his finger when he says stoop, they say how low and he's very mad
the FBI. You know this. All the Federal Bureau of Investigation keeps investigating. He also wants to know why the end of a lay sleeping is focused on the advancement of colored people. But you know this is serious. Homeland security people said yesterday that in the twenty sixteen election, the Russians quote successfully penetrated the voter roles.
And at least two states. Today the statue of liberty was wearing a mean to pit, and they we know they hack salaries emails. We knew they put on false stories up on Facebook, but this is something different. This is actually getting into the border or even republicans worry they save the Russians can get access to our poles. Black people could be neck in Chicago. The Republicans for Congress are running an actual nazi and actual Nazi, a Republican. These the nominee not gonna win but he's for congressional seat in Chicago. His name is Arthur Jones, he's a retired insurance sales. When he's not gonna win we're not that crazy. We still hate.
Sure and sells the slogan is when they go well, we go Heil, that's tromp was at the prayer breakfast NATO there's a national prayer breakfast every. I know I'm not sure Trump and you may not believe in prayer clearly believe breakfast caused the most he says breakfast is the most important, the most simple and continuous male of the day. All at another, one of the best people live the best people member all day, the best people another one of the best people is out at the White House Rob porters. His name, he is very important job assistant to the chief of staff, who said just a government work is so.
So me wants to spend more time beating his family. What what? But I know why you're happy the Olympics are today. The trump loves the winter Olympics is as finally an opportunity for the white. Athletes, the Jain alright. Thank you very much that it that's it. I don't know or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO
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