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Bonus Bill – Ep. #496

2019-05-20 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to each year from each the only real time him well right. Detail has never been a few watching. What's going on politically Montana, governor Steep Bullock is running for president. If your excited by this to our Montana, governor, steep bullock. Well, this is the week that we went on a war footing. Ladies and gentlemen, there is the trade war with China, the real war coming up with a ran and they never ending republican or the uterus. Last week, Georgia State of Georgia made abortion illegal.
After six weeks this week, Alabama made it illegal at conception. This is the most restrictive abortion law ever and unlike the people who wrote it, this one has it was signed into law by their governor K, Ivy she's, a grandmother like any other grandma, except that you never removes the cookies from the oven before their finish that guy got it right, then I love bedroom, but they're they're, calling it the heart beat law. They are the only tiny heart beat I care about is Ruth bitter Ginsberg,
As for the war that coming up with a random trump has been dying for this war and he's looking for the excuse today, we found the excuse. We caught the Iranians, putting rockets on small boats yeah, putting explosives on a small both in the south. They call this fishing and China are trumped. Was the trump wants to spend twenty billion dollars of your tax money for a second round of bailouts to the farmers who were hurt by his stupid tariffs? Start trump still does not get that we pay the tariff. He keeps saying things like do. Chinese terms is a mess of payment for good directly into our treasury. That's not even remotely close to her.
This work trump thinks that when he buys something- and you give him change, makes money, one estimate of the cause of drums tariffs is five hundred dollars for every family Democrats are calling it the Trump tax. Actually there not I'm calling it. The from tax Democrats are stupid and should call it the drum tax, but the Democrats and never any good at running for office. They don't get this this week there discussing whether Lawlor should be testify before them, and you know at this point when I hear about the Mulder report, it's like when I see graze anatomy on tv, I'm like that, just finally will be amused at this. I hope T essay agents are now being pressed into service to relieve the backlog on the mexican border police
who better to alleviate long lines than the two. All right. Thank you very much, MRS appreciate. Every Friday night at ten, for more information log onto HBO, DOT, com
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