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Bonus Bill – Ep. #456

2018-04-17 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making real time for years. Trumps, don't tell me what we're gonna do that stupid and then he tweets get ready. Really really try to get ready. Russia. Our muscles are coming nice, no one smart, which was three words. I never thought I'd say stupid for Trump, and then I guess I guess he realized you screwed up, because the next day he tweeted, I never said when the attack would take place. Could be very soon. Couldn't that's what you do. It could be very not at all or not at all, checkmate potent you better watch out or not watch out
the big big news loud speaker of the house, Paul Ryan. You know him ready, he's not gonna run, reelection. He said he said he just realized that standing by and doing nothing while American implodes is something he could do from home and Nunez got through at the head of the EPA. They dreaded get him to step down he's not going anywhere. He wants to change the EPA logo, he wants to put on it a buffalo and a Bible verse, because nothing says environmental protection like a animal. We almost drove to extinction
a book about not believing in science. This isn't really part of the Russia probe, so Mueller set up a tenth Jean. I know I am I. I have not heard that term before yesterday either, but apparently it's a real taint team. We set up a taint team. These lawyers and agents not connected to the russian broadband is tain t. I radically also sounds like one of Stormy Daniels movies taking as our team free. I don't think I didn't see the first two and the worried to add. We know insult to injury for Donald Trump. A warrant was authorized by rod, Rosen Steam, who was the acting deputy attorney general, who was a trumpet pointy trumps? Had? I can't believe someone
betray me like that, and millennia said you'll get used to it. Member states banning that asshole I used to be around the white out. Ok, he's he's he's got a new plan for Donald Trump. These advising him from afar. He says Trump. Should fire rod russian state then stop allowing the special council to interview other staff members and then claim executive privilege on all of mothers interviews that is already done so that their null and void yeah? I guess you could do All that or you could also be innocent and final story. That was pretty big. This week is a mark. Zuckerberg Facebook testified before Congress and Zuckerberg. Oh, he looked pain during the whole during the whole, testimony echo kept waiting for him to disappear and then seeing
words Mark has left the conversation. I thank you very much you may seem to be having. I didn't really want to meet me in the movie Venetian nonaligned each deodorant
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