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Bonus Bill – Ep. #513

2019-11-05 | 🔗

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Welcome to each year from each deal me he sees him was threatened by fire, the Reagan, library and see me valet, yeah, firefighters were spray me area, but the flames kept advancing, which is re ironic. We should show that trickled down doesnt work from eighty well, the impeachment investigation is a levelling up, as the kid say at least fifteen current or former members of the administration have justified
or are going to justify a mean they're, testifying now faster than Trump can tweet that their human scum. That's how fast and today, congress- and you see this- had their first big vote about the impeachment just the inquiry. Can we have an inquiry? Every single Republican voted? No, they will investigate the crime, and yet this aspect won't stop confessing. Its I've never seen a situation like yes, the right wingers who are protecting trumpery questioning the patriotism of this guy who came forward this week. Lieutenant colonel Alexander been who is a Trump appointed national security, official decorated, Iraq WAR, a veteran got the purple hard, even less Cheney. Dick chinese
order said its shameful to question his patriotism. I don't know the exact definition of scumbag, but when this Cheney calls you shameful, I think that's close this guy, this hero, lieutenant colonel then when he was one of the people who was listening in the original call, the Trump had with the ukrainian President that started this all mess. I get this poor guy. This poor women guy comes over. Here is a soviet refugee. He joined the army, he sees combat, he gets a masters degree from Harvard and then its job is listening in and drums phone calls forget the purple. How did you get the medal of Honor and sad news for us in California here Katy Ill, the congresswoman from right, overrun palmdale? She resigned today for improper.
Perceptual relationship in just like our frank and not just went quietly. Republicans don't do this, they never give up even after they ve been licked. I thank you very much for having come over here New episode of real time with Bill Maher every Friday night at ten or watching any time on HBO on demand for more information log on to HBO, DOT, com,
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