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Bonus Bill – Ep. #479

2018-11-14 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to each year from each year we obtain Dennis half member him at a show on each Rio that got out Joe. The pimp from Nevada died still on the ballot. For this day, dissembling got elected despite being dead or a stroke. Called him very close to being completely alive and endure criminals Duncan Hunter from here in California gap. Can you imagine your representative could be serving you representing from jail from I'd like to see that campaign at I am Duncan hotter and between making licence blades and pulling my lord?
We're shifted, o tossing the occasional salad I've always working for you. Thinking of them, not caring. How it looks. Jeff sessions submitted his resignation at the request of the President yesterday, what the rest of us would call getting fired, Jeff Sessions, yes, the attorney general's gone. He will be missed. You will be missed. I didn't realize this, but around the White House, whenever some. Said: that's a little racist there we're talking about saying obsession. What's this monologue with the Happy NEWS from Tuesday night, because there was happy news, one big story: white, suburban women Trump has lost them completely. They came out big time They came out like there was a new fifty stage. A great book can elect its first female democratic governor, which means
The dark means that Dorothy no longer has the drive to Colorado for an abortion, and one close to my own heart, Michigan Legal eyes, recreational marijuana, but take it took four. May don't get the bung water from Flint all right. Thank you very much. My every Friday night watchman for more information log onto HBO dot com.
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