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Bonus Bill – Ep. #492

2019-04-16 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to each year from each deal me. He sees him give. Thank you very much. I had on a day. Ok, wow, that's a good road, because you know it is tax day Monday among the corporations, by the way this year will be paying zero, zero taxes, children, General Motors Amazon, no taxes, Delta Airlines IBM no taxes, if you're a liberal who is more mad Joe Biden,
You need to watch more schoolhouse rock, but now the other tat story is it the IRS. You know this was supposed to give trumps tax returns. Of course, that didn't happen. Sister complete mexican stand off the Democrats, citing this very clear, a law that says the Treasury sectaries shall. The word is: shall furnish drums tax returns and Trump, citing a very obscure statute, called fuck
we don't have that the rule of law are returning. Did I say our attorney general silly Meet trumps attorney general. You know this guy, William BAR. Yes, he testified yesterday about the Mulder report. I die of report that finds a guide totally innocent. It sure taking forever do black out the bad parts and bar embark. Keep saying it's gonna be released next week is that it would have Sooner but he's suffering from reactors cramp, so thinking I was buying Julian Assange. We got em. Ladies and gentlemen, Julian Assad's the founder of Wikileaks. The main guy wiki leaks, he's been hold up. You know this in the Ecuador and Embassy in London for seven years, not in good health, gotten a lot older. Now he gets up three times and night.
To leak now and tromp has begun his spring purging. He got rid of everyone in any department of Homeland Security, yet from tweet fired a number, including Kirsten Nielson, the head of Homeland Security tweet. It says a lot about the fires or by twitter. I got millennia realises that some day turn is going to come just going to be on twitter, as of today. Miladi is no longer my wife. I like to thank her for her service. I wish her well no collusion so the White House is now being run by Stephen Miller. You know Stephen Miller. He is a thirty two year old Virgin was, he says, he's deeply affected by nine eleven, because that's that day is hair started I told you,
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