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Bonus Bill – Ep. #505

2019-08-26 | 🔗

Listen in on the jokes only Bill’s audience got to hear. 

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Welcome to each year from each year making real time him he wants to buy gray lend. So we talk about it with the Prime Minister of Greenland and she said Greenland is not for sale and the your proposal is not to be taken seriously. She said she said his offer was absurd and then he said you insulted America and then she said. Could you put your mommy on the phone? Like still has a problem with with women. He called the Prime Minister of Denmark Nasty and not at a MRS Jackson, if your name,
good kind of why you know it's always nasty and you gotta be careful with dropping, may not look tough, but don't forget he's a veteran of studio, fifty four, so he was gonna. Try there was a state visit planted, Denmark that is off. He is not going to Denmark because of that nasty woman, but he is going to France. Ok, we ve gotta
nationalist, who is in the mood to annex territory and resetting into France. What could go wrong? Many retreated a guy who said that tromp was the second coming of God, and Millennia said second, what happened at the first great raided, the second coming of God, and I think that maybe truckers when peoples, each month ago, Jesus Christ, you again out all those gods August because he's got another feud going, and this is with jewish voters in America. He doesn't like that. They both for Democrats is that of your borders. Democrats in your George you're disloyalty goals of fake Jews,
but it's true or jewish people- vote overwhelmingly against Trump, but not because their jewish, because they went to college and all this is happening under the big show, which is that their economies say that the signs of a recession now are all there. He says there might be a little recession because of a trade war with China, but will be worth it totally look a bit tired of winning you're gonna love losing any says. If we do have a recession, Mexico will pay for. So what here to think, if we do have a recession is not much, we can do about it because we already spent all the money on tax cuts.
Rich people and the interest rate has already been slashed more than my pencil tyres that gay pride marches in Vienna, heavy hiding her watch him any more information, not mind each be oh dont com
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