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Bonus Bill – Ep. #451

2018-03-06 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to each year from each year we see we're doing him. Listen Congress may not be doing anything but companies stepping into the breach. Here, that's good to see. That's where America is our moral compass now is Walmart Walmart I love this woman put on its neighbouring nations said. We also do not sell hand guns except in Alaska, where we feel we should continue to offer them to our customers. No other explanation, really that's what it's that, what the fuck congratulations alike that you be Alabama,
in that context, I laughed grandfather. Tromp, of course, give me a heart attack these we're talking about guns nonstop, since the shooting- and he is now as you so was- argument. Arming teachers. It would make the track team run faster. That's not gonna founded it now, and she says it can make a more normal lies in the school the librarians going will have us. Islands so trying to get me and then from from said the thing that of all the things he said in his whole career, the craziness, the one that bothers me, the most you heard it this week is it I really believe I would run in there. Even if I didn't
a weapon first, while the idea of Donald Trump running. Then yesterday, oh my god, he had this meeting by partisan meeting where he just agreed with everybody Democrats and Republicans running around that, whatever anybody said because he doesn't know anything that assault weapons, yeah great idea, arm teachers for that background checks, why not sense or video games? Let's do it. He thinks laws are like a buffeted, just casino. Or you can pile under your plate and water back to the table with its own. It completely freaked out the Republicans when he suggested raising the age that people could buy a gun to twenty one and then to jested, just offhand seizing guns without due process to people who might pose a threat. Of course, none of that will happen, but for a brief
shining moment. His to pity was on the side of good have at this and you see in pencil. Vainer hundreds of couples went to a unification church where the women all dressed in virginal white, the men wearing crowns, crowns drinking wholly wine and they had their air fifteen's blessed less by the church, elders wearing pink and white robes. That happened,
I read it. I would like thank God. This is none of the story, but guns falling into the hands of the mentally ill, even scientologists we're like pulling together people. It bothers me that this park lane shooter nobody is talking about the fact that he was a Trump supporter righty at the make american great hat with swastikas carved into the magazine that he was using in his rifle. He had Patsy Doodles, which is deemed bandaged favorite boards now, but the whole text left. She said she just wants to spend more time breaking up other families, and what does she will be missed? Stephen Miller today was sniffing Sarah Huckabee.
Sanders Office chair, but he said, but he said it's just not the same now. It's simple suspicious wish. She left yesterday, because just today, before she spent nine hours before congressional committee, where she told them that she told white lies on behalf of the president and apparently when she got back to the White House, Trump said to her. How could you be that stupid? Now some people think he was yelling at her. I think he was looking for tips. He said why isn't it offers thirteen budgets at five communications director, this more jobs to carry on the walking the Asker their Sunday, you excited not being made about the shape of wars and one about millennia, thirteen years of life
alright. Thank you very much we're going to continue over there every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO.
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