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Bonus Bill – Ep. #502

2019-08-06 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to each party from the HBO real time. Did you say Robert Mahler, or that was not good said the Russians are acting as as we sit here now and admit, we're gonna do anything about this. You know there's two bills in Congress to fix our election, so we don't get act, one that requires paper ballots, another one that says you have to notify the FBI. If somebody like Russia comes and says we have dirt on your opponent, Mitch Mcconnell Nope, but isn't gonna bring them to the floor. He says there just for a partisan advantage. Artist. It's like opposing rape whistles because they given edge to the woman tromp, was complaining today that Fox NEWS.
Is not loyal enough to him, while this guy is hard to. Please is like the guy important who keep saying suck my dick while the girl is sucking is did you watch the debates, exhausting five while good for you. I had my job you're on the debate high. I can tell you they were at last night. You see that demonstrators were shouting at the beginning that were yelling into Blasi, go about police brutality and they run yelling at by nobody, immigration and then Mayor PETE's mom was yelling, go to bed. You have school tomorrow that enthusiasm did not cross over to the home audience the ratings. We're way down. From the first debate and the debate less first night was against the bachelor rat, which I gotta say. I hate that overproduced reality,
bullshit I dont get me started on the bachelor rat. You know I like in the debate for one rate by because when they tell him his time is up. He stopped talking immediately after Trump that's, so we need a president
wonder, shut the fuck up, and you like, Andrew Yang Boy, every time they came to him. He said the same thing I'll give you a thousand dollars what Medicare her I'll give you a thousand dollars children at the border thousand dollars right here. What is your closing statement? I'll? Give you a thousand dollars one time they showed him. He would just counting out twenty. He was just odium, Kristen jailer bran. She tried to make a big splash by seeing her first move is present will be two core ox the oval office. Just would trumps office needs more widening, but yeah last night and the night before we finally got the big battle in the Democratic party
We need to have progressives versus the moderates. Ok, the progressives want Medicare for all and the moderates, one trump for no one and tourist twitter was very upset because Joe Biden started the night when Cambaluc came out by saying, go easy on me. Kid outrage for FUCK's sake, you didn't sake, it had a disrespecting forgot. Her name is all this first idea was, as a nurse Britain, Jalib Reggie, thought you had a big got your moment and she came up with this at a Tory. All that pride and wrote thirty eight years ago for more details visit the national archive. I mean, if I want to see people mercilessly harangue version,
That they said decades ago, I'd hang out with married people. You know Jill Abram, she just double down on that judge. You said as long as we're going back to nineteen eighty one year: let's do it and then she attacked mayor beat for not being born yet music real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time money for more information log onto HBO dot com.
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