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Bonus Bill – Ep. #454

2018-03-27 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO real time. We appreciate your brave and the rain. It is coming down harder than Facebook you're mad at Facebook, everybody's method, Facebook, I'm pissed off- I today I had eggs Benedict and later the picture of it to myself and that's when it gets based. Work users are like man. How dare they use the information? I really gave them and agreed to let them use anywhere. They are the regions and people ago, while heroin. Its awesome is narrow, downside
came out today that the former vice president, Joe Biden, challenge the current present into a fight. Can you imagine an actual fight between from Joe Biden Arena keep clean, fellows no rapid, plunges no hitting below the adult diaper network
course. An election in Russia, don't tell me you're one I've been doing it all. We can. I don't want to know my favorite story. The way is that everyone in the White House, always national security people around from told him whatever you do- do not congratulate prudent because the election was rigged and needs a crook bug and twelve other reason. They even wrote it on a giant card in big black letters. Do not congratulate under the mistaken impression that the President of the United States can reach out, of course, what is Europe doing all the women who are resident in every time I would see like do not eat on a silicon packet
or do not microwave aluminum foil. I think what what's dipshit needs this, the president, everything that's worth. What Trump did not bring up in his phone call? His congratulatory phone call do Putin was meddling in our democracy, assassinating a british spy on the streets of London, but you know what they say. By the hand that a lecture, but some government goes on. We have a new budget that is apparently about to be passed, bad news for the dreamers, no protection for them, but also no funding for the wall. So good nose.
If we get out, you can speak right back at the best we can, and I guess the other good noses at sea would note by the weather but springtime its. We had spring sprung yesterday. I today that the first sign of spring from face new adult Don't worry allegation service proper name April shower enjoy the Duisburg does involve far from a dream like Father, like son, Donald Trump Junior course. We heard last week getting divorced. His wife filing for divorce found out why he was having an affair with Aubrey O day. Who was it contestant on celebrity Apprentice and Donald Trump? Junior is an amazing
he's. Never work in a danish life still manages to harass in the workplace by being a draft dodger and still finding a way to commit war crime and Donald Trump Senior now is facing three lawsuits. Stormy Daniels, we know about that when right, ok and then another celebrity bread is destined and Karen Macdougall former Playmate of the year, I guess, there's something glamour. Michelle Obama wanted us to lose weight by eating better. Tromp, has a different way. We're going to picture of having sex, and none of us will ever gonna eat again
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