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Bonus Bill – Ep. #463

2018-06-11 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to each year from each year making real telling him right here in a good mood. We just passed a five hundred day mark of the trouble restoration. I think I'm just counting the Nazis in my bomb shelter, but the Good NEWS is millennia.
Has been found. She was. She was not seen in public for twenty seven days. You know that mean six more weeks, a trade war. She met a few days earlier with a gold gold, star families. You know the goals are the last person and in war and was very moving ceremony. The goldstone families all came up to Maloney into our prayers and thoughts are with you. Trump is not. You know, does not acknowledge gay pride month, he's old school about marriage, believe marriages between one man and one woman for a period of three to seven years, except
a golf toward him. That's what a marriage- and then you know here, but this this horrible things going on at the border were separated children from their parents. Ok, so a senator Jeff murkily went down to one of the detention centres. They wouldn't let emit detentions and to see what was happening, but it you know what the detention centre is: an old walmart. You know a bunch of kids with the parents, nor insight sounds like every woman I've ever been in Where's, my son check Warden garden, but we have voted this week here. In
for years we are going to have a new Gavin. Newsome is gonna, be the governor he's running against. I think pretty sure about these running against a republican aim. John Cox, John Cock, there's a name you can write on a ballot, but not on a wedding cake and Bill Clinton be seen him around this week. He's he's on a book tour not going when he was president for eight years and American just words, an apology for the time they got blown and Clinton's out there go and come on. Even OJ gets the occasional question about football, but he should give Modoc dollar Wednesday and direct
through apology, wife, was ruined by the affair. Monica Lewinsky she's she's gonna, like that the column Capron of her day. She suffered greatly for checking a knee jerk me when she seemed to be every Friday night. Watchman removed the nation not going to each be oh dont,
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