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Bonus Bill – Ep. #450

2018-02-20 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to night Vale podcast from the HBO late night series real time, the film
Please advise receptor nearer like you're, probably stolen or sugar. I've run Valentine's day version why this was the first me to Valentine's day. Did you notice that I saw accorded said Rosa red violence are blue? I've said too much already. I got one. I gotta validates God for my mother, my ex girlfriend. It said I want to hold you to your commitment to reject the patriarchy.
Blonde ia trumps said Monday, Donald drop. It said Rosa red violence or blue. You are the rock in my shoe from an asshole I mean after this school shooting yesterday goes right to the end. Our right chalking point does not even mention guns. He said the Florida shooter, so many signs that he was mentally disturbed coming from a man who says climate change is a chinese plot. Obama was born in Kenya and Russia didn't interview in the election. Yes is the guy who knows mentally disturbed by the other. Republicans you know better. Paul Ryan is the head of the congressional Republican said he is declining to support. Get this just a proposal to four make. Maybe
to study, gun violence, I'm wondering Republicans. If we called school shootings, extremely late term abortions, would you be on board, but a teenager did the killing. He bought those guns legally and if he had passed a background check, that's more than anybody at the white. This is done. Talking about alleged, went wife, beater, our rapporteur, who had to leave the White House last week. The big question, of course, is: when did the White House no and when they decide to just completely ignored, but you know whether it's the president's staff or the president himself or a Senate Republican Republicans, always have the same attitude towards these. These guys, who are harassed, which is he says he didn't do it. They stay laser focused on that where's Democrats go the actual other way of someone comes forward and says he touch.
Tat with his elbow and eighth grade. I resign immediately. I apologise to my constituents, my family, my elbow is taking counselling. That's ok. Budget came out today. Remember trumped or the gap in everyday said he would never cut. Medicate budget comes out, cutting medicate by four hundred billion. Now they want to cut foods, dams and replace it with a box of canned goods are not making a box of canned goods call they're, calling it a harvest box, because toilet green was too on the money. From the last guy. You wanna get nutritional advice from.
Is it appeared that fucking he's gonna hate him, but they have found money for words, really important drums military parade, they're saying it's going to cost thirty million? Yes, you know that we once have a military parade in Washington. Yes, he's finally voted out how to get that inauguration crowd that he wants a badly he's. Gotta use the people that he can order to show up, and then they can tell them. You have to look like your hat
a good time. You're calling an operation Stormy Daniels about Stormy Day, Ngos, the porn star, the term had the affair with well allegedly now she says she has a Monica Lewinsky dress from their encounter with trumps dna on it, and if we can test that they know who is appropriate first reaction, and if we can test the dna, we could see
whether tromp is lying about it and also, of course, what percentage of drum is a ragged and look at it from terms mall lawyer, Michael Cohen, says he paid. No. This is a fact that storm again you got a hundred and thirty thousand dollars, Michael calling the lawyer covering for DR now missing. He paid that out of his own pocket and truck never about reimbursed in legally. This is it's called pro boner work,
Finally, we are also avoid holiday Monday at the Chinese New year that you'd be got excited about it. It's the year, the dog and according to the Chinese astrological count. If you were born in a dog year, you're a dog trump was born in nineteen forty six, which makes him a dog now he course today said this is all nonsense and then began licking his ball he doesn't like his balls. Sean attitude Lex is only necessary to real every Friday night watchman each be removed the nation love and each be.
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