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Bonus Bill – Ep. #473

2018-09-26 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to reach me, apart from the HBO, making real time right. So, let's get right to the really big news: Stormy Daniels wrote a book about trumps Dick really. If everyone is talking about drumstick everyone for once, they don't mean Rudy Giuliani, put stormy, yes, she's, pretty pretty scathing this she says sex with trumpeted may have been the least impressive sex. I have ever had no trouble, you never take saving lying down. He gave her a shot base it on. Disappointed Bob or other women, and you also know a lot about bread. Carbon are by now. He went to an old boy catholic prep, school, otherwise known as an asshole factory.
But though the accuser, the woman's neighbours, professor crushes a professor, Christine Blasi Ford, she has taken a lie, detector test and passed it, and she said there was a party a tender on the bed. Strutted get her clothes off and when she's Georgia scream, he covered her mouth. So she couldn't be her. And the Republican said, why didn't we think of it? Now, not a republican want everybody to know they are taking this very very seriously and they care bury very deeply that she be heard, but not if it can happen Monday. We are on a schedule here at it's got to happen on Monday and today, Grassley, the head of the committee, said she has until tomorrow to let us know if she's going to show up Monday. If it's one thing
In love, it's ultimatums format, right, lady. This is now a stalemate really because professor forward, so she wants she's gonna want the FBI, investigation and drums says well. The federal Bureau of Investigation doesn't really do vested geishas where you getting back, but he literary said: that's not the FBI's thing like its vampire fan fake. They only do Whitchurch, that's what the But what can we do with this issue that that's what dressed he said we are offering her. We are offering Professor Ford to testify in a private closed setting, and she said I've seen enough of what happens with Republicans and
private closer, but they say one way or another: they gonna get to the surface of the continent, for more information log onto HBO dot com
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