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Bonus Bill – Ep. #494

2019-05-07 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to reach me apart from the HBO making real time? Well, I'm glad you keep your journal, because this is another addition of Amerika the final days another very dispiriting week. I don't know if they've been following the whole thing with the Mueller report came out in the attorney general, William Barr and took ISO William Barr. The attorney general's was totally in Trump's pocket He appeared before the Senate yesterday and he is you know the Democrats saying acting as drums defence attorney course. You open a fox news. They say: oh no, be totally on the democratic this morning. What scream America? You know it's like that book Democrats from Mars, Republicans
from Russia. Loving his testimony trouble so pleased at what it was watching yesterday is air started purring figures alive up there, but my favorite part of the whole thing yesterday was Lindsey, Graham another one, I'm trumps enablers. He was trying to defend Trump and he read quotes from FBI agents to try to prove that these FBI agents were biased against strong and he read the one where he were and the he's. This is in the congressional record, where's, quoting the FBI agent, saying.
I'm a fucking idiot. I think we have. The time is a fucking idiot. I'm Trump was like thank you lending papers like yeah, and they also say your asses joy, Normous and your kids or any and trumps like ok. I think you ve made your point and they say you ve got a small, dick. Ok, we get all. The Democrats now have called on board to resign. Gamala Horace shift with war and wholly on costs drove Corey Booker Pe Buddha Judge, Joe Biden, all of cold onboard resigned
sport are alert, he's not going to kill me then watch the Democrats anymore there, my team, but you know it's like watching your team, led by eight touchdown. It's just said and drama today when Bore didn't show up for their subpoena to dramatized this the bars absence was threatening the republic. They put out an empty chair. Burn these the political problem getting stood up and ordering too dinner's anyway widened got some competition. Today, Michael Bennet is in. Might go bad, it is running for president. His campaign slogan is Google me so now there are twenty one Democrats we're getting into Duggar family members now tell me what is it
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