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Bonus Bill – Ep. #469

2018-08-21 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO, making real time service for a morose issues, good at selling shit. Just like drop social they're. Talking about her book, she says Trump is a racist. She says he suffering from dementia and then he knew all about the collusion, not exactly by shells is like writing a book about Chris Christie in the big reveals. A snack night, like, of course to drop, is taken at all? Well, I've, joking, of course, each word. Ambrose is eight times in twenty four hours, so forest colder crazed, a crying low life and a dog. That's the feel that some,
petrol living with when crazed crying low life dog met one little bit where this money people are mounted. The dog karma trump has a very long history of calling people, dogs, which is very ironic because expects those around him to act. Just like Dog, unconditional love right always be loyal and tea on the bed, and you know what you think about it: Michael Cohen, taped him a morose. It taped in Hollywood, access tape, the only one who didn't April was a bomb trump retweeted that Michael Cohen, in listening to refute, something or morosely said Ramrod, claiming in the book that trump at one point was eating a piece of cake I actually can believe swamp, retweeted, Michael Cohen, to refute that that's something a snake using
a rat to disprove a weasel, and you don't even have to tape trompe admits everything himself. He pointed out that Amr moreover, only lasted as long as she did in the White House, because she said great things about me is the only blossom starts a job interview by saying so tell me a little something about my some of the other things that are coming out from this book, apparently trump things Jared is a little gay He says he seems a little sweet to me. That's his word for gay seems a little sweet to me and now I graveyards on a real man. I buried.
And even use air spray Jared said he's not taking this lying down and then someone reminded of Jerry. You don't lie down at all at night of vodka drapes. You over a chair, so you don't wrinkle and you know our education secretary, Betsy Devise, apparently Trump mocks her in private calls or did see divorce. Luckily, she'll, never the editor. In a book, I'm arouses as Betsy Devices destroying our education system and that her governance is a travesty. Two children, Betsy Divorce was not having achieved run on Phone, a judge, jury, what's a travesty and then the racist up he trump. They were talking one day about Harriet Tubman number. There was time when putting on the twenty dollar bill and drums that you too ugly, too ugly,
the twenty dollar bill. So they made a compromise, Harriet Tubman on the front David, Duke on the back that that way, he could say they were good people on both sides, the administering over three. If there was a Jew brand Jewry word over three hundred catholic priests of sexually abused over a thousand children, even Jesus Christ, today said Jesus Christ, I'm just little on the dictator. Foreign trump has revoke these security clearance of John Brennan, the Ex CIA director. He says it's a security issue, it's not it's an insecurity issue. And Trump says he had to do it because he trotted out Brennan is get. This frenzied, has wild outbursts and makes outrageous and founded statements. Run. Wild outburst, outrageous, unfounded statement, who does that sound like
Why cant think of terms favorite insult. It. Always I know you are, but what am I you're the puppet? I'm not a propaganda. Private you're, the one who's polluting, I'm not eating grass naked on the lawn you're reading grants may get our message. We want to make. For more information, Levant HBO dot com,
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