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Bonus Bill – Ep. #500

2019-06-25 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to each year from each the only real time him ran around shot down. One of our drones. I just heard the end of the story. Before I came on something about. We buy laid their space. No, we weren't in their space. I thought it was about Joe Biden, When we were in a radiant airspace or not with this drone trump furious, if there was one thing we will not stand for, it is an act of aggression towards our acts of wretched, so today trumpets huddled with his advisers. Weighing is options as options being a tweet about how the ayatollahs a loser a tweet about how the ayatollahs, low energy or calling I'm crazy. I don't
so those are the. But, from this arbitrary kicked off his twenty twenty re election campaign this week, all about. Hilary presidency has been a disaster so far she didn't get Mexico to pay that paper that Wall she promised she added trillions of the debt and it's been one investigation after another away. You can just say anything to these people. He said he promised in his second term that he would be cancer Aids well, but not bone spurs. We know those are those are in curing. The victor vague rally was in our land of Florida, floored, of course, because that's a pivotal state and the twenty twenty election, and also he wanted to be there in person when ice, arrested a lad
eurobonds in a bit of trouble because he was bragging about how we can work with anybody, and he mentioned two formerly very segregation is senators and so he's taking the heat. Now he said today I dont have a racist bone in my body he said I ve been giving black people, uncomfortable hugs, for fifty, like former communications director of the White House, OPEC's testified yesterday behind closed closed doors to the house. Judiciary committee and refuse to answer any questions, Democrats, but did they get it? The reason you hold hearings is how people can hear people who don't read can then hear it and watch it. The Mulder report- it's like software lightens agreement, nobody read it. Thank you very much, MRS. We have every Friday night watch at any time.
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