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Bonus Bill – Ep. #472

2018-09-19 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO real time very, very bad there in California, you're safe here. Look at the storm on tv every day right those poor people in these coastal there's, always one stubborn idiot matter. How big the disaster refused to leave the house. He lives. And his name is Donald Trump. Given what happened in Puerto Rico, s jury wants, you to know, may take it up to a year the power to come back on so this winter. If you get cold burn, your Nike is again Hurricane Florence, it's been downgraded, that's the Good NEWS, but still a hundred and thirty mile in our wines,
say its spending faster than Sarah. How could be sanders than the other religious folks? They always come to play with our gains it don't they pad Robertson, said today this this hurricane is God's punishment for stormy day else, breaking the terms over non disclosure idea terms that another week proving how presidential he can be as usual. The victim in any disaster is him. He spent most of the weak talking about Hurricane Maria the one. A year ago, in Porter Rica, which was an incredible unsung success. Three thousand people died. He says the death toll was exaggerated by democrats to make em look bad. That's his thing with everything
immigrants. They make up things they make its all they do. Is they make up things and who knows more about make up and Donald Trump ever everything from AIDS is a big hoax is to democratic made. This up about working, rebuild hopes to climate change is a big oaks and the integration crowds doubting. That was a big hoax everything he has done, and the mother investigation is a big,
the female orgasm, a plot against me and then to around out another FED drastic presidential. We got nine eleven. He traveled do Pennsylvania with millennia, for a memorial service in Shanks will Maloney a mark the event with a moment of silence that began when the Hollywood access tape was released and has continued and rum. Did you see that he walks over to a crowd of his drooling idiot fans? This is on nine eleven, the most solemn day. We shall we commemorate the death of all these people either double fist pump, which sounds like a stormy Daniels movie. Shanks Billy acted like he was gonna margarita bill it's something. You don't often see a train wreck visiting a plane crash
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