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Bonus Bill – Ep. #466

2018-07-02 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO, making real time your browser for it for the July. That's why you're here. Ready starting their celebrates early. I think we should get out there and celebrate the fourth of July and Everything America used to stand for yeah. This was a tough week for liberals. I kind of feel it in the room you little depressed. I am I'm in the Supreme Court Yard would happen there. Anthony Kennedy is retiring and for the new Supreme Court, Justice Trump says he's a list of twenty five great people. Everyone on the list is against ROE versus Wade,
So if you work at planned parenthood, maybe a good time to update your linked in pay. But here's what happens now, the president, who got three million fewer votes than the woman he be nominated, someone who then is approved or not by the Senate, where a liberal California, with forty million people, has the same number of votes as conservative Nebraska with half a million in our democracy. Whatever I'm sorry about this, but he's, let's be several of you, said all that you saw. You heard what happened to say could be understood. You say that it is getting very uncivil out their Stephen Miller, who was the secretary of terror in the company. He was their dinner. The other night at one of the other patrons in the restaurant screamed, fascist Miller was furious appointed. It was blocked, olives and apology
to my data, but yet all got inflame because Maxie warders, you know my clean water is one of our Congress people from here in California. She double down on this. She said yes, absolutely shame from people. Have you seen from people at restaurants, department stores at the gas station? Shame them wait. A second term people, gas stations are restaurants and department store, feel more hostility out there. I do one. Third, they get this almost one third of Americans think we are heading towards a second civil war. And this guy wants it to start today. Well I don't know what you're so happy about, because the other side has all the guns, but don't worry our side does come
and Trump is going. It was announced they gonna have is his summit with Vladimir Putin of Russia Course it's just to work out the final terms or surrender trot trump sees this as a summit potencies it as an annual review of the original director of operation and finally get this tromp hired bill. Shine used to be the guy who ran Fox news to be the White House Indication director good nose billion, we want to move. Your desk only makes sense if we had a lot to me. For more information log onto HBO dot com.
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